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6 Pickens 8 eilel
Advertiing R.tes Rcavonable
1HURSDAY, FEB 29, 191?2.
Notice of Sale.
Notice of sale of cottozi in process of
-anufacture and movable mill suppEi-s
.of Libertv Cotton Mills.
By virtue of the power and authoilty
e-sted in me as agent by Wellington
Sea s & Comuany, Mortgage, s. of Boston
Mass., under authority of a chattel
mortgage excuted and delivered by
Liberty Cotton Mils, of Liberty, S. c.,
said Wellington, Sears & Compauv
uider date of Decemxib r 7th. 1908. and
-which is recorded in the office of the
(erk of Court in Pickens county, S C.,
ia Book K, page 271, 1 will sell at pub
li outcry at Liberty, S. C.. on Tuesday,
the ' th'day of May, 1912. at 2 o'clock p.
. or immediately after the sale of the
: 'id Liberty Cotton l1ills, in front of
- -te office ofsaid Mills, tbe fo~owmg
-ods and chattels telonging to said
Liberty Cotton MUis. which said goods
-nd chattels were taiken possessilon of
my we as agent for Wellingtynl. Sears &
m pany under and by virtue of the
iattel u. ortgage a, afor.said. 'to-wit:
stock of co!' n p-oces in said
Y;'Is, amounting to aiut sixteen
th ousand pounds, :\el ' nw
ble minll supplies. cis-.4 n: part of
s--Arch, oil, repa. i urkws. pyz 1,. 4ruStDep ,
extra parts tor mhmer y an:1 other
articles. as shown by se!.et le thereof
n my posses ion. copy t'f ".hich will
be furnished to any pr spective pur
chaer on inquiry and which will be ex
hibi ed on the dy ,f -de- :ind a valua
on. of which is about $18e0, excluding
%e istock of cotton in process.
A reasonable tio'. ntA exceed'og te'
-daiys wil be allowed for the !;urchau
t. remove same
Terms of Sale: Cash.
A -ent for We'i-iton. Sears & Co..
1Dated the 28th dayv of Mlarch, 1$1-1. ::t
Ander. on, S. C.
Notice of Trustee's Sale of Lib
erty Cotton Mills, of Liber
ty, Pickens Co., S. C.
Notice is hereby given. That th,
U:. dersigned trustees, unii r pvi-r an:
-.etion fl reso~utions ad s. .'btiv
s .ckholders of LNbert ev 's u ~i.a.
rporation, at a neintUg i.t- n th
teenth day of Februar., >is. and
ai under aid oy virtue of t;- power
containcd in a e-artain dtd ;f trust m
O o nrtgage, excuted by aid Liberty
cotton minils on the fist day of June,
* 109, and recorded in th-e oxice of the
Clerk of Court ant Riister of Mense
conve~yances for Pic.eoen Count-,
So3uth Ctrolinla, in real est ate miortgage
Sbook Y at jages 140 to 16~>iclusive,
.g: iteimrgg book I, pages
09 to. . ~saidl mortgage or
*eed of trust beii a t secure the
ssu of bonds thwrein il, :itioned, de
fault having oc::us ed und ,r the pro.
-isons of said ins'.r~uunut, andO .ater de
atilt the arcount due havi ng teen ac
knowledged andi consentecd to i-a writ
og by the said Liberty co t. mhills:
and said instrument of writiwg .-sg
~been r.corded as providul by law, --will
sell at pubiile outcry to I he highiest .id
(der, in accordanet: withi the term.s *...nd
nrovisiens5 of the saii *beed of tiu~,t or
cirgage. in front of tie orte of Lia
erty cotton1 milis. at Libekrty, in the
county cf Picken~s, Stat- of SoJutih U:iro
linwa, at -two o'cleck i> we. Cu th: 7th
day of May, 1'j!2. all th-' property de
scribed and tnbraecW inet: aforcsid
deed of trust or mnn g:., tu-"it: All
that tract or parecJ f lhn:, e-m:taeimg
seventy-eigh~t and 72. 0 .>7::) aent s.
nore or le.s, sitr te ini the town of Lib
~ rty, in the couun il lken-. 'South
Carolina, which w": s ernveyed :o 'aid
L tiberty cotton wtills ino tive 'I'ri-nt
lots or parcels, as folkmnx: (ine by J P.
Smith, by deed dlan~ d . enIb r ',
190)1, and recordeo in the- c.lic- of t
clerk of court and Regipster of 31,s
aaonveya ces in Pieliers 'ounty, urt b
*:arolina, in volume W at page 281: onle
ey M. 0. Jennings. by deed date-d Sep
t.:ember 6, 1900J, and recorded in Said
:.ffice in volume W a.t page 2S~>, .: e b
M. A. Boggs, by deed dated Jun- 1l01
and recorded in the aforesaid olice in
volume X at 1:age 1'2: one by J ob F.
Smith, by deed dated May 22, 19t1.am
t ecorded in said office in volume X at
page 263: and one by J. F. Jennings. by
deed dated September 29, 1801. and re
-orded in said ofice in volumle X atI :ige
133: on which said lands are loece.1 Lile
Liberty cotton mills buildings ant ma
co- nd alsorforts,- t oe ::;:es,
:Es rame ofice buihdom araoi its one
s~ory schooi and chmapei buihimng. also
t.ie entire textdle machinery of every
..escriptionl lo)cated in the cotton rmlls
buildings on the above described prem
i-es. and comprising 11840) spindle-s, 300
-e)" Mason looms (85 thereof with sateen
tachment) and also boilers, p!umps,
.orlis engine, generator. lathe. geat
-utter, drill preSs. electric engine. e:c..
and including, also. all auxihary min
:inery, n-ill fiixture's and aill other at
achmenlts and auxiliaries, used in c;:n
:ectionl witb said.p!ant: also, all otlice
;furniture and fixtures and other pao p r
:y of what ve descrietit etui:o:- a in
said deed of trust or miortgage. Als
dll notes occounits, hooks of a'Ccumn
and choses in action belo-in to .i
Oiberty cotton mill s Sai p et
vill we sold as an entirty T' is s1
i-ll emibrace all the pnlomy of the
- bat covered by the chattel motaet
Wellngton, Sears ang cirupany. :ol
ertisemenlt of whbien will h.-ou.
elsewnere in this new-paper. Sail sah
, made in order to einforce pnaymiem
.f the principal and inter-: 'n *h
eonds secured by said d ed of au .r
nortgage, together with all 1x sand
.isbursements incdet to the 'rse-rva
ion and protectionl of said p.ropery
xpenses, fees, and conmm-'-s ns. as p.
Aided for in the aforesatu in-ra nnt.
This property is desirably I vated o
he mamn line of the Southo r-n raihrayv
-n a progressive and healthy c'inmuon
.., and is a favorable locan:n both mn
iatter of procurinig labor aond sarpi
?rospective purchasers many mn-pect thn
-roperty and premises at any tiyme b~
..pplying to the supermntendenit :nnar
ll bidders, before the sale lbegins. will
e required to desposit with the under
signed a certified check in the sumi of
five thousand dollars ($5,0.00) to
uarat~ntee bids, such check of the sue
essful bidder to be retaimed until the.
..ompliance with the ter ms of sale, one
al( to be paid in cash in theity days,
2nd the~ bala: ce in sixty days, fromt the
:!ate of sale. Purchaser to pay extra
for all necessary deeds of conv-, .anc?.
Farmers Loan & Trust C,.
Anderson, S. C.
Trustt e
~y 3. R. Vandiver,
We have just gotten in a car
f Tennesee mules and horses.
ur prices are right and we can
ave you money. See us before
i o buy. Will sell for ca sh o
:ood papers. Come and look
-i stoc over and see for your
C lisel
To Be
Lock, Stoc
This stock has Se
hands of C. W. PE
contract to disposi
its have been elim,
cut to the bone..|
Has always been
We have never I
Shoddy Goods. (
can be named he
clearly show that ri
chance to get G(
Money-Saving Pric
CoftoQ Dolgil
25ec Table Oil Clothi 15c
AlCalicoes_--------- 5
21c Yard-wide, Fruit
o~teLoom Bleacuinv
20 Gala tea_----- 4
15e G.alatea _____il
Widowv ShaIs
Rollers all fitr _
b Spools Best Cotton~ 25c
Towels Towels
Froma the cheap)est to the
save good Ifl)fev.
Hosiery, Xl Kind
Fromi the .~-.* t vx toi th~e
Musin Underwear
Silks -shortlengths
S kLD ess ood
Goods on S
.LE, S. C.
kt Barrel
n placed in the
rry, who is under
of same. Prof
nated, and prices
Perry don't care
our Watchword.
'ndled Junk or
)nly a few items
re.- A visit will
ght here is a rare
~, G~is
\d wide A LL WOOL Serge
Bck and all colOrs. ..4e
Linen Department
Ba'-t select ed stock ini G'ree
ville(. Tale)( Ilhauask in nlew
(al IsaIVIn g pa ices.
White Goods, Em-~
roideries, Laces
Mostvt be seen) t o )C b ie 5
int~ ed. Pt ices split - openl.
All Wool Under~
Rugs, Carpeting
:Iep)t. The:. -V:st at g.
M'en's and Boys'
Sa ts
it e ita speak luder1
Union Mae
Over ails
Soat Suits and
Everything in furnitu
. most c 'mplete line tc
iu Car Lots, places t
every purchase. A
through our hat
Suites from.
Beds from_
Safes from_
Presses fror
Mttresss, Springs,
Dining Tables, Side ]
Sewing Machines, St,
Call on us for anythir
ber that Quality and
Clothing, Shoes,
Sdle azents for Walk-0
Iron King Stoves, New Hon
and Mitchell Automobiles.
To Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile. Pickens county,
I have about 300 acres of land,
part inside the incorporated rni
ii s of the town of Six Mile, all
in less than one mile of Six Mile
Baptist Academy. which I will
cut in tracts to suit purebaser;
will build houses on some if de
sired. Will sell the entire tract
of 300 acres, over half in fine
state of cultivation, has plenty
good paistures, one good 2-storg
11-rom dwelling, furnished
with gas lights, out buildings,
one large 60x70 ft. barn, three
splendihd tenant houses, also an
almost new ginnery, consisting I
of :-70 saw ginning sect ion, diou
ble box press. etc., all complee
and in a good cotton system.X
Apply to A. D. Mann,
tf Pickens. S. C. R. 2.
Notice of Final Settlement and
Ntice- s hetreby~ given th-it I will
iv m :iw d a'8ofSith :.,aro~nna cn the
I~i cxi of A pril Iki:13 at 11 o'rclk
in' ' f. riino-:n or :-. s'O!n
tiwr- . as sc~id1 appliention can be
heard .. bave to mn ke~ fini:d s.'otient
of the e.::n' of Ma mueli G. Bege db ctens
e:1 and obta n dischare as whd rt 'of slid
estate. - .Waltr T.. or.
- Adciarastrator
Notice of Final Settlement and
NO IEis her bv ::-iven th:1 T wvil
:a'e.; a:inI 't. .!. I: N o ;erry.
F-q. Jig, of PrL b.:- f.. ' . *1 on
tvc, i the ft.:te "o *r bGa na .. n
60.f k t-r he for t1Jc n. r.a. . Ima
for leav-- to' flak.'i a - -r f )
'he~ste t . w: r . E. 1 N. & J. I
d nof saidI estat ( r c
. 4or lanidanavhere in ]9':k
nU'-comity- see. or write J. R
Ashnire.'"The Landl Mnn.'
For Sale-Eugs f rom t heC pure
and1 best strain 'f Wh ite Or
Ping'to[n chickens'. Pize \ winers
at the Pickens Poultr- show,
1T Price; Stand 85 etting.
tf ' - . P Bke s I .C
If you have cane -tel bring
them to us-75c bm.hol tmi ie or
Craig Brtes Co.
NOTTC'E!-JTust e I the )
finesit car of Muh s :iid' li-m
we( have ever had. Will sel! for '
cashl or goodl papers. Will he
lad to show them to Y~ou
whet vor buy or nott.I
Ga es & Gassa way lse, Co.
* Central, S. C. )
StN.52. I
FO S~ -A LF--The S. A. Huntp
1:us 'nd lot on Hampton Ave.
App~v to C. E. Robinis'n. i
Se ttle the store question: buy
aMajestik Range. and be thru
huving.~ Heath, Bruce, Macr
- FlOEND: n ten of coal which
aMaetis Rainge failed to burn.
They take less fuel. Heath.
Bruce Morrow Co.
For1 cofln ien ce. safety, ful
saving~ and durability Maja tic
Pages are ainequaled. Get one y
fomi Heath. Bruce, Morrow Co.
-Give yourself a sqinare deal,
hafore you buy a range, see the .
G reat Majestic at Heath Bruce
Mo; row Co.
Beautiful Piano. --Stand ardl 1
rake, would like to place in 1
nice home on storage or will I]
sell at remarkable sacrifice if !]
Solid Car Furniture
re, and the House Furnishing line. Largest and
be found in Pickens County. Buying as we do
is in a position to save you at least 1o per cent on
look will convince you that we are not talking
-$15.00 to $75
2.50 to 10
3.00 to -10
5.00 to 25
Chairs, Washstands, Hall Racks, Kitchen Tables
Boards, Wardrobes, Rugs, Art Squares, Matting S
oves, and in fact anything house furnishing line.
ig you need. We will treat you right, and remem
Prices count.
Yours truly,
,Thornley Cos
Fats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
ver and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overalls, Hawes Hats,
te Sewing Machines, Chase City Buggies, Mitchell Wagons
~ J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
I Die o nw
that the county of
Pickens isthegreat
est Poultry and l
county in South y
-that CRAIG M
BROS. made u
DID YOU KNOW Pickens fam=
ouis for Chick= 5
ens and Eggs? n
buy'more chickens
2 DID YOU KNOW and eggs ran the
prod(ucers th an a
other firm in South A
thait thefarmerwvho A
SDID YOU KNOW thing to sell semdom A
has a hieavy (Ilebt
that the best plan A
IS to b)uy for (ash1 as A
3 ntyt av
Yo cn el s y ivn u achnc n ou po
due ndwewil el yubyhodig p heprc
DT/12''T C C ,
Southern Railwy
chedules Effective Feb. 9, 12 from Eslep,
N. B.-The following schedule figures are published only as informa iu,.
are not guaranteed.
No. 44 ATLANT I--------------------------220am
Stops to discarge pasengers from Atlanta, or to receive
passongers north of Charlotte.
No. 36 NEW ORLEANS and ATLAN4TA----5.46 am
Stops only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Sunday)---------8.35 am
No. 12 ATLANTA---------------------------1.15pu
No. 40 ATLAMTA ----------------------------6.25 pm
No. 30 BIRMINGHAM and ATLANTA--------7.55 pm
Stops to discharge passengers from Atlanta and to receive
paszengers North of Charlotte.
209 NEW YORK and WASHINGTON---...----7.08 am
Stops to take on passengers for Atlanta and beyod
30 CHARLOTTE-......-.--------------------1155 am
11 CHARLOTTE----....-...------------------4.00 pm
41 CHARLOTTE ---...--------------------9.55 pm
For further information apply to Ticket Agent or correspond with
W. R.TABER, P. & T.A. J.LI.MEEK. A. G. P.A.
OreenvillP, S. C. Atlanta Ga.
Exchange I Acre for 3
Farm lands at Albany, Ga., can be purchased at 310 to 2 an acre.
You can sell your farm, purchase the same number of acres in Albany, Ga.. and still have a
balance. Write for conditions under which we pay your railroad fare
We will give you names of many farmers who have done what we say you can do and are
pleased with their change
EUGENE B. ADAMS, Secretary
Chamber of Commerce ALBANY, GA.
Burriss Metal Shingles
Calvanized Barn Roofing
It is not necessary for us to say much about our Tin.Sngles
in this section, for we have more houses covered here -with our
goods than any other shingle on the market, and the secret is,
we have a lock superior to any, allowing for contraction and ex
pansion, which others have not. Therefore, you never have a
leaky house when you use our goods. The Barn Roofing also
has the Burriss Patent Lock attached, and it is fast taking the
place of the 'V" Crimp and Corragated Roofing.
Write or call on me, or I will call,
Jno. L. THORNLEY, Salesman
Pickens, S. C.
Manufactured by
Anderson, S. C.
Etiwan Guano
One of the Oldest and most
Popular ..Brands of Guano
on the Market.
~You Have Tried the Rest
I Now Try "The Best"
A trial will convince you of its quality
~Folger, Thornley
& Company, LALer
"Ask the Man that Used It"
~Mr. J. T. Long
who Livesin the
Hickory HlatZ
and who is one of the largest farmers in the county,
(5used our 8-3-3 goods last year, side by side with an im-i
ported fertilizer which cost him $16 a ton more than our)
(S8-3-3, and none of his neighbors could tell where one(
) ended and the other commenced. Mr. Long has red
Sland and 8-:3-3 is the fertilizer for red land. 8-4-4 is bet -
ter for grey land.(
After so much rain the ground is badly bl'eached,
S5and this tog~ether* with the lateness of the season and the
lack of preparation, w~ ill make it necessary for the farm-(
Sers to use a high grade fertilizer, and to use it freely to
make satisfactory crops.
We have the goods ready made and are prepared to
make prompt shipments. Agents everywhere.
> Anderson Phos
phate & Oil Co.
J. R. Vandiver, Pres. . . VnieMr
Dnesn . . VnieMr
W.B.FreemanAgt+ PickeS.C

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