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The PickeRSenbel
Advertisiug Bates Reasonable
pI4gKES, S.C:
TURSDAY, IEB'9" ,~-2.
Attention! Cofederate Veterans!
The annual reunion of Con
federate Veterans will be held
in 1192 at Macon, Georgia, o'
May 6th, 7th and 8th. Fronr
all indications it appears thai
the Macon people are making
special efforts to entertain th(
old ~soldiers, and it is desirei
that every veteran who ca
possibly make the trip, mak<
an effort to attend this reunion
The railroads will give specia
reduced rates for the occasion
and many features will be em
ployed to give the veteran!
amusement ind interest them
In order to obtain accomoda
tions, it would be well enougl
for any who contemplate visit
ing Macon during. this reunioi
to writegtw<i7eaAquarters Con
fede~ate Veterans Reunion, Ma
r Georgia, and ask for as
signment for entertainment dur
ng the reunion.
- Capt. W. B. Allgood, Com
mandiof Camp Gafvin, Pick
ens. S. C,,.is interested in see
ing hs many veterans as pcssi
ble take advantage of this op
portunity to attend a reunion
especially as Macon is close by
and the expense incident to the
trip will not be very large.
As stated, the Macon ,peopl(
will entertain the veterans.
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, God in his infinith
wisdom has deemed it best tc
remove from us our reverec
fiend, brother, and Sunday
school teacher, Mr. Frank Cox,
who died Monday morning.
April 8, 1912. Therefore be it,
Ived, that we make i1
ur~ opinion of hinr
was .that he was an earnest
~zealous, active christian charac
Zter,- whose religion was a con
stant -companion in daily life
that his ability as a Sunday
school teacher was marked, ani
that the impress of his teach
ings has been ot timely benefil
iwiour spiritual lives.
Adbe it further resolved
SThat we extend our heartfell
sympathy to the'saddened lovei
Sones, and commend them to
kind, merciful and sympatheti<
Baraca Class,
Baptist Church
*The Confederate Cross of Honoi
Attention has been called t<
the fact that, after the year '13
no more of the little crosses o:
honor will or can be conferre<
upon Confederate veterans, o:
their descendants, by the ladie:
composing the various chapter:
-of the United Daughters of th<
nf r These crosse
wer designed as emblems o:
distinction, and are conferre<
by the women who, throug]
their organizations, are seeking
to give expression to their re
spect and veneration for a so]
diery that did so much to prov<
wfhy of every homage. Ev
erg Confederate veteran wh<
gave honorable service to th<
Southei~a cause is entitled to one
of these marks of true apprecia
tion, and the date on whici
they may be conferred is limit
ed henceforth to June 3, so fa:
as the Pickens chapter can as
sist in procuring them.'
We, therefore, urge every vet
eran who has not -yet procure<
a cross to file his application a
once with Judge J. B. Newbei y
who is always pleased to len<
every needed assistance in prop
erly making out the applicatio1
This is a; badge which yoi
have won -it is a worthy one ti
hand down to your child-an<
the women of this organizatio2
will feel fully repaid for thei
special efforts and the sacrific<
-of time and means incident t<
the maintenance of their order
if the veterans generally wil
avail themselves of the opportu
nity to have crosses presente<
on June 3. Do not delay. Ac
at once if you desire a cross.
Death of An Old Soldier.
William Collins, an old Con
federate veteran, aged eighty
one years, died at the home oi
his son-in-law, Darling Durham,
est Saturdas night, April 6th.
{e was not sick for any length
f time; Ebis death was rather
sudden. The remaims were
aid to rest on Sunday following
at Morganburving grouii near
r-aters Creek Church by the
side of his wife who preceeded
him several years. At the time
of his death Mr. Collins resided 1e0
on-the farm of Capt. W. B. All- boi
good near Pickens. Mr. Collins boi
was a good soldier, having serv
ed throughout the War in Capt.
Pulliam's Company, 2nd South ,n
Carolina Rifles. He leaves sur- co
viving his widow, a second wife, A
and three children. The funer- 1
al services were conducted by A
Rev. J. E. Foster. it
Notice Road Hands. fr
Pay your Road Tax before ti
May 1st 1912, to the Clerk of '
County Commissioners.
After May 1 penalty will at- G
tach and all who have not paid
will be liable to pay a fine or
J. B. Craig,
Co. Supervisor.
It seemes that the taxes in
- this county instead of being re |
duced, increase each yar.
- Why this is we are unable to
saT. Last year we paid 19J c
- mills and this year the levy will 11
- be 191 mills. Property increas. t
- es each year. We have on the a
- tax books nearly a quarter mil- t
lion dollars more than we had a I
- year ago and yet the levy is one b
- half mill more. In the instruc
- tions sent out by the Comptrol- j
ler General to the County Audi
tor as fixed by-the act of the,4
last legislature the levy this *
,year is as follows: a
For State purposes 51 mills
For con., school tax 3 mills a
For ordinary co.. pur. 6 mills t
For past I.debtedness I mills t1
For chaingang 24 mills d
For rural police i mills t(
For sinking fund debt 11 mills
Total 191 mills
A levy for the past few years I
of one half mill has been levied
for constabulary, but according
to the instructions sent the
auditor no levy has been made
for this purnose this year. Does
this mean that the office of dis
pensary const Ible has been
abolished in this county and
rural police substituted? We
have been told that Representa
tive McCravy procured the pas
sage of an act providing fora
rural police in this county, but a
what the provisions of the law
are we are not informed. But, c
inasmuch as there has been no
levy provided for the payment tb
bof constable, we take it for ~
granted that this office has been a
abolished. We would be glad y
for someone who knows to in- v?
form our readers about this.
There does not seem to be any
necessity for th3 two officers in
this county, :onstable and rurat s
rpolice. That. it seems to us,
would be overdoing the thing in
'view of the fact that we alreadyc
have a sheriff and the m gis
Etrate's constables who have the s
same duties.
The county equalizations
Sboard met in the Auditor's office'
Slast Saturday, but no material(
Schanges in the returns of proper
Sty for taxation was made. The
assessments on some of the au
Stomobiles was raised. These c
machines are becoming quite
an item in the taxable property t
-of the county.
Annual Report of City Council e
April 1st 1912.
Annual Report of the Financial Con- c
Sdition of the Town council of Pickens, 1
S. c,, for Fiscal year beginning April 1stC
1911 and ending April 1st 1912.
cash on hand April 1st 1911 12.89 i
rDue from county for Convicts 150.00 1:
-License Tax 1,156.12 1
Street Tax 294.060
Advalorem Tax 1,361.55 ~
Dog Tax 3.00 c
Fines 504.05 a
Cemetary Account 30.50
-Mayots Salary
S, B craig $150.00
G. . Hendricks $33 3I
$183 32
) Clerks Salary 1:50.00
[ PAice Salary 600.00
Aldermen Salary 94.00 i
Street work 366.54
rElectric Lights 631.65 e
A st. Board Health 67.90 i
)Asst. Fair Association 3.00
Interest on Towni Bcnds 103.0';
IExpenses and Inciden-d
tals such as Stationary,t
Lawyers fee, Jail fee, e
extra police :service.
belection managers.
jbwcrk and etc. l~51i
C.invicts turnea o'ver
tocounty, the services
of which is to be-paid
ark to town in street a
ork 150.00
A mt of fines due and si
heing pgid by work oi t
treets 54.05 g
Pidon town bonds 42.00 c
Total $3,033.15 hi
C. ah on hand April ad
1t 1912 48.'96 g
..- - $3,512 11 $3,512.11
In regard to above report we beg to B
saer ta;on Apmil It 18Sf the town is.
t. Tht se b( nds5 were due April IL
Sand the tovra is still paying 7 pc
t interest. to the holders of thes
ids. The itterest on soen of thee
ids for the year 1910-11 was not pai
til after April 1st 1911 causing th
tount paid out for interest this yea
be greater than the interest is f(
e year, and same in regard to amour
lected this year for license and ta:
greater portion of license for yeA
10-11 was not collected until aftA
pril 1st 1911 causing amount paid i
is year for ?icense to be greater tha
is for one year.
Any further detailed information 1
gard- to this report can be gott
om books of council now in charge <
Le Clerck W. F. Mauldin and are opx
'r inspectin.
W. F. Mauldin
R. Hendricks
Notice of Sale.
Notice of sale of cotton in process
anufacture and movable mill suppli
f Liberty Cotton Mills.
By virtue of the power and authori
ested in me as agent by Wellingto
eat s & Company, Mortgagees. of Bost4
lass., under authority of a chatt
iortgage executed and delivered I
.iberty Cotton Mills, of Liberty, S. <
. said Welhngton, Sears & Compai
.der date of Decemb. r 7th. 1908. ai
lhich is recorded in the offlee of t
3erk of Court in Pickens county, S. (
, Book K, page 271. 1 will sell at pu
:c outcry at Liberty, S. C., on Tuesda
he 7th day of May, 1912, at 2 o'clock
3 . or immediately after the sale of tI
id Liberty Cotton Mile, in front
e office of said Mills, the follown
-ods and chattels belonging to sa
iberty Cotton Mills, which said goo
nd chattels were taken possession
y me as agent for Wellington, Sears
:ompany under and by virtue of t
hattel mortgage as aforesaid. to-w
be stock of cotton in process in sa
WFIs, amounting to about ' aixte4
aousand pounds, fuel and other mo
b!e mill supplies. cosisting in part
arch, oil, rope, burlav. piper, easting
xtra parts for machinery and oth
rticles. as shown by schedule there
i ny possession. copy of which w
e furnished to any prospective pU
aser on inquiry and which will be e:
ibi ed on the day , f sale. and a valu
on of which is about $1800, exoludit
ie stock of cotton in process.
A reasonable tini,. not exceeding t
ays will be allowed for the -purchasi
remove same.
Terms of Sale: Cash.
G. B Wa'ton.
.gent for Wellington. Sears & Co..
ated the 28th day of March, 1912, 1
A nder- on, '. C.
[otice of Trustee's Sale of Lii
erty Cotton Mills,' of Liber
ty, Pickens Co., S. C.
NAt ice is hereby given. That ti
ndersignied trustees, under power ar
irect ion of resolutions adopted by ti
ockholders of Liberty cott on mills.
rporstion, at a meeting held on il
xte'nth day of February, 1912. at
tso under anid oy virtue of the powe
mtained in a certain dead of trust <
iortgage, executed by said Libert
>ton mills on the first day of Jun
%9, and recorded in the office of ti
'lerk of Court and Register of Mena
onveyances for Pickens Count;
out h Carolina. in real estate mortgas
ok Y at p.ages 140 to 165 inclusiv
nd in chattel mortgage book I, pag
9 to 321 inclusive, said mortgage <
ee of trust being given to secure il
au of bonds therein mentioned, d<
aul; having occured under the pr
isis of said instrument, and after d
ault the amount due having been a
nowledged and consented to in wri
ig by the said Liberty cotton mill
nd said instrument of writing havir
een recorded as proviiled by law, w:
~l at public outcry to the highest bii
r ini accordance with the ternas at
>rovisicns of the said deed of trust
ior:gage. in front of! the office of Li
rty cotton mills, at Liberty, in tl
ounty of Pickens, State of South Car
na, at two o'clock p. m. on the 7
ay of May, 19l2, all the property d
cribed and emibraced in the aforesa
eed of trust or mortgage, to-wit: A
bat tract or parcel of land, containut
eventy-eight and 72-11 0 (7S.72) icrc
ore or less, situate in the town of Li
rty, in the' countyv of P'ickens. Sou
:anlinia, whlich wi's conveyed to es
iberty cotton mills in five differe
t or parcels, as follows: one by J
mth, by deed dated September
900, and recorded in the office of ti
lerk of court and Rlegister of Men
nveva ces in Pickens county, Sou
arolium, in volume W at page 284: 0
y M. 0. Jennings, by deed dated Se:
ember 6. 1900, and recorded in sa
ifice in volume W at page 285, one 1
f. A. Boggs, by deed dated June 19(
nd recorded in the aforesaid office
-olue X at page 162: one by Job.
mth, by deed dated May 22, 1901. as
ecorded in said office in volume X
age 263: and one by J. F. Jennings.I
*eed ''dated Septemb.-r 29, 1901, and r
ordd in said offiee In volume X at pa:
81: on which said lands are located t
iberty cotton mills buildings and ii
hinery, and also its forty-two cottagi
s frame -office building, and its o:
tory school and chapel buolding. al
be entire textile macbinery of eve:
escription located in the cotton mi
uildmrgs on the above described pre:
'es. anl comprising 11840 spindles. 3
0" Mason looms (86 thereof with sate,
,ttachment) and al:oa boilers, pumj
orliss engine. generaitor. lathe. ge
utter, drill press, electric engine, et
nd including, also, all auxiliary n
birey. will fiixtur and all o'h r:
achmnts arnd auxiliairies, used in e.
ection with ra plant: also, all ffti
urni~ure an i fixtures and othier prop.
yo whatever descripitiot. embracea
aid deed of trust or mortgage. Als
1 notes. occounts, books of accou;
ni choses in action belonging to s,
iberty cotton mills. Said proper
rill we sold as an entirety. Tlhis sa
nll embraic. :t01 l.- property of ti
.iberty eslt nt um:l- excepting on
bat covered lby tue chattel mortgage
'ellgton, Sears and company. a<
ertisement of which will be fout
sewere in this newspaper. Said sa
;made in order to enforce payme
f the principal and interest on t
onds secured by said deed of trust
ortgage, -together with all taxes at
isbursements incide'kt to the preserv
on and protection of said propert
Kpenses, fees, and commissions, as pi
ided for in the aforesaiu instrument.
This property is desirably located<
2e mam line of the Southern railwa
ia progressive and healthy commur
r, and is a favorable location both
latter of procuring labor and supplie
'rospective purchaseis may inspect 11
roperty and premises at any time t
pply ing to the supe'intendent in charg
11 bidders, before the sale begins, wi
e requiired to desposit with the unde
gied a certified check in the sum 4
ye thousand dollars ($5',000.00) I
uarantee bids, such check of the sui
?ssful bidder to be retained until t)I
>mpliace with the terms of sale, on,
rlf to be paid in cash in thirty dav'.
id the bala' ce in sixty days, from tU
ite of sale. Purchaser to' pay extr
r all necessary deeds of conveyanci
Farmers Loan & Trust Co.
Anderson, S. C.
rJ. R. Vandiver,
Everything in furnitu
most complete line tc
iu Car Lots, places i
5 every purchase. A
1n through our hat.
Suites from.
Beds from_
Safes from_
Dresses fron
Mattresses, Springs, 4
Dining Tables, Side I
e aSewing Machines, St<
Call on us for anythir
ber that Quality and ]
Clothing, Sfioes, I
Sole agents for Walk-0
r Iron King Stoves, New Horn
)f and Mitchell Automobiles.
!r To Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile, Pickens county, of
I have about 300 acres of land, e,
part inside the incorporated lin
its of the town of Six Mile, all ..
in less than one mile of Six Mile
- Baptist Academy. which I will
cut in tracts to suit purchaser; an
will build houses on some if de- ni
sired. Will sell the entire tract th
of 300 acres, over half in fine
state of cultivation, has plenty
ae good pastures, one good 2-story C
*11-room dwelling, furnished la
wit as lights, out buildings, a
eone large 60x70 ft. barn, three
splendid tenant houses, also an S
aalmost new giimery, consisting c(
of 3-70 saw ginning section, dou- at
,ble box press. etc., all complete B
e and in a good cotton system.
SApply to A. D. Mann,
'tf Pickens, S. C. R. 2. 41
r Notice of Final Settlement and
ae Discharge.
SNotice is hereby given that I will
Smake application to J. B. Newberry,
SEsq. Judg of Probate for Pickens conn
Sty in the State of South Carolina, on the
11 d(ay of April 1912 at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon or as soon
1thereafter as said application can be
jheard, for leave to make final settlement
iof the estate of Samuel G. Boggs deceas
r ed and obtain discharge as adrnrt of said
Sestate. - Walter L. Boggs
ig -For land anywhere in Pick
Sens county see or write J. R.
sh Ashmore. "The Land Man"
d For Sale-Eggs from the pr
.and best strain of White Or
,pin gton chickens. Prize winnersr
e at the Pickens Poultry show,r
S1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
tf B. Lewis,
- tf -Pickens, S. C.
d If you have cane seed bring
,them to us-75c bushel trade or
in cash.
- Craig Bros Co.)
SNOTICE!-Just received the)
yfinest car of Mules and Horses
Swe have ever had. Will sell for
ecash or godppers. Will -be
glad to show them to you
*whether you buy or not.
* Gaines & Gassaway Mdse, Co.
3t No. 52. Central, S. C.
m house and lot on Ha'mpton Ave.
, Apply to C. E. Robinson.
,Settle the stove question; buy
- a Majestic Range, and be thru
- buying. Heath, Br uce, Mor-)
erow Co.
SFOUND! a ten of coal which
a Majestis Range failed to burn.
t They take less fuel. Heath,
iBruce Morrow Co.
le For convenience, safety, fuel
e saving and durability Majestic
o Ranges are anequaled. Get one
-from Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co.
eearth! Size of a postage stamp.
r New T60tament illustrated. 200
-pages. Sample 10c in stamps.
Agents wanted. Y. P. Taylor,1
4616 H, Galveston, Texas.
2tNo 1.
SEGGS for hatching from S. C.
.Rhode Island Reds 1 to 3.00 per
setting. Indian Runner Ducks,
SI $.50 per doz.
Pickens Poultry Farm,
E. H. Craig, Prop.
!~A large lot ladies trimed pat-r
tern hats, latest styles, very
cheap. D ars
T. D ars
BEAUTIFUL pattern hats, D
correct styles, vet y cheap to O
'cioe T, Hrrs 1~
Solid Car Fi
re, and the Hoise Furnishing
be found in Pickens County.
is in a position to save you at
look will convince you that w
'hairs, Washstands, Hall Rac
3oards, Wardrobes, Rugs, Ar
wes, and in fact anything hou
g you need. We. will treat you
Prices count.
Yours truly,
lats and Gents' Furnishing Go
ver and Boyden Shoes, Carhai
e Sewing Machines, Chase Citi
For Congress
hereby aunounce iyself a eamxdlate for'
ngress fron theThird . gres-ina l)istrict
South Carolina. subjeot to the a"'ti(,,, of the
Lers of the Ditrict in the Democrati- priuar
MAI * S LON . i.
WaILlhalla, S. C.
For County Commissioner
ou rie ns. r. ;. Wa.h lwn her ebyr
isioner, subaject to the action ot' the voters ini
primary election.
Grow Long Staple Cotton.
>lumbia is the best of the up
nd varieties. Yields as wvell'
common cotton to the acre.
Ils for from 4 to Sc more than
mmon cotton. Seed for sale
$1.50 per bushel. Cleveland
i~ BollW. L. Boggs,
Liberty, S. C.
We are rea<
our trade v
i Fresh
of every de:
We apprecia
and try to
1your intere
with us .'.
Bring on ti
and eggs an
ey you cal
out of debt
line. Largest and
Buying as we do
least i per cent on
e are not talking
i.00 to $75
!.50 to 10
300 to 10
;.00 to 25
ks, Kitchen Tables
- Squares, Matting
;e furnishing line.
right, and remem
ods a Specialty.
t Overalls, Hawes Hats,
r Buggies, Mitchell Wagons
We have just gotten in a car
of Teniiesee mules and horses.
Our prices are right and we can
save you money. See us before
you buy. Will sell for cash o
good papers. Come and look
thie stock over and see for your
gaines & Gassaway's Mdse Co.
Central, S. C.
biotice of Final Settlement and
OTICE ica hereby given tha Iberr
Eq., Jude of Probate forPickens coun
:)clock in the forenoon, or as son there
freas esaid applicatio can b heard,'
. teestate with ywars E. N, & J.
d~ian of said estate.
44t4 Mrs. E, F. Robinson
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
( Timel
ly to supply
Spring ['
Dds H
make it to
st to tradeE
de chickens
d what mnon
,and keep E
Southern Railway
chedules Effective Feb. 9, '12 from Eslep, S. C
N. B.-The following schedule figures are published only as informa ion and
are not guaranteed.
No. 44 ATLANT L -----------------------------2.20 am
Stops to discharge passengers from Atlanta, or to receive
pat-sen-ers north of Charlotte.
No. 26 'NEW ORLEANS and ATLANTA.-------5.46 as
Stops only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Sunday)---------8.35 amM
No. 1 ATLANTA----------------------------- 1.15 pm
No. 40 ATLANMTA-.....-----------------------6. pm
No. "0 BIRMINGHAM and ATLANTA.-------7.55 pm
Stops to discharge passengers from Atlanta and-to receive
passengers North of Charlotte.
29 NEW YORK and WASHINGTON----------.7.08 am
Stops to take on passengers for Atlanta and beyod
39 t H ARLOTTE.--------.--------------11 55 am
11 CHARLOTTE---.....--------------------4.00 pin
41 CHARLOTTE ---...-----------------------9.55 pm
For further information apply to Ticket Agent or correspond with
W. R. TABER, P. & T. A. J. L- MEEK. A. G. P. A.
Greenville, S. C. Atlanta GA.
Exchange I Acre for 3
Farm lands at Albany, Ga., can be purchased at $10 to 825 an acre.
You can sell your farm, purchase the same number of acres In Albany, Ga., and still have a
balance. Write for conditions under which we pay your railroad fare
We vsill give you names of many farmers who have done what we say you can do and are
pileascd with theirchange
EUGENE B. ADAMS, Secretary
Chamber of Commerce ALBANY, GA.
Burriss Metal Shingles
Galvanized Barn Roofing
It is not necessary for us to say much about our-Tin Shingles
n this section, for We have more houses covered here with our
)oods than any other shingle on the market, and the secret is,
Ave have a lock superior to any, allowing for contraction and ek
)ansion. which others have not. Therefore, you never have a'
eaky house when you.use our goods. The Barn Roofing . also
ias the Burnss Patent Lock attached. and it is fast taking the
>lace of the "V" Crimp and Corragated Roofing.
Write or call.on me, or I will call,
Pickens, S. C.
{anufactured by
'Anderson, S. C.
Iltiwan Guano
One of the Oldest and most
Popular Brands of Guano
on the Market. : :
You Have Tried the Rest~
Now Try "The Best"
A trial will convince you of its quality
Folger, Thornley
& Company,AGNiTS
"Ask the Man that Uised It"
~Mr. J. T. Long.
who Lives in the
Hickory Flat
a'nd who is one of the largest faLcmers in the county,
used our 8-3-3 goods last year, side by side with an im
ported fertilizer which cost him $16 a ton more than our
8-3-3, and none of his neighbors could tell where one
ended and the other commenced. Mr. Long has red
land and 8-3-3 is the fertilizer for red land. 8-4-4 is bet
ter for grey land.
After so much rain the ground is badly bleached,
and this together with the lateness of the season and the
lack of preparation, will make it necessary for the farm
er ouse a high grade fertilizer, and to use it freely to
mak satisfactory crops.
We have the goods ready maiae and are prepared to
make prompt shipments. Agents everywhere.
phate & Oil Co.
JR.Vandiver, Pres. D. S. Vandiver, Mgr.)

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