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The Pickens Sentinel
Some Thing; Yon Know and Some
Yot Dofnt Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Mumps and measlis are a
most an epidemic in town.
Mrs. A. 4. Morris spent
Easter in Greenville.
Mrs. T. R. Allen visitd riia
tives at Greenville sat ur-day and
Miss Ada Bolding spent Sun
day at the home of her uncle,
Mr. John Jones, at Dacusville.
Messrs, M. F. Hester and A. c
J. Boggs made a business trip '
to Calhoua Saturday.
Mr. Sam Lewis of the Prater's -
section, ,-bs been on a two I
weeks' visit to relatives in
Georgia. f
Married on the 5th inst. by
Judge J. B. Newberrv, Miss I
Pattie Bell Magill and Mr. C. B. f
Couch, both 6f.-Easley. t
Mr. A. T. Winchester boasts
of being .the father, of a ten
pound baby boy vWhich danie to
his home abouttwo weeks ago.
The closing exercises of the 1
Twelve Mile School will take r
place Friday. night, the 12th t
inst. at Twelve Mile schli house. g
Robert G. Fowler.one anmmg
the many noted aviatcrs will r
give an exhibition in the art of
flying at Greenville on the 16th
day of April.
M. Warren Burgess, son of
Mr. James B. Burgess, of Jocas
seS. C:s died on March :31. at
Saluda, N C., where he was a
tending school, measles was the
cause of his death.I
There will be an all-day sing-.
ing at H~olly Springs church Srd a
Sunday in April. All lovers of b:
music are cordially invited to z
come and bring sona books- and
well filled baskets.
According to sonme of the
weather prophets, Easter marks
the turning in the .tide- of '
weather, and we may say that 0
conditions.will -be- more favor
able henceforth for farming
operations, - or: 'yrhich the U
farmers will 'be exceeding-ly
From all the inform ation we r
can gather, there will be a con
siderable reduction in the acre- fi
age of :King- Gotton for the It:
p'osent y'ear. This f act, coupled b2
with the lateness of preparation,
and the floods in the southwest,
may conspire to produce a de
cidg1 benefit to the farmers this
fall. In any- event, it is the e
part of wisdorn for the farmer f:
to so regulate his cotton acreage 2
that he will leave room for- the p
production of sufficient grain to.g
ran his farm at least.
The advertisemrent. in this It
issue of the Burriss Metal '3
Shingle shotld be' read b-y allo
who are in need of roofing. It '
is one of the best shingles on (
the market. as can be attested by I
many who have used them. o
Mr. J. L. Thornley is the repre- p
sentative of this company and
when in need of a good roofing
see him. eC
The closing exercises of the!
SSix Mile Academy will take
place April eith to :30th. Sn
day, the 28th Dr. A. E. Brown
will preach the comtmencemrent
sermon. Monday 20th Dr-. E.(
M. .Poteat will.deliver the liter
ary address. We hope to pub
lish next week a more extended
notice of the program. T.he
trustees of the school will meet
*Monday 29th at 10 o'clock a. m.
Last Sundar being Easter.
special exercises were held in t
+he Baptist Church in the ev en
g, under the auspices of the!
4 iilathea Class. which w ere.
dl attended and ver-v interes- -
L and instructive. Geneirlly,
thjjghout this section o.f the b,
Eintry this Easter was observe~d
dAe 'threatening w\eathe-r pr- -
'vented the usual displiy of
7pretty clothes and hats, but
- enough were in evidence to give
some indication of the improve
ment in looks which seemed a
long tinte coming.
To the .afarmers who realize
that they are later this y-ear in
their progress towards preparingc
and n1en& their crops than
'st,'we would i
n that there
* . me in whichi
-.. . ke afull crop.j(
'-X >~- -'land has not I
'a~ -,. e heav~s and(c
he gr'
t is not a -
hi et and LII 1
S11 .1
tr! W"- twl
Sfin eo
h!"er hazsitsaismde
hvroes :mill
neic in u- eAl
7e Won e C vn Do .! e
'e chbse h
Tiwcojfl (jI*. ~ m A Y;-v
anno a'ChU "1b
hgs fr the aro oiv f ea
?lr testth ait
The busies as is Tired P
h? party. nit SO.
he rtoud has hi pat Ai V 4 WNY
henatunwll cnoniel ':1 hla .
hch11C' tim0e eleates tov
tatewClnvention will be ch
he State (. en ve:: ioni
hear choose v.dst t
atioai Con ve: io.
r the Pr'es1de1nW:
The roads I M& 4 .
e mud. has in part ai O
e actual conddton of e'
Iecoes nLore appare (
ur Supervisor and Com
rs will hav'; their -h
ring to.menet the v"re n
lands from eve'''
he act is avawaule. \~
ix'e our re1s l
iatter of hokling a 'a
he quelStiin N (
hiy bonds in i oK't
t i)- wa i. kin
ivih1' (j fQ hj -:l *j 'r b
ecton. I no
istead 'of hIm'
tI townsHhip) in) :!m' (In
old such an 0e.M :
On the e'vening of 4 t o
ist. M~iss Ai' ra Pr . IIa i: I
fMr. W. . lPric. :.id
~scar Gr'avele wreh
arie-d at the* res~idene..('
ficiting nnsfl e. U
twar't. The 'vyouno
ae congr.L tma
iess and1 Prji"TIc'
They will leave ath h~
.rst of May' for Montai . e
iev will make th'eir fu''
Masonie Meei.
Last Friday night so
uite a gat bhring of
'atertv at tr:Ie -
asons of the cun '
resnt, e'sp''itar l a
ation from Bat
Among thi...:...
rsas Mot W. ' ,hI
.ht ii. Cooper,
Te occasio.qn
odg'e No. a i.:
arose o r e: n I
ates to the :J uS~i'
1arlsesss inl Ma n s
t oks as though pc' w'
eCoinnrg D)ori'0 .'bie
bout mingjr. teir
qin each1 Vr
.0 reasonmable '
[ils Coun t yI
)w'Ispu :md m
wr tan Ot'w
io fail to OA.
"ince the*~( tax
he proper n"
LOST: a 1.la
f(e and awh\ il,
leath. Bru'; MN r
. .a hI1nwE, or ouIt b~ I -
al at t-he.. old IHri lbah
osit WV. M. Ros'mond h .
r write Muss i'a:':v c. .j nes
:s B C l fanniii (;:
. ! I}! I' Olg!U1 xi
v hurt. A few hour
-- 1. HO 1ei 1lssa;(e canl1e Sjy.
Sm-:- hadl iic..n broken
h i (tIi li and I lat Al
expcLkd to live. TIe
l 'ilg ainothlr ('nl r it
n na his u!ah. No par
a a 0;th tric~.I accide1ll
.Ir. Go:lwinf ''as a citiZnn ui
ha[ )e for s 1 everal Vyears anl(
nl last fail when ie
- l W --c and '. 'ld li.
-1 1( 1i aaHo three
'11.01 -t v 1*iil ut ';:41lit
I IXU( i uI li
1: Ix I 'l s
r ofMr. a . .
t ex" u.drof hi plae anSiCi1
b if a hie
I~it iijri 8folu'.i)i
:-:ve; ienyt'aCIhe
i H'1 IV 1leit' W8
- 2 i i
e u-j ;n!o.nxen tintr
ti ni ine WCr flU't l i-a
-A won: tolwei the Dite of
i ans. nly tie. H
s--erl'y aloeI Pll.
- l i fran in a2ll- hie
; ''i. c t m-ethe Pick
U 1 sat 0.? tulleo
Sunii ther. were
V - caL'ai(i<; nts
i ar,4.j. .and
\ ! sci 1114llb int'
armi th(n: to 'lm Fandheo
i e . thtoisco.
PkE.Co1tii at rical
4-2d e ile -asd u nlaye
* - \'< a 10I'e cks . Cfu
-L e 11- 1 r i;te.
( r -, at. th time
3*C ..V' Iful Atere?
: C u fl ii'' lit Was
Li * 4 t 114 1 tl
nIen and tce
x aof is .r~St Aeveld itl
-. ...t r s erand criticas
- '
1- 1 C~d, Hi I. f
C 1 2'- ViIZ111 :1Clian0
n 0118 He Wld a
G- r 4 f i 101pt
Oils I 4 LrCS(N
- a1''r ,1141.
. i . -; :1
S.5... . . 1e
1' -
-P . i111 10 i
12, Irr
hilpfu i om i>nhip of oil
fi nd. Fran C ( 'ox. to the Mal
ei f . t he vr ( of every gor
ad Aei i, n ont th
-Z W m nA 1' - dti dent om
to the infiniu' teouce of all hel
Mr'. A. T. Turner Dead.
Mr. Anaiison T'. Turnrdie
at hi home near Piaters on t1
' h inst. in his Tth year. E
hal hkon in feeble health fc
SeVeral months. He was a
ex -Cnfe'rate soldier, havin
Se1r'ved I hio igh the conflict.
The funeral aId i irnr
ILok place at Secona 'Churc
the day following his death
the services being conducted b
Rev. WV. C. Seaborn.
Good Roads
Th...nd romis (rain passe
thruh the county last fall, ex
hibiiting achne and mater
s used in nakinig good roads
the ('Oj being to show the nt
ce"'sity fid awaken interes
on th f ahject of good roads.
Al tihat meeting a good road
OrgaiMItfion was formed, an'
it lnIn nl a t 1hat the seei
for .e'o s hIdt been sown ii
The% F' Easlev P.r-..gress said tha
it was "up to' the people t
pnuh the work until every see
iIon of Ih co unt y is coinecte
bmatcadmin roads, and aske
if t he popl e'tre ready to vot
a t fx f 5 for this pur
p: -. So far., I have Seen no an
S.s publisied, and probabl:
I t.iwr will i bie i many. I no
i (ed an1 article referring to th
eis 'ltue's giving to Libert3
twnship the right to vote bond
to Pipove the public roads. Th
pubic 1 suppose, remembe
thaIt IPckens co'n ty voted $100
00 otihe railroad, and no0 doubt
tin~~cubleembc-rs how bur
en.onw it was to pay. Som'
w er then in favor of payinl;
I hr- i nterm~t only and waiting
*mi 1 n-e was more wealth ii
t'.ii i ont i pay the principal
The a'seoment of the county I:
now about thiree times as grea
as it was al that time, and thi
levy then was about 18 mnills t<
rhnl lb: county and p:ay off th<
de bt. Wit h all the incre ise o:
proertyt we are siill paying 11
mlils and and still in diebt.
WVe need good roads, and i
wou ld be nice to have them al
at once, but to issue bonds t<
huild tnom would be a mistake
it i. true tha1t the amounit 0:
travelling on some roads witi
the anwttnni of rainfall we hav<
mlake t he roads bad. out whei
you talk ab~out rnacadamuizing
our' roatis. wvith no more wealti
than there~ is in our county, yoi
may be assulredl that the burder
on our people will be too heavy
o I~ear-.
We aro impwrtov'inlg our road!
evry yeal', but only the begin
niig is Yet apparenlt. I Jenr
that the emm 'tty owns a rocd
cruser noffw. Let us have a ta:
snki1in to keepting it in opera
Itin di(uring thle entire year'. Ii
wnter', when the .ecrapers car
not run. haul the rock nededet
to make the improvement, Ran<(
in a few. '"ars you will hea m
no tak of' bon~d issue.
I hav e beeni credlitably inform
(ed that arrangemlenits have bee2
mad'e to have.' a traction engins
on exhibition to show the comn
mision1er'8 and the people wha
':, be lone by running thi
'a with it. The cos
4; .1n *reals now is as great a
Vaed; nr. '' e 14(l nior
w 1 . 11 .~ he ai'Coml ishe<
e no~sle.:texpei~ve thaI
-ur .4ntb very'i' littl:
:( l* i e(ione with scrap
:.- cerv winter: am
B1: et -OUr' muilies to fee<
'": uh !m ad hands. too
An enin won. d br1 lleak up] ou
b1;, bei th -y 'an easily b,
here er w will build to stand
I'e a i\ ar bi hel c'niderl
k -.u fer 'l a raini. (Cm
t\' era : wit tree handVt
1 \bi V hrs pwr tW~ wouldl pli
i~nue 8T pe I hen,. to T1il
Ib l) s':rp- t tne engine
l w 'senset~ fol!ow th
der, r 4e 4 Vne be place4d a
m in r e' a rri , ~ tan b ah i d a s
10O\ 1 lle. diri t.ow::r d thet miii
i2(4f the rami. and th:111' thin
I will pomise you that if yoi
vil haye t-he rod a irked mnor
at less oxp-se *voi r will ht'a
no mor e from
(Prkly Ash, Poke Roo' and P Ltassi:'
Prompt Powerful Permanent
Its benefcial ef. Stubbo-n cases Good rcs-Is are
fects Pre usually yield to - -. - las:--: cH A L L
-elt vdry q..ickly when other edi- you to .tay cured
Le v cnes are useless
Maes rih, red, pure blood-cleanses the cntire
s --- as tiie brain -strengthens digestion and nerves. Lea your orders with us at once for Money
A positive specific for BloQd Poison and skin diseases. Potato Slips.
P1:e out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
iS a wu:xde:ful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endorse it.
We have contracted for a large supply, and ilb
e PICKENS DRUG CO. able to fil all orders promptly.
--- -~ -~ *.Will begin getting them in about April 25
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