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The Pickens Sentinel
Some Things Yo Know and Some
You Doni Know About Our
Towns, County & Pele
Much land will be planted
this year without breaking.
The gardeners have been
quite busy for the past week.
Craig Bros, want you to see
their select stock of spring goods.
Miss Essie E. Bowen is on a
visit to the family of Capt. J. T:
. TO LOAN-A few hundred
dollais on real estate. C. E.
Major G. W. Bowen, candi
date for county commissioner,
was in the city Monday.
Mr. Z. H. Smith, of Travel
ler's Rest, Greenville county,1
was in the city Friday.
The town has been '-e:' giet
for the past several days. Peo- i
ple are too busy to come to town.
D. A. Cooper. -of Henderson
ville, N. C., was. on a visit to
relatives in this county last
All the trees on Main street
along the business section are
being taken down to make
ready for the paving.
The many friends of Mrs. NT
M. Craig will be pleased to know
that she is improving from her
recent severe illness.
Mr. John F. Craig. clerk of
court of Oconee County was on
a visit to his mther, Mrs. N.
M. Craig, last w.
Jack~Lewis, Hery?T tes8iid.,
Dick Freeman left here last
Frida~y for Dillon, Montana, to
try their fortunedi -..
Mr. D. G. Moore has accepted'
a position with -Parrish, John
son & Co., of Liberty, andy' en
tered upon his work-fonday.
We call attention to the law
card of Mr. J. F. *Kew in this
issue of The Senginel. His of
fice is over the Pickens Bank. -
Married at.Norris on the 11th t
inst. Aaron Ganin and Eliza
beth Lucas. Divris Mauldin,
notary public,, performed the
ceremony. -
Rev. C. D. Wailer, of Virgini,.
has accepted the, call of the
Presbyterian Chui-ch ~~at Eas
ley and will move there. about
May 15th to ehter upon his1
At the present session of the
U. S. Court in Greenville the Pal
mers and Belcher's will be tried
for killing Deputy Marshal Cor
bin a.gd his brother near Wal
halla in March, 1909.
All right, if you do not want
any of the offices that are to be
dished out this year, stay out of
the race. The present officers
will be very much pleased to
make the race alone.
Typographical errors will
occur occasionally. Last week
we made the Pickens Drug Co.,
say they had "Meney Hal1" po
tato slips for salgwhen it should
have been "Nancy Hall."
Clerk of Court Boggs has- re
ceived the pension money and
is paying it out as fast as ,it is
called for. There is $6,478,05
to be paid out to the old soldiers
and their widows in this coun
WANTED-Someone to fill
the office of Counmty Treasurer
after June 1, 1913. Don't all
speak at once. The present of
ficer, Mr. J. T. Richey, author
izes the statement that he will
not be a candidate for the posi
tion. .
The stock of goods belonging
to Moore, Mauldin & Co., was
closed out last week to Parsons
& Ashmore. They will add it
to their already large stock and
sell at close prices. Look for their
ad in this issue and see some of
. the bargains they offer.
The following will be read
with interest: "After due con
sideration I have decided not to 1
'make the race for County
treasur'er of Pickens county,:
and I take this opportunity of<
thanking my many friends for
their encouragement to me to:
make the race. J. R. Falls,
Centra' S. C."
Our ro1" .,,;1 be delighted
Sin another
- pen of Hon.
le unable to
- ends andl to
.dom and en
her can send to
3 through the
press. All, we are sure, w
joinu's in wishing for his speedy
reco -7ery.
On acc )unt of the geneJl pr'
valence of measles and uimp
the regular meeting of the -
0. T. U. will be held next week
instead of this week- dnes
ay,. April-24 at 4 o'clock at the
ethodist church. - An interest
ing program is to be given at
his meeting and it is hoped
hat not only the members of
;he W. C. T. U. will be present
>it that every mother in Pick
mns who has a son will attend.
Attention Democrats.
The State Fxecutive Comn
nittee held a meting in Col
i.mbia last week and arranged
I>r the meetins of the county
Lnd state conventions. It w .s
lecided by them that the St hte
)emocratic Convention should
e held in Columbia on May
The County-Conventions will
neet on the 6th day of May.
vhi is the first Monday, and
he township and local clubs
Vill meet on April 27th.
Tha.'presidentU or secretaries
)f the various clubs .will take
iotice.of these dates and take
teps immediately to call their
:ubs together on the 27th inst.
'he clubs will elect delegates to
ihe County. Conv'ention which
vill meet at the churt house
md the county Convention
will elect delegates to the
tate Convention. All the
leiocrats are urged to* respond
o these calls, and attend their
ub meetings. This is one of
he iost important years - in
>oliticial affairs of many past
>nes for the reason every officer
rom president to coroner is to
> eleckel And the prospects
or-Democraticsuccess.' has not
yeen - brighter since Cleveland
vs elected.
*R. E. Goodwin Burried.
-The remains of Mr. R. E.
Jood win, who was killed at
Iiami, Fla.., on Tuesday the
~th, reached. Pickens Friday
fternoon of the 12th. The
ody was accompanied by Mrs.
-oodwin, Mrs. Flora Lathem
nd Mr. J. L. 0. Thompson.
Funeral services were held at
he home of Mr. H. A. Richey
aturday morning at 10 o2clock.
;ofdicted by Rev.' G. F. kirby,
astor of the Methodist church,
Lfd the interment was had in
he emetery at this place.
The sad accident occurred
Ionday of last week about noon.
Somnone brought an automo
yile to his shop for repair about
he time he was preparing to go
: dinner. H a and another man
~vho was working with him
;tarted with the machine up an
neline gangway to the second
;tory of the building they were
sing, and before reaching the
;op in some unaccountable way
;he machine ran off or fell off
the gangway to the ground, a
listance of twelve or fif teen feet,
and in the fall Mr. Goodwin, un
ortunately, fell~ underneath
with the result that his chest
was badly crushed and bruised
and his neck broken. In this
ondition he lived about thirty
ours, but was conscious until
as death.
The man who was with him
sustained quite a serious injury
ilso in haying his hip and thigh
Election of Trustees.
state of South Carolina,.
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given to the
oters of each and every School
istrict in the County, except
asley, to meet at their respec
ive school houses on Saturday,
Vday 11th, 1912, for the purpose
>f nominating three school trus
ees to serve for the next twoc
ears. Rules governing the
yrimary election shall govern
his one. The polls will open at
me O'clock and close at five
cock. The voting place shall
e at the school houses within
he District, except Pickens,
istrict No. 31., the election
vill be held - at the City Hail.
['he Trustees -are hereby ap*
~ointed managers of said elec
ion. Returns *of said election
hall be forwarded to the County
oard of Education -within five
lays after said election.
By order of County B'oard of
R. T. Hallumn.
Sec. & Cihm.
[t No. 2.
The Pickens train will leave
2ere on Friday morning only at
5:30 insteae of 7:30. Don't for
ay up yr subscription.
State Teachers' Association
Spril5 26 and 27 the State
Teachers' association will hold
its fortieth annual session in
Charleston, this being the first
meeting in that city in the his
tory of the association.
The program contains the
names of some of the most
prominent speakers in the South
among them the names of Pres.
W. W. Finley of ^the Southern
railway; Prof. Charles W Kent,
professor of English in the Uni
versity of Virginia, Dr. Howard
Lee Jones, an eminent Baptist
minister of Charleston, Lewis
W. Parker of Greenville, 0. B.
Martin of Washington. D. C.,
Dr. Chas. W. Stiles of Wash
ington, and many, prominent
school officials of South Caroli
Those who attend are assured
of the full benefit of the far-fam
ed hospitality of the City by the
sea. The local committee. com
posed of A. B. Rhett, J. R. Guy
and'D. M. O'Driscoll, have plan
ned many nice things for the
entertainment of. the visiting
teachei-s. Opportunity will be
given them to visit the beautiful
Magnolia Gardens and other
points of interest in and around
the cl Y. There will be much
to entertain and divert as well
as to instruct.
The attention of the trustees
and teachers is called to the fact
that the State board of educa
tion has recommended a two
days' holiday with full pay for
all teachers who attend the
Aside from the excellent pro
gram arranged by the general
association, the affiliated organ
izations, which include the
school improvement association,
the association of town and city
-uperintenderas, the association
of elementari schools, and the
association of county superin
tendents, have also arranged in
teresting and instructive pro
grams. Publishers of text books
have been asked to make exhib
its, and reduced rates are being
negotiated for on all railroads.
In short, no stone will be left
unturned to make this meeting
the most successful in the histo
ry of the association.
Proarams are now out and
will be sent to any member of
the assocIation by W. H. Jones,
corresponding secretary, Colum
bia, S. C.
Democratic Clubs to Meet
Notice is hereby given to - all
the Democratic clubs in Pickens
county to meet at their respec
tive meeting places on Saturaay,
A pril 27 inst., at 3 o'clock p. m.
When assembled each club will
reorganize by electing a presi
dent, one or more vice-presi
dents, a secretary, .a treasurer,
an executive committee and
such other committees as may
be deemed expedient. They will
also elect delegates to the coun
ty convention which will rneet
at the court house on. Monday,
May 6, 1912, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Delegates will be elected upon
the basis of one delegate to ev
ery twenty-five enrolled mem
bers of each -club.
Such other business as may
be necessary will be transacted.
I. M. Mauldin,
Co. Chmn.
Pickens County the Gem
A man who left Pickens coun
ty twenty-five years ago might
well wish he were again on his
native heath. It has made
greater progress in the last ten
years than any county in the
State. In selecting a good place
to live there are so many things
to consider' besides the fertility
of the soil. Tfen. acres of land
in Pickens county are worth
more than one hundred acres in
some places in Texas and Okla
homa, though thei Western land
be ten times as rich in plant
food. More than the soil, more
than the quality of the water.
more than the climate, the char
acter of the people who occupy
a scope of coun try adds to its
charm and fixes its value as a
place to live. So the sage brush
philosopher of the Western des
ert told the pious parson that all
his country lacked was good
water and, good society. The
parson replied that those were
the principal objections urged
against hell.
So far as the law is concerned
Pickens county was formed on
the 16thi day of Apr il,1868, when
the constitution of that date
was adopted. But it was not
discvered until about thirty
t w years later. Its peop)le then
discovered themselves. One im
portant observation in that dis
coverv was the room they had
for improvement. 1This was be
tensely enarmimo that they
stopped looking back. They
seemed to forget those things
that were behind and to put
their peepers on the curves that
lay ahead. They soon found
that they !ad played a losing
game by looking backward.
They took the initiative and be
gan to experiment. As they ex
perimented they discovered the
capabilities and possibilities of
the red clay subsoil. As the plow
went deeper the price of land
w ent higher. Ten dollars per
acre was once a fair price for
farming lands. Now ithey sell
for from forty to fifty dollars an
acre. There are many farms
in the county for which an of
fer of a hundred dollars an acre
would not be very tempting,
even if the owner's son or favo
r'te son-in-law wished to yield
to the lure of a mercantile life.
The energy, industry and de
termination which accomplish
ed this is not going to stop in
sight of the goal.. The farmer
is going to go farther and faster
in progress. He will soon close
the hay market to. outsiders. A
maiority of them now have corn
to sell. An unpretentious speci
men of a farmer told me a few
days ago that he had ten nicely
cured country hams he would
like to sell while the price of
meat is up. Another is adver
tising tons and tons of hay for
sale at $23 per ton. Before long
they will sow wheat in the drill
with a little fertilizer.and let it
come up in the bottom of the
furrow which will be a cradle to
protect its tender joints from
the cold of winter. Then the
train loads of flour from Tennes
see will have to roll oi to some
other country. -:ut the greatest
item of s.aving and profit is com
ing to the f armers of Pickens
county when a few of them dis
cover what a good country this
is for stock raising. With corn,
hay, flour and meat to sell,
would they not strike a Bonan
za if they should stumble on
mule raising. I have seen some
as fine home raised mules as
ever brayed to the echo of a din
ner horn. Some of the most
highly valued land in the coun
y, and hill sies at that, bear
nothing but Bermuda grass
This is the only crop to insure
the hills from becoming bare,
ndl pays a better dividend than
any eth r crop if its owner is
stock-wise. It laughs with ver
ant joy at the assaults of the
festive goat, and gives nourish
ng food to every beast of the
field not too proud to put his
ose to the earth. It holds its
rip on the soil and will not let
the floods carry it to the valley
below. So in a few years when
he scrub oak and the stately
pine scurry from the mountain
sides and in "t e blazing hearth
shall burn, Bermuda will wrap
their thrones in a carpet of
green. Every acre of mountain
so used will be worth from
$25.00 to $50.00 an acre. Then
another poet may come along
and make a new song about
"the cattle upon a thousand
ills." There are just about
that many hills in the county.
This land or rather soil discov
ry has been the geatest boon
that ever came to this section.
[mproved implements makes
improved farms and farmers.
One store in Pickens has more
of these than all the stores in
the county carried ten years
ago. Julius E. Boggs.
Closing Exercises at Six Mile.
The Six Mile A -ademy will
close the present session on the
27th and 30th inst. The fol
lowing program will be observ
Saturday, 27th, 7:30 p. In.
Snnday, 28th, 11 a. mn comn
mencenent sermon by Dr. A.
E. Brown, of Ashville, N. C.|
7:30 p. mn. Program by B. Y.I
P U. and Y. W. A.|
Monday 29th, 10 a. mn. meet
ing of the Board of Trustees.
11 a. -m. Essay and Declama
tion contest.
2:30 p. mn. Annual address by
Dr. E. M. Poteat, Greenville, S.
7:30 p. mn. Recitation and
debating contest.
The trustees are all requested
and expected to meet at the
school building Monday at 10
Horror of Horrors.
The ocean liner Titanic collid
ed with and iceberg last Sunday
night about 10 o'clock off the
coast of Newfoundland, In
three hours after she sank two
miles below the surface of the
sea and 1,2:32 passengers went
down2 with her. There were 2,
100 on board and only 868S saved.
Among the number were men.
women and children, many of
whom were millionairs. The
vessel was on Its first trp from
Liverpool to New York. It was
the largest afloat, having cost
$10,000,000, and having aboard
Sn1On00,0 on rth of jewels
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
Its beneficial ef- Stubborn cases Good results are
P g p fects are *usually yield to P. P. P. lasting-it cures
felt very quickly when other mnedi- you to stay cured
cines are useless
ee 0_P
Makes rich, red, pure blood-cleanses the entire
system - clears the brain - strengthens digestion and nerves.
A positive. specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
is a wonderful tonic and b6dy-builder. Thousands endorse it.
The Sentinel
One Dollar A Year
Leave your orders with us at once for Nancy Hall
Potato Slips.
25c per 100
We have contracted for a large supply, and will be
able to fill all orders promptly.
Will begin getting them in aboud Aprl 25 ,;
The Rexall Store
ED- ..
I 'I. --
-i* -
1 line of
arger & Sons'
lorrow Corn'py.
South arolina

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