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Pickenls SenOllte
.%,'V- rtiairg . tes Reas-unhle
N.B. If You do not re- t
ceive a copy of The Senti
nel next week vou may
1know you are in arrears
with your subscription
and we take it for granted
you want it stopped
A Warning.
The utterance of Gov. Blease,
if he is correctly reported in the
dispatch from Cclumbia to be
found in another column, is
the most dangerous utterance
he could possibly have made.
In effect he says if the Supreme
Court of the State decides the
appointments he has made il
lesal he will pay no attention to
the opinion and judgement of
that tribunal but will do the
same thing over.
If this isn't anarchistic doe
trine and principle it would be
hard to discover it. When men
in high public position, and who
have sworn to observe, uphold
and defend the majesty of the
law, openly, publicly and defi
antly say they will not'obey the
judgment the Supreme Court
unless it suits their notion of
things, then what could be ex
pected of people ignorant of the
law? And what influence and
effect upon the people at large
will such an utterance have in
the enforcement and ol servance
of the law?
If the mandates of our courts
are not to be respected; if there
is created a distrust in and dis
respect for the judgements of
a nhotuhle we will
*reign of lawlessness, terrorism
and anarchy.
The man who would sow such
seed as these is an enemy to
law and order, the home, life,
liberty and peace, and all that
is good and true.
We hope Governor Blease has
been incorrectly reported, for
we cannot conceive how any
man, much less the Governor of
a great State, could make such
an utterance. If he did say it,
-and there has been no denial of
it, it is high time the people
were opening their eyes and
taking notice. If the people
prize,the sanctity of their homes;i
if they value life; if they lovel
liberty and peace, they will
quickly nip in the bud all an
archistic tendenciesA men who
offer for office by leaving them
severely alone.
Notice of Sale.
Notice of sale of cotton in p o os~sof
manpufacture and movable mill supp'ies
of Liberty Cotton Mills.
tu Tthe- power and author ity
vested in me os agent by Wellington.
Sear s & Company, Mortgagees, of Boston i
Mass.. under authority of a chattel
mortgage executed and delivered by
Liberty Cotton Mills, of Liberty, S. c.,
to said Wellwgton, Sears & (omnpany
under date of Decembe r 7th. 1908. and
which is recorded in the office of the
*Clerk of Court in Pickens county, S. C.,
in Book K, page 271. I will sell at pub
lic outcry at Liberty, S. . on Tuesday,
the 7th day of May, 1912. at 2 o'clock p.
m..* or immediately after the sale of the
said Liberty Cotton 5lille, in front ofI
the office of said Mills. the followmngf
goods and- chattels belonging to said ,
Liberty Cotton Mills, which said goods
and chiattels were taken possession of
by me as agent for Wellington, Sears &i
Company under and by virtue of the
chattel mortgage as aforesaid. to-wit:
The stock of cotton in process in said
Mills, amounting to about sixteen
thousand pounde, fuel and other mov 1
able mill supplies. cosisting in part of
starch, oil, rope, burlap, paiper, eastwngs,
extra parts for machinery and other
articles, as shown by schedule thereof
They have bought the
present large stock ol
Watch 1
*.'F. KEG WN
Pickiens, S. C.
Office over Pickens Barak
my possession. copy of which will
e furnished to an- pr specire pur
aer on inquiry and which will be ex
i-ed on the day of sle. and a valua
ion of which is about $180. excluding
he stock of cotton in proc;.ss.
A reasonable tim-. iiot exce-dirg ten
lays will be allowed for the !u- chaser
0 remove same.
Terms of &e: Cash.
G B Wa':o",
&went for Welington, S- Fir & Co..
M ortpggeeF-.
Dat'd the 28th day of March, 1912, L t
Anleroen, Q. C.
-For land anywhere in Pick
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "'The Land Mai."
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
and best strain of White Or
pington chickens. Prize winners
at the Pickens Poultr y show,
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
B. Lewis,
tf Pickens, S. C.
If you have cane seed bring
them to us-75c bushel trade or
Craig Bros Co.
NOTICE!-Just received the
finest car of Mules and Horses
we have ever had. Will sell for
cash or good papers. Will be
glad to show them to you
whether you buy or not.
Gai:ces & Gassaway Mdse, Co.
Central, S. C.
3t No. 52.
FOR SALE-The S. A. Hunt
house and lot on Hampton Ave.
Apply to C. E. Robinson.
Settle the stove question; buy
a Majestic Range, and be thru
buying. Heath, Bruce,. Mor
row Co.
FOUND! a tcn of coal which
a Majestis Range failed to burn.
They take less fuel. Heath,
Bruce Morrow Co.
For convenience, safety, fuel
saving and durability Majestic
Ranges are anequaled. Get one
from Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co.
earth! Size of a postage stamp.
New Testament illustrated. 200
pages. Sample 10c in stamps.
Agents wanted. Y. P. Taylor,
4616 H, Galveston, Texas.
t No. 1.
EGGS for hatching from S. C.
Rhode Island Reds 1 to 3.00 per
setting. Indian Runner Ducks,
1.50 per doz.
Pickens Poultry Farm,
E. H. Craig. Prop.
Grow Long Staple Cotton.
Columbia is the best of the up
land varieties. Yields as well
as common cotton to the acre.
Sells for from 4 to Sc more than
common cotton. Seed for sale
at $1.50 per bushel. Cleveland
Big Boll $1.00.
W. L. Boggs,
Liberty, S. C.
t No. 1
Notice of School Election.
State of south Carolina.
County of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition from the frey
hodrs and electors of Hampton Die
trict. No. 46. has bee'n filed winh ih
C untvycard of Education, asking
for a speciat election to de.termin*
,hether er not an r of 4 miih
shall lewiea onx said D~.trict for
school purposes.
It appeaing t.' the County Board of
'incation that the pdt-tin mecets th,
cquirmer t; of the aw.
Therefore. it is ordered that the Trus
tees of the above nam!ed1 Di-trict do
tld an election in said Ditstrict at the
;chool house within said istrict on
a turda, May 11th. 191s. the
bove statedpurpose. The Trustees (4
the District aie hereby appoirlted! man
.gers of said election. Said election t
be conduct ed according to the requir
rnents of Section 1208S of the General
By orde-r of Co.unlty Board of Educa
R. T. Hallum,
Sec. & (Chm.
4t No. 2.
Moore, Mauldin & Co
goods, and all to go
his Space rn
For Congress
I hereby anounce mvyte f a eandidate for
ongress from the Third CongreiIonal District
f south Carolina. subject to the action of the
oters of the District in the Denocratic primar
Walhalla, S. C.
For Clerk of Court,
I he-ebv announce myself a eandidate for the
otice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
su bject to the rules of the DenOcratic prinary
e'eeion. 0. S. STEWART.
For County Commissioner
The fr'ends of NI r. G. Wash inwen hereby
announce him as . ndidate for County Con
missioner, subject to the action of the voters in
the primary electiou.
Notice of Trustee's.Sale of Lib
erty Cotton Mills, of Liber
ty, Pickens Co., S. C.
NotiCe is hereby given. That the
undersigned trustees, under power and
iir?ct ion of resolutions adopted by the
sockholders of Liberty cott on mills. a
corporation, at a meeting held on the
,ixieenth day of F--bruarv, 1912. ard
1Iso under and ny -ir! tie f the powers
contain: d in a certain ded of trust or
.,t~aa., executed by said Liberty
co'ton ninls on the fie:t day of June,
1%9, and rccorded in the office of the
Clerk of Court and Register of Mense
conveyances for Pickers County,
:outh C tirolina. in real estate mortgage
bo'k Y at i ages 140 to 165 inclusive,
-Id in chattel tmor gage book I, pages
299 to 321 irclu-iv. 'aid mortgage or
deed of trust being given to secure t hei
issue Cf bond- therein mentioned, d
fault having occured under the pro
visions of sid instrument, and after de
fault the amount due having been ac
knowledgpd an, c1%ns'-nted to in writ
ing by the said Liberty cotton mills.
and said instrument of writing having
bnepn recorded as provided by law, will
st-ll at public ou'cry to the highest bid
le.,in accordace with the terms and
provisit us of the ss:id deed of trust or
nor.::z. in front of the fflce of Lib
ert.- cotton mmIs. at Liberty. in the
county of Pickebs. State of South Caro
lina. -t tvo o'eclck p m. on the 7th
day of May, ibsl:. all the property de
scribei and ermbrac, i1 in the aforesaid
.teed #-f trust or iiontgage, to-wit: All
that tract or parcel of lard, containing
-eLveint.ewiht and 72-14.0 (78.72) acres,
I more or .es, situat- in the town of Lib
ertv, in the county of Pickens. South
SCalina. which *.-S conveyed to said
Liberty cotton nt.ills in fire different
ots or pare-ils. as follows: one by J P.
mh y11 Oed dated September 6,
0 am:recorieI in the office of the
eb-kof cour: and Register of Mense
c o '..s a ee.< in- Pickens county, South
*Crobi.:o in volume WV at patge 2S4: one
bs .' 0. Junrings. hy dt-te nited Sep
t.~be 6, 1;)%, andJ recorded ini said
ok'e im volume W ..t pag 2S5, ore by
d. B'. Bos, by acecd dated June 19(1,.
:ni tecorded in thte nfi'resaid office in
v olumIe X at a-sel16:: one by Job F.
Su mb, bi deed da'4 May 22, 190!. and
ecorded in said ottica in volumne X ar
v -3: and one by J. F. Jemr.ingn. by
Sed dated Septemb -r 29, 1901. andl re
corde~d in said efi-e in volume X at pauge
i8 g : n whidch said lands are located the
Libe rty cotton mills buildings aind moa
chmnery, and a'so) its forty-two cut t'ngs,
its ft.anme office building, and it on~e
-tiry school and chapel buddmng. also
he'e-ntire textile machinery of every
ecriptienl located in the cotton muuls
buildings on the above described prem
isi-s. and comprising 11840 spindles. 300
40" Mason looms (86 thereof with sateen
attachn:enlt) andl also boilers, pumft~
corliss engine. generator. Jathe,
ctter, drill press, electric engine. etc,
Iand ir~cluding. also. all auxiltary m~':-'
chhn e v, i ill fiixture s and all oth 'r at
i lhm~n's and :mnxdi tries, used in nr
ne( in w'ith eid plant: also, all office
furniture and fixtures and other prop -r
t ;erwhatever dlesceriptior embi aceu i
(Id, of tr-ust or mor'tgage. Alst.
:0il no s, occounts, books of account
and ch oses in actio~n belonging to sai I
ib- ruy cotton tolls5. Said property
wil we sold as an entirety. This sale
w' di ' mhbrace all :he roperty of the
: :it~ y ..tt ~ mmlis except ing only
tat coven'd by the chattel mortgage to
Wellngton, 5'atrs and company, ad
vertemetnt of which will be found
elsew~'nere in this newspaper. Said sale
s tmade in oer to enforce payment
of the prir~cipal and interest on the 1
~o. A stecur- d by said deed of trust rI]
mrmge, together with all taxes and
im.barsents incid.et to the preserva
tio and protection of said property,
expnes. fe-, ande commnnissions, aspc
vido for in the aiforesai.. instrument.
This property is desirably located on
he mia.n line of thne Southern railway,
n a progressive and healthy communi
ty, and is a favora~ble location both in
moatter of procuring labor and supplies I
Propective purchasens may inspect the 1
p oerty and premises at any time by j
a pph intg 10 the super intendenit in charge.
All bidde rs. before the sale begins, will
be4 quireid to desposit with the under- C
igni a certified check in the stmn of
live thousair.d dollars ($5,000.00) to c
~urntee hide, such check <if the su'
cessful bidder to be retained until the
compance with the ternms of s-i'e, on:
half 10 b" paidl in cash int thfivy day',
ant the' bola- ce in sixty days, from the
ate of sale. Purchaser to p~ay extra
for all necessary deeds of conveyanc'
Fa-miers Loan & Trust C'. C
Anderson, S. C.
y .J. Rt Vndiver,
Are you a Paid-up Subscriber? t
Stock of Goods which
ext Week for
S e
Mammoth Sto<
Direct from i
For the past i
daily large sh
from New Y(
show you a
largest, newel
the county.
and we are g
at the right p
worn, but ei
never show c
carried over
of goods we i
duce the pric
See this
~)ing on all the
Dry Goods
S hams, Poplin
Laces and Ei
lower th~an ti
it always pay
Clothing, Shot
irnSole agents for Wall
IrnKing Stoves, New
an Litchell Automobiles
'o Those Who Wish to Gel
Near a Christian School
At Six Mile, Pickens county,
have about 300 acres of land,
)art inside the incorporated lim:
ts of the torvn of Six Mile, al.
ii less tha~n one mile of Six Milh
~aptist Academny.~which I wil
t in i;racts to suit purchaser
vi build boolses on some if de
ired. Will sell the entire traci
f300 acres, over half in fimn
tate of cultivation, has plentix
rood pastures, one good 2-stor'
.1-room dwelling, furnishia
vith gas lights, out buildings,
e large 60x70 ft. barn, three
len did tenant houses, also ar
dmost new ginnery, consisting
Ef 3-70 saw ginnine- section, dou
)le bx press. etc., all complete
nd in a good cotton system.
Apply to A. D. Mann.
fPickens, S. C. R. 2.
they will add to their
k Spring and Summer Dry Goods'
:he Best Markets of the North
ix weeks we have been receiving
ipments of Dry Goods and Notions,
irk and Baltimore, and now we can
tock of Dry Goods that is one of the
t and most up-to-date to be found in
0 0101
>ing to sell it the way it was bought,
rces, Nothing old, shoddy or shop
rerything new and up-to-date. We
ur customers old or shop worn goods
from season to season, but this class
place on our bargain counter, and re
Sjust one half.
bargain counter for baigains, sale go
time. Call on us for anything in the
ine, Lawns, Dimities, Percals, Ging
, pongees, Nainsooks, Wash Gooods,
broiderys, and everything at prices
ey have been in ten years.
er in buying that quality counts, and
s to buy the best.
s, Hats and Gents' Furnishing Geods a Specialty.
n am
We are ready to supply
our trade with .'. .'. .'.
a Fresh Spring E
of every description.
E We appreciate your trade
and try to make it to
your interest to tradeE
with us .'. .'. .'. .'.
IBring on the chickens
and eggs and what mon
ey you can, and keepE
out of debt .'. .'. .'.
Exchange I Acre for 3
Farm lands at Albany. Ga.. can be purchased at $10 to $25 an acre.
You cau S-il your farm, purchase the same number of acres in Albany, Ga., and still have a
alance. Write for conditions under which we pay your railroad fare
%%e will give you namet of many farmers who have done what we say you can do and ure
leased with theirchange.
EUGENE B. ADAMS, Secretary
Thamber of Commerce ALBANY, GA.
It isnot necessarY for us to say much about our Tin
-,e in ti n. for we have more houscs covered
hlere with our goods than any other shingle on the marke.
und theseret is that we have a lock superior to auv, -
lowirn. for contrawtion anti expansiorn. which others have
not Therefore, you never have a leaky house when you
use our godxs. The Barn Roofing also has the Burriss
Patent Lock attachcd. and it is fast taking the place of the
.-- crimp and corragated Roofing.
W~rite or call on me. or I will call.
PIKFimES, S. c.
Ntanufactured by
J. T. BURRISS & SON, Anderson, S. C.,
Etiwan Guano
One of the Oldest and most
Popular Brands of Guano
on the Market.
You Have Tried the Rest
Now Try "The Best"
A trial will convince you of its quality
Folger, Thornley
( ~ h j ~ 7 LOCAL
& Company,A AENTS
"Ask the Man that Used It"
Plant food, ammonia and potash in one ton of 8-4-4 as in
two tons of 8.88-2-2. The list price of 8-4-4 is $29.80 ton. 1
Telist price of 8.88-2-2 is $21.44; two tons $42.88, con
)taining just the same amount of ammonia and potash as I
one ton of 8-4-4 costing $29.80. And then you save in
)) hauling ond in other ways. Besides, this 8-4-4 is heavily
charged with fish. There is not much fish in 8.88-2-2 be -I
cause fish costs more than 8.88-2-2 sells for. If it is not )
decidedly to 'four advauitage to buy 8-4-4 instead of 8.88- I
2-2, then we cheerfully own up th it we know absolutely I
)) nothing about it. We make the best 8.88-2-2 put in sacksI
)) but we use 8-4-4 on our own farm.
) There is no Horn Meal, nor Aoof Meal, nor Leather I
Meal in our fertilizers. Our goods are ammoniated with (
a little Nitrate of Soda. This helps you to get a good L
stand of cotton by feeding and nourishing the first sprouU
~from the seed, just at the time when the sprout needsa
gentle stimulant. This also starts the plant off growing
5/vigorously when it first comes up. Every farmer likes
)to see his cotton start off nicely. Our goods are also
ammoniated with blood, tankage, cotton seed meal and
fish, the best ammoniates put in fertilizer, and this make
the best fertilizer put in sacks. Besides, anybody will /
Stell you the Anderson gpods run far ahead of the analy -i
sis. ~They are better than we guarantee. We give you
more plant food than we charge you for, and every drop
Sof it is available. A farmer makes a mistak~e in taking I
chances on a fertilizer for a difference in price that does I
not amount to ten cents an acre. He makes anly one f
crop of cotton a year, and hs wants g fertilizer he can
count on. The crops made where our goods were used i
~speak for our goods. Try some of our goods th s year
~alongside of any other goods you haze bought, and no -I
Itice the difference in the crops. That's all we ask.
To show the value of fertilizer in growing cotton we
herewith give you the following statistics for the last 10
in yield of cotton.
In states where no fertilizer is used an acreage ir
crease of 51 per cent. results in an increase of 22 par cent
In the older cotton states where no fertilizer is used
an increase of 38 per cent in acreage resulted in an in
Screase of 12 per cent. in yield of cotton While in the
3 tates where fertilizer is used an increase of 26 per cent.
n acreage resulted in an increase of 74 per cent in yield
of cotton. These figures speak for themselves. They
are gotten up by cotton experts.
It is reported the cotton acreage over the South will
Sbe reduced 15 to 20 per cent.
JR.Vandiver, Pres. D. S. Vandiver, Mgr.
Anderson, S. C.
~W.B.Freeman,Agt., Pickens,S.C.
- ~ ;~>-. .PICKEN BANK
CMIT AL-- ~ff
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
Southern Railway
c hedufes Effective Feb. 9, '12 from Eslep, S. C.
N. B.-Thie following schedule figures are publi~bed only as information and4
re not guaranteed.
No. 44 ATL ANT L.-----------------......-2.0 am
Stop.s to discharge pa.'sengers from Atlanta, or to receive
passengers north of Charlotte.
No. 26 NE W ORLEANs and ATLANTA--.5.46 am
stops only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Sunday)------8.35 am
No.12 ATLANTA---------------.-----.--1.15 pm
No. 40 ATLA31TA--------------------0.5p
No. 30 BIRMIING HA3 and ATLANTA--7.55 pm
Ste.ps toi dischar;ge assenigers from Atlanta and to receive
prseng-rs NMrth of Charlotte.
29 NE w Yo RK'and WASEINGTION---..----7. a
Stops to take on passeng' r s for Alants and aevod
39 <H ARLOT TE-.- --__-- ____1155 am
11 C HA RLOT E---.._---------.....---4.00 pm
41-- CH-A-R-L-T-T-E-----------------------.9.55 pm
W. R. TABER, P. & T. A. J. L MEEK. A. G. P..
Greenville, S. C. Atlanta G.

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