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The Pickens Sentine
Some Thinga You Know and Some
You DonIL Know About Our
) Towns, County & People
The rains still hold the farn
ers back.
Mr. A. T. Folger of Easle
made a short visit to Pichen
last week.
Miss Grace Jones of Green
ville, was on a visit to relatise
here last week.
There are thrty two 'candi
dates announced in Ocone<
county and others to come.
Mrs. Aaron Bozgs, of Calhoun
is now with her son Mr. A. J
Boggs with whom she w il
make her home...
Don't forget the Denocrati
club meetings next Saturda:
afternoon at'3.o'clock. It is thi
duty of every democrat to go.
Mr. J. T. Abercrombie, Super
intendent of the Pickens Mill
has treated himself to a nice
new automobile.
The farmers need not fear be
ing disturbed by the candidate
in Pickens county this year
Nobody wants any of the of
fices in this county.
The streets and stores did no
present-a very dull aplearanc
last week. Themerchants wer
quite busy every day. It facti
rarely ever gets dull in Pickens
Married by Judge Newberr:
at his residence on the eveninI
of the 15th inst. Miss Elsil
Aiken and Mr. W. 11. Gilstrat
all of this county.
Rev. D.. D. Jones. formerl.N
pastor of the Methodist churci
at this place but now locatcd a
Union, was on a visit to rela
tives and friends here last wcek
IDr. W. J.. Bowen of Moun
Pleas mnt, was on a visit to hi
father lion. WV. T. Bowen an
other relatives last week
While up he also made som,
professional calls.
Mr. Ernest Childress order
his Sentinel changed from Pick
ens to Easley and says "I havy
missed three copies and (do no
waint to miss another for I lov
the old home paper."
The ~'friends of Mrs. J. A~
Griffin, wife of Capt. J. A. Grif
fin, who lives five miles norn
of here, will be glad to kno1
that she is recovering from he
recent severe illness.
The announcement of Mr. C
S. Stewart for Clerk of Comu
appears in this issue of The Ser
tinel. Mr. Stewart is wellknow
and needs no introductiont
the people.
The many friends of Hion. J. I
Boggs will be delighted to knm'
that he is improving in healt
and thinks in the near futtu
with the coming of warm sprin
sunshine he will be out.
April is said to be a fine mon t
to improve the public roads.
is a good month to clean up an
beautify and would be a suit ab]
time to. do some much neede
work on the court house square
Mr. A. D. Mann, of the Si:
Mile section, it is said, has on
of the best and most expensiv
pianos in this section. He pml
chased it recently from the Kinm
ibie Piano Co., through thei
representative, Mr. F. H. Tram
Rev. N. G. Ballenger wa
home to spend Easter with hi
family and to be present at th:
special services held at Me
Cormnick and Republican church
es an~d we note with pleasure th<
marked improvement of~ hi:
health.-McCormick Messenger
Mr. J. P. Cary. Jr., is rapid!3
rising as a law ver. Frequentla
his services are called into re
quisition beyond the limits o:
his own count y. Not long sinc<
he was engaged to assist in th<
defense of a man in Brevard
N. C. and made such a splendit
plea that the judge comp ilime nt
ed him.
Mr. Joe Philpot ' the Daeus
ville section was in the cit:
Saturday. He stated that th
news had reacihed that sectio1
that Mr. F. WV. Hogsed wh
formerly lived at Dacusviik
*but who about three years aa
moved to Gieoiri. had sold hi
The news of the sad death (
Mrs. Lawrence F. Smitha
Ealyreacho tj Iu
"xoubication last \'.*-h
died very une1,' Cdz at h V
home in that (cty on 1.""
morning, 1 h an h rmain
were iterred
Baptist church th ,nxt day.
Mrs. Smith. was 4he dangte -
of Mr. and ' .- D. .acus, Ca
and leaves a husband and fiv.e
children besidecs m111mY relataIVes
I and a host of friends to mourn Pa
her death. w
There will )e an oratorica.
contest by three boys and three
girls, for a silver medal to e fo
awarded by the PiCe.ns W. C.
T. U., on the evening of Thurs- C
day, the 2.5th inst., at the school
auditorium. beginning at
o'clock. Sonzs and other inter
- e4ing features will add to the
program. Admission free. So
Appointments of Rev. W. M.
Walker. ne
To whom it may concern.
After prayer and consideration
of all applications made to meB
by the churches in conference, Sc
or through their pastors, the
following schedule of appoint
- meints has been mapped out up
to October 20, 1912.
2 Church, Central-April 22 to
30, Maplecroft-Iay 5 to 9.
- 2 Church, Waihalla and Rocky
Knoll-May 11 to 17. 2 Church,
Easley-May 19 to 26. Glen- sh
- wood-May 26 to June 2. 2
Church, Central and Easley
June 14 and 16. 2 Church. Lib- B.
erty-June 23 to 29. Ric s
Creek-June :30 to Julv G. Go!
den Creek-July 7 to 1. Re
union-July 14 to 19. 2 Chur,
Central and Easley-Julv I0
and 21. Rock Springs-J uF 22 to
to 27. King's Grove-July 2 to
Aug 3. Pleasant Hill---Aug. .k
to 10. Six Mile--Aug. 11 zn
17. 2 Church, Central and Eam
Iey-Aug. 17 and 18. Six a,,
Twenty-Aug. 19 to 25. Chmau-1
ga-Aug. 25 to 81. Stanmp
Creek-Sept. 1 to 7. 2 Church.
Central and Easley-Sept. M
and 15. Camp Creek-Sept. 1; %i
to 21. Little River-Sept. *29 to
October 5. Cheohee -Ot'b Cr(
10 to 12. 2 Church, Cn
tral and Easle v-October1 an l
I have several more applica-p
tions on file, and I find it im
possible for me to visit them at C1
or near the time the churche~
desire, but if they desire nmy
service after Oct. 20. please Di
notify me at once. I have mad~te
all appointments up to date. lai
The Lord is wonderfully is blese
ings us. over fifty arkiitions up Ai
to the present. I ask the pray
ers of all Christian people. Ai
Yours in Christian work,
W. 31. Walker, So
I. Evangelisi.
Early Closing.
oWe, the undersigned mier-I
chants of Pickens, hereby agre e (h
10 ocse our stores from May 1st
until Se ct. 15th, 191'2, at 6:30 K<
o'clock excepting on Mlill ply
ays and Saturdays.
Heath-Bruce-Mlorrow Co.
Craig Bros Co.
Youngblood & Brazeale.
R. L. Hames. G
SR. B. Waldron.
dT. D. Harris (i
jParsons & Ashmore.
Folger, Thorniley & Co. P
IH. A. Richey.
Pickens Hdw. & Gro. Co.
Notice to Teachers. Ci
Aneamnation for teachrs v
-will be held in the Court H'use
Friday May 8. The exannum 1
tion to comnl)cUC at 9 o'eck
Applicants to furnish the ir oon.I
stationary. The law ro nin'
that all applicants he' at least 1~
years of aue.
By order of counfty Bo-ardl 0r
R. T1. Hallumne
Co. Supt. Ed.
Pickens County Pensioners.
There has been sent to this of
fice for publication from the of
fce of Comptroller Genteral in
Colubia a jist containing the
nams of every person in tis C
ounty who draws a pension.
he list is quite lengthy. but
wdo not refuse to publish on
tsarount. if the list couhl'
have been sent to us two wceeksB
eri it mnig.ii tposs.ilyx ' hae
been of some servi je to the old
olders andl widows in knowin
whoe name was Onl the l:.-ta
ht the money was rIl o
distribution. B>ut ne1: :0!>f-:
themn have receivedl ther 'n
u-e nowv to publish It ha :m~.v
~oevr, there are 2:37 pens- hn
er in this county. This mun-<!
beris divided into clw al
fand the money apportlo 'o 11:
i!iie ami needs.
is county are a fol
SClass . who et 8.
I ;n Class B. .872: both of
ce classes are males. 25 in
C. 1 (males) S48. each: 10
Class C. 2 (males$21.45 each:
in (lass C. 3 (females) S48.
ch: 87 in Class C. 4 (females)
L.E each.
If there is any demand on the
et of the old soldiers to know I
to are on the pension list in
Is county we will be glad to
blish the' list if they will so in
-m us.
mmoencement Exercises, Six
Mk Aptist Academy.
S 'PRLDAY, 7:10 p. i.
JRS~i-cue-.A play in ; vo acts.
ented Ib Walker Literary
SUNDAY, 11 A. M.
horus-" The Royal Ban
HImn--- Trust and Obey."
Annual Srnmon-Dr. A. E
own. Supt. Mt. Missions and
Mixed Quartette.
SUNDAY, 7!30 P. M.
sunbeam Song
"Whatsoever Ye sow, that
all ye reap."-Wesley James.
ale Quartet.
How Young Men Can Make
'. P. U. Interesting"-Clar
:o Mann.
'Result of B. Y. P. U. at Six
e."-Clyde Garret.
ixcd Chorus.
'\hat our Y. W. A. Means
Six Mile."--:Miay Garrett.
'sadies in our~ Y. I. A.
ae \lurph ree.
'Dutit Of the girls to I he .
Girls Chm l,:;..
MONDAY, 10 A. M.
\kejtin' of Board of Truste .
1i A. M. Essa Contest.
'Thoughhts on Educi~fhon.
ellna H~unnicutt.
'Tlhe Idea{l H-omie."'--8ehin
'Buiblini a characte.r."-Eui'
'Edel:-ation1. PTeale Mart
'T~o Tlhee 0, Country !"
elamation Contest.
'Temper'ance address."'-Mat
~J1 from the Dust.'" Le
nl Bolding.
Mother, Gird my Sw~ord
nund Me. "-Clyde Garrett.
''Hail Columbia."-Charles
A mecrican, Medley. "-Piano
''Moral Su blimnity of Beauty."
larence Mann.
The Age Needs Men.'"-Olin
The New~ South,"'-TillmianI
r ret t.
A. picture from life.'"-Guyi
('arolina Hills.'"-Chorus.
MONDAY, 2:80 P. M.
Our Nat ive L and.'"-Chorus.
"B3anner. D)rill."''-Primary
'Seep, Kentucky Babe."
Annual Address,-Dr. E. M.
teat, Furman University.
'o! F-or Ca' olina. "-Chorus.
MONDAY,7:0 P. M.
'ear Old Six Mile."
Comecement .- '- Selma
Mr. Travers and the Steam
i."iX-Mol lie Garrett.
Dakness heC Over Me.
v Garrett.
Sally Ann's Experience"
The Obliging Ladyr Board
"iTennit' Smith.
'Hagar"-Shellona Hlunni
Cris mas Eve. "-Maud
"Dixie."--Piano Solo.
ebate-Resolved, "That the
nited States Government will
Ilas other nations have fa!!
\fimative. R. W. James, JI.
Dillard and W. C. Mann
A. Dillard.
'horus, "United."
-\.ardiig Medals.
Backward Spring.
I-:xpt for the green foliage
Swold~ cari-rl know this~
m ein iie. Few of the
s have been balmy and~
a . bu onICI the contrary they
LV. inn cld, and chilly and
r,.1ra,!-. There has been an
'unlce of rain, so much so
at few gardeners and farmers
wcork k- AVt 11~
V V IiI'
tI!~~~~~ I~tt .Xi vth '(z:j
voirable condions it is scarcelv
probable th;Lc more~~ ian half as
much cottoln c- n be planted
this year as nt.
B"tAy Cel, U ebr ation.
Mr. Editor:--Pnrmit me to say a
few words of tlwce 5Ot.h birth-day
of Mr. J. T. Dillard. The writ
er and his better-half was whis
pered to in a. balmy way of the
occasionI. and C:- the -,[ inst.
wen(ed theirv way to the hospit
able home of the above named
party, wh(o lives just at the foot.
of Six Mile mountain, thQ place
where he settlcd '0 years ago
in a little lo, cabin, and its com
forts were of poor and humble
form. Though he has been one
of the doers instead of hearers,
and has chAnged the little log
hut to a commodous dwelling,
and has addef acres to the little
plot of ground till now he is a
large plantation owner. We
may now say, once in poverty.
but now in wealth.
It was mutually agreed one
year ago to celebrate this Jday,
and the children were looking
forward to Dad's birth-day, so
on the 14th inst. the train from
Lake Charles,La. brought i. E.
Dillard, a son and family to cele
brate the occasion. Mr. Dil
lard's childreii and grand chil
dren all seemed to enjoy the day
We are all so glad to get ba: k
to Ihe old home once more, the
snot of our child hood so preci
ons ta s. The'!; same old wvell
i- in) thet vara 5-urro mideid by tiP
utiful tIes, in1 whose
'>-aTt hIu. The ol wvatch
dlo barked as of yore, and the,
ame familiar faces of fatNher
and mo: her were there to greet
a111nd ymathize with us as of1
wid. Sot why not be' happy on
he 50hl irth-day of father.
ilon b~efore he. nticed a long1
n (. delliou)s foodi. which
ma :rks the fine taste of his good
klolV, who ha1s ever .heen at his
ide to sha re in the trials and
triniitions, as well as the jar~s
and blessings.
The entire dlay was spenti
most pleasantly and I feel that
I express the sentiment of all
present when I say that the
hospitality shown us by Mr. and
Mrs. Dillard places them high
in our estimation as host and
It was decided to give thanks
to Him who ruleth all before
departing, so after some Scrip
ture reading by a Six Mile
school boy, all joined in thanks
giving, and thus ended the 50th
birth-day of Mr. J. T. Dillard.
J. C. Garrett.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickous.
By J. B. Newhery. Probate' Jude.
Whereas. S. M. Hendlricks mad!e sit 1(o
m to tyrant himn h t'rsorf A dministra
tion of t he Est:ate er.d effects of Ir n -
The'tee are therfore, to cio- antd aA.
monia. all and' singnilar the kindred and
creditors of the saidi i ine M. Hebndri'1,s
deeased. lhat they h.a and appe'ar be'fore
me, in the C'ourt of Prob-ite to he hel
at Pickens on tho 8th day of Mav
1912 next. after publicntion hereof, at 11
oe!ock in the forenoon. to~ show cause,
if any they have. wh - the said ad minis
brat ion shouild not he granted.*
Given under my hand this 1s day of
May Anno Domiini 1912.
112~ J. B. Newhery.
J. P. P. C.
1Sweet Smelling
stables and barns, kept
f ree from diisease and1 foul
ness5 with Pratts Dip and
Disinfectant. U. S. Goy
ernment rated at 1 to 70.
Al so for htogs and sheep.
::-> a qu rt $1 .00 aI lor
101i Almanac -ana Stock 1iook
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby warn
ed not to Hunt. Fish, or in any
other way trespass upon the
lands of the undersigned. Dis
regardl of this notice by anyone
wxill be0 prosecuted
tf Mrs. J. W. Price.
a month per hen. That's
all it costs to keep your
hens shelling out eggs by
to increase egg yield1 and
to improve health of your
Prom0t Powerf d P -
Its beneicial e- Stubborn cases G, o C. es C
vecr are o' P.
P.it Pery. .Ycu roit:LY
~I fA~ C- cnes are ses
- 'J zes rich, red, pure blood -cleanses the entire
-;rs the brain -strengthens digestion and nerves.
A : i s:eci'ic for Blood Poison and skin diseases.
noit Rheuzrntism and Stops the Pain; ends ida!aria;
s w..d:ful tonic and body-btider. Thousands enAcrse it.
The S entine
One Dollar A Year
l 1I
Isaac tam//
Leave your orders with us at once for Nancy Hal
Potato Slips.
25c per 100
We have cont-acted for a large supply, and will. be
able to fill all orders promptly.
W1:1 begin neting them in about April 25
vhe Raexall Store
orno - -.
gg $o
'gerV \on
ou.th arolina
/ iT

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