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T Pickens Sentinel
Some Thing, !ou Know and Some '
You Dont Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Don't the sunshine feel good?
The moving picture show has
moved to Easley.
The town council are prepar
ing to lay concrete sidewalks on
Main street.
Remember the county Icon
vention meets in the court house
next monday.
Mrs. F. A. Miles of Greenville
was the guest of Hon. and Mrs.
T. J. Mauldin this ,weeki
Mr. J. E. Parsons a promi
nent farmer of Nofnis- was in
town Tuesday on business.
See change in the advertise
ment of Parsons & Ashmore
and note the prices they make.
H. P. Burbage Esq., of Green
ville, was in Pickeuslast week
on business in the Probate
Messrs R. T. Hallum and H.
M. Hester attended ;commence
ment exercises at Six Mile last
The rains are not only reduc
ing the cotton acreage but they t
are also reducing the revenue of I
Clemson College. t
The stork visited the home of
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hendricks
on the 28th and left wit i them
a sweet little baby girl.
Won't th re -be lively times in
the campaign for county of
ficers in this county this year
with just two candidates? -
Hon. J. E. Boggs was carried t
to Atlanta lAst week ,to a- sanii
tarium. It is hoped. the change
and treatmpent will completely
restore his health.
A letter .received la'st .wek I
from Mr. . M. Garrett re dealed.
the fact that he was at Cristobal,
Caal Zpng. He ord'ers The
Sentinel sent to him there.
Two more of Pickens' promis
Ing young men left last week to
seek their fortune in the west,
Thomas Cantrell and Ivey
To all o'ur young men who
have the Western fever we ask
them to read the article in this
issue of the-Sentinel on the first
page about' the resources and ad
vantages of South Carolina.
The frien~ds of Mi- J. P. Hy-de,
are urging hiim to etiter the race
for county:t'reasurer. Ee is con
sidering the matter but has not
yet decided whether he will
enter the campaign o~r not.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bruce, of
Slacksburg, have been on a
Visitto the lattersparents, Capt.
and Mrs. ~J. A. Griffin.. Mrs.
Griffin has been quite ill ~but is
improved and it is hoped will
soon recover.1
- Prof. R-.- C. Burts,. formierly
principal &f th~e Easley Gra.ded1
School but -now" headmaster of
Furman Fitting School, .has]
been elected presiden~t of the
Dr. D. M. Ramsey. president
of Greenville Female College,
will deliver the literary address
et the Commencement exercises
of the Pickens Graded Scihool, a
-fuller announcement of which
will be made later.
Miss Emil-y Bright who has
been stenographer for Hon. T.
J. Mauldin for several years,
left Pickens -last week for her
home in Northumberland, Penn.
While here she made many
friends who regvet her going
T'he U. D. C. meeting .held
with Mrs. J. T. H~utchings on
last Friday afternoon, was well
attended. The historical studies
for the month were part of the
program. Plans for June '3d
celebration were discussed. The
Chapter is adding new members
and the interest is increasing.
A party of young people from
Easley appeared in the Probate
Court last Monday and two of
them immediately applied for a I
marriage license. This was is
sued and Judge Newberry per
formed the ceremony which
mad-e them one. The happy
couple was Mr. George H. Mer
rill of Easley and Miss Gertrude
Christopher of C3ovington,4
Sheriff Roark has received at
.his boarding house the follow
ing guests froni the United
States Court at Greenville: An
drew Masters, who 'will break.
bread with him for 30 days:
James McJunkin the same like
wise; and Monroe Ferguson who
will rest a month and pay $100.,
or stay another month for not1
doing so 4
Dr. J. D. Chapman, formerly
pastor of the First Baptist I
'Thurch in Anderson, has re-1
-ned to this State to become i1
mncial agent of Greenville
nale College. He will can
s the State to raise funds for
3 institution, one of the oldest
'I best in the State, and it is I
>ed his efforts in the gra'
*rk of uplifting the youth of
Stt ill meet with suc
The mealaiven i, am X
C. T. U.for the betd
tion on temperane; on las
(lay eveninfg, was aw f!o t
Mr. Edward Bowen. Ech t
the five contestants wmi shmwvr:
of applause, and many mn in
large audience would h:t v i,
five niedals if possiW. M
Bowen is the talente n -oil
Mr. Reese iowel, and one 0
our brightest and most pronli
ing youths. The program fo
the occasion was entertammin
througliout, consisting of th
recitations, music by the band
songs and a short one act drama
'.The Angel of the Saloon."
In the United States Court a
Greenville last week J. B
Palmer, Charles B. Palmer ant
Lou Belcher were convicted o:
anslaughter for the killing o:
Deputy Marshal W. B. F. Cor
in and his brother C. D. Cor
>in near Walhalla in 1909
[hese parties were tried at Wal
ialla for the crime about tw<
-ears.ago and sent to the Den
tentiary, -But Gov. Bleas<
>ardoned them. Later they
xere arrested and tried in thE
Jnited States Court with abovE
esult. J. B. Palmer Wras sen
enced to serve two years anc
. B. Palmer five years in th(
ederal penitentiary at Atlanta,
a:, and Lou Belcher was
:iven six years in federal prisor
t Lansing, Kan.
The body of W. T. Hunt, wh<
vas killed by Mr. John Ellisor
elow Easley a short time ago,
vas exhumed last Saturday and
nother post mortem examina
ion made to determine the en
rance and range of the bullets
hich killed him. The report is
hat the doctors agreed that ont
ullet entered in the back of the
eck, severed the spinal cord,
nd came. out. just uinder the
bin. It is said four doctors
greed on this yersion while one
isagreed. The object was tc
ettle a disai e-mient betwcer
he two physician -, Dr. TripT
Lnd Dr. Rosemond, who mad(
he first post mortem examiia
ion as to. whether. Hunt was
hot from the rear or front.
Six Mile Conmencement.
The commencement. of . the
ix Mile ~Baptist Academy
vhich was held Saturdar, Sun
af, and Monday at the Acad
my was a very successful one,
n Saturda y night a temperance
lay was presented. On Sun
lay Rev. A. E. Brown of Ash.
ille, N. C. preached the comn
nencenent sermon. It was
aid by many t~o be the besi
~ermn ever preached at thc
tcadem y.
On Sunday night the Sun.
)eam, B. Y. P. U. and Y. W.
.. Societies gave a joint pro.
On Monday the essay; decla
nation and debaters for medals
were contested for. The win
iers will be announced next
At 2:30 p. mn., Dr. E. M. Po
eat of Greenville delivered iht
iterary address.
The exercises were fine, ad
hey showed that much prog.
-ess has been rnade by th<
~tdnts during the past year.
Large crowds were present ai
1 the meetings. The audito.
lum proved to be t wo small foi
;he crowd.
All. visitors were highly enter
ained by the people of Six MilE
Te boardf of trustees ekectec
r~f. Rutledge of Eryin, Tenn,
i principal, Prof, B. G. Wood
.vard of Teno.. Miss Mioni
hell of Ashville,- N. C., ani
Iiss Birdie Jones of Central, R.
. D., assistants. The music
eacher to be, elected later. J.
. Garrett was elected financia
Prof. Rutledge is an exper
enced school man, a gradluate
)f Carson-Newman College of
Pennessee, and will come or
he field in June. Prof. Wood.
yard has just closed the presen1
essio. He has been in chargc
or about two months and has
iven entire satisfaction to the
rustees- and patfons. The
ady teachers. Misses Shell and
rones have also been conected
vith the school. They are well
~quipped for their work and
iave met every expectation or
he part of principal, trustees
nd patrons..
The school has taken on new
ife and it is predicted that next
rear there will be an overflow of
Farm Work Still Delayed.
Few farmers of the county
iave their crops planted. WC
eard of one, Mr. J. P. WVhit
nire, who liv.es near ('oncord
hurch who had finished vlant
ug his entire crop inore than
eek ago. Another farmer sawi
e had not planted a seed ex
ept in his garden, and very lit.
l there. So farm work in thih
ounty is in various stages.
It is safe to say that not mort
han one-half as much cottor
vi be planted as last year. Th<
oontinued wet weather has s<
layed farm work that it wil
on~ be too late to plant cotton.
3ut with ordinary favorablh
eather can be plantedl un
l in June.
pening Book of Subscription
Notice is hereby given tha!
he undersigned Board of Cor.
orators of the Hurricane Tele
hone Company havin;. beer
.thorized by the Secretary o~
State will open Books of Sub
ription to the Capital stock cl
aid Conpany at the store o~
>arsons & Ashmore at Pickens
i the 10th day of May 1912.
J. M. Garrett,
J. E. Parsons.
Board of Corporators.
D ~e cm Club Meeting.
- Dmcrati- ClIbs of
Fi s Counl1 met last Satur
V n A ternooni and reorganized.
club at this place elected
B. 'ewis president. A. J. Boggs
Vice president, N. A. Christo
r seretary and treasurer.
A. Christopher. A. J.
-gs, R. T. Hallum and J. C.
J(nnings were appointed a com
mittee on enrollment.
W. T. Bates was elected a
member of the county executive
The following delegates to the
county convention were elected:
B. Lewis, N. A. Christopher,
A. J. Bogcns, I M. Mauldin, J.
D. Holder, C. E. Robinson, B.
C, Robinson, R. T. Hallum, M.
o, Smith, G. A. Ellis, J. T.
Looper, . W. Dorr, E. J.
Wolfe. J. C. Jennings, B. B.
LaBoon, J. T. Richey, T. J.
Mauldin, W. E. Findley, H. M.
Hester, W. T. Bates, B. F. Par
sons, P. H. Porter, R. A. Bo wen,
W,. C. Bramlett and E. H. Craig.
Each delegate was authorized
to select his own substitute in
case he could not attend.
The following resolution was
Resolved that the County Con
vention be asked to instruct its
delegates to the State Conve.i
tion to urge such amendments
to the rules of the Democratic
party in this State so as to re
quire each person votingl in the
primary election to pledge him
selif to support the nominees of
tho Democratic party, National,
State and County in the gener
al election.
Super~visor of Registration.
Inquiries have been received
at this office as to whether or
not applicants fo positions on the
Board of Registration will be
required to enter the campaign
this year and be nominated in
the primary election.
Last year an act was passed
by the legislature which relates
to Pickens County only, and
provides that the Board of Reg
istration be elected in the gen
-rat electio' of 1912 ar d every
Vo years thereafter. It. is left
entirely with those who want
posit:ons.ou this board as to
whether or not they will run in
the primary. However, it iF
thoig.ht by some that if thisJ
act was tested it would be held
unconstitutional for several rea
sons. It is also thought by some
that th - present board in this,
County who were appointed
this year will hold for two year.
'IWhat is said here is for pub
lic information and gratuitous,
Exercise your own judgement
gentlemen about running. If
you want to enter the race send
us a V. and we will announce
-the fact to the people. -
Verdict in Big Damage Case.
In the United States court in
Greenville last week the .jury
reuned their verdict in the
Richardson case against the
Traction Company for the kill
ing of Rev. J. HT. Richardson
and~ Mr. W. H. Cobb and in
juries to Rev. [E. A. McDowell
iwhen their automobile was
struck by a trolley car in 1910
near Belton. .In the case of
Mrs. Hettie Richardson in her
own name, the jury rendered a
verdict for $2,500. In the case
of MIrs. Richardson as adminis
trafix ai verdict for the defend
an t was~ retui-ned.
In the case of Rev. E. A. Mc
Dowell, the jury returned a
verdict for $1,000.
In the fourth case, that of
Mrs. J. H. Cobb and W. H.
Cobb as administr ators of J. H.
Cobb the jury returned a ver-,
dict in favor of the defendant
You can positively de
stroy all chibken lice and
vermin with Pratts'
ILiquid Lice Killer. In
Screase your poultry profits
3 tis season by using
'i Pra tt s guaranteed lice kil
?a ler.
P'.c"! quart $I.00 a gallon
11-?Amnuac ~nnd Stock Il.m-4
Bank of N-orris,
located at Norris. S3. C.,
at the close of basing~ Apr. 1-3 191,2.
LOra and..s..nt.........7,36 '2
IDenr:. and stocks~ owned by
Sthe iflank................... L. 000.00
l'urniture and Fixta res.... 2, 0:0. 09
flanking I bus'.... ...........6.4
Due:o fromn I'auks anid Unnkers 8, 57 79
('urrey................ '0 0
-iver rUnd other Co:in... 60 01
Total....... ....... . 31, 33. 97
Capital Stoc'k Paid In.... $20.000.00
surp1,s fund 200.00
UniidedI Profits. l.ess
Carrent Expens s and
TPad ...... ...... 2095
Due toBak.j nd ankers .0
to, Ch, (k.............. 9%0
T im Ce. (rtificates of D)eposit 3,'-5. 71
( ash er' < beks.... .......152.33
Bills pavable, includi ng Cer
tificates for mneny borrowed 25.000 00
Total...... ............0''3L0-97
State of South Carolina.
County of Pickens.
B oe~~Tr ine cam' E. W. Tate, Cash.
b ine daiv sworn, says that the above
and ;oregoing statement is a true con
dition of sied bank. as shown by the
book of aid ank. E. W. Tate.
.,w.orn to and subscribe I before me
:1 2th day of A \p'- 1912.
J. D). 1A ULDIN.
Notary Pnblic.
J. M. O ARRETT - Directors.
-For land anvwhere in Pick
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "The Land Man."
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
and best strain of White Or
pinaton chickens. Prize winners
at the Pickens Poultry show,
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
B. Lewis,
Uf Pickens, S. C.
If you have cane seed bring
them to us-75c bushel trade or
Craig Bros Co.
Settle the stove question; buy
a Majestic Range, and be thru
buying. Heath, Biuce, Mor
row Co.
FOUND! a ten of coal which
a Majestis Range failed to burn.
They take less fuel. Heath,
Bruce Morrow Co.
For convenience, safety, fuel
saving and durability Maje3tic
Ranges are anequaled. Get one
from Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co.
earth! Size of a postage stamp.
New Testament illustrated. 200
pages. Sample l0c in stamps.
Agents wanted. Y. P. Taylor,
4616 H. Galveston, Texas.
2t No. 1.
EGGS for hatching from S. C.
Rhode Island Reds 1 to 3.00 per
setting. Indian Runner Ducks,
SI.50 per doz.
Pickens Poultry Farm,
E. H. Craig, Prop.
If it's Blacksmith work oring
it to me. I have recently em
ployed an old and experienced
blacksmith, and am now able to
do the best work in the largest
quantity and in the shortest
time. Wood work is also one
of my specialties.
Next door to Printing Office.
W. M. Rosemond.
(4t No 41
FOR SALE-Broadwell's ex
tr-t i'arly Prolific Cotton Seed.
Made 45 per cent. lint last year.
S1.00 per bushel.
Apply to
T. H. McWhorter,
Liberty, S. C., R. 4.
Statement of f UaL1qtion 0
The Pickens Bank
Located at Pickens. S. C.
At Ure eloest af bumess~a Apr. 1'8th 1912
rioans and Discounts... $2799.31
1onds and Stoeks owned
Hy Bahnk................ ?,200.00 -
Fur'ritnre and Fixtures. ..2,324 28
1:miumrt Hous.. .......... 10,872.63
1Use ~'r':m B'ar.as and Blankers 12.9X9.37
Currency,,,.............. 10,78 ?.00
Gold....... .... .... .... .... 9500
Silver and other Coin... 1,561 4->
Checks and Cash Items.... 1,0636.09
Total...............$S247, 995. 9
Capital Stock Paid In. $ 20.500.00
Surplus Fund............ 29,500.09.
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses. an;1 Taxno
Paid.... .... .... .. .....7,681.0
DOie to Banks and Bankers 262.98
Individual Deposits subject
to Check....,........... 9,91 41
Savings Deposits.. ........91,617.22
ashier's Checks. ..........140.A-8
Total............... 217,99?.~.9
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Before me came I. M. Mauldin, cash-~
iar of the above named bank, wno,
beine wuly sworn, says tbgt the above
and foregoing statonge.t is a true con
dition of ;aid bank, as shown by thbe
books of said bang.
Sworn to and sacribed before mo,
this 27th day of Apr, 1912,
FR~ANK M'FALLj, (seal.)
Notary Public for South Carolina.
J. M'D. BRUCE, Directors.
Staternent of the Condition of
located at Libertv, S. C.,
at the 'lose o.f business Apr. 18 1:11
Loans and Discounts.... ... $49,34,67
Overdraft... 2,3:25 93
Furnitute and Fixtures,.......1,620.11
Banking House............. 1,791.79
Due from Banks and Ban kers 3,874.31
Currency.................... 554.00
Gold.... .. ................. 150.0
Silver and other Coini........559.24
Checits and Cash Items 8.
Total....,............. -0,707.k
Caipital Stock Paid Iii......$1i.000 06
Surplus Fund...............:4.Q
Undivid'd profits less Cr rc1t~
Epnsand Taxes. Paid 1,333.)
Divicendi. s unp.id 12 00
glivtiaa DevoaTS Sub'ject to
Ciheek................... 23.269.74
Gashii'-'s Checks,,...........264 41
licates for Money lioriowed 1:3.000) 00
Total.... ......... . ..... $60.70)7.95
State .f South Carolina,
County of Pickenis.
Before me e-ime W. H. Chapman
Cashier of above named bank, who, be
ing duly swoin, .says that the above and
foregoing statemnent is a true c.nudition
of said bank, :,s shown l-y the books of
said bank W. H. Ch nman.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
t his 25:4~ .iny of A pr. 1912.
W. 1B. G LENN,
Notary Public
J. K. CR.\NE, )
TF. N. HI UNT ER, '-Directors
Horse Tonic
SThe best spring tonic for
horses and cattle, to pre
pare them for hard work
Iand hot weather, is Pratts
SAnimal Regulator. Guar
Santeed to save you money -
Sand quickly out your
Sstock in shape.
eC~c. and ->0c. Packages.
11 Alan,--ac ar ntacntoo FR EE
Pasons As
mwWe Sell Cheapej
$4.50 Moore & Mlaudin Distributors $3.00
.50 Moore & Mauldin Distributors
173 and Planter Combined
3.50 Steel Beam Pony Tarn Plows 2.50
35.00 Two-Horse Reversible Disc Plow 26.80
12.0 50-Tooth Guard Rail Smoothing
29.00 16-inch Reversible Disc Harrow
. with Trucks
0031 18-inch Reversible Disc Harrow
with Trucks--.---..-..--.- e
It will pay you to see us before
We have a large stock of Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
better come and look over our stock before you purchase. As f<
inspection is all we ask. We have no article that is not a money
so come to see us and bring all your cane seed, corn, peas, eggs,
han ithers Bn
3 .00 20-inch Reversible Dis Harrowe
3 with Trucks. -.-- 26.65
5.25 62Ch'tnga Steel Beam Turn Plows 3.75
5.75 7 " - - " - 4.00
8.50 - - - ' 6.00
o10.000 64 -0 - - 725 E
9.0018 " " - - 6.50 ..
All 25c Plow Points 20c
All 30c Pieces 25c
All 35c Pieces .30e
All 40c Pieces 35c
buying anything in Hardware
etc., which we are retailing at WHOLESALE PRICES.. You had
r comparison of prices, we never miss a sale on that account. An
butter and just anything else which you may have to se
1AEBY- -
nnIOR EJ0.
I line f
'rger &
4 Shipment
South arolina o ip

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