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Doetrs Use This for Eczema7
EDt. Evans, Ex-Comnissioner of Health, Prescription for eczema and absolutely
as: "There Is almost no relation be- guarantee that it wilI take away the
tween skin diseases and the blood." The itch the instant you apply it.
skin must be cured through the skin. If you are suifering from any form of
The germs must be washed out, and so skin trouble we would like to have you
salves have long ago been found worth. come to our store. for we have had the
lesm. The most advanced physicians of agency of this remedy for so many
thiscountryarenow agreed on this, and years that we can tell you all about
are prescribing a wash of wintergreen. D.D.D. Prescription and how it cures
thymol and other inedients for eczema. eczema. In fact, we are so sure of what
and all other skin diseases. This corn- I).D.D. will do f~or you that we -will be1
pound is known as D.D.D. Prescription gla A to let you have a ti botule or our
for Eczema. guarantee that it will cst you nothin
Dr. Holmes, the well known skin spe- unless you find that it does the work.
elalist writes: "I am convinced that the For that matter a trial bottle f.r 25c
D.D.D. Prescription is as much a specific ought to be enough to tbislutely prove;
for eczema as quinine for malaria. We tne merits of the remedy.
have been prescribing the D.D.D. remedy Drop Into our store anyway an'! we
for years." I Do noorsoea~,Yalw
we ourselves vouch for the D.D.D. will tell you all about this great remedy.
Free Offer
Offer No. 1
One pair of Eyeglasses, 14K. Gold Filled for
reading and far right. Will mail you [Hoime Eye
tester. ilave fit thousands by this system. Up
on return of Tester, glasses will be mailed Free.
Are wortJfrom $2 to $5.
Offer No. 2
Six Silver Teaspoons, made by Wallace Bros
largest silverware makers in the United States.
You get Six Free.
Offer No. 3
Large Wall Chart and Map. Gives Map of
State, U. S. and World, three sheets, Animal
Chart and Veterinary; "Gives Latest Census."
Value alone, $1.50. Mailed Free.
Offer No. 4
Coibton Grader and Pen Pietare of Standard
Cotton Grades. Should be had by eveir\y farmer
who grows,.bays or selis cottion. Maiiei Free
One of the above offers FREE, without aiiy
extra cost, with one year's subscription to the
Tr- WeelCy titution, he South's lead
ing newspaper. This is one of the greatest of
fers ever made through any paper. You get the
news three tines each week. If you are already
a subscriber, send one do!ar and have your sub
scription exteuded one year, as this oier wil
never be made again.
Fill in Govpon and Mail Today
Mr. Sam Lovenmbein, North and Southl Carolina
~AgenntTri-ekly Constitution, Box 351,
Dear Sir:
Please find enclosed $1.00. Send me Tri
Weekly Constitution one year and Free Offer
-----------(Wite Number).
R. F. D).
How thue Telephone Pays
i .4
"'*a us ar te eggs. Ho w u se we" ''Tun dezca, all tresh."
hfarmer who has a telephone in
his home can meet a business situation
whether he be at home or in town. Can
you call your home on the telephone like
this :armer is doing?
If not you are losing money by not
using the greatest convenience of modern
times. The cost is so small that telephone
serv!ce is withbin reach of everv one. Write
fo our free~ )ookl' wivh tehs all about
this .Xo?c. ;cai seee Adress
Etiwan Guano
One of the Oldest arnd molst
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on the Market. : :
You Have Tried the Rest
'Now Try "The Best"
A trial will Convince vou of its quality
Folger, Thornley
& Company9AGENTS
"nAk the Man that Used It"
SL, 0r ' or fTtnic Talk.
wirele cain, and of the h-r(o
iLC conducz (,:'-1hilips, the sienlio:
rperatur. Bri*- said he was
sleep, bin ff dut. Tie
Ik n the steamer struck
the 1-eI t hat he hardiv noticed
a. Sur,.nen-bringthat Ph1
-sh waS n duty., was very
( an' Wid Vent to re
I "ws Sanding by Philips
tellintg him to go to bed when
the captain put his head in the
"We haye struck an iceberg."
said the captain, "and I am
having an inspection made to see
what it has done for us. You
had better prepaie to send out a
call for assistance. But don't
send It until I tell you.'
"The captain went away and
in 10 minutes, I should es imate
the time, be returned. We could
hear confusion outside, but there
was not the least indication of
any trouble, The wireless was
working perfectly.
"Send the call fr r assistance,'
ordered the captain, barely put
ting his head in the door.
" 'What call should I send,"
Phillips asked.
"The regulation international
call for help, just that.'
"The captain was gone. Phil
ips began to send 'C Q D,' after
ward changing to 8 0 S. The
Frankfurd, the first steamer
that picked up the message,
was told that the Titanic was
sinking by the head, for by that;
time a distinct list forward could
be seen.
"Then the Carpathia answer
ed our call. We told her our po
sition and said we were sinking
by the head. The operator went
to tell the captain and in five
minutes returned and told us
that the captain of the Carpai
thia was putting about and comI
ing to us.
"Philips told me the wireless
was growing weaker. The cap
tain came and told us our en
ine rooms were taking water
nid the dyarnos would not last
much longer. I went on deck
and looked around. The water
was pretty close up to the deck.
There was a great scrainblje and
how poor Philips worked in it I
We are agreeably sur'
ronage we have recei'
the mercantile fiel.
We now offerour cust
Special Prices on
Hats. We close 1
We will dlevote our tre
cipally, and can make
the bet Flour, Suga
You ugilo oil
Bring us Yoi
Stands~ for Qi
ha d li fe.nfAI L1l stud.I yof P~
(different crops require ant
Navassa Quali
arue best for al1l cr ops. All
availale, and~ (of the big~
1Nassa u
Leave your ordecrs with I
Potato Slips.
25c p
We have contracted for
able to fill all orders promptly
Will begin getting the
10n't knmw. He was brave. I
i.rned 1 love bim that night
s I s.vre fne for him a great
.- il standing
. his wvork while
-Tim t captain's
v ice i'n the tube: 'Men
1! hf:il- e ai os
attil t .-kn lip on -
I-ed I ! r IiIn. know
Lst ch-ti mee 1 () -. i! work
id ten min mim ;ftr the
cptain" ha r.'e bbn. The
currenit ea.- d II water
'ame pouring into the cabin.
Philips was seen no more. He
went down with his ship, freely
giving his life for others, one of
the many heroes of that awful
Pension Law.
(Continued from page 1.)
not so with South Carolina, I
am sorry to say.
Now, comrades we are in the
midst of another campaign.
This is white washing year, you
see we have to be white washed
every two years. There has
been so much smoke for the past
two years, that every Lhing is so
black that white washing will
not have any effect any lon
Now, comrades, we and our
generations poll a great many
votes and we should have some
thing to say in this campaign
along this pension line while
South Carolina is rich in re
courses, and makes large ap
propriations forinstitutions that
are not as worthy or as needy
as some of her old soldiers.
Now, instead of howling down
Jones and praising Blease. or
howling down Blease and prais
inr Jones, for it is black dog
and monkey. And we ought
not be at enmity with each oth
er for any political aspirant for
what do they care for us after
the election is over. Stop and
think a few moments and see
what fools we can make of our
selves about dirty politicians,
dmoralizing our good peopl
an!d making enemies between
us. B. C. Johnson.
Co. A., 4th Regt. S. C. V.
rsedl whe nte
edl since wte nte
Dry Goods andN
:hem out at cost
de to (Groceries prin
you close prices on
e, Coffee and LardI.
8 DrezeaEle
ir Produce
the test. Thle cmany
an1t I~ni-'m i nd lwat the
plant food is solub~le and~
best agriculftural value.
m m. c..-I
is at once for Nancy Hall
t lare supply. and will be.
rn In about A pr11 25
i~ ~ 01 UIMI.:
ForInfntsand Children.
cAIThe Kind You Have
Always Bought
P0 AcconoL 3 PER UE~yr.
s A\getabt1Peparai nfo r o d ars th
s iml eoee S 0 Q
t igUmeS oacsadowlso
_ _________ Signature
SProsgetFa of
a ness anrdRest.Con taisnej!! Or
W MormspCnvulsions.Feveris
114 ness andLoS SOFSLEE
I~ ~ ~ Tit Years'dc;~;~~
pu oor as
- untiyous t m
Exact Copy of Wapper. RR WNTAU COPANY. new SORK 0CW.
iceUsed in ever increasing
quantities, because the roofs
put on 26 years ago are as
Sas new to-day, and have
never needed repairs.
Don't put on that roof -
until you see them. r '/ a
6 /uTe r/(i :
IIE'f , J.E T. BRRISS & O, Anderns, S. C.
1he exp Laviois roplehey
every . huy f as to a uh~ssn c~rti
aestiof ou rg!Lhwn av lao e praories ;n. n
heen7 it rmis"ab etr~nIot a1:.1lai royst
Sold ;y;Relala? n J xeale so.Wiintars Eewhe:
Batior MdJoHnoer. RNESpaang
Maona.Clumbu& O, esonGa.C
S.mmons for Relief
Pi ks Coulitv.
Court Ot Conunon Pleas.
-,am-i s for Selief
(Cmplaint Served)
G. R. H Tmiricks. Plaintiff,
Lou-vi -a ntl. Levina Mansel,
Augusta Mansel. Osboine
Manse!. Civde Mansel and
Claude Mansel. the last four
nanied of wvhich are minors,
and C-troline -McWhorter,
Alonzo Crew, T. J. Mauldin,
and the heirs at law of Oliver
McWhorter, deceased, whose
naies. number, ages and
ulaces of residence are un
known. Defendants.
You are Hereby Summoned
and required to answer the com
plaint in this action, of which a
copy is herewith served upon
you, and to serve a copy of your
answer to the said complaint on
the subscriber at his office at
Pickens Pickcns C. H., S. C.,
within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, the
Claintiff in this action will ap
ply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated March 26, A. D. 1912.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To Agusta Mansel, Osborne
Mansel, Clyde Mansel Claude
Mansel, infants under fourteen
years of age and to Levina Man
sel, their mother, with whom
said infant defendants reside:
You are hereby notified to ap
ply for the appointment of a
guardian ad litem to represent
said infant defendants under
fourteen years of age within
twenty days after the service of
this summons upon you, and if
you fail, application will be
made by the plaintiff herein for
such appointment.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the absent defendants, the
heirs at law of Oliver McWhor
ter, deceased, whose names,
number, ages and places of resi
dence are unknown:. Take
notice that the Complaint and
the Summons and Notices in
he above stated case, of which
his and the foregoing are copies,
were filed in the office of the
Clerik of the Court of Common
Pleas for Pickens County, S. C.,
on the 26th day of March, 1912.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
6t No. 2.
Kansas City Physician Devine. an Ef
ficient Method of Destroying the
Household Pests.
A physnian living on the
South side has invented a rather
novel method of ridding his house
of fles. An ordinary drinking glas
half filled with soapsuda is placed in
a convenient window sill. A slie
of bread with a small hole cut in
the middle and spread on the under
Bide with molasses, covers the glass.
The flies, alighting on the bread,
crawl through the hole to get to the
molasses. There they are soon over
come by the fumes of the soapy wra
ter and fall into it. In afewbours
the glass is filled with them. The
physician is very ent?husiastic ovee
the invention, for, he says, it is
much easier than chasing flies all
over the house and then killing only
a few..
"It is also safer," he added, 'tten
the methodI rad of i Tuesdy
evening's Star, telling of a
who used a pen of formlfleby
do not doubt the soou of the plan,
but formadhde is deadly poison,.
and it would be a b.d to keep
cildren. - opud ehod is
Public attention cannot he
directed always by abasing
certain newspapers."-New
berry Observer
Pickens, S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every Wednedays
J. A. McCollelugh U. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
MCullough. Martin & Blythe
Masonic Temple GrecuMe, S.C.
Associate firm
Anjerson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section. North
East Georgia. The land of opportunty.
Special inducement to fruit growers,
dairymen, stockmen and poultrymen.
A great demand for diversified farming.
Some products to sell every th
clonmo market and best prices. Twen
ty odd Tourist hotels in Habersham
County. (both summer and winter re.
sorts), o: ly 78 miles from Atlanta on
mainline of Southern Railway to Wash
ington, D. C. Ten acres -.apple archard
produced 3=00 bushels of apples netting
$3900.00. Equally as good for peach,
pecans.erapes etc. The best of fainig -
lands will produce from 1 to 2 bales of
cotton, CO to 100 bushels of corn per
- cre, besides large crops of emall gram
and hay. Pure water, fine climate. no
mosquitoes. splendid scenery, fine
schools and churc-ht-, 1&? feet .leva
cion. Prices range from $.00 to 2i.00
per acre. Send for deucr ptive Pamph
let and price list.
Finds Cure for Epilepsy
After Years of Suffering
"My daughter was afllicted with
epileptic fits for three years. the attacks
coming every few weeks. We employed
several doctors but they did her no
gpod. About a
A Reard' of Dr.
and it rtinly
asds pros-ea a
basar tour
of Dr.litee''gifv.ine *"s
Thousands o a oide inth
burdn an soro o the ets,
Eeat o te f et$d
ofDr. Miles' Ne ie
Tousands of chidrendiknothe
anid tate whov are4 s'egei
fbrom acso p~es r
w would gi to.a restore
r. Mis erv i~es . nee
cure- rssbi rsy -
filLES M90Onia 0o., KRiat, lnd.
You Won't Get "Stuck"
ir yu -'stic?'- to us. Our busines s if
p'ese.3 and ::QL "'tiet"..you. W'.cn we 8ffer
?fns of All
we mnke ni hn.Ml Md for ynur t--de, byv r.ff r
1i~ y:ou bes, settn we conM1. get of
HalT PIS.\, 15hLY PINS,
n:IL PIs, sTIeK mIs,
remnarkable in beau :y, variety :nd :..wnes
price. Iluy ome.
r'o Those Who Wish to Get
Near a Christian School
A t Six Mile, Pickens county,
have about 300 acres of land,
art inside the incorporated lim
ts of the town of Six Mile. all
n less than one mile of Six Mile
3aptist Academy. which I will
~ut in tracts to suit purchaser;
~ill build houses on some if de
ired. Will sell the entire tract
~f 300 acres, over half in fine
tate of cultivation, has plenty
ood pastures, one good 2-story
1-room dwelling, furnished
with gas lights. out buildings,
ne large 60x70 ft. barn", th
plendid tenant houses. -
*lmost new gjnnery', su.'
f 3-70 saw ginning esen. dou
le box press. etc., all o nd
nd in a good cotton 'm' n~
Apply to A. D. Mann.
F Pins S. C. P?

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