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The Pickens Sentinel
.vetising R.,tes 1aonable
1 HURSDAY. MAY 9. 1912.
Would anybody be surprised
if Col. W. J. Bryan was again
nominated by the Democrats?
We predict a dark horse for
presidency from the Republi
can ranks. Very likely Justice
Hon. J. R. Earle who has
served Oconee County as State
Senator for several years is
spoken of as a probable candi
date for attorney General.
Ira B. Jones would be in luck
if clubs were trumps.. And
some of them were.-Anderson
Nevertheless he calls a spade
a spade,
Some Lessons From the Titanic.
That God is no respecter of
persons no matter what his sta
tion in life may be.
That the wisdom of man is
foolishness with God.
That the rich are as poor as
the poorest and the poor are
as rich as the richest two miles
under the waves.
That trust in the skill of men,
the absolute confidence placed
in man by m,.n, rather than in
G od is futile and often times re
suits disastoriously.
That -men cannot defy God.
When they cry peace and safe
ty sudden distruction is upon
That when men trust in the
things made with their own
hands it is in vain.
That like the man who tore
down his old lharns to build
greater,the Lordj spoke and said
t their trust In
the unik~d' Titanic "thou
fool, this night shall thy soul
be required of thee."
That like the handwriting on
the wall at the feast of Belshaz
~9zer God spoke in thunder tones
through this disaster to the peo
pie Mene, Tekel Upharsin.
Does not Fear Catholics
I find some very interesting
sketches in your paper, under
-.the head, "Danger of Roman
im," by writers who seem to
be posted only in this country
on Roman Catholicism. Of
course any posted man will ad.
mit that Romanism, as well as
Protestantism, has played a des
perate part in politics, but the
posted man of today fears no
evil of either. Of course, until
man overcomes all savage ideas,
he, in some form, will worship
a savage god, and as long as he
is amorous like a beast, he will
worship a god of the same na
ture. The posted man of today
knows tgthie people will not
rev 1 the old isavage, super
Sstitious beliefs. Every school
and college in the land is adeath
signal to them all. From every
door and every window there
shines a light for truth and it is
fast lighting the tires of their
No, reader, you need not fear
Romanism now. Soon intelli
gence will wipe it from the
earth. All barbarians and su
perstitious beliefs and blind faith
will go with the winds to outer
Soon the M. D's will be able
to eradicate every disease, and
pain will be unkniown, and life
perpetual. Who is itthat is so
dull as to believe that this hu
man family is going to stand
still or go backwards when a
school house can be seen on ev
ery hill? Poor men today care
less for spending a thousand dol
lars on his child's education
than did our old superstitious
ancestors fifty dollars.
Romanism is leaving every in
ptelligent country and coming to
America as a last resort. Im
migrants areithe cause of Ca
th )licism's gain in the United
States. Who is sodull astobe
lieve we will be governed by al
>. ensi The Pope is now practi
cally a prisoner in Italy. France
Shas learned that she can 1-ve
without the aid of a representa
tive of an all-wise God. Portu
gal is living without the aid of
Pope or king, and I could name
others if I had time.
M. W. Hester
Certain Ingredients That Really
Promote Hair Growth When
Properly Combined.
BRsorcin is one of the most ef-0
Notice 0l
The Pickens Railroad Company
8th day of June 1912, beginning a
depot at Pickens, S. C. it will. thr
thorized agent, offer and expose f
cash all the refused and uncl
which the charges have not been
Parties to whom these articles I
the sale by paying charges before
NO. Name
1. Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co,
2. No name
3. W. J. Powell-1 pkve (2 cat
4. No name-2 boxes Tobacco.
6. Wm. Rosemond-1 sack 01
7. Keowee Supply Co.-5 box(
8. Pickens Bottling Works-1
9. Keowee Supply Co.-7 box<
10. A. C. Smith-1 box Medici
11. No name-1 barrel Crocke
12. J. L. Ramey- 1 barrel Crc
"106 1 doz. G. B
1 box Nctic
13. No name-1 bdl. Plows, 3
"1 1 barrel Mt
16. M. C. Dodgens-1 Sewing
17. No name-lot Pots, Skille
18. W. J, Kopp-1 Can Oil.
19. No name-1 Package D. I
20. " 1 Box Soap.
21. E. M. Hines-1 case Stock
22. Central Mfg. Co.-8 Rolls
23. No hame-2 Cans Syrup.
24. Dora Leslie--I Boxed Lan
25. No name-1 Box Starch.
26. P. W. Smith-2 Boxes GI
27. No name-1 Box Medicin,
28. Wm. Rosemond-1 Bugg
29. C. H. Rice-1 Brl Cider, 1
30. J. B. Seaborn.-1 Box G.
31. Moore & Mauldin-2 Brls,
1. R. T. Welborn-1 Pkg.
2. No name-1 Box.
3. J. K. Manley-1 eox.
4. No name-iBox.
5. A. Sheriff-i Box.
6. W. E. Stephens-1 Pkg.
7. No name-1 Box Drugs,
8. A. T. Turner-1 Box.
9. H. A. Richey-1 Pkg.
10. No name-1 Can.
11. Lola Harris-1 Doll Carrii
12. T. D. Harris-1 Pkg.
13. Geo. E. Bidldeford-1 Pkg
14. L. F. Robinson-i Box M
15. T. D. Harris-i BdI. Cast
16. Estell Revis-1 Pkg.
17. No name-i Book.
18. " 1 Box Mede.
19. F. B. Williams-i Box M
20. L, H. Grandv-i Pkg.
21. R. L. Henderson-i1Pkg.
22. W. C. Seaborn-i Pkg.
23. J. M. Crenshaw-1 Pkg.
24. Katie Ferguson-i Pkg.
25. No name-i Pkg.
26. A. D. Mann-i Pkg.
27. J. L. Bolt-i Box Medc.
28. No name-i Box Mede,
29. Folger & Thornley-1 Bo:
30. No name-i Pkg.
31. " 1iPkg,
32. " 1 Book.
33. J. A. Cannon-i Pkg.
34. Harvey Kennemore-1 Pk
35. Pirlie Ryce-1 Box Soap.
36. D. B. Finney-1 Box Soap
37, No name-i Box Soap.
38. " 1 Box Soap.
39. " 1iBook.
40. " 1 Book.
41. H. M. Hester-i Pkg.
42. W. Masters-i Pkg.
43. Abner Masters- Pkg.
44. Win, Moore-i1 g.
45. H. A. Richey-1 Pkg.
46. W. L. Myers-I Box Med(
47. B. A. Gallaway-I Pkg. N
48. J. M. Clements-1 Pkg. M
49. Avery Kirksey-1 Pkg. M<
50. " 1 Pkg. Medc.
51. W. A. Holder-I Pkg. Me
52. Henry Porter-i Pkg. Med
53. Lambert Raney-1 Pkg. 12
54. W. A. Saterfield-4 Books
55. H. Allen-i Grip.
56. Ivy Light & Power Co.-1
57. " 11
58. A. P. Smith-i Pkg.
59. E. H. McWhorter-1 Pkg.
60. Sentinel-Journal-4 Bundi
fective germ destroyers ever
discovered by science, and in
connection with Beta Napthol,
which is both germicidal and an
tiseptic, a combination is form
ed which destroys the germs
which rob the hair of its natural
nourishment, and also creates a
clean, healthy condition of the
scalp, which prevents the de
velopment of new germs. 1
'Pilocarpin, although not a:
oloring matter of dye is a well
known ingredient for restoring 1
the hair to its natural color,
when the loss of hair has been<
caused by a disease of the scalp. I
These ingredients in proper ].
ombination, with alcohol addedi
as a stimulent and for its well
defined nourishing properties,
perfect perhaps the most effec- 1
tive remedy that is known for
scalp and hair troubles.
We have a remedy which is1
chiefly composed of these in
~redients, in combination with 1
ther extremely 'invaluable
nedicinal agents. We guaran- I
Lee it to positively cure dandruff]
nd to grow hair, even though
he scalp in spots is bare of hair.
If thre is any vitality left in ]
hereby gives notice that on the
t 10 o'clock a. m. at its freight
[ugh the undersigned duly au
or sale to the highest bidder for
timed freight and express upon
paid as listed below.
iave been shipped can prevent
day of sale.
1 sack Beans.
4 cds Tobacco.
[a) 3 Bxs. Tobacco.
rster shells.
s Tobacco.
box Glass.
s Can Goods.
ckery, 1 box China.
askets, 1 pail Candy.
pd. Baskets.
F. Bottles.
's & etc.
. Foot Plows.
Food, 1 Stand.
y Body.
Box G. Ware.
we and Cts.
Hd w.
g. Medc.
es Newspaper.
J. T. Taylor.
General Manager.
bhe r~oots. it will positively cure
baldness, or we will refund your
rnoney, if the scalp has a
glazed, shiney appearance, it's
mn indication that baldness is
;>ermanent, but in other in
stances we believe baldness is
We want every one troubled
with scalp disease or loss of hair
;o try Rexall "93" Hair Tonic.
[f it does not cure dandruff and
cro w hair to the satisfaction of
he user, we will without ques
ion or quibble return every
ent paid us for it, We print
his guarantee on every bottle.
[t has effected a positive cure
n 93 per cent of cases where
)ut to a practical test..
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is en
irely unlike, and we think, in
~very particular, better than
mnything else we know of for
~he purpose for which it is pre
~cribed. We urze you to try
7his preparation at our entire
isk. Certainly we know of no
>etter guarantee to give you.
sememiber, you can obtain Rex
ill1 Remedies in Pickens only at
iur store--The Rexall Store.
>ickensn Drug o.
S e
Mammoth Stoci
Direct from t:1
~ For the past si
daily large shij
from New Yor
show you a st
largest, newesi
the county.
and we are go!
at the right pri
worn, but ev(
~ never show oil
carried over fi
? of goods we pl
duce the price
See this I
~ ing on all the 1
Dry Goods lii
? hams, Poplins,
Laces and Em
lower than the
it always pays
i Folger,1
IronKingClothing, Shoes,
Sole agents for Walk-(
Iro KngStoves, New Horn
~elWagons and Mitchell Au
-For land anywhere in Pick
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "The Land Man." )
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
and best strain of White Or-1)
pington chickens. Prize winners
at the Pickens Poultry show,)
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.)
B. Lewis
tf Pickens, S.Cy
If you hav-e cane seed bring)
them to us-75c bushel trade or
cah Craig Bros Co.
Settle the stove question; buy
a Majestic Range, and be thru
buying. Heath, Bruce, Mor
row Co,
-Amount $300 to $10,000; termis
easy. Address R. T. Javnes,
Walhalla, S. C., or C. E. Robin
son, Pickens, S. C.)
For convenience, safety, fuel
saving and durability Maje ;tic)
Ranges are ,mnequaled. Get one)
from Heath. Bruce, Morrow Co.)
EGGS for hatching from S. C.
Rhode Island Reds 1 to 3.00 per)
settig. Indian IRunner Ducks,)
1.50 per doz.
Pickens Poultry Farm,
E. H. Craig, Prop.
If it's Blacksmith work oring )
it to me. I have recently em
ployed an old and experienced~
blacksmith, and am now able to )
do the best work in the largest )
quantity and in -the shortest )
time. Wood work is also one
of my specialties.
Next door to Printing Office.
W. M. Rosemond.
(4t No4 4
Your Horse |
needs Pratt Healing Oint- I )
ment. It is the greatest 3
remedy in the world for }
scratches. It will quick
ly clean the legs and heal'
all sores and cracks. Al
so cures harness and sad- 3
dIe galls. 25c and 50c box 3
1912 Alaa and stock Beok 3
,Thornley Co
L Spring and Summer Dry Goods
ie Best Markets of the North
K weeks we have been receiving
>ments of Dry Goods and Notions, -
k and Baltimore, and now we can
ock of Dry Goods that is one of the
and most up-to-date to be found in
ing to sell it the way it was bought,
cesA Nothing old,. shoddy or shop
rything new and up-to-date. We
ir customers old or shop worn goods
rom season to season, but this class
lace on our bargain counter, and re
just one half.
argain counter for balgains, sale go
time. Call on us for anything in the)
tie, Lawns, Dimities, Percals, Ging
pongees, Nainsooks, Wash Gooods,4
broiderys, and everything at prices
y have been in ten years.
tin buying that quality counts, and
to buy the best.{
Yours truly,
iornley & Comp'y
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
Seing Machines,Chase City and Babcock Buggies,Mitc
Spring Time L
AGain fif
We are ready to supplyn
our trade with .'. .'. .'.
Fresh Spring i
ofevery description.
We appreciate your trade
and try to make it to
your interest to trade
with us .'. .'. .'. .'.
Bring on the chickens
and eggs and what mon
ey you can, and keep
out of debt .'. .'. .'.
of the year to use HAL
anteed to help yoi
ed. Please rem
not help yon
refund yc
50c box
3 boxe
Pickens Di
The S
One Doll
Plant food, ammonia and p
two tons of 8.88-2-2. The I
The list price of 8.88-2-2 is I
taining just the same amou
one ton of 8-4-4 costing $29.
hauling ond in other ways.
} charzed with fish. There i
cause fish costs more than f
decidedly to your advantag
2-2, then we cheerfully owx
nothing about it. We makE
but we use 8-4-4 on our owr
There is no Horn Meal,
Meal in our fertilizers. Ou
a little Nitrate of Soda. T]
stand of cotton by feeding,,
from the seed, just at the ti
gentle stimulant. This als
vigorously when it first con
to see his cotton start off i
ammoniated with blood, ta
fish, the best ammoniates I
the best fertilizer put in sa
tell you the Anderson gpod.
sis. They are better than a
more plant food than we ci:
of it is available. A farme
chances on a fertilizer for a
not amount to ten cetnts an
crop of cotton a year, and I
count on. The crops made
speak for our goods. Try e
alogsdeof any other good
tietedifference in the cri
To show the value of fe
herewith give you the follo
in yield of cotton.
In states where no ferti
craeof 51 per cent. result;
Ithe older cotton stat<
an increase of 38 per cent it
crease of 12 per cent. in yiel
tates where fertilizer is use
n aereage resulted in an i
of cotton. These figures st
are gotten up by cotton ext
It is reported the cotton
be reduced 15 to 20 per cent.
J. R. Vandiver, Pres.
Hetrick H(
tfford ideal employment for girls and
o wish to learn a trade, and earn good
Ioure: Re~gin 6.35 a. mn.. and work ti
1.5 p. mi., and quit at 6,15 p. m., excaep
i at mill village on tract of 30 acres.
y cents per room per month
food pasture. 15 acres with spring brai
urnusemnen ts: Baseball diamond adjo
- Add
Hetriek H(
For Congress
hereby announce myself a candidate for
gress fronm the Tlhird Congres-ional D)istrict
st.th t arolin~a, sutbject to theP action of the
:r of the D~istrict I:a the itmocratic primar
Walhalla. S. c. .
For Clerk of Court.
bereb~y ainnonne:,e mys~elf a e,,didate for the
*cof (lerk oft ''otirt for Pit-kens County
feet to the rules of the shntocratic primary
ion. 0.S STE WA R T.
For County Conmissioner
be friends of Sir. G ;. Witht 1:',wen hereby
ountce him as a enzdi.!,:: f..r County Comn
'ion.*r. subject to the a: n i of the voters in
primary celon.
For Cpunty Treasurer.
te many friends of Mr. J1. D). A. k. u he. eby
ounece him as a ert ':ate for ihe oftie of
nty Treasurer sub ject to the action of the
rs in the primary ele'ti'n.
xe mny frtin ti f M -. J1. P. lhYDE here
minouince him ais a candlidate for the of.
of Iout ty Tre--urer subject to the
'i of the voter< in the Democratic pri
For Solicitor.
tereby amnunce myself a candlidate for
-itir of the 10th Judicial Circuit and
rye to) abide the result of the lienmocratic
mary and to support nominees thereof.
JNO. 3M. !>.ASIEh.
tice of Final Settlement and
OTICE is hereby iziven tlhat I wil
re application to J. B. Nt-wherry
,Judge of Probate for Pickens
nty. in the State of Mouth 'arolina,
he 6 day of June 1912, at 11 o'clock
he forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
application can be heard, for leave
inske final settlement of the estate
Irs. L. A. Dacus, deceased, and ob
discharge as executar of said estate.
Arthur Jones,
LS. They are guar
i or money refund
ember if they do
we cheerfully
ur 'noney.
50 Pills
lug Com
arA Year
otash in one ton of 8-4-4 as In
st price of 8-4-4 is $29.80 ton.
21.44; two tons $42.88, con
nt of ammonia and potash as
30. And then you save in
Besides, this 8-44 Is heavily
s not much fish in 8.88-2-2 be
1.88-2-2 sells for. If it is not
z to buy 8-4-4 instead of 8.88
up that we know absolutely
the best 8.88-2-2 put in sacks
i farm.
nor Aoof Meal, nor Leather
r goods are ammoniated witk
As helps you to get a good
mnd nourishing the first sprou
me when the sprout needs a
o starts the plant off growing
ies up. Every farmer likes -
ticely. Our goods are also
nkage, cotton seed meal and
Ut in fertilizer, and this make
ks. Besides, anybody will
run far ahead of the analy
ye guarantee. We give you
arge you for, and every drop
r makes a mistake in taking
difference in price that does
acre. He makes anly one
1e wants g fertilizer he can
where our goods were used
ome of our goods th's year
s you haze bought, and no
>ps. That's all we ask.
brtilizer in growing cotton we
wing statistics for the last 10
lizer is used an acreage in
in an increase of 22 per cent
us where no fertiliser Is used
acreage resulted in an in
d of cotton. While In the
d an increase of 26 per cent.
:rease of 74 per cent in yield
eak for themselves. They
acreage over the South will
D. S. Vandiver, Mgr.
cn, S. C.
gt., Pickens,S.C.
>siery Mills
women; also for boys and young men
11 12 noon. Dinner. 45 minutes. B.ogin
t Saturdays, when work stops at noon
F. 'ur, five and six room cottages. Iamt
weh water. ren -fre..
raing beau.ifu park of thirse~ acres.
isiery Mills
LA, S. C.
Notice of School Election.
State of Sou'l C .r'ul.na.
C.>uw ty of Pickenis.
Whereas, a petition from the free
holders and electors of Hampton Dii.
tricL. No. 46. has been filed wnih the
County oard of Education, asking
for a special election to determine
whether or 2. 5 r ylvy of 4 mills
shall I- on said D'tric t for
school purpose-.
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requirements of the aw.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of the :above na .ed Dittrict e'
hold an eleasion in said Di2trict st the
school housei within Mi4j District ou
Saturday. Miay 11tri, ~1912, for the
above stated:purpoe. The~ Tsunteeoc of
the D~istrict are plereby appoit t -d man
agers of iniid el.-ction. Said election to
be conducted according to the requir
ments of Sect:on 1.208 of the Grea
By ord--r of C..unty Poard of Eduea,
R. T. P'alunm,
Sec. & Chmn.
17No. 2.
Start Chicks
on Pratts Baby Chick
Food, and get them safe
ly over the danger line, -
the first three weeks. It's
a wonderful strength giv
er and makes success cer
tain. 10c, 25c, 50c.
1912 Almanac and Stock Book FREE

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