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Pickens Stine]
Some Thing !ou Know aSome
You Don't Know Abour
- Towns, Conty & pe
Fishing parties will w be in
After the rain will me the
The baseball fever ill soon
be prevalent.
Mrs. B. E. Grandy ent last
Sunday with friends Easley.
Mr. J. R. Black, ch of po
lice of Liberty, was irhe city
Mr. Farmer what a you go
ing to do with that felizer you
Mr. F. V. O'Dell, , Easley,
was among the autopbilists in
the city Friday.
See the advertisem t of the
International Harvesr compa
ny in this issue.
Don't forget to to your
school election nexSaturday
and vote for trustees
Be sure you hear "issy Haw
kin" at the School .iditorium
on the night of the 1h.
Mr. E. J. Wolfe, f Pickens
mill, has treated hself to a
handsome new Maxell car.
Mr. D. J. Carter, E Chicago,
was in the city last eek on a
visit to the family oMr. W. H.
Crushed rock is bog laid on
the street preparator to paving
the sidewalks.' ThEwork will
begin soon.
Congressman Dumnbnry wvill
appear in a new ole .at the
School. Auditorimi Friday
night, the 17th.
"Matrimonial Jai' will be of
great interest to allnarried peo*
pie at the School Auditorium
Friday night the 17h.
Miss Isabel Ashmrretof.Green
ville was the attracive guest of
Miss Vesta Ashmere last Sat
urday and Sunday
Mr. G. 'MV. Smith the automo
bile man of Libert', was in the
city Friday joy rling some of
the prospective buwers.
A few touches vith a paint
brush would helpthe looks of
Main street where the trees
have beeni taken down.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Graveley
left Pickens . last Tucsday for
Dillon, Montana vhere they will
make their futuis home.
The churches supplied by Res
J. E. Foster have met all 'theji
obligations for slate, home and
foreign missions for this year.
The Snnday school conventior
of the Pickens association wants
a place to hold its next annua
session. What church warts it
A Boy's Scout Club was or
ganiized here last Tuesday witi
22 members. Mr. Hagood Brac4
was unanimously elected Scou1
"Toy Symphony" by some of
the most talen ed "little" pupils
of Miss Knight, is a musical
number on rhe program for the
No old maid or young bachelor
should fail to hear Prof. Ballen
tine on "Matrimony before and
after" at the School Auditorium
Friday night the 17th.
Mr. W. F. Simmons, who has
been a subscriber to The Senti
nel for thirty-five years, called
to see us last week and advanced
his subscription another year.
Some of the farmers have
planted cotton seed without bed
ding or breaking. They put in
fert ilizer, ridge on it and plant
on the ridge expecting to bed out
Mr. J. P Hyde is announced
th.is wveek for (iounty Treasurer.
Should the voters favor him,
with their suffrage and elect
him they would have a capablc
We call attention to the an
nouncememi of Mr. John M
Daniel in this issue for Solicitor
Mr. Daniel is a prominent law~
ver of Greenville and is wel
fitted to fill this office.
We call attention to the "014
Hoss Sale of the Pickens rail
road in another column. Thes<
articles will be sold to pal
freight charges and some genu
ine bargains are to be had.
Mr. B. E. Dillard, of Lak<
Gharles, La., who has been oJ
a visit to relatives in this coun
tv for the past two weeks, drop
ped in to see us last week and
renewed his subscription to The s
Mr. Furman Morris, of the
Folger, Thornley Co. is a finO
window decorator as is shown
by one of the store windows
this week. It has attracted con
siderable attention and admira- S
Mr. and Mrs. John Roper left
Monday for Macon Ga., to visit
their son, Lee A. Roper. On '
their return home they will C
spend a few days with their son, 0
Dr. Lawrence Roper, at Jeffer- t
son, a.
Mrs. J..B. Newbery suffered A
a stroke of paralysis last Sun- n
day which affected both sides. b
She is somewhat better at this T
writing but still in a serious
condition. Hopes are entertain- 1
ed,for her recovery. 9
"Sinking of the Titanic,"
complete story from lips of sur
vivors, 350 pages, 50 illustra
tions. Mailed to any address on s:
receipt of $1,00.
A. M. Jones, o
Pickens,S. C. t
Miss Mollie Aikens, of Pied
mont, who was sent here by the
Y. W. C. A. of that place to '
nurse Mrs. F. L. Finley, her
sister, and two children with
measles, has returned to her P
Attention is called to the arti- 0
cle in another column from t(
"Citizen" about civic improve- n
ment. We suggest that Mayor ti
Hendricks appoint a day in the s3
near future when every citizen A
will lay down all other business a
and devote that day to cleaning 01
up. -s
Little Guy, the sweet little b
baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. o1
Hames, died last Sunday from NN
the effects of measles. The n:
funeral was conducted at the h
residence on Hagood Ave and tc
the enterment was in the ceme- fi
tery here. The bereaved ones d
have the tender sympathy of n
many friends in this dark hour it
of sorrow. ti
We are iequested to announce
that Rev. John C. Bailey, pastor1
of the Liberty Presb yterian
church will preach in the Pres
byterian church at this place
next Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock. This church has been
pastorless since the removal of E
Dr. Lander about six months a
ago and it is hoped that they h
may soon find some one to sup s
ply it.
"Sinking of the Titanic,'
complete story from lips of sur- ti
vivors, 350 pages. 50 illustra-: a:
tions. Mailed to any address on xu
receipt of $1.00. n
A. M. Jones, t
Pickens, a
It is said that County Corn
missioner Bagwell is undecided a
as to whether he will ask for re- l
election this year or not on ac- d
count of the arrival of a comn- a
petitor at his home last. Sunday s
morning who was'brought there ~
by the stork. No doubt the
junior aspirant can even now s
excel his father in the exhibition a
of lung power.
One of the best enter tainmnents h
seen in Pickens will be given on b
the evening of Friday the 17th h
inst. at the school house. It
will consist of music and come
dy and promises to be simply n
fine. A small entrance fee will
be charged and the propeeds ap
plied to buying a stage culrta!in.
Everyone knows that anything
given under the superTvision Of
Miss Knight is worth seeing. P
Dont miss it! s
In other columns will be founda
an advertisenment of the IIetrick h
hosiery mills, of Walhalla. This b
enterprise manufactures various -
kinds of knit goods, and has ex
isted for six years or' more. The~
principal owner of the plhnt Up
to three years ago was 3lr. fl T.
Jaynes, one of the leading law
yrs of Walhalla, but in 3909 he
associated with him the 31essrs.
Kerick, of Philadelphia, andt
since that time has met with ~
~ratifying success. Tiheirl plant *
I tordS ck(an, high and desira
ble emplohyment to young men c<
:dwomen who work for a liv-- e
ig. >ince last October they i
have bee.n woriking day and
night. usn (4o et of hands.
On our firstipar! Clii anid de- h
plant will be fo~und, an1( i ung
Ipeople seeking emlp'ov ment will
-do well to confer w ith tiexegen- j
The announcement of M4r. J.
D. Aiken of Central fo Countv y
'treamrer appears in this issue.
Mr. Aiken is well known to the i
ipeople of Pickens County and if
-he is elected will doubt less make
-an efficient officer. b
The Liberty Cotton Mill was
old Tuesday and purchased by
Ir. J. M. Geer. Price not
fnown, but thought to be about
90,000. The mill will resume
peration at an early date.
Winthrop College
cholarship and Entrance Exam
The examination for the awaid of va
mt scholarships in Wintbrop College
d for the admission of new students
ll be held at t he County Court House
i Frid::y. July 5, at 9 a. m. Appli
nts must b- no less than fifteen years
age. When Scholarships are vacant
ctr July 5 ther will be awarded to
use making the highest average at
is examination, provided they meet
e conditions governing the award.
pplicants for scholarships should write
Prcsident Johnson before the exa&;'t
tion for Scholarship axamination
Scholarships are worth $100 and free
ition. The next session will open
aptember 18, 191s. For further infor
ation and cata'ogue, address Pres. D.
. Johnsor, Rock Hill. S, C.
For a Clean Town
Mr. Editor:-Please allow me
pace to say a few words in re
ard to civic improvement of
r town. We do not doubt
1at the city council do the best
1ey can with the limited sup
ly of funds. and do not intend
iis article as a reproach in any
ay. There is, however, a lack
f neatness and cleanliness ap
arent in numerous places and
-e would emphasize the impor
ince of individual property
wvners doing all in their power
) have unsightly obstructions
ade to look better or to be en
rely removed. There are sheds,
ianties and ugly. buildings on
ain street. There are placards
d posters out of date which
ght to be torn down. About
me places are old tin cans,
miana peels, loose T.aper and
her trash. Some of the old
orn out buggies, wagons etc.
iiht be taken away. Lets
ve a clean-up day. We ought
have a clean. healthy, beauti
il taown. The council would
> well to insist on a civic orga
zation and these t vo work
g hand-in-hand, would make
iese hills look like an eden
hose beauty would cause men
want to live in keeping with
eir surroundings.
News From Cateechee
1 have been requested by Mr.
H. Galloway of Norris, to
mounce that he expects to
ve a family re-union next
mday the 12th inst., which is
?r. Galloway's 58th birth day.
He anticipates having a nice
re and wants all his kindred
1d as many of his friends as
ill to come and partake of the
tany good things he may ha~ve
eat and help him to make it
day long to be remembered.
Three years ago on the 12th
ist. the writer was one among
good number who enjoyed a
e occasion at the hospitable
>micil of this same grentleman
d as we have often remarked
nce we never enjoyed a better
Since then an Allwvise Ruler
w fit to leave an empty chair
b is residence and as Mr. Gal
iway is three year nearer meet
ig that loved one we hope he
may live to see many more
irth days yet and that when
e is called to that great re-un
n beyond that father and
mother may meet to part no
J. Alonizo Brown.
Any person or persons or cor
ration is hereby forbidden to
ire, employ, feed or harbor my
n, James M. Galloway, who
a minor and whom has left
>ie without my) consent. An y
1 disregarding: this notice will
prseuted' by me.
[any Cathartics Tend to Cause
Injury to the Bowels.
If ou are subiect to constipa
on, vou should avoid stronii
m'11s andl cat hart ics. They
i give tempor1ary relief and
ier react ion is harmful and
metimes more annoying than
mstipation. They in no war
feet a cure and their tendency
to weaken the ahme dy weak
rgans with which they come
1 contact.
We honestly believe that we
ave the best constipation treat
lent ever devised. Our faith
it is so strong that we sell it
the positive guarantee that
shall not cost the user a cent
it does riot give entire satis
iction and completely 1 emedy
>nstipation. This preparation
called Rexall Orderlies.
hese are prompt, soothing
td most effective inl action.
'hey are made of a recent
es ical discovery. Their prin
ip:l ingredient is odorless,
teeiss, and clorless. Com-~1
gredients, long established 10
their usefullness in the treat
ment of constipation, it forms,
tablet which is eaten just lik<
candy. They may be taken a
any time, either day or night
without fear of them causing
any inconvenience whatever.
They do not gripe, purge, no]
cause nausea. They act with
out pain or excessiye looseness
of the bowels. They are ideal
for children, weak, delicate
persons, and aged people, as well
as for the most hearty person.
They come in three size pack
ages, 12 tablets, 10 cents; 36
tablets, 25 cents: 80 tablets, 50
cents. Remember, you can ob
ain them only at our store-The
Rexall Store. Pickens Drug Co.
County Democratic Convention
The County convention
met in the court house Monday
morning, at 11 o'clock, and was
called to order by Mr. I. M.
auldin, chairman of the conn
ty executive committee.
On motion Mr. W. C. Smith,
>f Easley, was elected tempora
y chairman, and Mr. W. E.
Findley, temporary secretary.
On motion the chairman ap
pointed Fred Williams, E. P.
NfcCravey and B. H. Williams
a committee on enrolment of
elegates. The committee re
tired and shortly made their
report, which was adopted. On
notion the temporary organiza
ion was made permanent..
Mr. 1. M. Mauldin, as chair
.nan of the county executive
ommittee, made a lengthy and
ull statement of the funds re
eived and disbursed by the
ounty executive committee
rom the various candidates for
lection expenses two.years ago.
tfter some discussion, Mr. B.
,ewis offered the following res
lution, which was adopted:
Resolved. That the report of
he county executive committee
ubmitted by the chairman of
oreof, showing the actions
nd doings of said committee,
nd the reasons and authority
herefor, for the two years end
g wvith the organization of~
his convention, be received as
aformation, and that the same
) adopted and filed with the
ecords of the party.
Resolved further, That the
cts of the said county execu
ive committee, and of the coun
y chairman, be and the same
re hereby approved and the
anks of this Convention, ten
ered to said committee.
To dispose of the money unex
ended now in the hands of the
~xecutive committee, the follow
g resolution, offered by C. E.
tobinson, was adopted1:
"Resolved, That the funds
ow in the hands of the county
~xecutive committee received
romn candidates for election pur
)oses of two years ago, to-wit:
~11.75, with accumulated inter
st, be refunded by said com
niittee, or their suecessors, to
;he several candidates in propor
ion to the amount each candi
late paid the same to said comn
The following reported from
;he clubs represented are mem
ers of the county executive
~ommittee for the ensuiug two
ears: Easley, Dr. R. F. Smith;
ickens, W. T. Bates; Liberty,
L F. Riser; Calhoun, L. C.
dartin; Central, B. J. Johnson;
rosswell, H. W. Garrison: Pe
ers Creek. J. E. Singleton; Isa
uena Mill, R. P. Gaines: Da
usville, J. R. Lathem; Catee
:hee, G. F. Norris. These were
;he only clubs reporting a mem
e of the county executive com
On motion Mr. J. T. Richey
xas electedl chairman of the
~ountyv executive c-omnmittee by
Mr. Fred Williams introduced
re solutjin to the effect that
~othing should be (lone by the
Mate convention to in any way
zhange the r-ule in reference to
-estricting voters in the primary
lections b~y requiring them to
4ualify to vote in the primary
s in the general election. Mr.
aaun dauldin offered as a sub
Aitute that such restrictions
d requirements be made. Aft
r consierable discussion, Mr.
. Lewis offered as a substitute
or both resolutions that dele
ates elected to the State conven
ion go uninstructed on this and
ll other questions. The resolu
ion was adopted.
Dr. R. F. Smith was elected
without opposition as a member
f the State executive commit
e from this county.
On motion the chairman ap
xinted a committee consisting
f C. E. Robinson. T. J. Maul
in, B. J. Johnston, J. N. Mor
an and W. T. Bates to nomi
aate six delegates to the State
-onve. It was agred and
Are you
yOul liad bet
rrnlks a
Suit cases 24 1
Hand bags ali
'Pars on
We 5
$4.50 Moore & Maulds
05Moore & Mauldin
7.5 and Planter Con:
3.50 Steel Beam Pon:
5.00 Two-Horse Revex
10| 50-Tooth Guard 1
L .U Harrow --..
2 A 16-inch Reversib
7.UU with Trucks-.
301f 18-inch Reversibi
1.U with Trucks.
t will pay you i
-We have a large stock of D
better come and look over our st
ispection is all we ask. We ha
o come to see us and bring all y
nderstood, however, that any
other nominations might be
ade from the floor in addition
to the ones sue e-ested by this
ommittee. The committee re
tired and saxortly reported by
way of nomination the follow-.
ing six. 0. R. Doyle, Dr. R. F.
mith, I. M. Mauldin, J. N.
organ, E. P. McCravy and G.
. Norris. As soon as these
ames were read, Mr. B. B. La
Boon nominated Mr. J. A. Hin
ton and Mr. Hinton nomindd
Mr. LaBoon. Nominations clos
ed and a ballot was taken which
resulted in the election of the
six first named.
Mr. Fred Williams procured
the passage of a resolution call
ing upon our members in con
gress to secure the enactment of
a parcels post law.
The conventionl was, general
ly speaking, quiet and harmon
jous. While there were somet
spirited debates,- everybody kept
their equilibri im an~d staid in a
good humor. Blease and Jones
ver mentioned casually in
~Omel of the d1ebatt(s, but nothing
Was said1 or <ione on either side
to mar- t he feelings of the friends
of either or to draw the lines.
No effort was made by either
ide to commit the con entioni
by endoi senment of anyone's
anudidacv. It was generally
onceded, however, that more
than a majority of the members
of the convention favored the
candidacy of Judge Jones. The
strongest evidence of this fac't is
in the election of delegates to
the State convention, at least
five of them, it is generally con
eded, being Jones men.
For Infants and Children.
the Kind You Have Always Bought
s, Suit Cases, and Hand BagS.
going away tli is summerf
ter come in and look them -over.
11 styles 22 to 38 in. 82 to 820
:o 30 inches from $1 to 12.50
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Bruce PM:orrow Corn PY,
Pickens, SouthiCarolina
s &Ashmere's Prices
~e1I Cheaper than thkers Bny
aDistributors $3,00 3300 20-nc s-vrsible Dis Harrowe
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sbeDise Plow 26.8 8 ' 9O
~ail Smoothing 9.0 10.00 7-2 "65
l Disc Harrow 24 25 All 25clPlow Points - . 20c
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"Sinking of the Titanic 1
From Lips of Survivors

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