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(Pricky Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
Prompt Powerful Permanent
Its beneficial ef- Stubborn cases Go rest are
fects are useal Yiehld to P. P. P.I cue
felt very qcy .hen other medi- you tostay cred
P are useless
eP p... p
Makes rich, red, pure blood-leanses the entire
system - clar the bramn- srengthend c seso tn nere. A
-A positive specific for Blood PCISOU and skin diseases.
Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Mlarla;
is a wonderful tonic and body-builder. Thousands endorse it.
PT101KF N ", 1)RUG CO .a
M ntfc ee1 bVy t
J. T. BUiRRISS & SON, Anderson, S. C. a
-- - - - - : - - : S1P
Pickens Railorad Company,
1*1,re in --: iev r ---e - -- - 1 d1 !
No. 1No. 3No. 5 STATIO - o. 2 No. 4No. 6
Mix'd Mix'd Mixd ' iMix'd Mix'd Mix'd
A.M.A.M.P. M. Lv. Ar, A. M. P, M.P. M.
7.30 rI.oo 3.15 PICKENS 9.O 1.50 4.35
735 1105 3.20 *FERGUSoN 9.05 1.45 4.30
7.45 [1.15 3.30 ~ARsoSs 8-55 1.35 4.20
7.50 .2 3-5 *ARIAIL i8-55 1.30 4.15$
7.55 1-.55 3.40 * [AUIO S 8.45 1.25 4o
8.oo 1-30 3-45 EASLEY 8.40 1.20 4-.05
iF sStations-No Agents.
No. 7 connects with Southern No. 42
No. 3 connects with Southern No. 39
No. 3 conne9ts with Southern No. 3
N-.5 e1.5ne3ts wit h 8.m5h 1ern N
No.. i con eryvc wiV :Souche.-:n No. 11f
- i. J. : app~ly to
J. T1. . .
General Manager. "
7-011.2 *ARI V1
A Constant
A telephone on the Farm affords the Farmer's family freedom
from isolation as well as protection in the absence of the men.
Mr. S. S. Lee, of Blanch, N. C., writes: "Some time ago one
of our friends' husband was compelled to be off until ten o'clock at
night. During that time no one was in the house but his wife.
She talked to us all up and down the line, and each family was
ready to go to her at a minute's notice. She said she was so glad
she had a phone, as she would not feel at all lonely."
Write for our free booklet and see how little it costs to have a
telephonae on your F 'arm. Ad
.1Farees L~se 14ep.e anent ~ ~
Etiwan Guano
One of the OA.led and ron
Popular Brands of Ganii
SYou Have Tried the Rest
Now Try "The Best"
A tral wiil con'vinlce you of its qulIsty
FoIger, Thornley
Company, AET
" Ask the Man that Uised It"
lus Heiderreich of Chicago Tells
of Lying Wounded Two Weeks
on Battle Field.
Hairbreadth escapes are related by.
teraus of the Civil war and won-.
ed at by a/bunger generation, but,
e tales of fortune in the thick of
ttle are sometimes not the most
inderful of the war. Those that
me nearest to being incredible and
ave the listener confounded by the
ought that only through a miracle
LS the narrator been saved to the
?rld are those of long continued suf
ring in prison or In hospital. One
an who has such a story to tell 18
lius Heidenreich, who lives at 11112
?rfield avenue, South Chicago. Ill.
Mr. Heidenreich, who for twenty
e years has been a member of U.
Grant post of the G. A. R. and color
rer, was in Company K of the If
-ninth Illinois infantry regiment.
hich with the Thirty-seventh Illinois
id Eighth. Eighteenth and Twenty
ond Indiana regiments and the
eoria battery made up the division
the Union army commanded by
a. Gen. (then colonel) Jefferson C.
vis. The story is of the three days'
ghting at Pea Ridge. Ark., one of the
1lf-dozen big battles of the west.
"My regiment, the Fifty-sinth I111
is, was sent west after it was
rmed late in the summer of 1861,"
Lid Mr. Heidenreich. "By the begin
Ing of March, 1862, we had gone on
t about 700 miles from Jefferson
ity, Mo., and were headed into Ar
nsas at the rate of twenty miles a
y. hot in pursuit of General Price's
Dfedorate army. We were 200 miles
>m our base of supplies. We were
oeless and in rags and we lived on
rn issued In the ear by the commis
"We caught up with General Price
d had three days' fighting with him.
his was the battle of Pea Ridge. The
ternoon and night of March 6 I
Aped build defensive breastworks.
he next atternoon we vere sent
irough an open feld into the woods
d there saw soidters partially con
led by a scrub oak thicket. They
splayed the stars and stripes, but
' suspected them. The order was
yen to advance. but to hold our fir*
til the fact that It was tb a=
'Ou Personal
e have been in business in this town
lid ume trae by alwaysadvising our
.ros right.
o when we tell you that we have
nd the eczema remedy and that we
and back of it with the manufacturer's
n clad guarantee. backed by ourselves
u can depend upon it that we give our
vice not in order to sell a few bottles
medicine to skin sufferers. but be
use we know how it will help our
siness if we help our patrons.
We keep in stock and sell, all the well
own skin remedies. But we will say
is: If you are suffering from any
d of skin trouble. eczema. psoriasis.
a bottle of D. Dt Dy urescriptOn
id, if it does not do the work, this
We are agreeably suri
ronage we have reCeix
tile mercantile field.
We now offerour cust
Special Prices on
Hats. We close t
We will devote our tra
eipally, and can make
the best Flour, Suga>
Bring us Yo~
Stands for
Nvassa QuzaM
are' best for all cr~ope. All
availale, an.~d of thle big
Phosphoric Acid, Amor
and Potash
are the best plant foods kr
Give it a trial. ilesul1ts w
'yol of th(e trulthl of our- sta&
Folge,~ Thai
.. Agei
Navasa tQua
oyona a doubt. Tneit we fired Into
them and they returned the fire. They
were ten to our one.
"I fell in the first volley. One shot
went through my forehead, two others,
which I still carry. through my right
irm and shoulder, another through my
left leg and a fifth through my left
side and a sixth struck a needlecase
rind a tintype that I carried over the
right breas'. and knocked me over
among the others. wbo were left for
:ead and dying.
"What was left of our regiment fell
back and the rebels advanced, shoot
Ing into our rear. At my left lay a
erporal, wounded. A rebel plunged
his bayonet through the man, who
grasped the blade, called out to his
wife and daughter, and died. The
rebel was about to do the same to me
when anotber stepped uP and pre
vented him. This man gave me a
driuk of water from b canteen.
washed the blood cut of my eyes.
straightened my wounded limbs and
took my revolver away. While he
stooped over me a heavy volley came
from our army and I saw a rebel oom
raoder fall from his horse.
"I lay there for thirteen days with
out medical attention or anything to
eat except soaked corn. Water was
brought to me in a greesy haversack.
The wounded comrades beside we
were all Blent and Just beyond my
head them wee a trench In which
the dead -wem buried Day by day 1
could bear the grave diggers at work
and bear the bodies cast into- the
trench and the clods falling back
again. This went on six feet from ae
and yet I saw nothing of it, for I oculd
not move or turn my head. After
thirteen days Samuel Pearsons of the
Third Iowa regiment found I was still
alive. He picked me up and hauled
me on the bare, hard bottom of an
army wagon 28 miles over rocky roads
to the hospital in the Oaseville cort
Pastor was surpnSea.
The pastor of a church !n this city
went to call on one of his parishoners
who lived in a single room in a club
house. He rapped on the door. There
was no answer for a moment and then
a rather suppressed voice said:
"Walt a minute. I can't let you in
#ow-but wait a minutM."
He waited. After what seemed sev
eral minutes he heard the voice again:
!'Now stand up close to the 4oor, and
when I open it come in as quickly as
you can."
It was the pastor's first call, and he
began to wonder what sort ot Black
1sand society or bombmaking club he
was to visit. His woret fears seemoed
gbout to. realize, for as the doqe was
opened he was met by a streaming red
light and an evil smell.
"fiurry," said the host, "or you'll
spoil the plate. - T1t lamp always
mella li a Ua1
sktn Sufferers"
bottle will cost you nothing. You alone
toai jdeand again we lhave seen how a
few drops of this simple wash applied
to the skin, takes away the itch. in
stantly. And the cures all seem to b'i
D. D.nD. Prescription made by the
D. D. D. Laboratories of Chicago. is
composed of thymol. glycerine, oil of
wntergreenl and other healing. soothin.',
cooling ingredients. And if you~ are
just crazy with itch, you will feed
.mothed :ind cooled, the itch ai.sotlutel /
washed niway the moment you appiLk4
te ,ehave mnade fast friends of rncro
'than one famihly by recommending tis
remedy to a skin sufLerer here and
there and we want you to try it now
on our positive no.nay guarantee,
S rie
rised with the pat
ed since we entered
Dry Goods and
hem out at cost
de to Groceries prin
you close prices Onl
y, Coffee and Lard.
E Ilrozoale
ir Pmduce
phlit food is soluble and
best :tgricu~ltral value.
own, anid they are comn
on inl Navassa C.~nt o
ill orelt than1 conlthLce
IVementIs, Let us figure ~
nio Company
tFor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
..- Always Bought
Aege table PreprtionforAs-I
similamgtheFoodandRegula rs the
A; IM ofignatue
PromotesDigestionl Of
ness and Rest.contaisnei.C:
OpiIn.Morphine norMineral.
9 Aperfect Remedy forConsfii
tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrho&
:1 For uver
!nessand LOSS OFSIzEPR
FPcSimile Signamre r
_________Thirty Years
xact Copy of Wrapper. Tun @zNTAIJ coUPN, NEW YORK Crr?.
Roofs Put on
26 Years Ago
are as good as new, and have
never needed repairs- never
need attention of any kind, ex
cept an occasional coat of paint.
Storm-proof Fire-proof Lightning-proof
Don't buy that roof for the new building, or re-roof the old,
s un~til you have examined the Cortright Metal Shingles.
IIEATI, BRULCE. MORIkOW (0., Pickents, S. C.
R. L. Davis Proprietor
Southern Railway
edules Effective Feb. 9,'1 2 from Eslep, S. C.
N. B.-The follmving schiedule figures ate publi-h~d only as inform:a ion andl
ot guarantee-d.
No. 44 ATLA NT\L...- ..........--------- .20 am'
Stol s to dlischa~rge pa.-sengers from Atlanta, or to receive
o sU NE OfLEAN andt ATLANTA-.....5.46'am
Stops~ only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Sunday)...-....-8.35 am
No. 12 ATLANTA.....--.......--.....---.l.5pm
No. 40 A TLAMTA~ .----.-.....25 pm
No. :30 BIRMINGH AM and ATLANTA--7.55 pm
Stop)s to discharge pIassenfgr from Atlanta and to rece ive~
passengers North of Charlotte.
29 NE W YO!aK Jand WASHlINGTON...........-7.083 am o
Stops to take ot :sassenig rs for Atlanta and t~eyod d
:39 l IARLOTTE. ....-....-------..11.55 am
11 C HA RLOT TE.......- .................... 4.00 pm d
41 C HA RLOTUlE- ............... -- .....- 955 pm n
For fuirt hr inf. m .! vu :.pply to Ti' ke-t A rent or correspond withi u
W. R. T i l:ER. e. & T. . J. L. 3dE'.K. A. 0 P. A.
*; .. ~d .,. AtlantaG.
71)e expkanaion is srnpke;f!1yiz
mudewifLb the jreulest cure un.
eVeryZingredienthas to pzisS ttl
lest of our own laboratorIes;:
theresno7itormniss"ubou tRoystk
SoldBy Reliable JDealers Everywhere
."Sales Offices
NorfolkVa. Tarboro NC. Columbia S.C.
Baltimiore Md. Mo ntgomeryAla. Spartanburg ,
1Iacon Ga. Colitmbas Ga.
Summons for Relief
'tate of South Carolina.
Pickens County.
2ourt of Common Pleas. -.
Summons for Selief
(Complaint Served)
3. R. Hendricks. Plaintiff,
Louvika Mansel. Levina Mansel,
Augusta Mansel, Osboine
Mansel, Clyde Mansel and
Claude Mansel. the last four
named of whici are minors,
and C-troline McWhorter,
Alonzo Crew, T. J. Mauldin,
and the heirs at law of Oliver ?
MeNIorter, deceased, whose _
I:. ews. number, ages -and
placts of reridence are un- J
known. Defendants.
You are Hereby Summoned
and required to answer the com
plaint in this action, of which a
copy is herewith served upon I
you, and to serve a copy of your
answer to the said complaint on
the subscriber at his office at
Pickens Pickens C. H., S. C., F
within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and if you
fail to answer the complaint
within the time aforesaid, the
Claintiff in this action will ap
ply to the Court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Dated March 26, A. D. 1912.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To Agusta Mansel, Osborne <
Mansel, Clyde Mansel Claude E
Mansel, infants under fourteen i
years of age and to Levina Man- i
sel, their mother, with whom i
said infant defendants reside:
You are hereby notified to ap
ply for the appointment of a
uardian ad litem to represent
aid infant defendants under a
fourteen years of age within
twenty days after the service of
this summons upon you, and if
you fail, application will be
made by the plaintiff herein for
uch appointment.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the absent defendants, the
ieirs at law of Oliver McWhor
;er, deceased, whose names,
umber, ages and places of resi
lence are unknown: Take
otice that the Complaint and
he Summons and Notices in
he above st ated case, of which
his and the foregoing are copies,
avere filed in the office of the
lerk of the Court of Common
?leas for Pickens County, S. C.,
mf the 26th day of March, 1912.
W. E. Findley,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
SNo. 2.
ou Won't Get "Stuck"
if vi u "'st ick" to us. Our business is Cf
!eae". and not 'stick" you. When we 0ffer
>ns of All
we make a Lold bid for your trade, by efrr
ig you beat selection we could get of
renarkable in beauty, variety and lowness e
price. Buny some.
lotice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL Persons holding claims agaim t
ie estate of the late H. L.- Clayton
ust pre'sent the same duly proven en
rhefore the 1 day of June 1912, or he
abarred i yent; and all persons in
ebted to said estate, must make p'ry
ent in or before the above date, to the
adersiged. Ms M.F. Crayton.
Ex. cu'rix~
:kens, S. C.
erty, S. C.
ractice alentral every Wednedays
A. McColgh B. F. Martin
M. Blythe
Culoul Martin & Blythe
asonic Tem . GrecRYille, S. G.
c'ate firm
,'erson, s. C.
ractice in Cournts.
'nah Land.
The famotiiedmont section. No-rth
4a-t GeorgiaTho land of opportut ity.
pecial inhment to fruit giroowers.
lairymen, strmen and poultry moen.
k great dem4 for diver sifed facming.
ome produ. to sell every - .th
lonmo markand best prices. Twen
y odd Tour hotels in Habersham
jounty. (bothunimer and winter re.
ortp), o..ly 7Siles from Atlanta (m
nain line of sthern Railway to W a-h
ngton, D. C. ensacres .apple archard
oroduced 880(nshels cf apples netting
3900.00. Eqily as good for peas.es
pecar.irapit. The n -t of fain g
ands will proce from 1 to 2 bali s of
otton, (O t<OO bushels of corn per
cre, besides Ige crops of small grain
,nd bay. Puiwater, fine climate. no
aosquitoes. -lendid scenery, fine
cbools and chethes, lM., feet eleva
ion. Prices rge from :5.00 to $25.00
er acre. Seafor dtcr-ptive Pamph
t and price 1i
A Promient New York
Politician [ear Death
Hon. R. N. ansing, of Rensselaer,
N. Y., Six Tnes a Member of the
Assembly, Is of Narrow Escape.
'oAut Afteen
years ago I was
taken with rheu
mnatism. whi c h
affected my heart
prd gi what
* was celtaa va1
- vul.4r tteuble.
. 'hbe ee doctors
told ras 1 would
--, em- de another
*av work.
remede recemn
mendhd te me I
get a battle of
Dr. Miles' IHeart
Remedy and it
'- helpea me hitide
of 4t hours. At
de end of the~week I called os my'
loctor and asiid htm te eramine me.
~e said I was better than hie ever
~xpected to see se and asked if I was
aking his mnedkcne. when I told him
was not, but .vas taktng Dr. Miles'
Eeart Remedy, he said. 'Thank the
.ord for Dr. Mba' Heart Remedy.' I
~ontinued to tdrte It. and while ?
ealzed my heat was damaged so 1
ould not expect a permanent cuMl for
litoen years I mrked every day, not
lithstanding I bid been told f would
hver work again. In July. 1911. I was
aken with rheunatism agUai, and it
ent to my heart as bef~re. I got so
A that one of the Albany pper
roto up my life end aid I could not
ve but a faw !bOgs, ib took
r. MI ae ai r emdyVtb very
atsfactoQy fesub an - notFL
~tme ~os- that
M OVle'Heart issaId and
[lhe Hardest Work
Pays Least
S AWING wood, pumping
water, grinding feed, turn
ing a grindstone--these
re jobs for an engine, not for
a man. There is no 1:icaicy in
my of th'e when you do the,
rrrk youself or hire a mian to
o them. Buy a reliable gas
>line end.e large enouigh to do
~ny work you hare, Iet it do
h!e work and enjoy the free-.
~om and comifort it gives you.
asorine Engines
re made to do the work that
nakes farming tiresome. They
>ut the load where it belongs.
[hey save hours of unprofitable
abor. They are money-makers
Lnd money-savers. You cait
'erify these statements and get
acts and figures which prove
hem by calling on the local
lealer who handles IH C
mgines. Made in 1 to 50-H. P.
izes and every engine thor
ughly tested and guaranteed.
eratlonal Hanvester Company of America
cagoUS A
SH C Serice Breau
he purnose of this Bureau Is to furnish.
:e or charge to all, the best Information
taable on better farming. If you have
r worty Questions concerning solls.
~ps. land drainage. Irrigation. fertilizer
.make your inquiries specilie and send
. t r fi CeriA Bpreau. Harvester

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