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The Picke s Sentinel
&.tIv'rlivipg R W,~ Rbsbozab~e
THURSDAY. MAY 16, 1912
Is it not in order to move that
Charleston be annexed to Cuba?
2,000 majority in Spartanburg
county for Judge Jones sounds
Taft and Roosevelt have not
observed the iceberg just ahead
of them-next November.
Will the Blease forces vote the
Socialist ticket in November if
Blease is not nominated in the
One fellow in Spartanburg
county has enough confiden:e
in Judge Jones to bet $100 that
he will carry that county.
It is noticeable that the Blease
Organs had very little comment
on the Jones landslide at the
county conventions all over the
State last week.
Straws show the way the wind
blows. The 247 delegates for
Jones to 51 for Blease in the
State convention show that the
Judge has a fghting chance.
Judge Jones' county conven
tion (Lancaster) endorsed Sen.
Tillman for reelection, but Gov.
Blease's convention (Newberry)
did not mention his name.
Romanism a Menace
Mr. M. W. Rester, whose ar
ticle appeared in these columns
last week, doubtless voices the
sentiment and shares the opin
Ion of a large number of people
1 he majority of them.
is'tiieilamentable part. If
a man duld know at what hour
of the night the thief, the assas
sin or the incendiary would
come,,.he would be in readiness.
It is often difficult to make the
people see or realize danger un
til it is right under their nose.
In this country we iknow noth
ing, absolutely nothing, con
paratively speaking,of the teach
ings, practices and corruption
of the Roman Catholic church;
and it is for this reason that
men cannot realize or feel .the
approaching danger. If Mr.
Hester, and others thinking as
he does, will devote some time
and means to inform themselves
as to what the Catholic church~
is, what it will do for the people
and the inroads it is making in~
America, they would not be
slow to see the dark cloud risin2
The school house on every cor
ner in this free country of which
he boasts, and .of which we
are all proud and hope to see
multiplied, would not exist if
the Catholics had their way.
lifare making desperate
efforts to have their way. They
have unlimited wealth and are
using this to fasten their deadly
fangs in the hearts of the people
by offering them free schools.
They say to people, why pay
taxes to send your boy to school
when you can send them to our
schools free of charge, and un
suspecting parents are frequent
ly caught with the bait. The
Catholics also make it a point to
plant their schools just as near
Christian schools as it is possi
ble. It is known to many thait
the -Baptist have a system of
schools in the South known as
miountain mission schools, and
the Catholics have already be
gun to try to cripple the useful
ness and influence of these in
stitutions by establishing theirs
close by. Near the Fruitland
school, in North Carolina, they
have opened a school and offer
ed free tuition. What is their
object? To tear down Christian
--schools. If they succeed with
this one, they will try another,
and by degrees, and leech like,
will sap the vitality of religious
* liberty. Who dares not become
alarmed when they now have
representatives in congress, in
legislatures, the governor's
chair, on the supreme court
bench, and in almost every po
litical office? Who would not
be alarmed when a Cardinal, a
creature of the Pope, is looked
upon by so-called Christians and
liberty loving men as the great
est personage in America? Who
would not be alarmed when
- they already control politics in
severaL states and many of the
lsrge cities are completely dom
inated by them. Who would
no& be alarmed when they com-:1
uietelv muzzle the press? Tod~y
Who Told1
Blease's Statement
The fol'owing is that portion
of the interview with the gov- (
ernor appearing in The Herald I
yesterday morning to which ex
Gov. Evans refers:
The zovernor referred to thi; I
item in the Charleston News I
and Courier's Columbia corre- t
spondence yesterday:
A gentleman here yesterday
who attended the Spartanburg t
convention and is a strong friend
of Judge Jones', said of the re- I
suits of their convention: 'We
had everything our own way
and we made the Bleasites hang
their heads. Judge Jones will I
carry Spartanburg county by at
least 2,000 majority.'"
Gov. Blease commented on
this item thus:
"I asked Mr. Caldwell, the
News and Courier's correspon
dent, who the gentleman from
Spartanburg was, and he an
sweied that it was John Gary
Evans, as I had supposed."
What the Reporters Say
Columbia, May 11.-W. F.
Caldwell,Columbia correspodent
of the Charleston News and
Courier, tonight gave out the
following statement denying the
statement mads by Gov. Blease:
"On Thursday lat Governor
Blease, in his outer office, in the
presence of W. A. Taylor, of
The Record; R. H. Rowe, of the
Atlanta Journal, and myself,
his. stenographer and private
secretary also being present,
asked me if John Gary Evans
didn't give me the information
which was printed in the News
and Courier relative to the pre
many of the largest and most
influential newspapers in the
United Sta-es are controlled by
them; the press agencies are*
largely under their domination,
and every paper which opposes
the policy of Rome or endeavors
to enlighten the people upon
their nefarious practices and
principles is shut out from news
stands and its circulation crip
pled in every way possible.
We ask Mr. Hester and others
who are not alarmed to consider
the following, attributed to1
the Catholic World, a Catholic~
The Roman Catholic should*
wield his vote for the purpose of
securing Catholic ascendency in
this country. All legislation.
must be governed by the will of
God unerringly indicated by the
Pope. Education must be con
trolled by the Catholic authori
ties, and under education the
opinions of the individual and.
utterances of the press are in
cluded Many opinions are to
be forbidden by the se.cular arm
under authority of the church,
even to war and bloodshed.
Can you read no danger in:
these utterances? The opinion
expressed by this writer is that)
of the Catholic church. What
is the Catholic to use his vote
for? First, to secure Catholic
ascendency in America; second,
to control legislation, which is
to unite church and state and
the domineering of the Pope;1
third, to control all education,
and fourth, to control the utter
ances and opinions of the press'
and the individual at the point
of the bayonet and at all haz
ards, even if it require war and
See any danger in this?
The Indifferent Citizen
At the recent South Carolina
Intercollegiate Oratorical Con- I
test at Rock Hill the award w as
made to Mr. H. S.Petrea, of the
Newberry college. All the:]
speeches were good and wonC
favorable comment from the
'judges, but Mr. Petrea's was
just a little the best.
The subject he discussed wasC
that with which this article is
headed and is one of deep con
cern and vital interest, or should ~
be. to every intelligent, think
ng man..C
When the indifferent citizen '
wakes up to a se. se of his duties
and obligation to his fellows, i
his country and his God we will t
see quite a change in civil, social
and religious life and Iivin&. It 8
is the indifferent citizen that
is too frequently the cause of s
Incompetent and irresponsible t
nren being elected to office. eo. b
pie find fault with the laws,~
wvith the administration of the ri
aws, and the causes and hard- si
;hsm etimes resulting there- a:
:he Truth?
Evans' Statement
When shown the interview of
Fov. Blease, ex-Gov. John Gary
:vans said:
"I have not been in Columbia
ince the county convention, I
tave not seen Caldwell, of the
iews and Courier bureau, and
here is no more truth in the
;tatement Blease makes than
night be expected, coming from
hat somuce."
Gov. Evans h"s been out of
;he city for the past two days
mngaged in ecurt in Union and
2ad not seen Gov. Blease's in
erview until he arrived in town
ast night. He says he knows
Nr. Caldwell most pleasantly
and that he does not believe he
told Gov. Biease any such thing
as the governor attributes to
'While I agree with the pro
phecy made in the interview, I
have not made any statement
and I am not the person quoted
in the News and Courier."
diction that Judge Jones would
carry Spartanburg by 2,000 ma
jority, and he, the governor,
said, 'I bet it was Evans.'
"I did not reply to him, sim
ply stating that I was not giv
ing the source of my informa
tion. I never mentioned Evans
name during the conversation."
rhe foregoing is substantially
what occurred according to my
recollection. (Signed) R. H. Rowe
"Representing Atlanta Journal"
"Mr. - Caldwell's account of
the interview in the governor's
office is correct.
(Signed) W. A. Traylor,
"Representing Col. Record"
-Spartanburg Herald.
from, but never consider that it
was all caused by the indifferent
Some of the thoughts brought
out by Mr. Petrea so thoroughly
express our views on this impor
tant subject that we have repro
duce a-part of his speech:.
He defined the indifferent citi
zen as the man of character,
the Christian, the cultured man
and those who can not be bribed.
"Civic apathy is most prevalent
among that very element of
citizens who is most essential
to the maiLntenance of public
purity and a high standard of
citizenship." It is not~ the ig
norant, selfish and corrupt, but
the good, respectable, well
meaning men who neglect their
civic duties. "Indifference to
civic responsibility can not be
justified. The real reason for it
is that men are too deeply en
grossed in private pumsui-s to
discharge their civic duties. It
is high time for some Southern
States to raise less cotton and
raise better men to public of
"Others refrain from partici
pation in politics because of the
corruption therein. But the ob
igation is thereby made the
mnore imperative upon good men
bo come forward and redeem
politics. "Political abuses will
aever reform themselves. Good
men must do it. They can do
it only by entering the fight for
:lean government, not by ignor
ing political evils. The only
thing that can save this State
mnd nation in the present politi
:aI crisis and result in per
nanent purity and patriot
bm ih politics is the intelligent 5
mnd persistent activity of good
mien behind the ballot."
"The failure of these good ~
nen to exercise the electoral 8
>ffice in the interest of good,
~leab government is responsible
~or present political evils. Jt is
iot the running stream of pub
ic spirit, but the stagnant pool ia
>f contented inidifference that ~
)reeds disease in the body pol-- y
ic. No government is better a
han its best men make it, nor
vorse than they permit it to be- t
Men may criticize, but cor
uption will continue as long as
;ood men condone it by their ~
ndifference. "A protest of
words can never equal a protest
if the ballot." When good
nen absent themselves from,
he polls it leaves control in the
ands of the worse eleument who t
.re certain to elect officers of a
heir ow:: ty pe.
In conclusion the speaker .
hows that "Anmerican politics
,re in a chaotic condition. The -
arties are breaking up. The
upreme hour for good men to
aike an active part in politics
as come. There is a tide in
ie affairs of every nation which
sken at the flood leads on to
Eghteousness and peace. Oni
ich a full sa are we nom.
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1912 &3mana ad steek Book EE

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