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The Pickens Sentinel
I Some Thing !oa Know and Some #
You Dont Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Everybody get ready for June
Easley Graded School closed
its term last week.
Will the farmers call for rain
before they get it?
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jen
nings, of Green,7ille spent last
Sunday with relatives in the
Don't forget the entertain
ment at the school house Fri
day night. A good laugh is a
good tonic.
School closes here on the 25th.
There will be appropriate exer
cises of the evenings of the 24th
and 25th.
Mr,). F. Parsons and son,
Ralph, left last Friday for a
week's visit to relatives in Birm
ingham, Ala.
The Big Store talks Oil stoves
this week. Mighty nice thing
to have in hot weather. Saves
fuel, worry and sweat.
The closing exercises of Chi
cora Collegs, Greenville, will be
gin tomorrow (Friday) and end
Tuesday next.
Miss Bugg. one of the milli
ners at the Big Store, has re
signed her position and left last
Saturday for her home near
Danville, Va.
TSeveral young people from
here went to Six Mile last Sun
div toattend the May- meeting.
There were some candidates
who also attended. Sunday
electioneering should be cut out..
The announcement of Mr. J.
H. G. McDaniel for Clerk of
Court appears in this issue of
The Sentinel. Mr. McDaniel
is well known over the county
and is well qualified for the
position he seeks.
/ Mr. J. T. Anthony, of Car
ynegiei Okla., is visiting in the
county. He took in the reunion
a't' Macon, and then came on to
this county to see relatives and
fiends, He will return the last
of this month.
Mr. 3. T. Looper attended the
old soldiers reunion at Macon
last week and reports a great
time. He said also that so far
as he could observe the farmers
were in about the same condition
there' as here with the farm
Announcement reacehed Pick
'ens last Saturday of the birth
on April 29th to Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Fu m of Wilson, N. C.
of a' daughter, Kathryn Ea.rle
Fulghum. Mrs. Fulghum was
for merly Miss Eva Earle of this
A rare treat is in store for all
who go to the school auditorium
at Easley Friday night the 24th
inst. One of the souths most
noted singers and musicians,
Prof. C, D. Tillman and his
daughter -will give a musical
concert at. that- time. No one
should miss this musical feast.
"My hat. is in the ring," is
the meaning .of the announce
ment of Mr. J. Luther Bagwell
which appears in this issue of
The Sentinel. Mr. Bagwell has
served two years as County
Commissioner and asks for re
election on his record.
"Have you read the new book
which is creating such a sensa
tion-'The Sinking of the Titan
" Child, yes; isn't it just sim
ply grand; not at all like the
newspapers reported it, is it?" -
A. M. Jones sells them for.$1.00.
Will the time ever come in
Pickens when men and boys
will not be seen loafing on the
streets, at the livery stable,
post office and other places on
Sunday? Almost any Sunday,
num~bers can be seen at these
places instead of at Sunday
School and church, and fre
qpently the larger part of the
c'rowd are members of the
church, who -should be at
The republicans of this coun
ty are the most silent set of
people to be found anywhere.
They are all dumb. The truth,
is every one (the bunch wants
to get to the pie counter and
they do not knowv who is going to
do the dishing out act. Ordinarly
~numerous conventions and club
:meetings would have been held,
blit the fight between Taft and
a ooee hau put a quietus on
The biggest day of the year
for Pickens will be June 3rd.
The teachers and pupils of
the school sold ice-cream at the
school house last Friday evening
and thereby netted 8 dollars.
From reports from different
sections of the county the
farmers are farther behind with
their work than ever hefore.
Everybody in reach of Easley
should avail themselves of the
opportunity to hear Prof, C. D.
Tillman, the noted singer and
musician at the School Audi
torium in that city on the night
of the 24th.
"To-day we go to press with
the announcements of forty-four
candidates." This was taken
from the Keowee Courier of last
week. In the same issue of The
Sentinel only four announce
ments appeared for County of
Are the prospective candidates
really afraid that they will have
to declare themselves for Blease
or Jones? Is that why they are
hesitating about annouucing?
'Messrs. J. F. Rigdon, V. A.
Nigdon and W. D. Hendricks,
jr., of the Pleasant Grove section.
were in town Monday, and re
port practically nothing done in
that part of the county toward
"Sinking of the Titanic,"
complete story from lips of sur
vivors, 350 pages, 50 illustra
tions. Mailed to any address on
receipt of $1,00.
A. M. Jones,
Pickens,S. C.
Another hat in the ring. Mr.
Jas. M. Lawrence says he is
willing to stand on the record he
has made as County Con mis
sioner and this week. announces
his candidacy for re-election.
The horse of Mr. Thonuis
Edens ran away twice in town
last Monday, once on Main
street and then again near the
depot. The first was without
serious damage, but the last one
demolished his buggy, threw
him out and hurt him rather
Mcmorial exercises were ob
served at Pisgah church last
Saturday, Rev. C. A. Waters,
pastor. On account of the in
clement weather, not many peo
ple were present, but the exer
cises were held just- the same.
Mr. J. P. Carey, Jr., of this,
place, was the orator of the day.
/The many friends of Mrs.
Pickens Stephens will be sid
dened to know she was carried
to the hospital, in Greenville,
last Monday, to be operated on
for apendicitis, and will join us
in wishing for her speedy re
A series of meetings was be
gun at the Baptist church of
the ~Pickens Mill last Monday
night and will continue through
out the week. Rev. C. A.
Waters, the pastor, is being as
sisted by Dr. Henry Miller, pas
tor of the Pendleton street
church, Greenville, who is doing
the preaching.
Prof. Charlie D. Tillman, the
noted singer of Atlanta, will
give a musical concert in the
School Auditoriamn at Easley
Friday night the 24th inst.
Prof. Tillman will use the pih
no accompanied by his daugh
ter with a violin. The concert
will be under the auspices of
the Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church.
Mr. H. J. D. Anthony, of
Hill City, Tenn.. after taking in
the re-union at Macon, Ga.,
came on to this county to visit
relatives and friends. Mr.
Anthony left here 26 years ago,
and for the past 21 years has
been connected with the City
Milling Company, one of the
largest flour plants extant. He
looks like time has dealt kindly
with him and appears to be well
satisfied in his adopted home.
He lost his wife a year ago, and
some time before that, buried
his only child, a son, and now
has no family.
Rev. G. F. Kirby preached an
excellent sermon at the Meth od-i
ist church last Sunday. The|
line of thought was home life
and home influences, the pro
per and correct living and rear
ing children, 1t was dlirected
especially to parents. and it is
regretted that more of the fath
ers and moth~ers of the town and
community did not hear it.
The loose and lax rein some
parents hold over their children
is lamentable indeed, and the
loafing on the streets, at the
post office, the livery stable,
pool rooms and other places day
after day of the young boys.!
ad the padding and aimless
andeing ay after day of the
girls on the streets, advertises to
the world a lack of parental 1
oversight and control and will 1
result to the great injury of the
Mr. N. R. Kennenore. of
near Six Mile, was here Monday.
and when asked for the news of
his section. replied that he did
not know any, as he had just re
turned from the re-union at
Macon. While there he visited
a former citizen of this county,
Mr. J. Abe Stewart, whom he
reports to be doing well.
Several persons from this
county attended the old soldiers
re-union at Macon and various
opinions were expressed about
the country. Some thought it
fine and others said it looked so
forsaken and poor that a crow
would have to take his rations
with hin in some sections. We
have heard of none, however,
taking the Georgia fever. Pick
ens should be good enough for
any man.
The large congregation which
greeted Rev. J. C. Bailey at the
Presbyterian church last Sun
afternoon was richly rewarded
by hearing one of the best ser
mons delivered in Pickens in
quite awhile, from the text,
"Where art Thou." Rev. Mr. <
Bailey is a man of gifts, a fluent I
sr.eaker and splendid preacher,
and the Presbyterian congrega
tion should feel happy in secur- t
ing the services of such a man. f
.0. ~ ----
The Liberty Cotton Mills,
As was stated last week this t
mill was sold to Mr J. M. Geer,
the president of the Easley Cot
ton Mill. Reliable information
received since the sale is that
the price paid was $80.000. a
which is about $100,000 less
than the original cost. . t
Mr. Geer, it is understood
here, bought this property for i
the owners of the Easley Cotton
mill, and it will be operated by a
the same management.
Mr. J. P. Carey went to An
derson last week to prepare the
title and assist in making the
transfer of the property. It is
said the mill will resume oper- t
ation at an early day and that
at least $25,000) will be spent at
once in new machinery etc.
The prospects are that steps will 3
be taken to enlarge and increase t
the output of the mill.
The peoiple of Liberty are very
much gratified that Mr. Geer
has purchased this plant as he
is regarded as one of the best
mill men in the South and his
name is synonomous with suc.
cess. - -
Judge Jones to Speak.
The Daughters of the Confed- (
eracy have secured a promise
from Judge Ira B. Jones, can
didate for governor, to deliver I
the annual address at the old E
soldiers reunion at this place on I
the 3rd day of June. Judge t
Jones, besides being a gentle- 2
man and scholar, is a speaker of c
rare gifts. and all who attend t
the reunion here this year will
be assured of a great feast from
the lips of this brilliant man.
The Daughters will hold a
meeting this week at which
time final arrangements and a
program will be made for
the occasion. It is expected
that the largest crowd which ~
ever attended an old soldier's
reunion at Pickens will be here ~
June :3rd. if the weather is good,
and it is earnestly hoped th.t
the day may be fair and bright.
The local chapter U. D. C.
will spare no pains to make this
one of the most pleasant of all
the reunions. The Pick-ens
Silver Cornet Band will furnish
the music.
Olga Farm News.
All the people of this locality 1
are puzzling their brains over
what has become of our super
visor. He very evidently has
not traveled over our public
roads in this vicinity recently I
and I inay safely add, previous-]
l also. Before the heavy rains 1
came, the roads were already in I
a most deplorable condition, and
since, it would be hard to im
agine the state they are in new,
certainly not passable. And
yet we thought we were endow
ed with superior wisdom in elect
ing a supervisor that would en
deavor to attend occasionaly to
the absolute needs essential for<
safe travt 1, if indifferent to
cater to our wants. "For man
wants but little here below, nor
wants that little long."
We hope he will try to gratify
one wish of ours by driving
leisurely along through this
section of the world, and we
have no doubt about. it being a
leisurely drive under the exist
ing state of the highways unless
he asl -o in an air ship,
nd come preparedi to eithci
iuild new ones or get out a new
)aten.t on the old ones.
Richa rI Foster's f arm wagon,
eturning to the house from the
leld heavily loaded with farm
og implements was almost
urned over by one wheel going
lown in a deep washout in the
oad, and the colored driver was
;hrown violently to the ground
he horses became frightened
and ran over half a mile, throw
ng out a fine harrow damaging
t considerably. Fortunately
ne of the horses' traces became
infastened and they were soon
Miss Verner Foster has re
urned home after spending a
rery pleasant week in Green
ille, with her sister Mrs.
W. W. Porcher.
Willie Foster who seriously
ut his foot in March is gradu
ly improving.
Miss Lucy Guyn of Marietta
ovas over in our neighborhood
resterday on a business and
leasure triD combined.
No June Court.
The members of the bar held
, meeting last Friday and de
ided that they would ask Judge
>rince to call off the June term
f court for this county. This
Lction was taken on account of
he very busy time with the
armers. There has been so
nuch rain this year that the
armers need every day they
an get to catch them up with
heir work, and two or three
[avs about the first of June
vould interfere very materially
ith their farm work.
There is very little for trial
ny way. Only one prisoner in
ail, and he awaiting trial for
he shooting of Mr. Cantrell at.
fr. A. B. Talley's corn shuch
g last fall. The other cases
or trial are smaller misdemean
r cases and the parties are out
n bond.
Besides the saving to the
rmers directly in not having
> attend court there will be a
ving of at least $500. to the
x payers of the county.
Clerk of Court Boggs has notl2
udge Prince, who was to have
teld the June cou. t beginning
onday, June 3rd., of the ac
ion of the bar and there will be
LO court this summer..
And still there are some who
e mean enough to say there
no good thing in the lawyer;
In Memorian.
Whereas, God in His infinite
'isdom, has seen fit to remove
om our midst Sovereign, F. E~.
)ox and
Whereas, in the death of our
ellow Sovereign, Keo wee Camp
o. 496 W. 0. W., has lost a
ood member and his vacant
)lace in the forest will be hard
oreplace. Although our hearts
re made sad by our Sovereign's
[eath still we feel comforted by
hinking that we should
"Weep not for him who dieth,
or he sleeps and is at rest;
And the couch whereon he
s the green earth's quiet
Resolved, That a copy of these
esolutions be spread upon the
ninutes of this lodge, that a
opy be sent to the family of
iur deceased brother, and that
copy be published in the coun
y paper.
J. R Ashmore
Taylor H. Stewart,
J. I. Calliham.
~otice to Co., Fair Association.
Clemson College has many
alls each year for competent
nen to act as judges at county
airs. On account of the fact
hat so many of the fairs are
eld at the same time, and as
ye are making every effort to
'ncourage and assist these fairs,
ye would be glad to hear from
e officers of every County
'air Association in the State
hat expects to hold a fair this
all, and that wants judges
rom the College to see if dates
an be arranged to suit,
The Extension Division is now
nakg its schedule, as far as
ossible, for the summer and
gall, so we would like to hear
rom the Fair Associations as
oon as possible, so that plans
an be made to furnish every
ssistance possible.
'rusting that~ every county
iay have a good fair this fall,
ye remain
Yours for service,
Extension Division,
Clemson College, S. C.
WATED-A good one-horse
agon. Must be in good con
iition, and at a reasonable price.
H. M. Hester.
It On
The Florence Automatic Wi
Oil Cooking Stove burns ordina
new principle-you regulate the
as shown by the above cut, so t
absolute control-alwafs ready,
no clogging or leaky valves, no
smoke, no kitchen full of soot.
oil Stf
Sgg//Ke Asbesth
- ,/ 4'
Sold by
$4.50 Moore & Maildii
Tf Mcore;& Mauldin
i3m- - nd Planter Comi
3.50 steel Beam Pony
35.00 Two-Horse Revers
01250 50-Tooth Guard Rh
. Harrow....
2 A 16-inch Reversibl
7.UU with Trucks-.
0013 18-inch Reversible
I.U with Trucks--.
It will pay you t4
We have a large stock of Dr
better come and look over our ste
inspection is all we ask. We hav
so come to see us and bring all y(
The Confederate Reunion.
Baltimore Sun.
Not many more Confederate
reunions will be held. "The
ivil war was fought by boys,"
one historian tells us, but it was
half a century ago when the
youngsters marched away to
war, and even the 16-year-old
soldiers are nearing threescore
years and ten. They were as
hardy a set as ever shouldered a
gun, but Time conquers the
bravest, and most of them have
fallen before the last enemy.
Tears came to the eyes as we
watch the "thin gray line" at
Macon-tears in which pride is
mingled with regret, tears for
the dead, cheers for the living.
They will not be with us many
years, these men who survived
war and reconstruction. They
have been heroes of peace as
well as war. After following
Lee and Jackson, Longstreet,
Stuart and Johnston for four
years, they went back to what
was left of their homes. From
the ashes of the Con federacy
has arisin a greater South, and
they and their sons have created
"As I grow older," the late
Senator Daniel of Virginia said
to a friend, "my mind turns
back more and more to myj
youth. I seem to live in the~
Confederacy quite as much as
in the present time. That was
the most glorious period of our
lives and no man who went'
through it can fail to feel a
thrill as he recalls those stirring
The Southern veterans are
rich in memories. Their acheve
ments are history. Famue has
- The name
on an Oil Stov'e
means REST.
:kless, Valveless, Blue-Flame
ry kerosene oil-works on a
flame by a turn of the lever,
hat the heat is always under
convenient and economical
troublesome wick, hence no
Ps Lined Ovens
o.. Mka-Cardn, Maa..
eli Cheaper
Distributors $3,00
Distributors 40
d1ned.....---. 4.0
Turn Plows 2.50
ble Disc Plow 26.80
Li oothing Q l
Dise Harrow 22.25
Disc Harrow 24.45
1 see us before
y Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
k before you purchase. As f<
e no article that is not a money
ur cane seed, corn, peas, eggs,
n her imperishable scroll. Theil
escendants take a proper prid4
n honoring them, and at thes<
eunions the young and the oli
neet together. They link th(
resent generation with the olh
South and are suffused with th(
pirit of chivalry, devotion, and
oyalty that dictinguish thi
outhern people.
Will Trust in Providence,
Dear Mr. Editor: Please al
ow me space in your paper t<
mswer the question asked Mr
armer last week about wha1
e was going to do with th<
ertilizer he bought. Now
rother editors, merchants
awyers, doctors, railroad men
otton mill men. and all of yoi
hat do not live on the farm
ou have to live on what if
nade on the farmi. If it is th<
ord's will, we will put tha
ertilizer in the ground ani
lant some corn, peas, cottoi
eed, cane seed, potato slips and
all kinds of vegetable seed anl(
lants, and if it is the Lord':
will we will till the soil, and tri
o do our part toward bringini
hose seed and plants to matur
ity. And if by his help we suc
eed, by his help we will try t<
ather and save it all. But ij
we make a failure what then
Why, you 1ll will be at the enm
f your row as well as we. Yoi
will be out of business, and yoi
will be out of bread as well a
we. No matter how rich xoi
are, if we farmers can't maki
bread to eat ourselves and somi
o spare, you can't get it, mone
won't buy .what isn't here t
buy. -Did you ever think abou
it? The dear old farmers rum
the world. Without them yo1
annot live BRut it seems lik
The Drin.
is a big one and the best answe
COLD Everything is v(
'.AJIC" MWed fruits and th<
CLEAN--From top to 1
Everything we
'PURE .drink is delicious
Entrance examinations at all the coup
It offers courses in Ancient and Mod-i
itical Science, Debating, Chemistry, Ph:
Courses for;B. A., B. S. anu B. S. deg,
A free tuition scholarship to each cou
scholarships giving $100 a year and free 1
in September.
Expenses reasonable. Terimsand catal
than Others
003320-inch Reversi
33 with Trucks.. -
5.25 62 Ch'tnga Steel
5.75 72
8.50 63 -"
10.00 64 -"
9.00 18 -"'
All 25clPlow Points
All 30c Pieces'
All 35c Pieces
All 40c"Pieces
Sbuying anythjn
etc., which we are retailling at W
r comparison of prices, wenever
-saver-investigate! PRICES SF
butter and just anything else
some people don't realize it il
that way. They actually 1oo1
down on the farming class o
people, seem to think they ar
better and that the farmers ar<
beholding to them. But the'
are beholding to the farmer
Times look very gloom sr now
We have heard talk of har<
times and we may live to se<
them. All we can do is to loo]
to a higher power than our
who holds the liens and lines a
the world,
A Farming Wife.
Winthrop College
'Scholarship and Entrance Exanm
The ex-tmination for the award of vi
cant scholarships in Winthrop ~Colleg
and for tha admnission of new student
will be held at 'he County Court Hons
on Friday. July .5. at 9 a. m. Appli
cants must be not less than fifteen year
of age. When Scholarships are vacan
after Julv 5 they will be awarded t
those making the highest average a
this examination, provided they mee
the conditions governing the award
App!licants for scholarships should writ
to President Johnson before the exami
Ination for Scholarship axaminatio:
Scholarships are worth $100 and fre
r tuition. The next session will ope:
c September 18, I912. For further info
mation and catalogue, address Pres. I
B. Johnson, Rock Hill. S, C,
SNotice to Debtors and Creditor
A LL Persons holding claims agains
the estate of the late i. L. Clayto
must present the same duly proven C
1 or before the 1 day of June 1912, or t
1. debarred payment; and all persons in
debted to said estate, must make pg
ment on or before the above date, to th~
1 undersigned. Mrs. M. F. Clayton.
Notice of Final Settlement ani
I Discharge.
)' NOTI( E is hereby given that.I wi
make application to J. B. Newvberr
Esq., Judge of Probate for Picker
county. inr the State of Siouth CaroineJ
on the 6 day of June 1912, at 11 o'cloc
k Problem
r is a drink at our Soda Fountain.
ry cold-the water, syrups, CM&
e ice cream. .
)ottom inside and out
serve is absolutely pure; ever
We serve it right
n Seed
J. McD Bruce, President.
M. Mauldin. Cashier.
ty-seats on Friday July 5, at 9 a.-m.
a Languages, Mathematics. HistoryPo
,sies, Biology, and Engineering.
ee with Engineering.
nty of South - Carolina. Vacant
tuition. open to competitive examat
opue on applipation.. Wt p
DOLPH, President
ble Dis Harrowc 2 6
Beam Turn Plows375
g in Hardw are
miss asale-on thataccount.An
which you may have to -sl
1 to make final settlement of the estate
of Mrs. L.A.Dacus, deceased, and dbi.
E tain discharge as executer said estate.
S4t5 AthurJones,
- xeeutor .
- Citation.
-State of South Carolina,
-County of Pickens,
.By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Mirs. Lena Cox made.suB to
me to grant her letters of Admiu e
a tion of the Estate and effects of F.R >
Cox, -
These are therefore, to cite-and'ad. -
monish all and singular the kindied and
creditors of the said F E. (J
Sdeceased, that they be and appear before
me, in theCourt of Probste to be hed
at Pickens on the29th day ofMa
1912 next, after publication hereof, atli
o'clock in the forenoon, to sho0w catinS
if any they have,vhy te said amnm
tration should not be granted.
. Given under my hand- this 14 day of
May Anno Domini 1912. *
2t4 J. B. Newbery
Any person or pesos aor
Sporation is hereby forbidden to
thire, employ, feed or harbor mv
t son, James M Galloway, who
-is a minor and who has left
e home without my consent. Any
one disregarding this-botice will
be prosecuted by me.
e.2,3 E. H. Galloway~
*"Did you tell old Joe I wsa
bloomin' liar?"
"No; I thought 'e knew it."
DO you want to sell ya
a farm? See
2t Te H. M. Hester,
..24-h Real Estate Mn
For Infants and hlr.
The Kind YoHareIwjit
Have You Paid It2

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