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The Pickens Sentinel
Advertising aates Bessonable
- THURSDAY. MAY , 1912.
Col. Green, The Detective.
EFor several weeks there has
been a small clash between
Gov. Blease and Comptroller
General Jones over the pay
ments of the accounts of Gov.
Blease's special detectives Col.
Green and Rev. Crieghton.
They filed their accounts with
the Comptroller General foi
salary and expenses and pay
ment wa3 refused for the reasor
they were not itemized. ThE
Comptroller General took the
position that the claims should
show each item of expense and
the day on which it was incurr
ed. He furthur stated as his
reason that the people had a
right to know for what purpose
and how the public funds were
being expended. The Governor
took the opposite view and held
that it was none of Mr. Jones'
business to question the accur
acy of the claims inasmuch as
he had approved them. But the
Comptroller General stuck to
his position and Col. Green
itemized his account.
The twc. accounts as filed with
the Comptroller General by Col.
Green were published in full
in the Columbia Record of the
17th and we here give them tc
our readers for their inspection.
The first claim filed by Col
Green and of which payment
was refused is as follows.
"State of South Carolina tc
-L. M. Green, Special Detective,
"'To expenses, investi
gating Olar lynching, in
cluding trip to Charles
ton, Denmark and Olar, $30.0C
"'To expenses, investigat-.
ing killing of Bryson at
~.b~~o~lt~ lle andblodking
reference to negro lodges
around Mountville...$200(
"To expense, investigat
ineg lynching at Blacks
'To expenses, investigat
ing burning of news
paper office at Hampton,
and looking into the
general condition of the
enforcement of the law
as to the sale of
- whiskey. etc.. at Hamp
ton and Fairfax....... 20
"'To expenses. Anderson.
for securing information
in reference to the en
*forcement of the law
and obtaining informa
tion in re Muldrow
Cheshire affair, and in
vestigating the conduct
and work of Detective
"'To one month's service
as special detective
from March 16th to
April 15th, inclusive.... 100.00
This was sworn to before Gov.
lead private secretary on the
15th day of April and filed with
the Comptroller General for
The second claim filed by Col.
Green in which he undertook to
correct the above claim and give
dates and items was filed with
the Comptroller General on the
13th day of May and is as fol
"'State of Account,
"'Columbia, May 13, 1912.
"'State of South Carolina to L.
M. Green, Dr.
"'Statement of per diem ac
count services rendered as spec
ial detective as follows:
"'March 25-27 inc.-In
vestigating Olar lynch
ing, 6 days at $10 per
day........---------..$ 60.00
"'March 25-27 inc.-In
vestigating killing of
-Bryson at Mountville
and with regard to
negro lodges around
Mountville, 3 days at
$10 per day........... 30.00
"'March 28-29 inc.-In
vestigating lynching at
Blacksburg, 2 days at
$10 per day........-. 20.00
"'April 3-5-Securing in
formation as to en
forcement laws at An
derson and as to Ches-,
hire affair, 2 days at
$10 per day.......... 20.00
"'April 8-12 inc.-Inves
tigating enforcement of
law in Hampton and as
to Fairfax, S. C., 5 days
at $10.00 per day...... 50.00
"'April 15-20 inc.-TriP
to Dorchester county.
investigating whiskey
situation, and law en
forcement, 6 days at
$10 per day.... ...----- 60.00
"April 22 23 inc.-Sec
end trip into Dorchester
county to make further
investigations as to the
liquor situation, 2 days
at $10 per day......... 20.00
"'May 6-10 inc.-Trip in
to Berkeley to see as to
Notice o
The Pickens Railroad CompanV
8th day of June 1912, beginning a
depot at Pickens, S. C. it will, thr
thorized agent, offer and expose f
cash all the refused and uncl;
which the charges have not been
Parties to whom these articles I
the sale by paying charges before
NO. Name
1. Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co,
2. No name
3. W. J. Powell-1 pkge (2 ca(
4. No name-2 boxes Tobacco.
6. Win. Rosemond-1 sack 0.
7. Keowee Supply Co.-5 boxi
8. Pickens Bottling Works-1
9. Keowee Supply Co.-7 box,
10. A. C. Smith-1 box Medici
11. No name-1 barrel Crock(
12. J. L. Ramey- 1 barrel 0r(
"4 1 doz. G. B
- . " .1 box Ncti<
13. No name-1 bdl, Plows, 3
"1 1 barrel Mt
16. M. C. Dodgens-1 Sewing
17. No name-lot Pots, Skille1
18. W. J, Kopp-1 Can Oil.
19. No name-1 Package D. I
20. " 1 Box Soap,
21. E. M. Hines-1 case Stocl
22. Central Mfg. Co.-8 Rolls
23. No name-2 Cans Syrup.
24. Dora Leslie--I Boxed Lan
25. No name-1 Box Starch.
26. P. W. Smith-2 Boxes GI
27. No name-1 Box Medicin
28. Win. Rosemond-1 Bugg
29. C. H. Rice-1 Brl Cider, 1
30. J. B. Seaborn.-i Box G.
31. Moore & Mauldin-2 Brls
1. R. T. Welborn-1 Pkg.
2. No name-1 Box.
3. J. K. Manley-1 Box.
4. No name-1Box.
5. A. Sheriff-1 Box.
6. W. E. Stephens-1 Pkg.
7. No name-1 Box Drugs,
8. A. T. Turner-1 Box.
9. H. A. Richey-1 Pkg.
10. No name-1 Can.
11. Lola Harris-1 Doll Carri
12. T. D. Harris-1 Pkg.
13. Geo. E. Biddeford-i Pkg
14. L. F. Robinson-i Box M
15. T. D. Harris-i Bdl. Cast
16. Estell Revis-i Pkg.
17. No name-i Book.
18. " 1 Box Mede.
19. F. B. Williams-1 Box M
20. L, H. Grandv-1 Pkg..
21. R. L. Henderson-i1Pkg.
22. W. C. Seaborn-i Pkg.
23. J. M. Crenshaw-1 Pkg.
24. Katie Ferguson-i Pkg.
25. No name-i Pkg.
26. A. D. Mann-i Pkg.
27. J. L.,Bot-1 Box Medc.
28. No name-i Box Medc,
29. Folger & Thornley-1 Bo>
30. No name-i Pkg.
31: " 1 Pkg,
32. " 1 Book.
33. J. A. Cannon-i Pkg.
34. Harvey Kennemore-i Pk
35. Pirlie Ryce-i Box Soap.
36. D. B. Finney-1 Box Soaj
37, No name-i Box Soap..
38, " 1 Box Soap.
39. " 1 Book.
40. " 1Book.
41. H. M. Hester-1 Pkg.
42. W. Masters-I Pkg.
43. Abner Masters-i Pkg,
44. Wmn, Moore-i Pkg.
45. H. A. Richey-1 Pkg.
46. W. L. Myers-I Box Med<
47. B. A. Gallaway-I Pkg. IN
48. J. M. Clements-i Pkg. N
49. Avery Kirksey-i Pkg. Mi
50. " 1 Pkg. Medc.
51. W. A. Holder-I Pkg. Mi
52. Henry Porter-i Pkg. Mel
53. Lambert Raney-i Pkg. 19
54. W. A. Saterfield--4 Book:
55. H. Allen-i Grip..
56. Ivy Light & Power (Jo.-1
57. ." 1.3
58. A. P. Smith-i Pkg.
59. E. H. McWhorter-1 Pkg.
60. Sentinel-Journal-4 Bund)
burning of property of
Messrs. Thornley and
Brittingham at Moncks
Corner, 5 days at $20... 100.00
Total.................. $360.00
This account was also sworn
to as being correct.
Now, both of them cannot be
correct. There are glaring dis
crepancies in the two. Take1
the first item in the two ac
counts, "the Olar lynching," the
charge in the first claim is $30.
and in the second claim is $60.1
Investigating the killing of
Bryson in the first claim is
charged at $20. and in the se -
ond claim $30. And the other i
items all show increased charges<
in the second claim to those in<
the first claim, and some. itemst
appear in the second claim
which are not shown in the<
first, but these were incurred t
after the first claim was filed.
What we wish to call atten
tion to is that the first five items
in the first account am~ounts toC
$105.50 and the same items in I
the second account amounts to t
$180. a difference of $74.50. s
ndhe diffrence in the total r
f Sale.
hereby gives notice that on the
,t 10 o'clock a. m. at its freight
ough the undersigned d - au
or sale to the highest bidder for
aimed freight and express upon
paid as listed below.
iave been shipped can prevent
day of sale.
1 sack Beans.
4 cds Tobacco.
1a) 3 Bxs. Tobacco.
rster shells.
,s Tobacco.
box Glass.
as Can Goods.
ckery, 1 box China.
askets, 1 pail Candy.
pd. Baskets.
y. Bottles.
s & etc.
3. Foot Plows.
: Food, 1 Stand.
y Body.
Box G. Ware.
. Syrup.
wee and Ots..
c Hdw.
g. Medc.
[edc. t
les Newspaper.(
J. T. Taylor.
General Manager.
of the two accounts is $154.50. C
As we understand the terms
under which Col. Green and
Rev. Crieghton are at' work as s
special detectives of the Gov
rnor they are to receive a sal
ary of $100 per month and ex- 1
penses. It cannot, as Is claim
ed, be reasm)ably contended a,
hat the second claim covers e
alary and expenses for two si
nonths The difference in the ~
unount of the t wo accounts for E
;he first month show a discrep- ra
ecy of $7.50 and the salary is
dded on the first account.
The things the people are in
erested in knowing is whether s,
r not there is any graft going at
>n? Why such a difference in t
hese two accounts? Why
~hould the Governor, Col. Green ~
r anybody else object to having si
he claims properly itemized?
Another thing the people ti<
rould like to know is, if it is
iecessary for a state detective 3
>r special officer to go a hundred
>r more miles at the expense of
he people to investigate a per- fa
onal difficulty between two
'For Ee
Since we started in
Clothing, Shoes, Hats an<
We have tried each;
The fact that we ha,
year after year.
One of the largest ai
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Hats: TI
We have re-arrange<
about 100 odd Coats and
to make room for new cl<
coat at half-price.
All we ask is a look,
Clothinug, Shoes,
Sole agents for Walk-(
Iron King Stoves, New Horn
ell Wagons and Mitchell Au
e items in both of Col.
~reen's accounts. Here is the
atement in the first account;.
"Tg expenses, Anderson,for se
uring friMonnation in reference
o the enforcement of law and
btaining~ information in re
[uldrow-Cheshire affair." efe.
w~ ~s a personal dificulty
ietw.e,24 ~.strate Muldrow
,nd editor Cheshir.e gf the An
eron Intelligencer.
Proseution of Muldrow fol
wed in the city and1 State
ourts by the parties concerned
.nd It is difficult to see what right
,state officer has investigating
ifairs of this kind.
It is supposed, however, that
bese are special pets of the
overnor and being out of a job
mst be taken care of at the ex
~ese of the people and make
show of doing something even
ough it be tJo investigation
personal difficulties.
Notice of School Election,
:te of South C-rolina.
County of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition from the Li ee
lders gndi electors of East;atoe Dis
ist No. 51. has been filed wa~h the
ountv B->ard of Education, asking
r a specist ekction to determine
'hether or iit an extrat hevy ,of 3 mills
iall be leviea on s4 pistrict for
hoo purposes.
It appearing to the County Board of
ducation th~at the petition mtetsts the
~quireets of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
es of the above named District do
Ad an election in said District at the
hool house within said District on
sturday. Jane 8th. 1919, for the
)ove sta tdpurpo*. The .i ustees of
e iatriut are herety 4pcinted man
ers of said electiori. said electjpg ti
conducted according to the requir:
e~ts of Section 1208 of the General
By order of Couenty Board of Educa
R. T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. Ed.
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fifty cents per room per month.
Good pasture, 15 acres with spring bra:
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoi
- Hetrick H(
For Congress
I hereby annonne muyself a candidat~e for
Congress from the Thira Congressionil District
of South Carolina, subject to the action of the
voters of the District in the Democratic primar
Waihalla, S. C.
For Clerk of Court.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
office of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
subject to the rules of the D~emocratic primary
election. 0 . S. ST EWA RT.
The many friends of M r. J. HT. G. MCDANIEL
hereby announce him as a candidate for the of
tice of Clerk of Court for Picket.. County, sub
ject to the action of the voters in the Demo
cratic primary election.
For County Commissioner
The friends of Mr. Ci.t' 'wL oen hereb
announce him asa candidate for (unty'Couf
mitiera eubecto .the action of the voters in
The many friendsof JlAMlts M. L AWRENCE
hereby announce him as a t'andlidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner
ubject to the people In the democratic pri
The many friendsof J. LI'THER IHAGWELL
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner
subject to the action of the voters In the.
D'emocratic Primary electien.
Mr. N. H. Moore is hereby announced as a
candiudate for the office of County Commission
er subjetl tonh action of the voters in the
For [email protected] Treasurer.
Trhe many friends of Mr. .f. D). Aiket, herebyi
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voters in teprimary eletactionoh
The many friends ouf M r. J1. P. H Y hI- her.
by announce him as a c a:.d idate for *he of
lice of Countv Tlreasurer sub~ject to the
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mary election.
The friends of Mr. Eb Hi. Field hereby an
nfounce him' as a Icandidate for the office of
County Treasurer subject to the will lof the
Debideranic yote rs in the -approaching prima
For Solicitor.
Boicherby announce mysefa canda te fr
ledge to abide the result of the imocratic
'Prinarf and' tomstpppr; nornitria hof.
rHE TIME--..
LS. They are guar
i or money refund
ember if they do
we cheerfully
ur money.
50 Pills
ug Comp'y y
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E has proven
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a short cotton
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days any better
A under and
D. S. Vandiver, Mgr.
mn, S. C.
tL, Pickens,S.C.S
~siery Mills
women; also for boys and young men
11 12 noon, Dinner. 45 minutes. Begin
t Saturdays, when work stops at noon
Four, five and six room cottages. Rent
LCh water, rent free.
ning beautiful park of three acres,
>siery Mills
LA, S. C.
Notin 0. School Election
County of ISiegens,
Whereas, a petition from the freehold
ers and glectors of Oolenoy District No.
36. has been filed with the,County Board
of Education, asking for a special elep
Lion to detirmine whether or not an es.
tra levy of four mille shall be levied on
said District for school purpose.,
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requirements of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of above named District do hold
an election in said District at the school
house within said District on Saturday
June 8th 1912, for the above stated
Durpose. The Trustees o[ the Distripp
are hereby appointed Managers of said
election. Said election to be conducted
according to the requirements of Sec
tion 1208 of the General Statutes.
By order of the County Board of Ed
4.5 Sec. and Chr.
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1912 Ainaanac and ,Mrw&~ Book IREEi

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