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e ickens Sentinel
Some Thing. !ou Know and Some.
You Don'i Know About Our <
Towns, County & People i
Mr. T. D. Harris went to At
lanta last week.
What about that clean-up
day for Pickens?
Mr. and Mrs, _N. R. Kenne
mur of Central visited relatives
here Thursday.
Hoi for the commencement of
the Pickens graded school on
Thurday and Friday nights.
Mr. R. T. Jaynes, a promi
nent lawyer [of Walhalla, was
in the city Monday on * profes
sional business.
Mr. J. W. Major. of near Pied
mont, was a visitor in the city
last week. He reports that ev
erything is going democratic in
his section.
Mrs. McCleskey and Mrs.
Owens, both of Piedmont, are
on a visit to the family of Cleik
of Court Boggs and other friends
in the city.
Deputy Collector Aiken, of
North Carolina, and Constable
LaBoon 'destroyed three illicit
"distilleries in the mcuntains of
this county last week.
Rev. W. M. Duncan, former
ly presiding elder of this district
but now of Columbia, was in
the city a few days ^last week.
He came for a little 'rest and re
Mr. Eb. H. Field is announced
this week for the office of coun
ty treasureir. Mr. Field is a
vqnig ipan, a son of Col. O. P.
Field; and in well qualified for
the position.
Thie'wireless operator on the
Titanic charged the New York
American $1,000.00 for his story,
but I will give you that same
ta.le, and many others, for $1.00
A. M. Jones.
Pickens, S. C.
'\ Constable LaBoon captured [email protected]
gallons of whisky one night
last week in the. region of Catee
chee. About a dozen men had
*gathered araund it, presumably
to divide itkup, but the officers
flushed them and got the liquor c
, Mr. N. B. Moore is announced '
* this week as a -candidate for the 9
office of county commiissioner. I
Mr. Moore has served in this ca
- pagity and is willing for the peo
ple to judge his future efforts in* I
the interest of the county by
the past.
jSheriffRoark went to Atlan
Sta Friday and brought back
N ewton Clinkscales and Prince
fill, both colored, Clinkscales
Is wanted on a charge of obtain
ing money under false pretens
es, and Hill is under sentence
by Magistrate Jamison for petit
1arcenv. t
Rev. W. 5. Bolt, who was for
merly in the drug business here
but who has recently entered
the ministry and is -now assist
ant pastor to Dr. J. F. Vines, of
the First Baptist church, Ander- t
son, will preach in the Baptist J
church at Easlev Enext Sunday
morning and night.C
The Cemetary Association has
been disbanded on account of a
Iakof interest on tpe part of
many of the members anid citi
zens, and as there are no funds
to defray the expenses of keep
ing it cleaned off and repaired,
parties having lot~s will be-e
peoted to look after them.
The baseball season was open- t
ed here Saturday, when the
Pickens Sluggers defeated the ;
Easley Walkovers by a 1 to 0 f
score. It was a very good game, i
featured by the work of Ralph i
Hester at first and Furman Pace e
in the box for the locals, and
the splendid pitching of Ander- l
sdn foxfthe visitors.
Dr. J. L. Bolt, of Easley,
makes frequent visits to Pick
ens. Many of his former pat
rons here still require his servic
es. He is being importuned by
many of his friendis to enter the
race for the legislature. He~ is
not a Ipolitician, but a clear
headed, straightforward man,
and would make an excellent
'e-preent ye.
Mr. Theodore and Miss Laurie
Martin returnedl home last week
from Bridgeport, Ala., where
they attended school the past
n. On their way home
stopped in Chattanooaa
isited Chicamiauga park,.
out mountain and other
*sof interest about the city.
are both -attractive -and
-. essive young people and
heir friends are glad to seeC
hem again.
Reports from over the coun ty
how. that the farmers have
nade good use of the fews days
)f fair weather during the past
veek. It is now estimated that
if ty per cent. of a normal cot
on crop and from twenty-five
o thirty per cent. of a normal
orn crop has been planted.
With favorable weather and
easons from now on, a fair
rop is expected. The small
rain crop is almost a total fail
Do you know what hymn the
>and was playing when the TI
[ANIC sank? how big the ship
vas-the exact nature of the ac
.ident that caused her to sink
ivho the real heroes were on the
inkine. vessel? Do you know
ht the ship was on fire from
he day it started across the sea
.ll these facts and others were
6vithheld from the newspapers,
;o be told in "The Sinking of
;he Titanic," which is sold for
nly $1.00, by A. M. Jones
Pickens, S. C,
Ir. J. C- Garrett, of Norris,
ras in town last week and is
ery enthusiastic about the Six
klile school. At the last meet
ng of the trustees he was elect
d financial agent of the school,
nd he says he is going to raise
he money needed by the mid
le of October. Another dormi
ory is needed, and he thinks
teps will be taken at an early
late to build it. He is not only
ooking for funds to cover the
iebt now on the institution, but
'or girls and boys to fill .it, and
e feels hopeful that the next
ession will open with double
he attendance of the last. The
aculty is a strong one and ev
ry indication points to a suc
essful year.
I sometimes wonder why God
took my boy,
loved him and his life was my
greatest joy,
But I am going to meet hi:n
on the other shore,
Vhere pain and parting conmes
never more.
-For Perry Roper by' his
roken hearted m~other,
Commencement at Central.
The commencement exercises
f the Central gr'aded school
ill take place next week be
inning Sunday. The follo wing
rogram will be carried out:
Sunday, May 26th.
11 a. m.-Sermon by Rev. Mr.
~abb, of Easley.
Monday, May 27th.
0 a. m.-Contest for J. N.
organ medal.
p. m.-Contest for T. M.
~orris medal.
8 p. m.'-Contest for Jarrett
isic medal.,
Tuesday, May 28th,
10 a. m.-Graduating exer
The public is cordially in .ited
> ttend all these exercises.
Liberty Route 4.
r. Editor:
The dear old Sentinel comes
us every week and we do en
y reading its pages.
Farmers are making good use
the time now putting in ferti
Lzer and planting during this
~eautiful weather.
The nights have been rather
ool -or cotton but a little more
unshine will bring it up all
Three cheers for the "Farm
g wife" who replied to the
[uestion asked in The Sentinel
'What will the farmers do with
heir fertilizer."
I am a farmer's wife and am
:lad the question was answered
or we farmers are the happiest
people on earth, and if there is
ace and plenty we get our
The young folks had a de
ghtful singing at the home of
Ir. W. F. Young lagt Sunday
.rs. Julia Young and child
'en spent Sunday with Mr. and
Irs. WV. G. Cjooley
Mrs Ella Adams visited Mrs.
?va Cooley Sunday afternoon.
My shop is now equipped with
.ools sluiit to handle any
o in blacksmiithing. Plow
;harpening. zsweep' witing, tire
h hrinking and1 horse5~ shoeing are
ll hobbies of ine. When youm
Oirs bec(omeIs lame fr im had
hoeing or c~ontraicted f.ot, bring
1im to meit. Buiggy an! wagon0f
'epairing, both wood iad ironi
ork. 'Will Rosem..nd
Next to Sentinel office.
I have just received a fr'esh~
hipment of ''The Sink ing of
:.h tnic,' Get one now.
Co. Treasurer s Term of Office
lhe following act was passed
at the last session of the legisla
ture. and explains itself:
"SECTION 1. Be it enacted by
the general assembly of the
State of South Carolina, That
the official term of office of coun
ty treasurers shall begin July 1
after each general election: Pro
vided, That the present county
treasurers' term of office be con
tinued until July 1, 1913.
'SECTIoN 2. That all Acts and
parts of Acts inconsistent with
this Act are hereby repealed."
Under this act whoever is
noninated in the primary elec
tion this year for county treas
urer in any county of the State
will not take charge until July
The Boy Scouts.
Not many people know any
thing about the Boy Scout or
ganization. Some have possibly
concluded that it is an excuse
for boys to idle away their time,
form bad habits and become un
ruly and mischevious. ' But
quite the contrary. If the boys
observe and carry out the rules
and principles of the order it is
one of the best things they can
be in.
Here is the oath or obligation
each boy takes when he joins:
1. To do my duty to my God
and my country, and to obey
the scout law.
2. To help other people at all
3. To keep myself physically
strong, mentally awake, and
morally straight.
Under the rules of the scout
law a boy is trained to be truth
ful, trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
friendly, courteous, kind, obedi
ent, cheerful, thrifty, brave,
clean and devout. They are
forbidden to smoke, chew, curse,
use bad or obscene language,
engage in questip.nable pass
times, iglleness, 'foolish sports,
and such like. It will be a
splendid training for any boy to
be a member of the scouts and
parents are encouraged to allow
heir bo i s to join. It is a prob
1m with many parents in Pick
~ns now on the closing of the
chool as to what the boys will
o until school opelis again.
The boy scouts will be helpful
o them and also help the par
mt" solve this problem.
There is an organization~ here
haded by Mr. Hagood Bruce
s Scout Master, A better se
ection of a leader could not
ave been made I Pickens.
fr. Bruce is a young man of
ober habits, moral life and a
igh toned gentleman, and we
eel quite stire the boys will be
n good hands and under good
nfluences while in his oare,
News From Liberty,
This week is being taken up
y the going-public in attend
ng the annual commencement
f Liberty high school. Dr, W.
. Dorsey, of Johnson, S. C.,
reached the commencement
ermon east Sunday to a lare
ma attentive, congregation.
The auditorium was filled to its'
tmost capacity. One of the
ost interesting features of the
ntire commencement program
as the play of "Rip Van
Winkle," by the high school
upils. The class day evercises
ere held Tuesday morning at
1 o'clock, and the graduating
xercises took place Tuesday
ght at 8 o'cloclk. The school
has had a very successful year
mder the excellent supervision
f Prof. Carlisle, who has done
vast amount fo the better
ment of it during the time he
has had charge of it.
There has .just closed a ten
days' series of meetings at the
ethodist church, conductE d by
Evangelist Rev. B. McLendon,
f Union, S. V,
A very pleasant and interest
ing event of last wcek was a
pupils recital, given by Miss
rene Clarke's music class, at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Byrd, in West End, on Satur
Ida evening, from 8 to 11
o'clock. The guests were re
cieved in the hall by the hostess,
Miss Clark, assisted by Mrs. G.
B. Byrd. About 35' invited
guests were present to partake
of the enjoyments of the occa
sion. The program was ad
mirably arranged and the
music was beautifully rendered.
each pupil doing their part ex
ceedingly well. After the re
cital dainty refreshments were
ered by Misses Meda Byrd.
Nellie Robinson and Hattie
Boroughs, which was greatly
pn joed by all, Af ter this about
an hour was spent in the parlor
reatngr love experieces"- and
in plaving interesting and
ausing games. Miss Clarlie
is very attractive young lady
celh mt music t.-acher and takt
greaf; interest in the advanc,
inent of her pupils. She hf
been teaching music in Libert
and also Norris and E:-sley ft
the past nine years.
Mis. T. H. Keenan has r<
turned home after a pleasar
stav with her father, Mr. B. I
Parsons, of Pickens.
Miss Daisy Getty, a charmin
young lady of Fayetteville, '
C., has returned home, after
pleasant stay of two month
with relatives here. She wa
accompanied home by her sistei
Mrs. Parker Brown, who wi
spend a month in and aroun
Fayetteville before returnin
Roy Gaines spent the latte
part of last week with his grant
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C
Gaines, of Norris.
Mrs. Georgia Boggs is on ai
extended visit to relatives in At
, Dr. C. W. Smith, of Newry
spent a few hours betweei
trains with relatives here Sun
day afternoon.
Rev. J. E. Crim, was ii
Greenville Saturday on business
Mrs. F. B. Mauldin. and littl<
daughter, Irene of Central.
spent Tuesday of last week with
her sister Mrs. Angle Smith.
Miss Earnestine Rankin vibit
ed relatives in Pickens recently.
Mrs. John P. Smith, of neai
Six Mile, spent the latter part ol
last week with her son, J. War
ren Smith.
Mrs. J. C, Bailey, accompanid
by her three interesting littlE
boys, left Saturday for Sumtei
where she will be gone for sever.
al weeks, visiting home folk.
Mrs. C. R. Knox and twc
little daughters, of Seneca, visit
ed relatives here last week.
Miss Lucile Thomas of At
anta, is the 4ttractive guest of
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brown, at
the "Brown House" this week,
-Sehool Trustees
At an election held in Pickens
ounty on May 11, 1912, the fol
owing were elected :trustees for
he several school districts:
No. 1. Crosswell-R. B. Kay
II W. Garrison, J. 0. Hughey.
No. 2. Dayton-R. H. Satter
ield and two yet to be elected.
No. 3. Zion-R. T. iLesley,
Andrew Buirgess, Isaac Griffith,
No. 4. Flat Rock-H, G. F'ow
er, F. C. Brown, W. F. Young.
No. 5. Ruhama-J. H. .Revis,
W. S. Smith, W. B, Owens.. '
No. 6. Symmes-W. A. Dob
on, J. C. Boggs, 0. D). Epps,
No. 7. Tabor-Henry Rawmpey,
. A, Howe, Julius Martin.
No. 8. Calhoun- G. H. Hen.
ricks, W. A. Boggs, W. N.
~'No. 9. Central-R. G. Gaines,
No. 10. Johnston-H. 0. En
ekin, G. F. Norris, J. F, Wil.
No. 11. Liberty-W. H. Chap.
an, W, A.Sheldon, J. C. Boggs
No. 12. Reunion-Fred Wil.
ams, T. N. Smith, W. W. Nor
-No. 13. Easley-R. F. Smith,
. H. Cheatham, J. L. Camp.
No. 14. Mauldin-W. T. Dorn
. M. Mauldin, N. D. Satterfield,
No. 15. Lenhardt-B. D. Len.
ardt, J. E. Garrick, W. McMa
No. 16. Farr-C. E. Day, W,
. Jones W. T. lreemnan.
o. 17, Dacusville-J. P. Rob
nson, Lee Hunt, W. M. Pondal
No. 18. Maynard-a, N Ga
ner. B. IR. Whitraire, H. Smith
No. 19. Cedar Rock-No re
No. 20, Bethlehem-W. T.
iates, Lawrence EGilstrap, W,
P. Stewart.
No. 21. Roanoke-No report.
No. 22. Gates-J. M. Bolding,
R. H. Barnkley, J. C. Duckworth
No. 23. Long Branch-NO re
No. 24. Garvin-WV. J. Kelly,
. M. Stepliens,'D. L. Kay,
No. 25. Kings- N. R. Kenne
ore, T, S. Ramsey, J. A. Driv
No. 26. Palestine-No report.
No. 27. Six Mile-J. L. Dii
lard, J. E. Merck, D. E. Garret'
No. 28. Praters-G. C. Bold
ing, J. M. Entrekin, R. M. Bold
30. 29. Wolf Creek-A, A
No. 30. Town Creek-No re
N'1o. 31. Pickens-T. J. Maul
din, T. L. Bivins, Franl; McFal
No. 32. Glassy Mt.-9. P
F'reeman, W. E. Hendricks, WV
H. Anthony.
No. 33. Mica-G. B,. Williamn:
W. B. Ninamions, D. F. Suther
No. 35. Olga-G. C. Foster
M. C. Fowler, Thos. Sam mon
No. 36. Oolenoy-W. F. Hen
It On
s The Florence Automatic W
Oil Cooking Stove burns ordir
new principle-you regulate ti
as shown by the above cut, so
absoluie control-always ready,
no clogging or leaky valves, n
smoke, no kitchen full of soot.
Oil Si
eo&y9XxW AsbesE
$ 4.50 Moore & Mauldi
05Moore & Mauildr
7.5 and Planter Comn
3.50 aeil team Pony
35.00 Two-Horse Rever:
12.50 50-Tooth Guard R
1 . VHarrow
29~ 1 6-inch Reversibi
7.U with Trucks.-.
3 18-inch Reversibl<
.L.~ with Trucks-..
It will pay you t
We have a large stock of D)a
better come and look over our st
inspection is all we ask. We ha'
so come to see us and bring all y
dricks, A. M. Simmons, T. B.
No. 37. Ambler-R. B. Brown
W. G. Hendricks, G. T. Free
<No. 38. Hagood-A.~ S. Porter,
J. F. Kelly, E, Griffin,
No. 39. T.welve Mile-C. M.
Gravely, J. L. Stephens, Hoyt
4 No. 40. Martin-W. M Benja
min, J. E. Durham, W T Jones
No. 41. Mile Creek-S. B. Dal
ton, J. E. Nix, W. IR. Curtis.
No. 42. Keowee -J. L. Mur
phree, J. S. H. Price, T A Stew
No. 43. Bethel-No report
No. 44. Shady Grove-L. C.
Owens, B. F. Murphiree, J. E.
No. 45. Antioch-A. T. Winw
chester, W. 1%. Grant, B. R.
No. 46, Hampton-R. M.
Lusk, M. D. Cantrell, T. G.
No. 47. Holly Springs-No re
No. 48. Rock-J. L. Stai sell,
E. C. Edens, D. M. Chastain
No. 49. Grove-Ji. J. Burgess,
D. L. Barker, A. A, Whitmire.
No. 50. IRocky Bottom-No re
No. 51. Eastatoe-J. D. Chap
-pell, J. C. Chappell, E. C. Bowie
No. 52. Cane Creek-No re
No. 53.. Igurel Fork-No re
- port.
No. 55. New Town--No reprt
-No. 56. Montvale-N'o report.
For Infants and Chi1drew
Thllnd You lHave Always Dught
3 ignature of
'ickless, Valveless, Blue-Flame
ary kerosene oil-works on a
e flame by a turn of the lever,
that the heat is always under
convenient and economical
> troublesome wick, hence no
~s Lined Ovens
CO.. aN.k.f.--C~,. a...
s &Asl
elf Cheaper
iDistributors $3,00
Turn Plows 2.50
ible Disc Plow 26.80
ailSmoothing 90
oDisc Harrow 22.25
Disc Harrow 24.45
i see us before
y Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats, e
)ck before you purchase. As for
e no article that is not a money-:
mr cane seed, corn, peas, eggs, 1
Pickens Graded Scheel to Close
The closing exercises of the lo
cal school will be held Thurs
day and Friday of this week.
Beginning Thursday eyening,
the 23d, at 8 o'clock, the exerci
ses will be by the graded school
department, as follows:
Fan Drill First Grade
A Toy Shop 2d and 3d"
On to Victory, A Temperance
Cantata: and
"Jes' Like White Folks"
4th and 5th Grades
Snflower March-6th and 7th "
Ball Tossing Pantomime
6th and 7th Grades
Humexowm Iecitation
Harry Robinson
The commencement exercises
proper will take place Friday
evening beginning at 8:30 o'
clock, as follows:
Salutatory-Miss Mattie Grif
Prophesy-Miss Nellie Free
Will-Miss Florence Suther
History-Miss Ruth Cannon.
Valedictory-Ed. Bowen.
Immediately after the gradu
ating exercises the literary ad
dress will be delivered by Dr. D..
af. Banxksey, president of G. lF.
C., Greenville
~otice of Fin~aI ettlement and
NOTICE -is hereby given that I wil
make application to J. B. New berry
Esq., Judge of Probate for Pickens
county, in the State of South ('arolina,
on the-8 day of June.1912, at 11 o'clock
mn the forenioon, or as soon thereafter as
said ajplication can he heard for leave
tomak final settlement of the estate
of Mrs. L.A. Dacui, dece ased, and ob
tandis~tiarge as execute r said estate.
4to AthurJones,
Have You. Paid Up?
The Drini
is a big one and the best answei
Everything is ve
"CO"ed fruits and th4
CLEAN---From top to b
PURE Everything we
"drink is delicious.
Entrance examinalions at all the count
It offers courses in Ancient and Modern
ical Science, Debating, Chemistry, Paiy
Courses for B. A., B. S. anu B. S. degrn
A free tuition scholarsbip to each cour
:hoarships giving $100 a year and free t,
n September.
Expenses reasonable. Terms and catak
than Others
03 0320-inch Reversil
. With Trucks. ...
5.25 62 Ch'tnga Steel:
5.75 72 -"
8.50 63
10.00 04 -
9.00 18 s'
All 25cIPlow Points
All 30c Pieces
All 35c Pieces
All 40c"Pieces
buying anythng
e., which we are retailing at WI
comparison~ of prices, we never
iver-investigate! PRICES SPI
uter and just anything else i
-For land any where in Pick
ns county see or write J. R.
Ashmore, "The Land Man."
For Sale-Eggs from the pure
and best strain of White Or
pington chickens. Prize winners
t the Pickens Poultry show,
1911. Price, $3 and $5 setting.
B. Lewis,
f Pickens, S. C.
If you have cane seed bring
hem to us-75c bushel trade or
Craig Bros Go.
-Amount $300 to $10,000; terms
easy. Address R. T. Jaynes,
Walhalla, S. C., or C. E. Robin
son, Pickens. S. C.
parts of the county.
H. M. Hester,
The Real Estate Man.
EGGS for hatching from S. C.
Rhode Island Reds 1 to 3~00 per
setting. Indian Runner Ducks,
$.50 per doz.
Pickens Poultry Farm,,
E. H. Craig, Prop.
No Lice.
SComfortable- healthy
hens. More eggs-more
profit-Houses free ifrom
eie are. sure when you
use Pratts Lice Killer,
'If you kill- the lice you
yo.i get more eggs, 35
Scents a quart; $1.00 a
1912 Almanac and Stock Book
Sinking of the Titanic,"
complete st ory from lips of sur
vivors. :350 pages, .50 illustra
tions. Mailed to any address onl
receipt of $1,00.
. A. M. Jones,
Pickens.S. C.
is a drink atoSa Fountain
rycold-the water, syrups, crush
ice cream.
ottom inside and out
erve is absolutely pure, every
We serve it right
i Seed
J. McD Bruce, President
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier
y-sats on Friday July 5, at 9 a. n
Lanages, Mathematics. HistIry
ics, Biology. and Engineering.
e with Engineering.
t y of South Carolina. Vacant
.ation. open.to competitive exam ,
gue on application. Write tk
IOLPH, Presidenat
a, S.C.
)le DiS Harrowe 26.65
eam Turn Plows 3.75
~ " ~ 7.2,5 C
20c 4
Sin Hardware
niss a sale on that-aceount An .
Cittion, 1
State of South Carolina, . -
County of Pickens.
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Mattie Gillianm made suit
me to grant her letters ofcAdmin'~
tion of the Estate and effets of
These are therefore, fo cit% an
monish all and singular the ki ne
creditors of the said Llvr ,
deceased, that they be and appeir
me, in the Court of Probate
at -Pickens on the 5th dayofJ .'1.
1912 next, after publication-hereof, at
o'clock in the. forenoon, to 51W
if any they have, why tesad "
tration should not be grante!d.
Given under my hand -this Ildayz "
May Anno Domini1912.C' -
,2t6 .J. B. Newbr,.
Notice to Debtors and Creditor&
ALL Persons holding clainna~15
the estate of~ the latefl L.-~
must present the same duly proven
or before the 1 day of June 19!2, or
debarred payment;and all persons
debted to said estate, must make pd
mejt on or )efore the above date, to &
undersignel. Mrs. M. F. C?.1tin..
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmnont sefd l on,
East Georgia. The land of opportumit
Special induc~eetto fruit growers
dairmen, stockmfenl. and - poiiltrytnZ
A grat demand for diversified farming
Some products to sell every t
como marhket and best prices. Twer
ty odd ,Tourift hotels in Rabershar
Couty, (both summfler and winter rr
sr),only '78 miles from Atlanta 0
a line of Southern Railway to Wasl
Dntn . C. . Ten acres *apple arcbard
330Uod0 bashels of apples z~jin
$39000 Equally as good for-esi) "
lans i rouce from 1.to 2b -ci
coCO tol100bushels of corn. .. -
cnbesideS large crops-if smanl gram:
dhay. "Pure water, fine climate. n'
ouitoes, splendid scenery, fin,
sS and chur'ches, 1800 'feet eleva
cin. Prices range froml5.O0 to $25
per scre. Send for descriptive Pamphl
let and price list.
- . . d

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