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aTh Pieiis Sdllilnel
eding Bates Beeo.nable
t s DAY, MAY .1912.
Dr. Bolt Not a Candidate
any will regret to learn that
Dr. J. L.,Bolt has declined to
enter the race for the house of
representatires. Dr. Bolt has
miany friends in the county who
would have been glad of an op
portunity to vote him, but we
have rceived the following let
te- frM him with the .request
to publish, and which explainA
"esire to thank the many
friends who have expressed
themseves to me in regard to
my becoming a candidate for
the le--gislatuit.-'
fer due consideration, -1
hAve deccided not Ito be in the
ac id beg to remain simply
"J. L. Bolt, M. D."'
Marinda Williams and
Clarence Lathem surprised
their ;many friends when it was
that they had been mar
rL i a- the Ottoray hotel in
G .Ulle last Saturday.
Miss Williams is a daughtei
o. M.ir. :md Mrs. B. H. Williams
of county, and is a very at
tracti-e, cultured- 'yeung lady.
Ft *he past several months she
has bo-.n teaching at Eastover,
vI iLRhland county, but her
schxol closed last Friday night
nd- she left the next morning,
p~es iably to return home. Not
ho Lwever, for Cupid had done
work by arranging for these
w> opular young people to
ieet At the Ottorav and be
imade one. It is not thought
r iost intimnate friends knew~
of the happy event uniijl it was
over. Rev. W. 4hristopher,
of %mncan, perm~red the cere
an- .- . Lathem, of the
Mt. Carmel section, but for the
?pstfw years hats been in Ore
gon, wherelie is connected with
a large shoe establishment as
trayelling salesman. He return
ed to this State about three
weeks ago on a visit of greatlim
portance to him as ithas devel
oped, and will shortly return
with his charming bride.
Congratulations and wishes
for their continued happiness
i~~.ni prosperity, which might be
aumented by having The Sen
tinel sent to them.
Mr. Editor: Please allow me
to sayto the farmers- of this
county, don't forget to plant
corn. -The planting of this most
-irhportant crop should be con
;tinnied as long as it will~mature.
SSome of them in this section are
pliang yet, and some are hoe
ng Il cotton.
JRe'. and Mrs. E. L. Thomas
iiatltves in Greenville
SMr. .I. T. Benjamin has fin
ijhe +ainning his cotton and
pa corn last~ week.
~Mr= A. W. Graveley, who
has'en on the ick list, is re
pote ~oetter.
Re. . L. Thomason preach
-e You Paid Up?
~4.~4)Moore & Mauld
--Moore & Mauldi
-" and Planter Con
-~~JSteel Beam Pon:
3-~ ~JTwo-Horse Rever
12 j)50-Tooth Guard I
*-- Harrow - -
16-inch Reversib:
with Trucks-...
C 18-inch Reversibi
~&-'with Trucks-.
I upay yOU
tave a large stock of D)
- ie and look over our st
use~ is all we ask. We has
m~~'see us and bring all Y<
Mr. Hester in Reply
I note what The Sentinelsays
in reply to me in regard to Ro
manism. It fears the increase
of their power in this country.
Well, to look at it one way,
there is some danger. There are
about 400,000 of their faith and
under the control of the Pope,
and that is quite an inducement
to the politician of today. But
cast your vote for Wilson or La
Follette. Such men as Taft,
Roosevelt and Clark wilr soon
bring them into power. But
what is our State doing to hold
them in check?. Why not tax
their ecclesiastical property?
They have about seven billion
dollars worth of ecclesiastical
property in the United States.
If the factories pay taxes and
the churches none, it goes that
the church will soon own the
Romanism is not the only one
to watch. They did not burn
Servitus, and I believe had Ser
vitus lived he would have done
more for the world than did
"In the heart of the seven
hilled city,
You sit superbly enthroned,
A courtesan queen without pity
While all humanity groaned.
'Neath the red rod you wielded
In the name of your crucified
And the cross that your holy
shame shielded
Served well as the hilt of a sword
You slew, and waxed glad in
the slaughter,
You bowed down the proud and
You ravished and blooded the
In which you baptized your elect
Yea, crowned in that city
You governed with crime and
with curse
With teachings and tortures
That hell were ashamed to re
"No longer the Vatiean voice
Its rulings for all the race,
For reason now reigns and re
In liberty, glory and grace.
No ,longer your hot anguish
Its victims in dungeons and
For truth with its uplifted torch
Is lighting the fires of your
"Your temporal power is long
Your temporal sway is now o'er
We come and bring you a to
As death leaves its sign at the
Within your own walls we
defy you,
And make of your mission a
Your followers speak to deny
As Peter at the crow of the cock
M W Hester
Jones vs. Blease
Politics are not dead in this
county, though from the dearth
of candidates one would think
so. During the recent elections
for school trustees held in the
several school districts, politics
of course was discussed. At one
of them It was proposed to test
the strength of Jones and Blease
by voting for them at the same
time. When the votes were
counted it was found that they
had tied. The number of votes
cast was not learned.
s & Asi
leII Cheaper
nDistributors $3.00
1 Distributors
bined.......... 4.00
r' Turn Plows - 2.50
sible Disc Plow 26.80
ail Smoothing~
~ 9.00
e Disc Harrow 22.25
Disc Harrow 24.45
o see us before
ry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats, el
)ck before you purchase. As for
re no article that is not a mnoney-se
For Congress
I heeby nnone %myelf a candidate for
n0* fss fronx thN h ressional Dstct
f South Carolina. subject to the actOn of the
roters of the District in the Democratic primar
Walhalla, S. C.
- For Solicitor.
I hereby annource myself a candidat for
Solicitor of the 10th Judicial Circuit and
>ledge to abide the result oT the Democratic
rimary and to support nominees thereof.
maryNO supprt f. DANIEL.
For House of Representatives.
At the solitation of many friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the House of
Represenetaives from Pickens County, subject
to the action of the Democratic party cn the
primary election. J. M. Hancock.
For Clerk of Court.
I hereby announce myself a.candidate for the
office of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
ubject to the rules of the Democrati-c ry
The-many friends of Mr. J. H. G. McDAN EL
herebv announce him as a candidate for the of
fice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County. sub
ject to the action of the voters in the Demo
cratic primary election.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
re-election to the office of Sheriff for Pickens
ounty, subject to the will of the voters in the
ng Ma election, the result of which I
promise to abIde. R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce m iself a candidate for the
office of Sheriff of Pic eus County subject to
the will of the voters In the coming primary
election, the result of which I promise to abide.
J. C. Jennings.
For County Treasurer.
The many friends of Mr. J. D. Aiken hereby
announce him as a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer subject to the action .of the
voters in the primary election,
The many friends of Mr. J. P. HYDE here
by announce him as a candidate for the of
ice of Couuty Treasurer subject to - the
action of the voters in the Democratic pri
The friends of Mr. Eb H. Field hereby an
nounce him as a candidate for the ofce of
County Treasurer subject to the will of the
Democratic voters In the approaching primary
for County Commissioner
The friends of Mr. G. Wash Bowen hereby
announce him as a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to the action of the voters in
the primary election.
The many friendsof JA MES M. LAWRENCE
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election tothe office of County Commissioner
subject to the people in the democratic pri
The many friends of J. LUTHER BAGWELL
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner,
subject to the action of the voters in the
Democratic Primary electien.
Mr.x. B. Moore is hereby announced as's
candidate for the office of County Commission
er subject to the action of the voters in the
primary election.
Notice of School Election.
County of Pickens.
Whareas, a petition fronm the freehold
ers and electoi s of Qolenoy District No.
3, has been filed with the.County Board
of Education, asking for a special elec
tion to detirmine whether or not an ex
tr 'evy of four mllsB shall be Ievied- ori
said District for schoal purposes,
It appearing to the Ceounty Board d
Education that the petition meets the
requirements of the law,
Therefore, it is ordered that the Ti-us.
tees of above named District do hold
an election int said District at the school
house within said Districteon Saturday
June 8th 1912, for the above stated
purpoe. The Trustees of the District
are hereby appointed Managers of sai-i
electitn. Said election to be conducted
accoring to the requirements of Sec
tio 1208 of the General Statutes
By order of the County Board of Ed
25 Sec. and Chr.
Pickens, S. C.
Ldberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every IWednedas
I. A. McCollough B, F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
I0#1l0oug1. IartiR & Blythle
lasoRIC Temple GrecRYIlle, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
?ratice in all Courts.
imore $
than Others
3 ~~~20-inch Rever
J. Uwith Trucks.
'5.25 62 ch-tia ~ste
5.75 72
8.50 as
10.00 e
9.00 18
All 25c Plow Points
All 30c Pieces
All 35c Pieces
All 40c Pieces
bying anythjn
., which we are retailing at WI
comparison of prices, we never
ver-investigate! PRICES SPE
itter nsd nst anything ele e
For Ee
Since we started ir
Clothing, Shoes, Hats a:
We have tried each
- The fact that we hi
-lear after year.
One of the largest i
Gents' Fuirnishing Good
We have re-arrang
- about 100 odd Coats an
to make room for new <
coat at half-price.
*Aliwe ask is aloo01
Clothing, Shoe:
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hor
eli Wagons and Mitchell A
Yonah Land.
East Georga Te land of opprtunity
special inducement to frrmt growers,
dairymen, stockmen and poutiymen.
A great demand for diversified farming.
some products to sell every th
clonmo market and best prices. Twen
ty odd Tourist hotels in II.ibersham
County, (both summer and winter re
sorts), only 78 miles from Atlanta on
main line of Southern Railway to Wash
ington, D. C. Ten acres lapple archard
produced 3300 bushels of apples netting
$3900.00. .Eually as good for peaches
pecansrpe etc. rThe Lest of fring
cett. ao deto10buhl of cedrn pr
and~ hay Pure ater, fit e climate, no
ion. Prices rang fr6ni$50 to $2S.
pr acre. Sead for descrtptive Pamph~l.
Itet anud pr ce list.
'Bny --
1Beam Turn Plows 3.75|
" " 7.25
~ " 6.50
i in Hardware
iss a sale on that account. An
kich you may havaen to sel
01 0
rybody and at All
Jheapesttote Best
t business, 14 years -ago, we have made a specialty of
id Gents' Furnishing Goods.
year to raise the standard in quality, at reasonable
Lve succeeled is shown by our increased business
.nd best selected stocks of Clothing, Shoes and Hats
Is to be found in the county.
FOR BOYS, FROM : $1.50 to $7.00
FOR YOUTHS,' : : : 3.00 to 15.00
FOR MEN, FROM : : 5.00 to 25.00
* FOR BOYS, FROM : .50 to 1.50
'. FOR MEN, FROM : 1.00 to 7.00
ie best Stock made in the United States
HE HAWES (Guaranteed) HAT $3.00
HE STETSON HAT : : $3.50, $4, $5
A Line of Shoes thai is a World-beater
THE WALK-OVER : $3.50, $4, $4.50
THE BOYDEN : : $5 and $6
ad our entire line of Clothing, and we have found
di Vests that we are going to close out at half price
~lothing. Don't miss this opportunity to get a good
:, and remember it pays to buy the best.
;, Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specialty.
Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overalls, Hawes Hats,
oe Sewing achines,Chase City and Babcock Buggies,Mitch
W ant to See You
C Fly Traps, Fly Paper, Fruit
Jars, Jelly Tumblers, Fruit
Rf Jari Rings, and Preserving
APower .. .- .-- -.
W. L. Douglas $Shoes
TrIhcebbst make in America
Cotten Hoes
Tou tin~ your cotton that
has not beeni planted yet.
H strawnHats
Ire .-. . .. .- ..
Lice Powder
C .Jo kill the lice on the little
cicns : nd plants .-.
0 Boy's sumnner Pants
N - We want to buy your eggs
chickens, ducks, bees wax,
A dry hides, all kinds or-sala
N ~ ble herIbs, corn, peas, etc.'
Come to see us---a square c
Dodson's Liveri
place of calonel, has arr
i It is pleasait to take ar
and surely. Price fifty <
7 Pickens Dr
The S
One Dolfi
fail fertilize y
) that this is
zer for Corn. Ti
Sthat splices out
crep, or a short
(cotton crop li]
crop. Yucan
ot iertilizer,
. sion 8-4-4 is the
'fertilizer used ]
th .n that us(
around corn.
J. R. Vandiver, Pres.
I Anders<
Affrd Hetriek He
whowish to larnatrade, an egode
12.45 pin,and quit at 6,5 5p. mn., excep
NeaL mill village on tract of 30 acres.
foof pastue, r15 acre with spring bran
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoi
Hetrick Ho
shalidve S~
Si ig o teTtnc
>ple tesor rm isofsr
ceiptin of 00anc,
A. M. Jones, a
P ickens,S. C. y
tone the prepara-tion
llee that takes the
d does its work mildly
-ents per bottle.
lug comp'y
. ..... .
irA Year
our corn with
E has proven
an ideal fertili
'here is nothing
a short cotton
price for a good
re a good .corn
't make it with
Lind the Ander-,
best forth. iNo
pays any better/
ad under and
D. S. Vandiver, Mgr. /
m, S. C.K
vomnei; alsotfor boys and y
1 12 noon, DInner. 45 minutes.
saturdays, when work stops at noon
Four, five and six room cottages. Bent
ch water, rent free.
king beautiful perk of tjiree acre;,
siery Milis
LA, S. C.
"Clean Up the Bowel. and
Keep Themn Clean"3
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but- thie difi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
does not perform
by force what
should be accom
* plished bypersua
axative Tablets.
r. N.A. 13deII
- 5Washington
- ,Waco, Tex.,
lieIhave been
troubled with constipation. and have
tied many remedies. anl of which
seemed te canse pain without giving
much relief. I finally tried Dr. Mies'
Iaxative Tablets and found theng~ N
cellent. Their action Is pleasant and
mild, and their ehocolate taste maes
gla to rec d' aend than
"Clea up the loef an kee
them clean," is the advice of all
physicians, because the realize the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not delay too long,
but begnroe .cr tveeasr.
new remedy for this old coirnplaint,
and a great imrovement over the
cathartics you have been using in
the past.- he taste hikecny
,and work ile a charm. Atra
will convince you.
.Dr. Miles'. Iaxative Tablets are
sold by all .druggists, at 25 Ceits
aubnx esontaunn 25 doses. - If ao
turn the box to your drggs and
he will return yoe# *onq
Ten dollarse day for investi.
ating the Muldrow-Cheshire
ffair and The Intelligencer
ras full of it.--Abbevile Med-4

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