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ie Pickens Sentinel
Some Tiiig !on Know and Some
You Doni L ow bout Our
Towns, Cou & People .
All aboard for Pickens.
Monday is my holiday-must
go to Pickens. ,
Are you going to Pickens
Monday? Yes.
The girls are expected to look
their sweetest Monday.
Miss May McFall from Chic
ora is at home for the vacation.
Every old soldier and his wife
are expected here next Monday.
Miss Inez Morris came. home
last week from Chicora to spend
Miss Bessie Jones of Easley
was-visiting Mrs. T. R. Allen
last week.
Dr, L, , Robinson went to
Atlanta last Monday on pro
fessional business, .
Don't fail to come to town
next Mohday and help give the
veterans a fine day.
Miss-Martin, one of the teach
ers, returned to her home at
Donalds last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Loehr left
last week for Gastonia, N. C.,
where they -will reside.
Fine rainb fell in many places
if not over the entire county
la3t Sunday morning.
Mrs. J. T. Taylor and Mrs.Er
nest Folger and daughter are
visiting in Norcross, Ga.
Capt. J. T. Taylor spent the
largest part of last week at Web
ster, N:C. attending court.'
Mr. M. M. Holder has a very
fine field of wheat and also oats
on the road near Town Creek.
Every young nian in the
county will bring his sweetheart
to Pickens next Monday, sure.
Crosses of Honor will be con
f erred by the Ladies of Pickens
* Chapter, U. D. C., on June 3rd.
Miss Norma Griffin, who has
beent teaching at Cateechee this
session, is at home for the vaca
Tr --tation
prchase of $
in tli
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to se4
try t
are e
-" in S1
7~'-*~1lI1 Lii
Mrs. Ralph Hester and little
daughter, Nonna Lee, of Texas,
visited relatives in Pickens last
Mrs. I. M. Mauldin left this
week for Monroe, N. C., wherel
she will visit friends for some
Miss Miller who has been
teaching in the school here re
turned to her home ,in Laurens
Rev. B. E. Grandy and son
Lloyd returned to Elloree last
Monday where they have a large
A great treat is in store for
all those *who are fortunate
enough to hear Judge Jones
next Monday.
Mrs. Emma Major, who has
been visiting in Andersn and
Greenville for two weeks, re
turned Monday. -
Enough county pride should
be felt by our County Commis
sioners to improve and beautify
the court house ground.
*Mr. J. H. Moigan, of Green
ville, was on a visit to his sis
ters Mrs. R. A. Bowen and Mrs.
Florence Griffin last week.
. Rev. R. A. Child, of Hender
sonville, N. C., financial agent,
of Lander College, Greenwood,
was in the city last week.
Hon. J. P. Caiey is attending
court-at Anderson this week as
sisting in the defense of Ellison
who killed Hunt some time ago.
The Pickens Drug Company
say that they are selling more
Rexall goods than ever before.
Nearly every day sees an in
crease in the sales of these
The Pickens Drug Company
has also just received a ship
ment of Dodson's Livertone, the
greatest selling liquid liver med
icine in the country.
They say that if you try the
above named remedies and are
not satisfied th:s.t they will re
fund your money.
Mr. J. L. Looper captured a
carp in Saluda last Saturday
wich weighed fifteen pounds,
ad Sunday -he feasted on fish.
"My hat is in the ring," says
Mr. J. C. Jennings, whose an
nouncement appears in this is
sue of The Sentinel for the of
fice of sheriff.
Come to Pickens June 3rd.,
refunded on
25 or over.
olinday, Julie
a State.
ill have just
adies that we
garmenits arc
a this Merch
onel aim ill h
le greatestv
prices are
tt about actu
and~ hkem the Daughters of the
Confdracy in honoring the
Veterans of Pickens County.
IBe sure to attend the baseball
game on the afternoon of June
3rd.. olayed by local teams for
the benefit of the Arlington
Come to the re-union, it will be
the greatest occasion in years
for Pickens. Judge Ira B. Jones
will deliver the annual address
on this day.
Married Sunday 26th inst. at
the residence of the officiating
,minister, Mr. Thomas Balin and
Miss Lizzie Hopkins. Rev. J. T.
Lewis performing the ceremony.
The you-Rg people of the com
munity had a delightful singing
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.
L. Jones. near Cross Roads last
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Avery Looper who has
been in the west for the last
five years will reach his old
home this week to visit his
mother and other relatives.
Sheriff Roark comes to the
front this week and asks for re
election, He has served in this
office one term and is willing for
the Deople to pass on his record
as an offi.:er.
Mr. J. M. Clements', many
friends will regret to learn of
his illness. He has been con
fined to his home for some time.
It is hoped, however, that he
will soon recover.
Capt. W. N. Hughes, for
many years one of the promi
nent citizens of this county, but
now an exile in Greenville was
:in the city last week on busi
Mrs Lucetta Hester accom
panied Mfrs Ralph Hester on the
latter's return to Texas, where
she will visit her children and
enjoy Western life otherwise for
about eight months.
IConfederate veterans, I will
have only 24 books on "The
Sinking of the Titanic" to sell
June 3rd, so if you expect to
get one you must come to The
Setnloffice early on that day.
I A, M, Jones,
Sentinel office.
Of the candidates so far an
nounced Pickens . claims five,
Central four, Easley two,
Dacusville one. Liberty and
the other sections of the county
are yet to be heard from.
3, we will inlt
received abc
have ever s]
the very bes
adiise in or
Vnig tisIS I
lue ever ofLe
marked 011
all cost to us.
There wil ne a game at th
ball zround i etween the narrie<
and the sinBh.- ovs on the after
noon of June 3d-t. This is ex
pected to be the best of thi
season and no donbt will attrac
a large crowd.
Everybody is invited to com
to Pickens Ju:-e 3rd, and th
ladies are especially invited t
join the members of Pickenc
Chapter, Daughters of the Con
federacy. in helping to provid
sufficient dinner for the Veter
ans on the occasion. -
Maj. G. W. Bowen. candidati
County Commissoiner was ir
the city last week. He noticei
the improvements going on by
way of paving the streets anc
said he had always been ir
favor of improving and beauti.
fying the court house grounds.
As a result of a meeting whicl
has been in progress at the
Pickens Mill for the past ter
days in which the pastor, Rev.
C. A. Waters, was assisted sev.
eral days by Dr. Henry Millei
of Greenville, seventeen person
were haptised last Sunday b3
the pastor.
A committee of ladies will be
at the rear door of the couri
house on the east side, *on JunE
3rd, and will take charge of all
baskets, Those who are partic
ipating in the picnic-dinner will
kindly leave their baskets witli
these ladies, as early as possibk
after . yiving.
Hon. D. W. McLaurin, ol
Columbia, was in the city lasi
week on business. Mr. Mc.
Laurin is spoken of as a prob
able candidate to succeed Hon.
R. H. Jennings, the present
state treasurer, who will not
stand for -re election. Mr. Mc.
Laurin' has many friends in
this county and is generally
known, and it is quite probable
will receive a flattering vote.
Col Robt A Thompson, the
last surving signer of the Ordi
nance of Secession, has been in
vited to participate in the exer
cises of June 3rd, Although,
having cast his lot with Oconee
County in the division of the
PcesDistrict in 1868, he rep.
resented our entire- District in
the Secession Convention, and
Pickens county claims and is
justly proud of him, and reveres
him as our most honored citizen.
nD CO0
Ugurate the
ut 85,000.O(
t that money
der to judg
ile is to give
red for vOul]
a very low
3}vitch '
It On&
The Florence Automatic Wici
Oil Cooking Stove burns ordinar
new principle-you regulate the
as shown by the above cut, so &h
absolute control-always ready, ci
no clogging or leaky valves, no
smoke, no kitchen full of soot.
3i1 St4
Sol by
Mrs. W. E. Stephens was car- h
ried to the hospital in Greenvilie
last week. She has been in ha
delicate health for some time* cl
and it was finally decided by I1
her physician that an operation ~
would be necessary -for her re
covery. Her numerous friends NI
hope for a successful one and si
for her early restoration. ...She di
underwent a successful opera- ti
tion and the last reports from re
Greatest Musi
Iworthi of the f
and experien
i ts merit ami
the people of
inargin of pros
Th~e naome
aon nOff 8tot
mnans BEST.
less, Valveless, Blue-Flame
kerosene oil-works on a
lame by a turn of the lever,
Lt the heat is always under
nvenient and economical
roublesome wick, -heiice no
SLined Ovens
. Maker-Qardner. Mais.
~r are encouraging.
All the Pickens merchants
>se thei sores netMonday
mne3rd., from 10 a, m, to 2
The announcement of Mr. J.
.Hancock appears in this is
e of The Sentinel as a candi
te for the house of representa
res. Mr. Hancock has been a
sident of Central for several
ill Underwe&
inest and da
ce can prodi
l value.
Greenville s
it and 111 soI
The Drin]
is a big one and the best answe
C0L Everything is-ve
...ed fruits and th
CLEAN-.From top to I
E MEverything we
"""drink is delicious
Entrance examina:ions at all the couz
It offers courses in Ancient and Mode,
tical IScience, Debating, Chemistry, Pb3
Courses for D. A., B. S. ant. B. S. deg
A free tuition scholarship to each co
scholarships giving $1C0 a year and free
in September.
Expenses reasonable. Terms add cata
years andliactively connecte<
with the educational interest c:
that town as well as the county
He is identified with the inter
ests of the people generally be
especially educationally. Er
would make an excellent repre.
The Arlington Monument L:
to be erected at "Arligton,'
the home of General Lee. an<
now the National Cemeter3
purchases 4
r Sale ever Ii
intiest Unide
iee. You will
e cases the
P'Y 0
k Problem
r is a drink at our soda Fountain.
ryicold-the water, syrups
D ice cream.
)Ottom inside and out
serve is absolutely- pure, ever
We serve it right
n Seed- -
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
ity-seats on Friday Juy 5, at 9 a. m
m Laurnages, tbhematics. isto
wri. Biology. and Engineeriqg.,:
ree with Engineering.
inty of -South' Carolina. Vacant Boyce
tuition. open togcompottive examaanbosa
ogue on application. Write to
DOLPH, President
0n, S. C.
I where thousands .of our d
federate dead lie buried. N
monument save the simp~w ?
stories furnished y b7e iUn
States governmnent marks :heir
grave's. cand there k niaught to
tu. ha& this; wa~ onee home
-For land anywhere in Pick
t ens county see or write 3. B
Ashmore. "TPhe Land Man."
on refunded 'on
af $25' or over
l have
rth Main Str

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