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One Hforse No.
A small Plow for sma
good features c
Very ligh, Ti
The front is so low, a
that nothing sticks to
The Pickens Sentinel
301' Some Thug ouiul an0Rllo
' 10Yo DQR't Know About Our
< Towns, CoRity & People
Capt. F. S. Evans. of Green
wood wasin the city this weel
circulating among the peopl<
seeking whom he might dis
cover. He is a candidate foi
Congress from this district and
his announcement appears ir
this issue.
The sweetest toned bell ir
this community is the one re
cently installed in the mil
Mr. Sam T. Carter, of Colm
bia, who is a candidate foi
State Treasurer, was in towr
last week looking after his in
terests. He ought to be quit(
familiar with the duties in this
office as he has been con necte<
with it for the past fourteer
Misses Patti~Major and Ruby
Baker are at home from Win
throp for the vacation.
Mr.-John H. Hagood of uppe>
Saluda came down last week
and spent several days in towr:
with relatives and took in the
Capt. WV. N. Hughes ol
Greenville attended the re-unior
last Monday.
Mr. Fr'ed Jenkins of Clarks
ville, Ga., came over Sunday t:
take in the re-union and see hi:
Miss Sadie Craig who has bei
attend(inlg B. F. I. Blackste
Va. came houn Saturday It
spend vaication.
~Mr. S. H. MedIlin,. of Ocont
county,. took advantage of ih
*re-union to visit friends and rel
atives in Pickens.
The first June bride in Piek
ens county is Miss Queen Isabe
Hopkins who was happily mar
ried last Sundlay to Mr. Hove
J. Hinton by Judge Newbery a
his residence..
70 Cutler Share
1 stock, that has the
f all good Plows
o Horse No. 63 .
d the plow so "yankisil
Mrs. Rachel Capel died at the
hmne of her son. J. W. Capel
near Mt. Tabor church. :30th ult.
She was 87 years old and is sur
vived by eight children. Her
Iremains were carried to Green
ville county and interred in the
cemetery at Reedy River Baptist
The plow season is on and
monlasses time will soon be hiere.
Those who are not equipped
with these necessary implements
should provide themselves with
them at an early day. The ad
vertisement of the Big Store in
this issue will tell you how and
where you can do this.
There will be an all day sing
ing atSecona Church the fourth
Sunday in June. Some of the
best musical talent in the counti
will be present and Mr. J. C.
Garrett will make an address
Children's day will be observ
ed by the Flat Rock Sunday
School the fourth Sunday. An
iteresting proerami has been
airaged,. speakers have been
ini1 d andl a profitable day is
Rev. E. M. Boiding' will preach
at Mile Creek church next Sun
(lay at 11 o'clock.
Dr. J. L. Valley is attending a
congress of doctors at Atlantic
city this week where fifty thous
and dloctors have assembled.
Dr. Reece Allgood who grad-1
uated in med~icineO last week
from the College in Bidtimuor
reahed Pickens Mondayan
Iwill spend awhile with his~
parents Mr. and Mrs. D. A. All
good, after which he will retunn
Ito Baltimore and (do hospital
Iwork for a year before begining
a tiv e practice.
Dr. D)ouglas Yongue graduated
lst week fromn the College of
.1Tharletonl in pharmacy with
iit Ilhonos and captured the
dal. ol I will remlain here for
awi\\le with the IKuvcee P'har
Superintenent. I. ofe a la
R. 'I' Iallumi asks for re-- Il*e
ten at the hands of th vx'r
in this countyv. i s annonne
metapears in this issun.
Kr. and Mrs. Attaway Gil
-strap have the tender symvpathv
of manyv friends ini the sort' be
reavement which carne to them
tlast week in the death of their
. ay While the nparents were
We now have I
tock a Complete
na Plow.'
in the field ~at work the little
ne, ten months old, was left
at home with two other children.
In some unaccountable way the
little baby got into a tub of~
water and was dro uvned. When
the parents returned to the
house the child was dead. This
ocured last Thursday, 30th ult.
and the interment was in the
cemetery the next day at Mt.
Mr. J. T. Richey is antc ced
this week for County in ar.
He has served in this di Tmy
a short time he:G bmu
pointed last June v: fid et ine
term of B. D. Garv.s ,...23
Mr. N. A. Christop':- w vill
ig for the people to adoH
record as to whether oi not he
is worthy of being reeltd
Auditor. His announement
appears in this issue.
,There will be an all-day s>ne
ug at Holly Springs the ud
Sunday in June conducted by
Prof. Bolding and others. Ah.
lovers of musia are cordially in
vitedt to attend and bring song
books and well filled baskets.
Mr. C M. Graveley, one of
Pickerns county's most success
ful farmers, brought us some
Nncy Hail potatoes Monday,
and. gentlemen. though they
were of last summer's crop, we
can safely say that no sounder
> finer specimen wvill be gather
el from this year's harvest.
Many thanks, Mr. Graveley.
Mr. Claude L. Hester wishes
to inform the public that he is
n i gent for the Commercial
Lift' Insurance & Casualty Co.,
f Savannah,. Ga., and will 'ap
pr:iate anyv businiess given him.
Het has one of the most attrac
tiv" policies in the insurance
feld. entirely different from any
hertofore exhibited. Let him
talk it over with you.
Nr. A. J. Boggs is announedi
this week for Clerk of Court.
He has filled this position most
accptabl v for several years.
errinigl now his third termi, and
asks for re-election.
Th~1e Pickens Drug Company
sa that they are selling more
Rxll goods thani ever before.
early every day sees an in
cr~ in the sales of these
The Pickens D~rug Company
has~ also just receiv-ed a ship
nn wm f D~odsoni's Livertone, the
greatst selling liquid liver med
i''iea in the country.
Thysay that if y~ou try the
avenamed remedies and are
not satisfied th- t they will re
he age1cy for the
Assortment and 11
"The Old I
Chattanooga Cane 12
Leaders for 30 year:
strongest, highest rui
est finish C:z M;?ills
cess has Uad ri'any
competitoi s
rs. Fiances Robertson O'Dell.
It is always sad to chronicle
the death of anyone, but it is
double so of one who has been
called away from a household
of small children. These
thoughts force themselves upon
us as we try to tell our readers of
the sad death of Mrs. Frances
Robertson O'Dell, the wife of
Mr. S. W. O'Dell, which occur
ed last Monday morning at
2 o'clock. She had been in deli
cate health for some months
when she was taken with
measles which proved to be more
than she could bear in her weak
aed condition. Lingering for
z,me weeks, with the best medi
mi attention, the fight was
waged strong and hard agaInst
he faital malady but all to no
fsai. Hope at last gave way
t desoair and that great mon
eer Death won his victim.
Mrs, O'Dell was a daughter of
the late Thomas L. Robertson
ad numbhered among her
friends ali who knew her, She
v~ss a wom~rm of rare graces,
mcast., iefs~ d and witaall a
chriZan He v irtues were
many mii...h.r..rngth of char
acter will beipesed upon her
She was. ah~ 41 years old
and is an i.a by ner husband
and seve n , ~. A h have
the tender npat i t.f P-osts of
Her remai. -- ~. rest
last Monday a r t~ 1v the
Claton cenme v .:ere
she lhved the 1m111 . m s be
ing conducted b. ..eV. J. E.
I wish to state for personal
reasons, I did not intend to b~e
a candidate for County Treas
urer, but so many of my friends
have urged me to make the race
that~ I have consented to do so.
I have been in office for only a
short time, but have tried to
serve the peopi to the best of :,iy
ability- and I leave my case in
your hands and will be satisfied
with your virdict given at the
polls Y ours trul y,
J. T. Richey
C..unty of Pick~ens.
By J. B. Newhery. Proat- .Ju hr.
Wheras, Mrs M M Porter male suit to
nw to grant her letters ,rcAdiminie'ra
tior of the Estate and effrets of W. T
P. 'ter
These are therefore. to cite and ad
muonish all and singular thme kindred and
creditors of the said W. T. Porter
deceased,'.hat they b? and app-ar before
me. in the C,>urt of Probate to be heldi
at Pickens on tha 20th day of Jone.
1912 next. after publication hereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause.
if any they have. why the said admmnis
tration should not be granmt:d.
Given under my ;h~md this~ 2 1 ay of
June A-mo Domini 1912.
ti J. B. Newbery, J, P. P. C.
famous line of Cl
epairs Parts to fit
[ills have been the
.They are the
aning and the fin
made. Their suc
imitators but no
We are getting out a 4-10-2<
guano; four per cent Phos
phoric Acid, ten per cent of 1
ammonia and two per cent of
potasm. AlsG a 4 y-2 ~uano 1
four per cent pho.':.oricacid 1
and seven per C .c. of ammo
nia and two per cent of potash. i
These are specials for side I
dressing and we have takeni
great pains to get them up so
as to give the best possible i
reults. This fertilizer is heavily i
charged with nitrate of soda, a
to be available as food for the t
young plant as quickly as pos- I
sible. Then we use with this <
nitrate of soda a combination I
of high grade fish and blood to
come in as the nitrate of soda
gives out, to back up the work
started by the nitrate og soda, 1
and to make it fruit on up to a
the tod and mature as much fo
of the fruit as possible. 1
We thiuk this Fertilizer am
moniated with soda, fish and:
blood is a better side dresser
and it is better for the soil than<
soda by it-self. A heavy dose 1
of soda on land leaves the soil
in an exhausted and thirsty a
condition. Soda by itself has<
the effect on a crop of a good a
soaking season fallowed by dry
weather. TIhis special predara
tion we are getting up for side<
dressing being ammontated<
with sopa and fish and bloob 1
has effect of a good soaking 1
season follo wed by showers I
until frost. That is all a man
want on a crop -.a good soak
mng season followed by show
We bough nnre fish this
year than we have usad, as
there was less ammomiate
goods sold this year than usu
al. So we have a surplus of fish
on hand to use in this side
dressing- The fish may clog up
your distributor every now and
then but you will loose no time1
in stopping to clean it out,
because you will make better
crops by your fertdlizar having
fish in it.
You don't loose any time by
stopping duirin~g the woirking
season of a crop to. ltave your
plow sharpened, because von'
We carry in
any Chattanoo
:an do so much better wor 1k
Lfter you get them back fromr
he shop.
It is just the same way with
his fish business,' Cleaning fish
>ones out of your ghano dist
ibutor is time well spen bec
~use it gaurauteesfish in youi
ertilixer, and that mighty
early guarantees a good crop
toply this side-dressng early
~nd often. One of the best if
ot the best farmers in the
tate fertilizers his crop every
ime he cultivates i). In iiro 6
te made 864 pounds of lint
:otton to the acre. We don't
Enow what he made last year.
Any ginner who nas ever kept
Lb on it will tshl you that 1,300
ounds of seed cotton that has
>een side-drrssed will turn out
Ls heavy a bale of cotton at
5oo pounds of seed -cotton
hat has not been side.dressed
Ne were told that last Fall by
ginner and we took up the
nattea with other ginners and
~very man of them who inves
gated it agreed ho it. The
ide-dressing develops the lint
~nd makes more of it. This
~xcess of lent on the seed will
nore than pay for fertilizer.
[his promisrs to be a good
ear to make all the cottou,
:otton seed, forage ond every
>ther crop possible, as indica
ions are now that all these will
ae in demane at good .prices,
or it looks now as if there
sn't goeing to ce any "bumper
:rops of any kind this ydar,
Lnd we natually expect good
>rices and you all know how
ast crop "counts up" when
rou get good prices.
This seems to be the time~
>f all times to side dress with
Lf open hand and make every
>ound of orop possible, when
LI1 products will beC needed at
>rices that will mean money tc
he producers.
Think this over. If you
ion't think heavy side-dress.
ng pays, why of course we
Aouldn't use any. In laot, if1
id't think fertiliaer paid,I
wouldn't use any at all. But
if you decide it will not only
'av for itself and make yoi
One Hors No. 71
i Plow for a purpose.
ng a deep, narrow furro
fry land, when others P1
Chattanooga Reviersi
r two or three horses.
and acorn
II '
several times its cost in clear
profit, then you will need no
argument as to what to do
about making this application.
Our advice is to apply some
good fertilizer liberally and
just as early as possible. Don't
wait too long to apply it if you
expect the best results, espec
ially on cotton,
Now remember, our 4-t 0-2
and our 4-7-2 are in a class to
themselves when it comes to
side dressing.
We reccommend them to
you with our old reliable 8 4-4
goods and know if you will
use them liberally they will
pay you a profit of several
times their cost, to say nothing
of making a crop you will be
proud or and build up, iustead
of exhaust yotfr land, an item
in itself worth more to you
nh n the cost of the goods.
From every stondpoint it will
pay you to side-dress liberally1
and if you do you can't find
anything to use in the class
with our goods.
Nearly Any One May Secure a
Splendid Growth of Hair.
We have a remedy that has
aided to gro w hair and prevented
baldness in 93 out of 100 cases
were used according to directions
for a reasonable length of time.
That may seem like a strong
sta tAmen t- it is and we mean
it to be and no one should doubt
it un til they have put our claims
to an actual test. We are so
certaiin Rexall "93" Hair Tonic
wvill cure dandruff, prevent bald
ness, stimulate the scalp and
root, stop falling hair and grow
new hair, that we personally
give our positive guarantee to
refundl every penny paid us for
it in every instance where it
does not give entire satisfaction
to the user.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is as
pleasant to use as clear spring
water. It is delightfully per
fumed, and does not grease or
gum the hair. T wo sizes,50c.
and $1.00 with our guarantee
back of it you certanly take no
risk. Sold only at our store
The Rexall Store. Pickens
Cutter share
rhat purpose is plow
w in hard clay, and
ows won't go deep
hie Disc Flows
Thi y plow "agoin'
his Offer Should gain the Con
Fidence of the Most Skeptical
We pay for all the medicizie
sed during the trial, If our.
emedy fails to completely re
lieve you of constipation. We
ake all the risk. You are not*
bligated to us in any way
hatever, if you accept our
ffer. That's a mighty broad
tatement, but we mean every
word of it. Could anything be
nore fair for'you?
A most scientific, commoni
ense treatmnent is Rexall Order
ies, which are eaten like candy.
heir active principle is a recent
cientific discovery that is odor-'
ess, colorless, .and tasteless;
ery pronounced, gentle, -and'
pleasant in action, and particu
arly agreeable in every way.
his in'gredient does not 'cause
iarrhoea, nausea, flatulence,j
~riping, or other inconveniegce
exall Orderlies are particular
good for children, agedal
lelicate persons.
If you suffer from chronic or
abitual constipation, or the
~ssociate or. dependent chronic
ilments, we - urge you t(y
exalI Orderlie; at our rs.
emember, you can get them i
ickens 'only at our store. 12
bablets, 10 cents; 36 tablets, 25
ents; 80 tablets, 50 cents. Sold
only at our store-The Rexall
store. The Pickens Drug Co.
To The Public.
On and after June 15th extr*
fare wvill be charged each pas
senger who fails to purchase
ticket, This is required by law
nd will be enforced,
The Pickens Railroad,
2t6 By J,,T, Taylor, G, M.
FOR SALE-Georgia farm,
135 acres.. 10 room- dwelling,
Fine cotton land, Good peach
rchard, Railroad through
place, and one mile to station,
E~asy Terms,.,
Write "Box L,"
.f Pickens S, C, -
NOTICE-I have peas for
sle. B. P. Kelly,
4W~ Central, S- C., R. 3.
He You Paid Up?

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