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The Pickens Sentinel
Advertising Bates Ressonable
u. E. ROBINSON. ErnroE.
THURSDAY. ME16, 1912.
Wonder how many matches
were made here June 3.
The day was ideal, the crowd
large and in a good humor.
Judge Jones met a royal re
ception at the old soldiers' reun
The pleasures of June 3 will
linger long in the memory of
How many men in Pickens
county would like to have a job
at $10 a day, investigating fights
Don't all speak at once.
Many favorable expressions
of Judge Jones were heard at
the reunion. He delighted ev
erybody. -
Col. Green's salary and ex
penses for 46 days cost the tax
payers of South Carolina $360.
Nice little sum for investigating
Has a single prosecution re
sulted from the investigations
of Detectives Green and Creigh
ton anywhere in this State? If
so. when, where and who?
Another prominent citizen
and farmer from the northein
section of the county, after he
heard Judge Jones speak, re
marked: "He is the man for
Judge Jones gained many
friends while here and disap
pointed his enemies by not say
a word apout politics. Was
and didn't he make
a good speech?
One substantial farmer from
the west side of the county said
on the 3, after hearing Judge
Joness speak: "Well, we all
make mistakes sometimes; I've
made them, but when I discov
er them I try to correct them or
profit by them."~
Several of our citizens are
considering spending Sunday,
June 23rd, the day Felder's
train is to pass through this
state, on the north side of
Table Rock to have the protec
tion of that rock of defense
from the f~sillade of bullets and
cannon balls in the struggle to
arrest Felder.
For fear the detectives have
overlooked a matter, (maybe
they have been too busy inves
tigating other things and ar
ranging to start up newspapers)
and to have something to make
-apheir expense account with,
Col. Green or Rev. Creighton
or both might investigate a
fight which occurred at Easley
War, War! There's Going to
Be War.
Gov. Blease's declaration and
fixed purpose to have Tom
Felder arrested as he passes
through this State to Baltimore
means trouble. Already we
can sniff the fumes of an awful
conflict. The battle royal will
probably begin at Greenville
the first stop of the train. Here
LSheriff Poole will assert the
strong arm of the law. Rein
forcements will be had at Spar
tanburg and long, bitter, and
fierce will the conflict wage.
Felder will be aboard. He will
defy the governor, the sheriffs
and the posse comitatus. En
closed in a steel car, bomb and
dynamite proof, with Krag
Jorgensens, Maxims, Krupps
guns and Winchesters protruid
ing from every car window and
door, and manned by the Geor
ia delegation (except Tom WVat
son) it will be no baby show.
My aren't we glad we don't
live in Greenville or Spartan
Gov. Blease's Threat
Gov. Blease-in sending broad
cast over the country his inten
tion to have Felder arrested as
he passes through this State on
his way to Baltimor?, shows
that he does not want Felder,
and reminds us of a story that
a former citizen of this county
enjoyed telling on himself. He
said he had one of the best wom
en in the world for a wife, but
occasionally she would get ruf
led and vexed at his nonsense.
)nce, he said, she became so an
loyed that she lost her self-con
rol and picked up a rock and
-alled to him, "Now dodge for I
tm going to throw."
To the Old Soldiers
You are fast passing away.
n a few years none will be left
bo tell the story of your trials
and conflicts, your victories and
glorious deeds. Why not tell
some of them now? The write
up of Capt. J. A. McKee on the
first page of The Sentinel this
week (which is too pocrly done)
will be news to many of our
readers. It cost nothing but a
little time and paper. The cut
from which the picture is print
ed cost $1.10. If any old soldiei
will pay the expense of making
a cut and furnish us with a sto
ry of his war life and experien
ces, we will gladly publish it.
What Does it Mean?
The following is going th
rounds of the press and is saii
to have originated in "Commor
Sense," a weekly paper and per
sonal organ of Mayor Grace, o:
Up to this time, although Mr
Grace's intimate friends havi
known that he has no intentioi
whatever of supporting Govern
or Blease in the coming election
he has for good and sufficien
reasons not seen fit to make an,
public virtue of that fact. Hi
has been sincere in this attitude
not because he has ever had, o
ever could have any honest ad
miration for Gov. Blease, bu
because as bad as Blease is, h
has, nevertheless, granted ti
Charleston a degree of local freE
dom which she has not enjoyei
in many years. The only thin;
which has made Grace titterl:
shrink from a proper apprecia
tion of this great boon to hi
constituency is his knowledg
that it is a freedom purchase
for money and his sincere cor
viction that at least a portion c
such miserable money goes t
The pertinent inquiry whic:
cocerns the people of the Stat
is as to the statement made i:
the last sentence. What specit
privileges or freedom has bee
granted to Charleston by Go'
And Mayor Grace cannot aj
preciate this "great boon" t
Charleston because he knows
is "purchased for money" an
"that at least a portion of suc
miserable money goes to C<
lumbia." Who gets the mone
in Columbia and what is it pai
Notice of School Election.
County of Pickens,
Whereas, a petition from the fri
holders and electors of Roanoke Di
trict number 21 has filed with ti
County Board of Education anking sa!
Board for permission to hold an electc
to determine whether or not an ext;
levy of 4 mills shall be levied on sai
District for school purpcses:
It appearing to the County Board
Educationthat the petition meets ti
requirments of the law:
Therefore it is hereby ordered the
te Trustees of the above named Di
trict do hold an election in above name
District for the above stated purpos
the election to be held at the schc
ouse on July 6th. The Trustees<
the above named District are hereby al
pointed managers of said election. T]
election to be held according to the re
quirements of Section 1208 of ti
School Law.
By order of County Board of Educt
R?. T,Hallum,
4t10 Sec, & Chr.
Summons for Relief.
State of South Carolina
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas
Summons for Relief (Complaint Serve<
A. M. Morris Plaintiff
L E. Looper,
You are Hereby Summoned and r
quired to answer the complaint in th
action, which is filed in the office of ti
clerk of court for Pickens county C
this date and to serve a copy of yoi
answer to the said complaint on ti
subscriber at his office at Greenville C.I
SC. within twenty days after the sei vi<
hereof, exclusive of the day cf suc
service; and if you fail to answert
complaint within the time aforesaid. ti
Plaintiff in this action' will apply to ti
Court for the rel'.f demanded in ti
Dated June 8, A. D. 1912
A. J, Boggs (seal)
C. C. P. B. A. Mocrgan,
Plaintiff's A ttorneys.
To the defendant above named:
Please taae notice, the summons<
which the foregoing is a copy, and ti
complaint in the above stated actic
ws filed in the oflice of the clerk<
ourt for said county and state on the
day of June, 1912. and is now on fi:
in said office.
June 8.191s J3. A. Morgan,
t-2 Plfra Attys.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hare Alvapi Bougb
Bears the
cSnatte of
An IidRanct
Be it ordained by the mayor
and aldermen of the City of
Pickens, S. C., in couni cil assem
bled and by authority of the
Sec. 1. That from and after
the passing of this ordinance it
shall be unlawful for any person
in the City of Pickens, S. C.,
keeping or owning or operating
any pool or billiard table to al
low any minor under 18 years
of age to play pool or billiards
in any place where tables are
used and such games played. or
to allow such minor to frequent
or loiter in any billiard or pool
Sec. 2. That it shall be un
lawful for any person or persons
kceping or owning any 'pool or
billiard table or any such gam
ing table in the City of Pickens,
S. C., to allow any person whom
soever to play pool or billiard in
any place where tables are used
and such games played between
the hours 10:30 p. m., and 7:00
o'clock a- m., of each day.
Sec. 4. Any person. or per
sons violating any section or
any part of any section of this
ordinance shall be punished on
conviction by a fine of not more
than one hundred ($100) dollars
or by imprisonment at hard la
bor upon the public works for a
period of not more than thirty
(30) days.
P Done and ratified in council
assembled and by anthority of
the same, and corporate seal af
fixed this 10th day of June, A.
D. 1912.
t Clerk
r For Congress
t I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
United States Senate, subject to the rules of
the Democratic party, Your support an:1 in
luence will be appreciated. DIAL,
MR. F- S. EVANS is hereby announced as a
candidate for Congress from the Third Con
gressional district subject to the action of the
voters in the Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Congress from the Third Congressional District
of South Carolina, subject to the action of the
e voters of the District in the Democratic primar
Walhalla, S. C.
For Solicitor.
0 hereby announce myself a candidate for
Solicitor ~of the 10th Judicial Circuit anOa
pledge to abide the result of the Democratic
iPrimary and to support nominees thereof.
For House of Representatives.
LAt the solitation of many friends, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the House of
lRepresentatives from Ilickens County, subject
to the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election. J. M. Hancock.
For Clerk of Court.
MR. A. J. BOGGS isbhereby announced as a
candidate for re-election to the office of Clerk
fCorfor Pickens county subject to the
-action of the voters in the coming Prim~ary
-election, the result of which he premises. to
h thereby announce mnyself a candidate for the
office of Clerk of Court for Pickens Caunty
subject to the rules of the Democratic primary
election. 0. S. ST E 'A A RT.
YThe many friends of.Mr. J. H. G. Mc DA NI EL
hereby announce him as a candidate for the of
fic o ClrkofCourt for Pickens County, sub
ject to the action of the voters in the Demo
cratic primary election.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
re-election to the office ofSheriff for Pickens
County. subject to the will of the voters in the
coming primary election, the result of which I
promise to abide. R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
Soffice of Sheriff of Pickens County subject to
iethe will of the voters In the coming primary
election, the result of which I promise toabide.
J. C. Jennings
-For County Treasurer. .
A t the solicitation of matly friends, I. hereb'
announce myself a candidate f'r' the. ffce of
county Treasurer, snliect to the action of the
Democratic voters in the Prftiary electidni, the
results of wahich Ipromnise to, ahnle.
The many friends of Mr. J. D. Aiken hereby
announce fIim as a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer subject to the action of the
5- voters in the primary election.
The many friends of Mr. J. P. HYDE here
eby announce him as a candidate for the of
lce of County Treasurer subject to the
-. action of the voters in the Democratic pri
mary election.
. The friends of Mr. Eb H. Field hereby an
nounce him as a candidate for the office of
eCounty Treasurer subject to the will of the
Democratic voters in the approaching primary
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
office of County Treasurer of Pickens County
~.subject to the rules of the Democratic Primary.
* Taylor It. Stewart.
For County Supt. of Education
I hereby respectfully announce myself a can
didate for re-eletion to the office of Superin
tendent of Education, subject to the action of
the Democratic party in the Primary election
For Auditor.
MR. N. A. CHRISTOPHER IS hereby announc
ed as a candidate for re-election to the office
of county Auditor, subject to the action of the
voters in th e Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
For County Connaissioner
The friends of Mr. 0. Wash liowen hereby
):announce him as a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to the action of the voters In
Sthe primary election.
sThe many friendsof JA MES M. LA WRENCE
tehereby announce him as a candidate .for re
election to the office of County Commissioner
*nsubject to the people in the democratic pri
toThe many friendsof J. LU". (ER IIAGW ELL
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
[.election tO the ottice of County Commissioner.
subject to the action .of the voters in the
SDemocratic P'rimary electien..
hMr. N. B, Moore is hereby announced as a
Scandidate for the ofiice of County Commission
er subject to the action of the voters in the
eprimary election,
Notice of School Election
County of Pickons.
whareas, a petition from the freehold
ers and electors of (ates District No.
22, has been filed with the County Board
of Education, asking for a special elec
ftion to detirmine whether or not an ad
Leditional extra levy of two mills shall be
nlevied on said District for school pur
SIt appearing to thze County Board of
teEducation that the petition meets the
requirements of the law.
Therfore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of above named D:strict do hold
an election in said District at the e~chool
house within L-aid District on Saturday
June 29th 1912, for the above stated
purpose. The. Trustees of the District
are hereby appointed 31anagers df said
election. Said electiorito be conducted
according to the requirements of Sec
ion 1%R1 of the General Statutes.
Sole Agen
Most dura
running bt
Also the c
the Hugh(
See us for
Good Yea
mobile Ac
Clothing, Shoes,
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hon
ell Wagons and Mitchell Ai
By order of the County Boar. of Ed
4t9 Sec. and Chr.
Maiaria--Chills and Fevers-common
complaints among people living in the
Southeastern States, can be effectively re
lieved in the shortest possible time by
RI. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonic.
This prescription has been used thirty
five years by Dr. Richardson, of Anderson,
S. C., in his daily practice as a family
physiian, and has behind it thousands of
testimonials from many prominent South.
Carolinians and citizens of other neighbor
lag states. R L T. is a .wonderful cor
rector of liver troubles and the greatest.
tonic on the market today. You can abso
jutely rely on it in .any case of chills and'
fever or malarial poison, constipation or:
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tonic that strengthens and builds, go to
your druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
a dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
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gist can't supply you write B. L. T. Co.,
nderson, S. C.
R. L.T.
The Best LUver Medicine
50e a$1.00perBottle. AlIDrug Stores.
What is Your
Time Worth?
I F your time is worth more
than fifteen to twenty cents
an hour, you can make an
I H C gaspoline engine pay for
itself in a very short time.
Many farmers have written us
that their I H C engines paid
for themselves in cash, to say
nothing of the hard work saved,
the first year. HowI
Gasoline Engines
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hours. They are ready for any
work within their capacity, at
any time. They require little
attention, and that of the sim
plest. They make no strain on
your time, temper or pocket
book. Get an I H C catalogue
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out what ten cents' worth of
gasoline will do, working in a
thoroughly tested general pur
pose I H C engine. Made in
every style and in 1 to 50-horse
power sizes. Kerosene-gasoline
tractors, 12 to 45-horse power.
Internat01|ionlHarvester CompanJ of Ameica
Chicago LedUS A
I H C service Bureau
fre purpose tof thist eureau is to furnish.
ny worthy cuestions concerig soilscrops,
ake y>aur ino ics seciic andsend them
to I H evc ureau. Harvester Build.
4 Thort
ts for The Babcocl
ble, best finished
iggy on the marke'
elebrated Chase C
~s Buggy.
'a classy Buggy,
r Tires, Inner Tub
,Hats and Gents' Furnishing Go
Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhar
te Sewing Machines,Chase City a
Pickens S. C.
ILiberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every Wednedays
J1. A. McCollough B3. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
M~JIallghi, M rtia & Blythe
laSonIC Temple Greenville, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section, North
East Georgia. The land of opportunmty.
Special inducement to fruit growers.
dairymen, stockmen and poultrymen.
.A great demand for diversified farming.
Some products to sell every th
clonmo market and best prices. Twen
ty odd Tourist hotels in Hlabersham
County, (both summer and winter re
sorts), ouly 7~8 miles from A tlanta on
main line of Southern Railway to Wash
ington, D. C. Ten seres ;apple archard
produced 3300 bushels of apples netting
$3900.00. Equally as good for peaches
pecans,grapes etc. The best of farming
lands will produce from 1 to 2 bales of
cotton, C0 to 100 bushels of corn per
acre, Lesides large crops of small grain
and hay. Pore water, fine climate, no
I' mosquitces. splendid scenery, fine
schools an~d chu-cher, 1800 feet eleva
tion. Pinic s ra nge howm $5.00 to $25.00
per acre. See.d for descriptive Pamph
let and price list.
County of Pickens,
By J. B. Newbery, Proate Judge.
Whereas, Mrs M M Porter made suit to
me to grant her letters ofcAdministra
tion of the Estate and effets of W. T
Theee are therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kiidred and
creditorA of the said W. T. Porter
deceased, that they be mal apptar before
me, in the Court of l'me;t' ' h's held
at Pickens on :he 2tJ h day' of Jnne,
1912 next, after publication hereof, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon. to show cause.
if any they have, why the said adminis
trat ion abould not be grant.-dI.
Given under my ihand this 21 day of
June Anno Domnini 1912.
t7 J. B. Newbery. J. P. P. C.
NOTICE-I have peas for
sale. B. P. Kelly,
4t.9 Central, S. C., R. 3.
A Woman Is
The delicate structure of a woman's bod)
So complicated are its parts that only the
ing it. Women do not know themse)
means when any of these delicate partsg
the suffering, the misery, the prostrati
becomes irregular. The disturbance n<
enjoyment of health, but they have work~
body that is weak and suffering and a r
invalid's fate, Happily, most of these aill
the most dependable medicines for the rc
Squaw Vine Wine. It is prepared ex
a successful medicine. One that builds1
and regulates the generative organs, I1
tones up the nerves, makes the body str
feeling of wellness, of power to perfori
Ailing women should try this remedy. It
and vigor of girlhood days.
Sold by Druggists and Deale2
c Buggy.
,and lightest
ity Buggy, and
WVagon, or Au
es and Auto
ds a Specialty.
t Overalls, Hawes Hats,
ad P-abcock Buggies,Mitch
Au Or'dinaRee
Be it ordained by the mayo
and aldermen of the City a
Pickens, S. C., in council assemn
bled and by authority of th
Sec. 1. That from and afte
the pasiing of this ordinance i
shall be unlawful for any per
son or persons to willfully abus
or cruelly treat any horse o:
mule or draught animal or beas
of burden in the City of Pickens
S. C.
Sec. 2. That it shall be un
lawful for any person to over
load or overdrive or overwork o:
torture or torment or needlessly
mutilate or cruelly kill or illtrea
or deprive of necessary suste
nance or shelter or inflict unnec
essary pain or suffering upoi
any animal or cause the sami
to be done, in the City of Pick
ens, S. C., whether such perso:
be the owner thereof or havy
the charge or custody of same
Sec. 3. That it shall be un
lawful for any person, being th
owner or possessor or having th
charge or custody of any anima
to cruelly drive or work th,
same when it is unfit for labor
or to cruelly abandon the same
in the City of Pickens, S. C.
Sec. 4. Any person or per
sons violating any section o
any part of any section of thi:
ordinance shall on conviction b<
punished by a fine of not mor<
than one hundred ($100) dollari
or by imprisonment at hard la
bor on the public works for
period of not more (than thirt'
(30) days.
Done and ratified in counci
assembled and by authority o:
the same and corporate seal af
fixed this 10th day of June, A
D. 1912.
Notice of School Election
State of South Carolina,
Counny of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition from the free
holders and electors of Praters Di.'
trict, No. 28. has been filed wn~h th
County Board of Education, askin'
for a special election to determin
whether or not an extra levy of 3 nill
shall be leviect on said District fL
school purposes.
It appearing to the County Board (
Education that the petition meets th
requirements of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of the above named District d
hold an election in said District at th
school house within said District 03
Saturday. July 6th, 1f51s. for th
above .tated purpose. The Tr usteesc
t ae D- tric t are hereby appoint-d man
agers of said election. Said electiont
be conducted according to the requir
me:.ts of Section 128~ of t~ig Generi
Sttat .
By (11d- r of G ,u'.ty BomdJ of Educa
-1) Co. Sop". Ed.
is a source of wonder to medIcal men.
most learned are capable of understand
yes. They do know, however, what it
'et weak or disordered. They alone know
g effect when the generative system
it only robs them of strength and the
to do and it must be done in spite of a
ind that is harassed by the dread of an
-enp of women are curable and one of
lief of such troubles is Dr. Simmons
pressly for the diseases of women. It Is
p the Nervous System and strengthens
stos the painful symptoms promptly,
ong the digestion good, and restores a
i the household work without fatigue.
will give them back the health, strength
. Price $1.00 Per Bottle.
- - - - -- - - - --'
"Our Personal
to all!
We hafe bWn in business In this town
for some time, and we are looking to
bufld up trade by always advising our
patrons right.
So when we tel you that we hbave
found the ecema remedy and that we
stand back of it with the manufacturer's
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.. Vacation .
We are showing
line of Sfationera
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Will be glad to h4
,. Keowee
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$ Pickens Di
The S
One Doli
SWant to
~ C Fly Trap
Jars, Jell:
R Jar Ring
Power .
W. L.1
The best
u To thin
has not I
S0 ForMen,
C To kill ti
- chickens
0 ~Boy's
- 1WWe wanl
P chickenls
4 d ry hides
ble herbs
N Come to
deal guam
Hetrick H(
A fford ideal employment for girls4 and
who wish to learn a trade. and earn y..od
Hours: Begin 6.35 a. mn.. and wo;k ti
124.5 p. mn , and quit at 6,15 p. x,. ee--*P
N'ar mill ratli~.e oni tralct of 30 acere..
fifty cenrts per room per mnth.
Gfood pstur0. 15 acres with spring brat1
Amusemientis: liasebal1* diamond' adjoi
Hetrick H(
ikd Sufferers"
bottle will cost you nothing. You alone
to Judge.
Again and again we have .seen hoW a
few drops of this simple wash applied
to the skin, takes away the Itch. In
stantly. And the cures all seem to be
D. D. D. Prescription made by th2
D. D. D. Laboratories of Chicago, Is
composed of thymol glycerine. ei of
wintergreen and other healing. soothing,
cooling Ingredients. And If you are
just crazy with Itch. oau wl feel
soothed and cooled, the itch absolumely
washed away the moment yyu aPplted
this D. D. D
We have mayd fta friends of ..ze
than pe family by recomaredi this
remedy to a skin mufforer here a~nd
there and we want you to try It now
on, our positive no,.py gua~rantee.
a migty Pretty
eve you callu
the preparation
one- thttke+h
yous pr cotton ~ thatI
r Power
1.ee Youh itl
rumbers Frut
, alnd Prsrvin
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-anee plate yet
Womenfrby and Chil-me
*a n, Dn. 45mntsa ei
Saudas whe wor stpsano
For iand planomotgs.en
chwaerr Paee.
dig euciuk oftees acre,
siery Mills

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