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One Hforse No.
A small Plow for sma
good features o
Very light 1
The front is so low, a
that nothing sticks to
The Pickens Sentinel
305 SmThingsou Know and Some
You DOfl' Know DAt Our
Rev. G. F. Kirby is in Atlan
ta for a few days.
Miss Vesta.Ashmore is spend
ing awhile at Asheville.
Judge J. H. Newton is at hom<
for a rest and vacation.
Mr. Garland Seaborn oJ
Greenville spent Sunday in th<
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Mauldir
were visitors in Greenville Tues
Miss Alice ]Finney of'* Atlanta
is on a visir, to relations in thE
Miss Ethel Hicks of Union is
the charming guest of Mr3.
Those are good laws our city
Dads publish this week. Reai
Supt. Abercrombie and famil)
attended church at Pisgah las1
Jhonnie Harris who has beer
in Atlanta for some months. is
at home.
The boys around Pickens saa
the fish all died some years ag<
of bookworm.
The little daughter of Mr. an<
Mrs. Wayne F. Mauldin wa
very ill last week.
Mrs. M. F. Hester and daugh
ter, Miss Pearl, visited relative
in Easley yesterday.
Capt. I. M. Mauldin attende,
a meetii~( of the trustees a
Clem~ this week.
~-~~on. J. E. Boggs returne
from Atlanta last week muc]
improved in health.
The Scouts had a pleasan
hike to Twelve Mile river on
night last week.
Wonder if tha June bugs ai
-all in Chicago. We have n<
senanyn in Piens yet.
70 Cutter Share
1stock, that has the
fall good Plows
to~ Horse No. 63
d the plow so "yankisi
Misses Nellie Freeman, Mat
tie and Norma Griffin took in
the closing exercises at Clemson;
this week.
Mr. Gignilliat Christopher
came home Saturday from the
University at Columbia to spend
Miss Anna Robinson of An
deron reached Pickens last
Saturdaty to spend the summer
Mr. H. M. Hester was at
Clemson last Monday and wit
nessed the sham battle and
other exercises.
Mr. and Mrs. Hovey L.
Smith of Greenville were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Davis
one day last week..
Paul Hester and Marvin
Hutchins, two of the Pickens
boys attending Clemson are at
home for the vacation.
Misses .N ellie Grandy and
Maka B3oggs were among those
who attended the commence
ment exercises at Clemson.
Mrs. S. Morrison and Mrs. J.
C. Morrison and little daughter
of Columbia are visiting the
family of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Richey. ad
Messrs J. L. Callahaman
Jack Garrett have returned
from their vacation very pleas
antly spent in Columbia and
Mr. Nelson Smith one of the
most substantial citizens of the
county is critically ill at his
home His manny friends hope
for his recovery.
A most interesting meeting of
-the Pickens Baptist W. M. S.
was held last Sunday. The
subject discussed was "'Why
Imountain missions '
There wvill be preach ing at the'
Presby terian Church Sunday
afternoon at 4 o,clock. Con-'
1ducted by the pastor Rev. Mr.
Messrs R. E. Bruce, J. iR.
jAshmore, J. P. Carey, jr., Guy
McFall and other Masons of
high rank are attending a meet
ing of thie Shriners at Ashville
this week.
)W -
We now have t
~tock a Complete
ia Plow.'
Rev. W. J. Foster of Green
ville was in the city last Friday
nd closed a deal with Mr. J.
utler Jones and Mr. Arthur C.
mith of this county whereby
e sold them each a house and
lot on Augusta street in that
Rev. T. F. Nelson, for many!
ears a citizen of this county, is
a candidate for the house from
nderson county and says at
the election he wants lo jump
the fence first.
The family and relati ys of
rs. L. V, Looper who died a t:
lter home in Easley on the 21
ay of May last, desire to here
y express their sincere thanks'
o all the kind friends who:
ainistered to her in her last ill
iess and death.
Mr. H. B. Hendrics says he
vill not attend the National Re-*
ublican Convention at Chicago.
Ele is very enthusiastic, how
aver, in his advocacy of Col.
oosevelt and thinks he is the.
)nly man that can save the
party from sure defeat by the
emocrats this year.
The women of the local W.
. T. U. gave a basket picnic'
o the inmates of the county
rome Tuesday. Quite a num
~er attended, and beside the
any good things carried to
eat joy and good cheer was
ishd out, which made the un-.
Fortunates feel good.
Mr. E E. Douglass and Mr.
Shroder of Greenville was in
the city Saturday on business.
Mr. Douglas for a number of
years has managed the business
n Greenville for the Southern
Cotton Oil Co., but will soon be
transferred to Macon, Ga. He
will be succeeded at Greenville
y Mr. Shroder.
The "Ole Hoss Sale" of re
fused and unclaimed frieght
y the Pickens Railroad last
Saturday was the first Pickens
aas ever had. There was a
good crowd present and at times
the bidding was spirited. Some
bargains was picked up and
some that were not bargains.
One fellow paid 90 cents for a
package of 1906 almanacs.
he agency for the
Assortment and l
"The Old
est finish Cs Ml
cess has bred~ ~mny
competitor s.
appears the announcement of
Mr. N. B. Dail of Laurens for
the United States Senate. Mr.
Dai seeks to succeed Senator
Tilman whose term expires
4th of March next. He is a
prominent and influential citi
zen of Laurens, is identified
with several business enterpris
es in the state. is himself a suc
cessful business man and well
fitted by education and experi
ence in business and politicial
matters to fill this office.
Mrs. J. F. Bannister of Liber
ty visited her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. R. A. Bowen, last week.
Mrs. G. F. Kirby and children
are on a visit to Wilmington
andl other points in North Caro
Mr. P. A. Porter has the brag
corn, Hie has five acres which
will average from knee to waist
Mr. Taylor H-. Stewart, hav
ng caught political fever,
which, b~y the way, is not so
contageous in Pickens county if
we are to judge by the number
of announced po~liticial aspir
ants, tells the votecrs, in this
issue, that he wi~l be in the race
for county treasurer. and solicits
their support.
A motion picture company
exhibited in the school audito
rium Tuesday and Wednesday
nights, showing "The Life of
Our Savior" and "The Drunk
ard." A small crowd was on
There wvill be an all-day sing
ing at Concord church 5th Sun
day in June. Bring your song
books and dinner. Everybody
The Pickens Band.
We were so short of space
last week that we could not tell
our readers how proud we were
of our band. They played for
the old soldiers at the re-union
here last week and everybody
was delighted. One lady re
marked that they played as
well as the Piedmont Band. Il
is composeed of local talent ani
have not had all the advantages
in training that many othn
famous line of C
Lepairs Parts to fil
Red Nil?"
ove been the
made. Their suc
imitators but no
have, but for the opportunities
of practicing they certainly de
serve praise by all our people.
They are nearly all business
men and cannot meet to prac
tice except occasionally aftei
business hours.
The band is composed of the
following members: T. R.
Alien, manager; J. S. Christo
pher, director; Arthur Allen, J.
N. Edens, W. A. Edens, F. D.
Waldrop, W. F. Christopher,
Mack Christopher, C. T. Hughes
J. H. Porter. E. F. Alexander,
Will Stokes, C. E. Thomas,
Luther Childress, Fret man
Childress, Clarence Holder,
Oliver Bogus, Claud Bolding,
Eugene Yongue, Roy Nealy and
'Raymond Cox.
Death of L. M. Baker.
Another of our citizens has
crossed the great divide. After
an illness lasting several weeke
with typhoid fever Mr. L. M.
Baker passed away at his home
near Six Mile on the 4th inst.
He was a young man just in
the prime of life, being about
29 years old. He is survived
by his widow and four children
who have the tender sympathy
of many friends in their sorrow.
The funeral and interment
'was at Mountain Grove church
the day following his death, the
services being conducted by
Rev. B3. F. Murphree, assisted
by Mr. D. E. Garrett.
Will Pickens and Anderson Joir
A Communication from Eas
ley printed in the Andersori
Daily Mail June 6th says:
The Southern and Pickens
railroad officials held a very im.
portant meeting here last week
Rumor says that the Southerr
officials objected to the Picken:
train crossing their line wher
being built at the place wher<
the Old Carolina, Cumberlarn
Gap and Chicago was graded t<
cross. Some time ago the pub
lic commissioners of the count1
and city got a wagon bridge
over at this place and the ic
was broken. Now it is sai<
Sthat the Southern owns stoci
iin t~he Pickerns railway and wil
.We carry in
any Chattanoo
* 1mh
- ImI
extend it to Anderson court
house, if they can get proper in
couragemnent. This will change
things around considerably in
this city -wait and see.
Estimate of Cotton Reduction.
That the most conservative
figures for 11 principal cotton
growing States show a total re
duction of 071,750 acres was
the statement contained in a re
port issued by E. J. Watson,
commissioner of agriculture of
South Carolina and president of
the Southern Cotton congress
on t)-e results obtained under
the "Rock Hill plan" for reduc
tion of cotton acreage. which
was inaugurated by John G.
Anderson of Rock Hill. The re
port which was addressed to the
members of the -otton congress,
places the acreage reduction at
about 16 per cent. According
to the report received Commis
sioner Watson estimated that
the crop this year will be about
2,500,000 bales less than 1911.
"If as much cotton per acre
is produced as was done in 1911.
a contingency that is not only
most unlikely but practically
an impossibility, then by the re
duction of the acreage alone
there will in 1912 be 2,522,225
less 500 lb. bales of cotton in the
1912 crop than in the 1911 crop.
There having been poor prepa
rations of seed beds in many of
the States and very late plant
ing, and all the uncertainties of
a growing crop are yet to be en
''The best authorities esti
mate the carry-over from the
1911 crop into the next season
at only 2,000,000 bales.
Death of Mr. J. H. Abercrombie
We are late in giving the
news of the death of this good
Iman and for the reason the in
formation did not reach us until
IIt will bring sadness to many
who have not already known of
it. He was an honored citizen
of this county for about 18 years,
and moved to Oconee about
three years ago and located near
Salem church. His death oc
One Hors No. 71
Plow for a purpose.
ig a deep, narrow furre
ry land, when others P1
Chattanooga Reversi
and aconi
his remains weie laid to rest at
Salem the day following. He
was 90 years old, a consecrated
member of the Methodist church
and leaves a wife, six children
and a host of grand children
and friends to mourn his de
The South Carolina Federa
tion of Women,s Clubs offers
the following scholarships:
I Winthrop scholarship, val
ued at $104,00 and free tuition.
1 Confederate Home scholar
ship, valued at $100.00.
1 Lander College Scholarship,
valued at $40.00.
All applicants must be 16
years old and must be unable
to secure an educ ation without
this reduction in expense. Ap
plicants for these scholarships
must be made before June 25th.
Examination will be held at the
county court house on Friday
July 5th, at 9 a. m.
For application blanks and
further information, address:
Mrs. Frank B. Gary,
Abbeville, S. C.
Notice is hereby given that
the books foir subscription to the
capital stock of the Table %>ck
Land Co., will be open at the
office of the Heath Bruce Mor
row Co., on Friday June 14,
1912 at 12 o'clock.
R. E. Bruce,
D. W. McLaurin,
Board of Corporators.
AR Or'diallee
Be it ordained by the mayor
and alderman of the city of
Pickens, S. C. in council assem
bled and by authority of the
Sec. 1. That it shall be un
lawful for any person or persons,
company or companies represen
ting publicy for gain or reward
any play or comedy or any
ragedy or interlude or farce or
other entertainment of the stage,
or any part therein, all fortune
tellers and those .who exhibit
wax figures, or shows of any
kind whatseover, and any
circus or other shows traveling
in connection therewith, to give
any exhibit without havingo-h
T'hat purpose is plows
w in hard clay, andi
ows won't go deep
e Disc Plows
Tey p1ow aoi
taned, from the mayor or some
one acting as mayor of the City
of Pickens, S. C., a license
Sec. 2. Any person or persons,
company or companies ~ vio
lating this. ordinance or any
part thereof shall on conviction
be punished by a fine of not
more than one hundred ($100.00)
Dollars or by imprisonmeit. a&
hard labor. ..upon ..tha. public
works for a period of not more
than thirt'y (30) days.
Done and ratified .in council
assembled and by .the author-.
ity of the sam'e, ,and corporate
seal affixed this 10t-% ..o.....
June, A. D. 1912.
Clerk .
ARl Ordillauce
Be it ordained by the mayor
and aldermen of the City of
Pickens, S. C., in council as
Sec. 1. That from and after
the passing of this ordinance it ~
shall be unlawful for any persoa
in the City of Pickens, S. C.,1
falsely and deceitfully, to obtain. .4
or get into his, her or their poe
session or hands any money or,
go xds or chattels, or jewdls or
any thing or things of value of
any other person or persons by
color and means of any false
token or counterfiet letter-nmadd
in any other person's name.:
'Sec. 2. That it shall be un
lawful for any person, by any'
false pretense or representations
to obtain the signature of any .
person to any written inistrU- -
ment, or obtain from any other
person any chattel or money or
valuable security or other prop
erty real or personal with intent
to cheat and defraud any per
son of the same,
Sec. 3. Any person or per
sons violating any section or
any part of any section of, this -
ordinance shall on conviction be
Ipunished by a fine of not more
than one hundred ($100.00) dol- 7
lars, or by imprisonment at
hard labor upon the public
works for a period of not more
than thir ty (30) days.
Done and ratified in council
assembled and by the authority
of the same, and corporate seati
affixed this 10 day of June1912.
FOR SALE or 'exchange A
good horse for milk cows &
n. B. Fiey *w1

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