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PUBLISHED WEEKLY Entered April 23, 190T at Pleires, S.C. an second class mail mattere under act ore
Probate O1VcxPKe 2 12NUMB 9.
Established 1871-Volume 42PIKNSC.JUE2911
First Meening 'Tame but as
. they Progress they Warm up
At Sumter on the 18th, two
thousand or upwards of citizens
gathered from four or five coun
ties, stood about on the green
fronting of Sumter's $118,000
court house, perched in windows
of the court room above, and
heard the 11 candidates for con
tested offices address them from
the portico. A notable cordial
greeting was given Judge Jones,
but it was a demonstrative
crowd. Probably the lack of
what sports writers -call "ging
er" was due to the fact that
the leading candidates for gov
ernor, instead of engaging in a
those later!-devoted the most
of their time to the reading of
formal typed statements outlin
ing their respective platforms. I
Fair order was kept, though the
,crowding of the portico made it
difficult for reporters and others
there to follow the speeches.
John H. Cliffton, county chair
man, vas the presiding officer.
Candidates for governor are
allowed 45 minutes each, candi
dates for attorney general 15
minutes each, candidates for
State treasurer ten minutes
each, candidates for railroad
commissioner 15 minutes each,
and candidates for uncontested
offices five minutes each if they
elect to speak at all.
Gov. Blease read nearly all of
his remarks from a typed state
ment. He said at the outset
that although it had been pre- t
dicted his administration would
check the prosoerity of the State
the report of the secretary of
state showed during that period
an unpreceedented progress in
1he organization of -new con
.cerm, and only yesterday four
notes of the State for $100,000 1
.each were placed at 3 per cent., t
.an interest rate "as low if not
ihe lowest' ever obtained by the C
-tate, except under my admin
/ stration last year."
The governor's statement re
.viewed his platform and inaug
mial address of two years ago,
summarized recommendations 1
made by him to the general as
sembly, discussed those adopted
Sand -those disregarded by the 1
legislators, briefly mentioned
his vetoes and his pardon record
and in general set up the claim.
that his administration had
been economical, impartial and|
constructive. Declarations were i
repeated, with which his previ-i
ous campaigns have familiariz
ed the people, regarding negro<
secret orders, and alleged textile (
trust, a suppostitious "old ring,t
dominated by newspapers and
corporations," and alleged con
spiracy of newspapers againstr
hcimr. It was charged that mon
,ey was being freely expendedt
in the interest of Judge Jones,I
though the governor said he re
frained from charging this to
Judge Jones himself.
Judge Jones took the offen
sive promptly. He -would be
glad to keep this campaign on a
high plane, he said. He deprec
ated the methods of the govern
or. 'Down with demagogu
ery!" he explained. He reprov- t
ed the stirring up of race pre
judice and the antagonizing of
workingmen in the mills against t
workingmen in the stores and
on the farms. "Shame," he
cried, shame on such contempt-1
ible politics!" Charges madej
against him by the governor, in
terms and by implication, werec
discussed seriatim. The gov
ernor, Judge Jones said, did not
think a governor entitled to a I
second term when he opposedt
Gov. Ansel. Judge Jones flatly
denied that money was being a
freely used in his interest. ''IfI
anybody has given me a cent of 1
money to run this campaign. I
. haven't heard of it." Discuss
ing the matter of cornora- i
tion backing, Judlge Jonss said
he was not aware he had the
support of any c'orporations, butp
was certain he had the active
eenmity of some of them. main
ly on account of decissions rend
ered by him in his capaci.y of;
chief justice. He mentioned as
one corporation executive flight
ing him and suppoeting Blease
--presunmably because of a
timber lands decision-W. H.
. Andrews of the Atlantic Coast
Lumber corporation, George
town. "He is one of Blease's
strongest backers," the speaker
declared. "'And tell me," he
said, "vou men who holloa for
Cole Blease, who is the chief
counsel for the Southern Rai!
way? He is B. L. Abney, the
overnor's cousin: and he makes
bis home in the 'White House'
at Columbia." "Nobody owns
rne," said the speaker; I am no
rnan's man: I am not dominated
by newspapers nor by ecrpora
bions- nor by my friends, or my
Mr. Lyon defied Barnard
Evans or anybody else to prove
hat he or any member of the
%urray board got a cent of graft
Ut of.the dispensary. He said
hat it was strange, if Evans,
>harges of grafting by the Mur
cy commission were true, that
ao proof whatever had appear
?d, though the dispensary mat
ers had been placed by a hostile
governor in the hands of a
hostile commission, and this
board had engaged expert ac
:ountants to go through all the
"I am not built on the mealy
nouthed plan," said the at
:orney general, and proceeded
o explain that he had borne
with Evan's insults quietly so
ar, "But I give him notice
hat I have records-he knows
>f their existence-which I
1ave heretofore refrained from
sing against him, out of con
ideration for his farily," If
,vans continues to make false
tatements against the Murry
oard and the attorney general,
ourt records will be prodneed
gainst Evans for the informa
ion of the p)ublic, Mr. Lyon
aid. The evidence against him
ncluded affidavits from respect
ble citizens and records of the
:ivil and criminal courts of the
tat. .
"If he has no consideration
or his family himself, I will
ot spare him further," said
he attorney. general. He had
iothing to say against his
>ther opponents. It was un
ortunate that such a man as
3. B. Evans was in the race, he
At this point Evr ns said
'Lay on, Mackduff, and damned
> he w ho first cries, Hold
The other candidates also
nade short addresses but de
eloped no issues between them.
Presentation of court records
egarding B. B. Evans. candi
late for attorney general, by
-he incumbent, J. Fraser Lyon,
n fulfilment of a conditional
romise made at Sumter Tues
ay, and a sharp change by
lov. Blease from defensive tac
ics to aggressive against his
eading opponent, Ira B. Jones.
eatured today's campaign
neeting at Bishopville. Excite
nent, which had subsided after
ne expected lash between
~yon and Evans, flared up
~gain for a moment, however.
t the very end of the meeting.
mder the stimulus of a dlisa
~reement as t') the right of
udge Jones to reply to the
Organizing at Sumter Tues
lay just before the meeting
here the party of candidates
dopted a rule for the campaign.
vhich is as follows, according
*o the record of the secretary.
. T. Carter:
'When statements are made
y one candidate which are ob
ection able to another candidlate,
le shall be allowed to deny the
:harges and to furnish a cate
~orical answer when the candi
late making the statements
ias finished or at the close of
he meeting."
Under this rule B. B. Evans
vas yesterday and today al
owed a reply to statements by
he attorney general. Mr. Lyon,
mdl unde~r the 5:uneO rule Judgt
Jones today, whenP Go. les
he last speake.r, hadL concludehd.
rose to make his n-ply, the(
~overr'sr addrt.' haevn' o
,isted principally of ai vi.r n
ttack on him. G''. Bio
ehemently protest. agin
Judge Jones being heard. shm
ing: "He's had his speech. let
haim answer tomorrow.' The~
orrnors expression. by voiCe
and by gesture, aroused (con:
ideable excitement, -and this
was increased when apol
man in uniform navanced fromt
the rear of the stand and too
up a position at the governor
elbow. The officer was direc1
ed by the county chairman. I
L. Baker, to retire until he wa
neded. Mr. Baker, after er
deavrring without much su<
Cess to restore order, announce
that he Voulld not permit a r<
ply and declared the meetin
Mr. Baker said afterwar
that he recognized Judge Joner
right to make a categorical r(
ply, but ruled as he did fror
considerations of expediency
During the heated discussioi
Judge Jones repeatedly declarei
that he did not wish to make
speech but intended only to of
I fer a categorical denial.
Numbers of spectators -climb
ed up on the stand. Upward
of 1,500 persons were groupei
about an improvised platforn
erected in Woodward park
The crowd consisted more large
ly of farmers than at Sumter
A section of the crowd indulge<
freely in the heckling process
and Blease supporters uplifte<
their voices at frequent inter
vals. On the whole though th<
crowd behaved well.
B: B. Evans was the firs
speaker. his renewal of graf
charges made two years ag<
and at Sumter yesterday
against the Murray dispensar:
commission elicited from the at
to:nev general the promisec
commentary upon Evan's careel
Mr. Evans repeated his charg<
that dispensary records had
been judged and a deficit of ap
proximately 840,000 covered ul
beneath the term "capitol ac
count." By way of advanc(
reply to Mr. Lyon's threatened
rvelation, he gave his owr
version of his career. He as
cribed to ill will against him or
the part of "that thief, B. F.
Sample," sheriff of Saludz
county, the finding of indict
ments against him in thai
county for forgery and declare
the forgery charge to be false.
le said that this prosecutior
was quashed by Judge Shipj
when the case came on for trial
and his lawyer on that occasior
was J. William Thurmon, nov
campaign manager for Ira B.
Jones. Evans also recalled th<
fact that in Columbia he had
been tried for murder and ac
quitted, because he said his
friend worried by domesti<
troubles, came to his room ani
with his pistol committed sui
cid1e. "My life," said Evans
has always been an open book
there is no man or woman I car
not face. If any man or wo
man has knowledge of any
thing tending to show a dis
honorable act in my r~cord, le1
him or her rise and point it oui
and I will brand her as a de
famer, him as a liar, or (lie ir
the attempt.
J. Fraser Lyon after rzeview
ing his work in showing up dis
pensary grafters and after say
ig he deplored the necessity o1
exposing Evans, proceeded t<
read a certified copy of one o:
the two indictments fo:
forgery found against Evans ir
Saluda cou nty and to rmentior
He said that Evans some
years ago hypothecated at th<
Carolina National bank in Co
lumibia two notes purporting tc
have been made by Edgefield
county citizens, who when thes
o~ligations matured made an
swer to court that they had no
signed'( any such instrument
"and the bank lost the money.'
The attorney general said als<
that Frank and sons, mone:
hVnders of Augusta, sent t<
Evans on one occasion a checl
o boe delived to one of his clients
butt Ev-ans aporopriated th
money to his own use and hi
brother, Jonh Gary Evans o
S part anburg, former governor
had1 to make the check good ii
order to prevent '"Barney'' fron
being prosecuted.
The attorney general said h<
had refrained as long as nossibl!
from presenting this evidence t<
t hec public, out of respect t<
Evan' s mother and his brother
;vad the people of the State, bu
the revelations had to be mad
ab- Evans persisted in goin
aat the State. making fals
adm scandalous charges agains
nwn' the latchets of whose shoe
Evns was unworthy to tie.
k torney general had presentei
s what purported to be records o
b- cases that he for one had neve
heard of. As to the Salte
.s check, Evans said: "If Johi
L- Gary Evans has paid any suci
- check for nie I don't know it.'
d He concluded: "If 1 am guilt:
3- of any crime, why haven't I
g been arrested?"
d Felder To Testify.
Atlanta, June 20.-Thoma
B. Felder, of Atlanta, will re
spond to a summons to meet ar
investigation committee from
the legislature of South Carolin
in Augusta, Ga., on Monday
July, 8. for the purpose of giv
ing to that cpommittee 'such tes
timony as he may have con.
cerning the charge of dispensary
- graft lodged against Governor
s Cole L. Blease, of South Caro
I lina, by Mayor Grace, of
1 Charleston.
The meeting between Mr.
Felder and the investizating
committee, set for July 8 in
Augusta, was the outcome of
several days' correspondence by
letter and wire. Mr. Felder
- first named Atlanta as a fit and
a proper place of meeting, but
when the committee said that
t Augusta would be more con
venient to it, the Atlanta man
) promptly accepted.
Mr. Felder's sole objection to
going to Columbia is said to
ha e been fear of interference
upon the hearing perhars vio
lent, by friends and partisans of
Gov. Blease.
These Want Your Vote.
The following is the official
list of candidates as announced
I by Mr. Evans;
B. R. Tillnmn, W. J Talbert,
N. B. Dial.
First District-Geo. S. Legare,
H. Leon Larisey.
I Second District-J. F. Bvrnes,
Harry D. Calhoun.
Third District-Wyatt Aiken,
> F. S. Evans, M. C. Long.
I Fourth District-Jos. T. John
SFifth District-D. E. Finley,
.Glenn W. Ragsdale, W. P.
tSixth District-J, E. Ellerbe.
-J. W. Ragsdale.
Seventh District-A. F. Lever.
Ira B. Jones, Cole L. Blease,
J. T, Duncan.
C. A. Smith.
R. M. McCown.
b A. W. Jones.
J. R, Earle, B. B. Evans,
Thos. H. Peeples, J. Frasei
S. T. Carter, D. W. McLaurin.
>John E. Swearingen.
W N. WV. Moore.
F . J. Watson.
John 0. Richards, Jr.. J. H.
WAharton. James Cansler.
First Circuit -P'. T. Hildre.
a brand.
-Second Circuii 1T. L. Gunter.
t Third Circuit-Philip H. Stoll,
a Thos. H. Tatum.
Fourth Circuit-J. Monroe
y Spears, T. IL Rogers, Geo. K
> Fifth Circuit-WV. Hamptor
e Cobb.
Sixth Circuit-J. K. Henry,
J. Harry Foster.
3 Seventy Circut-J. C. Otts, I
f C. Blackwood, A. E. Hill.
,Eighth Circuit-R. A. Cooper.
1 Ninth Circuit-John H. Puer
1 ifoy.
Tenth Circuit-Pro~ter A.
SBonhanm, John M. Daniel.
Eleventh Circuit-Geo. Bel
3 Twelfth Circuit- Walter H
,Wells, L. M. Gasque.
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