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. o soB N. EDrOR.
TH EDAY. N,.c.
The Colonel Beat to a Frazde
and His Hat Kicked Out
of The Ring
Chicago, June 22.-With
nearly 350 of the Roosevelt dele
kates declining to vote and hast
ning away at adjournment
me toitender to Col. Theodore
oosevelt the nomination of a
Inew party the fifteenth Republi
can national convention at the
z ad of a long and tumultuous
session tonight renominated
Win. Howard Taft, of Ohio for
president and Jas. Schoolcraft
Sherman of New York for vice
President Taft received 561 of
t1he 1078 votes in the convention
or 21 more than a majority.
The decision of the Roosevelt
people. under direction of their
4ader, to refrain from voting,
left no other candidate near the
--resident. The announcement
)f the Taft victory was greeted
vith cheering from his adher
eats and groans and hisses from
the oppositiod.
When it became 'absolutely
certain early today that Mr.
Taft would be nominated with
,'ut great difficulty, the leaders
in controlof the convention de
give him as running
-Iate his companion on the
icket in 1908.
All others dropped from the
ace and Mr. Sherman was the
nily candidate regularly placed
before the convention. A mo
tion from New Hampshire. to
raiake the nomination by ac
elamnation was declared out of
order, There were many scat
tering votes on the roll call that
~%I.envention, amid much
-onfusiona'ifjourned sine die.
At no time was there an indi
cation of a walkout of Roose
velt delegates. They expressed
Sheir revolt by silence.
In the confusion just before
1adjournment a resolution was
adopted giving the national
c ~ommittee power to declare va
'cant the seat of any man on the
committee refusing to support
the nominees of the regular con
vention of 1912.
Sherman's xote was 597.
The revolt of many of Roose
velt's delegates in the conven
tion was open from the moment
he permanent roll containing
the names of the contested dele
* ates was approved. A "vale
dictory" statement was read in
behalf of Col. Roosevelt asking
hat his delegates sit in mute
protest against all further pro
1 great majority of the Roose
felt delegates in the Illinois and
all in the Missouri and Idaho
delegates declined to follow this
- bt Col. Roosevelt's
.Wy 7'over the delegations from
California, Kansas, Maine, Min
nesota Nebraska, New Jersey
Pennsylvania, South Dakota
and West Virginia was all but
- absolute.
Most of the delegates from
these States announced their
purpose of helping to give Mr.
Roose'elt an independent nomi
nation at another ball later in
tie evening. The split in the
onvention occasioned no sur
rise. It was but a fullfilment
f predictions. that had been
made during the past several
The closing scenes of the con
Lvention were marked by counter
emonstrations for Taft and
The first test vote after the
anounce of the Roosevelt vale
aictory camne on the adoption of
the party platform. The affirm
ative vote was 666. Roosevel
delegates present and not votin
numbered 34. There were 5~
-noes, 36 of them from the La
Follette States of Wisconsin
and North Dakota.
Senator Robt. M. LaFollett
of Wisconsin, was placed befort
the convention, but Col. :Roose
velt's wishes were carried ou1
by his follower; and they re
mnained silent during the call o
the States for nomninations.
Many of the delegates, how
ever, carried out their primar'
instructions and voted for th<
On the voting for presiden
Sthe Roosevelt delegates again a
a rule remained silent. The de
.tailed vote was: Taft 561
-z.oosevelt 107; LaFollette 41
C ~umins 17; Hughes 2; No
-v-etng 344; absent 6.
'At times during the ballottini
11e. convetion~ was in great
[he G. 0. P. Renr in Twain; a
New Party to be Launched
Chicago, June22, ex President
Theodore Roosevelt was nomi
nated for president on an inde- a
pendent ticket tonight in the dy
ing hours of the Republican na- -
tional convention in which he
had met defeat, amidst wildest
The followers of Roosevelt T
gathered in Orchestra hall, less F
than a mile from the Coliseum, a
and pledged their support to the R
former president.
In accepting the nomination,
Roosevelt appealed to the people
of all sections, regardless of par
ty affiliations, to stand with the e
founders of the new party, one
of whose cardinal principles, he o
said, was to be, "thou shalt not e
The informal nomination of i
Roosevelt was said to be chiefly
for effecting a temporary organ
ization. Beginning tomorrow,
when a call is to be issued for a
State convention in Illinois, the
work will be pushed forward
rapidly, state by state.
At a later time, probably - in
early August, it is intended that
a national convention shall be
- Roosevelt, in accepting the
nomination tonight, said he did
so understanding that he would
willingly step aside if it should
be the desire of the new party,
when organized, to select anoth
er standard bearer.
Chicago, June 23.-The "Pro
gressive" party, born last night,
was: dedicated today. In the
presence of perhaps 500 men;
some of them recognized leaders
of the movement, others merely
onlookers, the first formal step
was taken. Gov. Johnson, of
California, was empowered to
appoint a committee of seven
members to confer with Roose
velt and formulate a plan of ac
"The movement is going
steadily ahead," said James R.
Garfield, of Ohio. "Those who
think this is a flash in the :pan
are mistaken."
In the opinion of the leaders,
the new party enters the field
with. a formidable equipment.
These leaders, however, said as
to the men who took a conspic
uous part in the campaign for
Roosevelt's nomination, each
must speak for himself.
The attitude of Gov. Hadley,
of Missouri, was the chief point
of discussion along this line. The
governor left town without
waiting to declare himself.
No definite idea of the plan to
be followed could be obtained,
and it was said that a period of
several weeks may elapse before
the program is decided upon.
Gov. Johnson in the n..eantime
will act as field marshal and in
cooperation with Roosevelt will
decide upon the membership of
the committee of seven and
guide the preliminary I work of
Today's meeting was held in
th headquarters of the nation
al Roosevelt committee- It was
impossible to ascertain ho w big
a proportion of the Roosevelt
strength at the convention was
represented, although it is said
that nearly every state which
sent Roosevelt delegates to Chi
cago had its men there.
"Clean Up the Bowels and
Keep Them Clean"
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
does not pertorm
by force what
should be accom
plished by persua
sion is Dr. Miles'
L .axative Tablets.
'After using thenm,
Mr. N. A. Waddell,
- -- 31 I Washington
St., Waco, Tex.,
'Almost all my
life I have been
troubled with constipation. and have
tried many remedies. al of which
seemed to cause pain without giving
Smuch relief. I finally tried Dr. Miles'
Laxative Tablets and found them ex
cellent. Their action Is pleasant and
mild, and their chocolate taste makes
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bg to recommend them."~
"Clean up the bowels and keep
them clean," is the advice of all
Ephysicians, because they realize the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation- Do not delay too long,
ut begin proper curative measures.
rDr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are a
ew remedy for this old complaint,
nd a great improvement .over the
athartics you have been using in
the past. They taste like- candy
nd work like a charm. A trial
w ill convince yott.
-Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
old by all druggists, at 25 cents
a box containing 25 doses. If not
found satisfactory after trial, re
trxi the box to 'your druggist and
h e. will return your money.
MiL.ES M EDICAL. CO., Etkhart, Ind.
For Congres
hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ited States Senate. subject to the tules of
Democratic party. Your suppo: ani in
ence will be appreciated.
N. I. DIA L,
4R. F- S. EVA NS is hereby announced as a
ndidate for Congress from the Third Con
ssional district subject to the action of the
ters in the Democratic Primary election, the
uit of which he promises to abide.
hereby announce myself a candidate for
ingress from the Third Congressional District
South Carolina, subject to the action of the
ters of the District in the Democratic primar
Walhalla, S. C.
For Solicitor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
licitor of the 10th .udicial Circuit and
edge to abide the result of the Democratic
imary and to support nominees thereof.
or House of Representatives.
At the solitation of many friends. I hereby
nounce myself a candidate for the House of
presentatives from lickens County. subject
the action of the Democratic party in the
imary election. .1. *1. Hancock.
For Clerk of Court.
M1R. A. .T. lOGGS is herehy announced as a
ndidate for re-election to the office of Clerk
f Court for Pickens county subject to the
:tion of the voters in the coming Primary
ction. the result of which he promises to
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
tice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
abject to the rules of the Democratic primary
ection. 0. S. STEWM ART.
The many friends of Mr. J. 1t. G. McDANIEL
ereby announce him as a candidate for the of
-e of Clerk of Court for Pickens County. sub
ect to tie action of the voters in the Demo
ratic primary election.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
e-electic n to the office of Sheriff for Pickens
ounty, s,.bject to the will of the voters in the
oing primary election, the result of which I
romise to abide. . R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
iice of Sheriff of Pickens County subject. to
he will of the voters in- the coming primary
lection, the result of which I promise to abide.
J. C. Jennings
For County Treasurer.
At the solicitation of friends I hereby announce
nyseif a candidate for the office of County
'reasurer subject to the action of the voters in
he approaching primary election, the result of
rhich I promise to abide. H. W. FARR
At the solicitation of many friends, I hereby
nounce myself a candidate for the office of
ounty Treasurer, subject to the action of the
emocratic voters in the Primary election, the
esults of which Ipromise to abide.
Th6 many friends of Mr. J. ). Aiken hereby
nnounce him as a candidate for the office of
2ounty Treasurer subject to the action of the
oters in the primary election.
The many friends of 31r. J. P. HYDE here
y announce him as a candidate for the of
ce of County Treasurer subject to the
tetion of the voters in the Democratic pri
nary election.
The friends of Mr. Eb H-. 'id hereby an
3ouncehim as a candidate for. the office of
otinty.Treasurer subject to .tle will of the
l)emoratic voters in the approaching .prin~ary
I hereby announce inelf a candidate for the
~ftice of County Treasurer of Pickens County
iubjcet to the rules of the Democratic Primary.
Taylor H. Stewart.
For County Supt. of Education
I hereby respectfully announce myself a can
lidate for re-eletion to the office of Superin
[endent of Fducation. subject to the action of
ihe Democratic party in the Primary election.
.R. T. HIA LLK1.
For Auditor.
!R. N. A. CH RISTOPilER is hereby announec
d as a candidate, .for re-election to the otlice
f county Auditor, subject to the action of the
oters in the Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
For County Commissioner
The friends of MTr. G. Wash Bowen, hereby
announce him as a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to the action of the voters in
the primary election.
The maniy friendsof .IAME 31M$. L.\WRENCE
hereby announce him as a candidate .for re
election to the office of Couty Commissioner
subject to the people in the democratic pri
The many friend-so! J1. LUTIIER IIAGW ELL
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner.
subject to the action .of the voters in -the
Democratic Primary electien.
3Mr. N. B. Mloore' is -hereby annoutnced as a
aididate for the office of County Commission
er subject to the action of the voters in the
primary election.
For Cotton -Weigher.
At solicitation of many friends I hereby .an
nounc myself for the position of cotton wih
er for the township of P'ickens, subjcct to thu
a'tion of-voters on .A ugust 20'th.
UR EG T. .31.ULD IN.
Notice of School Election
County of Pickens.
Whreas, a petition from the freehold
rs and electors of Gates District No.
22, has been filed with the County Board
f Education, asking for a special elec
tion to detirmine whether or not an ad
ditional extra levy of two mills shall be
levied on said District for school put
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requireens of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of above named District do hold
an election ini said District at the school
house within said District on Saturday
June 29th 1912, for the above stated
purpose. The Trustees of the District
are hereby appointed Managers of said
election. Said election to be conducted
according to the requirements of Sec
tion 1208 of the General Statutes..
By order of the County Board of Ed
4t9 . Sec. and Chr.
Summons for Relief.
State of South Carolina
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas
Summons for Relief (Complaint Served:
A. M. Morris - PlaintifT
L E. Looper,
You are Hereby Summoned and re
qured to answer the complaint in thi:
action, which ig filed in the office of the
lerk of court for Pickens county or
this date and -to serve a copy of you1
answer to the said complaint on the
subscriber at his office at Gree'nvilre C.H
SC. within twenty days after the servict
hereof. exclusive of the day of.,suct
servit; at:d if you fail to answer-th4
omplaint within the time aforesatd, thi
Plaintiff in this action will apply to the
ourt for the re-f deunanded in the
Dated June 8, A. D. 1912
A. J. Boggs (;s-al)
C. C. P. B. A. Morgan,
Plaintilrs Attorneys.
To the defendant above named:
Please take notice, the stummions o
which the foregoing is a copy, and th<
omplaint in- the above stated actioi
was filed in the office of the clerk o
ourt for said county and stat s on
day of Jne, 191and isnoj
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running bi
Also the <
the Hughi
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Good Yea
mobile Ac
Clothing, Shoes
Soe atgents for Walk
Iron King Stovesi New Hon
ell Wagons and Mitchell Ai
in said office.
.ne 8,1912 B. A. Mdorgan,
Pf's Attys.
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complaints among people living in the
Southeastern States, can be effectively re
lieved in the shortest possible time by
R. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonic.
This prescription has been used thirty
five years by Dr. Richardson, of Andersoir,
S. C., in his daily practice as a family
physician, and has behind it thousands of
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Carolinians and citizens of other neighbor
ing states. R. L. T. Is a wonderful cor
rector of liver troubles and the greatest
tonic on the market today. You can abso
ltely rely on It in any case of chills and
fever or malarial poison,'constipationa or
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R.- L.T.
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ate a gift of such exquisite
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Gradu ation and Birthday s.
Ealey, 24- C
Notice of School Election.
County of Picken's,
Whereas, a petition from the free
hoders and electors oif Roan eke Dis
trict number 21 has filed with the
County Board of Eduuationl ask'tg said
Board forpern'issioni tqJ491. ttargectupr
to dtenne whether or not an extra
levy of,4.nlls shall be levied ou said
'District for sci ool purp ses:
It appearing to the Counti Board of
Nducation that the~ petition meet~s'fihe
requirments of t'h- I to:
Therefore ;t is hereVy ordered thca
the Trustees ,-f the ab >we named Di
trict do hold an election in above named
District for the above statedl purposel
tre election to be held at the schoof
ouse on July 6thi. The Tsuities c
thac vo named e District are hereby ai
pointed managers of said eht etion. Th
election to be hel-l according to .the i e
By order of Counly Boar d of Ed uca
,. T.Hlallurn
4; Thori
ts for The Babcoc
ble, best finishee
iggy on the marke
~elebrated Chase (
~s Buggy.
a classy Buggy,
r Tires, Inner Tul
Hats and Gents' Furnishing G(
ver and Boyden Shoes, Carha
e Sewing Machines,Chase City
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every We-dnedays
J. A . 3k Callough B. F. Martin
* E. M. Blythe
Mill0Ilglh, Marti.1 & Blythe
Masoic Temnple Gr'80Mille, S. C.
Associate firm
. Anderson, S. C.
Practice, in all Courts.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section, North'
East Georgia. Trhe land of opportunmty.
Special in~ducemenlt :o frumt growers.
dairymen, stockmeni and poultrymen.
A great demand for diver sified farming.
Some products to sell every th~
clono market and best prices. Twen
ty odd Tourist hotels in Ilabersham
County, (both summer and winter re
sorts), or.ly 78 miles from Atlanta ori
main lineof Southern Railwa y to Wash
ington, D. G. Ten acres 'apple archard
produced 3300 bushels of apples nettina
$3900.00. Equally as good for peachet
pecans,rapeS etc. The best of farxnmn
ands will produce from 1 to 2 bales o1
otton, 00 to 100 bushels of' corn pe1
cre, be:tsides large crops of small grair
and bay. Puire water, fine climate. n<(
*me- utitoes. 'plendid scenery, fin<
r clchwis RTd c'olres, I800 feet eleva
io. Prica rat a from $53.00 to $25.0(
per acre. Sec d for descriptive Panmph
let and price list.
NOTICE-I have peas fo:
sale. B. P. Kelly,
4t9 C en tra l, S. C. R. 3.
For Women
Dr. Simmons Squaw Vine Wine
is prepared expressly for the ail
ments of women. It contains
ingredients which act directly on
the delicate female constitution,
mildly and pleasantly-yet it ex
ercises a most beneficial effect
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Squaw Vine
Overcomes weakness, nervous
ness and irritability. Gives prompt
relief from the' depressing bear
ing-down pains, backaches, nau
sea and irregularities which cause
so much suffering and despond
ency. It has a most happy effect.
Restores strength, renewed hope,
cheerfulness and the energy and
will to perform the duties of the
household which formerly were
so trying and distastefu!.
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k Buggy.
I, and lightest
iity Buggy, and
Wagon, or Au
~es and Auto
ods a Specialty.
t Overalls, Hawes Hats,
Notice of School Election
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition from the free
holders and electors of Praters Dis
trict. No. 29. has beeni filed with the
County Board .of Education, asking
for a special election to determine
whether or not an extra levy of 4 mills
shall be levied1 on said District for
school purposes.
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
requirements of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
tees of the above named District do
hold an election in said District at the
school house. within said District on
Saturday, July 6th, 1912, for the
above stated purpose. The Trustees f
the District are herchy appointe~d man
agers of said election. Said election to
be conducted according to the requir
ments of Section 1908 of the Genera]
By order of County Board of Educn
R. T. Hallum,
4t-0 Co. Supt. Ed.
Lice Eats Chicks.
and setting hens. Spray
Sthe poultry house and all
utensils thoroughly with
Iand stop their ravages.
1qt. 35c, 1 gal. $1.00.
Winthrop College
Scholarship ad Entrance Exam
The examination for the award of va.
cant scholarships in Winthrop College
and for the admission of new studentn
will be held at the County Court Housi
on Friday. July 5, at 9 a. m. Appli
cants must be not less than fifteen year:
f age. WThen Scholarships are vacani
after July 5 they will be awarded t<
those making the highest average a1
this examination, provided they meel
the conditions governing the award.
Applica'its for scholarships should writ4
to President Johnson before the exam*
nation for Scholarship axainatior
Scholarship~s are worth $100 and frei
tuition. The next session will oper
September 18, 1912. For further infor
mation and catalogue, address Pres. D
B. Johnson, Rock Hill. S, 0.
Prevent, Disease.
this season. Keep your
animals' digestion right
~~ Regulator
For Horses, Cows and
Hogs. .Guaranteed or
money back.
25c. and 50c pekgs, pails
C sunts of Pickens.
By J. lB. Newbery, Pr,.ate Ju1le.
W hereas, Mrs. Lizzie Pilgrim mad
suit to) me to granther at itn the will ani
ne.wd, let ters of A dmlinistration of t h
Estt> anhleffets of Amos A Pilrim.
T..se are the'refore. to cite and ad
monis.h all and singular the kindred an<
creditors 'f the said Ames A. Pi'grin
deceasedl.'hut ih, y he ard appear befor<
me. in the Court of Probate to be helb
at Picke'ns oin th' 4th day of Ju,
1912 next. after publication hereof, at 1
o'clock in the torenoon, to show ciume
Iif any they have. why the said adminis
ration should not be granted.
Given uinder my hand this 12 day o|
July Anno Donmini 1912.
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The Sentinel
One DoliarA Year
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Afford ideal employment for girls and women: also for boys and young uen
who wish to learn a trade, and earn good wages.
Hours: in 6.35 a. m., and work till 12 noon, Dinner. 45 minutes. Begin
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Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Time for- S'4e=
This is the time to side-dress your cotton. Gin' rs will
tell you thi.t thirteen hundred pounds of set.d cotton
been side-dressed will turn off as heavy a bale of cotton as
fifteen hundred pounds of seed cotton that has not been side
dressed. Two hundred pounds of 4-[o-2 applied to an acre
of cotton as a side-dresser will increase the yield at least three
hundred pounds of seed cotton to the acre. This three hun
dred pounds of seed cotton, the way you farmers have im
proved your cotton, will turu off apout one hundred and
twenty-five pounds of lint at twelve cents a pound will bring
you $1 5.00-at ten cents a pound, it will bring you $r 2-50
and the two hundred pounds of 4-10o-2 will cost you $4.20,
and two hundred pounds of 4-7-2 will cost $3-4o. The dif
ference in these figures represents the extra profits which you
will make on an acre of cotton by side dressing. Besides the
satisfaction of having a fine cotton crop, it helps a man's feel
ings, and helps his standing in the community, and helps his
credit to have a fine cotton crop. The time has passed in this
country when a man can maintain his respectability and raise
"Bumble bee cotton."
The fertilizer you use in side-dressing pays you better
than any fertilizer you use. It prevents the cotton's shedding..
The reason cotton sheds is because it has not sufficient plant
food. There is only a smail fraction of an ounce of plant food
gets to each cotton plant when you fertilize in the Spring, and
of this the rains wash away some, the grass gets some, and
there is a verry little left tor the cotton plant.
Now, when your cotton plant begins to fruit, there is an
added strain on the plant, and just at the time the strain is
greatest on cotton plant the supply of the plant has diminished
and is growing less. The result is the cotton sheds its fruit
People who do rnot side-dress their cotton lose from one
fourth to one-third of their crop every year by shedding.
The farmers of Anderson county side-dressed more last
year than they ever did. You do not put enough corn and
fodder in your stalls for your mules on Monday morning to
last until Saturday night, and you would not think of putting
enough corn and fodder in your stall for your mules in April
to last until November, but yet that is what you are doing
with cotton. You are trying to give it enough plant food in
April to last until November. This plan will work in making
cotton, a.fter a fashion, but you will not get the crops and you
wvill not get the clear money that you will get if you side-dress.
If you put your stock under a heavy strain, you increase their
feed. Now, when your cotton is under an increased strain by
reason of its fruiting it will pay you handsomely to give it ad
ditional plazlt food.
Do not confuse th's side-dresser of ours with cther side
dressing f..rtilizer where the ammonia is derived solely from
nitrate of soda. This side-dresser of ours has soda to act
quickly and blood, tan kage, cotton seed meal and fish to carry $
on the work which the~ soda co mmences, and is infinitely better
for the crop.
Apply as early as you possibly can.
Full supplies of these go.->ds kept at the Farmers Oil
Mill and Excelsior Oil Mill.
Anderson, S. C.
W. B. Freeman, Agt.. Pickens, S. C.

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