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'Tt2 'e1ns sentinel
.R Som Things ou Know and Some
You Doni Know About Our
Towns, County & People
The friends in Pickens of Mr.
Judge T. Lathem, of Easley.
Nn will regret to learn of his serious
%The Pickens railroad will run
an extra train to Easley the eve
ning of the 4th, to meet trains
40 and 41.
Mrs. J. D. Holder and daugh
ter, Miss Myrtle, attended the
Seyles-Mills marriage in Green
ville last week.1
Miss Ora McFall entertained
Tuesday evening in honor of her
house guests, Misses Britton,
Moore and Floyd.
Hon. and Mrs. T. J. Mauldin
and Mrs.' W. T. McFall left
Tuesday for a stay of several
days at Indian Head.
Dr. E. B. Webb, of Atlanta,
is in the city for the summer.
Mrs. Webb and daughter will
join him in a few days.
Let everybody be on their
best behavior this 4th of July
and thereby escape accidents
and avoid trouble and heart
Mrs. Frank McFall entertain
tained Miss Ora McFall's house
guests with a porch party Wed
nesday evening, at her attrac
tive home on Hampton avenue.
Wednesday of last week a
heavy hail and wind storm pass
ed through the Piercetown sec
tion of Anderson ..county and
considerably damaged the fruit
and crops.
There have been 112. automo
biles registered in the clerk's of
fice since the first one, about
three years ago. This repre
sents an investment or outlay
of at least $75,000.
Last Monday was dividend
day and many went away from
the postoffice with a smile and
a check. The banks of the
county paid 4 p 'r cent semi-an
nual and the cotton mills the
We are requested to announce
that there will be an all day
singing at Golden Creek church
the fourth Sunday. All lovers
of music and the public general
ly invited to attend. Dinner on
the ground.
Mr. N. D. Parsons, of the
Mountain View section, was in
the city Saturday for the first
m Le since the old soldier's reun
!, June 3. He has been quite
.a since then, most of the time
a g confined to his home.
levj. E. Ashmore has been
~ted principal of the Dacus
4ue High School. He will be
assisted by his wife and one or
two others. The trustees are
to be congratulated and the
patrons may expect one of the
bes~t schools in the county.
Mr. James Edens, who is
with Heath, Bruce, Morrow Co.,
spent his vacation by takinga
trip to Washington, D. C. He
intended going to Baltimore to
see the great democratic con
vention but said he was told one
could not get within two blocks
of it.
There are a few cases of ty
phoid fever in and around town.
It is of a mild type, however.
This is a disease which people
should strictly guard against.
The first thing everbody ought
to do is to be innoculated with
typhoid virus. Any physician
will do this and it will do much
to prevent it. Then use disin
fectants freely in and around
the premises.
FOR SA LE-I have 300 acres
fine farm land for sale, 12 miles
from Pickens, at $5 per acre.
Several good tenant hoidses, a
large b)arn, plenty water, good
neighborhoodl. \Will c'ut to suit
J. TX Taylor.
Pickens, S. C.
The past wveek, so unusually
wvet, has greatly retarded farm
ing operations. The ctop pros
pects, both corn and catton, are
the sorriest seen in this section
in several years, and if the wet
weather continues much longer
it looks as though they would
be failures.
Mr. 1E. B. Stephens, one of our
oldest citizens, entertained a
crowd of veterans at his home
in Central. on last Thurs
day, from 10 until 3.- It was
just fifty years ago that Mr.
Stephens was wounded in the
war ha en"l carries the ball that
by the Democral
3:15, on the 46t1
ately made unan
mate for Vice-Pr
9 p. m. This n<
unded him. A good dinner }
s served and all1 those present
oeprted a good time. Those
~rsent were Messrs. R. M.
~Jrtin, Sam Neill, J. N. Gaines,
rnm Maw, B. J. Johnson, A.
. Brock, J. G. Fennell, B. T.
Dlard, C. S. Stephens, J. B.
~tphenh~ i. 0, Ballentine, J.
lBallentine, HI. D. Boegs, L.
.Darnell and brother of North
rolina, J. G. Powers and W. f
An event of unusual interest 'n
s the quiet marriage of Mis n'
la Garvin to Mr. Claude F. a
~aldop. of Easley, at th
me of the bride's mother, ;
Is. A. M. Garvin on the even st
ng of the 26th at 8.:-80 o'clock.
he room was tastily decorated tI
th ferns, pot plants, and1 T
hite roses. The back ground a
as a miniature mountain of y
ik and white hydrangas, a
hich was exceedingly prtty . v
v. D). W. Iliott performed il
th ceremionv. f
Turn on the Light
Mr. Editor: Will vou allowr
e space to let a truth he k: o wn~
Some parties are accusing me P'
freporting a still near Price'sI
ml. I positively did not, nor a
wil I ever. I know of no bet- t<
e plan than to call on the .offi- s
cer for the truth. I am satis- hi
le they will tell it, or I would V
t call on them. I think Mr r
. CAlexander has served 15 il
etre as deputy marshal, C. L. tl
ureton was constable a long I
1i, and B. B. LaBoon was in a
.tthe time of the raid of which b
m accused of has ing been P
ow, Mr. Aletander, Mr. tl
ureton, Mr. LaBoon, Mr. Mer- f
ik and Mr. Scruggs, if any of 1
a ever raided a still, govervn- n
rnns or blockade, that I report- IU
I want you to publish it and ai
[ ill thank you. 8
had a conversation with Mr. hi
Boon about catching my t
rother and wanted1 to know the a
ast fine he could get off Ewith, n'
t told him we would niot re- h
ot any one else, and he was tf
omuch of a gentleman to per- "n
;ude us to give our friends out. s
We held our peace and paid the 0;
Te, and the first two raids in t
ht section afterwardi, Dock n
as accused of one and I of the v
ther. This is a mistake or a h
~isrepresentation. I am readyb
:oanswer for all I do.
R. K. (Birch) Lewis h
Miss Ashmore Entertains 3
Miss Vesta Ashmore enter
~ned in honor of Miss McI al's il
lose guests ori Saturday evern- v
g, with a large lawn party. I
\mong the entertaining fea- v
Lues of the evening waas an ad
'.rtising conte11st. The prze a
ox ofcandv. w-a; won' by NIiss! U
manie Porter. On the brPoad
vranda Miss L orena Taylor p
-rved delicious punc1h. and lai r vi
inthe evening ani jieou.- was (I
yle; Ma ry, Brittoni. 1Kin .r-: v
1~izabethi Floyvd. -.' draI: y
thel Hicks, Union: Nor I.
.Johnston, Easley: Eugeind b
Anderson. (Cleo M1ann avnd I tr. v
K.E TInol 1.ihertv. b
tic Progr
Cseat Pa
Wilson, governor
ie convention at
Sballot, receivin~
imous. Martin, <
esident. The cc
~ws received as 'a
ooks Gordon, Colored, Lynch
ed for Assaulting a Promi
nent Lady.
Last Saturday the quiet and
ace .of the Cross Roads
igh borhood was suddenly dis
red and in the brief space of
)u or five hours the whole
un try became aroused and
e were hunting in every di
ectionl for one Brooks Gordon.
colored boy about 17 years old.
ordon had assaulted the wife
a prominent citizen of that
ection. According to the facts
iven us by a near relative of
e lady they are as follows:
he lady was hoeing cotton in
field three or four hundred
rds from her home. She was
lone. About 10) o'clock she
nt to a spring, which was in
e edge of the woods near the
1l. to get some water. As she
eut to the spring she saw no
ns of any one, but upon her
turn to the field she found
~rooks Gordon standing in the
ah with a shot gun and pistol.
'he lady walked around him
d passed on up the path. Af
r she had gone four or five
:eps he ran up and took hold of
er b)ut she being a rather stout
om an, tore loose from him and
in into the field. He remained
ithe path a few minutes and
.n followed her to the field.
v this time she had started to
iother field w here her hus
md( was at work, the negr o
arsuing. When within 20 or
yards. he fired on her with
e shotgun, the load takin'g ef
-et in the shoulders, back of
ie head and neck. This did
t stop her, and-the negro re
tading his gun, ran after her
rid fired a second time, the shot
riing her in the back of the
cad. T1hough she had from 30
40 shot in her body, she ran
half mile or more before help
aehd her. She did not find
or husband1, he having finished
work where she thought he
-as and gone to another field,
l~e distance away, to haul
ats. Not finding him, she wvent
ward a neighbor's house. The
-ighbors hearing her cries
(t to her rescue, and found
er very bloody and almost ex
mistd,. but she immediately
nmed the negro and told what
1i happened..- A physician
-as at once summoned and
o n at her bedside.
The negro at once made for
e mounrtainis but soon the
*od. roadis, fields and mioun
ius were being searched,
7atched and guarded by some
)0 t o 500 of the citizens of the
~unty, while others in automo
ies were speediing to different
aps along the mountains to
t out guards, and others were
sing the telephone lines in all
irctions. It was the telephone
i h le d to his capture. He
:us in a store at Pumpkintown
h t he message reached there
is horrible (deed but stayed
;IV a minute arnd as soon as he
omie men were notified and
-was soon captured. He
;s carried back before the
.dya coesl his grnilt
rty to Vi
'of New Jersey,
Baltimore, Tuesd
733 votes. T]
>f Indiana, will
nvention adjourn
ve go to press.
He was asked why he did
and replied "I might has
meant to rape her." He alb
stated that he shot at heri
kill her, to keep her from tel
ing her husband. Immediatel
upon hearing his plea of guilt
the citizens took him away son:
distance and strung him up to
tree and riddled his body wit
At last accounts the lady we
doing as well as could be e:
pected considering the serioun
ness of the wound1s. The pha
sician could not sayv what ti
result would be, but held oi
hopes of her recovery unle:
complications set up.
Coroner Medlin was not ifie
and was soon on the grounm
He empaneled a jury of inque
who rendered a verdict thW
Brooks Gordon came to h
death from gun shot woundsi
the hands of parties unkno w
to the jury.
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, it has pleased A
mighty God, the Great and St
prenme Ruler of the Universe
whose ways are strange an
mystei ous, but ever kind an
wise, to s'nd into our midst th'
ebon winged angel of deati
and the spirit of our belove
Brother F. E. Cox, has bee
wafted to its long home froi
whose borne no traveler return:
and whereas, in the death of or
Brother, Keowee Lodge iNo. '
A. F. M., has lost a good men
ber and the associates of or
departed brother a true frienm
and while we humbly bow 1
the will of Him who doeth a
things well yet, we, the men
bers of Keow je Lodge No. 71
deeply lament the loss we has
Be it resolved, That the dee
sympathy of the members<
the lodge be extended to his d4
vok(d wife and tsvo sons in the
sore affict ion in the loss of th
noble husband and tend4
Be it also resolved, The
these resolutions be spread upo
the minutes of our lodge, pul
lished in the County paper:
and a coPy thereof be sent t
his bereaved ones, who kno,
him best and' loved himi most.
J. li. Ashmiore,
A. M. Morris,
A Serious Cutting Affray.
News reached here last wvee
of a dificulty which took plac
at Gap Hill about tw weel
ago between Three boys. It
not known how it originated<
what broaight it about TI
b)oys were small, from twelve 1
fourteen years old, but in ti
fray a son of Mr. Benton Robit
son who lives at Six Mile plunt
ed the blade of a knife throug
or into the left arm of a bc
named Nix who also lives net
Six Mile. The knife struck or
of the arteries of the arm an
the boy bled profusely. TI
arm was tightly corded, hov
ever, and the bleeding we
checked. No physician we
called in at the time and1 not u]
til some days later, when it we
discovered that the arm we
swollen and had turned blac1
The adctr soon discovered th;
&ho Wi
was nominated
ay afternoon, at
his was immedi
be his running
ied Tuesday at
Particulars later
it blood poison had set in and
e stated that amputation was
;o necessary. Wednesday of la3t
o week the arm was taken off 1
1- between the elbow and shoulder,
y and it was stated that it was
y uncertain whether this opera
c tion would save the boy's life.
a These 'facts may not be cor
l rect in every detail as they were
given to us by a gentlemen who
s heard of the trouble.
Soliloquy of a Horse
Yes, it is hard, plow all week,
tand then draw a buggy. filled
with people and lunch boxes, on
Sunday. Those all day singings
dand other Sunday picnics are
hard, oh, so hard. on us poor '
~mules and horses. Last week I ~
t worked hard, six full days. I ~
kile many acres of grass. I
Sthought I had earned a Sunday I
a rst. I had prepared myself to
enjoy it, but early Sunday morn
ting the young man camie to my
stall and1 curried and rubbed me,
not because he thought the rub
1- bing would ease my tired limbs, ~
1- but because he wanted me to
look well. I knew my day of
d! rest was gone. I must pull the i
d young man and a young girl ~
e away from their own Sunday ~
tschool and church to an all day ~
d singing at a church six miles ~
rn distant. I wonder why people-- i
a men folk and women folk-who ~
, can think, and talk, and sing, ~
r and who can read what they ~
9 call the Bible, do that way. I ~
-I heard a preacher-a man who I
r knows all about the great Being
I,. who made us all, the great. Be
o ting men call God-i heard that ~
11 preacher say that God must be
- obeyed, and I heard him say I
, that God said: "Remember the
e Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six
days shalt thou labor and do all
p thy work: but the seventh day
f is the Sabbath of the Lord thy ~
- Goi: in it thou shalt not do any
r work. thou nor thy son, nor thy
s daughter, thy man-servant, nor
r thy maid-servant, nor thy cat
tle." I listened to hear him say
t horse, but he didn't. Maybe ~
n God-meant horse even if he did I
- not say it. Maybe because it
, says cattle people don't driye h
o cattle to their Sunday picnics. '
v Another thing I heard that 1
preacher say: He said that that
about doing no work on the Sab- I
bath day was a COMMANDM1EYrT
from God.(
I'm too tired to talk or even (
think now. If I get a rest next i
Sunday, I'll tell who and what
k I heard and saw at that singing. i
e- . "Bob"
Ls Rigdon-Boddiford
e Married, on Wednesday eve
o ning, June 26, at 6 o'clock, at
e the home of the bride's father,
SMr. L. M. Rigdon, Miss Laura
Rigdon,.of Pickens, and Mr. G.
hE. Boddiford, of Screven coun
Sty, Ga., W. C. Seaborn ofiiciat
r ing. The wedding was very
e quiet, only a few of the bride's
d nearest relatives being presents
e After the ceremony, we were
- ushered into the dining room,
s where the table was spread with
s an abundance of delicious eata
.bles, and we spent about an
s hour to the enjoyment of our
s physical welifare.
SMr. Boddiford, who is a grad
Suate of South Carolina universi
Some of thi
is a very successful young'
chool teacher, and a man of
may noble Christian graces.
Mrs. Boddiford is the young
;s daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.
fRigdon, and a graduate of
inthrop college. She is a
arming young lady, and has
may friends. The host of ad-I
rers of the young couple join -
he writer in wishing for them
rosperous and happy life.
Anderson to Marietta
While wpiting on train con
etions at Belton one day last
~ek, the editor walked over to
tel Geer, where a group of
atlemen were engaged in an,
mrest conversation. It was1
t a political .gathering, nor'
ere they discussing politics, as
ght naturally be supposed,
r the first words we heard
re: "Build it by Easley to
~keus and on to Marietta."
e at once became interested
d took a seat to hear more of
ht kind of talk. The gentle
na leading the conversation
d who is aboye quoted was
r. R. Mayes Cleveland, of Ma
tta. He had just been to An-*
eson, where he had had a con
ence with the mayor-elect,'
I. Holleman, and other prom
net business men, discussing
th them a plan by which An
eson, Abbeville, and other
ints south of this place could
e a direct outlet to the west.
he plan is to build a railroad
im Abbeville or Anderson by
y of Easley and Pickens and
a the 0. & K. at Marietta. It
strue, the G. & K. has not yet
>ssed the mountains, but Mr,
aveland was most sanguine
at it would be most vigorous
pushed until the line was put
hrough to Knoxville. He has
mee an earnest advocate of this
oad for many years, and his 'f4
rt have been unceasing, un
ltoday he sees the fruits of his
bors. He is on the inside of
e plans of the promoters, and
die he can not talk much, he
ave every assurance that the
oad would be pushed to comn
ltion. This scheme would be
ost feasible. Should it start
em Abbeville, it would tra
es Anderson and Pi kens
mties, from one side to the
ter, and would pass through
fine a farming section as can
found in the State. Besides.
would open up new territory
r business enterprises and in
Lshort while towns and cities
d manufacturing industries
ould spring up where corn and1
tton now grow.
Anderson and A bbeville need
his outlet badly. They are now
ractically bottled up, as far as
he coal fields of the west are
ncerned, and they-would have
direct line to these. Pickens
eeds it for the same reason.
Why not build it?
he Democratic Executive Com
mittee Meeting.
Pickens County Democratic
txecutive Committee met July
1s. at 11 o'clock a. mn., as per
otice heretofore given. Those
resent were J. T. Richey,
haiman. W. T. Bates H. W
to 1=2
s Season's Pre
go for a Soi
Garrison, E. P McCravey for
R. F. Smith, J. E. Gillespie, L.j
C. Martin, A. F. Riser, Charley
McKinney and J. S. H. Price.
It was decided, on motion, that
the managers of election be al
lowed a compensation of :one
dollar for each manager for
first and second elections to be
held and mileage, and $1.00 per
day for one manager from each
box for first and second elections
who brings the returns to the
Court House, and that each ex-]
ecutive committeman be al
lowed compensation of $1.00 for:
attending all meetings of the:
County Executive Committee:
with mileage to and from the
Court House for all necessary
travel one trip at five cents per
On motion, it was decided .
that assessments on the candi
dates to defray the expenses of
the campaign, holding the elec-1
tions, tickets, etc, for 1912 be as
Each candidate for the House
of Representatives $10.00, Audi
tor $15.00, Treasurer $15.00,
County Commissioners $7.50,
Superintendent of Education
$10 00, Clerk of Court $20) 00,
Sheriff $15.00, Magistrate $2.00,
S ipervisor of Registration $2.00,
On motion, the dates of the
campaign meetings are as fol
lows: Easley, Saturday, July
27th; Liberty, Saturday, Aug
ust 15th; Central, Saturday
August 10th, Antioch-Thursday
August 15th, Mile Creek, Friday,
August 16th, Cateechee, Satur
day, August 17th; Dacusville,
Thursday, August 22nd; Pump
kintown, Friday, August 23rd;
Pickens, Saturday, August 24th.
The following managers were
appointed who will serve for
the first and second elections.
the managers of each precinct
being authorized to substitute
managers in the event any
named may be unable for any
cause to serve:
Calhoun: Reuben Boggs,
R M Holden, 0 R Doyle; Central:
J E Bridges, E B Stephens, B J
Johnson; Isaqueena Mill: R.
Ramseur, C J Tarrant. John
James; Liberty: C E Hamilton,
W 0 Wvi'lard, E B Richardson;
Flat Rock: WV F Young, 0 M
McKinney, J S Wilson, Jr;
Alice Mill: Roy R Smith, W E
Hill, John King; Glennwood
Mill: J J Sims, S T Smith, C J
Ellison; Mile Creek: Lawrence
Murphy, J S Bowen, S B Dalton;
Gap Hill: Chas M Steel, B D
Mauldin, Olin Mauldin; Catee
chee: J P Smith, Jolly F Wil
liams, Steve W Howard:N~orris:
Claude Boroughs, J E Parsons,
H 0 Eritreken; Easley: J 0
Pickens, J Riley Glazener, C T
Martin; Easley Mill: K Z Whit
mire. A H McGee, Wister Miller;
Croswell: W T Hughey, V SI
Trammell, R B Kay; Dacus
ville: S T Prior. Geo F Robin
soW J Ponder; Peters Creek:
(Olga school house) Wm Trayn
ham, J E Foster, W H Wil
liams; Pleasant Grove: Warren
Hendricks. A B Talley, D L
Barker: Holly Springs: J C
Graveley, G M Lynch, Elbert
Bowers; Laurel Fork: G W
'Halcombe, J D Chapple, A L
Morgan; Cros Plains: Frank
ttiest Hats.
Lathem, A J-Willams, P K
MAdams; Loopers Gin:IL
[ooper, E L Jones. Marion
F'reeman; Pumpkintown:Th
eith, Jas A Heridricks,.~
eith: Antioch: A T Wc~s
ter, John W Thomnas, UaIh~
Bowie; Shady Groyy! K
ur phy, 3 L Thomas, Jas" Win
hester; Rocky Bottom: JI
antrel' John Gilstrap, Free
nan Pa rson; Six Mile:
(arrett, AD M ', ur
am; P'ickens: Elisha Gilstrap,
J T Laneton, M M Holder;
?ickens Mill: Hagood Bruce,
Bert Jones. J T Abererombief
?raters: C G Lewis, Walter
eaborn, G C Bolding.
The county executive comn
nittee hereby gives notice that
lank pledges cari be had fronm
.. J. Boggs, clerk of court,
hih pledges must be signed
md filed and the above assess
nents must be paid to the chair,
nan of the execr-tive commit
ee. J. T. Richey, by noon of
riday, July 25, under the rules
f the Democratic party. Such
~andidates as fail to file -their
pledge and pay their assess
nents within the abo e stated
ime will be barred from enter
n2 the primary election. Thiis
rovision applies also to all can
idates for Mgistrate and
supervisor of Registration.
On motion, the .Chairman of
his dommittee was authorized
o act for the Commnitte upon
ay and all matters thaj may
rise between this date and e~
ate of the next meeting, and.
his decisions and actions are ap
proved and ratified.
A resolution was also adopted
by said Committee, authorizing
he County Chairman-to employ
a secretary who shall. be paid
ut of the funds collected.
Meeting adjourned, to mnee
again at the call of the Couny
J. T. Richey.
no. C. Carey, -
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin Entertains
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin entertain>
ed Miss McFall's house guests
with a Bouffet luncheon at her
handsome home, "Homestead
Hall," Thursday at 1 -'clock.
Receiving in the reception hal
were Mesdames Bruce jMagood
and Larry C. Thornle.-. Receiv
ing with Mrs. Mauldin in draw
ing room were Misses Britton,
Moore, Floyd and McFal.
In the beautifully decorated
dining room.were serving 3S I
Mary Alexander. Francis Bruce
and Emily Thornley, while from
the center table, massed wfth
gorgeous nastu-rtiums-and- with
burning candelabra. Mrs. T--L
Bivens gracefully pou.
About 40 gu'et5 W
to meet the charm
First CottonB
Mr. S. Id- Fergs
Praters sectiofn,
ton bloom-the fir
seen in this county.
son thrifty, pr.
wideawake, as ev
this' act. He says h
the bloom July 1.

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