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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1911-2016, July 11, 1912, Image 2

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Advertisinig Rateb It aot&
The People's Candidates, a
Winning Ticket, the Next
President andVice President
Uncle Billie Tift may as well
make up his mind to retire.
It will take more than the
steam roller to put Wilson out.
Judge Jones says that if elect
ed he will be governor of all the
pie and treat all alike.
"I stand by my friends," by
terpretation means that Gov.
Blease will show no considera
tion or favor to any one who is
not his supporter, and it also
means that he is governor of on
ly a part of the people.
The Law Sufficient.
The iecent lynching of Brook's
Gordon, colored, the wretch who
so murderously assaulted a re
spectable white lady ih
county on the ~29 . is to
be deplor . murderous
att~'' -i good woman is
greatly regretted and the sym
paty of everybody will be lavish
ed upon her. It was a most
brutal assault and deserved
swift and sure punishment. but
this the law would have meted
out. Similar attempts and at
tacks have been punished at
the end of the rope in this
county by the law, and most
Kassuredly Brooks Gordon would
have met the same fate.
We refrain from further comn
etfor the reason that our
~ subject are well
knwand anything we could
now say might be mnis-interpret
ed or misunderstood. WXe con
tent ourselves by calling atten
tir n to some law on the subject
and if men will not heed this
they will not be persuaded
though one should rise fromt the
"Thou shalt not kill." Ex
Sodus, 20-13.
'For out of the heart proeed~
evil thoughts, murders, adal
teries, fornications, thef ts. false
wtness, blasphemies: These
are the things which defile a
man." Mattheix 15: 19-20.
"Envyings, murders, drunk
eness, revellings, and such like:
of which I tell-you before, as I
have also told you in time past.
that they which do such things
shall not inherit the kingdom of
God." Gal. 5: 21.
The act of 1909 provides:
-"That any person convicted of
rape or assault with intent to
ravish shall suffer death by
-hanging, unless the jury shall
recommend to the mercy of the
Court, in which event the de
~~atshall be confined at hard
labor in the State penitentiary
for a term not exceeding forty
years or less than five years, at
the discretion of the presiding
The Social Equality Charge.
Gov. Blease jumps on Judge
Jones and accuses him of being
in favors of social equality
amiong the races because the
judge while a memberr' of the
legislature twenty odd years
ago voted with a lot of other
good men against a bill to pro
vide for separate coaches on the
railroads for the t wo races. The
judge denies very forcefully
that he is in favor of race or
social equality and explains that
he v< d against the bill for
Constitutional reasons.
But let us see if the governor
is in any better position on the
question of social equality, if itI
be interpreted that way. He
has been governor nearly t wo
ysars aind there has been two
sessions of the legislature and if
he has ever said a word about
providing separate coaches or
separate apartments for the
races on the street railways of
this- state it has escaped us.
The riding of the races on
steam railways together in the~
same par is social equality with
governor, but we suppose it is
not so on electric railways.
The two races ride in the same
cars over the electric roads in
this State every day and Gov.I
Blease has never vet raised his
voice against it.
Annapolis Appointmfenlts
An exnination will be held
at Green wood, Tuesday. Janu
ar 7th. 1913, for the purpose of J
,tirnati s ':-::u
the I. S. Nav
nnlfalloil .
free f rom biu
be not lathan
11he v U a 1.~.i
aie limit 1:
0 years. (an< iti -
;i'onspelling,, Engd h
United States history, W
history, arithmetic. a I
through quadratic i nat io
and plane geometrv.
W vatt Aikenl. \LU
Notice of School Election
State of South Carolina.
Counn- of Pickn.
Whereas. a 1>etitiol 1ron tht' free
holders and elt ctors of 1artim I -
trict. No. 40. has ben tl!td n% I 1ah
County Board of Educanto:, a
for a special electionf to deteri
whether or not an extra levv of 2 tems
shall be leviedk oul sail Ditnet M'
school purpozoe
It appealng to the C.,)Int% -a
Elucation that the p-t tion ii. t.
reunirem-t;tV of tht aw.
'i'herefoce, it is; ordered th:.t thew 'rus
V& 1) 1' 'I ~ - zr
tes of the above na e t' - Ineut
holl an el-ction inl:l )-tit a h
School hous'.; ,'ehn idi M to
Saturday. July 27tl:, 'U . fosr the
above -tattd purpoltse. T te T t
the Dittrict ale hrt, . api.i'. man
agers of Faid electin. . l .i t
be conducted accordio;. t, the r 'tir
ments of Sectiun 12.j of t (':: ral
By order if (u.tty 1-:a'i i R
For Congress
thji ..ic *.'. ap rcat nfo o -
nda~ I upprt' . I hre'yi::"nI
from1 Picken,1 C u y. ub -tto, Oter
regu:titionN tof the Din w u rh rye e .
I hierebc nouc iyvaedn E
V~nited tts eat.s d t "
the lCeoc(rie ' try. "t V ' M' t ' -
.\M, : t\ti-S it. h y
v rerismal dir u h :
resul of t V h e p'
Fo ;~of .epruth ('a.a -
I heei~ :0:10 C. nI.'
Fo orerof Represetatvs
Inn tne mie i i~dd
For Cerk o Crt.
. Io heriff3:
-eeetiuti te fo :hc ietO "U.i -. e "
, ta fig fr~n r C':.-! i ' :: s tha
- rin.i~i- it i ' jo ' t
1 h.:.. I . .i::.. :rty e :-ittI ifor the -L
,: ie .f 'ih.ra t : _ r P- en G. n
.:ea la . >. . ;::i ..u'i l: .
Fo ornt Sheiffre
At hee- t nnui e y ef /-. "
e-lcto toea:z ii-t. serf o Pee
on~ng rim ry lecion t': N/si o 'a ii
uti rt::bi., i I i. I . Ia k -
ciar- i O . 2:! '* v .'~ye!I a s D al'<r I
il fs it o l'e e: l'uay ube t:
he U 'ifth ttiii erU c i n the comi e:psi; .r
: Iti ne C es:t:fl which (t prOU- oi e
.(.C. 'r-:. "i::i
ivtef iacami bi' t e :i r th I : ' " io
'r'asuer -j-t o Re IdS of ' -ANI)
he ppoaci:a punry ~et~Ch i-re o
'hc po~Se aI'NK.I -' - L
12 i w u I "2'
T 2. J.1141:1
I 1
For Cotton Weigher.
eb -,N: m cI wI mly wi
For MAlaistrate.
i~ t.th o n k- v:t i
SH:mmons for Relf.
2..nto 41h l4 1. 441 1 . n -
t o n :o1i ' 'll 'ler ''
f~~~ti.?1 11.1':1.1 1t , v
"o ! nupwr GOheel u nthtuit en 1M.
,4 101the ii. s of IS43nty 1'2241 - e.
P' 4't 4 t*l t Aj !IN" ' C41UAt L411
i . :1.A I k' :4'1''''' 24, of y ll'
ubec o te n4)l:1: h \n h
w:: in -:. ve !t y :
For Cot Wih
n tio f -, h t-l ::n
.3r' :h1 ts hi ( of244 Plc( :2'2t. lc t 2 -1
Shf o er i f.\::st '.'e
V.Gnn i ('-,eb ilnki. ::ce :12.
Tow :sip. .bjecthe th it'n n o h
Picen i n
. 1! 1 rrs P'ai4 2
(.: b :1.
T~ ,H 1: !;F. 0 3 '4 44 2 N.1 '.':
e e :o~ the - aid : m lp4 u t
rvi1'2: 4 :1 .22 .'- '4 ' 4' , 2 'n421 I. 2
. 4 .. . .1 12 . '''4 - ' ..21
1 21 I::I <t it : G t:- I' 1 |
- 4e , .2-. . 412I 1
P . Nr.'.\. '.:.:':2:.
h 2 . . d mi: ,.~n l
3 on:;: ti l'a 21 1 -41:
4 n 44 ai ' n.1.214 2
1. .4 2 , M 'i'll - .:t a .'
414 414 ''''1'ti4E4' fIe a.114' I.
4 4 u\2'I'2
the HUg
See us f9
Good Ye
oi mobile A
- - 1 1
.mra-Chilis a:idi Fevers-con mon
coraliaints amorg people livi::g h
Southeastern States, can he ecei-ly re
lievedi in thet shorntest posibe t;in:. b~y
R. L. T.-Ricarson's La:~xatli T'aIe.
fve years by D r. !::i5dso, of .. r n,
S. C., inl hi.s dai'. lC:: cma nal
phscin ::nd has bhind~a it thua:n of
testin nlai froma man:y pr.min nt Sl
Carolini'a:t: ~ citizenas of htzr:ng::
rerof liver' troubles a::d th :-L e.
tvni' on h arimt todaXy. 'You canals
I''e~ rely on: it in any ease of chill :
If any mnculyer of ycur famrily re:1.
tc'ic that strengthens and buiIld, go t'o
your druzgist today and get a fifty-cent.s
edollar btottle of R. L. T., and watch the
quic!:. steady imrorvement. If your drug
gist can't supply you write R. L. T. Ct.
Anderson, S. C.
The Best Liver Medicine
50c & $1.00 per Botde. All Drug Starts. j
', . .2 2 0*' ;; ?
Nte & S' Ge' dtcc u.4
l , *iv. i
' .u n.1Ile
h *'et n - hai i ' - j
i i :1
4; . . .1" 4
Ih ~
r a ~tt -,-g
*r .> ~
~ ~ I
I' 1 7'
II) 7 *. .
;~I-.-.- '~
*1 ~
F'~ I ~I *~I17
)FI Fl 1'
1'''''* , -
IF 1 ' 7
* I
* (j ~ 4~jS
7 ~t IT.
IF F77 :F,.1K.'~*
* , F.,
11 fl;t~ F
*i'L..~ *~*'~ ~ F F.~ F
It! I ~
'I. F
~'r~r~>) 'T:O~Nt;;'E k Co
-______ F
~azts and OTnild.ren.
__ ~ ~ ~'ave A~wa~s Bought
- ; Vi
* ~. rc
v. ::. .... -
L CC ~khart, irid.
epalm kinds
lie ri r T-u Thrii:Seed. Allth
A!s% for Halum's Backache and Kidney
PTh Pi!!s that made Pickens
esDrug vomp'y#
One DollarA Year
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
S .'vmntli for! girls an-i it onme: al J for bo s andt yung inen
I . t. mn.. ;.nd % o: k t il 1' nuon. Dinver. 45 n.inutes. 1 n
n m:s .15p. ., xcept Sturdhvys. when work t-tops -it r'-1n
n S. -on tr:iwt of :;! ere:-. Four. five :md six rooni cottages. Ie-t
.-~.:w s wih spring brarxch wate-r. rent free.
I (:arli ond :oij Ii!r.ing IeNautiful p:ark of threef acres.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Wan to Se oul
Fly T '.. , )y Paper,Fri
j ars, JeU1 y Tuml)ers, Fruit
L~ Iiouglas Shoes
T had make in Amrerica
Cotton Hoes
bin ouIr (cotIton that
9 Straw Hats
WIon, W\omnen and Chiil
u:r-1 Ven~i .- .- .- .-.
Lice Powder_
- 0 Tokill the lice on the little
(hickens and lants .
&wy's Summer =Pant 4
i~ ~ Wer wa nt to buy your eggs
chickenls, duckc<, bees wax,
dIcry hides, all kinds or sala
ble hibs1), corn, peas, etc.
~('ome to see us---a square
- :n~~~~- 'eSlwcst opc
/- 5"CE
COMP AO,. opc

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