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L Advertisig Bates 0aoable o
be People's Candidates1 a
'Winning Ticket, the Next
The Need of The Hour.
In these days of political tur
moil and strife, when the blood
is hot and every nerve at its
highest tension it will do every
man good to stop a moment and
seriously consult with himself
-ver, the situation.- Every man
rzo is true; who honestly
wants the country to build up
and progress; whose ambitions
aspirations are for virtue,
trt and right to prevail; who
.elihtin peace and good will
ot dp a better thing, than
to withdraw to some quiet, soliL
4tary place and there dispassion
ately reason with himself as to
j the position .he o&upies and
-how much he .contributes, if
Aanything, tothewelfare.of the
we could not do a bettert '
for ourselyes, our chil , our
neighbors and the - try at
large than to determine
the cause of uch bitterness,
strife and oil, and if the
Indivi making the investi
gati that he is aiding, or
contribmt e t? it, ten it is his
Jduty, as atood citizen, to face
about, reverse iis cour.e of ac-,
tion and strive b overcome the
eil bygooa.
requirs a strong will,( in
dimritabo courage, and manly
couvictions to stand up for "the
right these'days. Public opin
Ion and popular clamour -con
~?trolls many a man's actions and
ntycue men to do
~w~hrknow is not
5mdehichvillbring re
~adlemorse. One of the
striking illustrations of
-~-. ac~strequenfly witnessed
~ ~In~ou~W~ rolina in the case of
a als These result from
eetand hot blood which
areycreated by public senti
metor popjular clamour at the
net. 4'The very time, the
f all, times, when men
~~ou~let reason and sober
"~ ~udgentcontrol them they.
,ge way. to 'passion, prejudice
and the spirit of- revenge. This
ils all wrong for there is one who'
ihs said. "Vengenance is
m''jine, I will repay."
s gin, while it is true there
sre differences among men in
political matters, these differ
$euces should be honest differ
-'endes and should not be carried
Aoehuchfextremes as to cause
brd thoughts or unkind words.
Itsra high privilege a zan
~eoswhen he is.given the
.~ ~ihof suffrage, and he should
azgard the ballot which lted
~~7~ost sacred
-trust. The little white mes
senger wields a silent power for
good or evil and before it is de
posited in .the box serious and
~thoughtful consideration should
guide the hand that holds it
Men should ask themselves be
fore they vote if that ballot in
their honest, unprejudiced heart
is for-the tiest interest of the
country. Are the men I am
about to vote for sober, true,
honest. upright, Godf earing
meni Are they seeking the
)ffice from selfish motives?
Will they make the best officers?
How does their past life comn
-pare with their political prom
Ises? These and many similar
Questions should be duly and
well considered by every man
in connection with every candi
date who asks his suffrage.
And they should be considered
withbout malice, prejudice or ill
will as between man and man.
Not what Mr. A thinks of this
candidate or that one; not what
Mr. B has said; not what the
newspaPers say or anybody else,
but what and who is the man I
am going to cast my vote for.
There never was a tune in all
the history of the world when
there was a greater need of pure,
crue men, The forces of evil
ire all conspiring to overthrow
;ruth and virtue, honesty. puri
y, good will, love. There is
meal admiration for the man'
vho dares to do ight. who will
et his face against the wrong,
wvho clings to the love of good
and a contempt and scorn for
vil. The man among men is
ne who has made himself true
i d virtuous; the man who is|
* 2re. brave, anil kind. That
~ J~one in whom God is well.
[eased and whom men delight
honor. Reader, are you one
f this kind? If not aim at it
nd you cannot, fail.
Notice of School Election
tate of South Carolina.
County of Pickens.
Whereas. a petition from the free
olders and electors of Martins DL
rict, No. 40. has been filed with the
Oountv Board of Education, asking
or -a special election to determine
whether or not an extra levy of 2 mills
hal be leviedi on said District for
chool- purposes.
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition meets the
"ur ements of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
ees of the above named District do
iold an elecvion in said District at the
chool house within said District on
Saturday. July 27th, 1912. for the
above stated purpose. The Trustees of
the District are hereby appointed man
agers of said election. Said election to
be conducted according to the requir
ents of Section 1208 of the General
By order of County Board of Educa
R. T. Hallum,
at-12 Co. Supt. Ed.
For Congress
on. Wyatt Aiken is hereby ann3ounced as a
:andidate for Congress from tbe Third Uon
gressional District, subject the rules and
action of the voters of the nenocratic party in
the approacbing Primary etlction the result of
which he will abide. .
I hereby announcr self a candidate for the
United states Seqte, subject to the rules of
the Democratic rty. Your support anfi in
luence will ppreciated. N. B. DIAL,
--dS. EVA NS is hereby announced as a
ate for Congress from the Third Con
' nal district subject to the action of the
oters in the Democratic Primary election, the
result of which he promises to abide.
I hereby announoe myself a candidate for
Congres fm the Third Congressional District
of South Carolina, subject to the action of the
voters of the District in the Democratic primar
Walhalla, S. C..
For Solicitor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Solicitor of the 10th .ludicial Circuit and
e to abide the result of the Democratic
. to support nominees thereof.
For Touse of Representatives.
..tion of many friends, I hereby
-::ef a candidate for the House of
-ta.:es from Piekens County, subject
o te acion of the Democratic party in the
primary election. J. M. Hancock.
Mr. Judge X. Welborn is hereby: announced
a candidate for the House of Representatives
from Piokegas county, subject to tae action of
the voters in the Democratic Primary election
the result of which he promises to abide
SWith sincere appreciation for your past loy'
al$y and support. I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the House of Representatives
from Pickens County, subject to the rules and
regulations of the Den ocratic Pnrimr election.
.For Clerk of Court.
MR. A. J. BOGGS is hereby announced as a
candidate for re-election to the office of Clerk
ef-Court for Pickens county subject to the
action of the voters in the coming Primary
election, the result of which he prbmises to
i hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ofice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County
subjec to the rules of the Democrati pimary
The many friends of Mr. J1. HI. G. MicDANIEL
hereb-announce him as a candidate for the of
ice of Clerk of Court for Pickerns County, sub
ject to the action of the- voters in the Demo
cratic primary election.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a -ar'didate for
re-election to the offce of Sheritr for Pickens
County, subject to the will of the voters in the
coming primary election, the result of which I
promise to abide. R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
offce of Sheriff of Pickens County subject to
the will of the voters in the comiing primary
election, the result of which I promise to abide.
J. C. Jennmngs
For County Treasurer.
A t the solicitation of friends I hereby announce
myself a candidate for th~e office of eounty
Treasurer subject to the action of the voters in
the approaching primary election, the result of
which I promise to abide. H. W. FARR.
At the solicitationi of many friends,- I hereb'
announce myself a candidate for the offce of
ounty Treasurer, snbject to the action of the
Democratic voters in the Primary election, the
results of which I promise to7 abd.EES
'The many friendi. of Mir. J1. D. Aiken hereby
announce him .a a candidate for the offce of
Cguna~t.Yeasurer subject to the action of the
'voters in the primary election.
The many friends of Mr. J1. P. HYDE here
by announce him as a candidatc for the of
ie of County Treasurer subject to th~e
action of the voters in the Democratic pri
mary election.
The friends of Mr. Eb H. Fiekd hereby an
nounce him as a candidate for the office of
County Treasurer subject to the will of the
Democratic voters in the approaching primary
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ofice of County Treasurer of Pickens County
subjcct to the rules of the Democratic Primary.
Taylor Ht. Stewart.
Start Chicks.
on Pratts Baby ChiCk
Food. and get them safe
ly over the danger line,
the first three weeks. It's
a wonderful strength
giver and makes success
loc., 25c., 50c.
127th YEAR BEGI]
Entrance examinalions at all the cour
It offers courses in Ancient and Mohr)
tica Science, Debating, Chemistry. Pa~y
Courses for B. A.. B. S. anu B. S. deg
A free tuition scholarship to each co-u
schoarships giving $100 a year and free
in September.
Expenses reaso'nable. Terms and catai
VorC itt Silunef LaE cation
~bv iespet ?ncinzse If a can
lidaid for ze-elco 1 lt~
tendent of Edcadohl * 4bjt to'the aof
the Demnocratic party the pfimaryecton.
For Auditeir
Mr. L. J. Connelly is hereby announced as a
candidate for the olce of Auditor of Pickens
County subject to the action of- the voters in
the Democratic Primary election, the result cf
which he promises to abide,
MR. N. A. CHRISTOPHER is hereby announc
ed as a candidate for re-election to the office
of county Auditor, subject to the action of the
voters in the Democratic - .rmary election, the
result of which he-promises to abide.
For County Commisioner
The friends of Mr. G. Wash Bowen hereby
announce him as a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to the action of the voters in
the primary election.
The many friendsof JAMES M. LAWRENCE
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner
subject to the people in the democratic pri
The many friendsof J. LUTHER BAGWELL
hereby announce him as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Commissioner,
subject to the action of the voters In the
Democratic Primary electien.
Mr. ,. B. Moore is hereby announced as a
candidate for the office of County Commission
er subject to the action of the voters in the
primary election,
For Cotton Weigher.
At solicitation of many friends I hereby an
nounce mysielf for the position of cotton weigh
er for the township of Pickens, subject to the
action of voters on August 2 Ath.
For Magistrate.
Mr. W. S. Gantt is hereby announced as a
candIdate for the office of Magtrate of Hurri
can Township, subject to the action of the
voters in the DemocrativPrimary election.
Mr. J. F. Stokes is hereby announced as a can
didate for the office of Magistrate of Pickens
Township subject to the action of the voters in
the Primary election, the result of which he will
The friends of Mr. Arthur S. Porter hereby
announce him as a candidate for the office of
Magistrate of Pickens Township, subject to the
action cf the voters in Demoretic Primary elec.
-tion, the result, of which he promises to abide.
Summons for Relief.
State of South Carolina
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas
Summons for Relief (Complaint Served)
A. M. Morris Plaintiff
L E. Looper,
You are Hereby Summoned and re.
qured to answer the complaint in this
action, which is filed in the office of the
clerk of court for Pickens county on in i
this date and to serve a copy of your JUT
ainswi to the said complaint on tie AtW
subscriber at his office at Greenville C.H.
Su. Iitiin twenty days after theservice
hereof. exlusive of -the, day of -such
service; and if you fail to answer the
complaint within the time aforesaid, the
Plaintiff in this.action will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
Dated June 8, A. D. 1912
A. J, Boggs (seal).
C. C. P. B. A. Morgan,
- Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the defendant above named:
Please take - notice, the summons of
which the foregoing is a copy, and the
complait in the above stated action
was filed in the office of the clerk of
court for said county and state on the 8
day of June, 1912, and is now on file F4
Sheriff's Sale
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,.
In Common Pleas Court.
T. H. Smith Plaintiff
D. C, Millset al, -
By virtue of a degree of foreclosure
and signed by his Hon. Judge George -
E. Prince at Chambers at Greenville, S.
C., dated June 22nd 1912 and on file in
the clerks office for Pickens County. I
will sell to the highest -bidder on sales
day in August -1912 during the legal
hoars for sale - at Pickens court houz e E
S. C., the following discribed real estate
to wit:
All that tract or parcel of land situate
lying and being in Pickens county in
the state afotesaid, containing tiinety
two and three fourths.(920) acrea more
or less and bounded by lands of R.
Lenhardt, W. B. Hester, E. J Hester,
myself (Mills) and others, and known as
the Perry place and is the same tract of1
land conveyed to T. H, Smith by J. P
Worshem on December the 81th 1904,
Deed recorded in Volume -Z" Page
377. -
Terms of sale: One half cash on day
of sale the balance on a credit of twelve
months secured by bond of the purchas
er and mortgage of the primises sold.
the deferred payment to bear interest at.
8 per cent per annum,with leave to the alh
purchaser to pay all cash or to antici- th
pate paymnent at any time.
Purchaser to pay for all papers and t
for recording the same.
R. B. ROARK, mf
Sheriff Pickens County. ev
Charleseon. S. C. --
One vacancy in Pickens county in the benefi
cary scholarships in the Citadel will be tilled r
by cornpetttive examination on August 9, 19i2
Next session begins September 18, 1912. h
The Citadel offers cozjrses In Civii Engineer
ug, English, Chemistry and Physics.
Degrees of C. E. and B. S. conferred.
It is designated by the war department as one
of the dlstinguiseed institutions, one of who-a
graduates receives a commision in U. S. army
For catalogue and information, address ti
Col. O. J. Bond,
Charleston, S. C,
- ________b1b
ty-sats on Friday July 5, at 9 a. mn.
Lasuages, Mathematics. History, Pol- pa
sics. Biology, and Engineering. . - ':dr
-ee ith Engineerink.- dog
ty of-1South --argiiia. t3Vcant.Boyce
tuition, open to competitive exa'mination ye
ogue on application. Write to
DOLPH; President
F olger
All Oxfords to go
Boyden $6.0
Walk-Over I
Walk-Over I
Walk-Over I
Good year
Automobile o
A complete s
Clothing, Shoes.
Sole agents for Walk-C
Iron King Stoves, New HomE
ell Wagons and Mitchell Aul
id office. -
te8,1912 B. rgan,
Plff's Attys.
>thing can be d soaprori.
idatatv a oeo u
ning tobea brie o appreci-a~
e a gift of such exquisite
We also carry table silver
are and many novelties that
sggest presents for Weddings,
raduation and Birthday s.
:asiey, 4.
The Government figures indic
ut two and one-half million aci
tthe condition is aoout eigl:
Stime last year.
Two and one-half million acre
cdition of all of it will figure
n if the crop stands the summe
obably wi'l not do this.
It looks as if this is a good yea
can. We know a man in this
ssing made sceventy bales of col
nearly $1,200 clean clear profil
)0to the plow A farmer can
He could not have made this v
We recommend with the fulle
. Ten per cent ammonia
Ifblood, meal and fish. The
x, &otton seed meal, and fit
Lit food until frost.
We had a late spring and wi
not too late to apply It. Your c:
1need additional plant food to]I
cotton deserves this 4-10-2 an
mto needs it. It should be appi
Sbusiness of this crop requireth
One hundred and fifty poun
yfor itself about three times.
3 corn as well as it does cotton
t wait until next~ year to mak
B. Freeman, Al
E Thori
it greatly reduced pr
) oxford now sellint
4.50 oxford now sel
4.00 oxford now sell
3.50 oxford now sel
caseings and inner
tock of everything
Yours trul3
ats and Gents' Furnishing (
ver and Boyden Shoes, Carh
Sewing MachinesChase City
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every Wedneda
. A. McCollough B. F. Marl
E. M.Blythe
Cllollgh. Mar'tin &. Blt
lsonic Temple Grecuville, S.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.
FOR SALE-Georgia fan
[35 acres. 10 room dwellini
Bine cotton land, Good peac
)rchard, Railroad throug
lace, and one mile to statio]
asy Terms,
Write "Box L,"
Pickens S, C,
a~te that the cotton acreagei
es less this year than last an
it per cent worse than it was a
s less and eight per cent wors
: good many bales of cottoi
r as well as it did last year an<
*r to make every lock of cotto1
county who last year by side
ton on a four horse farmi ai
on his cotton. This is neari'
et rich at that rate.
~ithout side dressing.
t confidence our 4-10-2 at thi:
Lnd half of this soda, the othe:
soda wvill act quickly and thi
h will keep up.the supply o:
1 probably have a late fall. I
op will be fruiting soon an<
eep it from shedding. You:
goodness knows your poores
Led as quickly as possible fo:
s to the acre of this 4-10-2 wil
orn is high. It pays to sid<
Make good crops this yFear
good crops. 'mnaie 'themr thit
pS. C.
gt., Pickens, S. C4
ices for sixty days.
Sat $4.50.
lung at $3.75
ing at $3.25
ling at $2.75
tubes, and
at all times.
oods a Specialty.
art Overalls, Hawes Hats,
and Babcock Buggies,Mitch
4Your Horse.
needs Pratts Healing
y Qintment. It is the
greatest remedy.- in the
Sworld for scratches. .[t
Swill quickly clean the legs
and heals all sores and
cracks. Also cures har
ness and saddle galls.
25c and 50c a box.
"Clean Up the Bowels and
1Keep Them Clean"
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
Cwithout violence. A remedy that
-. does not perform
by force what
should be accom
plished by persua
son is Dr. Mfles'
. Laxative Tablets.
After using them,
- Mr. N. A. Waddell,
1,. 3 I 5 Washington
(St., Waco, Tex.,
h 'says:
h - -Almost n my
h' life I .have been
1, troubled with constipation, and have
tried many remedies, all of which
seemed to cause pain without giving
much relief. I finally tried Dr. Miles'
Laxative Tablets and found them ex
cellent. Their action is pleasant ancr
rn mild, and their chocolate taste makes
them easy to take. I am more than
glad to recommend them.''
"Clean up the bowels and keep
them clean,"~is- the advice of all
physicians, because they realize the
-danger r-esulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not delay too long,
but begin proper curative measures.
Dr.. Miles' Laxative Ta1>lets are a
new retnedy for this old complaint,
and a great improvement over the
cathartics you have been using in
the past. They taste like- candy
and work like a charm. A trial
will convince you.
' Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
Ssold by all druggists, at 25 cents
a box containing 25 doses. If not
found satisfactory after trial, re
turn the box to your druggist and
s he will return your money.
d MILES MEDICAL - CO., Elkhart, Ind.
t 12 *
Squaw Vine
A Palalabile Medicine especially
cprepared to relieve and cure the
diseases which affect women
This excellent medicine is not only
successful in conquering the pain
ful and prostrating -diseases thr
attack the female generative syster.
but it is exceptionally pleasant to
take. The usual rule that the nastier
the medicine the more effective it
I is, is reversed in the case of Squaw
Vine Wine. It is one of the pleas
cantest -of medicines. The fresh
juice "if a well ripened sweet orange
is not more agreeable. It is indeed
I a happy combination of sweet herbs
compounded with just enough
~Jsp'its to keep it fresh and active in
its medicinal effect. Poor, tired
mothers, worn-out with the cares
of a family and household, and suf
fering from those distressing aches,
bedaring down pains and nervousness
Iwhich promen only know, revive
wonderfully under its strengthening
and exhilirating influence. It eases
pain, strengthens weakened parts,
corrects irregularities, builds up
a strong, vigorous body, restores
brightness to the eye and color to
the cheeks.
Sold by Draggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
The Cream of the Coffee CrC)
Specialy imported; speciaily prepared in
New ohleans, America's Good Ca'ej
Capital; specialy packed in dain)y, d.mp
proof, dust-proof, freshness-preserving car
a VERY SPECIAL cofee of top-ntc.
perfection sold by only one deaa'
a this town.
At its price you cannot duplicate its quality; at
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recommend and sel this coffee exclusively
Folger, Thornley & Company
The Sentinel
One DoliarA Year
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Afford ideal employment for girls and women: also for boys and young men
who wish to learn a trade, and earn good wages.
Hours: Begin 6.35 a. in., and work till 12 noon.. Dinner. 45 minutes. Boein
12 45 p. in , and quit at 6,15 p. m., except Saturdays. when work itops at noon
Neat mill village on tract of 30 acres. Four, five and six room cottages. Rent
fifty cents per room per month.
Good pasture. 1.5 acres with spring branch water, rent free.
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoining beautiful park of three acres.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Want to See You'
C Fly Traps, Fly Paper, Fruit
Jars, Jelly Tumblers, Fruit
R Jar Rmngs, and Preseriving
4Powver .- ..e-- -
W. L. Douglas Shoes
a The best make in America
Cotten Htoes
B ~To thin your cotton that
has not been planted yet.
H straw Hats
o For Men, Women and Chil
S dreia --- -- -' ---
Lice Powder
C To kill the lice on the little
chickens and plants .-.
0 Boy's Summer' Pauts.
N We want to buy your eggs
P chickens, ducks, bees wax,
4 dry hides, all kinds ot sala
N ble herbs, corn, peas, etc.
Come to see us---a square
deal guaranteed .
The Joy of the Home
The entire household revolves around the telephone. Neigh
bors, friends, market, doctor and store can be reached in an instant
by the home having telephone service. -
The Rural Telephone
provides this home necessity and pleasure at very low cost, to peo-.
ple who live in the country.
It is proving a paying investment to thousands of farmers.
Write, today, for our free book. It tells you how you may
have telephone service in your home. Address
Farmers Lin~e Departmnt
So......r .. Alan ta. sa.

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