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The- Pickes Sentiuel
Advertisittg Rates Reasonable
THURSDAY. Mai6; 1912.
u. E ROBINSON. EbItov.
Legal Notices first insertion per inch ti.O0
For each subsequent ""0
Commercial and other advertising for three
months or longer will be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
En reve t Pieens FstoMce as Second CUa
Kill Matter
Really the fight between
Jones and Blease is between
reformers. They were both
Tillmanites in the 90's The
conservatives of that period
have no special claims upon
either of them, neither have
they upon the conservatives.
He stands by the grafters.
Although it has been proven by
*_the testimony of several that B.
-Atothart, chief dispensary
consible in Charleston, has
rt.ceived money from the blind
tigers of that city to keep the
constables from raiding them,
the governor keeps him in of
fice and, we suppose, the graft
ing goes merily on.
We have faith enough in the
people to believe that they will
stand for the right. That they
will *ote for clean men for
office. That they will votejpA
honest men for office. ey
will repudiate t after and
those who staif by the grafter.
,4-t awbreaker, and the
murderer. Surely South Caro
linians will stand for the right.
It is hoped that the County
candidates will not be required
in the campaign to publicly de
Clare their preference for any
other candidate, and if the
.matter is pressed upon them or
any of them we hope they will
have manhood enough to de
cline so to express ~themselves.
- ' business as 'to
who any man votes for or is in
favor of. The only, or at least
the proper and most important
consideration is the man's fit
-ness for the position he seeks.
In hisbeech at Winnsboro
Juy22nd., Gov. Blease corn
pared .tiielf to a fox.
SIn a spat~ between he and
SJudge J3nes he said:
"I wouldn't hit you for any
Fthing. If I were to jump across
Sthei-e :and~ hit you, they would
say that I struck a poor old de
crepit man and that would elect
you. That's what you want
me to do, to hit you, but I'm too
smart an old fox to be caught
in your trap."
And a fox is mighty sly and
cnnning and hard to trap.
May be thats the reason the
dictaeraph lost thi trail.
.Lawlessness Encouraged.
One of the strongest reasons
why Gov. Blease should not be
xe-ie~d s. that he encourages
lawlessness. He has proved
this in several ways but not
more strongly than in his speech
on the State House steps on
the night of the 19th of July.
In that speech he is reported as
In speaking of 0. M. Watson
and 3. N. King of Greenville,
S. C., who recently issued a
signed statement saying that
they had been insulted at the
governor's mansion when they
attempted to secure a reprieve
for a condemned negro, he is
quoted as saying: "I would
gladly pardon any man who
would kill King and Watson if
they should come to his house
in the same condition and use
same language which they did
at the mansion."
If such a thing as this should
occur it would be murder. Is
Gov. Blease in favor of people
murdering each other? It seems
so, and if he has been correctly
quoted in the above he is. The
law, which he as chief Magis*
trate is sworn to uphold, obey
and enforce. plainly declares an
act of this kind to be murder.
Under the law no one is excus
able for committing murder ex
cept whee - t is necessary to
save life or body from serious
harm in self defence.
A Prophecy.
The old sayings that "still
water runs deep," and "the
brighest hour is just before day"
and "the darkest cloud has a
silver lining," and "there is a
calm before a storm." is about
to come to pass in Pickens.
For some time the town has
been rather, on the stand-still
order like many of the other
owns and cities. Few enter
)rises have been undertaken,
-ery little material progress has
>een made; we have been on the
lark side of the cloud, but the
ilver lining ii coming into view,
the rumbling noise of approach
ng progress and material ad
vancement is heard and ere
long the wheels of industry
will be heard singing the sonu
of prosperity. Very little is be
ing said about these things but
we venture the prophecy that
before another twelve month
rolls around dirt will be broker
and the erection of another cot
ton mill will be well under way
We predict that within tha
period the. Pickens mill will
double its building and capacity.
and that the few empty houses
now in town will be occupiec
and a demand for more that
can be furnished. WATCH.
The Senatorial Candidates.
The candidates for the Unite<
States Senate will address th<
voters of this county at Picken
next Monday, August, 5th
There are only three in thi
race. Hon. B. R. Tillman
Hon. W. Jasper Talbert an<
Hon. N. B. Dial. Senator Till
man has not been with th
campaign party at any of th
meetings 'on account of il
health and will not, it is though
be here. It is presumed th
candidates for congress wil
present unless it is Hon
Wyatt Aiken whose duties wil
probably require his presence 11
It is very, very noticeable a
to the manner of these gentlE
men, in their campaign ds cow
pared to that of the candidate
for State officers. These mei
have pitched their campaign o:
a high plane and are cOnductin
themselves as high-toned gentlh
men. They indulge in no pei
sonalities, mud slinging c
abuse of e tch other. They o<
casonally amuse the crowd
with an innocent joke and caus
a laugh, but not yet has onec
them passed the lie, said har
things or reflected upon tb
character, either public or pri'
ate, of any man. They discus
the issues in a calm. busines
like way and each receive
respectful hearing by the pe<
pe. There is no hurrahing
jeering or howling down (
whooping up. This is the wa
to conduct a campaign. It
very commendable in thes
men to set such a high standar
in politics. The candid ates f(
State office have a 1: orthy e>
ample before them. We nee
to get back to the days c
statesmenship: the days whe
men ran on their merits an
not the demerits of another: I
the days when brains and n<
demagoguery was the chib
consideration. Let us get bac
to the days when men will n<
be ruled by passion and spli
and a spirit of revenge. Ever
good citizen should spurn th
demagogue and penny polit
cian.~ The man who loves h
country and wants it to prosp(
and rank high in the eyes of th
world should turn his back upo
the namby-p~imby, meal
mouthed, goody-goody fellow
The fellow who is always jurn]
ing from one side to the othe
and hatching up schemes an
stooping to the mean politics
intrigues. Let the corrupt an
the corruptor alone. Do nc
touch the man who gets int
the slime and filth. Select an
stand by men cf high more
character, men who have don
something for themselves. the!
fellows and their God.
A Correction.
In making up the form
The Sentinel last week, th
headlines on the first page g(
mixed and it was not discovere
until all the papers had bee
run off. Trhe headlines ma
have been misleading to som
and did not express what we ir
tended The sentence, "FeWd
makes good his charge(s." wa
wvritten but it appeared in th
paper in this wayv: ''Feln
makes good his charzes auim
Blease." The wor "against
crept in without the knowledg
of the editor. nor was Goa
Blease's name mentioned
this connection. As soon as tI
error was discovered. wei triedi 1
blot out the two words "good
and "against." We will not (
Gov. Blease an intentional it
ustice, nor do we want to i
understood as saying "Feld
has made good his charge
against him." This is a matte
which each man can decide ft
imself after reading the ev
For Congress
Hon. Wyatt Aiken Is herc!v announced I- a
candidate for Congress from the Third 'uen
gressional District. subject to the rules and
action of the voters of the Democrac:: party in
the approaching Primary election t.e result of
which be will abide.
I bereby announce myself a candidate for the
United States Senate, subject to the rules of
the Democratic party. Your -upport ani in
i 'tuene will be appreciated. N. 1. DI L.
N!-.' -- . EVA NS is he:eby annouuced us a
andidate for Congress from the Third Con
-ressional district subject to the action of the
voters in the Democrdtic Primary election, the
result of whi'h he promises to abide.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Iongress from the Third Congressional District
>f S'uth Carolina, subject to the P(-tion of the
voters of the District in the Demcsratic primar
i A R'. CUS C, LONG,
Walhalla, S. C.
For Solicitor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Solicitor of the 10th Judicial Circuit and
pledge to abide the result of the Democratic
Primary and to support nominees thereof.
For House of Representatives.
I hereby announce myself a candidate foi
re-election to the House of Represantative:
from Pickens County, subject to the action el
the voters in the Democratic Primary Eleetior
I the result of which I promise to abide.
E. P. MeCravey.
The tnany friends of MA.I. J. 31. STEWAR1
herebv announce him a candidate for thi
hlouse of Representives sunjact to the actioi
of the Democratic Primary. The result o
which he .rotrises toabide.
'Mr. -Judge M. Welborn is hereby announve
as a atidtdate for the House of Representative
from Pickt ns connty, subject to the action o
the voters in the Democratic Primary electiot
1 the result of which he promises to abide
With sincere appreciation for your past lo
alty and support. I hereby announce myself .
candidate for the House of Representative
from Pickens County. subject to the rules an'
retulations of the Den ocratic Primary election
Sam B. Craig.
For Clerk of Court,
3M R. A. .1. lOGGS is hereby announced as
- candidate for re-election to the oillee of Cler
of Court for Pickens county subject to th
I action of the voters in the coming Primar
election, the result of which he promises t
I hereby announce myself a candidate for th
office of Clerk of Court for Pickens Count
t subject to the rules of the Democratic primar
election. 0. S. ST E\\ ART.
The many friends of Mr..1. Ht. G. 'McDANIE
1 hereby announce him its a candidate for the ol
tice of Clerk of Court for Pickens County, sul
ject to the action of the voters in the Dem
cratic primary election.
I h For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself a candidate fc
re-election to the office of Sheriff for Picker
County. subject to the will of the voters in th
3 coming primary election, the result of which
promise to abide. R. R. Roark.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for tb
- office of Sheriff of Pickens County subject t
the will of the voters in the coming primai
S election, tme result of which I promise to abid,
.1. C. .lennings.
For County Treasurer.
L At the solicitation of friends I hereby annidun<
myself a candidate for the office of (,oun1
- - asu!r subject to the action of the voters 1
..e approaching primary election, the result
- which 1 promise to abide. H W. FARR
At the solicitation of many friends. I heret
announ ce myself a candidate for the office 4
county Treasurer, subject to the action of ti
lDemocratic voters in the Primary election, tI
results of which I promnise to abide.
El The many friends of Mir. .1. D). .\iken herel
anonchinm as a candidate for the olliee
ouny Treasurer subject to the actiotn of ti
voters'in th eprimary election.
The many frieiids of M1r. .1. P. HIYDE het
by announce him as a candidate for the a
-tice of Couuty Treasurer subject to tI
action of the voters in the Democratic pw
Smary election.
The friends of M1r. Eb H. Field hereby a
Snoutnce him as a candidate for the oflice<
County Treasurer subject to the _will .of ti
a Democratic voters in the approaching prima:
I hereby announce myself a candidate for ti
,ollic of County Treasurer of Piekens Coun
Ssubject to the rules of the Democratic Primar
hr Taylor H. Stewart.
7 For County Suptof Educatio
S i hereby respectfully announce myself-a ca
didate for re-elcction to the otfice of Superi
tendent of Education, subject to the actiont<
the l~emocratic party in the Primary election.
MrL For Auditor.
3rL...Connelly is hereby announced as
candidate for the oftice of Auditor of Pickei
County subject to the action of the vo ers
the Diemocratic Primary election, the result
which he promises to abide,
II R. N. A. CHIR ISTOPHIFER is hereby announ
edI as a candidate for re-election to the ohlit
of county Auditor, subject to .the actioni of tI
voters in'the D~emocratic Primary election, tI
result of which he promises to abide.
,For County Commissioner
The friends of Mlr. G. W~ash Ilowetn herel
announce him as a candidate for tCounry Coi
missioner, subject to the action of the voters:
the primary election.
The many friendsof.AM1ES.\. LAWRIEN(
e hereby announce him as a candidate forr
electioni to the oilice of County Commlission,
subject to the people in the demiocratic pi
The many friendsof .1. LUTHI ElI IIAGW EL
1- hereby annjounce hinm as a candidate forr
electioni to the ottice of Cotunty Conimissione
S subject to the action of the voters iti tI
lemocrati" Primary electien.
r Mr. rx. H. Moore is hereby antnounced as
candidate for the otfice of County Commissio
er subtject to the action of the voters, in II
primary election.
The-.riends of Mir. A L IAS 1)A Y hereby a
y nounice him as a candidate for the ollice
County Commissioner suibject to thbe action
.the v-oters in the Demoeratic Primary electio
the result of which he promise to abide.
For Cotton Weigher.
A t solicitation of many friends I hereby a
nounce myself for the position of cotton weig
Li er for the towtnship of Pickens, subject to ti
actioni of voters on August ff0th.
For Magistrate.
0 Mr. W. S. Gantt is hereby atnnounced as
c adidi~ate for the office of Mlagistrate of lldrl
can Towt'hip. subject to the action of ti
voters ini the Democratic Primary election.
M\r. .1 . F. Stokes is hereby announced as a ca
didate for the office of M1agistrate of Pickel
Township subject to the action of the voters:
the Primnary election, the result of which he w
The frietids of M1r. Arhur S. Porter herel
anounce him as a candidate for the office
Mlaistrate of Picketns Tlownship, subject to I
actiotn of the voters in h)emoretic Primary etc
tion, the result. of which he promises to abid
Charleseotn. S. C.
(I one vacatnev itn Pickens countty ill the bene
irv 'choi larships in thie Citadel will be til b
t. y <'oiticttive exainiatlon on .\utgust 9, 19J
'Next-session, beginis September 18. 19l2.
. The citadel otfers emir'ses in Civil Etiginee
iu. Entglish. Chemistry aind Phiysie-.
liegrees of C. E-. ant II. S. nonferred.
Iit is desigtiated by the war departmetit as oI
of the di stingutiseed intstitutions, one of who
raduates receives a coimmiisioni iti 1. 5. arn
Foi r catalogcue and info~ rmiatioti, add ress
Charleston. S. (C.
r Yonah Land.
s Th famous Piedmont sect ton. Nort
Est Georgia. Trhe land of opportutt
e Special inducement to frmit grower
r dairymen, stockmen and pouhtrymnm
A great demand for diversified farmin:
SSome products to reil every
'clonmo inarket and best prics. Twer
e yodTourist hotels in Ilabershai
.Conty, (both summtner and winter ra
~ sortsl, otnly 7S miiles from Atlanta ti
Smain line of Southern Railway to Was]
eington, D. C. Ten acres apple archar
aprdtced 3300 bu:.hels of apples nettin
%:1900. Equally as good for peachh
pe~cans,Erapes5 etc. The bnest of farmina
0nd inll p roduce from 1 to 2 bales<
_ ottot, t00 to 100i bushels of corn p4
cre, besides iarge crops of small grat
Sndi hav. Pure water, fine climnate. n
moqitoes, splendid sceneiy, fir
scls~~l and churches. 180" feet elev?
SSion. Prices range from $5.00 to $25.C
rr per acre. Send for descriptive Pampi
let and price list.
g r
All Oxfords to g<
Boyden $6
Good yesA
A complet(
Clothing, Shoi
Sole agents for Wall
Iron King Stoves, New Hc
ell Wagons and Mitchell.
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every W~.1.
E. M. Bly the
SMfiall1oagh,. Martill & Blythi
k Msonic Temple Grecnville, S.(4
As-ociate firii;
M.A iTIN. tfiFN E & V ARLF.
Anderson, S. C.
.Practice in all Courts.
of the expert, reliable kind tha
you have been looking for.
No matter how delicate an,
difficult the work may seen
you can safely entrust it to ut
No matter how trifling a tas
you rnay need, you can rest ai
a sured we wvill use the same pair
taking care that characterize
our work on important repaii
Easley, S- C
~Majaria-Chills and Fevers-commc
1complaints among people living in i
Southeastern States, can be effectively r
lieved in the shortest possible time b
R. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Toni
eThis prescription has been used thirt:
Sve years by Dr. Richardson, of Andersol
S. C., in his daily practice as a famil
physician, and has behind it thousands<
testimonials from many prominent Soul
Carolinians and citizens of other neighbo
1inlg states. R. L. T. is a wonderful co
-rector of liver troubles and the greate
tonic on the market today. You can abs
Iutely rely on it in any case of chills at
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~Anderson, S. C.
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4 Thori
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1 accessories.
stock of everything (
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s. Hats and Gents' Furnishing G
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me Sewing Machines,Chase City
Notice of School Election
j state of South Carolina.
Countv of Pickens.
Whereas. a petitioi;:from the free
holders and electors of N'w Town Die
trict. No. 55. ha. been filed with the
County Board of Education, asking
for a special election to dctertnin
whether or not an pxtra levy of 4 mills
Ishall be leviert on said Distric t for
school purposes.
It appearing to the County Boarud of
I Education that the ptti'n mets sne
requirements of the law.
Tiherefore, it is ordered] that the Trus
tees of the above named District de
hold an election in said District at the
school house within said District on
S.tturday. Aug. 10th, 1912. for the
above stated piurpose. The Trustees of
the District are hereby appointed man
agers of said election. Said election te
be conducted according a the requir
mnents of Section 1208 of the General
By order of Cournty B'.ard of E inca
~t-15 Co. Supt. Ed.
Notice of School Election.
County of Pickens,
Whereas, a petition from the frec
holdeis and electois of1 Hlly Sprin.:
District number 47 lois fil!.-d with the
County Board of Education asking said
B oard for permission to hold an election
to determine whether or net an exton
levy of 3 mills shall be levied on said
District for sco lprprses:
it appearing to the County Board of
Elucation that the petitioni meets the
requirmnents of the Iawv:
Th'lerefore it is herebe orderedgbar
the Trustees <(f the above namiedl Ds
trer do hold an election in above named
Ditrict for the ab.ove s ated purpoel
the election to he held at the sc'hool
house on Aug. 10th. The Trustees of
the above named District are herehy :ip
tointed managers o.f sail election. The
election to be held according to the re
By order of Cuntr Bo'ard Edneation
12. T,Uillumi.
St-1-> bce-, & Chri.
in stables .and barns-no
disease or foulness if you
s use Pratts Dip and Disin
1Also best for hogs and
sheep. Rated at 1 to 70
I by U,. S. Gove'rnmenWt.
:35c a quart: $1 .00 a .
SFOR SALE-Georgia farm
.135 acres. 10 room dwelling.
Fine cotton land. (Good pearl1
.orchard, Railrioad( th roiigl
.place, and one mile to station
Easy Terms,
Write "BOX L."
Pickens S, C.
. 1785
I 127th YEAR BEG
a E''rar'e v--rni'i:limnn -a .ij .- e
*~ It' uffers cn-rs~~ in .Ain no ;'.'d
>r ticai ees I *iC~I'-i t ng. O-' i r . P
C omrsi-s for lB A . $ 8. :,n . . S
.A free tulition s -hob~r-hti t 'ae I
scoar,p~e & inigi $ i , ye ir :una' fr'
-e in S -ptem b--r.
OF THlE 17
ces for sixty days.
at $4.50.
ing at $3.75
ng at $3.25
ing at $2.75
tubes, and
it all times.
>ods a Specialty.
rt Overalls, Hawes Hats,
mnd Fabcock Buggies,Mitch
"Clean Up the Bowels and
Keep Them Clean"
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
docs not perform
by force what
- should be accom
plished by persua
sion is Dr. Miles'
S Laxative Tablets.
~- j~/ After using them,
fi Mr. N. A. Waddell,
3 I5 Washington
St., WVaco, Tex.,
"Amosa t all my
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"Clean up the bowels and keep
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stipati'on. Do not delay too long,
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Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
Isold by all druggists, at 25 cents
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turn the box to your druggist and
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MILES MEDICAL CO., Eikhart, Ind.
Kill Lice
You can positiv ely destr oy
all chicken lice and ver
min wxith Pratts Powder
ed Lice Killer. Ices
seasonu by using Pr'a'tts
guaranteed lice killer. I
25c andl~ 50c a .bonx.
Notice of Final Settlenmnt and
NOTICE is hereby given th-'a I will
make application to J. B. Newherr'
E-q., Judge of Probate for Pickens
couinty, in the State of sombh (arolina'.
on the :31 day of Aug 19)12, at 11 o'clock~
m: thei~ forenoon. ur as !.oon t hereafter at
saidl ;ippicationl can be heard fo'r leave
to make final settlement of the estate
of Ivr Clinton Cainnvi de cemwtd. and'
obt':in ' i.-charge as .x*1t"'r subl esna'
4 .1 W illia m Cannon
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The Election is
Next Month
n. on?2 ap!i' t, ret
~DOLPH,. President
ston, S.. .
Only one Dealer in this Town
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fairest-priced coffee and tea to
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Folger, Thornley & Company
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
A f ford ideal employwent for girls and women.'also for boys and young men
who wish to learn a trade. and earn good wages.
Hours: Begin 6.33 a. m.. and work till 12 noon, Dinner. 45 minutes. Begin
121.45 p). in , and quit at 6,15 p. mn., excep~t Saturdays, when work 6tops at noon
Nea mill village on tract of 30 acres. Four, five and six room cortages. Rent
fifty cents per room ver month.
Giood pasturl-. 15 acres with spring branch water, rent free.
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoining beautiful park of three aeree.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
*fURING the month
of August we will
close out our elitire
lot of Odss and Ends
in Summer Goods. We
will offer such values
tlhat it will pay to buy
them even it is late in
the season. Come and
see what we have, and
bring all the chickens
eggs and what money
you canu sjpare.
A Constant
A ,poe on t ~-- aiords the Farmer's family freedom
ior:cn as vcl :: protetion in the absence of the men.
Mr. S. S. Lee, of''anch, N. C., writes. "Some time ago one
o .-rens . .s I, a.;C compeled to beoff until ten 'cokat
.. Durin'; 6:.t 1::c. no o~ was in the house but his wife.
e t.. wedau all o'g ar.. .jn the line, and each family was
read t-> t .:r at a 1nmt~ notice. She said she was so glad
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