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The Pitkens Sentinel
Advertising Rates REasonable
THURSDAY, MAl16, 1911.
Legal Notices first insertion per inch
For each subsequent
Commercial and other advertisirg for '!Ir
months or longer will be made at reduc dte
and prices can be had on application".
En ereo at Pielens Fustomce as Second Cla
Mail Matter
Stothart is still chief COn
stable in Charleston.
When politicians fall out you
may look for a washing of dirty
But, laying all joJW
didn't the dicta.ga5 say some
mighty curijg;s things?
ou want to be sure of be
g in the jubilant growd, bet
ter get on the Jones band
If you want to avoid having
that tired feeling and a bad
taste in your mouth the 28th.
join the Jones throng.
Sam Nichols, the Spartan
burg lawyer who talked for the
dictagraph, is now making
stump speeches for Gov. Blease.
We-are reliably informed that
lihe, dictagraph was not used in
George Washington's time.
There were no grafters then.
Some people object to~ the
newspapers publishing the
news. Maybe much they do
publish is not news to some 0
Gov. Blease may attempt tc
ignore the break with his
rmrfriend and supporter.
f~~?QflLQ~-Welborn, but we
dare say he will feel the effects
3 of it.
jThe news reachee Pickens al
most daily of additions to the
Jones column. A month agc
Sthis county was debatable
ground. It, was uncertair
which would carry it, but witi:
the changes which have and
are taking place, it is thought
Sby many that Jones will. be ar
Seasy winner here.
The bulk of what the news
papers publish is the happenings,
sayings and doings of others in
various parts of the world.
And yet some will say the pa
-pers ought not to publish such
things. How are the people tc
-get the news unless the papers
publish it?
-We haye been informed that
it is being circulated in some of
the mill villages that if Gov.
Blease is re-elected, the hours of
-work in the miils will be reduc
~~~hours per day and
the same wages will prevail.
This is only a scheme to catch
voters. Gov. Blease cannot do
such a thing.
He does not make the law, he
can only enforce the law the
legislature makes. It is entire
ly and wholly with the legis
-lature as to what laws shall or
shall not be made.
Surely, there is no one so weak
*as to believe such a silly story.
-A gentleman writing an ar
ticle- for one of the State news
papers a few days since, said:
-"The time has arrived when
it is positively dangerous for an
honest man to stand by his
This, many of us realize, is
true. It, therefore, behooveis
- every man who has any in
stinct of principle, and love for
order; any -respect for decency.
to consider seriously the cause
~of this condition d things, and
-cast his vote against it. Sonme
have the opinion that a support
er of the present administrationi
could shoot down one opposimg
on the slighest provocation and
escape punishment by use of
the pardoning power.
Constable Stothart has spok en
at last On the 26th of July he
wrote Gov. Blease a letter deC
nying grafting in Charleston.
Among other things, he saidI:
"I have absolutely nothing to
conceal from the public andI
have nor, received one cent or
one dollar or any other amount
from any source or sourc. s ror
illegitimate purposes, or to at
tempt to persuade me or to con
trol me from doing my full
--Why did he not tell the dis
Sesr investigating committee
th is wh n
thle trin h
truth i1
ane ko'.'r )I;
cold hav-dP
time about inon-r
we have t m-h-1i
printers. Li*P
bills mu' h).
scieswho anr- :jin 1
their sul -rli i
them nmr t'-P
dollar from"",c
help us very iah
not hIuI,..ug .inii:
ilyou re-spo! I
Who Can Vote?
Referen"ceha a
the cointy caifii:t:
passed at thlet i.n
legislature Wo ijwSfj! .
fine who shall be
vote in the primtu'y
This question wva'N ih
at the county on A
May, some takin 10
that the act disnA
white citizets. Vh'
the opposite im. To .
tioni will likely b.)a
in the present n
though it has na L
any other count y in
far as cao be m
has itbe rn non
State candi'Kes.
people Iay a A
selves aN e N lo: a-'
to what this act
full, and is L:s f rlo:
"Sectioli 1.
the G ra A1 ' i
State of Souh Crh. a.:
hereafter onyI c*ii;.!no
United St-. w . n
been resideunts of i
at least one year. ' i 'n e
fide intention of -
zens of this State.
titledl or alb)red to v\
primiarv ducetion,
or municipai. ' to s n
that upoa pa
vote, and iO I o
chalenged bein
by an aflidai
knowk-le, r
'nd beli'f toh
such p'er::nn~ is ..
defined abiov, b -
with themar -
hkis aidarit that nb
sptelfitvin v~n h -
naturalized. :mua
exhibit to, th ma
certifieate na~
it will be .'n
this act does n u
least with an a
t was Olnledl
only to) effee h
It is wel non
town has verv ljitl -
tection. That i. ae r
why the in-u *::: V: i
Another reue - ''s
ion of the CflimE's u
ir iInsU1'alre op
make ai re(;'e''(ion
et for fie ha. .
crntli prr 60 0
fues aleIJ
edge waysw
fires are v v
fron1 fIIes~ -
of terra o
n ros a
llg (Of in
nl the u '
lowiig Ii bh
Thie ('
Ial.inine n
Decorate O d
Wtile Old
Sthe u ..-:
the old -
Vi be ab ' -\
body brIinP- b~>k
*J'seph L''
s M ue r
- -- ,. r -. - ..~ -
C; v'*~44~t
%~~' tLFt'
7,. r
-- .5 .j
*~ ~ K
~*. , ',.~7
~ W9~%I
,..v,-r--r. ..fl4a91;
~r ---trlr
- '44?'
.4 - A:...
4,- 1
4 -
---St rr~~jfl2
- " r -
at greatly reduced pri
, ox1ord niow selling
X x1ord now selli
0 oxford now selli
S~ oxcrd now selli
asein S an( ifner
S f 0 v~rytiing a
ours truly,
un Gents~ FLrnishing GC
. t n1
dY dI
-- h tbw
* . . * tr Li
- e .
- ;
- -***- * t
-7- r
~- A. M'
iiey Co~
:es for sixty days.
at $4.50.
ng at $3.75
ng at $3.25
ng at $2.75
tubes, and
t all times.
ods a Specialty.
t Overalls, Hawes Iat,.
ml Babcock Buggies Mitch
I "Clean Up the Bowels and
Keep Them Clean"
There are many remedies to be
had for constipation, but the diffi
culty is to procure one that acts
without violence. A remedy that
does not perform
by force what
should be accom
plished by persua
sion is Dr. Miles'
L -xative Tablets.
A/ fter using them,
S Mr. N. A. WVaddell,
315 Washington
St. WVaco, Tex.,
"A~ lmnost all my
!! e 1 have bee~n
*:bled with contipat ion, and have
I - many remedies af! of which
:i'ed to cause pa'in vithout giving
!' .- relief. I fin aly t ried Dr. Miles'
l.tx::ti'.e Tablets and foundI them ,ex
ed lent. Their action is pleasant and
ild, and their chocolate taste make's
themr easy to take. I am more than
glad to reco.mend them."
"Clean up the bowels and keep
them clean," is the advice of all
physicians, because they realize the
danger resulting from habitual con
stipation. Do not delay too long,
but begin proper curative measures.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are a
new remedy for this old complaint,
and a great improvement over the
catharties you have been using in
the past. They taste like candy
and work like a charm. A trial
will convince you.
Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets are
sold by all druggists, at 25 cents
a box containing 25 doses. If not
found satisfactory after trial, re
turn the box to your druggist and
he will return your money.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Kill Lice
Yucn positiv ely destr oy
Sall chick-en lice and ver
min with Pratts Powder
Sed L ice Killer. Increase
\ 0ur poultry plofits this
season by using Pratts
Staarnteed lice killer.
25c~x and 50c a box.
ofit(ce of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby given that I wil
make apl'lication to J. 1B. Newherry
E-ti., Judge of Probate for PI'ckens
tiuntv., in the State of Siouthi Carolina.
*on the : lday of A ug 1912. at 11 o'clock~
m the forenoon, or as soon ther.:after as
I- application can b~e heardI fo r leave
to make final set tlement of the estatte
of Ivey (Clinton Cannon dtceased, aind
ok in discharge as executer said estar e.
4tl16 William Catnion
- Execuor.
Subscribe NOW
The Election is
Next Month.
,- *'n' Fri. v .Jair 5. a .m
)OLP. President
UD ealer in this Town
the highest grade,
. f coffee and tea to
be hd anywhere, for he alone
sells The Votan Line
Each, best of its kind
This dealer if
Folger, Thornley & Compa1
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
A fford ideal emi v hnnt for girls and women. - r-' d ;:'. -n
who wis' ti i: :r n i rad.-. a'n! ear . od Wages.
ikurs: ]~~if ~ a.Ill.. 1111i w('rk till 12 ioc.-..
12 -11 p. m . aid q it ;.!5 p. m,. except Satur . .r: : :: nu
Neat mill vilge on tract of 20 acres. Four, five and m i : ---. R
fifty cents pr riom ,tr monrth.
God patur'- , 15 I. rs witli spring branch water, rent free.
A Ius'emens: i:.selball diamond adjoirning beautiful park of three acre,.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
DURJNG the month
of Auagust. we will
close out our entire
4o of Odss aild Ends.
1n 3Rillinler Goods.
wi)ll(fe suc11 valules
that it will pay to buy
them even it is late in
the seasoll. Come aild
see what we have, and
ibrinlo all the chickens
eggs aiid what money
you can spare.
AL Cosn
A eeIn :.teFamrsfml reo
fro islato_ :s Inteasec ftemn
She tlked o --he Feande family e as
fr to soto tice.a he snce ofshe wasson. a
she had S. ph - a '. e at all l m eaoone
o Wrotr frin ' ok! ~ t o se e off nitl it c lost ta
ntehone cayo.u A s ddre os bths ie
Sh alk r : s: .& arte ne adec fml
&ec t TELERAF ::COMPheAidYws oga

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