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The Pickens Sentinel
Some ThiBdsou Know and Some
Yon DOnII Know About Our
Towns, County & People
Don't forget to put your name
tn the club roll.
Dr. Reece A. Allgood recently
stoou rsuccessful examination
before the State board of medi
cal examiners and has been li
censed to practice medicine in
this State.
Read the rules of the Demo
cratic party on the first page of
The Sentinel this week and you
will see who is entitled to vote.
Politics should not get in the
way of the c-tton mill project.
Let this enterprise go forward,
of the candi
a e meeting will
De held a, Six ML*e on Saturday,
August 17th, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
at which time *hey will address
the voters.
Mr. and Mrs. T'. L. Bivens
en y6me days last week with
fte relatives in Greenwood.
Mr. J. E. Gillespie says that
last Sunday was the coldest
birthday he ever remembers
passing, and he was 58 that day.
The members of Enon church,
and others interested are re
quested to meet at the church on
Saturday, August 10th, for the
purpose of clearing off the grave
yard and grounds. They are
also requested to bring their
wives, daughters aud sweet
hearts, and well filled baskets,
and mix pleasure with work
for a'general good time.
If you want to vote, see that
your name is on the club list at
least five days before the elec
Miss Nellie Grandy returned
home from Charlottesville, Va.,
Friday. She reports a most
pleasant and beneficial session
of the summer school.
The musical given in the
home of Mrs. Vesta McFall on
last Thursday evening was a de
-i . " 's "" a large as
with the
of classic
G. Hugue-,
let, musical director of Chicora
college, Greenville. and was not
less appreciative of the vocal so
los by Mesdamies Hagood and
Dr. J. D. Chapman financial
agent of G. F. C., occupied the
pulpit at the Baptist church last
Sunday morning and delivered
- a very interesting discourse on
Christian education. At night
he was with the Liberty Baptist
Protracted meetings are in
progress this week at Mountain
View. Seneca and Oolenoy.
There will be an aliday sing
ing at Antioch Baptist church
second Sunday in August. con
ducted by Prof. R. McD. Bold
ing, noted singer. All invited.
Bring baskets.
Everybody who is interested
in the cemetery at Bethlehem
are requested to meet at that
place on Wednesday, the 14th
inst..- at 7 o'clock a. in., with
suitable tools to clean off the
grave yard, the church yard
and put the road in good con
dition. Carry your dinner and
go prepared to !do a day's work.
There are many in easy reach
of this church who are in some
way interested and who should
willingly and .cheerfully give
one day to this worthy cause.
Last Sunday was the cold day
~~-Aust. Winter clothes
wete con~ortable. and many
toes hre reaching toward the
fires. 0% mercury tumbled
away down; Quilts and blank
ets were brought from their
hiding and put on the beds. It
was the coldest day in August
ever experienced by many of
our citizens.
Miss Rachie Dickinson, of
Tampa, Fla., is spending a fewv
dlays with Mrs. J. J. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie J. Lewis.
of Piercetown, Anderson couu
ty, returned homie Saturday
after a week's visit to relatives
S andi friends in this county.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McD). Bruce
and children spent last week at
Ceasar's Head.
attention of the city
* sis called to the publie
* Main street.
Luther Grandv and
a.i of Greenwood are visit
Miss Vesta Ashmore, who ha.
been in Atlanta for severa
weeks, returned Tuesday.
Misses Janet Bolt of Easley
Bivens of Durham, N. C., am
Stokes of Greenwood are th(
pretty young ladies who ar
visiting Mrs. T. L. Bivens.
Mr. Arthur Stoney. of Chai
leston, is the guest of Sidne
Miss Inez Morris has issuet
invitations to a large Leap-Yeal
party to be given at her hom<
on Hampton avenue on Thurs.
day evening, Aug. 8th.
Mrs. Ruby Moore, of Monroc
N. C., is the charming guestol
Capt, and Mrs. I. M. Mauldir
this week
Only one tract of land was
sold last salesday. In the cast
of T. H. Smith vs. D. C. Mills,
941 acres in Easley townshir
was sold by Sheriff Roark and
was bid off by Mr. I. M. Maul
din for $2,500.
Attention is called to the ad
vertisement of Mr. John H1.
Williams, the music man of
Greenville, on the fourth page
of this issue. Mr. Williams,
conducts one of the best stocked
music houses of the upper
part of the State, carries a large
and select stock of instruments
of all kihds, and is thereby in
position to make low prices.
Persons in thc market for an
instrument for home or church
would do well to consult with
him before buying.
Married, on the first instant,
Miss Ella Lovelace and Mr.
James A. Burgess, both of
Easley. Judge J. B. Newberry
performed the ceremony.
Bennett and Sam Langston.
who have been in the west for
some time and who have taken
in the sights of a large part of
the United States during the
nast two or three years, came
in last week to spend awhile
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Langston.
Mr. Garland Seaborn, who
holds a lucrative position with
Hobbs-Henderson Co., of Green
ville, is here to spend his vaca
Mr. J. R. Ashmore, the land
man, comes to the front this
week with an ad., in which he
tells the people where and how
they can buy dirt cheap. See
Program W. M. U. Meeting
The annual meeting of the
Pickens W. M. U. association
will be held with Cross Roads
Baptist church August 10, 1912.
Following is the program:
10.30 a. m. -Devotiona' ser
Welcome address-Mrs. J. B.
Findley and Mrs. F. S. Smith
Response-Mrs. R. A. Hester
Roll call of societies with re
ports of each.
Reception of visitors.
Superintendent's address.
Reading of constitution and
by-laws-Miss Sonora Glazener.
Discussion of foreign missions
Address-Mrs. J. E. Ashmore
Report of Committee on Lit
erature. -
Appoin'ment of Committee
on TIime, Place and Resolutions.
Election of Nomination Comi
1.30 p. m.-Song.
Mountain Schools-Mrs. J. M.
Round Table of Band Work,
conducted by Misses Pearla and
Edna Hester.
1. Finding Leaders. 2. Paren
tal duty. 3. Best Helps. 4. Teach
ina Tithing. 5. Children's Mis
sionary Libraries. 6. Teaching
How to Pray.
Report of Obituary Commit
Address-Mrs. C. E. Watson.
Report of Committees.
"What has this meeting
meant to me?"-Delegates and
Farewell service.
Brezaeale Family Reunion
The reunion of the descend
ants of Kenon Brezeale will be
held at Belton on August .15.
Every descendant. however re
mote, is invited to be present as
guests of the descendants in An
derson county. A picnic dinner
will be served and there will le
speecht. s by some of the desceu
dants. Let the Anderson coun
tv descendants bring well tilled
baskets, and anybody wvho ever
saw a Brezeale cook will know
there will be no hunger.
by lHon. J. F-. Brezeale.
2:00 p. m.-Address L. L Ri
2:30 p. m.-Ad'dress Prof. W
E. Brezeale. of New Jersey.
3:00 p. m.-Address Rev. (.
It is hoped that all the Bro
zeales and their families will ib
present and to that end we wil
ask that all who read this wil
cut it out and send to some rel
ative who will not likely see thi
Olga Farm News.
3peakina of the Anderson am
arietta railroad. What is th,
rouble that it can nit be bail
and built at once? There's no
a man on the proposed rout
that is not willing to help liin
it, in some way lend a read
hand and willing heart.
A beautiful country like thi
needs a railroad to show L<
others the beauties of naturo
that we are endowed with
Look at those magnetic noun
tains. towering aboVe the r(
mantic Saluda, like- sentieh
placed to guard the peacefiu
valleys, rich in hidden treasures
beautiful in luxuriant vegeta
tion; all varieties of grain, cot toi
and profusion of wild flowers.
Our limpid streams of the pur
est water, and the cool breeze:
that fan the brow when heated
by honest sweat where by mai:
attains his bread. A country
like this opened up to the out
side world would prove a boon
to many an aching brain, tired
of the turmoil and vexations of
city life, and the communion
with n iture in all its prestinc
lonliness, would tend to draw
man nearer to the divin
power who made all these
things for the benefit of man.
Let us build a railroad throuAi
from Anderson to Marietta and
show to the world what an
arcadia we have in our midst,
and some enterprising man c:mn
build a tourist hotel and reap
the benefits, while he bestows
blessings. Do not let the beau
ties and blessings God has given
us be hidden.
"Full niany a gern of purest
ray serene,
The dark unfanthomed cares
of ocean bear,.
Full many a flower is born to
blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the
desert air."
4ir. and Mrs. Guy Butler, of
Greenville, after spending a
week at C2easars Head, came on
here on a visit to Mr.. Foster's
Mrs. Harry Geiger and two
very interesting children, of
Hamlet N. C., are staying with
Mrs. Geiger's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. M. Foster.
Golden Grove and Flat Rock.
Several of the candidates at
tended the Children's day exer
cises at Golden Grove. Our
friend, Mr. Hinton, .gav' u:s a
talk, his subject being~ 'Tha
is life?"' He made some wonder
what w~as next, and as he spotke
we took a peep into the ftturi
and saw the lives of our chil
dren and the great need of
proper training in the hes
and Sunday school. Mr. San
Craig was also with us and ga ve
us a good talk on education.
especially Christian. education.
He told of some of the hero.s
who ha~d obtained a Christian
education and some who had
We are living in a day when
Christian education is badly
needed, and if we fail to give
it to our children, they will be
scattered and poisoned with
such literature that is so pre
valent and that is now fouind
on many center tables.
The day was heartily enjoytl
by all. The best behavior pre
valed and not one wxxent away
After several months of suf'
fering, Bert McCurry passed
peacefully away on the 25th
Iult. The day following his
body was laid in the Flat Rock
cemetery to await the great
ressurrection. Rev. Levi Rig
don conducted the funeral ser
vices. Mr. McCurry is survivedl
by a wife and four children,
who have the sympathy of
many friends.
Sore E yb cnad'
Ae cured without pinnoedybLoar'
IGoden Eye Lotion. There is no other eye remieds
so soothing, healing, prompt and effective. Il
Makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists sel
it at 25cts, or forwarded prepaid on receipt o:
preby S.B. Leonardi& Co., Tampa, via
One two story brick store or
Main street. in Pickens. TIernu
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