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img Custom Ha' Made Tank a Place
of Plgrinage for the Faithful
In India.
~ remarkable Indin ceremony is
the Xumbakonam Mahamakam fes
tival. This feast takes place once a
year, but the Hizkdu gods are sup
popd to visit the sacred tank on
ea& twelfth anniversary. It is said
that the god Brahma once requested
gift to collect the eamne of all the
waters in the world.
It is understood that Siva sue
teeded In doing this, placing the
Ruid in a pot which he hid away on
the top of a mountain. During the
food this pot floated away from its
Position and when the waters sub
sided it rested at a spot some dis
tnce away now known as Kumba
who happened to be hunting
In the icity, saw the pot and
dawing .how and arrow shot at
it with danfQus results. The wa
ter rushing out4lled a hollow and
his at the preeent-time is the re
zowned tank. This tank is now a
plce -of pilgrimage, 'where during
the festival untold thousands of the
faithful dip themselTes in the won
&Jeful water, which is credited with
aR sorts of magical attributes.
Wide World.
A*tiona of the Small insect in Jar
Will Tol You What You
May Expect.
A leech kept in a glass jar of wa
tr is an excellent weather prophet.
The jar should contain about three
gils of water, which should be
changed once a week in summer, ev
ery ten days in winter.
When the leech lies at the bottom
of the jar and curled up in spiral
..rm you may reasonably rely on fine
If, however, it creeps up to the
top of the jar and remains there,
rain is coming.
When the leech darts about its
lodging with great swiftness, it is
not suffering from a pain, but is
telling you to look out for wind.
It a hurricane is on its way the
,eech will be more out of the water
than ini and will have convulsive
movements. The jar, by the way,
abohouldbbeonly partially filled with
waterwhil thetop should be coy
When Jack Frost is going to pay
us avisit the leech behaves as when
foretelling fine weather-i. e., he lies
at-the-bottom of the jar; but when
snw is coming he climbs right up
to the mouth of the jar and sticks
Dr. Lawrence C. Abbott of Cleve
land, at the recent convention of rail
way surgeons in Philadelphia, said
of a safety device that has averted
many railway accidents:
"The advantage of this device is
now almost universally recognized.
'Indeed, the railroader who disputes
its advantage is as antiquated as the
old residenter who said:
"'Eddication be hanged! Thar's
young Bill Smithers took an engi
!neerin' course in a correspondence
'achool and then put up a sign on hiis
cearriage house, and hadn't'no better
inense than to spell "carriage" "gar
"I've just bought a splendid talk
ing machne for $100."
* That's nothing. I got one for
"Hwdid you manage to do
"I married it."
Sue-I could hardly keep my
countenance when Ned spoke of our
Prue-But you did, didn't you?
Sue-Oh, yes; otherwise I would
have given it away..
"So Dibble is playing golf for his'
"Any improvement?'
- "His health is better, but his lan-'
ggeis worse."
aeseems to think he is the man
of the hour."
"As a matter of fact he couldn't
hold the world's attention five see
Victory to Cheerful Spirit,
To face life brightly as may be. to
learn to laugh at minor troubles, to
-ctivate a sense of humor, all these
mean fewer wrinkles and a longer
yiith. The Budget knows well one
gallant woman upon whom trouble
after trouble has been heaped, and
erho yet is beautiful at an age when
many have laid .aside every thought
Of trying to be otherwise than "de
cently covered," and who is fighting
- d'te battle of life, while her contem
'poraries are knitting by a fireside.
N(ew York Tribune.
: Are Learning Right Ways.
An EngJsh lady, long resident in
Trokyo, once wrote to a friend that
the impulS'Of her Japanese maids Is
always to aew on cuffs frills and
other similar things topsy turxyy and
Inside out. Since the publication of
ouch reports the art of* needlework
has been greatly improved In Japan.
Several of the Englsh methods have
been taught wIth great success, It
only to judge by the lpyely dra.WV
thread work sold In great quantities
In Great Brtain,
"Now, fellows, altogether, Hee 1
Especially Weak Is the Tariff Plank, C;
Which Promises No Relief From r:
Present Extorti on-Aid rich
Policy Favored.n
There is onte guiding principle which N
readers of the Republican platformn
must keep In mind if they would esti-D
mate that document at its real value.
That principle is that every st atement
and promise i-n the platform must be-t
judged In the light of the history and t
character of the party which made it.
If any utterance will bear two con
structions the one which is In harmony
rith th~e past of the party is the one
to be believed. Where there is vague
ness -and uncertainty in the language
the wise critic will inquire what abuse
characteristic of the party the lan
:uage cloaks.d
The authority and integrity of the 0
courts has been toRepublican law of-t
ficers a beautiful abstraction. To car- t
- - .. - - IJ f
y hs oiy uter h pafrm
-aker prps. "eea taecm
aisin" hchteyfayst-es
o upatthiorsi&daigwt
ertin ret qeston. Wileth
"Nrowdis teo, combiethow e.r
Eeithut Went a It Tiff toasume
huctiPom s ofao RhellFom rn
rehe corportion'onsienlce.
Tere is or dnome prnce reatmen
red>f the pufcanltformi a
musongeei delaain I favor woul eown
and promiseo haa in the platfnks b
uge 1908 bth ligt tof the itrreain
ay teliancongress barndw preidn
strcto theewhc is eig tharmony I
bea elieve Whe tre threso woguld
evr ben unrai nder ithelnug
t wsey criti wui anure wto higu.se
charaotersi say the artieyo thelan
Thel auetoigh. and interi'tyaftheon
corts hs beein toheulitao law Payn
todic suplan the ourtn dealin ofigen
ertaif greiusions Weasue The
anguag dmissno cleari oedbtone '
ortl ofrc bi businesor anyic arvas
ifthfots oin thalt isd to sumrae
eepst the rotons on see. ak
romt inh r co mes theeto treatment.
icetfcriinof the tariff. uefcalti Is a
ard revisin than wams ino th plarty
of alway buleft to cahe inteetain
and terests no biebnihtd tad any
realhoeliefhfrhm tariff op eo ouht
eTrhe provnidea ude poicyant ned.
woo paeto high. topnothe ntrettn
fitcus bnkingtelih and curey-t
ldrich illbadf the fret oe
uney taif reind cheasue.h Te
::ntarifomissiwo hs aproved long onie
ileearchyin vanmoranot aprova
ofeth effort kof thaoy to esearateti
aragraphst ofte real onaue pbc
rmThe ctof thcuses ofarheusheep
Scintifcersoe of the arno isn
calltedo and othes come from sandingy
whoseliticalo ie.tIn tarffosinge
atrmaysabeengeo callinimo the e
hmsttons muc thectinkltey Rought
tepators teremot poin crtoichsmC
y ~hisg outagn thpoghect ofsoe
oe effily andache'Asly tohe other-,
icanfrert's allas ort ah longwhil
Tathesil kowosiio to geni-ne trifs
Ther patfremsuficusses toioem both
r matr.m of th emoca arnt.n
iphe words oftConrsman stadingd
ltformn chaengesicrii of thertc
lty and Tafthe mmbeinleg: mn
"Weio ioul rpaer rotefrcticithm
Risevelt's aianeo with thoodsts
s acts oppositionom. geuindustariesf
reformevere sin stro cndemnrd both
Aey ogfi teeyDemce Paelf
laThe wor ofc Cong .remanRetelA _
.eortparty, r ot reopmernd hpe
rit te wtould oefidce oactiond h
ndacnot wihth.reedom.ster dsief
ildl vrospetog Andfordy
thySuhttlley ecomeself
reliaont.eorstci sitforlioac the -
lowithth sole oludntarief afrenac
omand noy the~ threattha deinsofu
rcatin o businettmon cha Las
Sh u o me Rhsiealiesofcure
R eporuts that the tubc raher
aluyreeov the en it ia tose
ccomied by thetratn thihshave
e on hellabn stancedeby ns trust
roteisen prispbecause Ih pancon-t
i er caouess meuon in cheat as
Tes horoin thea proges of thure
-th'ssumpionment thes prument ha
odbereallypreseive. eei oButwhoe
beenthe minstrabth inrot trward
-uumerful ecaardction i mreatb
prdiyiceasing hecep.ogespiof the
issrtion 'that the p.kers can oper
tt more cheaply as a trust than as
.. cQmnanies. r.5 threat to force -
law! Hee Haw!! Hee HawlII"
le coirsumer to maxe good wnat he
ever had is merely adding Injury to
Incidentally, one of the packers, In
lengthy defense of high prices, ar
ues that in the past ten years, while
ere has been an Increase of popula
on of 21 per cent, there has been a
ecrease in cattle of 2 per cent. With
combination forcing down prices to
attle raisers at the same time It was
ising them to consumers, what else
uld be expected? What encourage
ient was there to raise cattle?
If dissolution, voluntary or other
-ise, fails to bring relief, or, as inti
iated, Is actually followed by worse
onditions, it will be time to consider
irther steps. The restoration of com
etition, or at least the restoration of
onditions that will permit competi
ton, is the point to be sought.
Riding to Destruction.
Just how far plutocratic or trust
ontrol of the nation's Industry and
realth is responsible for the increas
.g burden of the higher cost of liv
g, is a problem for calm and sane
ivestigation that we may in an or
erly and conservative way readjust
urselves to changed economic condi
ions. It is a situation that calls for
be highest wisdom and self-restraint,
or America is facing a grave crisis
hat will test our inst~itutions to the
>undatons. It is for this reason that
e must deplore and condemn the
tuous folly of these princes of mo
opoly, who, like the coal barons, in
rrogant defiance of public opinion
nd public needs, add fuel to the snmol
ering fires of unrest and discontent.
hey are carrying lighted torches into
powder magazine.
Work of the Tariff Board.
Congressman Palmer of this state
as made a strong speech supporting
~ongressmian Redfield's merciless dis
ection of the tariff board's report on
oolen goods, and the Democrats of
he house show a determination to hold
ut to the last against any effort the
enate may make to secure an appro
ration to support the rather ex
ensive board for another year.
The board hasg done work of some
alue, and It has ,done as well as any
et of men could do. It has been in
ustrious and impartial. Sut the duty
ssigned it was Impossible politically
d economically, and 'there is no use
perpetuating its existence for a so
ics of years in order to get further
eports which can do nothing for the
ettlement of the tariff issue.-Phila
elphia Record.
Export Duty on Food Products.
Why rage and puzzle about the hIgh
ost of living? Thie solution Is easy
nd the cause palpable. We no longer
roduce enough to feed the people
heaply; then put an export duty on
aats and foodstuffs and take igport
uty off all coming In.
Why should the comparatively few
ackers and farmers thrive to excess
:hile the entire nation suffers? They
ould still sell all they can produce,
zt it would be sold at home, to the
,enefit of all.
Formal Spanish Courtesy.
In Andalusian houses no refresh
ent's are offered to'callers except on
he saint's day of the hostess,- wgen ~a
arge trayful of -.dulces .or cakes is
Landed around. These dulces are or
'amented with lIttle -sugar images of
aints and angels. If it is a fir'st call
hat is being nmade, the hostess offers
ter house and everything It contains
o the callers, who in reply bow, say
rg that the house is In the best
Lands in the world and ,that their
nly wish Is that the present owner
say long have health and happiness
o enjoy it.
Floating Cannery.
A new phase of scientific manage
ient has been put into operation out
our progressive Pacific coast by
2e conversion of tlie good old ship
lory of the Seas into a goating .can
cry of salmon. There is tag whole
roceedings right on one floating spot
-catching, cleaning, cooking, can
ing, boxing and then, when the hold
i full of the season's pack of cases,
tow of the factory into port and the
Yarn of the Deep Blue Sea.
One of the mo~st unique battles ever
itnessed between creatures of the
ea occurre*d- several years ago in the
'acific. Frank Bullen, a sai-lor, tells
f seeing a duel between a whale and
n octopus. The .arms of the mon
ter were entwined about the huge
ead of the whale. The octopus had
yes a foot in diameter, and a head
irge enough .to contain 350 gallons.
'he whale was victorious.
Proverbs Little Changed.
The well-known old 'proverb, "One
wallow does not make a spring;'
cdigenous to England, Germany Ani4
tussia, but in the sunny south it
akes the form, "One flower does not
ake a garland." In Italy we find,
He who grasps all gets less!" in
'ance'"H who embraces too much
inds badly," and In Northern Europe,
'Grasp all, los'e all."
'Tis Often So.
"I hope, d the minor actor.
+t I flnie m.. Nrt conetently."
--mat is &. consiaer~itiof of 0IJ(r
tance," replied the siar. "Like the
other members of the supporting cast,
you are here simply to provide a.com
parison that will make the audience
appreciate the excellence of my act
Pleasant for Papa.
"So," said the indulgent father,
"young Mr. Nervey wints to take you
away from me." "0! yes," replied
the dear girl, "but he says he'll bring
me back after the wedding journey.
He has decided that we shall board
with you."-Catholic Standard and
Parents Get Wrong Baby.
Owing to an intercbance of the ad
mission orders of two baby boys who
were taken to Glasgow hospital on
the same day, one of the babies, who
recovered before the other, was, on
being discharged, handed over to the
parents of the other baby.-Ludon
Three Kinds of Men.
There are three kinds of men in .tie
world-those (the best) who make
jokes, those who can enjoy jokes, and
those (the worst kind) who attempt to
explain jokes.-G. K. Chestertbz in
London Daily News.
What interested Her.
Aged Sutor-"It is true that I am
considerably older than you, but a
man is as young as he feels, you know,
and-' Miss Pert-"Qh, that doesn't
matter. What I want to know is If
you 'are as rich as you look."
What Doubt is.
Doubt Is not itself a crime. All
uanner of doubt, Inquiry about all
manner of objects dwells in every rea
sonable min'd. It is the -mystic work
tog of the mind on the object it is
getting to know about.-Carlyle.
Wind Watch in the Morning.
Jewelers say that morning is the
best time to wind a watch, as the
tightening of the spring will protect
it from the ill effects of changes of
Developing Norway's Resources.
Norway's government maintains a
society engaged in the reclaiming of
marshes and swamp lands and devel
oping the manufacture and use of
"The time to be happy Is now. The
place to be happy Is'bere. The way
to be happy is to try and Inake some.
body else so."-Fromu The Philigsophy
of Ingersoll.
Rladium Would Change Climat,
Certaini philosophers gr alchemnists
have figured that if epough radimg
were taken to the North Polo it wggig
alter the climate all over the worl4.
Power of Two Words.
"I will." is a projectile that hits
the mark; a power that moves moun
tans.--Henry WVood.
we' o Guard One's Thoughts.
ny.a~e-a~r e; oiur thinking de
te LLx !e n~Ue of ourI ideals
"Old Si" Proved Himself Son-.ethi.9
of a Master in the Art
of Repartee.
~verybody who rides on the Brook
ln avenue owl car knows "Old Si,"
nyeconductor, and "'Old Si" knows
everyody on the line, and never
fails to put his passengers 0ff at the
right corner. He is blunt in speech,
but witty.
The other Sunday night several
couples of young people living out
near Thirty-first street boarded the
car and began laughing and talking
in loud tones, trying to "kid" every
one on the car, Finally one of the
youths spied "Old Si," whose shirt
front was somewhat worse for a hard
day's wear,
"Say, Mr. Conductor," he shouted,
"why didn't you put on a clean shirt
tonight for Sunday ?" And his com
panions guffawed.
"Si" never hesitated a second, but
ame back with this:
"Because you were not at home,
and your mother had no one to send1
my wash~ing by." The crowd hel
lowed, and the young folks got off at
Troost avenue and transferred.
Kansas City Star.
Cholv-Te~ll your sister that I
am here. Here's ten cents for y'our
Willie-Yes, sis said there'd be
trouble if I said she was in.
The rainbow is of cqaite as much
use in its way as is the rain that fails
to make the corn grow.
d~psare not only God's sprink-f
ling-pte t9 inrease the supply of
potatoes, they are God's piits w'hich
he lays upon the canvas of the eye
ning sky to make souls grow by their
feast of be'auty,
Apple trees are not designed to
produce apples alone, but apple blos
soms as well, for ees and loves'~
S1n otier words, this worid is not
Inerely a machine shop or a farm;
there's a lot oi heaven hid about in
it, and shy treasures only discernible
in high moods.-Dr. Frank Crane,
in Woman's World.
Mrs. George H. McFadden of
Philadelphia has given her summer
home at Rosemont, Pa., Hilldale
farm, to the University hospital to
be used as a convalescent home for
women sufficiently recovered to be
out of the hospital and yet not well
enough to go to work. Six women
at a time will be accommodated, and
in her home they will be treated as
her guests. She will besides pay all
expenses of transportation.
Nellie-They say mustaches are
comi-ng back.
Mamie-Do you care?
Nellie-Certainly. I think most
men look much more handsome and
knightly with them.
Mamie-Well, of course, I sup
pose you know. I was too young to
take notice when they went out of
"Mueh of our worry is useless."
"Yes; it is. I once bought sone
stock in a rubber grove and worried
two winters about frost before I as
eertaineti that the trees hadn't been
"Where is our eat tonight ?"
"I think he's gone to a musicale
on Jones' woodshed."
She-I tell you this cry of the
women has a ring in it.
He---Sort of leap year noise?
Disconcerted by Sneeze.
The world has now well-nigh for
gotten M. Vivier, the once famous
French-horn player, who was so un
nerved by the late Lord Houghton's
blowing his nose at a critical moment
of his performance that he threw up
all his London engagements. "Ah,"
he would say after this, "the English
have terrible noses. They remind you
of the day of judgment,"
Reason for HIs Belief.
A noted German astronomer is of
the firm belief that Mars is inhabited.
He recently explained his belief by
remarking that if there were 10,000,
000 houses all ted alike in the
world and one was known to be in
habited it would be a logical infer
ence to suppose that all were.
Milton Foresaw America?
Methinks I see in my mind a noble
and puissant nation rousing herself
like a strong man after sleep, and
shaking her invincible locks; me
thinks I see her as an eagle mewing
her mighty youth, and kindling her
undazzled eyes at the full midday
beam.-John Milton.
Ultimately Reach the Goal.
"Two hearts that beat as one" may
jangle sometimes, not because they
are actually hostile, but just because
they lose step. It makes awkward
marching when you are out of step
with your comrade, but you both keep
on in the same direction and with the
same purpose, all the time.
Haye TheIr Own Methods.
The daughters of the land of flow
ers sometimes curiously reverse Euro
pean methods. They needle their
thread instead of threading their
needle, and, instead of running their
needle through the cloth, they hold It
still and run the cloth upon it.
Proof of Snake's Wisdom,
Mrs, Reider (with paper)-I see
that the big anaconda up at the Zoo
wo't eat chickens unless they are
alive. Mr. Rleider-Wise old snake!
That's the only way to beat the cold
storage game.-Puck.
Two Pleasant Experiences.
To sing with a toothache is as
pleasant as having your friend bor
row money when you're trying tc
borrow from him.
Undeserving of Sympathy.
There is no use wasting sympathy
on a man who can't be happy with
good health, good meals and good
Verdict May Be Reserved..
The trouble about becomning fa
mous overnight is that there's tor -.r
row coming.
Poor Interest.
Other people may be interes :- in
your troubles, but if they are .ieir
interest isn't likely to be worth uch.
Reai Difficulty.
I. is not difficult to tell t' cruth;
the ditmculty is to get the ith be
And Rarely Profit;.. e.
The things mnen do for spite are sel
dom w-orth doing.
Gigantic Loaves of Bread
The biggest loaves of bread baked
to be eaten are those made in France
or Italy. In the case of the pipe
bread of the latter country, the loaves
are between two and three feet in
length, and occasionally even longer;
while the French people make their
loaves in the shape of very long rolls
of bread ranging from four to flye
feet and in a few instances over six
feet in length.
Qi a Three Years of Age.
gt men liyed on Saturn they would
be old at three years of age. Satur-n's
year is nearly 30 of ours in length.
That is because it is 870,000,000
miles from the sun, consequently
more time is required for it to com
pete a circuit of its orbit.
Man Has Never Be:-n Able to Learn
All the Reasons for the Currents
of the Ocean.
The to'-nsian whose acquaini
ance with the silvery sea is usuall
confined to that made during i
sununer holidays finds the questio
of the tides most pitzzling. Ie know;
that the tides rise and fall twice in
twenty-four hours, and that they are
affected by the moon, and there his
knowledge ends.
As a matter of face, tides vary
considerably. Round about our own
coasts are to b fonnd some of the
most terrible and dangerous tidal
races and currents in the world; they
are due to the presence of so much
narrow, broken land.
Out in the open ocean the speed of
the waves is amazing, but nearer
land tides travel far more slowly.
Down south the attraction of the
moon raises an enormous wave that
courses round the world from Cape
Horn to the Cape of Good Hope, un
broken by intervening land.
Off the west coast of Scotland
there is a whirlpool known as the
"Caldron of the Spotted Scas."
where the tide races at the speed of
a mountain torrent. On the River
Amazon, again, the tide forms a
moving wall of water thirty feet
high, and reaching from bank to
bank as it rushes inland from the
Bings-ilave you seen that wom
an lightning-change artist at the
vaudeville theater?
Bangs-No. Is she wonderful?
Bings-I should say so. She puts
on her bonnet in less than five min
Archbishop Bruchesi will enlist
the membiers of the Catholic church
of the province in a crusade aga inst
the tent caterpillar. Owing to th~e
prevaejnee of wet weather this year
there are on unusually large* nmmer
of these pests in the fruit trees
throughout the province.
The archbishop is greatly interest
ed in fruit culture, and when his at
tention was drawn to the presence of
the caterpillars he issued inst rue
tions to the clergy to have their par
ishioners take immediate steps to de
troy nests. Attention to the matter
now will mean the saving of the~
fruit crop.-Montreal Correspon
dence Toronto Globe.
"'The summer girl is too villain
ously traduced."
The speaker was Mayor Bacharach
of Atlantic City. With a smile he
"'The summer girl, as a matter of
fact, is as reserved and cultured as
the winter girl. Why, then,. these
Milly yarns about her?
"Only the other day an Atlantic
avenue book seller told me with a
chuckle that a sumner girl had come
into his shop to buy Virgil's 'Ane
id.' Hie asked her what on earth she~
wanted with such a heavy book as
that. She answered that it began
with the words, 'Arms and the muan,'
and so she thought it ought to be
awfully thrilling."
"I don't believe v~ou ever did any
thing in your life byv way of provi
sion for a rainy day."
"You're (deadl wrong there. II al
ways get a rain check for the ball
"Ier husband expects to be well
off someC of t hese days."
l ivoree. tOr Ias 21 an ineUrabnle
-.Ittle Hope for Him.
Old Lawyer-"Why do you feel that
your client will lose his case? Have
you exhausted every means at your~
disposal to--" Young Lawyer-"No;
but I have exhausted all the means at*
his disposal.
QuIck. Watso, the Hook.
No man likes to be called a prun:O
a lemon or an unripe pesimm'! but
there are few who have ar -
tions to being named as a e~ ied
date.-Denlver News.
Making Marriage a Fail..
Marriage is nearly alway.s -.:ailure
where the wife lives in ci ' papers
and the husband lives ou ? l.aper
sacks.-Galvestonl News.
Individuality Wi' )ut.
If you build twelve 1..ases exactly
alike and put faxnilies 'Sto thera, six
months later each hec ..e is stamai.ed
with the individuality: its occupier.
For Infants and Chidren
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
AVegetable parionfrAs
similatingFoodanaega Bears tie
00 ting theStomadisantdowelsof
PomotesDigestionflerul gf
S nessandRest.Containsoneif
Opium.Morphine norMieraL
-*&e $WdIn
~ Use
FacSimile Signanre oF
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper. vUT oe u PW. m Ume n mW.
-. No &-no beer.,nd whenoce
-~~ laid they ma'e a thoroughly stomroo
and fre-prorod neiterofw can
be lime fog the wood uAingle.
As ot m " to os tsa a
good wood shingle, and in some plae thy cs much ces
Doctors Use This for Eczema
- Dr. Evans. Ex-commissioper of Health, Prescriptin for ecsema and absolutely
ays: "There is almost no relation be- guarantee that it will take away the
twee'n skin diseases and the blood." The itch the instant you apply it.
skin must be cured through the skin-. If you are suffering from any form of
The germs must be washed out, and so skin trouble we would like to have you
alves have long ago been found worth- corre to our store, for 'we have had the
ess. The most- advanced physicians of agency of this' remedy for so many.
this country are-now agreed- on~ this; and',. yer -haw tell you all about
re prescribing a wash of wintergreenl; D.D.D. strfptiuti and 'how It'eei
thymol and other Ingredients for eczema eczema. In fact, we are so sure of what
ound is known as D.D.D. Prescription gladi to let you have a $1 bottle on our
for Eczema. guarantee that it will cost you nothing
Dr. Holmes, the well known skin spe- unless you find that it does the work.
ialist writes: "I am convinced -that the For that matter a trial bottle for 25c4
.D.D. Prescription is as much a specific ought to be enough to absolutely prove
for eczema as qtuinine for malaria. We the merits of the remedy.
ave been prescribing the D.D.D. remedy Drop into our store anyway and we
We eourselves vouch for~ the D.D.D. will tell you all about this great remedy.
Pickens Drug Company
Southern Railway
Schedules Effective Feb. 9, '12 from Easley, S. C.
N. B.-The following schedule figures are published only as infornma'ion and
re no't guaranteedi.
No. 44 ATL ANTX.-............................. 2.20 am
Stops to discharge paesengers from Atlanta, or to receiv'e
passengers north of Charlotte.
No. ;36 NE W ORLEANS and ATLANTA.....5.46 am
Stops only on Sundays
No 42 SENECA (Daily except Suinday).-_......8.35~ am
~c.12 A1TLANTA-..-...........-_-............._l.1I pm
eC 40. ATLAMTA-..........-- ...............6.25 pm
. - BIIGIINGBiA)M and A TLA NTA. ......7.55 pmu
d- harge passengers from Atla~nta a.nd to receive
psn /'crth of Charlotte.
29 NEW YORK and WASBINGTON-.............QS am
Stopse to take on passengers for Atla.L. and tbeyod
:39 CHARLOTTE...............................11.55 ani~
11 CH ARLOT rE.................... ........ .... 4.00 pm
41 CHA RLOTTE-............... ................ 9.55'pm
For further infoipnation apply to Ticket Agent or correspond with -
W. R. TAIBER, P. (T. A. J. L. MEEK. A.G. P. A.
Greenville, . C. Atlanta Ga.
J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
S(Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Poasiu)
0 Prompt Powerful Permanent
Itq benetficial e'f. Stubborn cases Good results are
* iec.s.are us.ually yi'.ld t'. P. P. P. lastig-it cures,
-el very quickly when othernmedi- you toi stay cured
ch-es are useless
-~ 'red, puIre blood-cleanses the entire
-r Irain.-strengthens digestion and nerves.
- i~f or Blood Polson ad skin diseases.
Rheumatisml and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
- i d.o bodly-builder. Thousands endorse it.
S ~ .c i .-e necetry' for s to .say mutuch about our'fln
- - e- in this sectioni. for we hav~e moure houe oovored
r hee ni b uur gints. than~ any other '.hinge on the masrkes
an.hes rt: is. thnt we. hiave it hwk superior to anid, a!
' t rw .: i' cen:) tin l expainsion, which otheri. have
i T . r ire. .ou neover hatve a leaky house when you
~ \a - iur u.. .... The lBarn Roofinig also has the Hurrisw
~ aten L - k nttnihed!. andi it i fast taking the pluce of the
- u :.~ ..r enll onl me. .tr I will call
LT. BURRISS & SON, Andersopi, S, C

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