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The, PiceRs SeltiRel
Adverising Rates Reasonable a
THURSDAi, -mT4 1912. c
Legal Notices frst insertion per inch $1.0
For each subsequent "
Coumercial and other advertising for three
months or longer will be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
EnN*ied at Pichens Festofflee as Second Cla
au Matter
A vote for Jones is a vote for
Le*,us have an honest election
and a fair count.
Every mair entitled to vote
should vote an hiWs vote honest
ly counted.
From every section of the
State comes the news of chanz
es from Blease to Jones. There
will be a landslide to Jones on
the 27th.
Senator Tillman said that
Gov. Blease has "muddied the
water." Does he mean that the
filth of politics has been stirred
up by him?
With Woodrow Wilson as
presideni and Ira B. Jones as
governor, the Democrats of this
State would be on. shouting
ground next 3 ear.
Citizen Josh Ashley, of An
derson county, one of Governor
Blease's warmest supporters, in
1896, while a member of the leg
islature, voted against ihe sepa
rate coach bill, but. strange to
say, the governor has not charg
ed Josh with favoring social
A Chaengeto Tiliman
Tillman's endorse
ment. I have proven during
the past 19 months that I am as
well qualified to be governor Eas
Ben Tillmian or any body else,
Gov. Blease at L ~irens.
And yet if Senator Tillman
were come out against him he
womildn't have a look in.
How Will Tiliman Vote?
We would be willing to wag -r
a ginger cake against a last
summer's straw hat that Sena
tor Tillman will vote for Jones.
He has said Jones is eminently
qualified for governor, ;but not
one word has he uttered in Gov.
Blease's favor.
6 All for Blease Men
Speaking to a crowd in the
baseball park at Gaffney on the
nigh,t of August 7th, Governor
Blease is reported in the press
dispatches as saying:
"In considering friend or foe so
far as justice went, it made no
difference with him, he would
disp justice to either, but
~n itce to filling appoint
~1t, he would give them all
to Blease men and would not ap
point a Jones man to nothing if
he knew it."1
This is what many have said
he would do if elected again
appoint no one to any office ex
cept those who vote for him.We
take this to mean that should a
man be nominated in the pri
mary on the 27th who is oppos
ed to him, he will disregard the
vote of the people and appoint
some one else. The offices of
- treasurer, auditoi and magis
trate are left entirely with the
Sgovernor as to whom he will ap
point, and if any one now a
candidate for one of these offices
should be nominated in the pri
mary, Gov. Blease will disre
Sgard the nomination Watch
and see.
The Cotton Mill Project
This is being quietly agitated. (
Nothing definite has taken place i
but we look for active steps to I
-be taken as soon as the election I
is over. The one man in Pick- I
ens upon whom all eyes are cen- 1
tered seems just a little reluc-t
tant to lead off. This is the on- I
ly reason why things are not t
now on the move.a He may be t
"going slow" for apurpose, for ~
many times it is best. He is a E
very cautious and prudent man, s
but nevertheless, when he de- t
cides that the thing is needed t
and the people are with him, he b2
will go forward. We beg to as- n
sure him that it is the concen- a
sus of opinion that the enter- ~
prise is needed, and after talking c
with a number of people, he is nl
the one to lead and the people| a
will stand by him to a man. If U
the halt is on account of .either, ti
ie need of an enterprise like
is, or because there is doubt
s to the man to lead it or i
rhether the town will stand up
> him, let the procession move
orward, for the people are one
n these questions and they are
>oking to one man just now to
ead off.
Why halt ye between two
)pinions? Lead off, Captain.
Will Make Them Sweat Blood.
The fo'lowing is from the
:ampaign speech delivered )v
lov. Blease at Camden:
"Suppose they ar" lucky
enough to beat me. I will have
all of September, October, "No
vember and December, part of
January, and if you ever saw
men sweat, I'll make that gang
sweat blood before I get through
with them."
This shows to what lengths
he will go to brow beat and in
timidate and force people to vote
for him. Surely the brave and
free South Carolinians, the
liberty lo ing people of this
grand old commonwealth, will
not be coerced by any sucb
threat. It sounds like the talk
of a tyrant. To such as will
not bow down and worship thE
king, they shall be cast into the
fi: rv furnace and for a littl
more than three months will b'
made to sweat blood. We
thank God that our fathers
fought to free us from such op
pression, that with their blood
they paid for liberty- that with
their lives they kicked off the
despolt and men no longer cower
and scringe in the presence of
would be czars.
Such utterances as these only
shqw the spirit and purposes of
the men who make them.
They reveal his true character
and prove one's unfitness for
any position. They should be
rebuked severely. The best re
ply that can be made to a state
ment like this are the words of
the wisest man who ever lived
"When the righteous are in
authority, the people rejoice:
but when the wicked beareth2
rule, the people mourn.' Gov
Blease by his words above quot
d would fulfill the words of
Solomon and would do more
than make them luinenit and
mourn, but would make them
"sweat blood."
Address by N. B. Dial, Candidate
for the United States Senate
'o the IDemocratic Vo s of
South Carolina:
I am glad to state th at I have
onducted nmy campaign for the
nited States senate upon a
high plane, without prejudice
r saying anything unkind of
I was born and reared on the
~arm and have been interested
.n agriculture all my life. I feel
~indly toward all mankind and
iave a peculiar interest in our
ien and the laboring classes.
[have spent over a quarter of a
~entury in building various in
lustrial plants and have given
~mployment to hundreds of peo
)le. Besides. I organized and
)uilt the second( warehouse in
he State for storing cotton and
iave aided the farmers and oth
rs for a number of years in
narketing their crops and have
elped a great number of people
o secure homes by securing for
en money on long time and
nstallment pay ments.
I desire to be eleted to the
enate to advertise o.ur State in
broader way, thereby letting
he outside world1 know the ad
antages we possess and endea
'or to have laws passed to help
he South. My text is "Econo
y and Progress" -economy in
11 branches of government so
hat the burdens of life will be
?ssened, and living made cheap
r: progress, in order that we
ilay develop the South. My
atform is that of the Demo
ratic party- and of Emy life. I
Lesire to see the principles of the
'rogressive De&mocratic party
ut into execution. The main
ints are tariff for reene on
, reduction in Yankee pensions
wer express and postage rates,
he abolishment of useless arnmv
osts, making trade and peace
reaties with all foreign nations
herby extending a' 1r cornnnerce
,nd lessening the necessitt for
xpensive batt leship s Wet de
re to use the Panama c'anal to
enefit. prinmrily, the trade in
e United States. We wvant to
uild up our harbors. open our
avigable streams andi encour
ge the draining of our low land
Ve desir e to encourage ner
hant marine, extend experi
ten tal stations, free rural routes
d have the national govern -f
tent aid good road building- -
reb increasing the facilities
for rural schools, etc.
I advocate the reform of our
banking laws; the issuance of
government receipts for non
perishable products of the soil
stored in bonded warehouses:
abolisment of trusts and monop
olies in restraint of trade and
equal laws for the protection of
I have not criticised or said
anything unkind about either
of my opponents. However,
they are both old men, and
Edgefield County has held the
Senatorship for thirty years.
Senator Tillman has been an
exceedingly able man, and has
attracted a great deal of at
tention. He has had all the
honor we can possibly bestow
upon a Southern man, having
been in office twenty-two years.
Therefore, I think he is making
a mistake to ask the people to
re-elect him to a six-year term.
I am not asking him to resign,
or running against his term of
office, but am asking the people
to elect me to succeed him. He
says his health is too feeble to
allow him to make any speeches;
he has not been to a single
meeting. If he is too feeble to
make some speeches, his health
must be too weak to discharge
the duties of the office. In the
nature of things there cannot
be a substitute in a legislative
body. If the Senator is ill, his
seat is vacant. You can ap
point an agent in nearly any
other business in the world. It
would not do to say that he can
pair; we do not send men to the
Senate to pair. Besides, this is
only a temporary device. We
expect to elect a Democratic
President, in which event the
work devolving upon the Sena
tors will be very great, such as
having appointed new post
masters, revenue officers, con
suls, etc. Besides, we want
constructive legislation It is
more important to have two
Senators now than it has been
since 1860. No doubt, Senator
Tillmian has great influence
with the departments, but the
heads of these departments will
be changed if Wilson is elected,
and younger men appointed.
The Senator taught us for
twenty-odd years that a man
should be strong, otherwise he
should not ask for public office.
Suppose the best man you can
think of, whose health is in the
condition of Senator Tillman's,
desired election to any office.
how many votes do you sup
pose he would receive?
I do not claim to be the best
man in the State for this office,
but have made a success in a
modest way, and I do know the
requirements of all of our peo
ple. I believe and know that
I can be of service to them, and
would appreciate your suffrage
and influence.
and earn $50. to 8150. per month.
Thousands of operatoi s needed.
Most fascinating and education
al work. Positions assured all
graduates. Write imnmediatelv
for catalogue.
Spartanburg School of Tele
graphy. Main St., Spartan
burg, S. C.
The People's Candidates, a
/Winning Ticket, the Next/
President and Vice President
For Sale or Rent.
One two story brick store on
Main street, in Pickens. Terms
easy. . E. ROBINSON.
\ .-\.\ NT stiliOl.\RSIIIPS IN TH E CITA DE L
Charleseon. S. C.
'tne vacancyv in ickenis county inl the benti
iry scholarships in the Citadel will be tilled
Next sest-ion begins September I8. 19i2.
The titadlel offers coitrses in Civil Engineer
iug. English. Chemistry and Physics.
Degrees of 4C. E. and it. S. (conferred.
lt is designated by the war department as one
of the distinguiseed institutions, one of whose
graduates receives a commision in U. S. army
For catalogue anid information, address
C2ol. 0. J. Bond,
Charleston. S. C.
For Congress
lIon,. Wyatt A\iken is hereby announced as a
anidate for Congress from the Third COzp
greiona! District.' subject to the rules aund
at ion oft the voters of the Democratic party mx
the appuoacbing Primiary election the result of
whwnh he will abide.
Ihereby annou.nce myself a candidattfor the
Unitdi States Senate, subje-t to the rules of
he !>euriocraltic party. YouLr support andl in
eunewilbapp.reciated. .B IL
-A - eir hereby announced a
reina! dittrict subject to the ation of the
votr i the Democratic Primary election, the
reuto h he promises to abide.
Ihereby~ ann'ounce msyelf a candidate for
o 'es rm the 'ThIrd Congressional District
f south Catr"lina. subject to the action of the
ytrs of the District in the Dlemnocratie primnar
Walballa, S. C.
For Solicitor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
rS'licitor of the 10th Judicial Circuit and
tdedde to) abide the result of the Democrati
'riary and to support notninees h-e. of
P iger,
? Opening every day.
They show the largest a
AUl Weol S
S We take your measure,
Let us take your measu
We guarantee satisfacti
money refunded.
Clothing, Shoes.
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Honm
eli Wagons and Mitchell At
For House of Representatives.
I hereby announce myself a candidate foi
re-electiton to the l:ou -e of Represautatives
fromn Pickens County. subject to the actioni of
the voters in the Democratic Primary Election
the result of whi-ch I promise to abide.
E. P. 31eCravey.
Tlhe niany friends of M.J. . M1. lTEW.\ RtT
hereby announce him a candidate for the
I1louse of Representives suoj .et to the action
of the D)emocratic Primary. The result of
which he j romrises to abide.
Mir. .ludge M1. Welborn is hereby antnouncedl
as a -anidtdate for the House of Represenitatives
fromn Pickt. ns counity. subject to the action.l o1
the voters in the Diemocratic P'rimnary elect lonl
the result of which he promises to abide
With sincere ap preciatiotn for your past liy
aty and support, I herehy announce myself a
cadidate for the flouse of Represntative.s
from P'i(-cns County. subject to the rules and
rguations of the Den oeriatic Primary eleetjoli.
Sanm I. traig.
For Clerk of Court.
Mi It. .A. J1. liGGS is herebv announc ed as a
candidate for re-election to ~the otlice of Clerk
of Court for Pie-kens county subject to the
action of the voters in the coming Primary
election, the result of which he p.romises to
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
otice of Clerk of Court for lPickens County
stbject to the rules of the Demiocratic primary
eletion. C<I. S. ST EW. A RT.
The miany friends of Mir. .3. 11. G. MeD.\N IEFL
hereby announce him as a candidate for the of
ie ot Clerk of Court for Pickenms Counit.. sub
jet to the action of the voters in the D~em
eratic primary elec-tioni.
For Sheriff
I hereby announce mnyself a c andidate for.
re-electioni to the onfice of Sheriff for Piekens
ounty. subject to the will of the voters in the
oting~ primary election,'the resumlt of which I
promise to uhide. It. It. Rloark.
I hereby announce tnyself a eatididate for the]
flice of Sherity of Pic-ketns County subject to
the will of the vo ters in the comingu primary
ltion. the resuit of whic h I promni'e to abide.
.1. C..lennin. -
For County Treasurer.
.t the solin itationi ol frienids I hereb~y atiii lice
nyself a cand'idate for the o~thee of t Couttty
Treasurer subject to the actioni of tile voters in
the approachinlg primary electiont. the result of
.bich I promise to abide. II \\. l-. -\Rt
.t the solic~itionl of mnty friends. I bgeret.'4
nnounce myself a caiid bate for the ofice of
ounty Treasurer, snbuject to the .i-tion -ft lie
)eocratie voter' ill the- lrituary electh-n:. thte
reults of which I piromtise to abide.
.\LCON7.0 L. l::'.NS.
The. many friends of Mir. .3. 1). Aliken herehv
atinoutce him as a candidate for the --ieo
County Treasurer subject t' t a.-ti':. of t1:1
voters in the p~rimary electioni.
The many frietnis of Mir..1. P. HIYI)I- l.ere- -
by antnounce hi:n as a candidate for the of-I
tice of (oututy Treasurer sutbjer-t t< the
atioti of the voters ini the I iemoiqrnt'e pri-]
The friends of St r. I1. It. Field hcrebye ati
iounce him as a *-itidi. late f or the ottice oif
uity Tre-isiuer 'enject ti the Vniil (of the
emocrati.- v..ts - n:. tne aptpro.dchin.: prininirv -
I hereby announic tn.yself a candidate for h
o1e of C ounmty Treasurer oft P'ic-ken: nty i
n bjct to the rules of the I)emocratic Pr umry.
Taylor II. Stewairt.
For County Supt. of Education
I hereby respectfully atnnounc-e miyself a ntn
didate for re-elctionx to the oti-e of Suipet in
etndenat of Educatioti. subject to the action oft
hec lemocratic party in the Primary elei-tioii.
For Auditor.
r. L. .3 . C onnelly is hereby atnnui-ed ai' i
cind idate for the ottic-e of .\ uditor of Pic-kenis
onty subject to the ac-tion- of the vo ers in
Ihe Dieocratic Primary et-ectioni the resu t er
vhich he promises to abide-.
\l R. N..A. C1t RISTO fit l1 is h-eeby aintioune
ed as a catnd idate for re-eletion to the cillive
of countyA iditor. subject to the actionl of the
voters ill th lemoeiuur:iti P-lrimnary ejection,- the
result cof whic-h he purotnises to abtide.
For County Commissioner
The friendus of Mtr. I. Wish lIoweni hereby
nlouneic hiin as a catidiate for I ounty C"m
uissioer, subject to) the actlion of the voters ini
the primary electioni.
rhe manmy f riends of .I l.\ MEN3. L A tRE\NC I
hereby anntounce him as a c-atididate for re
lection to the coftice of C outy Commissionier
.uje't to the people in the demiocratie pri
The umny friendsof .1.l. LtTIl El ItAG EL LAI
hereby anntounc(e hiini as a -anididante for
e-etion to the otli-e of Conunty (Ctmmissione r,
subject to the actioni of the voters ini the
Mr. s. It. .\oore i'- hereby annunicedi-u as a
-and idate- fo r the otic e of Iouinty Comum iistion
er s ujet to ihe ac-tion of inhle ..oter- ini the
Iurimry electimn.
The friendsoR MTr. i:LL\s l)-Y hereby at
ioune him i as a c-andidhate for the uoitide of
County C ommni~-sionier suihjecnt to the ac-tion of
the voters ini the Demioceratic Primary electiof'.
the resulIt of wyhich he lpomi e to abide.
For CottQo Weigher.
.t soicitation of unanv friends I here-by an
nounce wyself fur the poltioun of cottoni wueiedr
er for the township of Pic-kens, sub'je-t to the
a-ion ot voters on Augu:. ~ith..3 DiN
-- For Magistrate. -
Mr. \V. S. Giantt is hereby announced as in
eadiate for the otlice of Magistrate of JI arri-I
uan Town'hip, subject to the action of the- .
voters in the Demoeratic Piujmary election.
Mr. .1. 1. Stokes is herebuy at)jounced as a can.
didate for the ottice of Mlagis of Pickens
Township subject to the acti ot the voters Inj
the Primary electioni. the re of which hewill
rhe friends of 3Mr. .Art Ur.S. Portet Scgl~
uilouce him as a candi !or the tose
Magistrate of Pickens To 9,subf e' -
a-tio of the voters in Demo tit n
- Sole Agents For -
ssortment of patterns of any tai
uits $12.51
therebv saving vou extra expens
-e for a winter suit, or overcoat.
cm. and a perfect fit, or the gai
Yours truly
R, TH0
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)ver and Boyden Shoes, Carh(
e Sewing MachinesChase City
f the expert, reliable kind that
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iifficult the work may seem,
ou can safely entrust it to us.
o matter how trifling a task
ou may need, you can rest as
~ured we will use the same pain
:aking care that characterizes
ur work on important repair
Easley, S- C
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tour work to keep in the best possible con
ition. If you have strong, ready muscles
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an do more and better work and really
ive, and enjioy living and be a blessing to
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he shortest possible time. If not on sale
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A Perfect Toic
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Yonah Land.
seial indUai mi hr n 11rm1 *Irowers.
iairmen. :,t .ekow ull n d p..)ul re
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soe prodcts to sell every ii
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vs tere any freigtfor
N" Ds you want to buy
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