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Pickes. &~tI
Advertising Rates Reasonble
PICeNS, S. C.:
THURSDAY, MAY-46, 1912.
Legal Notice rst insertion per inch P1.00
For each subsequent " " 50
Coamerciai and other advertising for three
months or longer will be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
En ertd aI Pieens Fvstofflce as SecoDd Cla
Mail Katter
S Now, let everybody pull to
gether for that new cotton mill.
It will mean much for the bet
terment of this town and com
Now. that the first primary is
over, let good judgement, calm
ness and prudence govern in all
further deliberation -iwd con
The campaign of politic clos
ing the issue to the first election
is over with a clean record fol
Pickens county. Our peoplE
have never encouraged any bad
conduct at any campaign meet
in g.
Crons will prove short this
year, but a year has nevei
brought to this section of Soutl
Carolina a complete failure 01
crops. In this we have beer
peculiarly blessed, and our peo
ple will maintain their hopes
and keep up their efforts.
This community needs to get
settled on some good substantial
issue that wilt look for the bet
terment of th'e community as a
wdhoe. There is plenty.to inter
*i our people, 'and our develop
Aent depends. on the zeal and
Interest with.. which we take
hold of the opportunities pre
sented to us.
Letettersand counter letters in
ca paign cause bad
feelings that w~fiT take years to
overcome. It is a matter for
which to be grateful that the
election is over and the public
will have something else to
think ab-,ut than politics and
-the vague claims of many can
'If cows and horses have the
- ,consideration that is due them
every farmer will see to it that
every bit of hay that can be
saved will be saved. The corn
crop will not turn out to be the
crop it was last year, and feed
stuffs will be scarce and high
next year.
Fighting The Army Worm.
The Observer h:.s received a
communication from the bureau
of entomology of Clemson col
lege with reference to the army
worms. This outbreak is said
to be general over this state and
over this state and over the
South. The Clemson college
bu 'on the "fall army
~Vr" is as follows:
* There is in this state, an in
*vasion of the fall army worm
on corn, grass and cotton. This
caterpillar is about 1 to 1 1-2
Inches long when grown. It is
quite different from the cotton
caterpillar, although many
farmers mistake the one for the
other. This insect which is
now in this state is not the cot
Ston caterpillar which did so
much injury to cotton last sum
mer, but is the fall army worm
which is sometimes called the
-grass worm. The fall army
worm is usually present in such
smallnumbers that they do no
-harm to the crops, but on the
Sother hand, eat the grass in the
fields. It is only when this in
sect gets abundant that it does
Sharmn by eating grass, corn, peas
Sand cotton. The weather con
-ditions this summer have been
~unusually favorable for its de
velopment. Most far mers who
Shave seen the work of this in
Ssect realize that immediate ac
tion is necessary for the control
of this pes.
The two poisons that have
given the best satisfaction so
far are powdered arsenate of
lead Paris green.. Paris green
can usually be' bought at local
'drug stores, while asa rule~ ar
Ssenate of leadjis not handled by
Ssuch dealers. The arsenate of
ilead can be secured from whole
Ssale dealers and most all seed
- ouses.
~bout 6 inches from each end
~~boardon einch thick and 4
~wide, and 12 inches long
>*e width of the rows,
9 ?~~oe inch or more in
ttwo pieces of
es. the cloth be
Crooked Voting ii
the State I
Columbia, Aug. 29.-Special(
-With 75 precints to be heard
from Gov. Cole L. Blease at
3 o'clock this morning had a
majority of 1,137 votes over the
combined srrength Of J udgre
Jones and Duncan.
The vote stands:
Blease 67,245.
Jones 64,072.
Duncan 2,036.
It is expected that the vote
will reach 138,000. This vote
is larger by 20,000 than ever be
fore cast in a primary in South
Republicans and Minoi
Republicans and m:nors al
lowed to vote in Cherokee.
Number of irregularities will be
investigated by the county com
mittee today.
Mistake found in Blease vote
United States Senate: B. R. T
Governor: Cole L. Blease.
Lieutenant Governor: Chas. A
Secretary of State: R. M. Mc(
Comptroller General: A. W. %
State Treasurer: S. T. Carter.
Adjutant and Inspector General
Superintendent of Education:
Commissioner of Agriculture.
Railroad Commissioner. Richi
Second R
Attorney General: Lyon and]1
House of Representatives. E.
Sheriff: R. R. Roark.
Auditor; N. A. Christopher.
County Commissione~rs? G. W
Superintendent of Education:
Supervisor of Registration. D(
Magistrate, Pickens: A S Port
Second R
House of Representatives. J N'
Treasurer: A L Edens and T H
Clerk of Court: A J Boggs anm
Wyatt Aiken was re-elected to (
P A Bonham was re-elected So
ing about the weight of 8 ounces
of duck. Tack one on each end!
securely under the hole in the
board The holes in the board
may be closed with wooden
stoppers made for that purpose.r
The bags are about 5 inches
deep and 15 inches long. This:
arrangement can be carried on
foot or on a mule, and two rowst~
treated at the same timen. Ap
ply in the morning while the
dew is on the plants, but do not
get the bags wet. If Paris
green is used, rep~eat if rains
wash it off.
For cotton three feet high use'
the followinz amounts of which
ever poison is used. The c
amount varies accordingr to)
whether the cotton is smaller or
larger than three feet high, and
in the case of corn and other
plants vary a3cordingly.
Arsenate of Lead- 4 to 5;
pounds per acre. No danger of f
Paris green |2 to 2 1-2 pounds I
per acre. On large plantations
where quick work is imnoerative, t
the Paris green should not be t
used in quantities . . aterially ex- t
ceeding the dose given above as
there is danger of seriously
burning the foliage. An appli
cation must be applied for each
generation of worms that hatch J
This outbreak is generally all:
over the state, so that it is im
possible for us to send a man to f
every place from which re- f
quests come, but we will render
seryices wherever possible.
Do not hestitate to communi- r
cate with us for further infor
mation in regard to this or anyI
other insects.
DRITY OF 1,137
i Some Parts of
The managers of Judge Jones
ampaign allege that many
radulent votes were cast.
Sensational developments are
xpected within the next twenty
our hours. Contests are ex
)ected in Cherokee, Anderson,
mnd a number of other up-coun
ry counties. That irregulari.
ies existed there is little doubt.
Indications are that an anti.
Blease legislature has been el.
s Vote in Cherokec
Error reduces Governor's ma
jority over Jones. At severa
boxes in the county Republican
and boys not qualified to vot(
account of age were allowed t<
ast ballots. Ten Union coun
ty men voted at one box.
. Smith.
:W. W. Moore.
John E. Swearingen.
E. J. Watson.
ace For:
P. Mc~ravey.
.Bowen and J. M. Lawrence.
R..T. Hallum ~
irr and Simmons
ace For:
[Stewart and Fred Williams.
I OS Stewart
ongress from this District.
We have sold our entire stock
f merchandise to Mr. P. Mv.
ate, who will run the store in
he same place an.d we recom
rend him to all our friends and
ustomers and feel assured that
'o wi:1 get the right kind of
reatmnent and good bargains
romn Mr. Cate. Call in to see
tim when you are in town. We
id not sell our accounts, there
ore we will expect you to look
.fter them right away as we
vant to wind up our business
ere. See J. R. Ashmore and
ettle with him. Thanking all
ur customers for the good trade
iven us since Dec. 19, 1911.
Parsons & Ashmore.
Married, at the officiating of
cers residence, on August 25th.
,t 11 a. mn., Mr. Ed Teat to Miss
oxie Rothell. J. Alonzo Brown
I. P., at the throttle. The con
racting parties were from Cen
ral and have the congratula
ions of many friends.
At the same place about four
ours later, Mr. R. L. Revis and
iss Mattie Kay, of Liberty,
.ere made man and wife by .Ji
.Alonzo Brown, N. -P.. We
xtend our congratulations.
FOR SA LE--I have 300 acres
ne farm Land for sale, 12 miles
romi Pickens, at $5 per acre.
everal good tenant houses, a
~rge barn, plenty water, good
eighborhood. Will cut to suit
J. T. Taylor, -.
Opening every day.
They show the largest a
All Wool 5
We take your measure,
Let us take your measu
We guarantee satisfacti
money refunded.
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hon
ell Wagons and Mitchell A1
For House of Representatives.
The many friends of MA.!. J. M. STFW ART
hereby hunounce him a candidate for the
Housc of ttepresentives suoj.ct to the action
of the lDeinmorstie Primary. The re-ult of
whieth he j.ronl:ises to abide.
For Clerk of Court.
M R. A. .1. 130GUS is htereby sinouniced as a
candidate' for re-e' etion to'the tihee of Clei k
tf Court for Pickens county subtject to the
action of the voters in the coming Prin-ary
election, th~e result of w hich he prou.i.,c to
1 herehy ann~ounce mtyself a candidate for the
office ot Clerk 'of Court for Pickens Count~y
subjetto the rules of the ibexnocra t primry
For County Treasurer.
A t the solicitationi of many frienids, I haerelbe
aniboulie myself. a candidate for the office of
counllty T'reasurer, bnbject to the action of the
il-uii'-ratie voters in the Primary election, thbe
r' uts oif whieb I prouniet de .
I herei-y announce mryself a candidate for the
odice of Counnty Treasurer of Pickens County
suject to the rules of the Democratic Primary.
Traylor H. Stewart.
'The People's Candidates, a
/Winning Ticket, the Next .
~President and Vice President
Send us your Job
and earn $50. to $1.50. per month.
Thousands of operatu~.s needed.
Most fascinating and education
al work. Positions assured all
grduate&s. Write'. inimrediatel v
for catalogue.
Spartanburg School of Telr
graphy. Main St.., Spartan.:
burg, S. C.
Tobacco Raising In Irland.
Irish tobacco and 'Irish cigars and
cigarettes are bought in Dublin with
patriotic pride and smoked with en
joyment, and It mnay be only a matter
of time when Irish cigarettes will be
known the smoking world over. The
raising of tobacco in Ireland is one
of the new industries which are being
undertaken, and the quality is pro
nounced good.
Past and Future.
"She is a woman with a past," said
the Suspicious Neighbor, with sup
pressed horror. 'Well," said the Old
Neighbor, "she's better off than-the
rest of us, if that's all. I'm afraid
most of us have something coming to
us." And it was so. You unhappen
your past, but what's coming you may
Cheerful Philosopher.
Fntenelle, the French writer, was
always cheerful, and this is perhaps
why he lived to be one hundred years
old... ges used. to say: "Withouti
cheeralpess, .what is phulos.Qphy
worti? Wheri'about to die, he said:
"I do not suffer, my friend; I only
feela certain difficul.ty. is. living."M
.Books of Youth.
Tebooks'that charmed us in youth,
recall the delight'ever afterwards; we:
are hardly persuaded there are any:
like them, any deserving equally our
affections. Fiortunate If the best fall
In our way during this susceptible and
forming periods of our. liv.-Aid-.
Send us your Job
- Sole Agents For -
ssortment of patterns of any tail
uits $12.5f
thereby saying you extra expens
re for a winter suit, or overcoat.
on. and a perfect fit, or the gar
Yours truly
Hats and Gents' Furnishing G
Over and Boyden Shoes, Carha
e Sewing Machines.Chase City
of the expert, reliable kind that
you have been looking for.
No matter how delicate and
difficult the work may seem,
you can safely entrust it to us.
No matter how trifling a task
you may need, you can rest as
sured we will use the same pain
taking care that characterizes
our work on important repair
Easley, S. C
Maaria-Chills and Fevers-common
complaints among people living in the
Southeastern States, can be effectively re
lieved in the shortest possible time by
R. L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonic.
This prescription has been used thirty
five years by Dr. Richardson, of Andersonr,
. C., in his daily practice as a family
physician, and has behind it thousands of
Lostimonials from many prominent South.
Carolinians and citizens of other neighbor
ing states. R. L. T. is a wonderful cor
rector of liver troubles and the greatest
tonic on the market today. You can abso
lately rely on it in any case of chills and
fever or malarial poison, constipation or
If any member of your family need a
tonic that strengthens and builds, go to
your druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
a dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
quick, steady improvement. If your drug
gist can't supply you write R. L. T. Co.,
Anderson, S. C.
R. L.T.
The Best LUver Medine'
50e & $1.00 per Bottle. All Drug Stores._
Yonah Land.
Tlhe fam1I~'~idoh. wmet m. N. yhI
Ea.at e-orgiat. The land .'f *p" ''niy
Special indOuc ment m frui: growers.
dairmen. stoeknwn: ;nd piuhymen.
A great demand for dhiver siti. farming.
Some products to sell wry b
clonmo market andl~ best prices. Tw',n
y odd Tourist hotels in I labersham
County, (both summeor and winter re-~
sorts), o:.ly 78 miles from Atlatat on
main line of Southern Railway to W\ash
ington, D. C. Ten acres apiple archard
roduced 3300 b~ushels cf apple's ne'tting
$39.0. Equally as g'e o frpacs
pecans~zraps etc. The best of fazmnene.
ards will tor'dduce fi-om 1 to 2 biales of
-otton, ('0 to 100l bushels~ of corn per
re, besiden large crops of~ smnail groin
aid hay. Pidre water. tine Hlimaite. no
mosquitoes. splentdidl sceary, fine
chools and churches, k20o feet eleva
iol. Pricis range frorn .5.00 to~ .in.00
per acre. SenHd for descriptive Pamphd
l.*t and price liet.
Sed us Your Printing
)NAL" i
>ring house in the w orld.
I to 40.00
of a traveling salesman
nent is ours, and your
ods a Specialty.
rt Overalls, Hawes Hats,
id Babcock Bnggiesl itch
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central e'very Wednediay
J . A. 3eCollough iB. F. 31arzi.
E. M. Blythie
M~uhillg#. Mautill & Blythe
Ih1sonic Temple Gretille, S. C.
Associate firm
Anderson. S. C.
Piactice ini all Courts.
I Kill Lice.
Y ou can positively de
Sstroy all chicken lice and 1
Svermin with Pratts Liq
uid Lice Killer. Increase y.
sao byuigPasyour poultry profits this j
guaranteed like killer.
35c a qua rt; :81.00 a gal.
Pain Pill,
To Head-Off
a Headache.
Nothing is Better thar.
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain PilLs
They Give Relief Without
.Bad After-Effeets.
"It givcs me great pleasutr e to
offer a word of- recomnmendation
for Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pill,
as there are thousands suffering
unnecessarily fromi headache. I
was afflicted intermittently for
years with headache and af-ter
other- remedies failed. -I tried
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. For
the past ten years I have carried
them constantly with me, getting
instant relief by using one or
two on the approach of headachie.
They are also effective for n~eu
ralgia, ~giving immediate relief."
For Sale by All Drigglsts.
25 Doses, 23 Cents.
.MILES MEDICAL CO.. LUki'.rt, !?.
Baby ChickS.
'Start the yonungster lon
I's the onfly \way to grow
g (ood c'hicks - to makt' the
into strong~.. he:tlhhy
money-mn ikers. |
10c.,l2c.. 5 .
Do You Know How This
Tea Came to Be?
(11 First a price was fixed, below which no
really GOOD tea can be sold.
Next, all teas selling at this price were cupped and
tested for quality.
49 Finally, a blend was perfected, at least 25 per cent better than
the best of these tested teas, and the result was called
to match the superb cofee by that name.
4 It is now offered to you with every asurance that it is, in.
deed, a really fine tea at quit a moderate PI anidyou ca= gt it V
as well a VOTAN COFFEE of only one d*MWe In this town; viz.
Folger, Thornley & Company
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
Afford ideal employment for girls and women; also for boys and young men
who wish to learn a trade. and earn good wages.
Hours: Begin 6.35 a. i.. and work till 12 noon, Dinner. 45 minutes. Begin
12.45 p. i.. and quit at ,15 p. nm., except Saturdays. when work stopi at noon
Neat mill village on tract of 30 acres. Four, five and six room cottages. Rent
fifty cents per room p er month.
Good pasture. 15 acres with spring branch water, rent free.
Amusements: Baseball diamond adjoining beautiful park of three acres.
Hetrick Hosiery Mills
URING the month
of August we will
close out our entire
lot of Odss and Ends
inl Summer Goods. We
will offer such values
that it will pay to buy.
them even it is late in
the season. Come and
see what we have, and
bring all tlie chickens
eggs and what money
you can spare.
Telephone and Find Out!
.0 ~What was he weather r~
]4~Whatis themaret prce'
Ha of cotton
!s there any freight for
/ When is the meeting *
The teleoboneC answers these ques
tions for thouisands of Farmers every da;y.
It will do this and more for you. The
cost of a telepfhg) on your Farm is
small; the savm :g is great.
Our free bo:oklet tells you all about
it. Write for it toda.y. Address
Fme: Une Lepartment 4
Sounth Pryor et Atlaitn. CL **'

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