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'*Re% W. KLPope,
Am.d Me 4 Modab e
Three Things to Remember.
SRiemember that the Son of man
Cm to seek and save that which was
- lost. It was not
to found a church,
or to establish a
creed, or to teach
good morals. He
came to die for
men's sins in or
der that they
might be saved.
Furthermore men
are just as com
p tely lost now
as 'tey were then.
Civilftaklon has
done away with
some of tire-jel
ty and barbarism
In the world, but
nature Is precisely the same to
as it was 2,000 years ago. It is
thoroughly selfish and sinful, and
nothing but the grace of God can
make It otherwise. (John 3.18, 19; I
Cor. 2:14; Eph. 4:18.)
No matter how amiable and hon
orable and public-spirited a man may
be, without Christ he Is lost and needs
to be saved. "He that bath the Son
bath life, and he that bath not the Son
of God hath not life;" that Is, he Is
spiritually dead.
II. Remember that'the Lord Jesus
will save some souls through you If
you will co-operate with him. You
have some gifts and more or less in
fluence. If you will consecrate your
gifts and Influence to the service of
Christ, he will certainly use them to
win some of your friends to himself.
While Jesus was In the world he was
the light of the world, but now that he
M~ e, "Ye are the light of the
world." and your mission Is to so
shine as to guide others out of dark
ness Into the marvelous light of God.
III. Remember that Jesus will fur
nish all the equipment you need. Do
you lack wisdom? "I will give you a
mouth and *isdom which all your ad
versarles shall not be able to gainsay
or resist." Do you lack courage? "Be
stong and of a good courage; be not
afraid, neither be thou dismayed: fo'
the Iord thy God is with thee whith
ersoever thou goest." (Josh. 1:9.) Do
you lack power? "All power is given
2unto me In heaven and earth." (Matt.
)Do you lack faith? "The
now live in the flesh. I
e by th t fhe Son of God,
who loved me, an& gave himself for
me." Jeremiah said, "Ah, Lord God!
behold, I cannot speak; for I am a
child." But the Lord said unto him.
"Say not, I am a child, for thou shalt
go to all that I shall send thee, and
whatsoever I command thee thou
shalt speak." Remember that all your
Inexperience and Inability amount to
ninthing in the face of the Master's
express command, "Follow me. and I
w1ll make you fishers of men."
Three Things to Do.
1. Set the winning of souls before
yon as a definite aim in life.
An aimless life Is generally a use
Ie'es life. The people who succeed are
dsually those who set a definite object
before them and say. "This one thing
[ will do, whatever the cost may be."
The men who accumulate fortunes,
who secure political appointments, as
a rule, are people who have been
bending all their energies In one direc
tioni for many years. Why should not
ChristIans set the winning of souls
before them as a definite purpose In
life? And who Is there who could not
succeed If he would' put the same
amount of thought and interest Into
It that he does into his business? No
one expects to succeed in business
without toil and patience and sacri
It. Cultivate a passion for souls.
David Brainerd, whose biography
ought to be read often by every Chris
Clan worker, used to say: "I care not
where I go, nor what hardships I en
dure, if~Jcan only see souls saved.
~J3"r'mik of by day~ and dream of
by night Is the conversion of men."
Often he would go out Into the for
est In mid-winter and kneel down In
the snow and wrestle In prayer until
his clothing was wet with perspiratIon.
Many a time he spent the whole night
in prayer for the poor Indians among
whom he labored, and in almost every
such Instance, one 'r'l find in his
diary two or three days after some
such entry as this: "Today as I
preached the word, the power of God
came down upon those stolid, immov
able Indians, and melted and broke
their hearts, and swept them into the
kingdom by scores."
III. Begin and continue all your
work with prayer. Pray for all men.
(I Tim. 2:1-4.) "I exhort, therefore,
that prayers, intercessions, and giving
of thanks be made for all men." One
advantage for praying daily for each
man, woman and child on the face of
the earth is, that you never meet a
person whom you have not prayed for,
and many times.
It Is a good plan to make a list of
half a dozen of more persons in whom
you are especially interested, and
mnake them an object of daIly inter
cession, at the same time looking for
their conversion. A Sunday school
teacher who began praying for his
class had the pleasure of socing elev
en young men converted ina fo-v
Malang a Holy vlan
or Salvation from I
the Subjective Side
By Rev. James M. Gray, D. D.,
TEXT-For they that are after the flesh
do mind the things of the flesh; but they
that are after the Spirit the things of the
Spirit.-Romans 8:5.
There are several things which God
does for the Christian believer in an
objective sense,
that is, In- the
sense that they
proceed from him
self without be
in g necessarily
known to or expe
rienced in the be
Ilever's life. II
other words, he
reconciles him, he
saves him, he jus
tifies him, h<
blesses him with
all spiritual bless,
ings in Chrisl
Jesus. Thes
things all speal
of the believer'i
state or position before God, and con
stitute what might be called his lega:
In this sermon, however, we are tc
think about what God graciously doez
to transmute this legal standing o1
the believer before him into the actua
experience and conduct of the believ
er himself. This is what we mean b:
"salvation from the subjective side.'
If the other things touch on Christ'
work "for" us, these relate to Christ's
work "in" us, on the supposition that
we have received him as our Savior
and confessed him as our Lord.
In other words, he, through the Holy
Spirit, does several things which ge
to make the true believer a holy man
and which are enumerated in thi
eighth chapter of Paul's letter to thE
Romans; for although our text is lim
ited to but one verse, we intend tc
speak of more than one.
In the first place, the Holy Spiri
sets the believer free from the la%
of sin and death, verses 2 to 4.
Prior to his regeneration througi
faith in Christ, the believer was un
der the power of a tendency or lam
In the direction of sin, the outcora
of which was death, eternal death;
but the incoming of tht Holy Spirit tC
him means that a new tendency or la
has been set up within him whose di
rection is just the opposite to this.
In the second place, the Holy Spirn
gives him the spiritual "mind" or dis
position to obey and follow out this
tendency in the direction of holiness
and eternal life-verses 5-1g.
In the third place, he not only gives
him the spiritual mind, but goes far
ther and gives the spiritual power tC
exercise that mind, verses 11-13, sc
that the Christian has no e:xcuse fo:
committing sin.
A Life of Victory.
The New Testament does not teac]
a doctrine of sinless perfection, or the
eradication of evil from our hearts
as long as we remain in the flesh, bu
It does teach that there is such:
thing as living a life of victory ovej
every known sin every day. Ci. ris
tians have no juustification for rnpol
ogizing for quick temipers and irritabli
speeches and envy and jealousy-no
to speak of grosser sins of the f:.
on the ground that such ti -3 a
part of their temperament a !c.
be helped. It is true that they can~
help them so far as their old natur
is concerned, but the very purpose o
the indwelling of the Holy Spiriti
to enable them to live a supernatura
life of power over them if they yielt
their wills to him.
In the fourth place, thle Holy Spiri
gives the believer spiritual encourage
ment to exercise this power, for h<
be~s ivitness within him to his Son
ship to God and heirship as we]
thro-agh Jesus' Christ--verses 14-17~
What stronger motive could there hb
to stir a. man to put away sin anm
live a holy life comparable to th<
apprehension of Me fact that he i
Indeed a child of God and a joint heil
with Jesus Christ? People of th<
world are inclined to smile at thes<
things and consider them ethereal anm
visionary, because they cannot under
stand them, lacking the spirituai dis
cernment, but these are, anter all, th'
rea' things, the substance of life, whili
the phenomena that occupy no muci
of man's attention no:w are only th<
shadow of the true.
Change in President Arthur's Life.
I remember the groat change tha
came about in -the character and Ii
the outward life of President Chestel
A. Arthur. As a New York politiciar
and collector of theo port, he had bee
one of the "boys," the higher and finel
class of "boys," and yet one of them
But when a strange providenc placet
him in the presidential office aftel
the murder of PresIdent Garfld, whal
a change came over hhmi What
steady, sedate, wise, successful, honor
able and pure chief magistrate h4
made! All speak well of his mcmory
The dignity, the exaltation, the priv
ileges wfiich had come to him contrib
uted to make him over. It is much
the same with the Christian wht
knows who he is and what he has Ir
Finally, the Holy Spirit gives the be
liever spir~tual access unto God ir
prayer-verscs 26-28. This is the
crowning act of grace and power.
You know what a man Is when yoi
know what Ihe loves.
Mistnrusted Santa Clausi,
As Christmas time drew neartob.
by expressed a wish for somei ape
cially desired article. His :mpther
suggested that he write to
Claus about it. "Mother," Eait7
child, after some hesitation,
think everything of Santy, an' Inow
how good he is an' everthing,, but,
mother, he's so awful busy that he
forgets, sometimes! Last year, You
'member, I asked him for a toy goat
an' he sent me four dogs. I wish you'd
look after this one thing yourself!"
Should Have Heeded il Omen.
The wisest of us have our pet su
perstitions, one or more. The great
house of Rothschild has unwritten
canons on the subject. The head of
the firm, if he met a pig on his way
to the office, would not conclude any
financial transaction on that day. On
one occasion he determined to rise
above his weakness, and, after meet
ing his omen, he arranged a large
loan, by which the firm lost over a
million sterling.
Functions of the Happy.
A happy man or woman Is a better
thing to find than a five-pound note.
He or she is a radiating focus of good
will; and their entrance Into a room
is .s though another candle had been
'ighted. We need not care whether
they could prove the forty-seventh
proposition; they do a better thing
than that-they practically demon
strate the great theorem of the LIv
ableness of Life.-Robert Louis Ste
Habit That Should Be Checked.
Twisting the mouth when talking Is
a habit pure and simple and one that
you can overcome if you exercise suf
ficient will power. This habit makes
more lines than age. Talk before a
iu rror and you will understand why
so many lines are forming. A little
piece of court plaster placed each
side of the mouth will act as a con
tant reminder, until you have broken
yourself of the habit.
Titled Men Chased Indians.
Many Oxford and Cambridge men
in quest of the romantic enlisted in
the Royal Northwest' Mounted Police
of Canada. Many dukes, earls and
bnrons also look with pride to the
days when they chased Indians and
cattle thieves over the Canadian
plains. These men for many years
preserved the law and order in the
wildest parts of Canada.
Queer Material for Nest.
The heron is not the only builder of
strange nests. Wild pigeons, the blue
rocks from which all our pigeons are
descended, use whatever lies ready tc
their beaks. One of their nests was
found a few years ago on the roof of
the Crystal palace at London, consist
ing mainly of hairpins and pieces 01
wire gathered in the grounds.
To a Careful Child Oniy.
In seeking instances of thrift super
induced by the exigencies of modern
life, let the sociologist not overlook
this advertisement: "For rent, to a
careful child, by a family going to
Egypt for six months, dolls' housE
completely furnished, four dolls- In
cluded. Terms reasonable."
-Greatest Falls in AfrIca.
The Victoria Falls, on the Zam
besi river in Africa, are the greatest
in the world. The water falls four
-hundred feet, and at this place the
river is a thousand feet wide. They
were named for Queen Victoria, who
ruled England, in 1855, when Dr. Liv
ingstone discovered these falls.
ipecac Needs Moist Soil.
Ipecac, a trailing plant, thrives best
in clay soil along the banks of rivers.
While It requires a great deal of mois
ture, it cannot live under water, and
consequently in Colombia it is found
at its best development in regions
where the rivers do not overflow.
Riches Easily Gathered.
I am startled that God oan makE
me so rich even with my own cheaj
stores. It needs but a few wisps o:
straw in the sun, some small word
dropped, or one that has long lair
silent in a book.-Thoreau.
- No Sale for Them.
The market price of wild oats is
pretty high for those who buy them,
but they won't sell for anything.-At
chison Globe.
The man who stopped his own fu
neral by telephone must have fell
that a live premium is better than a
dead payment.-Boston Herald.
True Patriot.
The patriot is not the man who
waves a flag, but he who blushes each
time he sees a neglected child.-Ex.
Thoroughness Means Success.
Success, generally speaking, is the
science of leaving just as little as pos
sible to chance.-Puck.
New Use for Windmill.
An ingenious German baker utilie
a windmill to mix and knead his bread
as well as to grind his grain into flour.
Danger Above All Others.
There is only one real national
.me Ind
)mr Pri
Wall of the Poamirmist.
On the whole. an4 with recogftoz
of size as a detertaining factor, thi
choice appears to lie between a shor
life and a merry one, or linked dul
ness>long drawnout. If you whtrl
-about singing and dancing and im
proving cach shining minute of the
shirIng hour, like skylarks and night,
ingales, you die of senIlity at the ago
of eight. But a creature like a tor
toise, that can sit and do nothing for
days on end save wink it's eye odce,
may watch the rise and fall of dynas
ties, and feel no older at the end of
Obesity is nearly always the body's
vote of censure for eating too much
food, or takinz too little exercise, and
it is only necessary properly to bal
ance the income and expenditure In
order to keep a well-nourished body.
It is important to note that it is usual
ly around those muscles which are
rarely exercised in any adequate man
ner that fat accumulates, e. g., the ab
dominal muscles.-Alexander Bryce,
"Life and Health."
Censorship in Russia.
It Is pleasant to learn-the story is
current in many a Russian household
-that the cookery books which had
been condemned because a recipe con
tained the words "perfect freedom,"
words which were used in -eference
to some culinary process, have escaped
further mutilation and have been sell
ing without hindrance. On the other
hand the list of books which continue
to be suppressed is long and varied.
Bones Act as Barometer.
The merits of bone as an indicator
of fair or foul weather have been
vouched for by the captain of an Ital
Ian steamer carrying a cargo of bones
from the South American port of
Buenos Aires to New York. When the
ship was sailing toward a storm the
skipper stated, recently, the bones
creaked and moaned, and when fair
weather was ahead they were silent
Intermarriage in Brittany.
In accordance with the custom
which has made the picturesque prov
ince of Brittany famous, twenty-six
couples were married at once, at Plou
gastel, one recent morning. In the
village there are only some eight or
nine family names, and the village
folk never marry outside of their
community. Last year there were
forty-two marriages.
The Right to Smoke.
"Do you think it looks well for wom
en to smoke as they do in some Span
ish-speaking countries?" "Well," re
plied the worried Londoner; "it's this
'way: If they're smokin' t'hey're likely
either to be quiet and comfortable, or
If they're not used to it just the oppo
site. And either way's a good chance
of keepin' 'em out of the suffragette
True Nobleness.
To love the unlovely, to sympathize
with the contrary-minded, to give to
the uncharitable, to forgive such as
never pity, to be just to men who
make iniquity a law, to repay their
ceaseless hate with never-ceasing love,
Is one of the noblest attainments of
man, and in this he becomes most di
vine.-Theodore Parker.
"'What's the matter, John?" "Why,
ma'am, here's a note from the master
in which he tells me that he's off on
a little holiday and he wants me to
send his drawing materials along."
"Well, and isn't that plain enough?"
"Hardly, ma'am. I don't know wheth
er to send his paint brushes or a cork
Transient--"Was the show last
night the real thing, as they adver
tised?" Uncle Eben-"Real thing,
nothing. It was a fake. The boys ex
posed it. We got hold of the fellow
who played the villain, and after riding
him around town he finally confessed
that he warn't no real villain after all;
just pretendin'."-Lippincott's.
Knowledge Must Be His Guide.
As the Spanish proverb says, "He
who would bring home the wealth of
the Indies must carry the wealthi of
the Indies with him." So it is in
traveling: A man must carry knowl
edge with him if he would bring
home knowledge.-Samuel Johnson.
Bright Conundrum.
The following conundrum in a Ger
man paper is worth repeating, for.
though depending on a play of words.
it. is good in either language. Why
is a slate like matrimony? Because
young girls reckon on both.
Responsibilities of Citizenship,
The duties of citizens are not ful
filled so long as there is a single hovel
in a city; a man, woman, or child
sweated, or a hungry, uncared-for
child in their midst.--Exchange.
Sign of a Weak Mind.
In matter of great concern, and
which must be done, there is no surer
argument of a weak mind than irreso
Has No Bank Account
The world owes every man a liv
ing, but it doesn't send out checks.
P~7 IN
A Distinction With a Differenice
OUmay not ahv~ays get what you pay for.
Ittakes a good judge of values to do that,
but if there is one sure rule in business~ it
is-y ou pay for all you get. You may not be
altosee the difference betw'een engme~s ot
similar appearance at different prices, but if
the differe ice in :ait is there.
I H C Oil and Gasoline Engines
cost more than some others because they are
more carefully made, and more thoroughly
tested. Skillful designing, better material,
better workmanship, more careful assembling,
and more thorough testing, tell in the long
run. Given equal care an I H C engine costs
less per year of service than any other engine
you can buy. If an I H C engine is given all
the work it will do, pumping, sawing wood,
running the grindstone, feed grinder, hay press,
silage cutter, repair shop machines, cream
separator, churn, washing machine, etc.,'etc.,
it will pay for itself in a very short time in
money and labor saved.
I H C engines are made in every style
horizontal, vertical, air and water-cooled,
stationary, portable and mounted on skids, to
operate on gas, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha. dis
tillate or alcohol, in sizes from 1 to 50 H. P.
lKerosenc-gasoline tractors, 12, 15, 20, 25 and
45- P.
The I Hl C local dealer will give you cata
logues and full information, or write
International Harvester Company of Atrc
Incorporated;A era
Columbia S- C
I H C Service Bureau
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish. free
of charge to all, the best information obtainable
on better farming. If you have any worthy QUes
tions concerning soils, crops, land drainage. irri
gation. fertilizers. etc.. make your inQuiries specitic p
and send them to I H- C Service Bureau. H-arvestet
Building. Chicago, U SA
r' li
el AegetabledrpartionfoAs
similaBeing ththdegua
-1 It ntStomachs anddwnisof
PrmotesDigesibon edOf
Opium.Morphine ncrNeraL
Le n
f._ ~ AperfectRemedy 1cmdp*
tionSour Stomach,DWTlea
W ormsonvulsioisyfeish
nesimie siglume 0*
Thit Years
I :
Cwopy of Wrapper. CAST oRI
~D -now ~ uoBears he
"CORTRIGHT" Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.
and accept no substitute, if you want a roof that
wil last as long as the building, and never need
repairs- never need attention of any kind, except
an occasional coat of paint.
& 3. Fire-rof-Sonnproof- Lighnig-proof
Doctors Use This for Eczema
- D)r. Evans. Ex-Commissione~r of Health, Prescription for eczema and absolutey3
s-s "There is almost no relation be- guarantee that it wilT take away the
tween skin diseases and the blood." The itch the instant you apply it.
skin must be cured through the skin. If you are sufferin from any form of
The germs must be washed out, and so skin trouble we woud like to haveyo
salves have long aao been found worth- come to our store, for we have had the
ess. The most advanced physicians of agency of this remedy for so many
this country are now agreed on this, and years that we can telyou all about
are prescribinlg a wash or wintergreen, D.D.D. Prescription and how it cures
thymol and other in"'redients for eczema eczema. In fact, we are so sure of what
and all other skin aiseases. This com- D.D.D. will do for you that we will be
pound is known as D.D.D. Prescription glad to let you have a $1 bottle on our
for Eczem2'. guarantee that it will cost you nothing
Dr. Iholmes, the weil known skin spe- unless you find that it does the work.
caitwrites: "I am convinced that the For that matter a trial bottle for 25c.
D...Prescription is as much a specific ought to be enough to absolutey prove
for eczerna as quinine for malaria. We tne merits of the remedy.
have beena prescribing the D.D.D. remedy iDrop into our- store anyway and we
o ea orelves vouch for the D.D.D. will tell you all about this great remedy.
Pickenls Drug Comnpany
Southern Railway
Sche~uees Effective Feb. 9, '1 2 from Easley, S, C.,~
-Ti. fasiowing sche-dule figures aire publiebedi only as informa ion and
arantd. .RRIVE FROM THlE SOUrii
N'. 44 A T L A T\........................--- ---- 20 am
.s.;s to di.--ch:,rge potsern:gaers froml Atlanta, or to receive
-s.orI'es1 no rt h of C harilotte.
N E~ NIW ORLE ANS and ATLANTA...-.5.48 am
Stops only on Sundays
\ 42 S!.NF.C.\ (Daily except Sunday).............34 aml -
A. T A L A NTA-.................. --........--..l5 pm
da AT LAMlT A-............................ ti.25 pm
iil hMl: Ilt AM3 ati A'EL A NT A -......755 pm
-'harge .-sehngers inun Atlanta and to reci-Ive:
-' NU )~ O'Im atd W ASINGTON...........-. a am
2 1~ A i? LOT T E.......-.--_--.............. ......1 55 amn
* i.1 H7LOT TE.-----.......----4.0 p n
1 li A RLOT l'E--....... ------.-------9 55 pmt
: *f I .a m-mo :app to [I ire A:.:I't' cn r e. rr.-spond wi- h
W. h,~ I'. & T. A. J. L. 31ELJ. A.G. P. A.
* I.''V Atlanta Ga.
S..- - J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin, Cashier.
S (Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potassium)
SPrompt Powerfui PerBanent
--ets a re um'.a!y yieltoP P. P. lasting-at cures
~~ ~ ~ - ~ery ..tialy when other meda- you tostaiy cured
t~t canes are useless
ehre, p-eblood-eeanses the entire
- 'h bran -senghens digestion and ne~rves.
- e eme or BoodPoison and skin dis-eases.
-e R -~smat s n tops the Pain; ends Malaria;
nd vbyiuilder. Thlousands endorse it.
: is eesarv for u, tot say much about our Tin
h nya. in t his section. for wc have more house. covored
re w ithi < ur oodi than any other shingle on the marke'
I -he -er ret is that we have a lock superior to and, al
wi'2 foar < ntraction anid expansion. Which others -pav'e
~ r~c :-iTe harn Rofing alo ba 'the 'ifurri $
-. t:1 .'k attachehd. and it is faLit taking the Paface~ of tbg
r:andia corragated Roofing-.
rite. oar call on me. or I will eall
- P' NS-S.c
. . e ured by
J. T. BURRISS & SON, Anderson, S. C

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