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US C.:
I'iURSDAY, SEPT. 12, 1912.
.ga -otice arstnertion per inch $1.00
Foracheubsequent "" 50
comuercial and other advertising for three
usuths or longer .wil be made at reduce rates
and prices cMn be had on application.
We are not resporsible for the views of
our correspondents.
-Entred as Pi3ens F-stomce as Second CIa
Mail Katter
To Readers of The Sentinel.
In taking the nmnagement of
he Pickens Sentinel we do so
mingled feeling of joy
dation. Joy at being
back 'ckens and among s5
clever a e; trepidation t4n
comes to but the egotis on
entering work. You read
Mr. Rob noun' ement
last week. we take
-the manag e of The Senti
nel and. I strive and seek by
honest an faithful effort and
endeavor merit your approval
We are no stranger to news
paper work nor to Pickens coun
ty. Being familiar with news
paper work we do not expect to
make a mint of money: being
familiar with the people of Pick
ens we do expect the liberal sup
port that a county paper natur-I
ally. deserves, and which we
shall strive to make this one
doubly deserve.
It is our earnest and sincere
desire to produce a real county
newspaper, making the county
news and happenings the fea
ture; a paper which will be wel
comed into the homes each week
by every member of the familv;
which may be read with inter
est, profit and pleasure; and not
with a fear of reading some
Sthing distasteful.
A county newspaper has a
place to fill which no other me
dium can fill. We shall make
The Sentinel measure up to the
A We shall not be able to please
everybody and that we shaVl
make some mistakes is a f ore
oeconclusion, since the man
ayet been born who could
plas aland who knew just
the right thing to do in every in
stance. But wve shall not inten
tionally displease any one for
any reason, and inall things,
fearing no man, we shall do the
right as our conscience dictates.
Wihthese few wor-ds we set
toortask of making for you a
paper of which we may all be
-~ '- ~ proud, and we ask your support
and co-operation. It will be
appreciated and we hope will be
deserved. GR i~
As a fellow says, "this politic
business is gittin' mighty mon
We don't believe even Jones
I-watermelons will grow in An
Sderson county,
We understand that T. U.
Vaughn, who recently escaped
from jail in Greenville, has been
located. He's at liberty.
It does a fellow good to'get
.out of a hot, smoky, dusty city
to where hhe can breathe the
good pure'ozone.
~'A single housefly carries 6,
WO0,000 germs along with him.
If you don't believe it, catch
one and count 'em.
If the speople thought and
talked about religion as they do
politics, reckon this wouldn't be
a better country?*
Ben Franklin said "Be at war
with youx vices, at peace with
nwyear find yua better man."
And you know old Ben was a
pretty wise guy.
"Citizen" Josh Ashley, re
* cently nominated for the legis
lature from Anderson county,
suffered a slight stroke of facial
paralysis Saturday. His speech
is slightly affected, but no seri
-ous results are expected.
Lives of some candidates re
mind us
We can have a dickens of a
And departing leave behind us
Names besmirched with mud
and slime.
/s -n
Pickens is a good. placegeoiiye..
The Anderson College. a Bap
tist female college,. wil & in
its first term September 18. The
buildings have just been com
pleted. This college was built
by the citizens of Anderson
county and ,its prospects for
successful work are bright.
Woodrow Wilson has gained
7 pounds since his nomination
at Baltimore, tipping the scales
at 177. That puts . him in the
heavyweight class. He has
gained more th n that in public
esteem and will outclass them
all in the great November con
We want all our friends and
subscribers to help us make The
Pickens Sentinel the best county
paper in the State. You can
rKelp us by sending us news
tems, and we will appreciate 't.
If any of our friends in the
country would like to send us
the news from their communi
ties we will be glad to furnish
stamps and stationery.
Mr. S. C. Witherspoon, of the
Tugaloo Tribune, Westminster,
was married August 29th to
Miss Jessie Porter of Oconee
county. It takes a brave wo
man to cast her fortune with a
newspaper man. But we know
Mr. Witherspoon and know that
this time the lady made no mis
take.. The Sentinel joins with
their friends in-wishing them a
long and happy married.life.
From the Gazette.
School opened Monday with a large
attendance. Prof. Richburg and all the
teachers have made good impressions
on the scholars and patrons and the in
dications now are that the pre.ent ses
sion will be ihe best and most success
ful one in the his-ory of the Liberty
graded school% and the attendance the
largest it has ever bad.
Liberty is soon to have; a .nse:.nter
prise and another citizen. JhighM
Acker will move his faiilieire
-week froni Anderson .ind en* i
iness. Ie conIes here .to'take a.
of a station put in zbe :he ~~o
Co.. and 'wili lianncle hr
and iubrievning oils. at-h
will wvork th is t.rritory e' th tank wag
J. F. Hendricks, Jr., on his way from
Boston, Mass , for his homne in Trenton,.
Texas. sto'pped off Sunday to visit his
grandparents. Mr. and 3Mrs. J. l1<.lHend
ricks, ai~d is now in our midst.
Mrs. Jones Fuller, of Greeniwood~who
is spending the heated term at her
country home. near Pie~kens, spent a
portioni of this week with her sister.
Mrs. R. A. Lanc:sster. of Cr~Iumbia, who
is spending 'a timze at her summer homne
near here.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. McKagen, .of
Greenille, who h.v- b en on a week's
visit to the latter's prents,- Mr. and
Mrs. H-. A. Richey. Pickens, spent
Sunday in the city, i h.- pase of -Mrs.
J. L. 0. Thompac:: ae.turnag to their
home on Monday.
Miss Willie Mae Lathemn. of .Atlanta,
who has just returned from an extend
ed visit to friends in Petersburg. Va., is
spending a few days in our city with
her cousins. Misses Lizzie Belle and Al.
ice Thompson, before she goes to Pick
ers to visit ner grand garents, Mr. and
Ms. H. A. Richey.
Messrs. J.. P. Glenn and J. F. Banister
made a flying trip to the court' house
town Wednesdaiy.
Mrs. R A. Bowen, of Pickens. sperit
Monday and Tuesday with heir dand
ter, Mrs. J. F. Bauister.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Sheldon and Mr.
Junius Boggs made a flying trip to
Pickens Wednesday.
Mr. Marion Boggs left Tuesday night
for' Davidson College. T bis will1 be his
second y ear at this iratitution.
Mr. E. P. McCravy and wife, and
bpother-in-aw, Fultoni Robinson, of
Easley, were visiting in the city Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wyatt,. from
Pickns. spaent Saturday with the fain
ily of'the e-titor. They spei'f that night
ad Sunday with Mr.. W 3M., LaBoon,
of Liberty. 1t 1. We'thirx a gueat deal
of friena --am and h'- excellent. lady
and ar-e aways glad L; have -thei with,
Messrs. J.R. Ashmor e and -B Paisons,
tw 'rominenlt citizens of Pickens, wvere
circuat:ig among~ fr-,enas in the city
M. 0. L. Clay;ten. of Pickens Rt 1,
visited his parents. .'Lr. and - Mrs. J. H.
Clayton, of Rt 3. laat week.
Mas Hiattie ]oggs left saturday for
Leesdle, wvhere sh.- will tea'gh ini the
graed schiool this session.
Mr. Joe Brown has gone to Clemnson,
where he has aceptedI .a por-itien in the
mechanical departmient of Clemsonl..
A.l-. Boggs elected Clerk <
Court over 0. S: Stewart t
Fred Williams defeats.Maj.
M. Stewart for:House of Repra
T: H. Stowart elected Trea
urer over A. L. Edens.
The- second primary electio
in Pickens county passed o:
quietly so far as we can learr
tho there was - great - intereE
manifested, especially in th
race for Clerk of Court, whic
was the closest .in years. .
large ..vote was polled all ovE
the county, the 'number fallin
about*500 below that of the fin
primary. You can get detaile
information from the table i
the next column,
In .Greenyille' county grea
interest centered in- the race fc
sheriff. Gilreath beat Rector b
20 votes, 4,042 to 4,022..
Haynsworth- and Scott wel
elected to the House over'Smit
and Eppes.
-Miss Gladys Boggs, of Lit
erty, was hrappily married t
Mr. Sam Langston, last Tue4
day at the residence of Rev. J
M. Stewart, who performed th
ceremony. The happy coup]
have -the congratulations c
many friends, who wish fc
them a long, happy and prospei
aus life. They will leave. toda
(Thursday) for Nevada,. whei
they will make their futu
The Pickens schools ?il ope
Monday moi-ning, September1(
at 9 o'clock. All students ai
urged to be present the first da
with an incidental fee of pine.(
dollar. The patrons .are earr
estly requeste,d to be at th
opening to hear the excellei
addresses t6 beAelivered.
J. W. BajIejitine, Prin..
a Cedar Rock.
Fpa.er uillih seems to be t1
ltof the.day at present.
r. and Mrs. Joh'n W. Stev
4jhadeY just returned froi
~Pieton, where .they. ha'
been visiting the latter's moth'
Mrs. Bettie F. Rohinson.
Mrs. A. W. Singleton ar
children spent last week ne:
Westminster. the guest of M
and Mrs. Miles'-P. Singleton.
Mn. J. Frank -Williams,.
Sumter, made a. brief visit
see his parents, Mr, and Mrs. ]
H. Williarus, recently.
'Mrs. Bettie F., Robins:n ar
daughter, Kate, 'formerly
this community, but ..now
Princeton, are spending~ a whi
at hei daughters, Mi's.-Thn V
Stewart. -1 -
Messrs.. G. H. aiid" Elmn
Hendrix have jnst retburned froi
e trip to~ Americiis arid othe
points in Georgia.
Mr. R. Bruce Stewart. wi
leave this week, .for 'Clemsoi
where he will respnme his studie
Miis Christine Walker,<
Esleyl.spent the week-end wit
Misses~ Lillian .and Vivia
.Mrs. Praters and children,<
Westminster, are the..-guests<
her sister, Mrs. Martin Barr.
'-Mr.a~ W.H-Wiiiams lost a fit
horseslosf hteek
Rev. W.Q. 88aborn, filled b
regular iaint lnent at Cede
Rck, Saturdav and Sunday.
All money one-'the 'Pickens Sentir
for advertising and job' work from ar
after the 1st day of September, atda
sums due on subscriptions. before or a
ter that time will be paid t*o the nle
management. Gary Hiott, lessee at
manager of the Pickens Sentinel llan
All contracts for supplies, paper expel
se and other incidentals in the oper
tion and manarenment ' ~ gora
plant after September will be spairV f
by the new management and the Sent
nel company will in no wvise :be~ lia
for the same.
..The Pickens Sentinel.
Pres. & Treas.
TleIM lIPains
of Women
Women who are weak, nervous
and discouraged brought on by the
painful ailments peculiar to their.
sex, should use
Squaw Vine
AWoman's Remedy
It gossesses the power to act
directly on' the weakened parts,
conveyingreiIewed strength, func
tional activity and regularity. A
womagi whoP is stngging along
under a burde4 o pain, -weaknes
and distres~s soo' \epts iKs bene
fiial effect in a r Vyal of intep
et in h'er househj d duties and
the strength and enrgy to per
form them withoutexhaustionl, It
puts the system 1n perfect order,
the result of whih is a strong,
healthy body, a cl eerful mind and
a clear, rosy corn lexion.
Sold by Draggis and Deaters
Price $1 Per tile
C.f.$MafN5MEOICIN 0.
. ST. Le!g,~-ISSOURI
Pickens Mill.........
dEasley .............:1:
Easley Mill.......
Glenwood .....
dEaley Mill.............
Alice Mill
Liberty .. ..........
Lt Flat Rock ..............
r Norris.......... ........
y Cateechee.............
Central ...............
,e Isaqueena Mill...
h Calhoun ...............
Six M ile.................
Mile Creek ............
Holly Springs.........5
o Pumpkintown ......
Looper's Gin .........
. Dacusville ............
e Cross Plains.........
e Crosswell..........
if Gap Hill .............
Shady Grove.......
Praters ... .........
Laurel Fork...........
,e Rocky Bottom........
,e Antioch .................
Pleasant Grove...... ]
Peters Creek.......... ....
TOTAL ............... 127
y Four men voted at Rocky Bottom. v
may be contested.
On September 26 and
e .us to examine your eyes f
M stock of gtasses. You wil
Sonly. Remember, it will
e year or more, to receire it
d Don't forget when your w
f that the OLD RELIABLE Blac:
f office, will do your work and ge
e don't give satisfaction, come an
. Y hav'e the material to do your I
white oak timber, clear of knots
sr'ter, coupling tongues, wagon t<
short notice. Also wagon brake
a short time. Also material for
fifth wheels, spring clips, shaft
1buggy steps and bolts of all kin'
Pickens Railo.
r .
No. 1No. 3No. 5 STAT
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
A. M.1A. M.P. M. Lv.
.17.30 11.00 3.15 PICl
d 7-35 11-05 3.20 *FERC
- 7.45 11.15 3-301 'PAR
7-50 11.20 3-35k *^.R
.755 1155 3-4O0 *MAU
-. 8.o11.30 3M I. EAS
Flag Stationa-No A
No. I connects wi
*No. 3 connects wi~
*No. 3 connects- wi
No. 3 connects wi
*No. 4 connects avi
No. 4 connects wi1
No. 5 connects wi1
For any further infe
Schedules Effective Feb.
N. B:-Th.- following schedule figur
are noit guaranteed. ARV R
No. 44 ATL A NT------.
S,',js tob dIi-h:-ry.e p ..-sezngi
iNP 4s SEN E 4 ,(?hily exC
* '.P.2 Ai1TL A ..-.
<40 A TLAMT .---..
l. - i arpge r: ene
RB n y' crthJ : Chariotl
29 NE w YoRK~ ad .1wAS]
Svn-.. to tak ei n;sseng
Fo urthetr infoImition app y to Tic
Greenville. C.
ouse 'Clerk C. Treas.
6 258 315 254; 221 353
4 29 21 42: 12 51
;1 260 .152 241 12031 189
9 128 '1 1061 54 112
,8 58 50 36 45, 41
9 26 19 26 21 24
;8 170 167 80 581 189
0 61 52 9 21 40
2 31 28 35 81 45
.7 83 25 55 41; 59
3 83 78 149 45; 182
5 45 15 76 12' 77
5 19 96 8 41 63
0 61 53 69 34 108
15 37; 16 E60 13i 6 3
,0 2 32 15 241 23
;6 601 781 18 701 26
:0 62, 46 26 33: 39
4. 23! 29 28 14 43
. .... 27 31 ...... ......
S 25 9 ......
.. ......14 ...... .......
7 1 30 31: 28 33
0 ...... ......
2 27! 34 25 248 31
6 2' 12 7 11 8
2. ...... 17 36 ...... ......
'82158415351 10471.99
hbo were not on the club roll. This bo:
Fitted Free.
27 we will have a man with
ee and fit glasses from our
be charged for the glasses
e your only chance for a
e services of an expert free.
agon or buggy needs repairing
smith Shop, below the printing
it out on time. If our work
i tell us, don't tell the other fellow~
ork with. Just received some
for making wagon hounds, bol
~ngues, etc.. ready to put in 0r
s ready to put on your wagon ir
repairing your buggy, such as
ends, bow sockets, axle arms;
Next door below Printing Office
ad Company,
LE No 12.
TABLE No. 1.
Nca~ o. 2 No. ~4No. 6
O S Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
Ar, A. M. P. M. P. M.
ENS 9.10; 1.50 4.35
usos 9.051.45 4.30
msN 8.55 1.35 4.20
A.L 8-5 I-130 4.15
mix 8-45~ 1.25 4-.o0
8. 40 r.20 4.05
h Santher-n No. :2
h Southern No. 39
h Southern No. 39
hl Southern No. 12~
h Southern No. 12
h Southern No. 39
h Souther~n No. 11
L-ntioli R}1)ll.Y t)
General alager.
9,'1 2 from Easley, S. C
s are published only. as informa on ant
d ATL ANTA -..... 5.4~ am~
on Sndavs
ept Suday).-.35-- any
......--- - -1.1:)o
A TL A NTA. 7 55 pm
a from Atlanta atnd to. recefive
I NGTON...__-..._ __.0 a
er for Atlanta :and he.v..
* 11 55 a
--------_9.5 pm -
ket Agent or correspond with
J. L. MEEK. A.G P. A.
Atlanta Ga.
Opening every day.
They show the largest a
All Wool 8
We take your measure,
Let us take your measu
We guarantee satisfacti(
money refided.
Clothing, Shoes.
Sole agents for Walk-(
Iron King Stoves. New Hom
ell Wagons and Mitchell Au
( Lawyers ,
(IPickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every W ed&-nr~~is
J. A. McCollough B. F r
E. M1. Blythe
Ivtalloiigl. Martil & Blythe
Ilasonic Temple Grecnville, 5. C.
Associate firm
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Courts.4
YuKill Lice.
Yucan positively dle
sryall chicken lice and
vrin with Pratts Liq
uid Lice Killer. Increase
your poultry profits this
season by using Pratts
guaranteed like killer.
35c a quart; $1.00 a gal.
Pain Pill,
To Head-Off I
a Headache
Nothing is Better ta
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pi 3
They Give Relief Without
Bad After-Effects.
"It gives me great pleasuire to
offer a word of recommendation
for Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills,
as there are thousands suffcring
Iunnecessarily from headache. I
was afflicted intermittently for
years with headkche and after
ohrremedies failed, I trie'd
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. For
the past ton years I have carried
them constantly with me, getting
instant relief by using one or
two on the approach of .head'ache
They are also effective for neu
ralgia, giving immediate relict."
C. M. BROWN, Estherville, Ia.
For Sale by All Druiggists.
25 Doses, 25 Cents.
MILES MEDICAL CO.. E.!knart. ind.
Baby Chicks.
Start the young1 r oni ~ .
Prat ts Baby C2hic.k Foodi
STt's the only wayv to grow
Sgood chicks-to make the~
Sgreatest number dlevelop
Sinto strong. healthy ;
money-mn ikers.
10c.. 25c., 50c.
Sole Agents For -
sortment of patterns of any tailorir
uits $12.50
thereby saving you extra expense of
e for a winter suit, or overcoat.
n. and a perfect fit, or the garme,
Yours truly,
R, T
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Good
)ver and Boyden Shoes, Carhart
a Sewing Machines,Chase Cifv and
'for the removal of MOLES an<
and leaving neither scar norn
we sold your grandmother, a:
'ance upon the market, carried
,ment of man and woman.
MOLESOFF was the best in
Stoday, Our long experience
much valuabl intormation in
fref yu h ave troble in gettin;
~to the undersignepith
tbe accepted by us, and use f
Smillion people will see yo'ir pi<
,ugiy growth on your person.
of Augui
close Ollt u
lot of Odss
111 Summer (
will offer su
tiat it will i
them even il
the season.
see what we
bring all tli
eggs and wl
ig house in the world.
to 40.00
a traveling salesman
it is ours, and your
s a Specialty.
Overalls, Hawes Hats,
I Babcock BugiesMitch(
i WARTS wfthout pain
ark is the same remedy3
nd has, since its .appear
1 the unauimous endorse3
pioneer days, is the bestA
protects you. We guar
attractie booket, sen
: Mol'esoff, send $1 direct
erson sending us their
advertiing Moeof
~ture with and with out an
G CO., Dept. B 194
~e monthK
st we will
ur entire
and Ends
~oods. We
ch values
ay to bily
~is late in
Come and
have, and
at money

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