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Established 1871-Volume 42-- -
Large .Enrollment-Good Pros
pects-Baptist Pastor and
Bride Entertained
Easley. S. C., September 17.
The Easley High school open
ed Wednesday; September 11th,
with most glowing prospects for
a successful year. 318 pupils
were enrolled the opening day.
Chapel exercises were conducted
by the new superintendent,
Prof. W. W. Benson, in 'a way
that at once won the admiration
and respect of all present. In
teresting and helpful talks wei e
made by Rev. E. V. Babb, Dr.
R. F. Smith, Rev. D. W. Hiott,
Rev. B. P. Ingram, Rev. C. D.
Waller and Mr. A. J. Reeves.
Only two new teachers were
added to the faculty this year,
these being Miss Helen Thomas,
of Bennettsville, S. C., and Miss
Floride Davis. Professor Ben
son, assisted by Miss Burton,
has charge of the high school
8th, 9th and 10th grades. Miss
Davis, 7th grade. Miss Hum
phreys, 6th grade. Miss Norris.
5th grade. Miss Neil, 4th Yrade.
Miss Able, 3rd grade. Miss
;4 Thorntbn,. 2nd grade. Miss
Thomas, 1st grade. Miss Sellers,
The most brilliant event of
the season was the reception
given by the Ladies' Aid Society
of the First Baptist church. at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Cheatham, in honor of Rev. E.
V. Babb and his bride. The
house was beautifully and taste
fully decorated, old gold and
white being the color scheme.
The guests were met at the
door by Misses Bee Able, Fay
Sellers. Bessie Burton and Lu
cile Humphreys. Mrs. J. Milton
King ushered them to the re
ceiving line, in which stood
Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Babb, Rev.
and Mrs. D. W. Hiott, Rev. C.
D. Waller and Prof. and Mrs.
W. W. Benson. Misses Nan
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* ha otin
Neil and Belle Norris invited the
guests into the dining room,
where Mesdames E. F. Wyatt 1
and E. P. McCravey served
block ice cream and angel cake.
Those assisting in the dining
room were: Misses Ella Hiott,
Fannie Lathem, Jennie Robin
son and Mary Wyatt. There
were over one hundred present
and as the affair was quite in- ]
formal it is needless to say that
it was enjoyed by all.
Misses Susan Doyle Doyle and
and Louise Dendy, who have
been visiting Miss Mary Wyatt -
returned to their home in Seneca
last Saturday.
Miss Nell Sholar, of Bessemer
City, N. C., is the charming
guest of her aunt, Mrs. W. D.
Miss Lila Bolt, of Anderson,
who has been visiting her cousin
Miss Janet, returned to her 1
home Tuesday.
Mr. Charles Hamilton has re
turned to the city after a weeks
stay with his. brother, Mr. R.
Briggs Hamilton, at Rock Hill.
Dr. and Mrs. C. N. Wyatt,
Mrs. J. W. Ellison, and Misses
Eva Wyatt and Mildred Folger
spent Tuesday shopping in
Aiss Ruth King delighted her
Sunday school class of boys by
giving them a picnic at King's
pasture last Tuesday afternoon.
The Ladies' Missionary So
ciety of the First Baptist church
met with Mrs. W. A. Mauldin
on Tuesday afternoon. There
was an unusually large atten
Prof. W. L. Kennedy and
family have moved to Clarks
ville, Ga., where Mr. Kennedy
has charge of a school. Their
many friends here regret to
have them leave.
Rev. Hovey Clyde and family
last week moved into the house
occupied by Mrs. D. F. Bradley.
The people of Easley are glad to
welcome them.
orse No. 70 Cutter Share
for small stock, that
'atures of all good PloM
ight, Two-Horse No. 63
ilow and the plow so '
~ticks to it--EXCEPT FA
Mr. Eugene Herring, foreman
Draper Loom Co., has rented
;he Clapp house on Bradley ave.
mnd will move his family here
n a few days.
Mr. Victor B. Higgins. who
ias been in Detroit, Mich.. for
several years past, is on a visit
o his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Higgins. We are glad to see
im again.
Rev. E. V. Babb and wife
ave gone to house-keeping.
rhey occupy the J. R. Gossett
ouse on the corner of Table
Rock and Hudson streets. Their
nany friends gave them a gor
eous pounding Monday night.
Mr. John T. Langston, of
Pickens, went over to Greenville
Jonday to see his two sons,
am T. and B. Bennett Langs
;on, board train 37 for their far
way home in Mina, Nevada.
am carries with him his new
)ride, who was Miss Gladys
Boggs, of Liberty. We wish
or them success and happiness
n their adopted home.
A large number of students
rom this city are now in the
rarious schools -of the South.
rhe following is a list of the
tudents and their respective
schools: Misses Maggie Ander
on, College for Women, Colum
ia; Eunice Singleton. Brenau
:ollede. Gainesyille: Essie Ha
zood, College for Women, Co
umbia; Virgil Sellers, Green
ville Female college; Sara Smith
Donverse college, Spartanburg;
Eva Wyatt, Columbia college;
3race Wyatt. Chicora college,
,reenville; Fannie Lathem.
Limestone college, Gaffney;
laybeth Johnson, Conservatory
)f Music, Atlanta. Messrs.
Waddv Anderson, University of
3outh Carolina, Columbia;
James Anderson, Citadel, Char
leston; Fulton Robinson, Uni
ersity of South Carolina; Belt
Folger, a college in Washington,
D. C.; Walter Robinson, J. M.
3mith, Lenhardt Wyatt, Frank
Smith, Vincent Hamilton, Roy
Perry, Davidson college, David
)on, N. C.; Lake Jameson, Carl
Pepper, iMedical college,Atlanta;
A. W. Folger, Citadel, Charles
hon; Lloyd Smith, Uniyersity of
South Carolina; Frank Bunker,
3lemson college.
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Popular Young Lady Died in At
lanta of Appendicitis-Bur
ied in Pickens Friday
Miss Viola Moore. aged 22
y ears, died Wednesday night at
a private sanitarium. She is
suryived by her mother, Mrs.
Mary K. Moore, two sisters,
Mrs. E. W. Hardy and Mrs.
Gantt. and one brother, D. G.
Moore. The body was taken to
Greenberg & Bond's chapel and
was sent at noon Thursday to
Pickens for funeral and inter
ment.-Atlanta Jotrnal. The
funeral was held Friday after
noon, Rev. D. W. Hiott and
Rev. G. F. Kirby conducting the
services. in the absence of her
The Hearts of Pickens Stirred.
Mr. Editor: The good Lord removed
from our midst a jewel last week, and
transplanted it among those already
carried above. It was such a shock
The dear old mother was counting the
hours when she would again clasp her
darling baby child to her breast, and
hear the gladsome voice again. It was
this way, Mr. Editor: This bright young
girl, who was only twenty-two years of
age, chose as her life's work the duties
of a trained nurse-the alleviating o''
suffering-and the sick room as her fu
ture home. Of course she must go into
training, so more than a year ago the
trunk was iacked, the family and
friends came to the depot to say good
bye and bid God.speed t:> her in her
chosen vocation.
Time rolled on and the sweet missives
f love would come often to bless and
heer the hearts of the loved ones at
home. Especially were these missives
looked for and-longed for by the dear
old widowed mother, whose heart was
stayed on her baby child. But this could
not last always, and there came a letter
bringing the sad news that the dread
disease. appendicitis. had taken hold
and that an operation wou'd be neces
sary to save her life. It was sad news
to the fond hearted mother and all the
loved ones. But the letter said there
would be no danger, and the time came
when she was laid on the cruel table
and the keen knife of the surgeon cut
into the tender flesh of our loved one
Mhen the news came, "The operation is
mccessful, sad now it would be only a
now have the e
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in stock a com
it any Chattanoo~
"The 01
ga Cane Mills have b(
e strongest, highest rum
Mills made. Their su
tators, but
few days untiL our peC woula ne wila ut
again. The word came, "Next week
and she will be able to travel." The
fond mother rolled the message over in
her heart and mind. "Just a few more
days and my darling -ill be with me"
But God's ways are not our ways.
Last Wednesday night at sthe hour of
twelve the phone bell rang out and cut
the stillness of the night, with its cold,
cruel message, Mr. Editor, what makes
one feel the cold hand of dread when
the midnight message comes? T h e
writer slowly staggered to the receiver
with the dread wonder in his heart.
Who is dead now? Picking up the re
ceiver he said, Hello! The answer came
back, "Can you get Mr. Gantt to the
phoner" 31r. Gantt came and received
the news. It sounded like lead. It was
already dark and dreary, but it just
seemed as if the heavens had shut down
upon us. It was this: "Viola is dead."
We thought sure there must be a mis
take-but no, it was still lingering in
the air. Then came the trial: Who is
going to break such news to that fond
hearted mother, who was peacefully
sleeping in the home next door?-and
the sad news was broken, I hope, my
dear sir. that you will not ever have to
pass through an ordeal as this fond
hearted mother pas3ed through that
night, but she could hear the fond voice
of her Saviour that morning quietly
saying, "My grace is sufficient for thee,"
and this beautiful Christian spirit could
exclaim with Dav.d of old, "She cannot
come to me but I can go to her."
Mr. Editor, I have been telling you all
of this time about the sad death of our
sweet girl friend, Viola Moore. She
was one of Packens county's fairest
daughter's, a consecrated member of
The Pickens Baptist church. a leading
member and at one time president of
the Philathea class, and filling any place
when called upon, ever ready to lay
her hand to an cause that would uplift
those around her.
It was a sad and yet beautiful sight
when Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock
there file'i out of that stricken home
the Baraca boys bearing the pr. cious
body of our sister and followed 'by the
Philathea girls who bore the flowers
which so many friends had brought to
bedeck her last resting place. We laid
her body away in the cold ground, and
as we turned sadli away, with thrQbbing
hearts, we could again hear that voice
which "spake never as man spake" and
our thoughts fly backward to another
burial scene, near the Bethany home. It
comes to us with peculiar sweetness
now. H1o said: "Thy brother shall rise
again." Then we are ready to exclaim
with exultation, She is not dead but
The aged mother turns from the grave
and reaches out to the promise when
*Ae shall -neet again and there will be
no more parting. Sister Moore. may
v u gather around His throne in that
'Ly in a circle that is solid and unbrok
el, and may all ycur voices shout as
41. v. ice that sweet old hymn, Owown
lHun Lord of All.
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Good Prospects for Successful
Session-The Teachers.
The Pickens Graded school
opened on Monday morning
with an unusually large atten
dance. Beside there being an
unually large attendance of
students, a great number of the
patrons and friends of the school
were present. From the present
outlook this will be the most
successful session in the history
of the school. Prof. J. W. Bal
lentine still has charge of the
school and is an excellent super
intendent in every sense of the
word and has done a great deal
for the betterment of the school
since his coming here.
The following interesting pro
gram was rendered to the de
light of those who attended the
Reading, from Phillipians,
Rev. C. A. Waters.
Prayer, Rev. G. F. Kirby.
Song, "My Country 'Tis of
Address, "Welcome," Rev. C.
A. Waters.
Address, "Character, Grit,
Progress," Prof. R. T. Hallum.
Address, "High Ideals," Rev.
G. F. Kirby.
Address by Prof. J. W. Bal
lentine in which the following
points were brought out:
"School Work and Social Life,"
''Patrons Interest in the School"
"The Value of Preparation for
The above addresses while
very brief, were instructing and
interesting and should prove a
benefit to all who attended.
The following teachers have
charge of the respective grades:
I Miss McDonald, of Bathume, S.
C., assistant high school teacher.
Miss Robinson, of Easley, 6th
and 7th grades.
Miss Russell, of Anderson, 4th
and 5th grades,
Miss Miller, of Laurens, 2nd
3rd grades.
Miss Vesta Ashmore, of Pick
ens, primary department.
mS a
ous line of
Cane Mlls.
and repair
. A Plo
~ment - ig a
dry la
years; They
ish CaneFo
iW C(
great pleasure to welcome these
teachers into their town and
they are sure to receive a warm
welcome in any home they may
The enrollment the first day
was 236 and others are expected
to enter durin:- the week,
Some annov:unce was occa
sioned by the change in books
for this term, caused by the re
cent action of the State Board
of Education. Some had old
books which could not be ex
changed and they were forced
to buv new ones. There ought
to be a change in the time and
method for adopting school
books. Nearly all graded schools
have ten grades and instead of
haying to make changes in
books every five years the time
should be extended to ten years.
Allen and Edwards, Who Shot
up Court, Arrested in Iowa
Sidna Allen, leader of the Al
len clan which shot up the Car
roll county court house at Hills
ville, Va., March 14, killing
Judge Massie and others, and
his nephew, Wesley Edwards,
were arrested by detectives in
Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday,
September, 14, where they had
worked under assumed names
I since last April. A visit by Ed
wards to Miss Maude Iroler, to
whom he was engaged to be
mairied, in Virginia about a
month ago, ai:d the accideiital
loss of a letter put detectives on
the trail.
Miss Iroler went to Des Moines
Saturday to be married to Ed
wards. Detectives followed her
and arrested both men vithout
Doubled Capacity of Gin.
The Pickens Oil Mill has just
finished doubling the capacity
of the ginnery and is now pre
pared to gin both long and short
staple cotton. Work guaran
One-Norse No. 71 'iu
w for a purpose. That
eep, narrow furrow ii
nd, when other Plows
Chattanooga Reversible
vo or three horses. 1
and acomin'
Work on Extension of G. & K.
to Commence Soon.
The following dispatch from
Greenville to the Columbia State
under date of last week should
be of interest to Pickens people:
From an official it -is
learned that th ork of exten
sion on th reenville railway -
will beg-i within the next3O
days.-. Within the past week
engineers have completed 'the -
survey from Davenport to
Creek Gap, a distance of 12
miles, This gap is at the top'
the Saluda ridge, and the r
laid out by the engineers ona
grade of 68 feet to the udir e
This is considered a remarkably'
low grade for a .aountain road, '1,
and is an agreeable surprise to
the promoters.
The Gap creek route is the
lowest ioute across the Blue
Ridge mountains bet ween Rich
mond and Atlanta. Recent de
velopments certainly mean that
the Knoxville road will be put
through within the..next twelve
A branch of this railroad could
be brought by Pickens if the'
people would take hold, and the
benefits to accrue to Pickens
town and connty from a&nter.
prise of this kind cannot be es
Our business men should get
behind it and bring it from Ma
rietta by here and on to Ander
The Court of General Sessiona
and Common Pleas will open
next Monday with Judge .
DeVore, presiding. Ther s
not a great deal of
business in court, but W.is a
derstood there are quifeil
ber of ciyil cases for trial. It Is
probable that the jury will be
held until near the end of th
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purpose is plow~
ihard clay, and
won't go deep,
hey plow "agoul
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