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k Pickens Sentinel
- ICENS, S. C.:
TBURSDAY. sEP'..19, 1912.
IM i Notices first insertion per inch $1.0
For eatmubsequent ."' 5
C4 idial and other advertising for thre
mnnthsorlonger wil be made at reduce rate
.ad prices e be had on application.
We ar not respor sible for the views o
our correspondents.
?mu'red at Pitens Fqstofflie as Seeond Cli
"mail Matter
The Sentinel will hereaf
be issued on Thursday!
'll reach our rura
route . scribers Friday
When Will the e Return
.It is the earnest hop eftt
paper that the political agitatioi
which has thrown our State in
to such a turmoil for the pas
few months will soon be settlei
and let our people turn thei
minds to something better, ani
our energies to- the building ul
of the waste places in the laud
to the making Qf our schools
churches, -farms. banks, mex
cantile-in fact all interests
better. If we had the oil w
would be glad to pour it out til
the troubled waters were per
fectly still and a song shoull
float oat oyer the State, Peac
on earth, good will to all men
Our Old Correspondents.
What has become qf all thl
old correspondents of The Senti
nel, who used to give us thi
news from at sections of th
county and made The Sentine
a big family newspaper? Let'
see: there were "B," "Old Rid
die." "Bright Eyes," "Dream
er," "Violet Eyes," "Mountail
Boy" "Mountain Sprout,'
"Agricola," and lots of other
we fail to recall just now, whon
we would be glad to have bac!
with us; and we would like ti
~z. yesome new ones, too. Whei
' b sure to sign you
real name, , so we will knov
who wrote the.articles. We cai
n~ot pubjish any article unles
we know the name of the au
SPull for Pickens.
Greenville has a street name<
Jones street. We think, how
eyer, it was named for Case:
No, Margorina, it was all
mistake about that newly bori
baby being part wild animal
tho it did have a dear face an4
hare feet.
Pie has been the favorite die
Sof the elephant for the past 14
years, but it looks like it wil
X have to go back to peanuts nex
We trust every Bleasite an<
every Jonesite who farms wil
make a bale of cotton to th
acre 'and get 18 cents a pourn
for it.-Gaffney Ledger. Ditto
It is said that some voter
were p.id, as high as $60 pei
vote in Morgan county, Geor
gia, in the recent election there
wdyou like to live in Mor
The Woodside cotton mills of
Greenville will oe enlarged it
the near future. When the nev
work is finished that mill wil]
have 112,000 spindles and 2,65(
looms and -will be the largesi
cotton mill under one roof in
the United States.
Few people fully realize the
extent of the Titanic disaster.
Out of about 96 million people
in the United States something
over 89 million have written
*poems about it. And there will
probably be a few more when
tepeople in Polk county, N.
.,hear of it.
Clemson College opened its
20th session with over 800 stu
dents accepted for enrollment in
all courses, The prospects and
indications are for an even larg
er and better attendance than
last year, which was the ban.
ner year in number of students
and quality of work.
The-Southern Christian Advo
cate, official paper of the Soutla
Carolina Methodist ConferencE
and which has been published
in Spartanburg for the past sev
eral years, will hereafter be pub
lished in Greenville. Rev. S. A.
Nettles will continue as editor,
The offices of The Advocate and
The Baptist Courier are next
Adoor to each other.
-. Joe Lines, a candy manufac
turer of Columbia, was fined
$10.00 last week for workin2
women later than 10 o'clock at
night in violation of the State
law. Steps have been taken by
the authorities to prosecute all
rviolators of the act that requires
Istores employing women to have
~.stools for them to sit on and the
SIone that forbids them working
Iafter 10 o'clock at night.
Health Hint.
tiyto dve a nail with
~4~-~rxamite. -
In Hammond, Louisana, a
little child toddled across the
railroad tracy at Dead Man's
Crossing, not seeing a freight
train approaching at high speed
caboose first. A man standing
near, rushed up in time to seize
the child, toss it out of danger,
and be himself ground to death
under the wheels of the train.
Today a monument stands be
side the track to bear witness
that Francis G. Stewart had in
his heart that "greater love."
A lad from the mountains of
Tennessee, sent as a Confederate
spy into a Federal camp, was
apprehended with informatioi
in his possesion which had evi
> dently been secured througX the
treachery of a Federal officer.
Th penalty was death. The
Union commander offered the
boy his life and liberty, if he
should reveal the name of his
r informant. He refused. After
I his execution the body of Sam
Davis was born in state between
two lines of Federal soldieis
with arms at "present," in
honor of the boy who was tru
to the man who was both friend
and foe.
"What glorious self-sacrifice"
one exclaims. Yes, glorious
and the names of the hereos will
long live because their deeds are
widely known. But examples
of self sacrifice -in our verv
"As one whem his mother c
A book unheeded in her lap, she
And looks from out the window
Yet soon she crosses all the hills
rTo where the children clamber c
To where the children hail her v
Yet still the book, unheeded, lies
And far from out the window be
And she fares forth upon a road
That lagos down the city streel
Which opens to her gentle knoc]
She hears the laughter of her bo3
Yet still the book is lying with h<
And now she goes another way,
She threads the forest fastniessesi
The little cottage where her girl
Where, in the distance orn'the se
And for a while they speak 'of all
Yet still the book, unheeded, lie:
And so she fares till sunset, she
But always finds her haven at the
And takes her book and idly at t
With eyes that have the softness
And sometimes she will miurmiur
For out and over all the land her
(Copyright. 1911, b:
The Candidate's Lament.
Election day is oyei',
The truth to you I'll tell,
I thought I'd be elected,
But I didn't get a smell.
It cost me lots of money
To try to get the place,
My pocket-book is empty.
I'm the hind one in the race.
I once felt very jolly,
But now I'm sore bereft,
I'm needing lots of sympathy,
I'm the candidate that's left.
And since I am defeated,
I'm going to tell you plain,
May I be kicked to death by
If I ever run again.
Dedicated to the majority of
the candidates.
We noticed in a paper the
other day that some man had
'stolen a blind man's wife.
That's our idea of a mean man.
What We Never Forget
according to science, are the
things associated with our early
home life, such as Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, that mother or
grandmother used to cure our
burns, boils, scalds, sores, skin
eruptions, cuts, sprains or bruis
es. Forty years of cures prove
its merit. Unrivaled for piles,
corns, or cold sores. Only 25c
midst have become so common
as to cease to arouse comment.
Do you knov the father who
wears shabby clothes and labors
joyfully day after day, on the
farm, in the shop or at the of
fice in order that his boy may
go to college and make as good
an appearance as other men's
sons? Have you seen the toil
worn mother who does without
the really needed servant that
her girl may graduate from a
woman's college and may have
a graduating dress as pretty as
any? Have you met the small
salaried son who delays for
years his marriage with the
girl he loves because his widow
ed mother and fatherless broth
ers and sisters need all he can
earn? Does your knowledge ex
tend to the young woman who
refuses a splendid offer to teach
in a big school to accept a small
salary from the school at home
in order that she may be with
her lonely mother? With apol
ogies to Scott,
"If;such there be, go mark them
For them all minstrel raptures
They are among the uncrown
ed heroes and heroines. And if
the spirit of emulation rise in
you as well as the spirit of
praise. "go thou and do like
forteth."-hjaiah LXVL, 13.
sits with dreaming eyes
at the distant hills that rise
and finds a pathway straight
n the fence beside the gate:
rith their shouts of wondrous glee,
half-open on her knee.
nds the sky in hazy blue,
that leads the meadows through,
s until she finds a door
c; and then, as oft of yore,
, she sorrows when he grieves.
:r hand between the leaves.
where mountains touch the sky;
mtl she draws anigh
has helped to make a home,
a, are gleams of upfiung foam;
the joys that used to be
half-open on her knee.
roes far and far away,
ending of the day;
ie opened pages peers
hat is caused by unshed tears,
low, and sometimes she will smile,
heart has been the while
rW. G. Chapman)
General Jabs.
Chicago Ledger.
IMany reputations blow up
when a political campaign is in
full blast.
It's well to pay as you go and
also to save enough to pay your
way back.
Early to bed and early to rise
to many a man would prove a
What a montonous 0old world
this would be if everybody
thought as we do!
Some men are so stingy that
they won't lell a joke at their
own expense.
When a man begins to go
down hill he finds that the law
of gravitation and the encour
agement of his friends help
Few women would enjoy go
ing anywhere if it wasn't for
the pleasure they got out of
talking about it after they re
turn home.
lIt is always the open season
for killing time.
Wire men mail their love let
ters in a waste basket.
And a weak head is easily
influenced by a full stomach.
Set others a good example by
giving yourself a square deal.
What the orld needs is lne
Everybody Urged to Donat
Something, Even as Much
as One Days Wages.
Saturday, Sept. 28th, will b
work day in South Carolina fo
the orphanages of the statE
Scattered over the state are sev
eral oiphanages which are sur
ported by the various churche
and have many children to car
for and with means which ar
some'times limited. The plan o
this work day is to have every
one contribute to one of th,
orphanages of his or her denom
ination the amount earned oi
this day. All the children ar
asked to make a special effort t
earn something on that day
from a few pennies up, and con
tribute the same to some or
phanage and thus help their fel
low children who have no moth
ers and fathers.
These institutions are main
tained by voluntary contribu
tions and need all the financi
aid anyone is willing to give
While they are more in need o
cash, still the officials of thi
various orphanages are indee<
glad to receive barrels of syrup
flour or any other articles o
food and clothing which thi
general public may be charitabli
enough to contribute. Man,
barrels of flour, syrup and larg,
quantities of other foods ar,
consumed every year at thes,
institutions and they have eithe
to be bought or contributed.
The Presbyterian orphanag
is located at Clinton. the Baptis
at Greenwood, and the Methc
dist at Columbia.
Anderson Delegation Withou
a Lawyer,
Anderson Intelligencer.
It is rare that you find a dele
gat'on to a general assemnbl
that does not contain a lawyer
Such is the case, however, wit]
regard to the Anderson count'
delegation to the general assem
bly for the approaching sessio:
and the next session of the legis
The delegation is as follows
Senate: Geo. W. Sullivan, o
Williamston, merchant farmer
Representatives: J. M a ec]
King, Belton; farmer. T. F
Nelson, Pelzer, route 1; farmer
Oscar D. Gray, Williamston
farmer, Joshua W. Ashley
Honea Path; farmer-merchant
WV. W. Scott, Orr Mill section
farmer-merchant. J. A. Hall
Anderson, farmer.
As a rule in the general as
sembly there is one lawyer o
more in the delegation fron
any county, Of course i heri
have been other delegations tha
did not boast a lawyer, bu
these cases have been rare in
deed. Last two sessions thi
county had one lawyer membe
of the delegation, Hon. Kurt:
Smith, who was chairman o:
the hotise railroad committee
T wo lawyers ran for the hous
this year in this county ani
were defeated.
Kill Lice.
You can positively de
e4 stroy all chicken lice and
vermin with Pratts Liq
uid Lice Killer. Increase
your poultry profits this
season by using Pratts
guaranteed like killer.
35c a quart; $1.00 a gal.
Pain Pill,
-. then
Ta lie
\ it
- Eas y.
To Head-Off
a Headache
Nothing is Better than
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
They Give Relief Without
Bad After-Effects.
"It gives mec great pleasure to
offer a word of recommendation
for Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills,
as there are thousands suffering
*unnecessarily from headache. I
was afflicted intermittently for
years with headache and after
other remedies failed, I tsil~
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. For
the past ten years I have carried
them constantly wittrme, gettint
instant relief by using one or
two on the approach of headache.
They are also effective for neu
ralgia, giving immediate rel 4"
C. M. BROWN, Esthervll~~
For Sale yAuqjf
25 Doses, 25 Cents~~
3. . .. .
- Gulding Angels.
I We speak with awed tenderness of
our gua-lian angels; but have we not
all had our guiding angels, who came
to us in visible form, and recognized
or unknown, kept beside us on our
difficult path until they had done for
as all that they could?-Lucy Larcom.
Not intentional Crime.
3 "You are charged with poisoning
this lady's pet dog. I shall deal se
verely with such ingratitude. She
testifies that she had just given you
3 a mince pie." "I didn't do it inten
3 tionally, judge: I did feed him a piece
of de pie."
Eternal Fitness of Things.
It is pretty generally agreed that a
3 man should dress according to his
station. This means, perhaps, that a
man with a low salary should not
wear a high hat.
Reward Worth Deserving.
t Taking everything together, there
is no reward that is quite so lasting
and satisfying as the good will of our
fellow-men.-The Christian Register.
of Aug1
close ouit
lot of Odss
in Summiier
will offer s
that it will
them even
the season.
see what w
bring all ft
eggs and w
you can sp
Schedules Ef fective Feb.
N. B.--The followit'g schedule figure.
are not, guarante~ed.
No.44 ATLANT \
Stops to discharge passen'ger
passengers north of ('harlotte
No. 30i NEWV ORLEANS and
stops only
No 42 SENF.CA (D~aily exce
t. 12 ATLANTA - .
3.BIh3MINGIiA31 ands
*s . . n rth of ('hiarlotte
29 NEW YOR~K and WASIh
stopsc to take n~n paseg
For foirther' inine matiof poly to ick1
-E-sy TY,
Farmer Hlayseed-"No, I don't
-want any more labor savin' ma
chines. I've tried enough of 'em.
Look in there. Thar's a typewritin'
machine my wife spent all her egg
money to git for me, 'cause I ain't
-very handy with the pen. Just look
at the swindle.
Agent-What's the matter with
Farmer Hayseed-Mlatter ? "Why,
you can't even write y'r name with
the thing unless you know how to
play a church organ.
"Yes; I -visited Pompeii."
"Deadest town you ever saw, 1
"With one exception."
"What was it ?"
"I once tried to run a newspaper
in a town where nobody would ad
U4 S
the mot
istwe il
want a oe o ain'm
macm ie seallhrd g
moe togiav r e, ausndai'
a1t theswidle
Farmr layee-aey,
9,he thn unm alessy , kno ho .t
paya huch orgyas nfr~ inn
n"Sundyst onyueeaIl
ht as it' ?"
fr once traaead to runewspape
rsfAte ~ m ndth
it wrorcrepn will
GoodsM''. W.eP A
Come antd
-- -<.-~-..
who ten years ag
"People come miles to ge
real 'New Orleans Cofe
heard so much of its rem
peculiar goodness. Wh)
it to them-place it witi
everybody, no matter at wi
The result was
Now the most popu
called-for brand on
Many imitars have since
the scene, but after you
Luzianne you will ne
ceived by the "just as g
ment of its imitators.
The Reily-Taylor Co., New
'for the removal of MOLES and i
Sand leaving neither scar nor mai
Swe sold your grandmother, and
ance upon the market, carried ti
ment of man and woman.
MOLESOFF was the best in pio
Stoday, Our long experience pr
etters from persons we all
much valuable intormation in al
free upon request.
If you have trouble in getting A
Sto th e undersigned.
.9$100 in gold will be pai the per:
picture bei ore and after using Mo
b~e accepted by us, and used for
Smillion people will see your picton
ugly growth on your person.
Pensacola, Fl
Pickens Railorad
No. 1 No. 3 No. 5 STATIO S
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
A. M. A. M.P. M. Lv. A
7.3() 1I.oo 3.15 PICKENS
7-35 I11-o5 3.20 *.FERGUjSON
7.45 11 . 15 3.30 *PARAPONS
7.50 1-201 3.35 *RAL
7.55 11.55 3.40 ~MUDIN
8.oo 1I-3o! 3-45 EASLEY
_ _ Ar. _ L
1Flag Stations-No Agents.
No. 1~ connects with Sou
No. .3 connects with Sou
No. 8 connects with Sou
No. 4 connects with Sou
No. 4 connects with Sou
No. 5 connects with Sou
For any~ fuirther informnati<
Dontr forget when your wagon <
hat the OLD) REIAABLE Blacksmith
fice, will do youir work and get it out
lont give satisfaction, come and tell ui
Ihave the material to do your work a
shtite oak timber, clear of knots, for m
ter. coupll-nz tongrues. wagon tongues,
hort notice Also wagon brakes read'
ashort time. Also material for repairi
ifth wheels, spring clips, shaft ends,
bugy stene and bolts of -all kinds.
> reasoned:
t a taste of
arkable and
, not send
in reach of
Jar, the most
the market.
come upon
once know
ver be de
Dod btargu
Drleans, U. S. A.
VARTS wfthout pain
-k is the same remedya
has, since its appear
de unauimous endorse
neer days, is the best
otects you. We guar
know, together with
;tractive booklet, sent
[olesoff, send $1 direct
son sending us their
lesoff. the pictures to
dvertising Molesoff, AJ
e with and without an
30., Dept. B 194 a
lo 12.
LE No, 11.
Eth, 191
No. 2 No. 4No. 6
IMix'di Mix'd Mix'd
ir.A. M. P. M. P. M.
9.10 1.50 4.35
9.05 1.45 4.30.
8-55 1.35 4.20
8.55 1.30 4.15
8.45 1.25 4.1o
8.40 1.20 4.05
thern No. 42
thern No. 39
therun No. 39
thern No. 12
thern No. 12
thern No. 39
thern No. 11
>nl apply to
'neral Managrer.
>r buggy needs repairing
Shop, below t&e printing
on time. -f our work
3. don't tell the ogier fellow
ith. Just recei'ted some
aking wagon houads, bol
etc., ready to put in on
r to put on your wa~on mn
ng your buggy, such as
bow sockets, axle arms,
lnar helnw Printing- difie.

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