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The Pickens Sentinel
Notice to Teachers.
A teachers' examination will
be held in the court house Fri
day, October 4. The examina
tion will commence promptly at
9 o'clock. The questions will be
based on the State adopted text
books. Those on Pedazozy will
be 1ased on the State Element
ary Manual and the State Man
ual for High Schools
-By order of the State Board
of Education.
R. T. Hallun,
County Supt. Ed.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our friends
and neighbcrs for their aid atid
many acts of kindness shown
us during the recent illness and
death of our dear little girl, Ey
elyn. May God bless each and
every one of you.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Singleton.
I acusville.
A Card From A. J. Boggs.
To the voters of Pickens county:
I desire to thank you for the
vote you gave me in the pri
mary elections. I certainly ap
preciate every vote that was
cast for me. I deem it an ex
pression of the good will and
appreciation of my past services,
I expect to give my best service
to the people for the next four
years. Again I thank the peo
for their loyalty and support
given me. Respectfully,
A. J. tioggs.
Card From J. D. Aiken.
To the voters of Pickens county:
I wish to extend my thank of
gratitude to my many friends
for their support in the recent
primary. Yours kindly,
J. D. Aiken,
Cen tral, Sept. 5.
A Card From N, B, Moore
.Mr. Editor: Please allow me
space in your paper to thank
the people of Pickens county for
the flattering vote they gave me
on the 27th. No one appreciates
this more than I do.
N. B. Moore.
To All Good Democrats.
The Southern States may be
depended upon to give their
electoral vote ty the Democratic
National ticket, but our cam
paign managers need every cent
that can be collected to push the
cause of Democracy in doubtful
states. I earnestly request ev
ery person in the Third Con
gressional District to contribute
as liberally as possible to this
most imiportant and worthy
cause, ]Cvery little helps and it
Is the duty of all to help to the
~ extent of his or her ability.
J have already contributed,
but will contribute again, thirty
dollars; five dollars from each of
th~e six counties in this Congres
sdonal district.
Let every patriotic person
come forward and do his or her
full duty and help in the election
of the Democratic ticket. We
need money and must have it.
Over-confidence has lost many
a battle and may lose this one.
Presidential campaigns are not
conducted on sentiment.
Wyatt Aiken.
A handsome receipt will be
given to each person contribut
ing one dollar or more. This
* receipt has an excellent likeness
of Wilson and Marshall on it.
The Intelligent Voter.
A man can be exen~sed for
voting wrong, i. e., if he votes
for what he thinks is best for
his country, But about the
people who voted for Ben Till
man, voted against him for 20
years and then acknowledged
by their vote that they voted a
monstrosity on the country just
because the Bleasites voted
against him; in that case they
themselyes will be obliged to ad
mit that they ought to be dis
franchised. People telling that
they voted for old Ben for the
first time in twenty years re
mind mie of a man who brags
on stealing. Just what about
that class of people saying that
Bleasites were incompetent to
Look out. Mr. Jonesites, von
had better come forward or 1
will saddle the incompetency- On
Greenville Man Makes Unsuc
cessful Attempt to Gain His
Freedom From the
Tower in Atlanta.
Greenville News.
Oscar Forrest of this county
whose original -home was al
Marietta, made an unsuccessfu
attempt to gain his freedon
from the Atlanta Tower, wher
he is held as a Federal prisoner
Forrest is well known in thest
parts, his home being at Mari
etta, in the upper section of thi,
county. Forrest is accused o0
having defrauded the mails an(
a warrant was issued for him a1
Gainesville. Ga.. where he wa,
located at the time. Forrest
upon hearing that a warran
was out for him, fled to hi4
home in this county and hid it
the mountains, Revenue officei
Corn, hearing that Forrest wau
hiding in this neighborhood
started [in search of him, bul
the pursued fled into North Car
olina. He was located at Way
nesville. and there captured.
Forrest was aided in his at
tempt to escape by James Bailey
also a Federal prisoner. Botl
men were awaiting trial and
were allowed a free run of th(
kitchen where they cooked.
On Wednesday night the mer
in some way secured a meal
saw and cut through a window
bar on the 5th floor of the jail,
Forrest slipped through thE
opening and slid five stories tc
the ground on a slender rope.
Bailey was perched on the ledg(
of the 5th floor when a guar
detected Forrest in the prisor
yard. He was allowed to hok
his shaky seat for more than ar
hour before the prison guardi
pulled him back into the cell.
Forrest showed fight at first,
but the guard's pistol soon per.
suaded him to return quietly tc
his cell. Both men are no'w
locked in their cells.
Largest Crop Ever Shipped froni
Georgia and Carolinas
Atlanta, Ga., September 13,
The movement of peaches from
the Georgia territory over thE
Southern railway for 1912 con
sisted of 5,334 cars, as comparec
with 4,820 cars in 1910 and 820
in 1911, according to figures
given out today,. Of this num
ber 4,993 cars originated at
points within the State of Geor
gia in 1912; 4,400 in 1910, and
7.45 in 1911, the remainder com
ing from points in adjacent
states and being sent to market
with the Georgia product. The
total movement of peaches over
all lines for 1912 is given as
7,139 cars.
Of the 4,993 cars handled from
Georgia points, i~rs interesting
to note that 4,665 cars went to
Eastern markets, being handled
in solid trainloads from Atlanta
to Washington, 319 cars to
Western markets, and 9 cars to
Southeastern points. Of the 341
cars handled from points outside
Georgia, 60 care from the sec
tion about Haleyville, Ala., went
West and the remainder, origi
nating at points in the Caro
linas went East. These figures
show that the East is the great
market for peaches from the
Georgia territory, and the fast
ervice afforded by the South
rn railway by which the peach
es are hurried to the Eastern
and Western markets on pas
enger train schedules has been
a vital factor in the development
of this great industry.
Tne great improvements made
by the Southern railway in its
roadway and equipment in re
cent years contributed largely
to the satisfactory handling of
this large movement of a high
y perishable product, thus prov
~ng of direct benefit to the peach
~rowers. O wing to the unpre
edented weather conditions
~hat prevailed during the past
winter, the work on double
~rack between Atlanta and
lainesville could not be conm
leted in time for the use of
sore than half of the second
rack but it will all be in service
~or next year's movement, thus
putting even greater facilities
or the prompt movement of the
rop at the service of the Geor
ia peach growers.
Uncle Ezra Says:
"It dlont take more'n a gill uv
effort to git folks into a peck of
troube" and a little neglect of
constipation, biliousness, indi
gest ion or other liver derange
ment will do the samel If ail
ing, t ike ::r. King's New Life
Pills for quick results. Easy,
ByRev. ParleyE.Zartmann.D.D.,
Sceasdy f zwana- Dasrmins Mood e
TEXT-And when he was come into
Jerusalem, all the city was stirred, say
ing. Who is this?-Matt. 21:10.
Jesus Christ had not been long at
his work on earth until people began
to ask questions
about him and
that of the text
occurred In the
midst of a great
scene. It was ask,
ed amid the en
thusiasm, excite
ment, and intensi
ties of the first
Palm Sunday
when Jesus and a
number of those
who believed on
him were coming
to Jerusalem for
the feast. The
multitudes spread
their garments in
the way; others cut down branches
from the trees and strewed them In
the way; and the multitudes that went
before and that followed cried, say
ing, Hosanna to the son of David;
blessed Is he that cometh in the name
of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.
The throng moved near the city gates
and passed Into the city. This caused
great excitement and all the city was
moved, saying, "Who is this?"
In the days of his flesh Christ caus- t
ed people to think and talk about him.
and his influence is ever the same. It ?
Is still true that he cannot be hid and
the question of the first Palm Sunday 4
Is an everlasting question, and there r
is a profound sense in which you and
I are called upon to study Jesus, to c
understand his works, to Interpret
his life and to decide for .ourselves
who he Is.
There are some interesting answers f
to the qupstion. Some call him the a
great teacher spnd refer tg th ;non
on the mount, the parables, 1nd the d
eXtracts of spoe of his piblip ad- ?
dresses, Some pay le was 4 inaryel
ous miracle worker; and that is true,
He opened blind eyes, unstopped deaf I
ears, healed withered hands, allayed v
burning fevers, and brought the dead a
back to life; and all of these are para
bles of the power with which he works f
in the spiritual world. Some call him t
the sympathetic friend, and we remem
ber his tender dealing with the-wom. ~
an taken in her sin, his solicitude and E
helpfulness In the case of the widow ~
at Nain, and his affection for the ~
friends In the home at Bethany; and 9
it is still true "There's not a friend E
like the lowly Jesus." Some call him
the matcheless man, referring to the C
beauty of his character, the purity of ~
his life, the universal character of his C
teaching s~nd his world-wige outlook.
Some speak of him as the mighty Say
Io, and tell, with glowtng heart, of hi
power to save; and stml he is able to
save unto the uttermost, Some recall
the prophecy spoken by Isaiah and
say he Is the wonderful, and that this
characteristic applies to all the other
In the first and second chapters of
the Epistle to the Hebrews Christ is
set forth as the perfect son of God
and the perfect man and there is glver
a seven-fold proof of each, In chapter
one we find that God hath In these
last days spoken unto us by his son,
he has become heir to all things, he .
made all things, he is the effulgence
of God's glory, the express Image of
his person, he upholds all things by
the word of his power, and when he
had by himself purged our sins he sat
down on the right hand of the majesty
on high. In chapter two we find that
he is a perfect man, but was made a
little lower than the angels, he took
man's ~ture, he endured man's temp
tation, e tasted man's death; he met
ian's foe'and ilestroyed him, "he
errought put pian's salvattion;
achieyed pnan's victory. Without ilpuht
he is the one perfect mg
"No inortal can with hini coipage
Among the sons of went
Fairer is he than all the faie -
Who fill the heavenly tratn.?
And let us not forget that all that
may be said of him, and all that is
true of hiim as a man is but a. fan]
gleam of the glory which Is his 'as the
divine son of God.
The world's great~ mountain is
Calvary, the little hi tide the city
gates where Christ was orucified tQ
save us all. Here we can see God's'
love for the sinner and the signerig
ppportunity. Let that cross $e the
great answer tg the questiog gfth
Who Is this? This is Jesus of
Nazareth. You have seeft him; 71
have beard him; yon know the re
demption which he wrought. What
will you do with Jesus? Your joy fo? -
time and your destiny for eternity de- ,)
pend on your answer. I plea(1 with -
you to make your eternal decision
now; to join the innumerable throng
Which acclaims him as Lord of the
heart, and king of the life, and which ~
%i could not do without Thee,
0 Savior~ of the lost;
Whose precious blood redeems me,
At such tremendous cast," l
A prayerful hearing of the sermon
is as important as its prayerful prep.
aration. o
.-------..-..---.-... :
If a man's family includes a i,
wife three-grown-up daughters I
and a mother-in-law he has nob
earthly use for a phonogranh. q
Baby Chicks. V
Start the youngsters on i i
Pratts Baby Chick Food.
Tt's the only way to grow
good chicks-to make the
greatest number develop
into strong. healthy
10c., 25c., 50c.
A Palatable MedicIne especially
prepared to relieve and cure the
diseases which affect women
This excellent medicine is not only
successful in conquering the pain
ful and prostrating diseases that
attack the female generative system
but it is exceptionally ple -nt to
take. The usual rule that the nastier
the medicine the more effective it
is, is reversed in the case of Squaw
Vine Wine. It is one of the pleas
antest of medicines. The fresh
juice of a well ripened sweet orange
is not more agreeable, It is indeed
a happy combination of sweet herbs
compounded with just enough
spirits to keep it fresh and active in
its medicinal effect. Poor, tired
mothers, worn out with the cares
of a family and household, and suf
fering from those distressing aches,
bearing down pains and nervousness
which women only know, revive
wonderfully under its strengthening
and exhilirating influence. It eases
pain, strengthens weakened parts,
corrects irregularities, builds- up
a strong, vigorous body, restores
brightness to the eye and color to
the cheeks.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
Publicity for serkins.
Why should George W. Perkins con
ibute $15,000 to help Mr. Roosevelt
arry the Republican primaries in
row York city?
Is it because Mr. Perkins Is an ar
ent believer In the initiative and
Is it because his confidence in - a
u the recall of Judicial decisions?
Is it bAcause his confidenco In a
pure democracy" is such that he is
illing to make any financial sacri
*e In order that the nation may
chieve thIs goal?
Is it because he believes that Theo
ore Roosevelt is the only statesman
rho Is wise enough and patriotic
nough to be president?
Or is it becausp Mr. Ferkirs fia4s
i Mr. Roosevelt the most serviceable
reapon for destroying the Sherman
nti-trust law?
Mr. Perkins Is chairman of the
nance committee of the Harvester
rust. He Is a director of the Steel
rust. He Is a director of the Stand
rd Oil bank. He was formerly a
artner of J.. P. Morgan & Co. Mr.
'erkins helped collect the life insur
nce money for the Roosevelt cam
aign fund in 1904. and he is a very
ractical man.
If he gave $15,000 to the Roosevelt
ampaign fund in New York, how
much has he given to the Roosevelt
ampaign fund In other states, an4
hy?-New York World.
Fortungte for the Country,
We believe Mr. Wilson's nomination
n be i the highest degree fortunate
>r the country. It quickens the slug.
lsh currents of trade and enterprise.
does these beneficent things, first,
eoause in the lest three months we
ave cast out so many devils, and
econd, because a gentleman will be
Sthe White IHouse during the next
~ur years, a man of sanity and bal,
uce. a man sincerely desiring the
elfare of the American people, a
a o.f er' - -: nrinciple, not a
--------- -n --- .i- Times.
"After four in our family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but mylife was saved andlI gained
87 pounds through using
W. R. Patteroon, Wellngton, Tex.
PRICE 50c and 11.00 DRUGGISTS.
Customer (at soda fountain)-,
[ave you any coffee flavor?
Clerk (briskly)-Yes, sir.
"Does it taste lile coffee ?"
"Um-er-n-o; but it looks like
>ffee-perfect picture of it, sir."
De 8tyle-Do you think wqmen
ilil take part in the corning cam
aign ?
Gunbusta-I know two that will
-Anna Nias and Molly Coddle
You owe It to yoiurself, your family an4
~u; work to keep in the best possible con.
tion. If you~ have strong, ready musclee
-rich, heathy blood and a clear brain, you
n do more and better work and really
re, and enjoy living and be a blessing to
ose you love.
Much of the eternal grouch and many
the aches and pains you see every day
e caused directly by a lazy, torpid, over
'rked liver, and all of that may be abso
tely cured by B. L. T. :(Richardson's
axative Tonic). One fifty-cent or dollar
ttle of this magnificent tonic will prove
Syou that It Is the finest laxative and the
sickest strength building tonic ever of
~red sick, suffering humanity. Get a bot
e from your druggist today, and keep it
ways in the family medicine chest ready
put the Liver right in one night or cure
alaria, constipation, or bilious fevers in
e shortest possible time. If not on sale
your town, write R. L. T. Co., Ander
), S. C.
R. L.T.
A Perfect Tonic
50e&a$L.00per Boti. AflDrag Rares
Clerk's Sale
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
In pursuance of a dectal order made
in the following named case and on file
in Clerk's office, I will sell to the highest
bidder during the legal hours of sale, at
Pickens. C. H., S. C. on Salesday in
October, 1912, the following describeo
real estate upcn the teims hereinafter
mentioned, to wit:
H. V. Hester, Plaintiff,
C. P. Gentry, et al, Defendants.
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
situate in the Cjunty and State afore
said and known as tract No. 4, in the
suit for partition in the case of E. S.
Ga iffin tt al. vs Lillie Jameson as shown
by Judgment Roll No.2280 in the Clerk's
office of said county, adjoining lands of
tracts No, 3 and 5 of said division, E. S.
Griffin and others and containing one
hundred and twenty six (128) acres,
m 're or less, Terms: One-half cash
and the balance on credit of twelve
months; the credit portion to be secured
by a tond of the purchaser and a mort
gage of the premises sold, the b,.nd to
provide for interest from day of sale, at
the rate of 8 per cent. per annum. and
10 per cent. for attorney's fees if col
lected by an attorney, by suit or legal
proceedings. The purchaser may have
th - privilege of pa3 ing all cash on day of
sale. Should the purchaser at said sale
fail or refuse to comply with the terms
of sale within one hour thereafter the
said premises will be resold at the risk
of the former purchaser.
A, J. BOGGS, C C. P.
State of South Carolina.
County of Pickens,
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, J. F. Puckett ma le
suit to me to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of the Estate and effects'of
B F. Townsend.
These are therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred and
creditors of the said B. F. Townsend
deceased, that they be and appear before
me, in the Court of Probate to be held
at Pickens on the 26th day of Sept
1912 next. after publication hereof, att 11
o'clock in the forenoon, to show caw'e,
if any they have, wh the said ad minis
tration should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 10 d ty or
Sept. Anno Domini 1912.
220 J B. Newbery, J. P. P. 0.
Notice of School Election
County of Pickens.
Whereas, a petition from the freehold
ers and electors5 of Rock District No.
48, has been filed with the County Boat d
of Education, asking for a special elec
tion t-> determine whether or not an ad
ditional extra tevy of four mills shall be
levied on said District for school pur
It appearing to the County Board of
Education that the petition mee:s the
. quiremnents of the law.
Therefore, it is ordered that the Trus
te esi of above named District do hold
in eh-ction in said District at the school
houise within said District on Saturday
op 21. 1012, for the above stated
..urp'-e. Th Trrustees of the District
.r* heeb arpointed Managers of said
ection. S.,.I election to be conducted
'accordmni t.. the. requirements of Sec
tion 12t8.,f i-eenetral Statutes
By orde~r uf ah, 0 -unty Board of Ed
rd S.-c. and Chr.
Notice of Forfeiture.
The following de.scribaed pr Darty
having been seiz -dI from Sam Griffin on
September 2nd, 1912, for the violaticg
of Section 3296 R- S. U. S. OQne tray
mule, one buggy and har1ess, 4 gallons
corn whiskey, Persons making claims
for some should make application to
the Collector of Internal Revenue at
Columbia, 5, C. within 30 days from
date hereof or the same wdll be declared
forfeited to the United States.
Rt. Q. Merrick. Deputy Collector.
Gireenville. S. C., Sept. 2, 1912.
All money <ue the Pickens Sentinel
for advertising and job warig from and
after the 1st day of Sepsember, and all
sums due on subgecrip~ions before or af
ter that time will he paid to the new
management, Gary Hiott, 1. ssee and
manager of the Pickens Sentinel itdant.
All contracts for supplies, paper expen
.ses and other incidentals in the opera
tion and managrement of the paper and
plant after September will be paid for
by the new management and the Senti
nel company will in no wise be liable
for the same.
The Pickens Sentinel,
Per Q E. Robtns-m,
Pres. & Tres
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central ever., Wedne-itaya
J. A McCollough B. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
Ealoagh, Marti & Blythe
Masonic Temlple Gi'eciville, S. C.
.As~ociate firua
Anderson, S. C.
Practice in all Couras.
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A good 8-horse farm for rent
r sale. See J. R. Ashmiore or
rite or phone Mrs. J. E. Par
on. Will rent in smaller farms
-oeo two horse crops.
All parties owing Parson &
tshmore will please settle the
ame right away with J. R.
FOR SALE-90 acres land on
'welve Mile river, near Hunters
ill. 40 acres in state of culti
ation, balance in woodland.
Eeasonable terms. 10 acres
~ood bottomr land.
James Hunter,
R. F. D.3 Liberty, S.C.
For Sate or Rent.
One two story brick store on
lain street, in Pickens. Terms
~asy. C. E. ROBINSON.
nd earn $50. to $150. per month.
rhousands of operatois needed.
ifost fascinating and education
~,l work. Positions assured all
vaduates. Write immediately
~or catalogue.
srtanburg School of Tele
graphy. Main St., Spartan-.
burg, S.C.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section. Nortl.
last Georgia. The land of opportuni'y.
pecial inducement to fruit ar'wers.
airymen, stockmena and pou ltry nw*n.
A great demand for diveisified farmning'.
ome products to vell eve-ry bs
lonmo market and bst pricses. Tw.-n
y odd Touri2't hotels in lIlabeds.n
ounty. (both sun.mur at::d wilmt.- :s .
~orts), o ly '78 miles from .Itlanst; 4'
nain line of Southe~rn Railwaiy to W a h
ngton, D). C. Ten z'cre sappl- tarsI
roduced 80t. bus~hels < f apples net tu I
3900.00. -Equaliy as5 ICood for pe acl.
pcans.grapea etc. The be-st of fa mb g;,'
nds will produce from 1Ito 2 bailes st
~otton, 60 to 100 bushels of corn per
cre, besides lar-re crops or smnall gr am
,d hay. Pure water, fine elumait-. in,.
osquitoes, ssplendid scenery, tine
chools and churc~hes, 1800 feet. el r
ion. Prices range froms $5.00 te *2.0
per acre. SeNd for des.cs'piive Paris, I.- I
to 1=2
Seasonl's Frel
go for a Son,
SFor Sale or
7room house, i acre lan(
1.:9 acre lot, just back of s<
outbuilinIgs, etc.
1 acre lot with goodi house,
in front of-the 1.39 acre lot.
2acre lot with a good big
of C. H ., t1o go at a sacrifice.
1 five passenger model
good shape. to sell or swap for:a
mules, one-horse wagon.
2 H P. 'International mor
: .P. gasoline engine, all il
I also have a lot of other
town property, etc. I can mall
see me before ouvi -g land or 1
a ott offer you. Let me Ia
i.R. ASHMORE, "1
' t i nt n: e
- Jg. . BUR1
. . . t.o
Pr mptP
put on 26oye
gsa od anew ody
neve Vede LepMANrs.
Don'tEpu Dntatr
j ni yo se1tem
I, in front of Methodist
:hool house, 7 room house,
water works. etc., just
house on it, abu
"T" Ford' autonobile, in
real estate. Also 2 good
ted, gasoline engine, also
1 good condition.
bargains in farm lands,
:e it to your interest to
.nting a house as I have 3
~now your wants. I can r
he Land Man"
es'ary for us to say much about
section. for w~e have more houses 0o079
oods. than any other shlngle on the vii
s that wehave a lock buperior to *and
raction and expansion, which
.you never have a leaky house whe
The 1arn Roofing alo has the
tached. and it is fast taking the pla1
corragated Roofing. -
I on me. orlIwllcall
L. THORNLEY, Salesmn
LISS & SON, Anderson, S. 2
oke Root and Potminmm)
werful - Permanent
ubborn cases Good results are
a?d to P. p. P. lasting-t cures
2en othermedi- you tostaycared
2es are useless .
P. P.
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thens digestion and nerves
'olson and skin diseases..
ps the Pain; ends Malaria
der. Thousands endorse it.
UG Co.
cD Bruce, President.
Mauldin, Cashier.
because the roofs
rs ago are as
, and have

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