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The Pickens Sentinel
THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1912.
.-egal.Notces first insertion per inch 51.00
For aclr s~utequent 50
Co:mnercialand other advertising for three
atnb or longer wil be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
We are not respo- sible for the views of
our correspondents.
Enwered a& PICXens Fustomce as Second (.a
M ail Matter
Our Interdependence.
The farm and farmer is the
source of our supplies. The old
saying that "bread is the staff
of life," is a truthful statement,
but while the farmer produces
ies, he is not absolutely
ind . but is of necessity
dependent n others. He
must have spi 'es while be tills
the soil. Here the merchant be
comes a n . Many a
farmer coul n prepare h'
ground, much I it.
without the help of the merch
ant. We must have him. The
merchant could not get along
without the banker.. The bank
er is indispensible to the sources
of all our business enterprises.
He must advance money to the
farmer and to the merchant.
After the cotton is made, baled,
etc., it is useless without it can
- be manufactured into wearing
material. It is therefore neces
sary for us to build factories or
mills to take the raw material
and convert it into goods of
merchandise. After the men of
money have built their mills,
they cannot manufacture the
cotton raised by the farmer
without the help of some skilled
labor. S the mill men, with
all their money. are dependent
upon the man or men who know
how to run the machinery. So
laboring people are employed to
operate and turn out goods that
are in demand anywhere. So
the men with money are depen
dent upon the men who work
for .wages, and they ..can and
work for each other's
*ar as we know all our
mills pay fair wages for labor,
and we have thought that next
the mill men ought to be among
-our happiest. Good houses to
live in, good schools furnished
frhechildren by the compan
ies,.good church houses to wor
shpiand in some cases the
company helps to pay the cur
rent expenses of the church.
Now coming back to the farm
and the farmer: When he is
prosperous every other enter
prise 'Alprosper and everybody
rojsin his prosperity-even
the selfish rejoice because it
means his prosperity as well as
the prosperity of others. If we
c6uld only get prejudice and
greed out of our minds and
work for each other's interest,
this country of ours would soon
blossom like the rose.
We must have the farmer to
live, we must have any one of
the other enterprises to give us
prosperity; and if we could only
realize our interdependence up
on each other we would soon
come to a mutual understanding
that the very thing that will
really help one will help all.
Sch oot News.
* hat all the schools ha've
oed up for the fail term we
oethe teachers and pupils
* will manifest more interest in
sending The Sentinel the news
of the schools. Give us any
news that will be of interest to
the patrons and pupils. Where
you have an Honor Roll send in
the names of the pupils that get
- on it each -month. It will en
courage those who fail, to make
a greater effort next time. We
hope to have a hearty response
from the teachers. Get some
bright boy or girl to write the
letters and let the teachers cor
rect them.
Take Care the %Pstman.
When the rural mail carrier
brags about "his folks" and tells
of finding fruit and such things
in the boxes occasionally, it is a
pretty good indication that the
* right sort of people live along
his route. It is a pretty good
sign, too, that when one of them
wishes the carrier to do a little
turn for him it will be gladly
done.-Progressive Farmer.
. oks like e will have plenty
"Cole" this winter.
It's about time for old Bill
Minor to escape from prison
It is said that the i party is
thinking of putting out a ticket
in this State.
Read the notice of registration
and don't forget that you have
to appear in person to get your
Now we know it's the fall of
the year, for the circuses are
advertising that they will soon
- be in this section.
Health Hint.'
Don't eat more than nine
mince pies at one meal unlessI
you feel like taking a
NI shall go softly all my years in the
-1 shall go softly all my
Thus said - -saddenec
When thrctgh the mistine
H6- saw the grief his
-he went softly-all I
Were days that glowi
The paths of peace his c
In time his griefs he
There is
An e
But they
The mair
Is ne
The mysti
He knows the grief that
By what is tugging a
Of all the blows that life
To others, he would
Grief- has a wondrous soft
It betters every soul
Though it touch commont
He goes more softly
A softer
A tr
For, out i
He c
The heart
When grl
The prediction is that the Bi
Moose will seek winter quartE
Since the second primary ele
ion commissions have bei
ssued to two clubs in Greenvil:
The money must be cornii
southward. The train robbE
have deserted other sections
the country for the South.
Don't fcrget the orphans<
:eptemb er 28. You couldt
ive your money for a bet~t
ause than helping to t.a!ke ca
>f motherless and fatherle
If that Chicago policema
who was discharged and di
raced for taking a bribe of.
ents, had gotten 50 thousai
e wo~uld probably have bet
sent to Congress.
The State Fair will open th
ear on October 28, and clo
November 1. The outlook is fi
he biggest and best fair y
eld. There will be more e:
ibits this year than ever befor
Dr. George Brown, form,
egislator, who wants to 1
nayor of Atlanta, offers in b
latform a unique induceme1
o citizens who will support hir
He promises, if elected, to he
Atlanta households hold on
heir cooks. Needless to sa
he women, on hearing this, a
locking to his support. If tI
uffragettes got control, I
would certainly be elected I
~he female vote.
A good scare is of more ben
it to some men than good a
Woman Finally Recover
From Nervous Breakdown
Impoverished nerves destroy man
people before thecir time. Often b(
fore 2 sufferer realizes what th
trouble is, he is on the verge of
complete nervous breakdown. ]
is of the utmost importance to kee
your nervous system in good co::
dition, as the nerves are the sourc
of all bodily power. Mrs. Ann
Kounz, 211 Mechanic St., Puebl<
Coo., says:
"For many years I suffered fror:
nervous prostration; I was unabl
to do any house wor\: and doctor
failed to help me. Remedies
tried from druggists did not d<
me a particle of good. A. neighbo
told my husband about
Dr. Miles' Nervine
and he procuiredi a bottle. After th<
first few doses I showed a market
improveme.nt and after taking tw<
bottles I was entirely cured. 1 hav<
been perfectly well for~ years anc
:annot praise Dr. Miles' Nervint
oo highly."
If you are troubled with loss ci
appetite, poor digestion, weakness,
nability to sleep; if you are in a
eneral run dowvn condition and
uable to bear your part of the
aily grind of life, yogi need some
hing to strengthen your nerves.
{ou may not realize what is the mat
er with you, but that is no reasos
hy you should delay treatment.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
as proven its value in nervous dis
rders for thirty years, and merits
t trial. no matter how rpany .other
emedies have failed todelp you.
Sold by all druggIsts. :if fir-st bottle
nil&M Our monpv Is returned.
- t]
btterness of my soul."- Isaiah, xxniisk 15.
king of old,
ss of tears
days must hold.
its days
d with gentleness. 3
hosen ways.
came to basi b
an echo for each laugh
:ho from the ones who hear.
have fellowship wh? quaff
>Atter drink brewed from a tear.
who knows of sorrow's weight
ver in that woe alone;
brotherhood of fate it
him a thousand friends unknown 31
thers feel
his heart;
may deal 3
ear his part.
-Ming; k
it sears;
r or king
all his years.
adence fills his songs; i
er grasp is in his hand, U
f seeming bitter wrongs, el
omes at last to understand
beats of his fellow men,
linging of their hopes and fears.
f brings her message, then
oes more softly all his years. p
llOf Interest to Ladies.
We would call your attention y
to the advertisement of Mr. J.
e-Alonzo Brown, who runs a large h
nstore near Cateechee. All who ~
eknow B. khow that he will treat*
everyone right. His ad is of a
E especial-.interest to the ladies. U
In a private letter to The Sen ti-e
nel he says he has all other T
stores in his section "skinned" s
n on prices. Read his ad. C.
reHe Wasn't an Angel. b
3SDuring one of the earlier discussions ~
of the United States tariff in the
Canadian parliament, an opposition w
member characterized the attitude of ti
l. the government on the question as "a of
- sight that would make angels weep fia
0 and jackasses laugh." The Hon. Frank of
d Oliver, who was then minister of the w
n 5nterior, replied, with his usual delib- c4
erate calmness: "I have observed a.
that the honorable gentleman has fr
,enone of those who laughed."- W
Eating Fish in Lent Aided Navy. n
The connection between fish eat- in
Sing during Lent and a strong navy ti
e. may appear remote, but to Elizabeth- ic
an statesmen it seemed vital. So bi
r much so that a law was passed corn- bi
e manding everyone to eat fish on every h<
s day of Lent. The reasons set forth m~
for this enactment made no mention er
of religious observance. It stated the mn
queen needed ships for defense and the th
Pfishing industry furnished men at all he
~O times in readiness for her majesty's "I
, service. GI
ie To Make the Boy Orderly,. o
e fyou wart your boy to be orderly ey
yprovide him with a place of. his own tc
wherein he may keep his baseball im- T
plements, sporting paraphernalia, tools se
and the thousand and one other ar-ti
&- ticles dear to his boyish heart. The y
j- possession of a locker to which he
alone carries the key is sure to stir tb
the pride of every ambitious boy, es- G<
- pecially if he is allowed to build it.- ,
Housekeeper. k
Bich Haul by Forgers.
The Ban~k of Naples (Southern Italy)
has recently been the victim of fraud I4
-to the extent of $160,000, by ;neans of I
Sgenuine checks, the figures of which, p'
hobwever, had been cleverly altered and
aumne with the aid of chemicals
and a perforating mcie h
trickster, of whom there is no trace.
had checks cashed simultanieoualy at f
~the branch offices in Turin, Florence~
and Rome,
Deep Childish Neasoning,
IFather (to Margery, who has been
a long time fetching the newspaper)
When you're asked to do anything,
Margery, you should always run. Mar
1gery-Yes, I will, daddy; except, of
course. I can't when my legs ache.
F'ather-Rubbish; your legs never
ache. Margery (indignantly)-Hoo! gR
what's the use of the word "ache,"
What We Never Forget h~
according to science, are the
things associated with our early' re
home life, such as Bucklen's m
Arnica Salve, that mother or ar
grandmother used to cure our l
burns, boils, sealds, sores, skin
eruptions, cuts, sprains or bruis
es. Forty years of cures prove S
its merit. Unrivaled for piles,
corns, or cold sores. v 25c
at all 4miginstms
God Demands
By Rev. J. H. Raton,
Secruy of Correvondence Deprmen of
Moody Bible we. Chicago
TEXT-Psalm 46:10-"Be still, and knos
iat I am God."
While we rarely find a professe
ist nowadays, few men recogniz(
God as he mani
fests himself. Yet
while men do no
recognize God wh<
has revealed him
self, they are con
stantly manufac
turing gods to sui
themselves, a n(
these are as nu
merous as thosi
of Egypt in th4
days of the Pha
In the tex1
there Is the call o!
God to give atten
tion to himself
3e still, and know that I am God.'
od is intensely interested that man
iould recognize him, not only because
an would thus greatly bless himself,
it God demands this recognition be
iuse he is sensitive to the apprecia
on of those whom he has created in
s own likeness and image. We must
aintain this, notwithstanding the spe
ous plea that it would be ignoble in
od to demand such recognition.
This matter can only be settled by
i appeal to authority, and multitudes
alieve that the Bible is such author
y. In Exodus 34:14, we read: "Thou
ialt worship no other God, for the
ord whose name is jealous, is a jeal
is God." Joshua called the attention
Israel to the same characteristic in
od when he wished Israel to return tc
od, to the enjoyment of their divine
In the text God does not ask man to
now him; he simply asks that we rec
rnize him as God, and appeals in the
:h and 9th verses of this chapter
>r the use of the physical senses:
,ome, behold the works of the Lord,
hat desolation he has wrought in
te earth; he maketh wars to cease
ato the end of the earth, he break.
:h the bow and cutteth the spear in
inder; he burneth the chariot in the
re." Our attention is also called tc
hat we have heard with our ears, and
ir fathers have told us what he has
ne in the time of old. Were not
od's dealings with the Egyptians to
ove that he was God? Was not God
ick of the blessing of Is
tel by Balaam, while Balaam's
tirpose was to curse? Has God
Dt set up one and put down
aother? Has he not despoiled the de
ices of the crafty that their hand!
innot perform their enterprise, and
as he not taken the wise in their
~vn craftiness, and is not the counsel
the froward carried headlong? And
hat shall be said of the occurrences
modern history? Had God any
Ling to do with the earthquake in
in Francisco; the burning of the Gen
al Schofield, and the sinking of the
itanic? Of the latter event it is
tid that in the last moments of that
ted vessel's remaining afloat, all
asses of people prayed, and the band
ayed until the very end, "Nearer, My
od, to Thee." And what was this
it recognition of God, and possibly
Ith many, too late?
To say that God has nothing to do
ith these things on the ground of
tat it would be violence to the reiga
law, dishonoring to him as an in
aite being, and entirely relieve man
moral responsibility, Is really not
orthy of serious consideration. The
nsciousness of God's immanence in
1 such things would be a deterrent
om sin on the part of some, and
ould be an incentive to good on the
Lrt of others.
How are men to know God? Simply
rbeing still. By searching, men can
>t find out God. As David would lie
the fields at night and lookeip into
e starry heavens, it would not be
r the purpose of finding out God,
it as he gazed he could not help
it exclaim: "When I consider the
~avens, the work of thy fingers, the
oon and the stars, which thou hast
eated, what is man that thou art
indful of him, or the son of man that
ou visitest him?" As Moses would
tve Israel to recognize' God, he said:
tand still, and see the salvation of
>d." As Isaiah would have Israel
e wherein their s'rength lay, he said
ey should sit still. So the method
knowing God is to just keep the
es and ears open, to stop, look, lis
n--God Is here, there, everywhere.
se results of this will be a more
rious consideration of one's obliga
n to God. The life of the Christian
ill be made richer, and as the dark
ass of the hereafter is approached,
ere will be a preparation to meet
>d, with whom, whether he will or
ill not, man has much to do. To
iow God, and him whom he has sent,
everlasting life.
When the dust of business so fills
>ur room that it threatens to choke
>u, sprinkle it with the water of
ayer, and then you can clean it out
Lth comfort and expedition.--James
Only in a world where there is suf
ring-cculd Cod prove that he is love.
The man who buries his talent
Ight as well i?ury himself.
In Time of Need.
"Now, would any one present
ce the prayer's of the congre
"I would be glad to have
"Are you about to start on a
tzardous journey?"
"Not exact ly, but I have just
membered that I forgoi to
ail a letter my wife gave me,
d I know she has found it in
7 other clothes before now.
end us yoniob
This is an ailment that affects
women to a large extent, and is
a particularly prominent symp
tom where there are irregulari
ties and other disorders from
which women only suffer.
Squaw Vine
Is a Medicine for Wemen
It acts on the nerves, quiets
irritation, strengthens weakened
parts and restores the strength
and energy of health. Nervous
women who are run down, weak
and discouraged from constant
suffering revive at once under its
powerful restorative influence. It
promotesgood appetite and diges
tion, sound refreshing sleep,
steady nerves, the enjoyment of
a healthy body and cheerful
spirits. It is pleasant to take
and acceptable to the most
delicate stomach.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
Declares Steel Tariff Must Not Be
Lowered, and Talks of Victory in
Market Over His European
When Charles M. Schwab returned
from a trip to Italy he immediately
gave out an interview saying that the
tariff on steel cannot be materially
lowered without crippling the indus
Mr. Schwab is president of the
Bethlehem Steel corporation and
chairman of the board. His company
has issued $15,000,000 in common
stock and a like amount of preferred
stock. The common stock has never
paid a dividend and Is selling at about~
38. The preferred is a seven per cent.
stock which never pe~id seven per cent.
and has not paid anything since 1908.
It sells around '72.
Mr. Schwab!s company is one of the
many which "capitalized the econo
mies of consolidation;" that is to say
issued watered stock during the era
of trust promotion. The $15,000,000
of common stock is mostly represent
ative of that kind of capitalization.
and if he mea.ns that tariff revision
will cripple the iron industry by dis
couraging that kind of financing heF
is perfectly right. The American peo
ple are not going to revise the tariff
with a view of furthering the scheme
of high finance or to help anyone pay
dividends on water.
But there is a further fact in Mr.
Schwab's interview that is highly
illuminating. He said he had just re
turned from Italy, where his company
has closed a contract to supply armor
plate for the Italian navy. Mr.
Schwab's company has no tariff pro
tection in Italy against such great R
steel-producing countries as England,
France, Germany and Belgium, but he
can sell steel against them in that
country because he offers the Italians
good steel at fair prices.
If he can sell steel without tariff
protection in Italy he can do it at
Shaving Among the Ancients.
Shaving was practiced among the 3
Egyptians early in the eighteenth cen
tury before Christ. The first mention
of it in the Scriptures is in Genesis, 3
where Joseph made a hasty toilet.(
when called to go before the king
and "shaved himself." Nearly a cen
tury later shaving the head is men
ticned. Ezekiel (B. C. 595) alludes to
the "barber's razor."
The Kinds of Lies.
A Chicago university professor, aft
er exhaustive research, has discovered
there are ten different kinds of lies.
Under his classification there are the
fantasy or fairy tale lie, the vainglo
rious or boasting lie, the defensive
lie, the heroic lie, the white or per
missible lie, the society lie, the busi
ness lie, the art lie, and the adultera
Her Responsiliities
It is a woman's privilege to change
her mind, is a time-old saying. All
privileges carry great responsibilities.,
If she has power to change hemind,
she has absolute control over- her
thoughts. And if they be Impure, or
mean, or shallow, or false, or ungen
erous, she alone Is to blame.
Professions Taught Free of Charge.
There is just one country in the
1rygl where the highest education is
free and 'that country, enrprising as it
may seem to those who i-ead ibiaI.
Chilt There every profession is
taught in the most modern methods,
by the best authorities with no charge
Schedules Ef fective Feb. 9,
N. B.-The following schedule figures ar<
re not guaranteed.
No. 44 ATLA NT \.._
Stops to dischn'rae p)assengers fri
passengers north of Charlotte.
No. 30 NE W ORLEANS and Al
Stops only on S
-. N 42SENECA (Daily excep~t
<40 A TLA.\TA
- large rneengers fro.
--- , -n ;crth of Chiarl'tte.
Stops to take on passengers f<
39 CHARLOTTE......
For furthe~r information apply to Tficket
W. R. TABER, P. & T. A.
Opening every day.
They show the larges
All Wool 1
AWe take your measui
Lot us take your mea
We guarantee satisfa
mionoy refunded.
Clothing, Sho
Sole agents for Wal
Iron King Stoves. New 114
ell Wagons and Mitchell
arnd what every man w ant'
Its right here in that up-tc
date jewelry stock of our
that we invite all the men c
our town to inspect. We har
and plenty of other items tha
genteel men are so fond of
You can't go astray whe
buying here, as stock is fresl2
reasonable, and EVERY pm
chase is GUARANTEED.
3asley, S .
Baby Chicks.
Start the youngsters on
Pratts Baby Chick Food.
Tt's the only way to grow
good chicks -to make the
greatest numinber develop
into strong. healthy
money-mn kers.
10c., 25.:., 50ce.
For many years I was troubled. in
pite of alliso-called remmd es 1 used.
L.t last Ifound quick relef candcre
a those mild, yet throg -ad
eally wonderful
hewLife Pl
Adolph Schingock, Buffalo, N. Y.
Kill Lice.
You can positively do
strov all chicken lice and
vermin with Pratts Liq
uid Lice Killer. Increase
your poultry profits this
season by usine PratIts
gunrantetd like killer.
:35c a anart: .1.00 a gn!.
'12 from Easley, S. C.
j ublished only as infor onn :md
>mi Atlanta, or tn- ive
:LANTA -......~4. am
undavs' :5
-----1.15 p m
L A NTA _ ___.7.5 pm1
ni A tlanta and to rec,-ive
TON_.... ........0 am
r Atlanta andI beyod
.-_-........11 553 am~
--------.9.55 pm
igent or correspond with
J. L. 31EEK. A.Ci. P. A.
- Sole Agents For -
t assortment of patterns of any tailori
Suits $12.50
e, thereby saving you extra expense ol
sure for a winter suit, or overcoat.
(t ion. and a perfect fit, or the garme:
Yours truly,
jR, TH~
es. Hats and Gents' Furnishing Good
k-Over and Boyden Shoes, Carhart
me Sewing Machines,Chase City and
Sfor the removal of MOLES an<
Sand leaving neither scar nor
'we sold your grandmother, a
ance upon the market, carried
mnit of man and woman.
- MOLESOFF was the best in
tod ay, Our long experience
Ltesfrom persons we
much valuable inl ormnation in
fe upon request.
S If y~ou have trouble in gettin
tto the undersigned.
- 8 100 in gold will be pain thei
picture bei ore and after using
he accepted by us, and used fo
nuhllion people wvill see your pic
u'i y growth on your person.
4 Pensacola
Pickens Railora
No. 1 No. 3 No- 5 STATIO
SMix'd Mix'd M'ix'd
7.30111.oo 3.15 PICKEN
7-35 -105 3.20 *:FERGrUSC
7.4 11153-30 *M4RisNE
7-5 Oi11-2O 33 *A:RAIL
7-511.55 3-40 *:MAULDI
8.oIi1-30i 3-45; EASL
I Flag Stations--No Agen
No. I connects with S
No. 3 connects with S
No. 3 connects-ith S
No. 3~ connects - S
No. 4 connects withS
No. 4 connects with S
No. .gconnee Cs with 8
For' aniy further infornma
Dont forget when your wagon
that the OLD) RELIABLE Blacksmi
office, will do your work and gt it C
(10n't giv e satisfaction, come and tell
I hiave the material to do your work
w~hite oak timber, clear of knots, for
ster. coup)lg tongues, wagon tongu<
shor t notice Also wagon brakes rea
ai short time. Also material for repa
fifth wheels, spring clips, shaft ends
buggy steps and bolts of all kinds.
W. M. ROSEMOND, - Neil
& Co.A
2g house in the world.
to 40.00
a traveling salesman
nt is ours, and your
s a Specialty.
Overalls, Hawes Hats,
Babcock Buggies,Mitch
? WARTS wfthout pain~
nark is the same
nd has, since its appear
i the unauimous endorse
pioneer days, is the best
all know, together with
attra.ctive booklet, sent
Molesoff, send $1 direct
erson sending us their
Molesoff. the' pictures to
r advertising Molesoff. A
ture with and without an
G CO., Dept. B 194
d mpany,
No 12.
ABLE No. IS. :
. 5th, 5955.
S ' 2 NoA 4No. 6
M:\ix'd Mix'd Mix'd
Ar, A. M. PM.P. M.
S 8.55 -.5 4.35
8.55 1.30 4-15
8.45 1.25 4-19
v.A40 1.20 4.o~
~outhern No. 42
outhern No. 39
outhern o3
outhern o. 12
~ No. 12
outhern No, 89
outhern 14o. 11
tion apply to
(GenergI Manager,
or buggy needs repairing ,
th Shop, below the printing
ut on time. If our work
us, don't tell the other fellow
with. Just received some
making wagon hounds, bol
~s, etc., ready to put in on
dv to put on your wagon ill
iring your buggy, such as
b ow sockets, axle arms,
doonr belnw Printing Off'-.

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