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Announcement Made by Post
master General Concerning
Installation of New
Announcement was made by
Postmaster General Hitchcock
recently that the postoffice de- t
partment would be in readiness r
on January 1, 1913, to put into
general operation the recently
authorized parcels post system.
The postal express business.
which must e organized with
in the next four months, will
extend over more than a million
miles of rural delivery and star
routes and will cover, in its va
rious ratifications, all systems
of transportation of parcels now
utilized by private express com
In order to take up personally
and immediately the work of
organization of the new service.
Mr. Hitchcock has cancelled en
zagements he had made for his
vacation and wil iemain in
Washington to direct the organ
The details of the parcels post
system will beworked out by a
series of committees composed t
of officers and experts of the de- I
partment. The general execu- c
tive committee appointed today ,
consists .of Chief Inspector,
Robert S. Sharp, Supt. John C
Koons, of the division of salaries' c
and allowances; Chief Clerk, A. I
A. Fisher of the second assistant
postmaster general's bureau and t
Supt. Geo. L. Wood, of the div
ision of rural mails.
"First of all," said Mr. Hitch- r
cock tonight, "must be prepared a
A classification of the articles;
that can be accepted for trans
portation by a parcels post. The
law admits to the mails practi
cally all kinds of merchandise1 c
~ha~t can be transported safely, C
including pr~oducts of the farmt
and garden as weil as factory
- products, provided such articles
do not weigh more than 11 f
pounds nor exceed 72 inches in
combined length' and girth.
The mode of packing- will be
prescribed carefully. The pres
ans equipment of the mail
service is not adapted to
the carriage- of such umerchan
d~ise and therefore, new equip
ment must be provided. It is
likely we shall employ exten
sively, hampers, similar to those
used in foreign countries, in f
handling parcels post mail. The it
style, size and material of such (
hampers must be determined
antVbadvertisemlents issued for
their purchase.
"The law provides that post
-age on all parcels shall be pre
paid by affixed dis'.inctive
stamps. This will nece.ssitate
the designing and printing of at
least a dozen denominations of
special stamps, ranging in value
fromi one cent to one dollar.
Provision for the collection on
delivery of the price of a parcel*
must be made. RegulationsA
governing this phase of the svs-*
tem already are being prepared.
"The law provides indemnifi
This is a most splenidid
stores offer superior trdl
serv-ic. The MERCHA
' rrsentinlg vai ous' line
adlvanltages GREEN VI L
Come to Greenville, 1
$49.00 one railwvay 'aren
Edw. L. A yers,
Barr Dry GoodS Co.,
D)rv Goods, Notions. Trunks. Ladies
Ready-to-we~ar, Ien's Eu rnishi ngs.
Busbee-Southiern Fuirni- (
ture Co.,
1I-urniture. Stoves and IIousehold
Furnishings. . ]
II. Endel, as
Clothing, Men's Furns'hing~,
:ation for lost or damaged arti
-Ies and since many of the arti
:les to be carried will be fragil,
>r perishable the question of in
lenmity is one for careful regu
"The system of distance re
[uires the emuloyment bl
>ostmasters of a distinctiv<
)ostal map on which the zone
Lre represented. Such a mal
Llready has been - prepared b,
he department and arrange
ents are being made for thi
rinting of about 150.000 in or
er that each postoffice an<
)ostal station in the Unite<
tates may be supplied with tw<
:opies. A directory of all office
s being compiled for use in ap
>lying the Drescribed rates o:
)ostage to the distances showi
n the zone maps."
It is realized by Mr. Hitch
ock that it is important at th<
utset to provide for additiona
quipment and transportatioi
acilities to avoid any possibli
logging of the usual mail chan
els, This involves one of th<
nost serious problems now gon
ronting the postal officials as f
esult of taking over of so larv'
volume of additional mail.
Many Driven From Home.
Every year, in many parts o
he country, thousands ar
riven from their homes b
oughs and lung diseases.
riends and business are lef1
,ehind for other climates, bui
his is costly and not alwayc
ure. A better way-the waN
f multitudes-is to use Dr.
Eing's New Discovery and cur(
-ourself at home. Stay righi
here. with your friends, ani
ake this safe medicine. Throal
ud lung troubles find qu ck re.
&ef and health returns. Its help
a coughs, colds, grip, crouf
h->oping cough and sore lungE
ake it a positive blessing. 50<
nd $1.00. Trial bottle free,
raranteed by all druggists.
Notice of Registration.
In accordance with provisior
f the Statute law of Souti>
arolina. the Board of Registra
on will 'be at the following
laces upon the following dates
Or the purpose of ismuing certi
cates of registrrtion to thosE
o the same,
Friday, Sept. 27, Easley.
Saturday, Sept. 28. Liberty.
Monday, Sept. 30, Central.
Tuesday, Oct. 1. Cateechee.
Friday, Oct. 4, Calhoun.
Saturday, Oct. 5, Pickens.
The books cannot be openet
f ten Saturday Oct. 5, 1912, un
il after the general election ir
sovember. All persons entitlet
o registration must appear be
ore the board IN PERSON, or
he abhove dates, as the law ro
uires this. All who have beer
egistered in 1908 and since arn
tot required to register this yeal
.s their certificate ; are good,
C. M. Dockins,
Clerk of Board.
All monev cu the Pickens Sentine
or advertising and job work from an<
fter the 1st day of September, and a]
ums due onl subscriptionls before or af
er that time will be paid to the nev
aamgement. Gary Hiott, k ssee an'
twnager of the Pickens Sentinel plant
tl contracts for supplias, paper expen
es and other incidentals in the opera
ion and mianatgement of the paper an<
lant after September will be paid f'a
v the new management and the Senti
company will in no wise be liabli
r t he same.
The Pickens Sentinel.
Per C. E. Robins.n,
Pres, & Treas
~e Rair
ifer to the trading public
ngadatages. Stocks a
. TIhe Association is end(
I merchants presenit.
myV from any of the merch
ill b)e refunded BOTH WA
Trunks. Bags. etc.
sireati-Durliami Co.,
Jewelry, China and Fancy Goods
Stoes. Tinware and Household goode
Mantle, Tiles and~riie7
Harness and Saddlery.
Leiderso-Asmuore- Wil.
us Co.,
oes:.M. men and Cn1(hildren
that holds the fine
coffee roaster's ar
all that years of e
is included in a sr
blening that has
more than 100 ye
this can, ready and
is kept fresh, cris
dampness and
by thi *itight4
guarantees the pu
Don't buy any c
tations. You a
it not as good
Nw Ch
Majority Representatives in Seg
ate and House Anti Blease.
Complete retierns from the re
cent elections show that the
supporters of Judge Jones will
have cgatrol gf the lauss gu
*the senate, In the senate there
will be a two-thirds majority
of Jones men. In the house
there are seventy known sup
*porters of Jones and twenty
*nine for Blease, while the atti
tude of twenty-nine is unknowii.
There are twelve known I$lease
supporters~ in the senate, with
ttwo unknown. Eighty-nine
members will be required for a
'two-thirds majority in the house.
It is hard for a man to pmind
his on n business unless he has
Iboth a mind and a business.
The Men Who Succeed
as heads of large enterprises are
men of great energy. Success
to-day demands health. To all
is to fail. It's utter folly for a
Sman to enduire a weak, run
C down, half alive condition when
i Electric Bitters will put himI
- right on his feet in short order.
"F'our bottles did me more real
.good than any other medicine I
- ever took," writes Chas.B3.Allen
SSylvania, Ga. "Mfter years of
rsuffering with rheunhatism, 1p
- er trouble, stomach di~sp~ds
and deranged ladzievs. I anm
again; thanks to Electric Biteerg
sound and~ well."- Try therm.I
Only'50c at all'druggists.
oad Far
throughout the PIEDMONT
re large and varied, which
mii>osed of the leading merchi
avoring to convince the tradi
ants inedI below, and on pur
YS within a radius of forty mn
Royal, Nettleton, Florsheim, Selby,
Wright & Peters, and Duchess lines.
.iobbs-Henidersonl Co.,
Men and Boy's Clothing, Ladies'
Ready-to-wear. Notions, Dry Goods,
Shoe~s and Hats, Furnishings.
J. 0. Jones Co.,
,Men's Furnishings. Hate, Tailoring.
Keys-Mahon Co,,
Tarrng and Men's Furnishings.
st product of the
t. All that skill,
perience, all that
ecial formula for
been a secret for
ars, is given you in
convenient for use.
, free from dust,
sagreeable odors
:an, whose label
ity of its contents.
f the many imi
re sure to find
as Luziann.
Mr. Stewart Grateful.
Editor Sentinel: I want t
thank the good people of Pic]
ns for the flattering vote I re
ceived on the 10th inst., and fa
the many kindnesses shown m~
during the carmpaign. .1 agai
thank you one and all,
Yours truly,
Taylor H. Stewart.
Pickens S. C.
Liberty, S. C,
Practice at Central every Wedneda:
J. A. McCollough B. F. Mart
E. M. Blythie
Mallough. Marti & Blyth
MasoRic Teple GreCRville, S.
Associate firm
Anderson, s. ('.
Practice in all Cora.
Send us your Jol
SECTION. GJreenville
fact means sat isfactoryv
nts in GREEN\'ILLE
ng public of the superior
chases totaling .925.00 to
les, or ONE WAY with
Marion B. Leach,
Groceries, Incubators and Poulti
Metts & James,
Furniture, Stoves and Househo
Meyers-Arnold Co.,
Ladies' Ready-to-wear, Dry
Notions, Draperies, Art Goods,
Clerk's Sale
State of Sotitb Caro'ina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Plvai.
In pursuance of a dectal order ina
in the following named case a;d on I
in Clerk's office, I will sell to th- hyh
bidder during the legal hours< f sale,
Pickens C. H . S. C. on Sale-dav
October, 1912. the fullvwing describ
real Estate upcn the teims hereinaft
mentioned, to wit:
H. M. H~ester, Plain~iff,
;C. P. Gentry, et al, Defendants.
All that piece, parcel or tract of lar
situate in the C -unty and State afor
said and known as tract No 4, in ti
suit for partition in the case of E. I
G. iffin et al. vs Lillie Jameson as show
by Judgment Roll No.22?-0 in the Clei k
office of said county, adj)ining lands <
tracts No. 3 and 5 of eaid division. E.:
(tiffin and others aind containing or
hundred and twenty six (125) acre
m .-re or less, Terns: One-half cat
and the balai;co on credit of tweli
months; the credit ptioobe secure
by a I ond of the purchaser and a mor
ga-ge of the premises sold, the b nd t
provide for interest from d-ty of sale, a
the rate of 8 per cent. per annu'n. an
10 !er cent. for attorney's f-es if cn
lected by an attorney. hy suit or legi
proceedings. The purchaser may has
ih - privilege of pa3 ing all cash on day <
sale. Should the purchaser at said sal
fail or refuse to comply with the tern
of sale within one hour thereafter th
said premises will be revold at thp ris
of the former purchaser.
A. J. BOGGS, Q Q. P;
State of south Carolina.
County of Pickens,
By J. B. Newbery, Probate Judge.
Whereas, J. F. Puckett mad
suit to me to grant him Letters of Ad
ministration of the Estate and effects o
B F. Townsend.
These are therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred an
creditors of the said B. F. Townsen
deceased, that they be and appear befor
me. in the Curt of Probate to be hel
at Pickens on the 26th day of Sept
1912 next, after publication hergof, at 1
, o'clock in the forenoon, to show cause
if any they have, wh the said adminis
tration should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 10 day o
Sept. Anno Domini 1912.
2t20 J B. Newbery, J. P. P. C.
r Notice .gi Sehel Election
S County of Pickeps.
WVhereas, a petition from the freehold
ers and elector s of Rock pistrict N<
48, has been filed with the County Boar
of Education, asking (or a special elec
tion to deterrgine whether or xnot an ad
ditional extra 'evy of four milla shall b
levied on said District for school pur
It appearing to the County Board e
Y Education that the petitiorn meeta th
., quirements of the law.
Thiereforo, it is ordered that the Truw
ti es5 of above named District do ho).
.n election in said District at the schoc
house within said District on Saturda
+pt. 3, 1912, for the above state
p.urpose, The Trustees of the Distric
are hereby appointed Alanagers of sai
election, Said eleotion to be conducte
according to the requirements of Set
tion 1208 of the General Statutes
-s By order of thie Cu' tnty Bloard oif Ed
td S--c. and Chr.
. Notice of Forfeiture.
The following descaibed pe paert
chaving been seiz -d1 fromu Sam (Griffn o
S.aptemnber 2nd, 1912. for the violatio
of Section 3t296 R- S. U. 8. O,ne iera
miule, one buggy and harness, 6 ali t
corn wehiskey. Persons zraing clain>
for some. zhot make application t
the Collepto'r of Internal Revenue a
painzbia. S. (2. withbin 30 days frot
date hereof or the same will be declare
.forfeited to the 1,ni~ed hitates..
R. . Merick. Deputy Oollectors
. Greenv ille. S. 0 , Sept. 2, 1912,
in a radiuS of forty-one
,refunded BOTH WV \YxS
at one time or from any
will be refunded as indi
chases. Keep the book~
trade $25.00 or more, ti
tion, at the Board of Ti
No receipt from Ra
Piedmoint Shoe Co.,
Full line of shoes for all the family
E. S. Poole,
Furniture, Stoves and Househol'
Beacon Shoes for Man and Boy.
Jah elly Shoes for Women & Girli
Mamria--Chills and Fevers-commog
complaints among people living in th(
Southeastern States, can be effectively re
do lieved in the shortest possible time b3
Le B. L. T.--Richardson's Laxative Tonic
!st This prescription has been used thirty
at Bve years by Dr. Richardson, of Anderson
in E. C., in his daily practice as a family
" physician, and has behind it thousands ol
er testimonials from many prominent Souti
Carolininn and citizens of other neighbor,
lng states. R. L T. is a wonderful cor.
rector of liver troubles and the greatest
tonic on the market today. You can abso
j,] lutely rely on it In any case of chills and
- fever or malarial poison, constipation or
w biliousness.
3. If any member of your family need a
t tonic that strengthens and builds, go to
's your druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
,f a dollar bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
;. quick, steady Improvement. If your drug
e gist can't supply you write I. L. T. Co.,
s, Anderson, 8. C
t The est Liver Medicine
se ca$ prDote. MArUSOeS.
A good 8-horse farm for rent
or sale. See J. R. Ashmore or
write or phone Mrs. J. E. Par
sons. Will rent in smaller farms
-one or two horse crops.
f FOR SALE-90 acres land on
Twelve Mile river, near Hunters
- mill. 40 acres in state of culti
vation, balance in woodland.
Reasonable terns. 10 acres
i go.d bottom land.
James Hunter.
R. F. D. 3 Liberty, S. C.
For Sale er Rent.
One two story brick store on
MAin street, in Pickens. 'Terms
easy. C. E. ROBINSON.
and earn $50. to $150. per month,
Thouaands of opera~tois needed.
.Most fascinating and education
I l work. Positions assured all
-graduates, Write immediatelv
for catalogue.
-Spartanburg School of Tele
graphy, Main Sit., Spartan
burg, 8. C.
Yonah Land.
The famous Piedmont section. North
1East Georgia. The land of opportunmty.
rSpecial inducement to frmit growers.
Idairymen, stockmen and poultrymen.
tA great demand for diversified farming.
SSome products to sell every h
c lonmo market and best prices. Twen
ty odd Touriet hotels in Haberaham
County. (both summer and winter re
- sorts), only 78 miles from Atlanta on
main line of Southern Railway to Wa hi
Ington, D. C. Ten sorea apple archard
produced 3300 bushels of apples netting
- $3900,00, Equally as good for peaches
peeans~arapes etc. The best of fai ming
ands will produce from 1 to 2 bales of
v tton, 6Q to 100 bushels of corn per
Saere, besides large crops of small grain
a snd any Ipure water, fine 'elimate, no
r snesq,4oes, splendid scenery, fine
% schoola and churches, 1800 feet eleva
s rlion. Pices range from $5.00 to $2>.00
Srr.Sevd for descriptive Pamnph
I Subscribe for the Sentinel.
to sixty miles. On purchases
Swithin a radius of between f
one merchant. Whenever yc
cated in the above schedule.
)N REFUND BOOK, and hav<
and have the amount of your
irn in your book to Mr. Alber1
ade Rooms, and he will refum
ilway Agent necessary.
Dunn. 'Grover Shoes for Tender Feet"
Men's Shoes-Clapp, Hana-1, Walk
7L. Rothschild,
Clothing. Men's Furnishings, Tailor
-Seybt & Carter,
Books. Office Supplies. Pictures and
, Picture Framing. Newspapers and
SMagazines Y. & E. Cabinets.
Fo Sale or Exchn
7r)0oom house, ? acre land, in front of Me
c (hurch.
1 39 acre lot, just back of schoolhouse, 7 roomb
outbuildins. etc.
1 acre lot with good house, water works. etc..
in froit of the 1.39 acre lot.
Sinre lot with a good big house on it, abou
of C. H., ' ro at a sacrifice.
1 five passenger model "T" F6rd aut - e
good sh:.. to sell or swap for real estate. Also 2g
mules, olle-horse wagon.
6 H. P. International mounted, gasoline engine.
2 H '. gasoline engine, all in good condition.
I also have a lot of other bargains in farm
town property, etc. I can make it to your inte
see me before buyi g land or r.-nting a house as
a lot to offer you. Let me know your wants.
fill thee.
J. . ASHMORE, "Theland
0-..0-1 ...in...m.
It Is not necessary-for usto say
Shingles in this section. for we have
here with our goods than any other a
and the secret is that we have a Idet
lowing for contraction and expanslo
notL Therefore, you never havea
use our goods. 'he Barn Roofi
Patent Lock attached. and it-is'
"'- crimp and corragated Roofing
Write or call on me. or I wina -
anufact ured by
(Prickly Ash, Poke Root a 6&
Prompt Powerful P
Tts beneficial ei- Stubborn cases Good results
f'cts are usu.iy yield to P. P. P. lasting-it
ici very qucly when othermedi- you tostay
Cines are use
Makes rich, red, pure blood-cleanses the en
Syste.n --ci.ars the brain- strengthens digestion and
A positive specific for Blood Piso-ands
2 :.' ot Pheuamatisr and Mtep
4i a wonde:ful toi...and body-builder.
~~> J. McD Bruce, President.
I. M. Mauldin. Cashier.
C -_
Stonn-proof, too, a-e they iSd&ochI ap .i~ua way tm
finestdrvnsnowor rancanntusit undetheu.'
Best roffor country buiings, because they're safe friinglI the &m"s
7 They'l ata long as tebidinanever need repans.
H EATH, BRUCE, 10ERW 00.dickens,
l eturn fr
totaling $50.00 or more one railwayfaeW
>rty-one and sixty. miles. You doi1'tchaie to buiya
ut pulrchases-total the required aniount your fare
When making you~r first picha.s'eifoia MER
3 salesman serving you record amount of your pur
pu rchases recorded wherever yolitrade. After you
S. Johnstone, Secretary of the Merchants Associa-~
I your fare.
Sithl & Eristow R .TnailC.
31-n's ;a..1 84y's Ch thing. Hats Atmbl~fd~~i~Yh~~B
e-n's Fur i-hing.SdertV Ec
Stewart & 3Ierritt *ais ed-bwa.Ntos
(G-ihing* nd Furnishings for Men laisDyGosC.
ar'l P.oyn.ilie ,Lais Re y0-e
Stone~ Fuel & Lumber Co., PeociNtos
Fu-.I. Lumbaer an.l Build ing MfaterialJon.Wilas
C. DI. Stradley Co.,"Teino erht"Vcr
Liadiest' R'adyv-t'-we-ar. Dry G~oods. Vcrl akn ahns lyr
~ R.uN. TannahillaCo.,
AuooilsadSupi ' Vhce

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