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The Pickellns, Sentinel
THURSDAY, OCT. 3, 1912.
Legal Notices first insertions per inch i t
For each subsequent "
Commercial and other advertisin': f.r thwe
months or longer will be made at r,-Ant rate,
and prices can be bad on fapplicitt.
We are not respo sible for the,- vit-S .f
our correspondents.
En -rew as Pitceub I ustothee at z.tc .i la
sIil IatteT.
Our Record.
The people of Pickens county
should feel proud of their record
as peaceful and law abiding
citizens. This county is gain
ing a wide reputation on that
account, and a reputation like
that is worth something.
_"' ng the last term of court
for r county all the
criminal c s were disposed of
in about a day and a half and
the civil cases took up about
two and a ifali days. This is a
good showing and one which
very few counties anywhere
can boast of, But this was two
sessions of court rolled into one,
making it a remarkable show
The court scheduled for Pick
ens county last June was pst
poned because there was not
enough business to justify court
being held here. Think of it,
two terms of court disposed of
in less than a week. There is
probably not another county
anywhere the size of Pickens
that can show so good a record.
If there is we would like to hear
of it. Not only this term, but
every term, the docket is light,
'especially the criminal docket.
Solicitor Bonham said he
thought the two main causes
f6r this was the interest the
people of this county take in
their schools, and that Pickens
county juries invariably render
ed just verdicts-verdicts accord
ing to-the evidence given. He
is no doubt right.
The manhood of Pickens
county will not stand for fla
grant acts against the dignity
of the law of their State and
And during all this talk of el
" ectitorr fraud and irregularities
we have never heard it even in
timated that the election in this
co'unty was anything but regu
lar and right.
The people of Pickens have
regard for the right and feelings
of their fellowmnen and evident
ly believe in and practice the
golden rule-the best of all
Surely such a record should
bring a feeling .of pride to all
citizens of this good county, and
inspire us all to try to do even
We believe we'ye got the best
county in the State already.
Let's make it "way yonder"
the best.
We are Grateful
We appreciate very much the
many words and acts of encour
agemerit given us since we have
had charge of The Sentinel.
We have had many compli
ments for the paper, for which
we are grateful, and we wish to
thank many of our friends who
have been kind enough to give
us news items of interest. They
have helped us make the paper
better each week and we appre
''ciate thneir interest. Help us to
make The Sentinel even better.
General election to the bat,
Thanksgiving on deck and
Christmas to follow.
The Bull Moose is touring the
South this week, He will speak
in North Carolina, Georgia and
From the investigating com
mittee's report there are a good
many Green vilians in our
neighbor county.
We see they are try ing to re
vise the calendar. We hope
they won't fix it so that Sunday
will fall on Monday.
We never did like the :idea of
hunting down our fellow man
with a gun. Especially if the
fellowman had a gun too.
The schools all over the coun
ty seem to be better a~nd more
largely attended than ever be
fore. A mighty good sign.
hyhasn't Pickens a build
loan association? Other
larger than Pickens
nd these associations
mbia State says that
ia Sunday dinner is
f gastronomic satis
Is that a disease or
to eat? '
ealth Hint.
t try to find out what is
'erwith a loaded gun
ing one eye and look
the end of the barrell.
A scene at Armageddon,
A warrior in tin,
And every now and then a shout
Emerging from the din.
Some folks fancy Woodrow,
And others fancy Bill,
And others still for Theodore
Are very hopeful still.
A table and a pitcher,
A speaker on his perch,
And here and there. someone
The same as in a church.
The miracle of party,
And the perfidy of doubt,
With the usual statistics
Till the watchman puts him
A wo.nan with a banner,
Another with a drum,
And another with a curtain pole
Revolving on her thumb.
Some folks say it's nothing,
But others think it is,
And like as not it syon't be long
Till man is getting his.
The bull moose and the donkey.
The elephant, the zoo,
The trusts against the people,
And the false against the true:
But do not get excited,
Or take it very hard,
For they'll all lie down together
In the same barnyard.
October was originally the
eighth month of the Romans,
but it brought watermelons and
pumpkins in at the same time,
and Niuma Pompis, who liked
both, pushed it along to tenth
place to keep from foundering
himself. A Bull Moose party
formed to dethrone him, but he
held on, and was able in the end
to pull the skull of his enemies
around on a string on Hallowe'en
with a candle inside, from which
we have our present-day Jack
The zodiacal sign for Octoper
is Scorpio, meaning the Scorpion.
t typifies the manner in
which canidates sting one an
ther in the last few weeks of
the campaign. October has
always been the favorite month
of the year. That more people
have always married in June
as only been explained upon
the theory that inasmuch as
hey are undertaking the battle
f life together they probably
consider that it would be .just as
Progressive, peaceful Pickens.
Everybody in the State had
forgotten that John T. Duncan
was in the governor's race till
obbed up at the investigation
Don't fail to send The Senti
nel to your boy or girl who is
way at school. It will be like
letter from home. We will
end it nine months for 75 cents,
That was a nice compliment
Solicitor Bonhanm paid the peo
ple of Pickens on account of
heir schools. We can make
hem even better with a little
ore money.
Information Wanted.
Mvy Dear Sirs:
I am trying to find out what
ecame of one Richard E.
Adams who graduated at the,
hio University, Athens, Ohio,.
n 1828. I know nothing more
bout him except he was from
South Carolina. If any body;
can give me any information.
oncerning him or his family. I
will appreciate it very highly.
C. L. Martzolff,
Alumni Secretary.,
Ohio University,
Athens, Ohio,
4L~ 'A
IL-*1ner in the Pittsburg Post.
s Forecast
well to begin at once upon the
The gentle spirit of the Fall
Will come to.glorify the air,
And the football player will
The population with his hair.
The referee will climb the poles
And sound his shrill official
And the moth, will drill a' few
more holes
In everybody's Winter suit.
The better quality of air
Will speed the presidential
And a cockleburr placed here
and there
Will help accelerate the pace.
The troubled earth will gently
Beneath the violent attack,
And the trustswill hustle corn
and hay
Along the fence inside the
The Hunter's Moon will sail the
' sky
To ecstacize the human race,
And men will trail the pumpkin
Through many a city eating
The cider sign will grace the
To offer men its ancient boon,
And customers wvill bulge the
With getting out of the saloon.
The twelth of the month will
be thd 420th anniversary of the
discovery of America, and
Messrs. Rockefeller, Morgan and
Carnegie will give a dinner on
that date to Christopher Col
umbus, who found it for them.
The 27th will be the ann iver
sary of the landing in this coun
try of the man who put the
Penn in Pennsylv-ania, and it
will be celebrated in an appropi
ate manner by everyone who
has put the important syllable
in anything since. The moon
will be full on the 25th, and the
password for the month will be
And then November will re
new, with somewhat cooler
weather, and the poor consumer
sewing two thin union suits to
Some men like to talk because
it requires no previous thought.
A Prominent New York
Politician Near Death
Hon. R. N. Lansing, of Rensselaer,
N. Y., Six Times a Member of the
Assembly, Tells of Narrow Escape.
"About fifteen
years ago I was
taken with r-heu
maitism. w hiceh
affected my heart
produicang what
a wasca1ed val
y ul a r trouble.
T h ree drea.rs
eg~ lQ e I would
A' ~ never do another
4/ y' work.
RWle. had many
~ ~remedieR recoin
~mended to me I
get a bottle of
- Dr. Miles' Heart
- Remedy an~d it
hctp~d rme inside
of 48 hoars. At
the ead of the weet I called onz my
doctor and asked him to etamine me.
HEo. said I wirs better tha he ever
expected to see. me and asked if I was
taking his mec'Lone. Ihen 3tofd him
I was not, buzt was takng gr, Miles'
Heart Remedy, he sad 'Thank the'
Lord fox Dr. 1Miles' Heart Remiedy.' I
continued to take it, and while I
realized my heart was danmaged .gso 1
could not expect a permnent iu . for
ifteen years L worked every dh, not
wthstandin~g I had bee~ told I would
never work agaMn. In y, 1411% I was
taken withi rhembati~ in and it
we4C to my heari ad Bdre, I. got so
bad that ~of tp ' ny papers
wrote up my ~if( an sate f.dbur'd r.ot
liveb fp 260% ?agin,. tookI
Dn M -- eartEdme 1fta very
tisacoryzisulsab havg not
Ise vd at Uspt of h the
legfl 8r ltceait 3 feet that
fl. gIe'ieart bagd l saved
my len i'cannotf d~n'mn it too
Dr. Miles' Hea rRsmedy Is sold and
guar&1t.ed by al driaggIsk
NIw a Ds t a em , S emae.- .
Concrete Illustration of What a Re
publican Tariff Really Means
Causes Workers to Think.
Concrete examples of how a pro
tective tariff operatis are causing the
working man, the "poor man." to do a
lot o! 'hunking nowadays. He is be
to understand whether it is
not .bout time to call a halt on the
puh!ican practice of taxing the coat
c'f his back and threatening him with
the lozs of his shirt and his socks if
h6 .es not submit.
All through the present tariff law.
passed by a Republican congress and
endorsed by a Republican President
PASSED, are to be found discrimina
tions, the higher duty on the cheaper
article, the lower on the shoulders
of those least able to bear it the great
er burden of the protective system.
Here are some illustrations:
The cheapest wool blankets bear a
duty of 165.42 per cent.; the dearest,
104.55 per cent.
Flannels, not more than 40 cents a
Pound, are taxed at 143.67 per cent.;
over 70 cents a pound, 76.37 per cent.
Wool plushes, cheapest, 141.75 per
cent.; dearest, 95.33 per cent.
Knit fabrics, cheapest, 141 per cent.;
dearest, 95.53 per cent.
Stockings, worth from $1 to $1.50
a dozen, 76.37 per cent.; from $2 to
$3, 59 per cent.
Hats and bonnets, worth not over
$5 a dozen, 62 per cent.; over $20 a
dozen, 35 per cent.
Carpets, highest priced, 50 per cent.;
that used for mats and rugs, 126.88 per
Women's gloves, unlined, 49 per
cent.; lined, 34 per cent.; longest
gloves, unlined, 42 per cent.; lined, 29
per cent.
Men's gloves, worth less than $3 a
dozen, 66.28 per cent.; costliest gloves,
14.45 per cent.: leather, unlined, 44.58
per cent.; lined, 29.50 per cent.
Buckles, cheapest, 77.48 per cent.;
dearest, 26.3 per cent.
Uncut diamonds bear a 10 per cent
duty; imitation diamonds, 20 per cent.
The humble firecracker bears a
97.02 per cent. duty. while elaborate
fireworks bear but 70 per cent.
Matting, smaller and cheaper grades,
43 per cent.; costlier, 24 per cent.
Watch movements, seven jewels,
66.02 per cent.; 11 jewels, 40.41 per
cent.; 17 jewels, 34.45 per cent.
Underwear, cheapest, 56.90 per
cent.; dearest, 50 per cent.
Dress goods of wool, cheapest,
105.42 per cent.; dearest, 94.13 per
Velvets. cheapest, 105.22 per cent.;
dearest. 49.55 per cent.
Silk handkerchiefs, cheapest, 77.44
per cent.; dearest, 59 per cent.
Scissors. worth 50 cents a dozen,
52.21 per cent.; worth $1.75 a dozen,
46 per cent.
Table knives, fancy grades, 57.40
per cent.; bone handled. 69.43 per
Butcher knives, best grades, 62.10
per cent.; cheapest grades, 93.55 per
Files, smallest, 81.29 per cent.;
longest, 36.81 per cent.
Shot guns, worth from $5 to $10,
47.67 per cent.; worth over $10, 45.46
per cent.
These are only a part of the dis
oriminations, gleaned from a swift
conning of some of the schedules. Re
duced to simplest terms, they mean
that the poor man is taxed higher than
the rich man.
Little Place, Called "The Stream," is
Leased by Millionaire's Wife
In England.
London.-Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt,
formerly Mrs. McKim, has been mak
ing extensive alterations to the house
called'"The Stream," at Betchworth,
near Reigate, in Surrey, of which she
took a seven years' lease last fall, a
few months before her marriage to
Alfred Vanderbilt. She is much at
tached to the place, although neither
the house, which is a small one, nor
the grounds, are particularly attract
ive. In fact, many of the people at
Betchworth on learning that she had
plenty of money said in amazement,
"Whatever does she want to come to
a hole like this for?'' When she re
turned from her honeymoon almost
her first remark was, "Oh! How gla~d
I am to be back here again. Now I
can rest and keep quiet." Sinice her
return this sentiment has grown
Mrs. Vanderbilt's English Home.
stronger and she has bought the
house and grounds.
Since winter many improvements
have been made that were badly
needed, for the dwelling had been
empty for five years before she took
it. An additional plot of land has
been bought from the trustee of the
previous tenant, an outside broker
whose business fell upon evil days. A
garage has been built capable of hold
ing several cars.
Miss Ethel McCormick, who was
Mrs. Vanderbilt's companion at the
time of the marriage, still remains a
close friend and is constantly at
Betchworth. Some months ago, while
she wa~s being driven in a dog cart by
Mrs. Vanderbilt from Reigate the
horse bolted and upset both women
and the groom, who was with them,
out of the cart. The horse was a
young one from Vanderbilt's stables
at Hendon, and Manager Wilson has
since had instructions to see that
quieter horses are sent to Betchworth.
Uncle Sam Hires Blue-Blooded Scions
to Teach the Plebeian Canines
of Alaska
Seatt~le,. Wash.-Lass and Major,
blue-brooded collies, who date their
ancestry back to the coming of some
Collie William the Conquerer to Bon
nie Scotland, have .been hired by
Uncle Sam to educate the dogs of
Alaska. Their particular d1 of actiy
Ity 'will be Instructing ' s, shep
hetds~and buskiet, of t, north
A Palatable Medicine especially
prepared to relieve and cure The
diseases which affect women
This excellent medicine is not only
successful in conquering the pain
ful and prostrating diseases that
attack the female generative system
but it is exceptionally pleasant to
take. The usual rule that the nastier
the medicine the more effective it
is, is reversed in the case of Squaw
Vine Wine. It is one of the pleas
antest of medicines. The fresh
juice of a well ripened sweet orange
is not more agreeable. It is indeed
a happy combination of sweet herbs
.compounded with just enough
spirits to keep it fresh and active in
its medicinal effect. Poor, tired
mothers, worn out with the cares
of a family and household, and suf
fering from those distressing aches,
bearing down pains and nervousness
which women only know, revive
wonderfully under its strengthening
and exhilirating influence. It eases
pain, strengthens weakened parts,
corrects irregularities, builds up
a strong, vigorous body, restores
brightness to the eye and color to
the cheeks.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers
Price $1 Per Bottle
iL tne herding of government rem
When the steamship St. Helens sails
from this port Lass and Major as well
as four other collies of- less aristo
cratic strain will be passengers. They
will be in charge of A. N. Evans, su
perintendent of the northwest district
for the department of education.
Among the places they will visit will
be St. Michael, Teller and St. Law
rence island.
At the last local bench show Lass
and Major took blue ribbons and spe
cial prizes against the field. They
were purchased from Mrs. A. Stinson
of this city recently, and Major made
the transfer memorable by falling Into
the hands of the pound master. He
was rescued from prison by W. T.
Lopp, chief of the Alaskan division,
department of education, very much
soiled and worn out with his adven
tures about the city. At herding col
lies excel every breed of dog known
to man, and Lass and Major, being
almost intelligent enough to speak
English, are expected to accomplish
wonders with the native dogs of the
orth. Some doubt Is expressed wheth
r or not they will readily learn the
Eskimo and Indian dialects of north.
ern dogdom, but Mr. Lopp and Mr.
Evans think that a short acquaintance
n Alaska will make them proficient
n tongues.
Denver Woman, Asking Divorce,
Brings Singular Accusation
Against Husband.
Denver, Colo-Charging that her
eighty-year-old husband possesses a
sprit more youthful and that while
she knows where his mundane form
reposes at night, her own spirIt is
unable to follow his Lothario-like rov
ings on the astral "Great White Way,"
Annie L.- Thompson, wife of one of
Denver's most widely known million
ire spiritualists, has filed suit In
ourt for separate maintenance, a
share in her husband's fortunes and
onfirmation of the deed to her home,
Policeman Prevents Suicide.
Chicago. - Had it not been for
the prompt action of Policeman
Charles Wilson of the North Halsted
street station, Harry Meyer, 5139
outh Morgan street, would have end
d his life from suicide bridge in Lin
oln park. The policeman arrested
Meyer on a disorderly charge.
BaltImore PhysicIan's Treatment Suc
cessful in Nine Cases He
iHas Tried.
Baltimore, Md.-The survival 01
Bernard Myerly, nine years old, a vic
im of lockjaw resulting from a stone
bruise, has Increased interest in the
nethod of treatment used in the case
f Dr. Pearce Klntzing. This is the
rinth of a series of lockjaw cases in
which Dr. Kintzing and his assistants
t the Franklin Square hospital have
sed a new plan of treatment with
The Myerly boy, as well as the oth
r victims of the disease, had serious
tttacks, marked by stiffness of the
eck, locking of the jaws and convul
sions. The remedy is a solution of
henol of ten per c-ent. ; :-ength, di
luted to suit the cases and adminis
ered by hypodermic injections deep
into the muscles.
The injections are made at intervals
f about three hours at the start, with
onger intervals as the patients ral
ied. The full adult dose used is equiv
lent to about one grain of pure crys
talline phenol, ten drops of the ten
per cent. solution. To avoid soreness,
n some cases one-half of the solution
iluted is injected and then the other
half injected in another place.
Lives 33 Days on Water Diet.
East St. Louis, Ill. - In an effort
o reduce weight, Miss Lizzie Ver
n of this city has lived on a
diet of cool water 33 days. June 21,
hen shie began her fast, she weighed
211 pounds. Now she balances the
scales at 192.
if T. R. Could Only See This.
New York.-Charles Knobeck of
brooklyn says he has a hen that lays
eggs with a watch dial designed on
hem and then she cackles like a
Saves Leg Of Boy
"It seemed that mys 14-year old boy
would have to lose his leg. on accolnt
of an ugly ulcer, caused b'y a bad
bruise," wrote D. F. H-os ard. Ajquond.
. C. -'All remedies and doctors treat
ment failed till we tried1 Bucklen's
rica Salve, and curedl him with one
ox," Cures burrns boils, skin eruptions
ile. 2; c at all druggists.
Fol ger,
Opening every (ay.
They show the largest i
We take your hieasure.
Let us take your measui
We guarantee satisfacti
money refunded.
Clothing, Shoes.
Sole agents for Walk-(
Iron King Stoves. New Hom
ell Wagons and Mitchell Au
and what every man wants.
Its right here in that up-to
date jewelry stock of ours
that we invite all the men of
our town to inspect. We have:
and plenty of other items that
genteel men are so fond of.
You can't go astray whlen
buying here, as stock is fresh,
reasonable, and EVERY pur
chase is GUARANTEED.
Easley, S. C
Ba by Chicks.1
Start the youngsters on
Pratts Baby Chick Food.
Tt's the only way to grow
good chicks-to make the
greatest number develop
into strong. healthy
10c., 25c., 50c.
Kill Lice.
You can positively deC
stroy all chicken lice and~
vermin with Pratts Liq
uid Lice Killer. Increase
your poultry profits this
Sseason by using Pr itis
Lguaranteed like killer.
~ 35c a quart: $1.00 a gal.
Buy a Good Farm or a Timber
Tract in South Georgia.
Write to-day frr my booklet of''n
hundred Farms' -mdi Timber TraLcts~ for
sale." in the haniner counltit s of Thiomias.
Brooks. Grady, Decatur and .\itchell.
Large tracts. small tracts. ims.roved or
unimproved, fine level sandy loam and
re I pebbly land withb red ch,y subsoi!.
labor abundant, best roads in Georg ia.
best cotton lands in the South. good
neighborhoods. schools and! churcho s,
pure free stone and artesian water,
plenty hog and hominy, saw mill, tim
ber, turpentine Joc.tions. cut over 1az"n
colonization lands, fine stock raising;
section. city property paying to) ler
cent. and over.
Write me what you want and 1 will
answer by early mail describing the
propert -which you want.
Yours to serve.
0( Thomasville. G.-orgia.
Send us your Job
- Sole Agents For -
ssort ient of patterns of any tail
iuits $12.5L
thereby saving you extra expens
e for a winter suit, or overcoat.
on. and a perfect fit, or the gar
Yours truly
Hats and Gents' Furnishing G
)ver and Boyden Shoes, Carha
e Sewing Machines,Chase City
~for the removal of MOLES
Sand leaving neither scar n<
'we sold your grandmother
ance up)on the market, cari
Sment of man and woman.
MOLESOFF was the best
Stoday, Our long experi
Ltesfrom persons w
much valuable inlormation
free upon request.
S If you have trouble in gel
to the undersigned.
S $100 in gold will be paid t:
picture beiore and after usi1
be accepted by us, and used
Smillion people will see your
ugiy growth on your persor
Pickens Railos
No. 1 No. 3'No. 5 STAT]
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
A. M. A. M. P. M. Lv.
7-35 11-05 3.20 *:FERG
7-45 i11-15 3.30 *AR
S.oo [1.30 3.45 lrEASI
SFlag Stations-No AS
No. I conniects wit
No. :3 connects wit
No. 8 connects wit
No. 8 connects wit
No. 4 connects wit
No. 4 connIctsM wit
No. S3connects wit
Don't forget whlen your we
hat the OLD) REILABLE Black
Thie, will (do vour work andget
on't give~ satisfaction, come and
have the mzaterial to do your w
chite oak timber, elear of knots,
ter. (coup~liu1 tongiues. wagon tol
hort notice Also wagon brakes
Sshort time. Also material for:
if t wheels, spring clips, shaft
>uggy steps and bolts of all kind
)N A
ruing house in the world.
to 40.00
L of a traveling salesman
ment is ours, and your
)ods a Specialty.
rt Overalls, Hawes Hats,
md Babcock Buggies,Mitch
and WARTS wfthout pain
>r mark is the same remedy
,and has, since its appear
lied the unauimous endorse
in pioneer days, is the bestA
ice protects you. We guar
-e all know, together with
in attractive booklet, sent
ting Molesoff, send $1 direct
Lie person sending us their
ig Molesoff. the pictures to
for advertising Molesoff. A
picture with and without an
ING CO., Dept. B194
ola, Fla.
rad N.gan
LE No 12.
E TABLE No. 11.
NE 15th, L255.
No. 21No. 4No. 6
O5: Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
Ar. A. M.:P. M. P. M.
ENS 9.10j 1.50 4.35
USON 9.05 1-45 4.30
Oss 8.55~ 1.35 4.20
m 8.5 1.30 4.15
.I1x 8.45 1.25 4.10
EY 8.40 1.20 4.05
SLv.! .
h Southern No. 42
h Southern No. 39
h Southern No. 39
1h Southern No. 1 2
h Southern No. 12
hi Southern No. 39)
b ouithern No. 11
-mation applly to
General Manager'.
.gon or buggy needs repairing
smith Shop, below the printing
it out on time. If our work
tell us. don't tell the other fellow -
rk with. Just reecion on
for making wagon :r'umi. 1-M
igues, etc., ready to, ru
; ready to put on your: wa
repairing your bugr~ -e
ends, how sockets, -
iet daarhelaw Pri1aOf

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