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Local and
Hansel Bivens spent Saturday
in Greenville.
The cockle burr predicts an
early frost. So says the jay
Miss Willie Mae Lathem is in
town visiting friends and rela
Capt. and Mrs. J. T. Taylor
spent Saturday in Tavlors with
After a short spell of sickness
Miss Ferdie Legare is able to be
Dr. Fred Carpelter, of Green
ville, is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
T. J. Mauldin.
Mrs B. A. Hagood and chil
dren returned to Charleston on
last Saturday.
Miss Edith Power, of Ander
son, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
B. H. Attaway.
Mrs, Robinson, of Liberty.
visited her son, Mr. C. E. Robin
son, last week.
Mrs. T. N. Hunter, of Liberty
spent Monday with her brother,
M-r. C. E. Robinson.
John Harris wants to know if
a son was born unto the moon
would the sky rocket?
Mrs. Flora Lathem, of Green
ville, is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Richey.
Mr. Clyde Smith, court stenog
rap 1c~or his home in An
derson on last Saturday,
Mrs. E. W, Hardy, who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs.
-Mary doore, has returned to
her home in Johnston, S. C.
To The
Realizing the shortage of<
and knowing that each and ever
possible, we have decided to be
And give the buyer more fc
Now this sounds a little ambig
the people have been tooled so
tofore with socalled cheap sales
get off old shoddy stuff that has
for years, they are slow to pay
to sales. But right here we
that we have been in the mercar
only about y8 months and t1
single thing in our stor e that h~
turned during that time.
s'Come and inspect our stoc
*don't prove that we will sell yc
the money during this sale we
you to buy. It will pay any bi
a good size bi!l of stuff to come
our store.
We carry a full line of stapl<
groceries and keep them fresh.
To show a few ruling prices
sale, provided there is no other
in wholesale prices, we will giv<
fine granulated sugar to the do
pounds light brown sugar to t]
pounds very best roasted cofi
and 5 pounds very best green C
Now this is the kind of coffee yo
ma used to make for your old
when he had the headuche.
rising generation don't know
such coffee, but right here we
come to our store, buy oned]
go home and have the kettle an<
pot scoured and washed out, an<
some coffee from what we sell y
it. If youi will then go before a
Iic and make oath it is not goo
fund your dollar. What is an~
this proposition?
Now a word about Flour.
We sell the "Blue Ribbon" at
Every sack guaranteed or your
$5-50 gets one barrel of either 1
on while this sale is on.
We guarant e 16 ounces to e
3 feet to every yard and every
we sell.
Now a word about Shoes
We have them in nearly all st
and colors and at prices never hi
fore. Bring on your whole far
So come one and all and g<
warm welcome awaits every get
prompt and polite attention.
JA Alow
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Banister
f Liberty, spent Thursday wit]
kir. and Mrs. R. E. Bowen.
Miss Gussie Cureton. of Green
ille, spent Sunday with he:
mother, Mrs. K. L. Cureton.
-Rev. C. A. Waters is at hom
gain after attending the W
. T. U. Convention in Ander
Since returning home Rev. C
A. Waters has been quite ill
We wish for him a speedy rE
Mr. Garland Seaborn has rc
burned to Greenville to resum
his work with Hobbs Dry Good
Mrs. J. McD. Bruce, Mr. Ha
:ood Bruce and Miss France
Bruce spent last Saturday i:
Miss Or-. McFall has returne<
home after a pleasant visit t
Dr. L. 0. Mauldin and famil:
n Greenville.
Mrs. B. K. Thornley, who ha
een visiting her mother, Mr
N. E. Thornley, has left fo
Duncan, S. C.
Married by J. B. Newbery a
his office on September 26, Mr
Elma Sheriff and G. S. Sunme:
f near Liberty.
Mrs. Sallie Robinson, of Libe
by, -pent a few days last weel
with Mrs. Mary Moore and MNr
ames Gantt.
The church at Norris las
week in conference unanimous
y invited the Pickens Baptis
ssociation to hold their annua
neeting in October'1913 wit1
bheir church. The Associatio>
neets this year with the Secon
aptist church on October 16.
~rops this year, and maybe a
farmer will want every doll
gin a sale at our store near C
lay, October 1st, at 8
his money than he can
~uous and as us shoe ther
much here- pair in sho
in order to buy until y
been bought good shoes;
.ny attention ty. All we:
ish to state No ine
itile business Cltig
re -is not a
s not been We have
and men sui
and if we pants from t
will not ask Nowin re
iyer wantig We are pi
20 miles to the ladies.
to come and
andl fancy complete lin
apparel and
during this prices durn
~dvanceent We can s<
18i pounds county for t
lar and 20 bohmna
e dolar; 5 We carry
ee for $1.10 lawrea
ffee fot $r. gazaea
ur old grand- .Mr. McD.
grandfather is anything
The young es it is when
much about of something
ask you to Now reme
lar's worth, October 1,
the coffee The firstc
then make and trading
u and drink FREE a set
Notary Pub- $1.oo.
d we 1vill re- To the ne
fairer than $7-50 will b<
dishes wortli
to the amou1
worth $2.50
d "Climax." These disl
money back. store and
:ind. Come those three f
time during
very pound, will be giver
can of stuff shoes. A
small boy or
chase gets a
None of
yles, shapes any grocerne
eard of be- Remembe
ily and let goods charg
t the best bargain you ever g
tleman, lady or child at our s
Respectfully submil
eo Broit
Mes. B. Lewis left last o10n
day for an extended trip. She
will visit Charleston and other
i.nts while away.
Mrs. Geo: S. Legare and
daughters, Julia and Hermena,
rturnedt to their home in Char
lestun, last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A, McCol
lough, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Arnold, of Greenyille, were in
Pickens on a short call last Sun
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Legare.
who have been visiting their
son, Mr. Geo. S. Legare, return-.
ed to their home in Charleston
last Friday,
:;Mrs. C. E. Robinson is still
seriously ill. The family have
our deepest sympathy and we
e hope that she will soon be on
the road to recovery.
Mrs. J. McD, Bruce, Miss
Frances Bruce and Mr. Hagood
Bruce, of Pickens were in
Greenville yesterday in their
Mitchell touring car.-Green
ville News.
0 Mr. and Mrs, J. B. Newbery
y had as their guest last week,
Mr. Julius Folger, of Wyoming,
Mr. Folger and family are at
present visiting Mr. Alonzo
Folger, of Easley.
Mr. Irvia Miller, a prominent
farmer of the Enon section, is
in charge of the livery stables of
t Newton & Jameson while Mr.
W, C. Newton of said firm is in
v North Carolina buying up stock.
The many friends of Miss
Tom Vickers, of Fairburn, Ga.,
k read with much interest the an
nouncemeut in last Sunday's
Atlanta Journal, of her engage
ment to Mr. Luther Turner
B rewer. The wedding to take
place in November.
Over Worked Eyes
IAre relieved of bloodshot and InMammman with.
out pain in one day by Leonardl'a Golden Eye Lo
[1 tion. Cools. heals and strengthens. Insist on
Lhaving "Leonardi's." It makes strong eyes.
Guaanee ormoeyrefunded. Druggists sel
it t 2cts orfowared repidon receipt of
price by S. B. Leonardi& Co.. Tampa. Fla.
i Public
ow price for what little is nude
r they spend to go as far as
teechee, S. C.,
a. ml.
possibly get elsewhere.
. We can save the rrice cof one
ing a good size family. Don't
u visit our store, We sell as
s any merchant in Pickens coun
sk is a trial.
ard to Ready-Made
boy suits from $1 50 to $7-50
s from $1o to $21-50, and odd
e cheapest to the highest.
ard to Dress Goods.
epared to supply the needs of
The ladies are cordially invited
inspect our stock. We carry a
of both ladies' and gentlemen's
ntend to sell same at reduced
this sale.
ll the best man hat in Pickens
e money. Hats and caps for
d boys.
an up-to-date line of agate w-are,
d dishes of all kinds.
Mauldin is with us and if there
e likes better than selling dish
they are setting before him full
good to eat.
~mber date of opening, Tuesday,
t a. m.
e at our store on that morning
o the amount of $5 will be given
f dishes, the value of which is
t one trading to the amount of
given absolutely free a set o f
$i-5. And to the one trading
t of $r ( a set will be given free
ies are now on display at our
are sure b 2auties. Now after
irst sales any one trading at any
this sale to the amount of $5
absolutely free a pair of baby
~7-50 purchase gets a pair of
girl shoes free, and a $10 pur
pair of woman's shoes free.
these purchases are to include
this is strictly a cash sale-No
d at these prices.
ot or ever will get again. A
tore and you will always receive
13 Cateechsee
Hon. J. E. Boggs and son, J.
E. Jr., attended the Flerlage
Boggs marriage in Spartanburg
Mr. James Connally of the
Griffin churah s'ction was at
the count y seat Tuesday. He was
accompanied by his father, who
is hale and hearty at the ad
yanced age of 83 years.
Messrs Riley Allen, Clayton
Newton, of Pickens, and Jame
son and O'Dell, of Easley, spent
several days last week in the
mountains of North Carolina
fishincg. Of cousre they had a
fine tinme.
While Mr Hutchins, a travel
ing salesman of Easley, was in
Pickens Tuesday we learned
that he had a very bad accident
in Easley last week, He was
riding horseback when his horse
became frightened at a passing
motor cycle. The horse fell on
Mr. Hutchins, bruising his
shoulder and thigh severely.
A few of the ladies of the
town have organized an em
broidery club. They had their
first meeting on Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs.
C. B. Hagood. The meeting
proved quite a pleasure to the
members. Mrs. T. L. Bivens
was elected president. Mrs. Ha
good served a salad course.
It is with a sincere feeling of
regret that we see our summer
visitors leave us. Besides the
visitors there are many who
have their summer homes here.
They add a great deal to our
pleasure and.we bid them fare
well with regret, but take con
solation in the thought that
when the birds fly North again
they will come back to us.
The firm of Ashmore & Par
sons has changed recently. It
is now in the hands of P. M-.
Cafe. Mr. Cate is from Florida
where Messrs. Parson and Ash
more have gone into the mer
cantile business, While we re
gret to have Messrs. Parsons
and Ashmore leave us, we ex
tend to Mr. Cate a cordial wel
come and wish him great suc
cess in his business here. He
carries an excellent stock of
goods and all who wish to buy
anything in his line will do well
to visit his store. His prices are
reasonable and he is sure to
give every one a square and
honest deal. His telephone
number is 27.
l'ickens is making quite a
record in the field of oratory.
Having all readiy produced
many fine orators, we have re
cently it seems produced the
best yet in the person of Mr. Ed
Bowen, who spoke in the W. C.
T. U. Convention in Anderson.
The writer was told that Ed
made his audience open their
eyes and sit on th3 tip-edge of
the benche-, and one old gentle
man's hair act ually rose straight
up-he was completely bald
however. Ed brought glory
not only to himself but to to his
county as well, and it was all
worth the gold medal which he
wVon. W\e congratulate him
and1 are proud of him and his
The State Convention of the
the W. C. T. U. was held in
Anderson last week. The Union
here sent as its delegate Mrs.
George Kirby, Mrs. Kirby re
turned to Pickens last Friday
and r-eports a nice t'me as well
as the many benefits she re
ceived from the conyention.
The WV. C. T. U. is a wonderful
organization that has done
much good for the temperance
cause. We are glad that wve
have an organization in Pickens
and urge the women to join the
Union and each help to push
the good work along. It is a
thing worth while and we are
proud of our women who take
part in this noble work. Let
more join and carry the beauti
ful flag of Temperance that
means salyation to souls, salva
tion to our country, to our State
and to our homes.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. 3. CHENET & CO.. Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known r'. J.
Cheney for the las-t 15 years. and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to c:..rry
out any obligations made by his firm.
Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is tak.v Internaliy,
cos surfaces ofuthe systeni st moni al
Sent free. Price 75 cents per ttie. Sold
Take Hal' Fmiy Pins for constip'.tion.
Nowv ready for jour inspecti
Suits and Coats, Men's and Boys
be found in upper South Carolin:
exceptionally good values. It w~
Friday anm
1 The ladies are especially inv
the prettiest lines of pattern hats
I Heath-B
Boggs-Flerlage. Lenhardt and
A marriage of much interest Last Saturde
o Pickens people was that of witnessed the
vIr. LeRoi Boggs of Easley to Lenhardt and
fiss Myrtle Flerlage of Cincin.. Being near
ati, which took place in the decided to hold
~arlors of the Greshamn hotel in ment exercise
partanburg Tuesday; Rev. J. met for that
. Watkins of Spartanburg per- home of Mr. E
~orming the ceremony. which is about
Miss Flerlage will be remem- the schools. TI
ered by many as an attractive ed by Super
vest of Miss Helen Boggs here Hallum, who
ast su.a~mer. on education,
Mr. Boggs is the eldest son of gathering, M:
Ion. J. E. Boggs, a graduate charge of the
f Clemson college, and holds and Miss Anni
he responsible position of chief charge of the:
~lectrician at the Alice mill,
fasley. Pleasant G
They will make their home The Pleasaa
.n Easley, where they are re- closed, the sumr
~eiving congratulations of many Friday, after<
~riends- successful tern
-----~--of the school.
. S. Stewart With H-B-M Co. in ch .trge of P:
Mr. 0. S. Ste wart, of Easley. phries. He wi
as accepted a position with the wimter school.
Eeath-Bruce- Morrow Company The Baptist
s manager of their grocery de- have just ab
artment, and began his du~ties handsome new
ctober 1. Mr. Stewart is a This church is
opular and energetic man and community.
as many friends all over thej
~ounty, whom he will be glad Birthdi
>0 have call on him. The Big.
tore was fortunate to secure:Teewl
~is services, and Mr. Stewvart dinner held Sa
as cme t a god twn. at the home
~as ometo agool tSimmons, thi
west of Picke
Subscribe for the Sen tine1. vill be in hono
- - . .et Simmons,
and was arrano
All the relative
this good lady
come and lbrin;
II~iy Su fer ets, and spend l
with aC
Much busin<
Cough or Cold of at t he last t
At this time of the year Coughs adjourned on
ad C Ads are very prevalent: but \\ Se and good
there is no use suffering from them all sickness al
when you can get our great Penslar with trouble
remedies. We have remedies for Will some wis(
coughs and colds in all stages. tell us that all
Penslar Children's Cough suits are cause
Syrup One caused by
(,ontainls nio opiates or narcotics for the body al
Penslar Compound Cherry not getting eno
Cough Balsam
Sa?fe, agreeable, effective .Fortune
Penslar Compound White Pine Thee en" mu
and Spruce Balsam dn e faesh
For severe coughs tione, blotches, or
figure it ImpurE
Keowee Pharmacy it all,and shows ti
Agents for Penslar Remedits. Dike's New Life Pills T
Remedies. Nunnally's Remedies and beauty. Try t
mn one of the largest stocks of Dry Goods,
Suits and 0 vercoats, Ladies' and Men's S
1. These goods were bought rIght and
ill pay you to come to the Big Store to do:
i Saturday, Oct.
ited to attend our opening days. We wi
that we have ever shown, and they are mo
ruc e-orr
PikesS. C.
auldin Schools. Here is Your-Chani
y, September 28,f o contemip;-e buyingr a ho
closing of the save t.o acres wvithi new 5-room
Mauldin schools. on .: orse crop cleared, aacres
ach other they 1ottomst. I offer this for $1150
their commence- cash. $50 next year. thetn $1(
stogether and year for 10 years. Good mill sh
necessary outbuildings.
purpose at the Or if this does not siuit. you car
rwin, near Easley equal t-rmns "fn two other tract
midway bet ween Jacres each. Good newv 5-room hc
ey were address- one and 7-room house on othe
good outbuildings. 20 and 25 acrei
ntendent R. T. ed. All fresh land ana good:
ade a fine talk county afrords. All these are:
to an immense tract 7 miles west of Pickens
s. McCombs had close to gins. mnins. churc~he
Mauldin school, scooF Se E. W. Pickens. P
S. C.R. F.D. 3
e Duckworth had
enhardt school. FARMS FOR SA.LE-8
- from Washington, Ga., on
roeSchool. public road, three small f~
rove . One farm 105 acres, anoth<
t Grove school acres; the other 91 acres.
mer session last improved and fine timber.
ne f te mstpayments. Come and see t
me f te mstWilks county. C. B. OWE
is in the history Washington
The school was ___ ____
of. D. K. Hum
l also teach tihe
; of this section EX R
mt completed a Cascade Linen Bri
church b)uildinlg. 48 Sheets I
a credit fo the g48 Envelc
);: Thlis is twice the1
y Dinner
be a birthday PICKEN
urdy, October 12Th
f Mr. .WTarren
ee miles north
ns. The d inner _________
r of Mrs. Margar-'
o is 78 years old,
ed by her friends.
s and friends of
are invited to
well fil bask
ss was disposed
-mof cort It il i
Friday. Some J
octors say that(
rid disease beginO
in the stomach.
and good lawy er
crimes and lau
d by ignloranlce
eating~ too) much
itheoher b fin
s In Faces
h truth in the sa' -
r for.unre," butis
~~ipie, skiun erup)A I
oter blemnishes dis
bloo:l is back of
e n.e'l of Dr. Kinxg's:i
iev p~r. mot'a health
Notions, Ladies' Coat
hoes, and Millinery to
we are offering some
your fall shopping.
l have on display one of
derately priced.
)W CO.
' rtwo horse crop. Apply to R.
me F. Herd, Pickers S. C. s26t2
g Ntice of final littlau9t i DiICh&1p
iach! mICaE ica hereby given that e wil
E., Judge of Probt fo Pickens coun
s of 5 o'clock in te forenoon, or a son there
us aon afterease said applcatn can b bad,
clear. Sutherland, and obtain discharge a
sth gardian. Amos C. Sutherlad.
C. H..,
cke".I NOtiCg of in! littI.st aui Di:h~
-Notice is hereby, given thatt we. will -nee
miles E.Judpp caf Pobate f or Pickens c'
fine tdinthe Steof South Carolia a,
e h1 rda of ler 191 ma t o
ins th forenoonS oar as d
hE' of said estate..f Nor Parkins. cae
.Ga. o24 Administrators.
md Box of Paper containing $
aper { F OR 25 CENTS
p es j
sual quantity of goods con
paper and the quality is M
Rexall Store.g
ig us your
ens an d (
and keep .
debt and

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