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The Pickens S6llhlOI11
THURSDAY. OCT., 10 1912.
Legal Notices first insertion per inch i'.O0
For each subsequent
Commercial and other advertising for three
months or longer wIil be made at redue" rate
and prices can be had on application.
We are not respo- sible for the views of
our corrtspondents.
En (. at riptens tsto.flice as Second la
Mail Matter
The Farm Life Happiest.
We do not understand why
so many of our boys are leaving
the farm and going to the rail
- .. roads, cotton mills, and to the
s work, when the farm
life is witho ubt the happi
est and best life one can.
Very few boys not raised on the
farm could go out land makea
a success farming; on the other
hand nearly any boy raised on
the farm, if he would content
himself and put as much good
common sense into the farm
as he would in any other work,
if he has success, he would
succeed on the farm. Of course
* all professions and avocations
have their drawbacks, their
shadows and their burdens, but
the farm life has, we believe,
fewer than any other.
The boy leaves the farm, gets
a clerkship in a store in the city,
marries and settles down to a
city life, lives out of a paper
sack-and it is mighty poor liv
ing-any time -he has a -little
extra company that means
extra paper sacks and the poor
11. fello-w4oes not see how he is to
pa-' for it because he is already
taxed to the limit to live. While
on the farm the more the merrier,
go out in the yard get chickens,
eggs, potatoes, beans, cabbage,
etc. When the crop is eathered
you have your corn in the crib,
your meat in the house. your
cow feed and forage in the barn
and you feel independept at
least to some extent. On the
farm you get the purest wa'.er
and the best atmosphere. you
get the most wholesome exer
--aj --.fter a hard day's work
you can lie down and sleep. No
one to tell you to dust the shoes
and clothes, straighten out the
counter, put the goods back in
the shelves and get ready for
the trade tomorrow. After all
thke work is done, running
around town getting in bad
* company, ruining your health
and your morals. One of the
most delightful things about
farm life is its regularity.
Early in the morning. to work.
dinner at 12 mn., one hour to
rest, back to work again and
supper early. When Saturday
dinner comes, on most farms
work and worry is laid aside
till Monday morning and Sun.
day in the country at the old
country church, then at the
neighbor's house, are bright
spots in the memory of many a
country boy that will go with
him to old age.
The farm is offering more in
ducements now than ever be
fore. Increasing demand for all
.products raised on the farm and
.better prices. The farmer can
find immediate cash sale for
everything he can raise at fair
prices. The diy is here when
the truck farmer can make
money rapidly, and there are
not enough to supply the de
. The dairy farm and
-poultry'farm are daily becoming
more and more remunerative,
but in our judgement the great
est gold mine of all is one not
yet established in this section,
so far as we know. That is the
stock farm. Raise mules, horses,
cattle and hogs, for sale. There
is money in it as sure as twice
two make four. Let some of our
farmers who are able to engage
in the stock business try it.
-Our hillsides are just suited to
grow the finest grass. that can
be grown. This is a great coun
*try of ours and the farmer has
the greatest opportunity yet
offered him. We must have
more farmers or we can't raise
enough to supply the increasing
demand for farm products.
It seems that for several years
past there has been a real
exodus from the farm and we
hope that the time is not far
distant when the people will
come flocking back to the farm.
*and make our hillsides like gar
den spots and our valleys blos
som like the rose.
We heard a staunch farmer say
the other day that he could
make $5.00 on the farm where
he could make $1.00 merchandis
ing, and he seems to be succeed
ing at both,
A GoodlIaw.
That is a good law made by
the last assembly, and printed
on page 529 of acts 1912. It
says a white boy may be com
mitted to the Reform school at
Florence with the consent of
his parents Qr guardian without
being tried or convicted of crime.
The boy must be oyer eight and
less than seventeen years of age.
'TdTy a reform law.
Health Hint.
Don't use strychnine for flay
ring cakes and puddings.
-J. E.
The Wrong Officer.
Since the primary electi
many newspapers have call
upon the Circuit Solicitors of t
tate.to prosecute the fradule
oters. Did not the St:
Executive Committee adopt
resolution calling Solicitors
prosecute all such offenders
their respective jurisdictior
Neither law nor custom mal
itthe duty of the Solicitor
take the iniative in the prosec
tion of such ofienders. That
the prerogative of theindividt
citizen and the Grand Ju
The Solicitor's duty is to lo
after cases sent to him by p:
3entment and affidavit to I
office. He has not the tin
nor does the law allow him
go out and hunt for trouble.
is everybody's business to pr(
ecute crimes against the prima
election law, so it is nobod:
business and stands a migh
oor chance of getting attentic
So far we have not heard of a
one being tried on such a char
The statute on the subject mi
e a simon pure bluff. This
-hat the repeaters think and
fir they are right,
Good roads and paved stre<
are great civilizers. They ke
own a multitude (if bad,<
ressing thoughts and insp
oy in women, men and mul
ittle Jack Horner,
Stood'on the corner,
atching the skirts pass by:
Along came a dame,
ho was pretty but game;
And she punched little Ja
in the eye.
.-Louisville Herald,
o market, to markt..
To sell a fat piL,
ome again, home: asian.
In a gasoline rig.
-Indianapolis Star.
A Smile
Nothing on earth can sm
ut man! Gems may flash:
fected light, but what is a d1
ond flash compared to an e3
lash and a mirth flash? Flow<
cnot smile :this is a charm th
en they cannot claim. It
he perogative of man: it is t
olor which love wears, a:
heerfulness and joy -the
three. It is a light in the wi
ows of the face, by which t
heart sismifies it is at home a:
waiting. A face that can n
nmile is like a bud that can n
bossom and dries up on t
talk. Laughter is day, a:
obriety is night, and a smile
bhe twilight that hovers gen
between both-more bew itchil
bhan either.-Henry Wa
hole Family Benefited
By Wonderful Reined
There are many little things t
annoy us, under present conditior
of life. The hurry, hard worn
noise and strain all tell on us an
tend to provoke nervousness an
irritability.. We are frequently s
worn out we can neither eat. siee
nor work with any comfort. WV
are out of line with ourselves an
others as wvell.
A good thing to do under suc
circumstances is to take somethin
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
to reiev e the strain on the nerve:
Mrs. J. B. Hlartstield, 33 Corpnt St
Atlanta Ga., writes:
"I have on several oeension~s bee
vastly relieved by the use of your mc
ines. especially the Anti-Pain Pill:
hieh I keep constantly on hand fc
te use of myself. husband and tw
sons. Nothing in the world equals thei
as a headache remedy. Often I ai
enabled by the use of one or two<
the Pills to con nue my housewor
when otherwise I sCould be in bed. N.
husband joins me in my praise of 11
AntiPainl Pills and Nervine."'
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills
are relied upon to relieve pain
nervousness and irritability in thot
sands of households. Of prove
merit after twenty years' use, yo
can have no reason for being longe
without them.
At all DruggIsts, 25 dosos 25 cents.
IE MEnunCAL etCo., me.
PffviO Y The ailn
the symp
female ge
trouble p
It acts dire
F1 I I ens the ne
I vigorous c
sparkling <
restores th
C- .
The S
and of th
IS TURN NOW! j wise, etc.)
Murphy in Journal, fortland. Ore.
Here's Your Cha
o Send One Dollar to Coi
s? League and
y. The Contributors' National Wilson and Marsh
>k of the national Democratic committee, as presiden
the national Democratic committee, as treasurer a
-i raising funds for the national campaign by popula
tlS In furtherance of this purpose lithographed cel
te, engraved portraits of Governors Wilson and Mars
to have contributed to the national Democratic campa
It $25, $50 and $100.
)S- The league supplies these certificates to clubs
ry made. It is believed the solicitation of funds will 1
' S The name and address of each contributor sh<
ty shall league, room 1,368, Fifth Avenue building, Nc
'n. kept.
A facsimile of the artistic certlicatas issued bW
iS o Wru
d* hsCmpinFn fo h
sep ayq eto abesucs
(-H7agvnu, h eo
e ththewlgnoh hieH
et Wil IsGThgTe Mone
Capag Fund fromsthe I
Hd s ue has gvenlo' sn,s thel Deocs
.ruptible purpose, that no private interests have dar
18 apoach either our candidate or his committee.
ly We have not been offered a penny by the trusts
1 -we certainly have not solicited a penny from them.
rd money of the Interests is being spent against Wilson.
matter for whom-we need not discuss that here-it is
common gossip that the money power of the nation is 1
__ used in an attempt to defeat Woodrow Wilson.
What Is a "People's Campaign'
We are addressing ourselves to the real freeme
America, the upright, Progressive Voters of the co
who are doing the work of the nation and not the we
trusts and bosses.
s W\e realize that the salvation of every righteous <
rests with you.
Often this cry of a People's Party or a People's Pres
LIIs raised by the very forces we seek tp defcat and whoL
0 must and will defeat. But look to our standard ani:
P' standard bearer and decide yourself as to which il
e People's Campaign and must, therefore, be fought witl
I People's money.
LiWoodrow Wilson Has Clean Hat
W oodrow Wilson is the cleanest man in national po
He came of illustrious forefathers, who laid by blood
heredity the foundation of a future President through
eration after generation of upright record.
If Wilson is to be elected it must be by clean money
there is only one source of such money-from the vote
the country who realize the importance of having a gor
- ment uninfluenced by the almighty dollar.
Wilson's hands are clean.
Wilyou uphold them?
How Much Money Will You Gi1
How Much Can You Raise?
Tbere are big campaign expenses to be met if we ai
win on Election Day in Novcmber. We niust tell the v<
of the country about Wilson, what he is, what he has c
I We must show them his record. We must show then
- j platform. We must point out to them the feattures oi
2 platform which mean so much to this nation. This g
a 'work will cost a lot of money. We must meet the a
r heavy toll necessary to present a platform and a candi
-to a hundred million.
: for bolaryour$5, your $10, your $20 is needed.
m 'uidskei-we want the man who can only afford
We ned im.We eed he oma wd
Women's Ailments
ents from which women suffer are many and varied so far as
ors indicate, yet they are all dependent upon a disorder in the
nerative system, and a remedy that acts on the cause of the
.its an end to all the distressing symptoms as soon as the
conditions are removed.
oquaw Vine Wine
Is a Medicine for Women
::tly on the female organism. Quiets inflammation, eases pain, strength
rves. helps digestion. tones up the stomach and puts the body in fine
:ndition. It transforms a weak, nervous, ailing woman into one of
:heerfulness and vigor. It brightens the eye, revives the spirits and
s rosy bloom of health to the cheek.
d by Druggists and Dealers. Price $1.00 Per Bottle.
Mr. Merchant
entinel is read every week by more than five thous
e best people in Pickens county. (A hint to the
nce to
HIelp Democrats .Win
itributors' Wilson and Marshall
Get Certificate For
all league has been organized with W. G. McAdoo, vice chairman
:, Charles R. Crane, vice chairman of the finance committee of
nd Stuart G. Gibbony as secretary for the purpose of aiding in
r subscription.
tificates have been prepared, suitable for framing, on which are
hall and their autographs and which certify that the holders
gn. The denominations of these certificates are $1, $2, $5, $10,
in large numbers, so they may be issued when contributions are
>e greatly aided by this method.
,uld be forwarded to the Contributors' National Wilson and Mar
w York city, where a complete record'of all contributors will be
this league followa
1912 sA !
Ison's Hands?
emphatically to accept contributions to
terests, ff~m corrupting influences, from
ratic National Committee, to understand
>se with clean hands or not at all.
only give one dollar. We belie-;a in this kind of loyalty
it's the kind that wins.
Let every one contribute to the Woodrow Wilson Cam
ncor- pae~n by the first mail. Let's have as big a fund as the cor
d to porations can supply the other parties. For the people are
mightier even in money than the Combination--when they
and get together.
No A Call To Those Who Will Club
No live progressive voter can do more for Wilson's cause
p9 than to head a list with his own contribution and then to
have his fellow-workers and friends swell the total with
a of their names and money.
mtry If you work in an office or factory, i.::3, -:rarance, on a
k of railroad, ranch or farm, start the bali rolling. Line up the
Wilson men. Sign up as many contributions as you can,
ause And mail to us.
dent How To Contribute To The Wilson
Campaign Fund
the Sign the Coupon in this corner and Gil in the amount
you give. Then attach your money to this Coupon and
mail today to the address given on the Coupon.
ds Is--e-alle chk,--ney orders--nd address all o-ntrfh-- i
tion- to C. R. Crane, Vice Chairman Finance Committe., i
Democratic National Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, 1
and Chicago, Ill.
gen- Then write a letter to this papr. giving your name as a
contributor and stating your r--sons why you believe
and Woodfow Wilson should be elected President of the United r
s of States. In this way you will be listed as a Wilson contri
er- butor. A Souvenir Receipt, handsomely lithographed, well
worth framing, will be sent t., you. Your letter will help the
fight by encouraging your friends.
eWoodrow Wilson Carmpaign Fund
To C. R. CRA NE. Vice Chairman Finance Committee..
The Dem-seratic National Committee. 900 Michigan Avena.,
C to Chicago. Lainoia.
tes As a believer in the progressive ideals of government repro'
onaented in the caindidacy of Woodrow Wilson for President of the
. United States. and to the end that he may take the office free
his handed. untre.::meted. and obligated to none but the people of the
his country. I wiK:. to contribute through you the sum of $.......... -
reat toward the exj'nses of Gov. Wilson's campaign.
sua Name.......................................,,
the 4 RF.D..................... State...........
can idorsed by
Opening every day.
They show the largest a
Al Wool S
We take your measure, 1
Let us take vour measur
We guarantee satisfactit
money refunded.
Clothing, Shoes.
Sole agents for Walk-(
Iron King Stoves, New Homi
ell Wagons and Mitchell An
r n t e est o
ou admire* daint ornaent
ar wlan the noet nonl t
vto ch braeesionble omie
>thergvn a thircll.If
oame da tinkt oraentsr
taduto-dte designd esianl
etlemen pas well not ladi to
yeeour ateiontoouldapy.o
Start te trinets aronr
thatt were desickod. -il
form's e. Sywao gwe ni
goo Babyk Chicmkesth
greatest numb ler develop
jinto strong. healthy
Smoney-mn ikers.
- 10c., 25c., 50c.
Kill Lice.
You caniP~ positvelv dle
stroy all chickan lire' anfd
verinf)1 with Pr-a ts Lig
uid Lice Killer, Increase
your poultry profits this
season hv uiing Pratts
guaranteed like killer.
~35c a quart: $1.00 a gal.
iy a Good Farm or a Timber
Tract in South Georgia.
W~rite to--lav far my boaokha-t crf '-n
ai-lr'ed iFar s in Ii Timber Tr-a-ts fo r
th " in t6.- ua nera < onutali b af : ,.ts
~rooks!. Gira g, De-itunr andl .iatcha .
~irge tracts~.,nimall tra1ct-. inK.; rev.- 'r
n ipovedl thu- h-vei lJ1I i s and loom atl
)I0 a )U i eb ad v. ifi b a re i ia:. s'b- l.
tiho l an an. h r n.el Nl a i ~ i-rlia
anra fre. s.to ne anad artesian water
ety hog andl homriny, saw~ miill, tim
a-r. tu~rpentine Joc..tionars, cut ovec Ia:.'
eCtion,. city property 1ayinl. 10 paer
ent. andl aver.
Writ.' me what you wvant :'nd I "i
swer.-t bay early mail dlescrbin;g I b
op~ert whiiebiyi ~vo want.
Yours taa arve'.
- nir
end us your Job~
Thornley &
Sole Agents For
;sortment of patterns of any tailoring house Ir
Uits $12.50 to 4
hereby saving you extra expense of a travelin
e for a winter suit, or overcoat.
)n. and a perfect fit, or the garment is ours,
Yours truly,
Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Specia
)ver and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Overalls,
, Sewing MachinesChase City and-Babcock.
for the removal of MOLES and WARTS
and leaving neither scar nor mark is th<
we- sold your grandmother, and has, sir
, nce upon the marker, carried the uinat
mnent of mi:mn and woman.
Y MOLESOFF was the best in pioneer da
tod ay, Our long experience protects '
an tee.
Letters from persons we all know,
much valuable inmormation in attractivt
' free upon request.
4 If you have trouble in getting Molesoff,
. to the undersigned.
$ 100 in gold will be pait the person ser
picture beicre and after using Molesoff. t
be accepted by us. and used for advertis
m illion people will see your picture with
uglyi growth on your person.
Pensacola, Fla.
Pickens Railor t Cor
No. 1iNo. 31No. 5SAI S.No.
Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd STT- 5:i
7.30 11.-oo 3.15 PICKENS 9.In
7.35 II-05 3-2 *FERGUsON 9-Of
7 55 1.55 34) ::\AU.IN S-45
S.oojII.3" 3-415 EASLEY 8.4c
Ar. Lv.
Silagr Staition s-No Agents.
No. I c-onnlects with Southern
No, 8 c-onnlects with Southern:
Ni;, :8 -onnhects with Southern
No. :8 conniects with Southern]
No. 1 conneicts with Southern
No. 4 c-onnects with Southern
No. .jeon niects with Southern
Fur any~ fuirther information apll
.J. T. TA
d moner scairce. Better let me repair th;
gon. I can s.we you some money on bu:
s fall. Come ;in and let me figure on your
u a close price, to compete with the hard
1( nr unt door to the printing office. Al
on or ltt
the world.
g salesman
and your
Hawes Hats,
wfthout pi
same remedy
ice its appear
timous endorse
ys, is the best
iou. We guar
together with
Sbooklet, sent
send $1 direct4
iding us their
he pictures to
ing Molesoff. A
and without an
pt. B194
2'No. 4 No. 6
d Mix'd Mix'd
[iP. M. P. M.
)1.50 4.35
1.45 4.30
[.35 4.20
* 130 4.15
1.25 4-10)
I1.20 4.05
>Jo. 42
fo 39
4o, 39
io. 12
iJo, 12
io. 39
Co. 11
y to
at old buggy or
ring a new one1
job. I will make
'!D U

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