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nt of British Museum Dis
cdThrs It in Egypt.
Fourteen Feet High of Alabas.
ter, Dug From Between the Co.
lossi in Water-Logged Plain
of Old Memphis.
Cairo, \Egypt. - Another sphinx,
weighing id ety tons, and carved Lrom
a single block of alabaster, has been
unearthed at- a point betweei the
world-famed,Oftssi, on the water
logged plains of MIemphis, in Egypt.
For hundreds of years it has lain in a
recumbent position buried beneath the
sands on the road to Sakkareh. To
day it is half-exposed to view, and
next year it is to be raised to a verti
cal position above the water-line.
This newly found sphinx was betray
ed in its hiding place by its tail, which
Mr. Mackay, one of the students of the
British School in Egypt, discovered
about a year ago. This year, when
the water on the plain subsided, the
complete figure was excavated, and
was found to measure some fourteen
feet in height and twenty-six feet in
length. Alabaster being a rock foreign
to the neighborhood, the new sphinx
ranks as the largest that has ever
been transported. The figure bears no
Inscription, but is considered by Prof.
Flinders Petrie, the director of the
British School in Egypt, to have been
carved about 1300 B. C. 'Many other
4V remarkable discoveries, taking the
mind back as far as 5500 B. C., and
lifting the veil of centuries from
Egypt's romantic story, have also been
made by the same school, and, with
the exception of 'a red granite group
of Rameses II and the god Ptah, which
will be sent direct to the Ny Carlsberg
Museum at Copenhagen, and a few
other details, are now on exhibition at
* University College, Gower street. They
include many objects quite new to
Among these are coffins made of
basket work, reeds or withes, sandal
trays, an axe handle, in which the grip
is composed of delicately knotted
string, a pot of unburnt incense for a
fire-offering of 4000 B. C., and numer
ous pieces of timber, showing by their
Coffin of Basket Work.
formation the principles of building
e construction that were in -ogue nearly.
4 6000 years B. C.
The graves of the early Egyptians
were always well provided with such
necessaries as were thought essential
for the spirit of the departed when it
again materialized. Consequently, the
relics from Tarkhan include headrests
(some of them carved out of trees
trained specially Into peciliar shapes),
sandals, large jars of food, and various
vessels of gypsum and semi-transpar
ent alabastar. Sane of the vases bear
the name of Mena, the earliest known
-Egyptian king, They are considered
by some experts to be a tribute corre
sponding to the modern floral wreath.
Evidence is also provided of the lack
of historical sentiment in the Roman
occupants of Egypt by numerous exam
Ides of inscribed Egyptian tablets that
Shave been used as hearth stones, door
lintels, and mill stones. There is also
N . ample evidence of the belief that sac
rilege among the tombs was more com
mon In the earlier periods of Egyptian
r history than in later periods.
Tennessee Minister Builds Hotel Es
pecially for Eloping
Bristol, T'enn.-Rev. Alfred HarrIson
Burroughs of Bristol, now in his
eightieth year, has married 4.000
couples in the last twenty-three years.
"I had no thought of making this a
business," said the aged minister. "I
was licensed to marry people many
years ago, and when the first runaway
couple sought me in 1889, I consented
to marry them more as a matter of
accommodation than anything else.
"Some of my friends were prescnt
and witnessed the marriage. They
complimented me and told me that I
ought to make marrying a business.
After that I d!d not decline to offer
my services whenever a couple came
my way. Month by month the busi
ness grew until I sometimes married
from three to six couples a day."
So rapidly did the minister's mar
rying business increase that he built
a hotel designed especially to accom
* modate eloping couples.
New Wrinkle in Laundry.
San Bernardo, Cal.-When his laun
dry bill showed a charge for washing
four greenbacks, George B. Rowan
gasped in astonishment. Hie looked
through his laundry and found a pile
of carefully ironed and starched bank
otpwhich had come home with his
weekly wash. They amounted to $60,
which he remembered having failed
to remove' from. his clothing before
sending it to the laundry.
"After four in our family had died
of consumption I was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pounds through using
PRIcE 50c and $1.00 AT ALL DRUGGISTS.
S50/aMy bes2
(% 00 0 0
Undermining of Winchester-Catha
edral Stopped by Cement.
For Many Years the Historic Building
Has Been Cracking, Bulging and.
Settling, Threatening to Col
lapse Completely.
London.-After a period of eight
centuries, Winchester cathedral now
rests on a solid and immovable foun
dation, saved from threatened ruin.
Almost every day in the last few years
the movements of a diver in regula
tion dress have been watched with cu
rious interest as he entered or emerg
ed from the water ben-eath the founda
tions of the cathedral. He was at
work helping to save from ruin one of
England's noblest historic buildings,
and the successful issue of the under
taking has been gelebrated by a
thanksgiving service in the cathedral.
For several years the dean and chap
ter of Winchester had been watching
ominous signs, such as cracks, bulg
ngs and settlements, sure harbingers
of a collapse of the cathedral. From
the interior daylight could be seen
through the cracks; the latter grew
ever wider and wider. The walls on
the south side and the Norman tran
septs. unequaled for their majestic
simplicity, were riven in all directions.
The massive masonry of the Norman
builders had from the beginning
proved too ponderous for the watery
compressible soil which forms the
The first hole dug into the founda,
tions revealed the cause of the whole
trouble-water-and acting on expert
advice, holes were dug in sections
through the top soil and chalk and far
through the peat. Then it was the
work of the diver in his usual diving
dress to enter the hole, remove further
layers of peat so as to allow the water
to rise into the cavity, and then to lay
a flooring of cement to prevent the wa
ter from sinking back into the gravel.
After the imprisoned water had been
removed by pumping the cavity was
illed up with brickwork in cement.
This extended from the floor laid by
East Front of Winchester Cathedral.
he diver up to the solid stonework of
he cathedral, showing like a roof. of
ock overhead.
While the work underground was be
ing carried on, patiently and, thor
ughly, seven anxious years, the
cracks in the walls, vaultings and
arches of the fabric were welded by
the injection of liquid Portland cement
from a squirting machine, a process
known as grouting, capable of being
so manipulated as to fill either a shal
low crack or a rent through the thick
ess cf a massive wall.
Every crevice is now being repaired,
very flaw and dtisplacement remedied,
very trace of instability in the foun
ations removed, and the cathedral
seems to stand as solidly as the
strongest building in the kingdom.
Fal Against Door Gives George More
gan Hope for Complete
, Recovery.
Wilmington, Del.-Becoming totally
blind fourteen weeks ago, George
t. Morgan Jr., aged twenty-three
years, 1351 East Thirteenth street, had
his sight restored to him through an
ccident. About eleven years ago Mor
gan was struck in one eye with a,
stone a small boy had thrown at a
freight car. His sight was badly af
fected and last September he went
o St. Joseph's hospital in Baltimore
to have his eye treated. While sitting
n his boarding house fourteen weeks
ago he suddenly became totally blind
without any warning whatever.
He came to this city to visit his
~arents on June 29, and he tripped
over a rug and fell, his forehead strik
ng a door-jamb with much force.
hen he arose he found that he could
see the daylight and later develon
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New Orleans.
i ments sn6oWed that ne coula see Det
ter than before he went to the hos
pital last yar.
He intends to return to the hos
pital to continue the treatment, al
though the physicians told him they
did not think he ever would be able
to see again. His mother was at
market at the time of the accident
.nd could not believe her son's glad
declaration when she returned until
he told her the color of her hat and
dress and described other things in
the room.
Bees Make Hive of Scarecrow.
Kingston, N. Y.-Ellis Osterhaut, 8:
farmer near here, has discovered that
the bees have turned one of his scare
crows into a hive. The trousers legs
of the figure were filled with honey.
Hunter of White Rhinoceros Has
Dangerous Foe to Contend With
-Animals Attack Man.
Singapore.-Of the three great Is
lands of the Malay peninsula, as a big
game resort, Sumatra is said to be
the best, Borneo the worst. In Sumw'
tra all the great mammalian varieties
are to be found, the tiger, the ele
phant, rhinoceros, tapir, orang-outang
and slamang. In Java, the elephant,
tapir and orang-outang are missing, but
the rhinoceros and tiger are repre
IIn Borneo all these large animals
are unknown now, though doubtless
they existed there in former days,
Sumatra offers less inducements tO
Ithe general or der' of visitors than the
other two mentioned above for sever
al reasons.
The Shikari will find the traveling
very bad in such regions as have
no roads. For hours, sometimes, he
Malayan Belle.
will have to wade waIst deep in slimy
slush, not infrequently finding him
self, like the Irishman in the story,
"up to the ankles in mud," but, as
he forgot to mention, "head down
wards." Added to this, he must be
'prepared to view everything through
a perfect haze of m ;squitoes. Such is
the home of the white rhinoceros, and
thither the hunter must venture who
wishes to get a shot at him. This, it
may be remarked, is by no means
synonymous with bagging his pachy
dermatous majesty. Indeed, he oftener
than not turns the tables on his pur
This monster is said to be the only
animal that will attack man unprovok
ed, and considering that, unwieldy
though he looks, he can go as fast as
a horse, the encounter is no joke. The
retreating hunter's best co'urse. is to,
seek safety up a tree; though, unless
it is a pretty stout one, this will not
better his position much. Even if it
is, he may be "treed" there for a con
siderable time. Unless a European is
quite~ fever-proof and provided with
special firearms, this branch of sport
is better left untried.
Monkeys abound in endless variety
in all these Islands, but especially in~
Borneo. The peacocks, pigeons of va:
rious kinds, and a very handsome
pheasant, also several water birds,
waders and lovely kingfishers. There
are said to be no less than 240 spe
cdes of land birds known to inhabit
this isle of Java, ' hile at least 40 are
peculiar to It. On the other hand, no
less than 16 genera found in the ad
jacent island are absent from this one,
Rhinoceroses, leopards, wild dogs and
other small game are to be met, and
deer are abundant, but there are no
antelone or goats.
Saves Leg Of Boy
"It seemed that my 1-4-year' old boy
would have to los is leg. on aiccount
of an ug~ly ule'r, caus~ed by a bad
bruise," wrote I) F. Ih ia ard. Aij'uond'.
N. C. .All remedz's and dloctors tat
metnt failed till wet tried Buckhen's
ArnicL Salve.-and cured imi with one
~o." Cures burre boils, skin eruptions
piles. 25 c at all druge.ist a
Tax Notice.
Olliceof Coutyat Treasurer. Plckenls Coun:tv.
Pickens. S. C.. October 1, 191:
The books for the collection of Stata aid
County taxes will be ,pen from
October 15th 1912 to lecember 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so carn pay inl Janua
I ry 1913, with I per cent additional. Those
who prefer payinlg in February 191:1. cal:
dto so with 2 per cent additional. Those wli.
prefer paying in Mlarch 1913, to the 15th of said
month, can do so oy paying an additional 7 pei
cent. After said date the books will close.
N. B.-Tax Payers owning property or payiug
tax for others, will please ask fo tax receip1
In each towiship or special school district it
which he or they may own property. This h
very Important as there are so many specia
school districts. Those who do not wish tc
come to the ollce can write me, not later thati
December 20th. and I will furnish them wit:
the amount due and they ean remit me bv
check, money order or registered letter, li
stamps are sent do not send above two 021
vent, as I cannot use them. Please do nol
send -me cash without registering same, as it i
liable to get lost; if sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ........5 P Milhs
Levy for Constitutional School tax . 3 millh
Levy for Ordinary County tax. 6 milb
Levy for Sinking Fund ....... .... mil*
Levy for Past Indebtedness..m..... .4 milh
Levy for Chain Gang... ...... ........ mill
Levy for State Constable .... .. ,..... mill
TorM 19? milh
Special Levy for School District No. 1, 2mills
Special Levy for School District No. .mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3....2 milk
Special Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5 ..2 mills
Special Lovy for School l.irtrict No.7... .4 mills
Speciai Levy for School 1) strict No. 8,. . .2 mills
special evy for School District No. 9.. 10 mills
Special Le-y for School District No. 0, 2% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 11, 7J mills
special Levy for Sehool District No. 12, ..2 mil
Special Levy for School District No. 13,..8 milis
Special Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mills
Special Levy for Sehool Distriet No. 16.. .6 mills
Special Levy for Sc hoiol District No. 17.. .7 mills
Special Levy b r School District No. 18. 2 mills
Special Levy for 'School Ditstrict No. 19, 2mills
Specia l Levy for School District No. 2u,...2 nmiils
Special Levy forSehool District No.21..4 mills
Special Levy for School lDist riet Nia. 22,..4 mills
Special Levy for School Dlst riet Noi, 23,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School li. int Ni. 24, 2i; mills
Special Levy for School luii rietr No.'T. 2i,6 millis
Special Levy for School lIi-t iet ... 27,. .2 mills
Special l.evy for Scho.-l l'ikt riit Ni. '. ..4 mills
Speccial Levy for Scelcool itistirie t N o 28 3 m ill
Specia: Levy for Schl.ii1 I list riet Nii. 311. I5 mills
Special Levy for School lDist rict No. :E.. 3i mills
Special Levy for School District No.:ki ,4 mills
Speciel Levy for School lDistrict No. 37. 4 milt'
Special Levy for Sohtool D)istrict No, 38. 2 millk
Special Levy for School l)lstui-t No. 40 ,2 mills
Special Levy for School lDistrict No 41. 3 mills
Special Levy fvr School Dilstrii t No. 42.. .2 mills
Special Levy foi- School Dlistrict No. 46.. .4 mills
Special Levy for School District No 47.. .3 mills
Special Levy fo'r Sehool District No. 49.. .2 mill'
Special Levy for School District No. Sl. 3 mrtllI
Special Levy for School Distrset No. 52, 2 mnill
Special Levy for School lDistrict No. 5:u... 3 n*' l
Speclal Levy for School Dist ric t No. 5.-. . .4 m ills
Special Levy for School District s.No 5ti...4 tills
Levy' for interest otn Pickens R. R. Uotids
Hiurricanie totwnship...... ... ......2 mills
Le'vy fas initerest on Pickcns li. Ri. 110nds
kastit-e township......... ......2 tui:l
Lavy for interest on P'ic'kens Rt. R. isonids
Picken'i C. H. township...........:ilhi
Poll Tax, Onte (1) liollar. E-very mule citiz.en
frum 21 to to 60) years is liable, except Confede'r
ate soldiers, who do not payi aftcr 54i years, arid
tltose excused by law.
C'ommiutationi Roadi Tlax. $l1.50. The Leg
isature eniacted the followinug law: "That all
able-bodied male persons t reon the atge of twent
ty-onte anid fifty years, bioth i -lusive. ini jthe
coutnty of P'ickenis. s'iall bec reqirredl anniually
to pay otte dollar arnd fifty cents cotmmuiitationt
or road tax, exe< pt m iters of tile goispel ai'
tually in chargre of n cgstionr, personhs ner
mnanently disaibled i-i the itilitaryv service of
this State. anid persons whto served ini the late
war betweent the States. and tall J ersotts actual
ly employed in the quarantine service of the
n ate, ar'd all studentts whoi may be attemi ig
arty sebool or college at the titne when the con
mutation tax hereinaboive provided for shial
becomte dure shall be required li pay to the
County Treasuirer of said couniy, between the
15th day of Octobier and the S1st' dry of Decemt
her ini each arid every year. art autual commtu
tationt or road tax of~ onre dollar arid fifty cents
per head, anid arny failure to pay said road tax
shall be a mtisdemteanior. anrd the offenider. i lain
conviction. shiall be punitshedl by a line of riot
less thatn live dol.1lars aril riot mnore t hanrit tyi
dollars, or imaprisonted for not miore than thirty
C.apitationi Dog Tlax. All piersonrs owning
clogs are required to pay a tax of lifty (5)J cents
Ott each dog. Respectfully
J. T. RICHl!Y,
C'ountv Tireasu rer.
'Clerk's Sale
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Iln Court of Common Pleas.
M y rat M Porter, Plaintiff,
Rhifuis P Porter. et a! Defend
Iln pursuance of a decretal
o)rer mlade in the above stated
calse by his Honor, Judge J. WV.
Dewvra-, dated Sept. 24, 1912 and
01n file in the Clerks offce, Pick
enls (coutyT. I will sell before
the Coiurt Honu!e door at Pick
ens, S. (C. to the highest bidder
during the legal honrs of sale
on Salesday in November 1912,
the following dlescr'ibed r.-al
estate, lying andi being in the
county of P'ickenls andl state of
South Carolinla.
All that piece. inzreel and lot
oif land lying andi being situate
iln the state and County afore
said, Pickens, C H Townsh:p,
adjoining lands of J. T. Looper,
P. A. Porter, John Langston
and others and containing about
four (4) acres more or less, being
the land deeded to W. L, Porter
by C. L. Cureton. Terms cash.
Purchasers to pay for papers
and for recordling the same.
Terms (of sale must be complied
with in one hour after sale or
the land will be resoldI at the
risk of the former purchaser.
C'lerk (of Court.
Mrs. W. T. Gritiin spent afew
dlays last week in Greenville
w'ith her daughter. Mr's. :ick
ekens ounty
Ulerk's Sale
1 State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Liberty Bank, Plaintiff.
Susie Parsons, et al Defendant,
By virture of a dec ee in th
above stated case and signed o
his Honor Geo. E Prince a
Chambers and on file in th
Clerks office in Pickens count
and dated June 11, 1912, I wi
sell to the highest bidder o
salesday in November 1912 i:
front of the Court House doo
during the legal hours of sal
the following described rea
estate to wit:
All that piece or lot of lan
being in the west part of th
town of Liberty, .in Picken
county and state above written
containing thirty hundredth
(30-100) of an acre, frontin
81 feet on Peachtree streel
and joins lots No. 13 and 1
on west and lot No. 8 o:
the south, the title being in TH
Parsons name. Terms of sal
cash. Terms of sale must b
complied with within one hou
after sale, or it will be resold a
the risk of the former purchas
er. Purchaser or purchaser
are to pay for all papers and fo
recording the same.
Cl'erk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina
Pickens County.
Court of Common Pleas
Nancy C. Rigdon et al, Plaintiffs
V. A. Rigdon et al. D-et ndants.
In pursuance of a decre-tal orde
made- in the above stated case by hit
Honor. Judge J. W. DeVore. ~<ate
Septernber 27. 1912. and on file in tht
Cierk's office Fickens county. I will sei
bffoie the Court house door to tht
highest bidder during the legal hours o:
sale on Salesday in November 1912, th
fol*o"ing described real estate lying
and b.ing in the County of Pickens an<
State of South Carolina. All that cer
tain piece, parcel or tract of land lying
an] being situate in the Sttte an<
County aforeqaid on waters of Saluda
river and adjoining lands of V. A. Rig
dcn, J. F. Rigdon et al and being par1
of the s.:i e land d-e'ied him by Nancy
t'. Rigdon and contiinity.g fibieen (l;)
acres mere or les<. Teris of s:ale cash
Shioll the purchaser tail to conply
witi the termis of this sale within one
hur th, r after, said clerk wiil re-se-l
the same -n I he same or some subs
q-it saf- sdav. at the risk of the forme,
purchaser. Purchaser to pay for ..alra
for reco rding 3:L0ei
-A. J, B0009.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale
State of South raro'ina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Lucy A. Parnett tludson. et al, Plain iffs
Joe H B:crnett. rDefendant.
In pursuance of a decetal order madsi
n the a bove stated case by H is H noj
JIt ige 3 W. D- Vore, dated Septembui
->h. 1912 and on file in the Clerk'
- f~iaes Piekens County. I will sell be
r. ti.-. Court house door at Pic-kens, S
i , -1i the legal hiours of sale, or
s-i-. in Novem-naw 1912, the follow.
ios. dlow-~riba d reals estate. lying and he.
-ne int+e Counity of P'ekens and Stats
s .r wt h > rolii a. Al c!that certair
'-~ t'o-,-~I "r tract of land lying anc]
a -h e -tla'- in' thpe Connte and State
--f -e wi .won -lr's Ceeek waters nil
n'n-e r v - wt d~ ainimer tands of B
11. WiH-i.. I en,. riendrix, Waldrot
e-'t te et :,l :e.-.t enanining fifty one. (5'l
ten a - thl s* a- "'one- e or llss
p161rasr ri II - con~ pI' w ~ith the te-rmi
fthi sah wi-e -m et; hour there-afror,
.zidl clerI wi i r.sel sh - sinme on the
amcne or -aao'. 'nbs quemot -wl-sday at thce
ri-i- of the form-r perchat-er.
Purchase-r toa t.2 fo.r all papers andt
foar ree' rdlng 1hIi- *:-;. .
A J1 t00(0s,.
- jurk of court.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickens County
In Commnon Pleas Court.
Mat tie Belt, Plaii.tif
L. M. (rone-. Defendant.
In pc' suance o-f a de-cretal order made
in tl.2-b.tve~ stared ca-e by lhis Honor
Judg% J. W. De-Vore, dated Septenbez
M. 1912, and on file in the Clerk's office
Pick-ns coty. I will sell to the high
est hidder, before the Court house door
at P-icke-ns. S. C , during the legal hours
of! sale on salei'dav in November 1912,
the fol'o'ing described real estate,
Ivir g and being in the County of Bick
enrn undl mate of South Carolina.' All
tho'se two lots of land lyir-g and being
-iruate in the- State and County afore.
said in or near the incorporated limhits
c-f the Town of Easley and known as
lots Nos 11 and 12.
TFermo' e-h. P'archaser to pay for all
pprc anal for recording samle: Termis
of sale tust he complied with in one
hour after sale or the premises will be
re-.mild at the risk of the fornier pr-e
chagc~s A. J. BOGGS,
C2lerk of U -lir t
.Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina.
County of Picken.,
in Commnon Pleas Court.
Maggie Anders Jones et al, Plaintiffs
J. P-rry Anders et al. Defendants.
In piursuance of a decretal order made
b~y his Honor. Judge J. W. DeVore,
.iatedc Septetmber 27th, 1912, and on file
mo the (lerk's office Pickens county, j
xvill sell to the highest bidder before the
CXort houise door at Pickens, S. C., dur.
ng the legral hours of sade on Salesday
in November 1912. the following de
-w'ribed re-al estate, lying and being ir
the- County of P'ickens anai State of
South (.arolina. All that certain piece,
p:trc--l or trac: of land, situate, lying
-md being in the State and Counts
aforesai on '.'aters of Saludla river anc
adj tining lands of Woodsitte land. J. B
Rugdlou l:'und, McJ unkin3 land anc
Liathet land atnd containeiig two hun
dred eighty 1tnine (289) racres n-orn
or lee, Terms of sale ead!
Should tle putrchaeer fail to com
ly with the tertns of this sale withit
one hour the-re-after, saidl clerk will reselI
the same on the inote or some sulse
quent salesday att the iisk of the foarme:
Purebaser to pay for all papers an<
record ing the samew.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Sta'e of South C rolina
County of Pickens
In the C, urt of Com won Plens.
G. H, Hendricks. Plaintiff
Louvisa Mansell et al, Defendants.
In ..ur-uance of a decrt-tal order ma fe
e in the abovestated cate by bji6 H nor.
y Judge J. W. DeVor,. < ated Septeine.
t 2 th. 1914, and on file in the Cl-rk-s
officePickens county, I will sell hemefoe
e the Court hot se door a: liekens, S C .
V dining the hgai hour, of sale on Saie
[t Iay in November 1912. tfe following
dee-cribed real estate lviig and being in
.h - County of Pickens anid state ot
South Carolina. All that certain pitce
r -arcel or tract of land 1h tmg on Prarers
e Cret k, waters of Twelve Mile river a 41
i oeing situate in Hurrican- Towrnslip
a ijoining landa of Davis Bowei. W. 1
tiitr kin, D. C. Tompkins, John Hunter
d (Co-.) at d othersconaling forty tie (!;5)
acres more or less, it beng the 1arnt
'onIeyed to Louvisa Mansel and L. M.
Mauel by Ca.o'iie McWhorter "ni t,
30 d-tv of December 1903 and being p :ri
S of the Caiter Diliard land and being I
sane land owned by Oliver MeWhlrte
at the Lime of his death. Terms of talt
osh The termus of the sale must be
complied with within one hour or the
a premises will be resold ar the r sk of the
f >rnier purch-tser. Pur chatser to vay
for all pipers and rec o-ding the s Lnie.
A. J. BOGG$.
a clerk of court.
t Clerk's Sale.
B State of South C trolina
r County of Pickens
In Court of Common Pleas
W. G. Trotter, Plaintiff
T. W. Pit klesimer, et al, Defendants
In pursuance of a decretal order made
in the above stated case by his Honor,
Judge J. W. DeVore, dated September
26th, 1912, and on fi16 in the Clerk's
ofice Pickens county, I will sell before
the court house door at Pickens, S. C.,
-luring the legal hours of sale on Sales.
day in November 1912 the following
dec- ibed real estate lying and being in
the Ccunty of Pickens and State of
South Carolina.
T-act . 'o. 1, on Six Mli'e cret k w e-ers
of Keowee river. adjoining lands of A.
D Manr, W. P. Willimon and other.
containing thirty-one (31) 4cres more or
less Tract No. 2 on waters of Six M-.
creek, aajoining tract No. 1 and the
lands of P. W. Willimon. Anthony Ba- )
ker. and P, M. Durham. containing t--n
(10) acres more or les-.
Tract 3 on Six Mile Creek and Seneca )
road adjoining lands of W. N. Hendrix.
J. B. Entrekin. E. 31. Jones and H C.
Shirley. containing tixt%-one (6;) acres
more or less and being the thrpe tract.,
of land conv-ved to T. W. Picklesiner J
by H. M Hester on July 17. 191. )
Terns of :aie cash, should the pur
chaser cr p.archasers fail to comply
with the terms of this s:.le within o e
hour tLereaft-r said ( lerk will r- sell
tne Pame on the same iir ome :.ubhe
g tint Sale sday at the risk -f -lie forn
r Iu.chaser or purchasers. Purchacser
;4W pay for all papers and ricording the
s-ime. A. J. itOGGS,
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickens ('ounry
In Common Pleas Court
Eacley Loan & Trust Cc. iPlaintiff
R E. Childress, Deft ndant.
In pursuar ce of a decretal order made
in the above stated case by his Hcnor,
Judge J. W. Devyore, dated1 September
~4. 1912 atnd on file in the Clerk's office
Pickens county. I will sell before the
Court house door, 10 the highest
biddi r during the legal hocurs of sale on
Salenday in Novemib i1914, the follow
inir describe~d real est- tc- 1. ing and being
in the County of PicLe-n' and State of
South Carolina All ics' piece, parcel
or tract of landl sic nate, ly ug and being
ip the State ant Couun'y :.foresntid, on
head w aters of a ul f "reek. A djoining
iattd oef Johu Julian, J. E. Clark, R. M.
Hill, WV. hi. Fre-emanc mi:d others and
containing nir~etv nmne (99)~ acres mo(re
or less. Being thce lae~d conveyed to me
by 31l. A Hlolllngsworth on the 21st day
-if Mav 11 and said convevance rec5~rd
ed in Vol. Z page 361. Altso twenty (21)
acres more or le-ss adjoining the above
tract: it being a peart of mty old home
place. Termis cash. P-urchmaser to p' iy
for ciad pets and for recorting r he
'amns Trerms of rale must be compliu
withe in one hour after sale or the
premuises w ill liw re-sold at the risk of
former peurchaser. A. J. O(GGS,
C - rkc if Court.
l(tiCI cf !i:al laitlimlat and bilChargi
NOTICE is hereby given that I will
make app~lication to J. B. Newberry
Ksq., Judge of Probate for Pickens coun
ty, in the State of South Carolina, on
the 1st day of November 1912. at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be heard,
for leave toi make final settlement of:
the estate with my wyard. Eb~abeth
Sutherland. and ob~tain di.-oharge as
:.,uardian. Amos 0. &iuthetland.
ec 4 (Guardian.
~otite Of Fil 1 letCl ald Dilcharge
Notice is here l-y given that we will
make app~lication' to J. B. Newherry,
Eq Judge eof Probcate for Pickens count
tv m te S'ate oif South Carolina. on the
I .hny of Ocetolcr, 1912 at 11 o'clock
ini tice foreniocn or as soon
-h. reasf'er as saa't aplienctiin can be
ii. :irit, for leave to make fitnl settlemnrt
.. he e-tate of C. H, Park-n, deceasc-d
c td obtami dlcschrge as aedmii trators
f saidi et-., Nora Park-ins
W. A Sheldon
..24 Admntuistrutors.
NgtiCg Of Final ilttlienl and icli~l
NOTlICE is hereby given that 1 will
mtake api~heation to J. BS. New bery Esq.,
Jtudge oif Prol.ate for Pick-ens county,
in the State of South Carolina, on the
.1 day of Oct.. 1912, at 10 o'clock in
the foreniion, (or as soon thereafter as
.eaid acpplicaticn can he heard for leaveI
to make fihnal settlement of the estate
of J. B Freeman, deceased, and ob
tain discharge as executor of said estate.
B. S. Freemaan,
0.t. 30, 1912 Executor.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Tlhe following described property
having been seix.d from Sam Griffin on
Septembher 2nd, 1912, for the violation
of Section 3296 R- S. U. S. One gray
mule, one buggy and harness, b gallons
corn whiskey, Persons making claims
for some t-hould make application to
the Collector of Internal Revenue at
Columbia. S. C. within 30 days from
date~ hereof or the same will be declaredJ
forfeited to the United States.
1R. Q. Merrick. Deputy Collector.
Greenville. S. C., Sept. 2, 1912,
for icken
UThe Cori
JShor TI
Late corn is a
ti an d theie is v
corn141. Buying
a Vo1 c' opS exp
We \wisl to
a farm-iers that th
one or two acre:
1 three would be
it well and s<
a Between the m
of next May yo
E in and after tha1
your c0op with
You can ferti
this faUl with c
, and top dress i
Sso(M,. This will
This 10-4 is a fi:
oats or wheat ai
3 you iry this pla
will pay you.
Anderson Phosp
fl Prompt
S Its benieficial e
M:?es rich, red, pur
.s a wo:zjde ini tonic and body
good wood sh~ingle, ad in some pleen the
Roofs put on 26 years ago areas good a ne
Schedules Effective Sept
N. B.-The following schedule figure
rtr not gual anteed.
No. 44 ATLA NT1 \
Jp-~eeges for Charlotte and
Stops only
No 42 SENECA (Daily exc<
Fr W:ishington and New Y
enig.--rs from Atlanta and to
lou~e and bevondl
Stops to take on passeng
41 CH ARLOTTE (daily, ex
For iur! h-r informa~tionl apply to Tic
W. 1R. T.\ BElR, P. & T. A.
(Gretnville, 8. C.
s ountyi1V
iis Year[
lIraost a. failure, W
ery little early
corn makesI]
suggest to the"
ey prepare well
s to the plow,,
better; fertilize
>w it in o s.
iddle ind last a
ur oats will be M
you can finish
very little corn.
.ize your oats
iur 10-4 sgoods
ext spring with
make fine oats.
ne fertilizer for -t
>d is cheap. If
n we believe it M
hate & Oil Co.
,S. C.
ALN, Pickens,
DRNTON, Easley.
h, Poke Root and Potainm)
Powerful Permanent
Stubborn cases Good results are
Ahe otbermedi you tostaycro
cines are useless
e blood--cleanses the entire
mgthens digestion and nerves.
4 PoIson and skin diseases.
tops the Pain; ends Malaria;
builder. Thousands endorse it.
)RUG Co.
MAPlrAL- $50'
.McD Bruce, President.
M. Mauldin. Cahir
L. Nodit-mobother~and whmmse
~es d ra h oo ofi
As to pric--they cost no masthana --
w today. and hav e edrnedetpaua.
0OW (0., Pickens, S. C~
.22,1912 from Easter.
e are published only as informa-ion and
...----.--..--.----2 208am
a from Atlanta, or to recteive
d ATLANTA-.-..-5.45 am
on Sundays
apt Sunday)--------8.35 am
--..-----------.1.15 pm
.--.----------.-6.25 pm ,
ATLANTA-..-..7.55 pm
rk. "" to discharge pas
receiveg~ as engers for Char
INGTON~-..---.6.50 am
ers for Atlanta .
..-..-- -- --- --11.55 am
ctpt Sunday) - ..--955 pm
ket Agent or writeE.AG.P
Columbia S. C.

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