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To every person who will call
-ank will give absolutely free, ono
information to solve the daily prol
merchant. mechanic and others.
simplicity of plan. These books I
will be given away fast. Come ii
all gone.
J. P. Carey, Pres. R. E. Bruce,
Local and
Mr. C. E. Robinson, Jr., spent
Sunday in Pickens.
Mrs. W. T. McFall spent
n q nday in Greenville.
Miss Texana Bowen is visiting
the family of J. 'Taylor.
Miss Florence Bowen has re
turned from a visit to Liberty.
Mrs.. E. C. Fulghum spent
Saturday shopping in Green
Mr. J. T. Richey spent last
-Wednesday in Greenville on
Mrs. T. R. Allen recently
spent some time in Greenville
with her parents.
Miss Octavia Martin, who has
been quite sick with fever, is
much better now.
Mrs. Bivens informally enter
tained a few of her friends on
last Friday afternoon.
-Mrs. C. A. Waters, who has
been visitina8 her relatives in
Misson ihas returned home.
Miss Eyelyn Johnson, of
Greenville, is the attractive
guest of Miss Lorena-Taylor.
Mr. Sydney Bruce, of David-I
son College, N. C. was in Pick
ens Saturday and Sunday.
.Mr. and Mrs. Belcher, of
Greenville, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Earle Lewis in Pickens.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bowen
spent awhile with friends and
relatives in Calhoun last week.
Mr. J. H. Roper, who has
been away from . Pickens for
several days has returned home.
Mr. W, T. Morgan of Green
ville, spent a few days last week
with her sister, Mrs. W. T.
Capt. J. T. Taylor spent a
few days this week in Taylors,
wihhis father, who is
very ill.
Miss Vesta Ashmore delight
fully entertained in honor of
Miss Johnson. on Monday even
Miss Edith Power, who has
been visiting Mrs. B. H. Atta
-- way has returned to her home1
in Anderson.
On Tuesday evening Miss
K4Ora McFall was the charming
hostess at a party in honor of]
Miss Johnson.
Messrs. Larry and John
Thornley. accompanied by their
mother, visited in Anderson
last week.
Mrs. J. T. Taylor, Mrs. Ernest 8
Folger and little daughter, (
SJulia Frances, are visiting i
friends and relatives in Georgia 1
Miss Norma Griffin, who is c
teaching school in Catteechee 1
spent Sunday with her mother, I
Mrs, W. T. Griffin.t
You Take a Despe
To save a little money, by goint
do you really save it? How mai
amount of the premium away ant
..raiount to? Not near enough t<
Let me mnsure your property .to
have nothing to iusure.
I represent nothing but the be
........e W. L A
and ask for one, the KE owee
, Johnson's Fact Book. full of
>lems of the banker, farmer,
A comprehensive work with
rill solve many problems and
i and get one before they are
Pickens, S. C.
-Pres. M. C. Smith, Cashier.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jeans
ind Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie
;pent Sunday in Greenville.
['hey went over in Mr. Gillespie's
F, B. Maxwell, wife and
laughter, of Anderson, spent
sunday in Pickens as guests of
Kr. and Mrs. Ben Parsons,.
Large crowds are attending
the tent meeting near here and
much interest is being manifest
ad, Several from Pickens are
,B. F. Parsons last week pur
chased a new model 1913 Ford
automobile and is rapidly devel
oing into the speed demon clas&
of chauffeurs.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Berry,
of Richland. have returnet
home afteri spending awhil
here as the guests of Mr. ani
Mrs. R. A. Bowen.
Mrs. N. A. Christopher return
ed home last Wednesday fron
her daughter's, Mrs. Arthui
Christopher. who has been ver'
ill with pneumonia.
The millinery opening of th<
-iB-M. Co., last week was quit<
success and largely attended
Ihe new milliner, Miss Battle
s becoming quite popular here
ad is a milliner of rare ability
~mong those who went ove
o reenville in automobiles an<
pent Sunday were Messrs. R
E. Bruce, B. T. McDaniel, J. P
arey. Jr., P. M. Cate, T. L
Bivens, J. L. Callaham, B
About twenty of the young
people of Pickens spent a pleas
at social evening at the hospit
able home of Mr. and Mrs. B. F
Parsons last Friday night
usic was the feature of th<
Rev. C. A. Waters is quite ill
Ee was unable to fill his appo'nt
ment in the Picke':s Baptis
hurch last Sunday. We ex
end to him our sympathy anm
best wishes for a speed'
Rey. Mr. Bailey filled his
usual appointment in the Pres
byterian church last Sunday
Mr Bailey is an excelleni
preacher and those who attent
Lhe services are always sure oj
iearing a sermon that will d<
them gcod and feel glad thal
bhey came to church.
Miss Lorena Taylor entertain.
d Saturday evening in hono:
)f her guest. Miss Johnson, of
~reenvile. Those present were:
dfisses Vesta Ashmore, Ora Mc.
'all, Ellen Lewis, Mattie Finley,
~fessrs. Charles Robinson. Jr.,
)wight Attaway, Douglas
Coungue, Julius Boggs, Jr.
Jeremiah H. Cantrell, of Six
file, Pickens county, was
mong Walhalla friends for a
hort while last Saturday. Mr.
~antrell has been seriously ill
or some months and is gaining
is strength very slowly. Last
eek was the first time he has
een able to leave home unac
ompamed for quite a while.
i has numerous friends who
Lope for his early restoration
health-Keowee Courier.
rate Chance
: without fire insurance. Ar.d
Ly years have you put the
I how much do~ your savings
pay for the worry about fire.
day Tomorrow you may
t copanies.~
TN V .Pickens
C. W: Boggs, of Calhoun,
was in Pickens last week on
Mr. Frank Christopher and
wife were shopping in Green
ville Tuesday.
Mr. John Clyde, of route 1,
called on The Sentinel while in
Pickens last week.
Hon. J. E, Boggs was in
Anderson last weeN on prof
ession al business.
Married on October the 6, 1912
Mr. Bram let B Adams to Miss
Carry Porter by their pastor E.
L. Thompson.
J. L. Bagwell, a prominent
citizen of the Enon section, was
in Pickens Tuesday on business.
While here he paid us a pleas
ant call.
The blacksmith changes his
ad this week. He says he can
save you money. Will Rose
mond's shop is just below The
Sentinel office.
The Keowee Bank is giving
away some valuable and in
teresting little books to all who
will ask for one. You can find
out about it by reading their
advertisement in this paper.
There will be an important
meeting at the Baptist Church
next Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Some important mat
ters to the church to be attended i
to and every member is urged
to be present.
The Grace M. E. church of t,
Pickens will be dedicated next f
Sunday, Bishop J, C. Kilgo, S
one of the leading men of the -
Scountry, will preach the dedica
tory sermon. Many visitors are p:
expected to attend and it will be
a history-making day.
Rev. and Mrs. G. F. Kirby
and little daughter, Emily, were
Sthe guests of the editor's family ti
on Tuesday. Mr. K. has been n
pastor of the Pickens Methodist s
church for the past two years, 0
and it is hoped by his congrega
that he will be returned. He is
a good preacher and we would
like for him to deliver a sermon
in our city. It would be a good_
idea for Rev. McLendon to in
vite him down some Sunday.
-Liberty Gazette.
---- 0
aJames Edens, who has been a I
asalesman with the Big Store P
for something more than a year a
has accepted~a position as sales- a
man and demonstrator wvith the ~
Florence Automatic Stove com
-pany, of Gardner, Mass., and
will leave today for Richmond, o
Va., to take up his work. He i
will travel the territory of South in
Carolina, North Carolina and *
Virginia. By his strict atten- It
tion to business and manly de
portment Mr. Edens has made
many friends here who regret
to see him leave, but hope him
Imuch success in his new work. II
Those who did not attend the b'
Lyceum number on Monday 4
night of last wveek missed a
great treat. Those who were
there were delighted with the en
program. Some of the audience a
must have laughed the blues o'
away forever. Mr. iCorwine, ec
one of the entertainers, was the ce
best that has been in Pickens in tr
a long time. Besides the good 4l
entertainment which he gave, 's
he did what few entertainers_
can do-made friends with his
audience. He placed himself
with them and knew what they
wanted to hear and his audience
responded with great apprecia
tion. There was a good crowd
out, but not near as many as
should have been there. Let
every one who can possibly do
so. come out to the next num
ber. These shows are not
trashy, but good instructive
entertainments and everyone
and everyone will do well to
attend. The Pickens Cornet
band furnished delightful music.
A Log On The Track
of a fast express means serious trouble
ahead if not removed, so (.oes loss of
appetite. It means lack of vitality, loss
of strength and nerve weak-ness. If ap
petite fails, take Electric Bitters quickly
to overcome the cause by toning up the
stomach and curing the indigestion.
3ichael Hessheimer of Lincon, Neb. A
had been sick over three years, but six
bottles of Electric Bitters put him right
on his feet again. They give pure
blood, s nerves, good digestion.
Here comes the children at ther1
One stumbles in a traling gowi
But smiles on In a queenly way
With some cheap tinsel for a cri
One is a king, who struts in pride
And bellows forth his stern coi
A broomstick dangling at his side
Becomes a scepter in his hands.
And so they play till dusky evq
Blots out their land of make-bel
Or s
* W]
-' And
- And we, we older ones, we smile
At the glad nonsense of their pI
That fills their minds and serves
The long. long moments of the
Half-pityingly we look on
At mimic state and mimic strife
We whose illusions all are gone.
We who do greater things in 1i
Than these gay deeds that they a<
There In their land of make-bel
(Copyright, 1911, b
o-horse farm, three miles
om Easley. See or write 0. S.
ewart at Pickens.
One car flour at wholesale
T. D. Harris,
Mill Agent.
The books of subscription to
e Linwood Land and Invest
ient Company will be open for
ibscriptions at Keowee Bank
1 October 12, 1912.
John F. Harris,
M. C. Smith,
Jno. C. Carey.
Board of Corporators.
Pickens, S. C.,
Oct. 10, 1912.
Singing at Enon
Next Sunday afternoon, Oct
er 13, there will. be a singing
eld at Enon church. Some
rominent leaders will he there
d everybody is invited tc come
d bring your song books with
Strained Eyes
cky scoover their utrepgth If treated with
onadf's Golden Eye Lotion. Bloodshot, In
mmaion and soreness are relieved without pain
one day. cools, heals and strengthens. Insist
havingLonadrs." It makes strong eyes.
aranteed or money refunded. Drnggists seUl
a~t 25cts, or forwarded p gid on receipt o*
ic by 8. B. Leonardi& co. CDpa, Fla,
lere is Your Chance !
yu contem~plate buying a home. I
ve f50 acres with new 5-'room house.
l -'I rsEt crop eh-nrud. 5 neres'Ree
,ttoms. I t ier ih's for $'150: $10')
sh. $50) n xt year. the-n $100 each
ar for 10l years Good m2:ll shoal and
~cessary outbuildings.
Or if this does not suit. you can make
ual terms on two other tracts of -5
res each. Good new s-room house on
e and 7-room house on other. anti
od outbuildings. 20 and 25 acres clear
.All fresh land and good as the
unty affords. All~ these are in one
Ict 7 miles west of Pickens C. HI..
se to gins. millk. church -s and
110ols. See E. WV. Pickens. Pickens.
C.Ri F.D1.57
Prepare For
od Weather
Vick's Croup Salve
Penslar Laxative Cold
All kinds Cough Syrup
If it's Drugs-We have it
Keowee Pharmacy
gents for Penslar Remedi. s. Dke's
Remedies. Nunna e Candies
wn fC
mand- e)
play at soldier. sailor. too; - s]
rich man, poor man, beggar. th N
me may belthe scowling crew
he one rules as the pirate chief,
all the world they make is real.
brass they clink is shining gold. t(
hear the trumpet's ringing peal.
y see the banners gay outrolled.
childish fancies, these they weave
thin their land of make-believe.
to while
yet sometimes the fancy comes
at we are children one and all.
h tinsel crowns and rolling drums t
d baubled fame and trumpet canl d
somewhere someone sits and amsme
the poor trappings of our state
sees the feeble childish wiles b
Ith which we seek to conquer fate. C
old folks. too. as children. weave e
eams in our land of make-believe.
W. 0. Chapman.)
c'$100 Reward, $100 C
The readers of this paper will be r
pleased to learn that there is at least one P
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure in all its stages, and that is d
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only L
psitive cure now known to the medical
faernity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat- b
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the blood C
and mucous surfaces of the system, there- .{]
by destroyin the foundation of the dis
ease, and givng the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting b
nature In doing its work. The proprietors
have so much faith in its curative pow--t
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars c
for any case that it falls to cure. Send
fordlit oftestionials.
Sold by all Druggists, 73c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Empjre Builder's Memorial
Erected on Lion Preserve. v
Table Mountain in South Africa Is
Where the Structure is Buil t
Beautiful View is Obtained
Prom Spot-Made Road.
London.-The memorial erected tos
Cecil Rhodes on the slopes of Tablet
Mountain is both magnificent and fit- ci
ing. o1
The site was always a favorite one 5
with Rhodes, who believed that the di
view from the eastern spurs of the
mountain excelled any other prospect
in the world for beauty. He made a
broad road to It and placed a seat
there. From It a very fine view is ob
tained of Table Bay in the Atlantic to
the north and of Fake Bay in thd In- V
dian Ocean to the south, as well as 01
the Cape Flats and the distant moun- i
tamn ranges stretching for a hundred
iles to the east and north.
Not far from this seat it was his in- bi
tention at one time to build a great ol
temple, as he called it, the object ofT
which was twofold. He intended to
make a huge enclosure for his lions, b(
that they might be housed with the p
greatest possible freedom and amid C
natural and beautiful surroundings.
The Idea in his mind was that the al
lions, enjoying a large range of liberty
and magnificently housed, would at
tract people to the mountainside,
where art and nature together at
their best must lift them Out of them
selves and inspire them with lofty
thoughts. co
Remembering that such had been Sc
Rhodes' imaginings on the mountain lit
side, the memorial committee decided B.
hat the best form for the monument ,
would be a temple dedicated to him-fi
The monument has been built of the E
granite which forms the natural base Pb
f Table Mountain and has been work- tes
d to a texture which is not so fine as Ca
o be out of scale or harmony with its ing
ountainous surroundings. re<
In front of the monument is the
statue "Physical Energy," by F. Watts,
. A., representing a man -reining in l
his horse after some great deed and fe'
scanning the future for his next bi]
chievement. It was not designed by :
Fortunes In Faces r
There's often much truth in thela- gis
ig '"her face is her fortune." lbut b, A;
never saidl where pimples. skin erup
;ione, blotches, or other blemishes dis
agure it Impure bloodi is back of
tall, and shows a ne'ed of Dr. King's
ew Life Pills. They promote health
and beauty. Try them 25eents at all
r. A. McCollough B. F. Martin
E. M. Blythe
[dl1110lgh. Marin & Blythe -
lasoRic Temple Gr'ecuville, S. C.
A ssoclate firm
Anderson, S. C. Pra
,.ctie in all onrts.
Cecil Rhodes Memorial.
atts especially for Rhodes or his
onument, but was presented as a
ft to South Africa out of admiration
r the genius of Cecil Rhodes.
Suggestions were made to place it
sewhere. But it was Rhodes' dream
make the Cape Peninsula the cen
r of art and beauty in South Africa.
seemed natural, therefore, that this
ft of the greatest of English artists
lould be placed in Rhodes' monument
i Table Mountain.
The eight lions, four on either side
the long flight of steps leading up
the portico, are the work of the
te J. M. Swan, R. A.
uffragettes Have Plan to Boom Suf.
frage In 400 4utomobiles In
New Jersey.
Newark, N. J. - An automobile
arade over a route 120 miles long
to be held in northern New
ersey under the auspices of the
dvocates of woman's suffrage. It
expected that 400 machines will be
x line. The parade will start early in
ie morning at New Brunswick and
Isband after sundown in Jersey City.
will pass through Plainfield, Eliza
eth, Newark, Hackensack, Jersey
ity, Bayonne and other cities. At
ach town there will be brief open air
eetings with addresses by women
ew Mexico Company Hopes to Get
a Reservoir Without Cost
- to Them.
Santa Fe, N. M.-The revival of a
stom followed by many pioneer
tnchmen in tho west, that of em
oying beavers in the building of
ms, is announced by the Santa Fe
ight and Water company.
The first pair of beavers obtained
r' State Game Warden Thomas P.
able will soon be put to work on
e Santa Fe dam.
It is expected that the heavers will
ild a series of small dams along
e stream so- that water may be
mserved during the rainy season.
Dies From Hiccoughs.
New York.--After Hiccoughing for
e weeks, George Washington Stew
t (colored) has just died at the Gen
al hospital.
Saved by his wife
Rhe's a wise woman who) knows just
at to do when her husband's rife is in
nger, but Mrs. R. J. F'lint, Braintree.
., is of that kind. "She insisted on
y using Dr. Kings New Discovery,"~
ites Mr. F. "for- a dreadfui cough.
en I was sw weak my friends all
ought I had only a short time to live,
d it completely cured mne." A quick
ire for coughs and colds. it is the mos'
fe and reliable medicine for manyv
roat and lung troubles-grip. bron
itis. croup, quinsy, tonsilitis, hem
rhages. A trial will convine you.
ts. and $1.00, Guaranteed by all
New Real Estate Company.
The Linwvood Land and In
~stment company is the name
a new corporation just organ
d in Pickens. The company
ill do a general real estate
siness and make a specialty
Pickens county real estate.
e books of subscription will
open October 12, notice ap
aring in this issue. The offi
s of the company will prob)
ly be elected next week.
iria-Chills and Fevers.-common
plaints among people living in the
theastern States, can be effectively re
ed in the shortest possible time by
L. T.-Richardson's Laxative Tonic.
'his prescription has been used thirty
years by Dr. Richardson, of Anderson,
C., in his daily practice as a family
sician, and has behind it thousands of
timonials from many prominent South
rolinians and citizens of other neighbor
states. R. L. T. is a wonderful cor
tor of liver troubles and the greatest
iic on the market today. You can abso
'ely rely on it in any case of chills and
er or malarial poison, constipation or
f any member of your family need a
ie that strengthens and builds, go to
r druggist today and get a fifty-cent or
lollr bottle of R. L. T., and watch the
ck steady insprovement. If your drug-.
t can't supply you write B. L. T. Co.,
derson, S. C.
R. L.T.
le Best Liver Medicine
50c & 11.00 per Bottle. All Drug Stores.
Liberty, 8. C.
. tic a rentral every Wednedays
CAN ----
that v.-ill heat the water goo<
breakfast?" A reservoir r-ad -! ent
tohold 1.5 gallons of watc:; a
copper pockct in d irect con..ct 11i
-heats liE a tea kettle on, 16Tp
dripm.water on the floor; a reservo
the fire as occasion d
t -m the lever wihtif)hten.3 -,e, reser
anld when you want the water t) st >p !.
These advantages are only e
This is only one of the many featur
show you mny others and only await:
to cal, just drop us a card and we will
'C fasd Lcii enz rand.
48Thee atags Fapernl
1 This is otl wice ofthe usualetu
sho tai n o and onl aap
48 he Paexr
)( Ti oc turchase smuah
tie is no of h ad
storeandhd yorfal
o thatfc bill knw ain
ano Pcaens cht
gtie aisqur deaw at d
buy omthing or evh
Theyailln allhlpot(
5 stoe nto your fall
If you knwanBn
tving a reservoir On your range
Iand hot while you ar Cooking
crly of copper, and Large enough
reservoir heated with a one-pic
th the left-hand lining of fiebx
of range; no pipes to freeze or
that can be shifted to and from
,en you want the water to boil, just
vr Poc!:et a--airst the left-hand lining,
,jt tura the lover te other way.
oyed wh i you re using a
esof the greatest of all ranges. We cae
Sall fron yu. Or, if you haven't time
Ca on you.
-Morrow Co.
xtE pocf Pap~te cotadining
u ra the er of gotr a
r aned ~he uity is
cite eer of al and.W a
ealfn you. r wiy have' ti
y-ouow C
ket of Paper bcntinig
(ie pcktit o o,~ o
cRanOS.00.it i
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