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PUBLISHED WEEKLYtered April 23. 1-3 at SiUSkeCIT. S.IC. ON .ecobud 4lamu #ail mater. under act o1CAYEAR
Established 1871-Volume 42 PICKENS, S. C.. OCTOBER 17, 1912.
Crazy Man SpoLHim in Milwau
kee, Wis.---Not Thought
to be Serious
Theodore Roosevelt was shot
in the breast by an assassin as
he ~ entered an automobile in
front of the hotel Gilpatrick in
Milwaukee, Wis. to start for an
auditorium where he was to
speak Monday night. The
shooting wac 'done by a man
evidently insane. Col. Roose
velt insisted on going to the iall
ald quieted the crowd that had
heard he had been shot, spoke
with the bullet in his body from
8.20 until 9.45 o.clock, though
0 apparently weak from los.s of
blood, and then was taken to
an emergency hospital.
The bullet struck a roll of
manuscript of his speech de
livered Monday night and this
probably saved his life. After
an hour's questioning the as
sassin gave his name as John
Schrank, of 307 east Tenth
street, New York. From notes
found in the prisoner's clothes,
it is evident he is demented on
the subject of Col. Roosevelt
running for a third ter-m.
Over in Oconee
On the 8th (lay of October.
'Tuesday last, it was my good
fortune to attend an education
al rally at Keowee graded school
about eight miles above Seneca
in Oconee coutmy.
In the morning we had ad
dresses delivered by the follow
ing gentlemen: -
Superintendent of Education
of Oconee county, W. C. Hugh
es, p'esided over the meeting
and delivered the addres: of
welcome. Prof. R. A. Gentry,
of Easley. respolnded to the ad
dress of welcome. Prof. W. B.
West, of Clemson ('olkge, and
Rev. J. E Crim, of Liberty.
The speeches were all well re
ceived. The dinner th;"t fol
lowed was abun dant in quanti
ty, and quality the very best.
In the afternoon the corner
stone of the building was laid
byv the Woodmen of the World.
The writer delivered a short ad
dress on the principles and pur
poses of Woodcraf t. The cere
* ~ mony wvas the first we ever wit
nessedl by the Woodmen. It
was beautiful and splendidly
carried out.
The briling iR the best coun
tr'e sc'hool house I have ever'
p~- It-stands on1 a hill sur
CO.ed byv five acr1es of land
- gma to the schnool. and is
~ne of the best sections ,of
* once county.
SAfter a long, hard pull by
- some of the enterpr'isimr citizens,
* of that commnunitv, led by Sn
perintendent Hughes, they have.
merged1 two distric2ts into oneC
and have ere'C(ted this beauiltiful
two-story building and they
have empjloyed three teachers.
They mean to giye their chil
dren the very best possible grad
edl school training. Other c'oun
tr'y communities ought to do
the same.
The school house has a large
hall upnstairs, which is rented to
the wid.' awake WV. 0. WV.
Tfhere~ are: three lare rooms
down stairs anid adjoining every
room is a cloak room, and there
is an extra loomr forI the offie
of the proeipal of the school.
The tiu ste'es have been for
tunrate in s- 'uring as principal
for the school1 Prof. ROht. A.,
Gentry. \1iiss >singeton, of
Westmiinsteri. and I iss M(org.an,
of the commnit ~ffy. will assist
4 him.
Wea'e und--r many obliga
tions t or friends, 31r. anid
Mrs. J. L.. Kell. for their kind
neCss in 'onv vIOingu to and
from the sc'hool and entertain
ing us in thi home while
a there,
We met several of ou" Pick
ens friends, all of whom we
were glad to meet, and rejoice
tU'~know that they are doing
well in their adopted county.
Amon them i mention Bud
Smith anid M rs. Enaiice Bright
Good Iliope church is about
one mile from I he sc'hool. Rev.
J. E. ('rim, of Libert~y, is pas
tor' I was deliahte-d to hear
the people speauk so favorably of
Blessings be u the good
* ople of this f avoret n.
Small Vote is Cast Throughout
the State---Not Much Inter
est Manifested
A disoatch from Columbia,
Scattering returns Tuesday
night from all but six counties
give the following results in to
day's primary:
Lyon 17,438.
Peeples 19,260.
The polls opened at 8 a. m.
2nd closed at 4 p. m. Probably
not half the vote polled on Aug
uIst 27 was voted in the primary
odav. There was practically
ao excitement and whereas
:here was much interest in cer
,ain quarters as to who would
>e chosen it was generally con
ined to friends and acquaintan
.es of the two candidates
RIanagers in remote sections of
;he state were fearfully slow in
-alling for their boxes and in
;ome precints no vote was cast.
Both candidates have been
luietly at work since the first
>rimary, but it seems that Mr.
Peeples confined his work to the
ower part of the state where he
eceived his largest vote.
Mr. Peeples is a y oung lawyer
)f Blackville. It is not believed
that Attorney General Lyon
will overcome Peeple's 2,000
mote lead.
The vote in Pickens was very
light. At the Pickens box Pee
pIes received 97 and Lyon 69; at
the Pickens mill box Lyon re
ived 27 and Peeples 0.
Our Church.
Have you, right recently,
listened at the Baptist and Pres
by terian brothers of Pickens
talk? If you will listen closely
first thing you will hear one
say: ' Have you seen 'our' new
church?" or "Haven't we got
a beautiful church?" Weil that
sounds good and we are sure
the Methodist think so too.
The building is the pride of
Pickens and we are glad to have
such a beautiful place to call
the "Lord's house" for we
think with Mr. Kilgo, in his
beautiful sermon on Sunday.
that no place can be to beautiful
for Him.
. We want to congratulate the
Methodist and most of all Mr.
Kirby, who has worked so
cheerfully and faithfully to get
this beautiful building here.
We Pickens folks think "heaps''I
of Mr. Kirby and his fainily
and we hope the conference will
let us have them as long as,
they can,_ They have accom
plished much for the church
and the community and they:
have a host of friends here.
Tax Books Open.
The tax books for Pickers
county were opened at the court
house October 15. Van Ellison,
of Pickens township, was the
first man to pay his taxes this:
time. Thomas L. Watkins. of
Central township, was the
second man to pay.
The treasurer asks us to tell
the people to call as early as
they can and get their tax
Protracted Meeting at Lenhardt.
Rev. L. N. Chappell. fornerly
pastor of the Easley Baptist
church, will begin a series of
meetings at Lenhardt school
house next third Sunday at
eleven oclock. Everybody earn
estly invited to attendl.
Fortunes In Faces
The~re's often much truth in the say
ing -her face is her fortune," but its
never said where jpipls, skin erup
tione, blotches, or other blernishes (dis
figure it Impmxe blood is back of
it ail. and shows the rneed of Dr. King's
New Life Pills. They iromiote health
and beauty. Try them 25cents at all
Dlsiike also begets dislike.
The State Fair,
indicationls are that the South
(aro lina state Fair. October 2Sth
to Novembier 2. will be the largest
an the history of the society.
(Ulmbia is preparinlg for the
reat gathering oft th.e people of tho
assed Away Monday Evening
Sick Oniv Short Time
"God touched him with h:
finger ald he slept, the pot
wrote. So may we say of Thon
as Bolding. Mr. Bolding die
at his home in Pickens Monda
evening about 8 o'clock. Tw
weeks ago he became sick wit
typhoid fever and since the
contracted pneumonia, an
these caused his death. Hi
body was buried at the cenu
tery hcie Tuesday afternoor
Rev. Mr. Waters conducted th
funeral services. and the folloi
ing friends acted as pall bea
ers: Iessrs. R. E. Yongue, N
A. Christopher. C. L. Curetor
Henry McDaniel. Olin Nalley
Willie Stansell.
"Mr. Boldhig came to Picken
from Piedmnont about fourteel
years ago, and in that time b:
his faithfulness and honesty
has made many friends wh
mourn his departure He wa
17 N ears old and had been mai
ried twice. His second wife wa
i Miss Hopkins of this county
Unto him and his first wif
were born two children-Ad;
and DeWitt-who, with hi
second wife, father and mothe
and several brothers, surviv
All who knew Mr. Boldin
knew him as an honest, straight
forward man. Mr. C. L. CurE
ton, for whom he worked abou
ten years., said that during a'
that time he never knew him t
do a dishonest act in anything
Everybody speaks well of Tor
To the bercaved ones is e
tended the svmpathv of the e
tire towin and conununity. "Ma
God confurt themi and ma:
they look t,) Him for guidanct
Mrs. M. A. Caliaham Dead.
1rs. 1Jartha A. Callahan'
who has been iii feeble healt:
for some time died at the homn
of W. 11. Chapman, in Libert
on the th insmnt. - he was
daua2hter of the late Thoma
Hallumn of this county, and a
aunt or our~ fellowto( wnsmar
T. N. Hunter. She was bor
on January 5, 18:34. Sb
married1 John W, Callahanm,c
Abbeville counit and settled
what is known as the Callahar
homestead. Mir. C allabam~ er
listed in the wvar mid w;as kilke
at the blow up at Peter >ug
In early life Mrs ( allahar
united with the chui eb, and fc
many vear's has b~een' one of th
leading mlember~s of thle Presb'
terian chuvrh.
She was the nother of t hre
chihh en, all of whonm are liviin
B. H. Callaham. Mrs. W. I
Chapman, of Liberty, andl Mr
J. R. Chapman, of Spencer,. 3
The funeral was conductedt
the residence, by the pasto:
Rev. J. C. Bailey, and a lar;
concourse of sorrowing rel at'v
and friends followed the remair
to the "Silent City" whewe th2
once animate for~i wvas laid i
the -cold embrace of mothe
earth, fromu whence it came(
there to rest until the day sha
come when the earth and tli
sea shall give up its toll, an
we shall all1 stand1 before th:
great white throne, and t1:
scroll shall lbe opened and xn
shall give an account of tl:
deeds done in the body, and
shall be found that Mrs. Call
han's page is )ure and whit<
and the crown shall be hande
her andA a seat prepared for h<
on the right hand of the Fathe
She will be greait ly mlissed froi
our mnidsi. Truly a good won
an has gone to hi. r H-eavenl
re ward.-G azet te.
Saturday Was Busy Day.
Last Saturday was a vtJ
busy day in Pickens and il
merchants here did a good bus
ness. Cotton is a little late th
year. but business is now pie.
ing up every day and from no
on will be busy times for all.
The streets Szaturday afte
noon were filled with wagoi
and people from the surroun
ing country and they did a got
deal of buying. Several callh
on The Sentinel and we we
glad to see them all. C'all
and sea us whenever you ft
like it.
-- New Church 'Buid
Sunday, October 12, was a
Icreat day for the Methodist
people of Pickens. On that day
they dedicated their magnificent
new church building to the
service of the Lord. The day
had long been looked forward to
h by the earnest, joyous members.
who have worked so hard and
a given so liberally, and their
fondest expectations were real
ized. A large crowd which
completely filled the church
e building listened attentively and
interestedly to the entire service
of three hours.
Bishop J. C. Kilgo preached
the dedicatory sermon. He
took as his text the 30th verse
of the 4th chapter of St. John,
and delivered a powerful and
instructive sermon. He is one
of the strongest men and best
preachers in Southern Method
ism. After the sermon Mr.
s Kilgo delivered a very forceful
.-harge to the stewards.
S Special music was splendidly
rendered by the special choir.
e Miss Velma Smith, of Easley,
I also sang a beautiful solo.
s Seated on the pulpit with
r Bishop Kilgo were Rey. P. F.
e Kilgo, presiding elder of this
district and brother of the
bishop; Rev. S. A. Nettles, edit
or of the Southern Christian
Advocate; Rev. Johni 0. Will
t son, president of Lander college;
Rev. G. F. Kirby, pastor of the
o church.
Six new members joined the
1 church Sunday. Four joined at
the morning service and Iwo at
V The new church is situated
on the corner lot just. below the
old church buildiing and is a
most desirable place for a
church. The building is of
Gothic style of architure, is
built of brick and presents an
imposing and pleasing~ appear
b ance from all angles. Its total
e cost was 114.000 and it would be
, a credit any city in South Caro
a lina. To the main room there
s are three entrances, and two en
n trances to the Sunday school
t, room. The Sunday school r-oom*
n is separated from the main
e room' by a partition that can be
f rolled up out of sight, and when
t necessary, as was the case last
n Sunday, these two rooms can
'- be very easily thrown into one
d lar-ge room which will seat
'about 500 people. The building
i is finely furnished, everything
r being of the best quality, The
e main room has a bowled floor'
-and circular seats. The walls.
of the whole house are tinted
e light green, with a beautiful
: stencil border of a different
[. shade of green. The carpet for:
. the pulpit and aisles is a dark
.green. The ceiling is lightj
cream, the whole being very
tt pleasing to the eve. The win
r dows are beautiful, especially
e the two large memorial win
s dows, nine by sixteen feet, one
s to the late James E. Hagood
and wife, and the other to Dr.
Liberty City Election.
e-At the city election held at
Liberty on the 10th, J1. F. Ban.:
e ister was elected Mayor and
e P. J. Br-o sn. (C. E. Buish. T. F.
-e Crane. WV. B. Glenn anid T. N.
t Hunter were elected wardens.
it The sixth member is a tie be
Sween J. P. Glenn :md J.- W.
. Smith. .
eSaves LegOf Boy
' It &emedl [ at ray 14-' ear old bov
1woud have' to lo.se his~ h-g. Cfn accourit
1of an~ udy' ulee-r, causedt by a bafd
bruis7 ." re D F. H~ovard. Aquond.
. C. -'All refinelhes and doctrs treat
Ari: s~v :m cured him' with one
box." Cuire hurt.s b)oils, skin eruptions
pile-. O) e at all druggists
eLands for Sale or Rent.
.Mr Keowee farm of 1,000~
isars for sale, as a whole or will
-cut to suit purchaser, fine high
xbottom and good upland. plenty
o tim ber. Purchaser can make
.his own terms.
One thirteen acre lot with
IS new house house in the town of
1- Six Mile: also one other house
>dand lot in the town of Six Mile
dboth for sale or rent. Fine
school and churdh facilities.
reA portion of my vKeoowee farm
Sfor rent. See J. Frank Stephens
el at Six Mile or me at Central.
R. G. Gaines.
. Church, South
ng Dedicated October 13th
H. H. Webb, Mrs. Susan Webb
and Miss Ida Webb.
The Sunday school room is
well arranged for Sunday
chool, there being an assembly
room and eight individual class
rooms, several being quite large.
[n addition to these there is a
pastor's study just behind the
pulpit platform and opens upon
.t, and also a ladies' parlor con
renientlv located. 0
The building is lighted by
lectricity and the lights are
xceptionallv well arranged.
The Methodists of Pickens
ire and have a right to feel
roud of their new church
Directly after Mr. Kirby
:ame here about two years ago
ie saw the need of a new house
)f worship and began working
or one, but it was not until
3eptember 1st of last year that
ttual work began on the new
uilding. Great credit is due to
;he pastor for his zealous work
n securing subscriptions and
intiring efforts since work coni
-enced on the building. Great
redit is also due eyery member.
Vany of them gave largely of
;heir money and some gave
nuch time and labor.
The building committee
which so wisely financed and
ooked after the construction
onsisted of Messrs. I. M. Maul
lin, chairman: T. J. Mauldin,
f. R. Ashmore, J. F. Harris, R.
E. Bruce, T. L. Bivens and Rev.
r. F, Kirby.
The ladies of the church work.
Ad faithfully atd untiringly for
lie completion of the new build
ng and to them also is due
'uch credit for the artistic and
beautiful furnishings and in
Aide finish. The ladies' aid so
:iety of the church donoted the
arpets and chairs for the pul
Members of other denomina
Lions were also liberal with their
ontribution s.
The Methodist church here
was organized in 1870 and Rey.
Gr. Tr. Harmon was the first pas
tor, Tfhe church was dedicated
by the then presiding elder,
Rev. A, B. Stephens. Since
bhen the following pastors have
served the church:
0. L. DuRant, R. W. Barber,
J. Q. Stockman, W. H. Ariail,
A. W. Walker, S. H. P. Ehvell,
J. W. Daniel, WV. H. England,
WV. H. Kirton, J. C. Davis, J.
F. Anderson, B. 0. Berry, G. R.
Shaffer, WV. M. Hardin, J. S.
Porter, R. R. Dagnell, C. M.
Abney, J. F. Bryant, D. D.
Jones, N. S. Ballenger. J. C.
Yongue, J Paul Patton, G. F.
The presiding elders for this
district since its organization
have been A. B. Stephens, S. B.
Jones, J. Walter Dickson, J. 0.
Wilson, T. J. Clyde, J. B. Wil
son, R. A. Child. E. P. Taylor,
W. 4. Duncan and P. F. Kilgo.
The church has 124 members.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
W. T1. Jeans, Plaintiff,
A. M. Morris and Ivy Water. Light and
Power Company. a corporation
duly chartered by law, Defendante.
B3v virture of a Decree in partition.
signed by Has Honor, J. W. Devore,
p;esiding judge. I will sell to the high
.st bidder before the Court house door
at Pickes'. S. C . on Salesdlay in Nov
ember, 1912. during the le'gal hours of
sale, the tract of land desci ibed in th'e
compaint in the above stated case, with
the exception hereinafter stated to- wit:
"All that Diece. pat cel or tract of land
in the Connty of Pickenb and State
aforsaid on T1own Creek known as the
LathemClemoent Mill tract containing
fortynine (4i) acres. mnore or less, On
whicii a mill is locat ed." except one (1)
acre thereof which ha.s beenm surveyed
and for which one acre a plat has beem
made, the same havizng been bur veyed.
and which plat of said one acre will be
exhibited on day of sale, id plat
inown as Exhibit "'H"~ in the evideoce
in the above stated case; the forecoing
sale will be made pursu-tt to the --ad
Decree, and up~on the condition that
the puachaiser take the place of the
pliztiff a nd t lie defenaa' t
A, M. Mori in the con-pl
tion of the dam on sa-id premises Low
under construction, as referred to and
set forth in said Decree and in the plead
ings and the evidence in the said case.
as will be shown by t be said Dec ee ai d
the records in t-se above stated case on
file in my office.
Terms: One-half cash on day of sale
the balance on a credit of twelvee
months, the credit portion to be secured
by the bond of the purchaser and a
nertgage of the premises, and draw in
terest from day of sale, with leave to
the purchas,-r' to anticipate the credit
portion on day of sales Should the pur
chaser fail to complyjit n one hour.
the said premisies wil be r-old on same
day at the risk of the former purchaser.
Pum chaser to pay for all papers ausd for
recorCing the same. A. J1. BOGGS,
Oct. 16, 192, Clerk of Court.
Embroidery Club Has Pleasant
.Saturday afternoon from four
to six o'clock Mrs. W. A. Shel
don was the hostess for the
Ladies Embrodery Club at a
charming' little alfresco affair
on her pretty lawn. Tables
with bright potted plants and
uxuriant ferns were scattered
here and there and formed a
pretty setting for the group of
busy workers. After the need
les had been plied for some time
a business meeting was held
and officers were elected for the
:omming quarter. Mrs. J. C.
Elunter was chosen president
and Mrs. J. N. Blum, librarian
or the Book Exchange. Later
a delicious sweet course Was
erved by three dainty little
irls, Misses Marie Smith, Laura
Blum, and Katherine Parkins.
I'hose present at this meeting
r;ere: Mesdames W, B, Glenn,
Bessie G. Smith, J. N. Bium,
W. D. Boggs. J. C. Hunter and
fisses Pearl Smith and Pauline
Miss Maggie McKee spent the
week -end with friends in Green
Miss Olga Richardson left
aturday for Lamar, where she
will teach this winter.
Mr.- C. W. Rice spent the
week-end in Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Chapman
>f Spencer, N.C., visited rela.
Ives here this week.
Cedar Rock.
The Gospel Mission Associa
bon at Cedar Rock was well at
ended. The visiting elders
were S. *A. Saunders, of Mt.
Airy, Ga.; Ezekiel Durham, of
Pelzer, and John Gillespie, of
the Six Mile section.
Mr. Robt. Anthony, of Pick
ens, was the guest of his broth
er, Mr, John Anthony, Sunday.
Tillman Julian made a busi
ness trip to Anderson in his car,
Mrs. Newry Masters and
children, of Greenville, spent
the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. S. Hendrix.
E. HI. Jones has recently
made a trip to the mountains,
While there he purchased a
nice lot of North Carolina
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter
were t'ae guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Leslie last Sunday.
P. D. Dacus, of Sugar Valley,
Ga., is visiting friends and rela
tives in and near Easley at
Miss Sadie John son, of Central
and Mrs. 0. S. Stewart, of Eas
ley, were the guests Mr. Robert
Stewart last week.
Mrs. Cynthia Ellis has return
ed to her home in Charlotte,
after a pleasant stay with~
friends and relatives here,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Looper, of
Greenville, spent the week-end
with the former's sis' ers,
Mesdames Tom Turner and Bob
Mrs. Joe Dawson and child
ren, of the Crosswell section,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
T. A. Julian recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart
and Mrs. 0. S, Stewart were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
W Stewart last week.
A number of toe Cedar Rock
people attended the singing at
Enon Sunday afternoon.
Mr, and Mrs. John Looper, of
near Dacusville, were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Abner W.
Looper, Sunday.
Mr Avery Looper and sister,
Miss Lena, were the guests of
Miss Pearl Turner, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Singleton
visited at Mr. and Mrs. Dear
Singleton's. Sunday.
Miss Janie -Wood spent th<
week-end with her cousiri, Mis!
Hattie Wood.
Mrs. Waddy Porter, who has
been ill for some time at th<
home of Mr, Reid Wood has re
turned to her home near Fla
-Mrs. John Stewart and Mis
Essie Stewart were in Picken
ast weekr shopning. Rexie.
Convened Tuesday Morning- A
Several Pickens County Cases
Disposed of First Day
The first day of the October
term of the United States Dis- is
trict court for the western - dis- C
trict of South Carolina, conven-'h(
ing in Greenville Tuesday, was
marked by the disposing of an'be
unusually large amount )f busi
The following Pickens county I to
cases were disposed of the first M1
Ransom Howard and G. B.
Howard pleaded guilty to viola- Fr
tion of the internal revenue I Ra
laws, to-wit, working in an il- as
licit distillery. They were sen
tenced to imprisonment of one Be
month each in Pickens county Hi
jail. Sp<
H. M. Lewis pleaded guilty to At
the charge of removing and cony
cealing illegal whiskey and was
sentenced to imprisonment for VLQ
three months in the Pickens ]
county jail and a fine of $200. We
In case he cannot pay the fine Ye
he is to serve four months in .]
jail. an
W. L. Elrod and George El- Ch
rod pleaded guilty to working in Sp<
an illicit distillery and were sen- Gr
tenced to serve one month each
in the Picken i county jail.
- lea
Pea Ridge Local News. Cc
Hello, Mr. Editor, we are
knocking at the door again. drJ
Will you let us come in? pi
Several from this side attend- se
ed the association at Keowee
last week. ev
N. D. Parsofis is very sick at oc,
this time. t
Mrs. J. R. Porter visited her pa
sister, Mrs. W. E. Stephens, at w4
Pickens 'ast Saturday and Sun- th
day. q
Misses Vonnie and Mary Hun
nicutt visited Misses Lavenia N
and Lillie Lewis last -Sunday. V'
Of course they had a good time.d
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Ferguson
took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. ti
Oliver Ferguson last Sunday. F
The Sunday school at Moun- M
tain View is progressing nicely
with N. D. Parsons as superrin
tendent. Everybody is ibvited ul
to attend every Sunday evening, bE
August Lilhes. N
This tribute to an article ad- T.
vertised in this paper ecomes to th
us from Spartanburg, S. C- ac
Mr. T. G. Riley of that t~wn af
writes "A few days ago I stepp- th
ed off the train down at Union
and another travelling man
whom I had' never seen before Al
walked along with me to the ch
Hotel. He asked me what I
was selling and as usual, I said
Luzianne Coffee. He says, C
well, well, I am glad to know
you. I have been using Luzi-W
anne for nine years. - I liye in
Atlanta, and a few months ago
moved to another part of the
City. The Grocer I began trad
ing with irn this new part of dt
to vn did not sell Luzianne. st
He sent us a high priced bulk or
roasted coffee that he ground in Fi
his store. My wife called my bi
attention to the fact that our' f0
coffee bill had run up three
times as heavy as when we'l
used Luzianne. I told him to g,
buy Luzianne, or lose a coffeew
customer. He bought it on my p,
warning and to day is selling t
Luzianne regulary." (adv. al
The birds just keep on singing -
whether you hear them or not.
Too many try to play the 0
game of life contrary to the
rules. it
Revenue officers had r busy L
day in Pickens county last ki
Thursday. Deputy, Collector, It
Aiken and Constables LaBoon o:
andl Corbin destroyed one of the a
largest stills ever seen in this
county, besides destroying an
other smaller one and poured e
out 4000 gallons of beer. The f<
utomobile Accident-Changein
Business Firm-People
Coming and Going
Miss Bennie Duckworth, w
attending Greenville ?emale
llege spent the week-end'with
,r mother, here.
Mrs. A. B. Matthe
enr on a visit rson.
M' Rogers hr s just
urried roin a two weeks visit
her grand:parents. Mr. and.
es, Newton Devore.of Donalds.
Ur. Cliff Rankin, Misses Zoe,.
ed and Jo Rankin and Mrs.
nkin, of Greenville, spe
,t Sunday here with relatives.
Ar. and Mrs. J. E. Hagood,
n Hagood and Misses Lucile
imphries and Bess Burton
mt last Monday afternoon in
Aiss Frances Robinson is
iting in Spartanburg.
qiss Addie Holland left last
ek to attend the Greenville
male college.
Dr. and Mrs. C, N. Wy
d children, Ethel, Aleen and
arles and Mrs. E. E. Ellison
mnt last Friday afternoon in
Ralph 0. Robinson, who has
an sick for some time, will
Lye Wednesday for Denver,
lorado, for the benefit of his
T. E. Smith's touring car,
Iven by Mr. Smith-n
Ad by his wife and two' child
1 and Mr;. Page and her
tall daughter, ran into a ditch
Main street last Saturday
ening about '8 o'clock. The
:upants were thrown from
e car, Mrs. Page. receiving
inful injuries.- The others
re not hurt and it is hoped
at Mrs. Page will soon be
Mrs. I. C. Green and Miss
ada Green, of Greenville,
sited friends here last Satur
Miss Sallie Watkins, one of
e efficient teachers of Furman
tting school, Greenville, spent
e week-end as the guest of
rs. H. E. Russell.
It will be learned with pleas
-e that Charles King, who has
en <iuite sick at his home on
orth Main street, is steadily
The many friends of Mr. J.
La them will be sorry to hear
at he had g serious attack of
ute indigestion last Sunday
ternoon. The last reorr
at he was sd'me better. ?
The Ladies' Missionary so
?ty and also the the Ladies'
id society of the First Baptist
urch held their monthly
eeting at the home of Mrs. E.
Babb last Monday afternoon.
mnsidering the inclement
eather the attendance was
lod. The Missionary society
as presided over by Mirs. J. H.
Garrison Wyatt, who has con
icted a wholesale and retail
are for several yearse has sold
it to Ferber Findley. Mr.
Lndley is a young man of good
isiness ability and we wish
ir him success.
The club in town was raided
st Monday by our police and a
od deal of beer and some -
hiskey captured. The tep
3rance people of our town hope
iat the town council may be
ble to strike the club a death
Pray always; but don't let go
E the plowhandles.
The fragrant flower proclaims
self in sweetness.
krgest still would hold 308 gal
>ns, but had not been used.~
i was just ready to be put in
peration and two men ran
way feom it when they saw
2e officers. This was near
able Rock. The other still
ras near Hester's bridge and it
ras here that the beer was
und. No one captured.

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