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The Pickens Sentinel
IHURSDAY. OCT., 17 1912
Legal Notices first insertion per inch $1.(0
For each subsequent "
commercial and other advertising for three
months or longer will be made at reduce rates
and prices can be had on application.
We are not resporsible for the views of
our correspondents.
En ered 9q Pickens Fustomce u Second Cia
Kail Matter
Pickens is a good place to do
your fall trading.
We Decline Without Thanks
--We-are in receipt of a letter
1te.State secretary of the
i party in th Ilh t t, inviting us
to join with th new party.
They call it the iv white
man's party." We had rather
help the Democratic, the real
white man's party. without
Day than to get pay for helping
Mr, Roosevelt, the man who
took so much pleasure in ap
pointing negroes to office in this
and other Southern States while
he was president.
The secretary also asks us to
furnish him with a copy of our
mailing list. Our mailing list
is not for sale. We do not be
lieve our subscribers would like
for us to send their names
around promiscously over the
country. But we wish to be
fair with our subscribers, and
those who may wish some of
the Bull Moose literature may
write to W. P. Beard, secretary,
Columbia, S. C.
Notice of Election.
In this issue will be found
Notice of the General Election
to be held on the 5th of Novem
ber for State officers and for
Presidential Electors. It is re
ported that the Bull Moose party
headed by former President
Roosevelt will put out an elect
or'al ticket in this State. It will
bse noted that there are several
am n ients to the constitution
to be voted on at this election
rmost of which effects only cer
tain communities, The one
which should interest the neo
ple of the whole State is the one
providing for the issuance of
one million dollars in bonds for
the improvement of the State
Hospital. For several years the
6 hospital has been over crowded
and it is proposed to buy land
and, put up adequate buildings
to accomodate the unfortunates
in a better manner than hereto
Rules governing the election
and names of managers will be
found in the notice also hours
at which the polls will be open.
Health Flint.
Don't learn to be an aviator.
Wilson Sta
Will Y<
Woodrow Wilson is a vastly di
practical political life.*
Woodrow Wilson is not amo
- characters, who believe-that the end
The candidate of the progre:
"anything ,o win," but he insists on
Woodrow Wilson proposes to
"Clean hands or no fight" is V
No T
Not a dollar of questionable m
The Democratic National Cor
And the corrupting influences
ment with bribes of ill-gotten gains,
F They have gone to the enemy,
the "Interests" are using all their pc
This makes it your fight.
What the
The people have constantly ma
Such is only the case insofar as
representatives they, by mistake, elec
The actual money power of th
The Progressive People of the
and destroy their financial power.
So Woodrow Wilson and his
practical method for the Progressive
The Pec
This year a popular president
The Woodrow Wilson Camnpa
of the country.
The bills of the Democratic
but with the individual dollars of th
willing to help Wilson as he wants t<
7Money thus needed is not spent
Interests are disbursed
But we have to tell the voters of
* We have to sell them what he stands fc
means that to hbld up our end we will t
- .This means that every man or wo
Let the supporters of Wilson heli
Let the Progressive Votcrs battle
We SoliCit Popular S
Of course, jou can-and you arc
* Practically every voter can affor
many can give $5. And there are lots a
These are the kind of contributi
And we will be proud to receivef
from every man who has a dollar to gim
This year the man with the dol lai
If you know many Wilson men,
get theothers to join you with their sub
Then send your list with the m<
Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chic
No loyal Wilson man can do mnori
How to Contribute to the
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon opposite and fill in ti
- Then -attach your money to this Coupon and
address given on the Coupon.
Isene aD checks, money orders and addre
to C.R. Crane. Vice Chairman. Finance Com
era. .ejio'a..maitee. 900 Miichigan Avenlue, Ch
Then write~ letter to this paper giving
hluor, ou d sen elecur resns yo t
Wilyo youd e beitied as dwiitofh conti
waeipo. hadsly ithgahed Wili conth ra
youp. haom leltbh n aoe.nl worty eno
- you. YourlP'tCr~lk h pim?tl~" n~htb~ r-flCOU
- ~. Do ever' ~ '-~'u c:::~' V :'~i Wison
~mpaIKfl Luc d.. Ia~m.~ ~. ...~ ~ ~ work
Who was it said "Good aic
ings in Pickens"!
Pickens county ought to h.3
two Thanksgivin 1dvs ove
year instead of one.
No prisoners in count y jail
125 bushels of corn on
acre of Pickens county laml.
Roads being nmade better
the time.
S14,000 church buildings bei
built and dedicated.
According to government
perts. best long.staple cotton
the United States.
But, pshaw, we could fill
the paper mentioning the g<
things we have. We have
save some room for other thin
God bless the women. I
we do wish they wouldn't w,
such big hats to dedication E
If this had been a good c<
year reckon how much c<
that Gilstrap boy would h
made on one acre?
Mr. Roosevelt says, "We stf
at Armageddon and we ha
for the Lord," First time
knew Teddy was a lord.
The Greenville News advi
its readers to buy at home. i
still it runs big advertiseme
for mail order whiskey hou
A revised list prepared by
State department of agriculta
shows that there will be ovei
county fairs in South Carol
this year,
Many Greeks who have b
in America for some time
leaving for their old homes o
the ocean to fight for their col
try against Turkey in the I
which has just begun. Eii
Greeks from Anderson a
about twelve from Greenv
are on their way to join
army and tight for their nat
As most of our subscrilt
know, laws of the United Sta
forbids us sending The Senti
to anyone for a longer per
than one year on time,
would be glad if all our s
scribers who are behind w
the paper would pay up
renew. You know it takes I
of money to run a paper. W]
a dollar seems like a very srr
amount, you must remem
thtwe have a great me
subscribers and all these sn
accounts added together ma
quite a sum.
nds For a
yu Stand E
iferent order of man than you find
g the great majority of politicians
justifies the means, who are honest
;sive vwters of the country notc
plain old fashioned honesty in every
win on the merits of his candidacy
lilson' s ultimatum to his supporters
ainted Money For
ney will be spent to elect Woodroi
imittee is heart and soul in accord i
with no political faith, casting abc
ave despaired of reaching Wilson
whoever that enemy may be. It
'litioal funds to defeat Wilson.
American People Ne4
de the mistake of believing that thi,
the People fail to get together and
t to office.
People is still greater than that of
country, if they get together, can
managers believe that not only is
People of she country to supply the
pe to Fight With THE
is to be elected with the People'
n Fund is to be collected from th<
~ational Committee are to be paid,
earnest, eager voters who desire
be helped.
in improper ways or in any manner si:
the country about Woodrow Wilson.
. W\e hav eo point Out to them thei
e obli ged te end as much money as1
an who believes in Wilson should be
us to spread the Wilson gospel to the
this year with their pocketbooks as we
ubscrptions-Can Yo
glad to support the cause in this way.
d to give S1 to aid the WVilson Camj
d lots of progressive voters who will1
ons we want.
omn thousands, who can only afford $1
must defeat the government traducer
Get Club Subscriptions
if you work among many Wilson men
ney to C. R. Crane, Vice Chairman,
ago, Illinois.
than this to assure Wilson's victory a
Wilson Woodros
atount you give. R RAE Ve
mal today to the T. u21 aam
se a becontributithe
nittee. Democratic ofte onty
bive Woorow Nae....
:ed States. In this
r. A souvenir Re- drss...
ning, will be sent t~,
aging your friends. RFD...
mdihin O a endovrsi tedp
k- The nerchants of Pickens
lia e tfilled their stores with noew'
Cioods f'r the fall and wintcr
tradet. n , 'v hl i lli ot :li
( bouhto lia- e - icks :and h:l'v
vnOw godis to otfor you at hi
which will :1inaw,;i to the t1111
1f1tis conuit v Thel 4,oc'k- 14
t' i flloin' rtcle' t a1 -
Co me mo ot'hkns i look byr
the stAocks4. vonl canl Aet, thet
M;mO oif 111 (1e t'nterprisilig mler
chmn wh looking ovefr the
idv rtisnments i The Sentinel.
South Caroi na
O CThe followin article was
writteu some months ago by a
man who should be hung for it
and printed in a western paper.
Listen to what he says:
South Carolina is a state of
perpetual irritation, situated
up between Georgia and North
>od Carolina and somewhere be
to tween the Revolution and Civi
cs. War, It is the fightingist stat(
in the Union, and is the un
3ut safestspot between the Atlanti
ear and the Pacific in which to dis
er- cuss the emancipation procla
amation or to edit a newspape
with a trenchant pen,
>rn South Carolina is about a
-n big as the front yard of a Texa
tve cattleking, It contains 30,00(
squaremiles, is shaped like
five cent cut of pie and ha
tmd 1,500,000 people, including re
ttle publicans, Chines and Indian
we not taxed. "The populhation i.
almost equally divided betweer
awhites and negroes. but on
ases white Carolinian when h
Iut gnashes his teeth and draws hi
nts breath with a low hissing soun
esr can make 100 colored resident.i
go away in search of rest and C
tchange of climate without wai
the t
are, ing for the next train.
20 South Carolina was setle
ina about 250 yeais ago, but has re
mained unsettled ever since
It has always been noted for it
,en nervous disposition and willing
ars taes ol hingsu and gomith
neivercsons admocains.Traio
iht time in 1thei opedltoherv
mde Warey scedingt waina. pro
ih GeeaIainso aete
the too lie urariuslicant with
alpideee sneeouhCr
briaics shaen Lee n Chares
ton quae tatebu helpd n th<e
evolattime.u traendt
amn tke rans of thinygooad men hom
nd bineJacson's otherieistmation
.iod an omial or6 piticalpene.hCv
Wnyes not beeeing th trn po
deail- his campaoin.Laerien
and platorso Snoat all. sitee
ilthoh the utry.iu eslswt
allh thie nievewsc.SuhCr
ber hina caans.ae ya at
ks amtte fcmo nweg thattie
iamonteyridden nation.odmni
the busiessmn tews sial
iny an comerl horuptiag sene
itl thes ony lieveineth dctrie most
Wdetiow isnCpaignFnd
rnanfieothPrgesve Wilson.
no ith te didate's ofews. trets
>uta to twayin wohdich the fnds gofve
We hav t capageter was.ha oe
isamate planks on knatorm.edge this
hos wo Kosws
wopiing e to contr o th ause. es
bu and theirbllots.CrutngIfune
in Ah ongrea my can gie mosA ret
eWeagrtow Widont frompaign toud.
wot spend this thousands.o h ntrss
cleadn, lfitcith yovernamen and wo and
Weiace Commtee, themocati eatdonal
thpollsn iln in hipatormeAlrhi
womigtocrbte,80 tohia Av. hicaoIe.
unfo Giee Fof t $ ntdStte n to t$20? ha
>aignd. untrmed, mand cbat onog e b thgea
->e ag to donate fro m $0 themof $2.
,oy Wison CJlampigFn
.nfrPeieto h ntdState... .and.tothe.ed.tha
ebhney nrmeead biae onn u h
And Cain said unto the Lord. My punist
Out from the desert pl
Into a'land whose
Whose people noted no
Upon his hands-t
And they saw not the
The mark that hel
Yet Cain said: "Sure
For by these signs
He fled again; he stun
That led him throz
Yet at his side still ste
That he had shape,
He found a spot beside
Where man was nc
And thinking from tha
He whispered it thi
And then it seemed tho
Caught up his whi4
them tongue,
And winds rushed on J
Until through all t
Then back he sped in
Led by his guilt ar
And though he though
He stood alone am
We have our desertpl
And whisper all th
The hope, the faith, th
We hear the echoe
Aye, each of us oft-tin
And marvel that n,
The guilty red that bL
The guilty red thal
rice and sweet potatoes a
supplIes turpentine and rosin
the world at large. It begins
the Atlantic ocean in a mod
way ab~out G feet below hi
water andi for many milis
landl is so moist that the far
ers keep their life belts har
on their wagons, It has mr
fine old towns, full of polite a
Schiyalrous citizens, but1
population peters out in i
western mountains, wherei
A Distinction
YO0U may not ~
It takes a goc
but if there is
abseyou pay for all
abeto see the diff
similar appearance
you buy from a rep
the difference in qt
I HC Oil and
cost more than sor
more carefull- mn
tested. Skilulc
better workmianshi;
and more thoroug
run. Given equal
less pe.r year of ser'
you can buy. Ifa
the work it will d<
running the grindst
siage cutter, rep
separator, churn, vs
it will pay for its,
money and labor sa
I H C engines a
horizontal, vertic;
stationary, portablc
operate on gas, gaso
I'tillate or alcohol,i
45-H P.
The I H-C local
legues and full info>
International Harve
. The purpose of
of charge to all, theL
on better farming.
tionis concerning so
-gaxion, fertilizers. et
anid send them to I
Bpiilding, Chicago, T.
ent Is greaw c than I ca bear."- Cenesis i.. 1.
aces wandered Cain,
people all were strange,
i the crimson stain
ie red that would not
mark that seared his brow,
F a lasting, livid glow,
one will smite me now,
the watching world must
bled down the path
rgh and to he knew not
rdked the shade of wrath
d and placed forever there.
the sullen sea
it, and man had never been
t shadow to be free
e story of his sin
xt earth and sea and air
;pered word and gave
iis grievous speech to bear
he world it had been flung*
travail and in fear,
td by his guilt pursued
t all other men must hear,
idst the multitude.
aces where we hide
e things that we have
e trust-then far and
d shout that we are Cain.
ies in fear must bow
one other understands
zzes on his brow,
clings upon his hands.
,by W. G. Chapman.)
nd( people eait clay instead of ice
to) cream and lobster and empty
at the hook worms out of their
est Sunday shoes by pounding the
hsoles with a stick. There are
in. three religions in the State
mProtestant, Catholic and the
lstates rights. Between the
ny Savannah and the Pedee iivers,
ml John C. Calhoun is still the
hegreatest man in the world and
hehistory closes in 1865.
:he ISubscribe for the Sentinel.
With a Difference
Iways get what you pay for.
d judge of values to do that,
one sure rule in business it
you get. You may not be
~ernce between engines of
at different prices, but if
utable firm you may bc sure
ialitv is there.
I Gasoline Engines
rc others because they are
ide, and more thoroughly
lesigning, better material,
h testing, tell in the long
care an I H C engine costs
ricc than any other engine
n I H C engine is given all
,, pumping, sawing wood,
one, feed grinder, hay press,
:ir shop machines, cream I
ashing machine, etc., etc.,
lf in a very short time in
re made in every style
l, air and wrater-cooled,
and mounted on skids, to
line, kerosene, naphtha, dis
n sizes from 1 to 50 H. P.
tractors, 12, 15, 20, 25 and
dealer will give you cata
:ration, or write
ster Company of America
icorporated) ..
Service Bureau
this Bureau is to furnish, free ._.
best information obtainable
If you have any worthy ques
ils. crops, land drainage. irrl
c.. make your inauiries specific
-1 C Service Bureau. Harvester
Opening every day.
They show the largest a
AH Wool S
We take your measure.
Let us take your measu
We guiarantee satisfacti
mon1er re(flundedl.
Clothing, Shoes
Sole agents for Walk
Iron King Stoves, New Hon
ell Wagons and Mitchell Al
are among the newest novelties;
to which fashionable womn I
are giving their approyal. If I
y.da admire dainty ornaments
and up-to-date designs in
it-will pay you ,not only to
watch bracelets, but to give
your attention to our display of
other articles.
Some new trinkets are here
that were designed especially
for mnen's use. So we invite
gentlemen as well as ladies to
see our display.
IBaby Chicks.
SStart the youngsters on
Pratts Baby Chick Food.
Ttste only way to grow
good chicks-to make the
greatest nuimber develop
into strong. healthy
Jmoney-nm ikers.
10Oc., 25c., 50c.
Kill Lice.
You can positively de
stroy all chicken lirIe and
vermin with Pratts Liq
Suid Lice Killer. Increase0
Jyour poultry profits this
season lby using Pratts
guaranteed like killer.
a :35c a quart: $1.00 a gal.
Buy a Good Farm or a Timber
Tract in South Georgia.
Write to-day for my botoklet (4 'one
hundred Farms andl Tnnbfer Tracis for
sale." in the banner count.-es (4 Thiomas.
Brooks. Grady, Decatur and .Mitchell.
Large tracts. small tratt, improved .r
unimprl)oved, fine leve sandyi loamn andi
red1 pebbly land with re-h elay sub~soi1.
labor abuindint, b~est rds in G.eorgi.
best cotton lands in thee~ South. gi nd
neigh borhoods. schools5 a nd churebe s.
pure free stone and artesiatn wat'-r.
plenty hog and hominy, saw mil!. tim'
her, turpentine locatior's, cut over 1:6
colonization lands, tine stock raising
s.-ction, city property paying in 1,-r.
cent. and over.
Write me what you want and ! will
answer by e'arly nudl deserib ing t he
propert: which youj wan t.
Yours to s"erv".
o10 Thomiasville. G.'orgia.
Send us your Job
Sole Agents For -
ssortment of patterns of any tailoring h<
'ults $12.50 t(
therebv saving you extra expense of a tr
re for a winter Suit. or overcoat.
on. and a perfect fit, or the garment i!
Yours truly,
,Hats and Gents' Furnishing Goods a
Dver and Boyden Shoes, Carhart Ov<
e Sewing Machines,Chase City and Fa
fo the removal of MOLES and V
and leaving neither scar nor marl
Swe sold your grandmother, and]I
ance upon the market, carried ti:
Sment of man and woman.
MOLESOFF was the best in pioi
Stoday, Our long experience pr<
aetter~s from persons we all1
much valuable imiormation in at:
free u pon request.
S If you have trouble in getting M
to the undersigned.
$100 in gold wvill be paiu the pers
picture bei ore and after using Mol
\be accepted by us, and used for a
Smillion people will see your pictur
ugiy growth on your person.
Pensacola, Fl
Pickens Railorad{
No. 1 No. 3;No. 5 STATIO S
Mix'd Mix'd~ Mix'd
A. M.IA. M. P. M. Lvx. A
7.30 ICO 3-15 PICKENS
7.35 I1-0 3.,~20 *mak;1sos
7.45 11-15 3-3Q *P:I\!)oN
8.oo1 -3u 3-45 EASLEY
Ar. L
a I a Stations-No A genits.
No. 1 connlects with Son
No. 8 connecCts wvith Soni
No. 3 c'onnlects with SOLI
No. 8 connets with Sou
No. .1 connects with Soir
No. 4 connects with Sow
No..7eonnec'ts with Son
m~d money- scarce. Better let me re
Nagon. I can save you some money
:his fall. Come in and let me figure<
you a close price, to cornpete with the
ind me next dloor to the printing offi<
oon or late.
k~94 0
)use in the world.
aeling sa4esman
,ours. and your
>ralls. Hawes Hats,
beock Buggies,Mitch
TARTS wfthout pain
e is the same remedy
las. smece its appear
e unaulmous endorse3
teer days, is the best
>tects you. We guar
snowv, together with
tractive booklet, sent
olesoff, send $1 direct
on sending us their
esoff. the pictures to
alvertising Molesoff. A
e with and without a
|0., Dept. B 194 a
Fo 12.
E No. 11.
th, 191
No. 2 No. 4 No. 6
M ix'd Mix'd Mix'd
r. A. M. P. M. P. M.
9.10 1.50~ 4.35
9.05 1.45 4.30
8.55 I-35 4.20
8-5 I-130 4.15
*8.45 1.25 4.1o
8.40 1.20 4.05
thern No. 42
thern No. :39
ther~n No. 39
thern No. 12
thern No. 12
:hern No. 39
thernu No. 11
n1 apjply to.
ner~al Manager.
pair that old buggy or,
on buying a new one
>n your job. I will make
:hard times Yo will

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