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House in North Manchester, Ind.,
Where Democratic Candidate for
Vice-President Was Born.
North Manchester, Ind.-Though it
has withstood the storms of more than
sixty years. and two bo-.:ts with the
house movers, the littlz house in
which Thomas R. 'Marshall, governor
of Indiana, and Democratic candidate
.for vice-president, was born, stands to
day vell to the north end of Walnut
street' in North MYanchester, Indiana,
in a beter scate of preservation than
many houses of half its age and ex
In 185.1 the house stood on the lot
fronting on .1in street, that is now
occupied by the Lawrence National
bank, and was occupied by Dr. Daniel
Marshall, who, besides doctoring the
sick, was also a merchant of consid
erable importance, being connected
S t
Birthplace of Thomas R. Marshall.
with his brothers in managing the big
gest store of this locality at that time.
As time went on they disposed of
this store, and after the war broke
out the doctor moved with his family
to Pierceton, when the future gover
nor was slightly over six years of age.
Men who have grown gray xemember
Thomas 'Marshall as a boy, but he was
too young when his folks left for him
to build a new home to take the place
The building in which he was born
was -moved from its first location to
give room to a business building, and
was occulied for several years by
John H. Shively, but when he wanted
to build a new home to take the place
of the old building, it passed into new
hands, being sold to Bart Krisher, son
of D. W. Krisher. He moved it to its
present location. made a few repairs,
put on some fresh paint and the house
is as neat and attractive in looks to
day as many of the newer buildings
around it.
Workhouse Trusty Returns After Trip
to Town-for Sup
St. Louis, Mio.--Alexander Hunter,
who still had sixteen months of a
workhouse sentence to serve, is pur
suing a plan of behavior which will I
win for him probably an early parole.
When the city authorities decided
to turn Chesley island into a farm
where inebriates could be kept, its
superintendent, Calvin J. White, de
cided to send Hunter to the farm as
a trusty to supervise the work.
Hunter cheerfully accepted the task
and began to build a fence. The posts
having been put down, he found him
self in need of a wire stretcher.
Taking a boat, he rowed alone and
unwatched down the river to Kimms
wick, but could not find what he
wanted there. He then took a train,
came to St. Louis, bought the wire
stretcher and returned.
"H-ow in the world did you get
here?" Superintendent White asked
when he stepped off the car and went
to the workhouse. "Came up on the
train," Hunter answered.
-"What do you want?" White asked.
Hunter explained and was returned
the money he had spent for car fare.
Hie went back to the island and now
reports that he has most of the wire
grotund the new stockade put up.
,,.. Hunter was sentenced to a two
years' terr. in the workhouse on four
charges of larceny, six months on each
Woman Makes a Strange Rope With
Which to Hang Herself
in Newark.
Asbury Park, N. 3.-MIaking a noose
of her coret cover, Annie Spellman,
thirty years old, hanged herself in her
room in the Ocean Grove home of J. F.
Siattery of 50 Shanley street, Newark.
She had come from Ireland less than
a year a go.
The muslin rope broke after she
had becn hanging for some time, and
when her body fell to the floor the
sound alarmed 3Mrs. Slattery, who ran
to the room and found the woman
Veteran Editor Weds Stenographer.
New York.- Announcement is made
here of the mar'riage of Edward
Page 3Mitchell, editor of the New1
York Sun. to 3Miss Ada 31oroughs of
Broolyn. Mir. Mlitchell is sixty years
old and 1:1s bride is twenty-eight. She
was a stenographer in the business
oflice of the Sun.
Spanked Sixty-Year-Old Daughter.
Phiilad elphija.-M rs. MIargaret Arm
strong, eighty-four years old, has been
arrested here on complaint of her
(1ancter, MIaria Dean, sixty years old,
who complains that her mother per
si..t, in spa'king her.
A Log On The Track )
of a fast exprec ~mas serious trouble
ahieadI if not remfove~d, SO <.Oe~s less of
a'ppetite. It means lack o'f vitality, loss
of strergth and nerve w.eakness. If ap
petite fails, take Electrie Bitters quickly
to overcome the caulse by toning up the
stomiach and curing the indigestion. 4
Mlichael Hessheimer of Lincon, Neb.
ha i beoen sick over three years. but six
bonh1 o f Eleictric Bitters mut him right
on is fr.t :igain. Th1ey give pure
loodtl stron ! nerva- !.ood digestion.
The Pickei
le Says Taft'and T. R. Are Sol
diers of Fraud.
amous Chemist Believes the Health
of the Nation Demands Election
of the Democratic
Former Chief Chemist of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture.)
My appeal is chiefly to those who,
ke myself, have been lifelong Repub
cans. I believe that no kind of an
dministration is going to ruin the
ountry. I have a high personal re
ard for each one of the candidates for
resident and vice-presideent on all
e tickets. All the political platforms
re mainly sound and all promise ef
>rt in behalf of the whole people. My
holce is not based on a platform. It
as determined by my impressions of
te real attitude of the candidates re
pecting the public welfare. We are
reatures of heredity and environ
tent. In our attitude towards great
ublic questions we are almost alto
ether creatures of environment.
What two men are by environment
east likely to be swayed by special
terests and most likely to be guided
y devotion to public welfare? Two
f the candidates have already been
-led in the presidential chair and we
now by experience what may be ex
ected if either of them resume his
rmer seat on March 4, 1913. Mr.
toosevelt by reason of his attitude to
rards the food and drug act aban
oned the consumers of the country
.0 the rapacity of a few mercenary
nanufacturers. Under authority of
ongress I had carried on extensive
xperiments with my so-called- poison
quad and found 6at certain sub
tances, viz., ben *c compounds, sul
hurous compounds and sulphate of
,opper (blue stone), were injurious to
The law conferred upon me, as chief
f the bureau of chemistry, the duty
f acting as a grand jury and deter
nining whether foods and drugs were
dulterated or misbranded. Instead
f appealing from my decisions to the
ourts as the law requires, the users
f these poisons appealed to President
~oosevelt. He not only listened to
em, but he abrogated the plain pro
isions of the law, appointed a board
Lot contemplated by the law, and di
ected that these predatory interests
night continue their attacks on the
Lealth of the people until this board.
nknown to the law, should decide
Can we safely trust the campaign
r nublic health to Mr. Roosevelt? I
8 One
< ~Pain Pit.
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Anti-Pain Pills
will help you, as they
have helped others.
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Locomotor Ataxia, Backach.
Stomachache, Carsickness, Irri
tability and for pain in any part
of the body.j
"I have always been subject to
neuralgia and have suffered fre.:
it for years. While vis~litng my w'
and suffering from one of th'- ofi
attacks, he brought me a box o
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. I ur'-d
thr'm as directed and after takm:
them it was the first time in y.-ars
the neuralgia eonsed from the use of
medicine." MRtS. E. C. HjOWARD).
402 Greene St.. Dowagine. Mich.
At all druggists. 25 doses 25c.
2 Nwheat wit]
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2 and you will hi
SThis is the ch
you can use t
fine grain. Oa
and valuable n
cor crop is sh(
Anderson Phos
cannot beflev'e that lo be the proper
course. 'Mr. Taft inherited this ex
ceedingly bad condition -of affairs
from his predecessor and has not
only continued this illegal board un
der whose patronage adulterators are
still poisoning the people, but he did
worse. In the matter of the adultera
tion of distilled beverages in which
Roosevelt upheld the legally consti
tuted authorities, iyr. Taft reversed
that poicy and threw the minty
weght of the executive office to the
support of the worst lot of adultera
tors that ever disMraced a country.
Mr. Wilson and Mr. Iarshall by
their strenuous efforts in behalf of the
food laws of their respective states,
have given a positive promise to end
such a threatcn!ng state of affairs.
They will support to the utmost the
officials under the law who are trying
to protect the public health and will
make short shrift of those who have
brought about these present unbeara
ble conditions.
Wilson and Mars'hall by their educa
tion and environment are free from
bias in favor of predatory interests
and are inspired by true patriotic zeal
in behalf of public welfare.
I support the Democratic nominees
in full knowledge that many of the
prominent Democrats in congress have
been in full sympathy with the paraly
sis of the food law in behalf of the
unholy dollar. But when the Demo
cratic president and vice-president
lend the aid of their powerful sympa
thy in behalf of the public health
those of their own party not in sym
pathy with them will be robbed of
their power for evil. If Roosevelt or
Taft be chosen the soldiers of fraud
and adulteration will be impregnably
entrenched for another four years and
benzoates, sulphites and adulterated
alcoholic beveridges will have a new
lease of life.
I believe also that President Wilson
will renovate the department of agri
culture. recking, as it has been for
the past twelve years, with scandals
and favoritism. He will see to it that
the bureau of animal industry will
protect the public health Instead of
the efforts of the packers to sell dis
eased meats under the decept~ve
phrase "U. S. Inspected and Passed.
Under President Wilson no more Pin
chots will be kicked out of the service,
no more unspeakabie MicCabes will ex
ercise dictatorial powers. There will
be no more cotton leaks and jungle
atrcities, no more Everglade swin
dIes. Iluceaneering. boasting and
buncombe will give place to sane ef
forts fpr the promotion of real agri
culture and the public health.
Uzder Wilson the department of
agriculture vwi!! be resto:-ed to speak
Tobacco Raising in Ireland.
Irish tobacco and Irish cigars and
cigarettes are bought in Dublin with
patriotic pride and smoked with en
.oyment, and it may be only a mattel
of time when Irish cigarettes will be
known the smoking world over. The
raising of tobacco in Ireland is one
of the new industries which are being
undertaken, and the quality is pro
nounced good.
Past and Future.
"She is a woman with a past," said
the Suspicious Neighbor, with sup
pressed horror. 'Well," said the Old
Neighbor, "she's better off than the
rest of us, if that's all. I'm afraid
most of us have something coming tc
us." And it was so. You urnhapper
your past, but what's coming you may
Cheerful Philosopher.
Fontenelle, the French writer, was
always cheerful, and this is perhaps
why he lived to be one hundred years
old. He used to say: "Without
cheerfulness, what is philosophy
worth?" When about to die, he said:
"I do not suffer, my friend; I only
feel a certain difficulty in living."
your oats and ~
onr111 10-- goods ~
his fail and top>
info- withi soda
ve tine o'rain. ~
apest fertilizer' n
Iat will make ~
s will bouseful
hate & Oil Co.
, S. C.
AN, Pickens,
ORNTON, Easley.
.pound' eqas
Tax Notice.
(ir ouuf itounty T reasiurer. P'iekens Countyr.
!'ieken-s. S. C-.. Oc(tobejtr 1. 191*.
Th; hk I ,) f.r thie .ic'llctin of .-tate aid
Co ntytxes w he o1pen rotn
I it*o'her Il it :2 ti li c ember 31st 1912.
'This who prefer to doi .-i ian pity in .ina
rv I11:'. w0ih 1 per cent n.ldttiinil. 'lose
who prefer payin:t in Februar 191:i. ian
io "I with - pur 'ctnt additional. Those whIj
prefer payitt. in March 1913. to h15th of said
nti.h. I'ni do! s3- ny ;ayiII All additional per
venit. .\ fier si d late the bookS will close.
X. t.---iTx p.iyers owitig property or paying
tax for others. will please ask fo tax receipt
in each ete iwnlship or sperini schoo! distiict in
which he (ir ther atty own property. This is
ver i uiportantit as there are so mntiy special
schioil district,. Those who do not wish to
Come to I lie oitliie ('all write me. not later than
l)eeiber 2(uth. and I will furnish them with
the aunount due and they ann remit me by
cheek, mnoney orler or registered letter. If
stamips ar sent ilo not Send above two (2;
ient. ias I (iinot use thein. Please do not
seil in eai wiitiit registering same, as it is
liable to -et lost: if sent itherwise it must be
at sentier - risk.
Levv for ,title ttx ...................5. il mills 4
Lev~ fo l'tis itupta!School tax . 3 mnills
Lewv for Orilinary Cotily tax. ....i mills
Levy. for S liking 1-'und ..... . .........1 i mil'
.evy for last Indelitedtiess.. . .. 4.... t illtI
ILevv for ihain Gam ;... ...... ........ 21j m ill
Levy fir State Constable ... . mill
Tofid 19 I mill
S01llii l. T.\ N.
Special .evy for School 1)1trir t No. 1. 2 mills
Specil Iev for .School lustrict No. 2,... . is
4Special L.evy fir Schiool l)'strlct No. 3..2 mills
Speciai i l Levy for Schoo! i)lstrict No. 4....2Inills
Spec'ial I Levy fo r Sichool Dist riet No. 5. . .2 mills
Special I.#,v for Sicoil I Iirt rct No.7... .4 mills
spwv(eiai Lev % for Shoilitl 1 strict No. S. . . .2 mi
Specia i evy fir Suhool District N I. 9.. 10 mills
Spe'i:L L for 1'hiool )istrict No. 10, 2. mills
Spcial Levy for Schoot I)istrict No. 11.71j mills
Npc 'i-t! Levy for Sc-dii;l l)istrict No. 12. ..2 imills t
Speciatl Levv' for School )istrict No. 13..8 milis
Special Levy for School )istrict No. 14...4 mills
'perial l e'v. for School District No. 1I,.. .6 mills
Specil Levy for School i)istrict No. 17...7 mills
Special Levy f r School )istrict No. 18. 2 mills
Special ILevy for Si hool I)lstrict No. 19, 2mills
Specia I ievy for Schooi I)istrict No. 2 i... .2 mils
Sperhil ILevy firShool listrict No.21....4 mnills
iSpeCiatl Ii'.ev for School ilist rict No. *2 ...4 mills
Specia l I.evy for Sc'hool Iistrict No, 23,..2 mills
Ispeclil ,evy for School District No. 24. 2. taills
Specia! I.ivy'' fior School Distriet No. 2 . 21 mills
special I. ev y fir School I)istrict No. 27... '4 mills
spec1ia '.,vy for School District No. 2Y.4 mills I
Speoial Levy for Sihool District No. 29 3 mills
Spwial I.evi for School District No1. 15 uills
i Speain I 1.evy for School Ilistrict No. 32.. 3 mills
SIpeci.l V' for Sill Di ist rit Ni. :M .4 mills j
S piei .eivy for School I iistlrii't N o. :37. 4 mills
"Spec'ial I cevy for SoholtiI listrict No, 38,. 2 nills
pe cia Lev fir Si'hiooIl )jstriu't No. 40) .2 mills
'peehI .evyi for sehl 'II listrict No 41. 3 mil Is
speita l Ie vi fio rit Sc ho list ric t No 4" .- mnills
pcil~ tI~ 'y fori tihetlp m)si.tN 7.3tills
SpLa i. ers t'i~r Scoo iti 4 .o ...1uill
Cpca ..-v IIr tcotm- i...N..... -3 mllD
1peidi I.e'; Ot.r Ii 1li.il!tr:-- Novery ila ills *
fop.- in:to.ev'y for years is I -i rc t o. .;-<,p : iriu'ie
tS'. ia l '.e'' fw ho l i t ictr i3 0.m s . ainill
tv fon r itieeti oti 'l'ke . 1 1t. lT h .d
'i.clurri towi inhi. ..... .rli th ... C ....i ii tll
or ro -t t-.ex lto s i .ltltr of.. t. l . go.... l nilh
L ialrv ilr iteres on C c i'iiigrgain , l.. -ond-ter
It 'iekenlsa 'l. 11. tnh i.. ..... .... service h
Pis STa. oneiil i5 ~liir. severy inte aten1
ar oliers.'who th ot ad alltrer50as andl
thos excusedi('i by thet. ritnesrie ftl
tiolmmuit~ialion oid Tax.who .50.he tteig
aistuic or uled tte t~oine awh: -that aol
table-b ie. tuue eronsiv irothed afeor shwen
con t oPke shall e required payntuathey
or rowi tat i. rexster tIntr ofsi'int. I'wesei the
lth ay nfchar::uder aiu congeg3 ao personier
mareti'liy diale ciitemltry serv ii aiiua 'cei lit)
thit otr'e and percon whf i sie rveat' ift theit lat
war he(it. nt te ftaiet and a ro d atax
114 v mle Iin the guaraniiitie srv ine of te
Ict at ieill udentid who may bioe tatending l
4n i ool ir lertel fat t tme hni the irm- 1
muatati ti hereiabovel proe forning
heitrme duiteishllerie to pay taxoffy 4t cetes
County ~ ~ ~ onnt Treasurer.o adcut, ewe h
15thae of Scobeuath e arolinayfDcm
Catontya a of Pice la n d ity.nt
per hCourndan ofaiCoremopa Psa . oda
yhallb a Potemenr. Plntiffen, uo
Ie hn puedhrs ane ot dmreetait
dolhr.r mdeionef the abore tathiryd
'aitatien datg Set. 24, 1er 12n awndn
on filh ino th Clersflel1y ck
ens count. CIounii selsufre
teCout Io icens.ratPik
dnurgth lea or of Co m nsla le
o agsaint vmbr192
tIe pursuangcesrflaedecreal
ordte madinth abvei state
cosenby ofhiHonsr andgse .fW
DAlle tate pet. arcel1 ando
ofni lingh Clerk beige siuat
in tstae nc(ountyilsl before
s(, 1. C tos Ch higes bidder p
* djoiingh lal s of sal ooe
on -\esa P int November 1912,to
thel fotwr ig o decibedn au
fotte (yin ac and01 T s being teI
thouny of Pickens and staLPter
South L Carolin. Tr ah
l that iece.dii threl adeo.
of l of lyn must ben complie
inthe seand cheonty atfore
adjkofnn thnd forme J.T.cLooer.
P. A Poter J.h LanGSto
andothrsndCler oafin aout
1trfour ire morr mlyess, dedn
hv C.L. urtion.a Tem with.
a forhtu rcogrdng teosame
Tmy lfe sa mstednd comied
rsk ouths tomer pursing
. "A f ttsouin, ourlfailyon haTded
P riCEfu Sco and lungA ALrUISTS
ickeonds thrugnuin
Clerk's Sale
tate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
En Court of Common Pleas.
Liberty Bank. Plaintiff,
3usie Parsons, et al Defendants.
By virture of a dec ee in the
ibove stated case and signed oy
11s Honor Geo. E Prince at
Jhambers and on file in the
3lerks office in Pickens county
ind dated June 11, 1912, 1 will
sell to the highest bidder on
salesday in November 1912 in
'ront of the Court House door
luring the legal hours of sale
hp following described real
,state to wit:
All that piece or lot of land
>eing in the west part of the
own of Liberty, in Pickens
ounty and state above written,
ontaining thirty hundredths
30-100) of an acre, fronting
1 feet on Peachtree street,
ind joins lots No. 13 and 14
)n west and lot No. 8 on
he south, the title being in T, H.
Parsons name. Terms of sale
ash. Terms of sale must be
:omplied with within one hour
ifter sale, or it will be resold at
;he risk of the former purchas
!r. Purchaser or purchasers
tre to pay for all papers and for
-ecording the same.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
tate of South Carolina
Pickens County.
Jourt of Common Pleas
ancy C. Rigdorr et al, Plaintiffs
, A. Rigdon et al, Defendants.
In pursuance of a (lecretal order
nade in the above stated case by his
lonor, Judge J. W. DtVore. itated
eptember 27. 1912, and on file in the
3erk's office Pickens county. I will sell
>eforo. the Court house door to the
lighest bidder during the legal hours of
ale on Salesday in November 1912, th
ol owing described real estate lying
nd being in the County of Pickens and
tate of South Carolina. All that cer
ain piece, parcel or tract of land lying
n I being situate in the State and
ounty aforesaid on waters of Saluda
iver and adjoining lands of V. A. Rig
Ion, J. F. Rigdon et al and being pirt
if the sare land d.eled him by Nancy
). Rigdon and containing fifit en (1)
cres more or lesa. Terms of sale cash
should the purchaser fail to comply
vith the terms of this sale within one
tour th. r.afttir, said clerk will resell
he same on the same or some subse
luent salt sdav, at the risk of the former
mrchaser. Purchaser to pay for papers
or recording same.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale
tate of South ('arolina,
County of Pickens.
n~ Court of Common Pleas.
~ucv A. Barnett tludson. et al. Plaint iffs
oe H Barnett, Defendant.
In pursuance of a dectal order made
n the above stated case by Bis H -nor
riiege J W. DeVore, dated September
1th, 1912 and on file in the Clerk's
ffice Packens County. I will sell be
"re the Court house door at Pickene, S
., during the legal hours of sale, on
al~day in November. 1912, the follow
ner dececrihed real estate, lying and be.
ner in the County of Pickens and State
if So:uthi Carolira. All that certain
ies. parcel or tract of land lying and
fiie situate in the Connty and State
ifr'said, on Feuwler's Creek waters of
taluda river and adjoining tanda of B
1. wi'.iaems. Gleo. Hendrix. Waldrop~
state et al and containing fifty one (51)
cres ne tha sa n'e more or less.
Terms of sale, cash. Should the
)rhaser fail to corrpiy with the terms
if this sale within one hour thereafter.
aid clerk will resell the same on the
ame or somne subsequent saleeday at the
'isk of the former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay for all papers and
or recording the same.
A. J. BOP('S,
clerk of court.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickens County
In Common Pleas Court.
fattie Belt, Plaintiff
. 31, Crone. Defendant.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
n the abr-ve stated cate by l.is Honor
udgs J. W. DeVore, dated .enteo~ber
4. 1912, and on file int the Cle-rk's office
ick..ns county. I will sell to the high
at bidder, bef.'re the Court hous'e door
. Pickeps. S. C . dluring the legal honrs
,f sale on salesdav in November 91'?.
he fol'oring described real esat,
yia g and being in the Connty of Peck
na and .State of South Carolina A:l
hose two lots of land lyir g and h-ir e
ituae in the State anid County afor- -
aid in or near the inecorp) irated limi's
f the Town oef Ensley and known as
)tS Nose 11 and 12.
Terms cash. Paurchaser to pay for all
a rs and for recording sarn': Term
f sale must h'a complhed with in o:re
our after sale or the premises will be
eeld at the risk of the former pur
base rs A. J. BOGGS,
Clerk of C murt
Clerk's Sale.
Itate of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
n Common Pleas Court.
laggie Anders Jones et al, Plaintiffs
r. P..rry Anders et al. Defendants.
In pursuance of a decretal order made
y his Honor. Judge J. W. DeVore,
lated September 27th, 1912, and on file
n the (Cei k's office Pickens county,
nill sell to the highest bidder before the
>urt house door at Pickens, s. C., dur.
ng the legtal hours of s.dle on Salesday
n November 1912. the fol'owing de
cribed real estate, lying and being itl
th County of Pickens and State of
South Carolina. All that c.e-rtain piece,
arcel or tract of land, situate, lying
tad being in the State and County
rforesai on waters of Saluda river and
icj tining lands of Woodside~ land. J B
Regdon land, McJunkin land and
Lathem land and containing t wo hun
red eighty' nine (289) acres ii orn
>r less. Terms of sale eat'la
Should the purchaser fail to comn
py with the terms of this sale withir
nne hour thereafter, said clerk will resel
the same on the sanme or some suse
uent salesday at the risk of the forumel
Purchaser to pay for all papers an<
recording the same.
Clerk of Court.
Saved by his wife
She's a wise woman wh:> knows just
whiet to do when her hu-ban's 'ife is in
danger, but Mh s. R. J. Flint, iaintree,
Vt.. is of that kind. --She insiste d on
ny using Dr. K ng's New Discovery,"
writes Mr. F. -for a dreadfui cough.
when I was go weak my friends all
thought I had only a short time to live,
and it completely cured me." A quick
cure for cougls and colds. it is the most
isife and reliable medicine for many
throat and lung troubles-grip, bron
chitis. croup, quinsv. ron-il tis. heir
orrhages. A trial will convine you.
50cts. and j1.00. Guaranteed bv all
Clerk's Sale.
State of South C rolir-a
County of Pickens
In the Court of Common Pleas.
G. R1, Hendricks. Plaintift
Loivisa Mansell et al. Defendants.
In pur-uance of a decretal order made
in the above stated case by his H .nor.
Jud 4e J. W. DeVor, .a-edI Septeml er
2 th. "914, and on file in the Cl. rk's
eflice Pickens cou nt%. I w.1 sell before
the Court hot se doo a Pickens, 8 C.
dui ing the It gi hour- of sale on Sales
day in November 1912. tI e following
described real (state lying and being in
ihi County of Pickets i-d 3tate of
S ,uth Carolina. All thai certain piece
parcel or tract of land 1. ri in Praters
Ci et k. waters of Twelvt 3lile river a-d
being situate in Hurr ic:in- Tow nship
a ijoining lands of Davis Bow .. W. L
Enxtr.-km, D. C. Tompkins, John Hiunter
(co .)at d otherscon amigfe rty five(15)
acres more or lees, it being the land
conveyed to Louvisa Mansel and L. M.
Mansel by Ca oline NIcWhorter on the
31) day of December 190) and being p tri
of the Cat ter Dillard land and being h
same land owned by Oliver McWhorte;
at the time of his deat h. Terms of sale
cash. The terms of the sale must be
complied with within one hour or the
premises will be resold at the r-sk of the
former purchaser. Purchaser to pa)
for all p tpers and r e-ordiig the s-une.
clerk of court.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South C trolina
C unty ef Pickens
1i Court of Common Pleas
IV. G. Trotter. Plaintiff
T. W. Pit k1 simer. et al, Defendants
In pur.uance of a de:etal order made
in heal.ove stated case by his Honor,
Judg- J W DeVore. dated Septe-mbe,
26th, 1912, and on We in the Clerk'
office P c, ens county, I will sell before
the Court I on-e dotor at Pickens. S C
diring thie legal hour. of sale on -a!( s
day in November 1912 the followmg
d s- ibid r -al estate lying and heing ii
the C unty of Pickens and State ot
sonth t arolina.
Tr act - o. i, on Six Mi'e creek waters
-f Keo .ee river, adjoinig lands of A.
I) Mann, W. P Wilhmnon and others
containing thirty-one (:31) acre s more or
1ess. Tract No. 2 on waters of Six MeI
creek. aojoining tract No. 1 and the
lands of P'. W. Willinmon. Anthony Ba
ker. and P. M. Durham. containing ten
(10) acres more or les:.
Tract 3 on Six Mfile Creek and Seneca
roia-t adjoining la'ds of W, N. Hendrix.
J. B. Eintrekin-, E. 31. Jones and H C
Shir ey, cont:.nitg exty-one (6i ) acres
more or less atel beintg the three tracte
of land conv--ved to T. W Picklesimier
be H1. M1 Hester on .July 17. 1911.
Term's of saie~ cash., should the pur
cha.-er e'r piirchasers fail to comply
with the terms of this sale within otte
hour thereafter said Clerk n ill re-sell
the same on the same or some subse
quent Salesdlay at the risk oif the form
er purchaser or purchasers. Purchaser
to pay for all papers and recording the
same. A. J. BOGG.4,
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickent i - ounty
In C)ommeon lea~s Counrt
Ealey Loan & Trust Co. Piaintiff
R. E. Childress, Def, ndant.
In pursuar-ce of a decretal order made
in the above staited case by his Hcnor,
Judge J: W. Devore, dlated September
24. 1912 and on file in the Clerk's office
Pickens county. 1 will sell before the
Court house do r, to the highest
bidder curinig the legal hours of sale on
Salersday in Nvemb~i 1912, the follow
ing described real est'.te lving and being
in the County of PieLen- and State of
Sonth Carolina All that piece. parcel
or tract of land situnate, lymng and being
in the State and Cotmty aforesaid. on
head waters of Wolf creek. Adjoining
land of John Julian, J. E. Clark, R. M.
jhil, W. M. Freema~n and others and
containing ninetv nine (99) acres more
on less. Being the laud conveyed to me
by 31. A Holling~worth on the 21st day
* f Mlav 11-0 and said conveyance record
-el in Vol Z piag- 3u1. A iso twenty (20)
acres more .or bc s adij 'ming the above
tract: it h,--ee a ;'a, I of my old home
plae. Tenaste (e:sh. P'urchtas-r to p' '.
foar ri 1 peiaes and for reconing -h
-t.am Termes if -ale must he complie-"
weth in on (i.e hour after suele or he.
premeises u ill b - re - , ld at lhe risk of
feorumer 1.urcha--er. A. J. t O(GG.
C2 r f C}eurt.
Notice of hul1 SHuemet ar Michuage
NOTICE is leer eby given th-st. I will
muak -ajpeaion tee J. B Newberr.,
Esq'l., Judge otf Proeb.tne for Piek. us couni
tv. in the Mt:.te oef Suth Carohina. otn
the 1st. day oef Vovemib-191'. at 10
o'clock in the foreniOon, oCr as$ son the-re
after as said al lilcatin enni be h--ard.
for leave to muake fineai setth-~ment of
the estat- with tmy ward. Ehr~tbeth
Sutherland. and oebtaitn dl.-chargeC as
guardian. Amos C. Sther land.
og4 G;uardian.
Notice is here-vy given th-is we will
make applicationi to J. B. Newberry. *
Esq. Juei qf P'robate for Pickens cotmn
tv mn the State of Southe Ca olinae. on the
:fl day of October, 1912 at 11 o'clocCk
in the forenioon or as soot.
thereafter as S-t apeplicationt cain he
heard, for lh-ave to make final settleenet
of the estate of C. H. Parkm-,. deceased
and obtain discharge as administrators
of said estate.. Nora Parkmns.
W. A. Sheldon
o24 Administrators.
CNOT'ICE is hereby given that 1 will
make aepvliation to J. B. Newvbery Esq.,
Judge of Prol-ate for Pickenus county.
in the State oif South Carolina. on the
31 day of Oct.. 1912, at 10 o'c'ock ine
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter a
said apeplicatioen can he heard for leave
to make final settlement (of the estrt.
of J. B. Freeman. deceased, and ob
tain discharge as executor of said estate.
B. S. Freeman,.
0 -.~ 30. 1912 Executor.
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