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Did You 4
Come in aud get one the first chan
To every person who will call
Bank will give absolutely free. on
information to solve the daily pre
merchant. mechanic and others.
simplicity of plan. These books
will be given away fast. Come i
all gone.
J. P. Carey, Pres. R. E. Bruce,
Local and
Mr, John E. Craig was m
town last week.
',B. Brezeale. of route 5,
tQwn Saturday.
J. M. Gantt spent Thursday
in Greenville on business,
Hon. W. G. Mauldin, of Liber
ty, visited in Pickens last week.
Mrs. Vesta McFall and Miss
Org McFall:. spent -Monday in
Mrs. J. L. 0. Thompson and
children, of Liberty, were in
Pickens on Sunday.
Miss Meda Boggs, of Green
ville Female college, spent Sun
day in Pickens.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Banister,
of Liberty, attended the dedica
tion here last Sunday.
Mrs. Craig, of Walhalla, hcs
returned home after visiting h er
mother, Mrs. S. N. Craig.
Mrs. Fedd Fulgum had as her
weej4,guest last week Miss
<Charles of Piedmont.
Miss Margaret Attawa:1y and
Miss Eula Attaway spent Sun
day with relatives and friends.
Mrs. 5, F. Porter and daugh
iter, Miss Nannie, spent the day
shopping in Greenville last Sat
Mr. C. J. Tarrant, superinten
dent of the Isaqueena mill at
Central, was in town on busi
ness last week.
Capt. Elias Day, W. R. Oats,
H on. J. Ashmore Hinton, and
J.M.Jamneson, of Easley, were
in Pickens last Thursday.
Mr. Hernry Sutherland and
his mother recently spent a
week in. Atlanta and returned
safely to Pickens last week.
Mr. Geo. S. Legare, Miss
Ferdie' Legare and William
Sleft Saturday morning
'for their home in Charleston.
Mr. Hagood Bruce is now em
Sployed.by Folger, Thornley &
Co. He is on .the grocery side
assisting Manager G. R. Hend
Miss Evelyn Johnson, of
SGreenville, who has been visit
ing Miss Lorena.Taylor, has re
turned to her home in ireen-1
Miss Ora McFall entertained
a number of her friends on
Thursday evening. Those pres
ent enjoyed a very pleasant I
Miss Margaret Attaway, of
Chicora college, returned on
Tuesday to resume her work
after a pleasant visit to her 1
mother on Sunday and Monday. I
J. R. Ashnmore is back in
Pickens to stay until next Jan
uary, when he will return to
his new home in Florida. We (
hope that "Rufe" will make up
his niind to just stay on in(
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, Pickens, S. C
V-Pres. M. C. Smith, Cashier
; Dwight Attaway spent par
of Sunday in Liberty.
Miss Mattie Finley was host
ss at a party on Tuesday even
We are sorry to hear tha
Miss Daisy McDonald has bee]
We are sorry to hear tha
rs. J. W. Ballentine has beer
quite ill.
We wish a speedy recover'
for Mr. J. M. Gantt, who ha:
been quite ill.
Mrs. J. T. Taylor, who ha!
been in Georgia. returned hom
m Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Bogg!
;pent Sunday with Mr. J. E
Bob Powell, of Keowee, wa
).t the county seat Tuesday o
Mrs. T. B. Higgins and son
Clive, of Easley spent Sunda3
[n Pickens with friends.
Miss Lorena Taylor left Wed
esday for Taylors, where sh'
vill spend about a week.
Mrs. RZ. E, Bowen wvent t<
alhoun on Tuesday to -visi
er daughter, Mrs. Holden.
Mrs. S. C. Templeton, o
reenville, is a guest of he
sister, Mrs. B. F. Parsons thi
Ernest Alexander, popula
~alesan at Craig Bros. Co.
pent several days last wveek i1
tlanta on business.
B. F. Parsons and famnil'
spent part of Sunday in Liberty
They went down in Mr. Par
son's new Ford car.
Mr. Fred Carpenter, who hai
een the guest of Mr. and Mrs
'. J. Mauldin has returned t<
is home in Greenville.
W. J. Clardy, of Liberty
oute 3, was in Pickens Tuesda~
rnd paid The Sentinel a shori
ut pleasant call.
State Land Agent McLaurir
as in Pickens this week look
g oversome State land in the
pper part of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. Will McJunkir
iave the sympathy of the corn
nunity in the loss of one of
heir infant twins. It died
~Ionday night.
ID. E. Garrett, the efficieni
lerk of the T welve Mile Rive1
tssociation was at the county
eat Wed nesday and made The
entinel a pleasant call.
Rev. John 0. Wilson fillet
;he pulpit of the Grace M. E
hurch here Sunday evening.
reaching one of the best ser.
nons ever heard in Pickens.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mc
ullough and Mr, J. Thiomas
rnold and son. J. T., Jr., of
reenville attended the dedica
ion here last Sunday.
rate Chance
r itout tire insurance. And
vy vears have youi put the
~i how mucth do your savmfgs
pay for the worry about fire.
day. Tomorrow you may
st compamies.
THENMV Pickens
Mr. J. I. Callaham. energet
and competent salesman at th
H-B-M. Co., 7 z k at hi hon:
in Pickens. i., kriends hope I
see him out in a (ay or two.
N/Hon. B. A. Morvan and wiJ
and Mr. J. H. Morgan,
Greenville, came over in a c4
and spent Sunday afternoc
with the family of Mr. R,
W. S. Parsons has sold ot
his interest in the Liberty Han
ware Co. to Mr. L. Aoggs -wl
will continue the business
the old stand. Mr. Parsons hu
not decided what line of woi
t he will take up.-Gazette.
Mrs. Elbert Finley was t1
- charming hostess of the Daugi
- ters of the Confederacy Ia.
week. An unusually pleasar
afternoon was spent by th
members, Mrs. Finley serve
delicious refreshments.
Miss Mattie Finley was th
honor guest at a party given b
Miss Lorena Taylor on Wedne
day afternoon from four to si:
Those who enjoyed the aftei
noon were Misses Vesta Asl
more, Ellen Lewis, Ora McFal
Nellie Grandy, McDonald an
The farmers are cordially i
vited, when they come to towi
to bring a little butter alon
with them. We folks he
haven't any butter and althou;
we believe that "bread is tl
staff of life," we think it might
nice to have a little butter alor
with the "staff."
State of Ohio. city of Toledo. t
Lucas County,
Frank- J. Cheney makes oath that he
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Chen,
& Co., doing business in the City of T
ledo, County and State aforesaid. a
that said firm will pay the sum of ON
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and e
ery case of Catarrh that cannot be cur:
by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CUR.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
my presence, this 6th day of Decemb<
S(Seal) A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
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cous surfaces of the system. Send f
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Ladies from some twent]
five or thirty missionary soti
ties in Piedmont presbytery a
tended the Missionary UnI
held here last Tuesday mi
Wednesday. The name of tI
organization vwas changed
the Presbyterial, at this nc
ing. The next annual meetii
w'll be held at Liberty.-Tu
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d a healthy body. and cheerful
spirits. It is pleasant to take
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delicate stomach.
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State of South Carolina,
County Qi Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
General Election for State anl( 'oun
Sty Officers will be held at the voting
-e precincts prescribed by law in said
County, on Tuesday, November -
h said day being Tuesday following the
e first Alonday in November 191'/, as
prescribed by the Stat2 Constituationi.
YThe q1ualitientlionl forsufae
g lanagers of electioii shall require
of every elector offeriing to vote at
any election, before allowing him to
Vote. the Irodiletion of his registra
tion Certificate and proof of thi pay
ient of all taxes, includiing poll tax.
asse -ed a zainsti him qn d collectible
- durhi-g the previos year. The pro
M.-tion of a Irtifiat e or of tIle
~- recip)t r the i' i rt' :titori/ed to
d olleet stii axes sh:11 be conclusive
'lproof of the payment ('i thereof.
n There shall be separati :uni .iis
r .in t ballots aIt thi C!ei n for li i e
following oilileirs. ti-it : I IGo:
ernor and( Liem enant Go'. eritor: 2'
ly Other State Oficers: (:: ireati:
oSolicitor: i.State t-~r: '-l
atlmers roif !'o-~ :af itpreseta~
tives; (4; County Ol) i'es. O
which shall lie the anie or ntin:::
_ of the person or persons ve- it'o as
such oflicers, t'reerively. a ii the
-y office for which th'-y ar' voted.
Therc' ..snall be separate boxes in
which said ballots are to be dlepoisi
labeled in plain Ronman let:ters with
the office or ofiees v'oteid for.
W\henever at viite is to bi' t 1:lo (ri
~any special quaesti on or' questitons:
box shall be lroi tded. propelr(1
labi~'ed for' that purpos'', at i the
t- ballots therefor onl such iution01.
or quoestiotns shall b' depio si tel
L> Before the hou r fixed for 'o'n in
the polls .\anagers and ('lerks must
take and stubscr'ibe the' Constituiti:on
atl oath. The (Chairmuan of thec Itoard
01 Mlanagers enn adtmini:;tct the
Oathto i)thte other membersi't' and to
the Clerk: a Noita ry. Pu;bib- mnus!
ad i ni ster em o-ah m~ th -- (hair
1man. The ..\lanaigers eh1-et t heir
es chiirman and clerii
Ju P'oils at each vo tig pl:w ie inijst be
oipened at 7 0(1lock a. m. :id closed
at 4 o'clock P. mi.. e'xcepjt in the City
to of Charleston. where they shall beC
iopene(d at 7 a. to. anid closedl at
Iy . i. m
The mainagers have the power to
fill a vacancy, and it none of the man
agers attend(, the' citizens ivan alt
point froni aina..g the' -talifhii
Is voters, the .llanaas. who.r a f er
at bieing swort. n, et con0duel t't t r't
e At the close of te eli'tion. h
'iaagers and Clerk n :s p rceed
it publicly to oipen th all ot boxes and
it count t t he ball ots tlwrte'ini and 'otn
itiltnuie wi! thotr I (djouirnmi~enitttntil the
ly same is comptl et ed . aini mak e a
rstatement ot the result ior each
.office and sign the same. \\ithin
mthree (lays I hwreafter. tihe (Chairtman
le of' tihe Board r some00 one designated
r- by the Hoard, ins: deliver to the
('ommiiissi oners of i-lect ion te pol)i
list, the boxes cointa inin g the : b~Its
atnd written statetments of 1:.-: salt.
of the elect ion.
At the saidl electtion sep8 l'a b-xes
willI be provided at '.:hic h ti~all Ii nd
electors will votr- uptonl lim' adorrtion
or rejection of an anwen la-nt ;rt the
State Const itut!ion, as iprovidod in
the following .Joint Resolutions:
No. 382.
A .Joint Resolution to At\mend Section
A ,.rticle \'I II of thr (onst itu
11ion. Re'atir tiio :-.liciatl
totnd edI idlb: eidniss. by .\d.!
T'own of0! Bishto :r ill.
Section !. I>e it re- ved lby the
.- Gener'al .\ssembn y ii: t:he State' 0f
South ('ar!otln. T hat the follow ingi
of the Cotnstituttion of the Stat;' of
So-uth ('arolina. hre agrreed to: .\dd at
the end tereOl thi' tollowitig words:
"Pr'to-:idled iuther.i That the limita
tionls imp~~.osed by this mot otin atnd by
Sect ion .5 of .\rtile N of Ithis Const
tut ion. shill not apply~ to t he t601ti1t-!
indebtedness- inittrred b:: th' towni .
Hishopv'ille. (in lih counlty o f I.:-:
wh-len the proca . of said bonids are
applied exclusivel r to id10 I inih
btuilding and pIaren as' oft rhts of
Railway. ojr oth r railro'i:il ror rail
~lmittion ti! ittGenercl .\sebl
is satilm ''' t i ' i-d elrotors
it proided in
ing this amendmeni'l I50 h*' ubin tt
tedI at thle n!ext ''' U o fa'
follows: Th'ose in1 Ior o1 1 to
Bloodshot Eyes
Are cured without pain in on' di-y by Leonardi's
Golden Eye Lotion. No othe.r eye remedy in the
world as cooling, healing and strengthening for
weak eyes. Insist on having '.'Leonardi's." It
makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists sell1
it at 25ets, or forwarded prepaid on rtceiti of
Uttiey..A O Tlmdi& co.. Tamtpa, Fla.
amendment will deposit a br ilot wit
the following words plainly writte
or printed thereon:'"'onstitiom
anendment to .fection 7. .\rzlcle VII
of the Constitution. relating to iiiiii
cipal bonded itindlebjtediiess, as pr<
Posed by a Joilit Resolution entitle
A .!oint Resolution to amend Set
Tion 7. Article VIII of the Constitt
-ion. relating to municipal bonde
indebtedness, by adding a pirovis
thereto as to the town of Bishoi
vtile'-Ys"Those oppJosed to sai
amendiment shall cast a ballot wit
tie ollowing worIs plainly writte
or printed thereon: "Constitution
amendnient to Section 7. Articl
\-Il. of The Constitution, relating t
municipal bonded indebtedness, a
propos-ed by a .iJoint Itesolution en
t tiled 'A Joint ReSOlutiOn! to amen
Section 7. Article \lIi, of the Consti
tution, relating to municipal bonde
indelrclness. by adding a provis
thereto as to the town of Bishol
A Joint Resolution Proposing ai
Amendment to Article X of th.
Constitution, by Adding theret
Section 14a, to Empower th
Cities of Charleston and Beau
fort to Assess Abutting Prep
erty for Permanent Improve
Inen ts.
SOc-tion 1. Be it resolved by th<
General Assembly of the General As
Carolina. That the following amend
sembly of the State of Souti
ment to Article X of the State Con
stitution, to be known as Section 14
of said Article X, be agreed to b
two-thirds of the members elected t
each housP and entered on th
.Journals respectively, with yeas an
nays taken thereon, aid be submit
ted to the qualified electors of th
State at the next general electioi
thereafter for Representatives, to
wit: Add the following section t
Article X of the Constitution, to b
and be known as Section 14a:
Section 14a. T.he General Assem
bly may authorize the corporat
authorities of the cities of Charles
ton and Beaufort to levy an assess
menit upon abutting property for th
purpose of paying for permanent im
provements on streets and sidewalk
imel diately abutting such prolp
erty: Provided. That said improve
menits he ordered only upon th
written consent of two-thirds or th
ovners of the property abutting iii
no the street, sidewalk, or part o
either. proposed to be improved
and upon condition that said corpo
rate authorities shall pay at leas
one-half of the costs of such in
Sec. 2. That those electors, a
the said election, voting in favor o
the said amendment shall deposit
ballot with the following wora
plainly written or printed thereon
"Aniendmient to Article X of th
State Constitution, by adding Sectio
1 4a. empowering the cities C
Charleston a-nd- Beaufort to asses
abutting preperty for piermanent in
provements- --es." And those vol
ing against the said amendmer
shall deposit a ballot with the foi
lowing words written or prinute
thlereoni: "'Amendment to Article
of the State Constitution. by addin
sectionl I -a, empowering the cittie
of Charleston and Beau fort to asset
a butting property for permanent in:
trovenm. en ts--No."
No. 581.
A JIoint Resolution Proposing a
Amendment to AXrticle X of' th
('onstitution, by adding Theret
Seztion 15. to Empo-.er th
Towvns of G;affney anu Woru
and Cities of Chester on
Georgetown to Assess Abuttin~
Property for Permanent In:
proveminen t.
Section 1. Be it resolved by th
General Assembly of the Statec
South Carolina, That the followin
amendment to the Conistiturtior
Article X. to be known as Section 1
of sa(id article, be agreed to by twc
thirdls of the mnember.3 elected I
each house, and entered on th
Joiurnals respectively. with yeas an
nays taken thereon, and he sub~mi:
ted to the qualified electors of tht
State at the next general electio
thereafter for Representatives, t(
wit: Ad~d the following sectiont
Artic X of the Constitution. to 1b
and be known as Section 15:
Section 15. The Gentral Assenr
lly may authorize the corporat
authorities of the towns of Gaffne
and Woodruff and the citiesc
C'hester and Georgetown :o levy a
assessmenC~t upon01 abuttin:g propert
for the purpose of paying for perm:
nent improvements on streets an
sidewvalks, or streets or sidewalk:
imnmeadiately abuttting such pr'ol
erty: Provided, That saisi improv4
ments lbe ordered only apanl th:
written sonsent of a majority of th
owners (if the prop)erty abattin
uiponi the streets or sidewalks. c
part of either tiroposed to be iin
proved. and upon the condlition tha
the corporate auithorities shrall pa
at least one-half of the costs or atu:'
Sec. 2. That tihe electors votinl
as sucih general election in favorc
the piropiosedl amendment shall de
posit a ballot with- the follow''1
words plainly written or, nrite
thereon: "'.\mendment to Article:
Of tile Constitution, by adding Set
tion 1 5. empowerinlg the towns c
Gaffney anld Woodruff and tihe citie
of (Chester and GSeorgetownl to asses
abutttig property for piermlanent
Yes."' Anld those voting .tgainxs
said piropiosedl amendmenlt shall di
Posit a ballot with tile ollor'in
words plainly wvre't "" *"" imef
tlereon: ''Sect ion t ., c-...:--e
the townls of Gaffney arnd Wo'odru
and the cities of Chester an~d George
towrn to assess abutting property to
permanent imtiprovements---No."
See. :;. Tile Mlanagers of Electio:
shall canvass said vote an
certfy tile result as now lito)vided b:
law, and shlall provide a s':'anlte bo:
fcr said ballots.
"..\ t sail elect ion the qiuaiiel
electot's shall also vote upon th
ruestion of issuting bonds not exceed~
ig one nmillionl S 1.000,lO00. ) do]
lars to carry out plans to relieve th
congestedl condiition of the Stati
lospi tal fo' tihe Inusane,. as provide<
by Jloint itesolution NO. 578. Act:
and .Toint Resolutions of 1912."
Alaunners of Election.
The followvin:: Managers of Elee
01on have beeni appiointed to hold :hn
electionl at the var is prec'incts it
the said County:
E'asley--A. RI. Hamilton. .J. A
(ouch. .1. A\. Shepard.
Central-T. J1. Werner. 3Melvit
Spearnman. E. 13. Stevens.
Liberty--S. J1. Robinson. W. 0. W\il
lard. Frank .fennings.
Pickens Court H ottse-J. T.
Rihey. Elisha G;ilstrap. 3L O. Loo
i acusvilie-W\. J1. Sutherlatnd
T. .1. Pondler. R. P. Thomax.
Cateechee-J. F'. WVilliams. S. W.'
loward. B. MIulkey.
Pumpkintown-.l. R. Keith, Thos.
IKeith. W\. E. Edens. Sr.
Eastatoe-W\. H. (;rant. Elijah
Winchester, J1. E. Keister.
Cross Plains-A. J1. W\illiams,
S. W. Hlolcomb, G. W. Latham.
Peters Creek-WX. H-. Williams.
0. B. Crk. (:. C. Foster.
1 Mie Creek--T. S. Bowen. S. I
a Datton. R. B. Lumpkin.
Li Praters-W. WN. Seaborn. .1. F
I COonhs. (. G. Leevis.
- Six Mu' W- . N. Hendrix. W.
- Werner. John Evans.
C Calhoun- v. .. Boggs. X. .
Cathran', Cha. Young.
Holly Springs -J. C. Gramilin
d L. G. Bowers. F. E.
. Gap Hill--C. H. Finley. y .
- ander. Lee McKee.
a Loopers Gi-W.)In, Chapmia:
G Geo. Childers. L. B. Willian'.
' Croswell--Jas. It. Garrison. J. i
Hughty and V. M. Freeman.
! Pleasant Grove-Warren Ilri
D Jr., 1. A. Whitmire. H. F. Hiehndrix.
s Norris-.J. E. Parson. .1. G (
strap, I. ). Rice.
Easley Cotton Mills-W. F. to
ers. J. M. Jones, W. A. Barr.
Glenwood Cotton .1ills-F.
Bunker, Newt Smith. \V. ). Brown.
Alice Mlills-J. A. Christophe!
T. H. Gards. Ford M3eCollum.
Rocky Bottom-J. L. Cantrel
Jno. Gilstrap, Freeman Patterson.
Flat Rock--T. C. Brown, Cha:
.McKennie, J. S. Wilson. Jr.
Pickens Cotton Mills--W N
Swyngame. H. W. McAlister. T. z
The Managers at each preciln(
named above are requested to delt
gate one of their number to secur
boxes and blanks for the electioI
at Piskens Court House on Wednes
day, October 30th, 1912.
Elias Day
T. L. Biven
.Jno. E. Craig.
Commission of State and Count
Elections for Pickens Connt1
S. C.
October 10th. 1912.
- NOy'l(' OF Ell(TION.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that th
Ge'neral Election for 'residennai
- and Vice Presidential Electors an
Representatives in Congress will
held at the voting precincts lixP
by law in the County of Pickens o
Tuesday, November 5. '11112:
day being Tuesday followin: t
first .\onday. as prescribed by t
State Constitution.
The qualificatiois for suffraf. ar
as follows:
Residence in State for tw Ye
in the County one year, in the -o
ing precinct in which the lelto
offers to vote, four months, and th
payment six months befo e an
election of any poll tax the di
r and payable. Provided, Tht mit'
f ters in charge of an or-"aniz
church and teachers of pubii
schools shall be entitled to vo'
after six months' residence in
State, otherwise qualified.
1 Registration.---Payment 01 a
f taxes, including poll t.aa. :sssesse
5 and collectibe during the prev'io1
ear. The production of a cri
-cate or the receipt of the officer at
Sthorized to collect such raxes sila
-be conclusive proof of the2 payme
'Before the hour fixed for Ole-a
the polls Mlanagers and ('lerks tau
take and subscribe to the '('n i
s tional oath. The Chairim of I I
- Board of M\anagers can :inum ast
the oath to the other .lam..:ers aa
to the Clerk: a Notary Pablce m't:
administer the 0:11h tor'au'
i The Mlanagers elect their Chairam
and Clerk.
0 Polls at each voting plaec '
e be opened at 7 o'clock :. ..
f closed at 4 o'clock p. mn.. .'t e.'.
tI the City of Charlesto'n. n It oe
shall be opiened at 7 a. ....-...
-closed at 6 p). mn.
The Mlanagers nave the ~ow r
e ill a vacancy; and if n.one (. '
f Mlanagers attend, the cit i/.ns ea
apoint, f'rom among the judi ne
i, voter's, the M\anagers, who. af
being sworn, can tonduct the eie:
> At the close of the celcion. 'It
e Mlanagers and Clerk mnust pr'oce~
publicly to open the baLot boxe
-and count the ballots therein. an
continue without adjournment unt
nthe same is completed. and make
statement of .the result for eac
ooffice, and sign -the same. WVithi
ethree days thereafter, the Chairma
of the Board, cr some one designa
ed by the Board, must deliver
ethe Commissioners of Electio-a th~
pol)01 list, the boxes containing t
Sballots and written statementsc
nthe result of the ele'tion.
M\anagers of Election.--The' fo
lowi'ng Mlanagers of Election hia
been appointed to hold the electuo
at the various precincts in the sat
Voting Precincts: .\anagers.
Easley-WX. A. Ilamilton, WX. I
Snith and J1. 0. Pickens.
Central-T. J1. Watkins. C'laud
Stephens and Charlie Gaines.
Lierty--W. A. Watki'ns. JIohn
Boggs and P. C. Cartee.
t Pickns--R. H. Baker. W.X 1
Bites and .J. F. Keown.
iDacusville-W., .\. Baker. J. I
Findley and J1 . .lones.
C (ateechee-.\MIlufliC \l auldit
iFurman Norris and J1. .\. I ;'own.
Pmipkintown- WV. 3. Jonnes, .3:
gStansell, Sr., and E. F. Keith.
~Eastatoe'-.\. T. XWichester, I
X. Stansell andl John Chapmu'an.
Cross Plains-James Diavis, I
W. Hlestern and A. H. Hebaton.
Peters Creek----Easley 1). 1 er
Sdricks,. J. E. Singleton and W.X
3ile C'reek-3l. E. Nix, ). '
-Alexa'nder and T. AX. Stewar,.
S Prater's--R. M\. Holding. P.
i Robinson and G. ('. Bolding.
tSix Mlile--IR. I.. Alexander. IL. I
Xallae and P. :d. Dur~thamn.
--''alon-Robert Holden. ita....
Dloyle ::nd .T. WV. Smith.
Holly Springs-WX. R. Price. XW. '1
(astain and .1. 0. Mlo.:-ley.
I Gaphill--Elisha Alexander',.1J. I'
-' Steele and A. P. Alexandier.
\i.oor's Gin-G(. ii. XXilliamns. I
!. h itmire a))d Sam I .noper
l Crosw'ell School Hions' --T.
H ughey. XW. C. Kay aini .. . os
-Pleasant Grove--.\.. I. Tlallny. I
I. Anderson and \'. .\. Ri-gdon
Norris--J. E. Philips. .T. 1). 1 i
t ton andl E. ('. .t'IeIort
Easley ('otton) 3;;1 -- WX. Rl. L).u'
1. E. Knox and JIeronc (onnoliy
G;lenwood C'otton) 111 il Sam
Sut herl and. HIarve'y Bay1 arid and 1
Thompson and XX. E. 1 lil
R ok y IBottoml- .\. j.X .\"")s-a:
.. l{ loleomibe and \'.'. I. I'0
Flat Rock-W. F. Yonn"- R.I
Bogs and Hlurh Fowil'r
Pickens ('oitn .\111 - "
wvel Jr.. S. IP. Maa--ehb' - an-l .
1. Porter.
The Mlanagers at . ach pre('ined
named abtove are requested to dele
cae one of their numbert to secur
the boxes and blanks fo:' the eler"
WXediesdaly. Octobs :: 2 n.
JTa'. P. ('arey. .tr..
J. .\. Hlinton.
C'ommissioners of Ft'der'al Ele
tio for Pickens ('unt y. S. C. Oc
tber 10. 112.
FR IS H - -
ireSfER? -
101111 1
n V ca and l instr~
that fill bill. We ap
o (c purchase as muel
time is now at hand
if buy something for es
S family and we; want
store and do your fall
If you-know anyhir
S ants o1 Pickens coun1
etasuare deal a
Don't forget that 1:
et of butter, or the cl:
T hey will all help out
Come to see us.
Here is Your Chance !
I you contemp':ate buyingz a homne. I
have 5i) :eres with new !---o'dm house.
On.--'o:se crop elf-ared, -> acres creek
bttomis. I Ira ih fo.r $!150: $10')
cash. $51) n xt year. then $1 I)) each
year fa 1ittyears ( oo i mill sh:.al and
Or if this do- n.t sit. you cnn make
equal t,-rms 1n tI otetras o~''f 25
on'. and 7-rom ih iie on 'l :er- an''
ed. All fte-h indl aaI giod the
cunty afio rc s .\li theec atre in one
tract 7 iin~ w" . of Pickh us C. ii
close to) ye (?i:. hiad I and
schools . . i .7 V-Piker.s. I'icLens.
twoh]orse farmi three miles
from Elle(y. Se or write 0. S.
tewvart at Pickens.
TIhe books of subscr'iption to
the Linwood Land and Invest
ment Coadny wi!!1, e open for
bscriptions at Keowee~ Bank
John F. Hlarris.
M\. C. Smith.
Oct. 110. 1912.
)ne car finr at Wllolcesale
*1 40
i i I
- ON /R/GH T
a reservoir on your range
.1 ;hwi you are cooking
cly of copper, and large enough
re rvoir heated with a.one-picce
Ihe left-hand lining of fire-bo:
r.:"e; no pipes to freeze or
th. cbe chifted to and from
yu va.t the water to boil. just
p- -ct :-i::st the lck-hand lining.
j:st t.a the lever the other way.
vhen you are using a
:" of tCi grertest of all ranges. We can
a e.:l i'mn y U. Or, iiyou haven't timo
fMiorrow Ca
ices to select from.
umental. Ask for n
preciate every 5 and -'
as anybody, but the
vhen you will have to )
ecry member of the
ou to comeI to om
shopping.N )
g about the merch
yv, you know you can
ur store.
asket of eggs, buck
ickens5 young or old.
the pocket book,
I Statement.
The following statement of
the ownership, management,
etc.. of The Pickens Sentinel is
published in acco--dance with an
'Act of Congress and report of
which has been filed as required
by law with the postoffice de
The Pickens Sentinel, publish
e(d weekly at Pickens, S. C.
Editor, manager, publisher
Gary Hiott.
Owners, holding one per cent
or more of total amount of
stock-C. E. Robinson, Heath
Bruce-Morrow Co., J. P. Carey,
Jr,, A. J. Boggs, I. M. Mauldin,
J. McD). Bruce, J. T. Abercrom
bie, G. R. Hendricks, R. E.
1ruce, B. T. McDaniel, J. A.
Morrell, J. T. Taylor. W. F.
Mauldin, C. L. Cureton, Pick
ens. S. C.: J. L. (9. Thompson,
Liberty. S. C.: B. A. Hagood,
Charleston. .5. C.
There are no bondholders,
mnortgagexs. or other security
holders, except two notes to J.
L. 0. J hompson for $1,000 each.
GanY H10'r, Mgr.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this :30th day of Sep
tember, 1912.
FRANK McFALL, \. P.. S. C.
ubscribe f'm- the Sentinel.

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