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The Pickens Sentinel
THURSDAY, OCT., 24 1912.
Legal Notices first insertion per itih 'I.0(
For each subsequent " " 5(
Commercial and other advertising for thre(
months or longer will be made at reduc rate'
and prices can be had on applieatlion.
We are not respor sible for the views o
our correspondents.
Fa'ered at Pickens Fustoice ad Second (is
Mall Matter
Is It Fait?
The educational problem is
constantly comina before ou
P le. How can I educate my
children is a question daily be
M kfoeare ents of our county,
and no answe is- iven. SomE
advocate special levies in differ
ent school districts. Some want
a uniform levy .on all-* coun
ty. Some believe in cQ pulsory
education. Others areobpposed
to the compulsory education
law. It is to be hoped that thE
next legislature will get togethei
and pass some law that will
stimulate our school work in
the rural districts. There is nc
doubt that our State schools will
be making their usual plea for
large appropriations. But whc
will be there to plea for thE
public schools? We earnestly
hope that some great deliverer
will rise up and come to thE
rescue of our county schools.
We need better .buildings,
better equipments, better paid
teachers-and that means bet
ter teachers. We know that
eyery community must help its
self, but we submit that it is
not right to make such large
appropriations to our State col
leges and leave our public
schools so poorly provided for.
Look, if you please, at the corn
parison. The child in the publi
school in Pickens county gets
$7.29, while the boy at Clemsor
gets $154.00 . The boy at thE
University of South: Carolina
gets about $289.00, and the boy
at the Citadel gets 8300.00.
We have state pride enough tc
~~ant our state schools to pros
pes, but not to the detriment o:
our country schools. Compara
tively few of our boys and girlF
ever go to college and 'the mos1
of education that the masses
will receive will be in the public
schools. Hence the imnportance
of making our public schooh
the very best that can be made.
Roosevelt Shot.
The attempted assassination
of former President Theodore
Roosevelt, now leader of thi
Bull Moose party, is an affair tc
be regretted by every mar
worthy the name. iNo one,
save a bad man, can rejoice at
the evil fortune that comes tc
any man. Whatever one may
think of Theodore Roosevelt as
a politician, it is impossible tc
refuse him a high place in. the
ranks of courageous men. His
superb self-.cantrol, his stert
determination, his sheer physi
cal courage places him in the
forefront of real manhood.
Union Times.
If Westminister was to go to
sleep and not wake up woul
Walhalla, and would Rabun
Health Hint.
iDon't leave the wheelbarrow
ithe front walk if you are
going to be out after dark.
This is a most splendit
stores offer superior tra
service. Tihe ME RCH.1
representing various lir
advantages G REEN VI1
Come to Greenville
$49).00 one railway fare
Edw. L- Ayers,
Barr Dry Goods Co.,
Dry Goods, Notionls, Trunks. Ladies
Ray-to.Wear, Men's Furnishinlgs.
ture Co.,
jturniture, Stoves and Household
BI. Endel,
Clothing, Men's Furnishings, Hats,
Make the most use of all y
advantages. If you do
know an address or how to s
a name look in your teleph
A paper in Mr. RoosevE
pocket saved his life the (1
day. If he had had a Sent
in his pocket he wouldn't h
been touched.
We have no intention of
couraging people to drink w
key, but it is an establis
fact that more people kill th,
selves eating than drinking.
It is far more important
have good thoughts and g
food for the mind, than it is
have good food for the bc
Do not fear dogs, snakes :
wild beasts, but flee fro n en
jealousy and hatred. They
sure to cause indigestion.
We noticed in a paper
week that a preacher
hugged to death by a men:
of his congregation, and v
just thinking that this woul<
a good advertisement for
seminaries, but later we lear
that it was a man who did
I There is much activity in
South now against the h(
worm, In this State a figh
being waged against it
many people are Leing rid o.
On account of the interest
have secured some anthei
articles on this subject and
publish them. These arti
were prepared and approved
directors of boards health rel
senting twelve Southern Sta
These paved side walks ar
good paying investment
this city. The improvem
promotes peace and good ori
Good roads have the same s:
tary effect upon the coun1
Give us more good roads eye
they make us dodge more I
zine buggies. Good roads k
people in a good humor. G
humored people can stand a
thing. They can listen pati<
Iv to a smart man telling of
smartness. Good humor
turn the howl of a lonesome
into a pleasant melody. TI
facts you can prove by
We do not like to often n
tion in our paper about b
subscriptions being due. ']
is not a dun in any sens<
the word, but simply
statement to remind s<
of our readers that it is aga
the law for us to send the Se
nel to any one for 'more t:
one y ear on time. On the1
of Noyember we shall be obli
to go over our subscription bc
and cut off all names which
pear to be a year behind.
hope all these who are bell
(there are only a few) will cc
in and renew so that we will
have to cut a single one off.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that
General Election for State and C.
ty Officers will be held at the vc
precincts prescribed by law in
County, on Tuesday, Novembe
said day being Tuesday followinl
first MIonday in November 1912
prescribed by th1e State Constitu1
The qualification for suffrage:
Mlanagers of election shall req
of every elector offering to vot
any election, before allowing .hir
vote, the production of his regi
tion certificate and proof of the
ment of all taxes, including poll
ee Rail
ofer to tile trad1ingQ p)ub]
lg adlvantages. Stocky
ics. The Association is el
LE merchants presenit.
buy fromn any of the mner<
will be refunded BO0TH X\
Trunks. Bags. etc.
~ilreath-rhiiamii (Co.,
Jewelry, Chine and Fancy Go<
Stoves. Tinware r~nd Houselhold gc
Mantle, Tiles and Grates.
). M. Goodlett,
Harness and Saddlery.
lis Co.,
ecs. uM Women and Childr
our assessed against him ard coleetib
otdurin the previous year. The pr
duction of a certificate or of ti
ij receipt of t" officer authorized I
one collect such : shal be (onclusiv
proof of the p.!yment thereof.
There shall be separate and di
tinct ballots at this election for Th
following offers. t o-w it: I ) G o
i ernor and Lieutenant Governor: (2
her Other State Offieers: : Cireu
inel Solicitor: 1 4 ) State Senator: (.
ave Members of House af Hepresenti
tives: ( 1 ) County Officers. 0
which shall be the name or nani
of the person or persons voted for a
such officers, respectively, and ilh
en- offlice for which they are voted.
his- There shall be separate boxes i
hed which said ballots are to be depos
rn- ted and each ballot box shall b
labeled in plain Roman letters wit
the office or offices voted for.
Whenever a vote is to be taken o
any special question or questions
to box shall be provided, proper
ood 'labeled for that purpose. and th
to ballots therefor on such questio
or questions shall be deposite
ind Before the hour fixed for openin
VY. the polls Managers and Clerks mu.
are take and subscribe the Constitutior
al oath. The Chairman of the Boar
of Managers can administer th
oath to the other members and t
the Clerk; a Notary Public mu.
last administer the oath to the Chail
xas man. The Managers elect thei
Aber I chairman and clerk.
-ere- Polls at each voting place must li
I b. opened at 7 o'clock a. m. and close
at 4 o'clock p. m., except in the Cit
te lof Charleston, where they shall i
Ied opened at 7 a. i. and closed at
the p. m.
The managers have the power t
I fill a vacancy, anl if none of the mai
agers attend, the citizens can al
the point from among the qualifie
t voters, the Mlanagers. who. af'
>ok- being sworn, can conduct the ele<
is tion.
and At the close of the election, th
it. Managers and Clerk must procee
we publicly to open the ballot boxes an
. count the ballots therein, and cor
litC tinue without adjournment until th
6111 same is completed. and make
Cles statement of the result for eac
by office and sign the same. Withi
)re- three days thereafter, the Chairia
tes. of the Board, or some one designate
by the Board, must deliver to th
Commissioners of Election the 1)0
list, the boxes containing the ballot
and written statements of the result
e a of the election.
for At the said election separate boxE
ent will be provided at which qualifie
ler. electors will vote upon the adoptio
Iu- or rejection of an amendment to th
-ry. State Constitution, as provided i
n the following Joint Resolutions:
e. -No. 582.
eep A Joint Reso:utToin to Amend Sectio
ood 7, Article VIII of the Constitt
tion, Relating to Municip:
Bonded Indebtedness, by Ad.
Bnt- ing a Proviso Thereto as to th
his Town of Bishopville.
ill Section 1. Be it resolved by to
dog General Assembly of the State<
iese South Carolina, That the followir
amendment to Section 7, Aticle VI.
of the Constitution of the State
South Carolina, be agreed to: Add
the end thereof the following word:
"Provided, further, That the limiits
tetions imposed by this section and 1:
l-Section 5 of Article X of this Consi
ack tution. shall not apply to the bonde
his indebtedness incurred by the town<I
Sof Bishopville, in the county of Le
a w;hen the proceeds of said bonds a:
)me applied exclusively to aid in tl1
.ns building and purchase of rights<
way of the South Carolina Wester
ni- Railway, or other railroad or rai
an roads, under such restrictions an.
Irst limitations as the General Assembl
ged may prescribe, and where the que:
okS tion of incurring such indebtedne.
is submitted to the qualified electoi
ap- 'ad r'iunicipality as pirovidedi
Xe ( Constitution:' upon the questic
md of bonded indebted:.ess."
>e Sec. 2. That the qiuestion of adlop
ot ing this amendment shall be submi
ted at the next general election ft
Representatives to the electors
-follows: Those in favor of ti
amendment will deposit a ballot wit
the following words plainly writte
or printed thereon: "Constitution:
amendment to Section 7, Article VII
of the Constitution, relating to mnun
the cipal bondedl indebtedness, as pr<
un- posed by a Joint Resolution entitle
ting 'A Joint Resolution to amend Se<
said tion 7. Article VIII of the C'onstiti
r 5, tion, relating to municipal bonde
the indebtedness, by adding a provis
,as thereto as to the town of Bishol
Ion. ville'-Yes." Those opposed to sai
amendment shall cast a ballot wit
uire the following words plainly writte
at or printed thereon: "Constitutioni
a to amendment to Section 7. Artiel
tra- VIII, of the Constitution, relatingt
pay- municipal bonded indebtedness, a
tax, proposed by a .Joint Resolution en
road Fai
ic throughout the PIE I)MON
are large and~ Varied, wh'ielI
coplosedI of the leaing mereC
3deavoring to conlvinlce the tra
:hants named below, and on pt
AYS within a radius of forty- 1
Royal, Nettleton, Florsheimn. Selby
Wright & Peters, and Duchess lines
ods.o sleulr iiC.
Men and Boy's Clothing. Ladies
Ready-to-wear, Notions, Dry Goods
Shoes and Hats, Furnishings.
.J. 0. Jones Co.,
[1- fen's Furnishmgs, Hlats. Tailoring.
Keys-M1ahion Co,
enrailoing- and Men's Furnishings.
I titled '.\ Join't Resolution TO amend the
Section 7. Article VII, of the Consti- the
L tution, relating to municipal bonded an(
indewedness, by adding a proviso tov
e thereto as to the town of Bishop- per
v ie'-No.
No. 583. sht
A Joint Resolution Proposing an lav
Amendment to Article X of the fcr
Constitution, by Adding thereto
Section 14a, to Empower the ele
Cities of Charleston and Beau
fort to Assess Abutting Prep
Prty for Permanent improve- lar
s ments.
ei Section 1. Be it resolved by the Ho
General Assembly of the General As- by
Carolina. That the following amend
sembly of the State of South an
ment to Article X of the State Con
h stitution, to be known as Section 14a tio
of said Article X, be agreed to by le'
n I two-thirds of the members elected to the
a each houso. and entered on the t
. Journals respectively, with yeas and Col
e muays taken thereon, and be submit
n ted to the qualified electors of the gp
State at the next general election Lit
thereafter for Representatives, to
wit: Add the following section to
t Article X of the Constitution, to be Ri
and be known as Section 14a: pe
d Section 14a. The General Assem
e bly may authorize the corporate T
e authorities of the cities of Charles- T(
t ton and Beaufort to levy an assess- Ho
ment upon abutting property for the
r purpose of paying for permanent im- Ke
provements on streets and sidewalks
immediately abutting such prop
d erty: Provided, That said improve
ments be ordered only upon the G
written consent of two-thirds of the
owners of the property abutting up
no the street, sidewalk. or part of
either. proposed to be improved,
and upon condition that said corpo
rate authorities shall pay at least
1 one-half of the costs of such im
r provements.
Sec. 2. That those electors. at
the said election, voting in favor of Ca
e the said amendment shall deposit a
d ballot with the following worac'
d plainly written or printed thereon:
"Amendment to Article X of the an
e State Constitution, by adding Sectiona
a 14a, empowering the cities of Ge
i Charleston and Beaufort to assess
n abutting preperty for permanent im
n provements-Yes." And those vot- Hu
d ing against the said amendment
e shall deposit a ballot with the fol-' Jr.
I lowing words written or printed
s thereon: "Amendment to Article X str
a of the State Constitution, by adding
Section 14a, empowering the cities er,
s of Charleston and Beaufort to assess
d abutting property for permanent im- Bu
n provenents-No. T.
e -0. 584.
n A Joint Resolution Proposing an Jn
Amendment to Article X of the
Constitution, by adding Thereto Mc
n Section 15, to Empower the
Towns of Gaffney ant W.odruff Swv
and Cities of Chester and Ca
S Georgetown to Assess Abutting
e Property for Permanent Im- na
provement. ga
e Section 1. Be it resolved by the bo
SGeneral Assembly of the State of at
South Carolina, That the following da
iamendment to the Constitution,
SArticle X, to be known as Section 15
of said article, be agreed to by two
thirds of the members elected to Co
Seach house, and entered 'n the
J .ournals respectively,' with yeas and
jnays taken thereon, andl be submit
Ited to the qualified electors of the
~State at the next general election
Sthereafter for Representatives, to
*wit: Add the following ssetion to St:
eArticle X of the Constitution. to he
~fand be known as Section 13:
n Section 13. The General Assem
- bly may authorize the corporate GE
d authorities of the towns of Gaffniey an
v and Woodruff and the c'ities of Re
- Chester and Georgetown :o levy an he
sassessment upon abutting properity iby
sfor the purpose of paying for permia- Tu
n nent improvements on streets and da;
n sidewalks, or streets or sidewalks, hr
immeadiately abutting such prop- at
t- erty: Provided, That said improve
r- ments be ordered only upon the as
>rwritten sonsent of a majority of thle.
towners of the prop~erty' ahuitting in
e upon the streets or sidewalks, or mn
hn lart of either proposed to be i-- off
n Iproved, and upon the condition that pa:
t the corporate authorities shall pay ele
lI at least one-half of the costs of su.h ai
-improvements. ct
-Sec. 2. That the electors voting
d s uc general election in favor ofe
-the proposed amendment shall de- afta
-posit a ballot with the following
d words plainly written or nrinmted tax
o thereon: "Amendment to Arti'cle Xt
-of the Constitution, by adding See-ye
d ,tion 1 5, empowering the towns of ca
h iGaffney and Woodruff and the cities thc
n Iof Chester and Georgetown to assess ibe
.1 abutting property for piermfanent-- the
e:Y es." And those voting agamnst t
o said proposed amendment shall de- the
s p)osit a ballot .with the follov.'ing takt
- words plainly written or prinited'.to
re to
Tri SECTION. Gireenv'ille
fact means satisfactoryv
lallts Ill (GimENVILL E
lig p)a bli of the su})erior'
re'chases totalinig 325.00 to
niles, 0or ONE WAY with
3Marion B. Leach, P1
Groceries,.~~ Inibators anid Poultry
Supplies. - E.
Metts & James, Ft
Furniture stoves and H~ousehonld
Frmshinga, Sa
Meyers-Arnold Co., Jc
Ladies' Ready-to-wear, Dry Goods, P
Notions, Draperies, Art Goods, Etc.
reon: "Section 15, empor-ring
towns of Gaffney and Woodruff
I the cities of Chester and George
vn to assess abutting property tor
manent improvements-No."
sec. 3. The Managers of Election
til canvass said vote and
tify the result as now provided by
and shall provide a separaae box
said ballots.
*At said election the qualified
etors shall also vote upon the
?stion of issuing bonds not exceed
- one million ($1,000,0oo.) dol
s to carry out plans to relieve the
igested condition of the State
spital for the Insane, as provided
.Joint Resolution No. 578. Acts
I Joint Resolutions of 1912."
Managers of Election.
rhe following Managers of Elec
n have been appointed to hold :he
etion at the varios precincts in
said County
Easley-A. R. Hamilton, J. A.
aIch, J. A. Shepard.
.entral-T. J. Werner, Melvin
marman, E. B. Stevens.
,erty-S. J. Robinson, W. 0. Wil
-d, Frank Jennings.
Pickens Court House-J. T.
hey, Elisha Gilstrap, M. 0. Loo
)acusville-W. J. Sutherland,
J. Ponder, R. P. Thomax.
lateechee-J. F. Williams, S. W.
ward, B. Mulkey.
Pumpkintown-J. R. Keith, Thos.
ith, W. E. Edens, Sr.
Eastatoe-W. H. Grant, Elijah
nchester. J. E. Keister.
"ross Plains-A. J. Williams,
W. Holcomb, G. W. Latham,
Ieters Creek-W. H. Williams,
B. Clark, G. C. Foster.
Iile Creek-J. S. Bowen. S. B.
ton, R. B. Lumpkin.
raters-W. W. Seaborn, J. H.
ioroughs. C. G. Leevis.
3ix Mile-W. N. Hendrix, W. J.
rner, John Evans.
,alhoun-W. A. Boggs, W. N'.
hrane, Chas. Young.
olly Springs-.. C. Gramling,
G. Bowers, F. E. Stewart.
ap Hill-C. B. Finley, B. F. Alex
ler. Lee McKee.
oopers Gin-W. Olin Chapman,
. Childers, L. B. Williams.
rswel--Jac. H Garrison, J. 0.
ighey and V. M. Freeman.
Pleasant Grove-Warren Hendrix
, 1. A. Whitmire, -1. F. Hendrix.
Norris-J. E. Parson, J. W. Gil
ap, 1. D. Rice.
Easley Cotton Mills-W. F. Rog
:, J. M. Jones, W. A. Barr.
Glenwood Cotton Mills-F. G.
nker, Newt Smith, W. D. Brown.
Alice Mills-J. A. Christopher,
H. Gards, Ford McCollum.
Rocky Bottom-J. L. Cantrell,
. Gilstrap, Freeman Patterson.
Flat Rock-T. C. Brown, Chas.
Kennie, J. S. Wilson, Jr.
Pickens Cotton Mills-W. K.
yngame, H. W. McAlister, T. S.
The Managers at each precinct
med above are requested to dele.
te one of their number to secure
es and blanks for the election,
Piskens Court House on Wednes
y, October 30th, 1912.
Eli as Day
T. L. Biven
.Jno. E. Craig.
mmission of State and County
Elections for Pickens County
S. C.
October 10th, 1912.
lte of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
Notice is hereby given that the
neral Election for Presidential
d Vice Presidential Electors and
presentatives in Congress will be
1( at the voting precincts tixedl
law in the (County of Pickens on
esday, November 3. 191l2: said
y being Tfuesday following the
4t .\onday, as prescribed b~y tk'
tte Constitution.
The qualifications for suffra;.e are
iesidence in State for two yers
the County one year. in the 1)oll
precinct in which the elector
rs to vote, four months, anld the
rment six months befor'e any
etion of any po011 tax then due
I payable. Provided, That mit~is
s in charge of an organized
irch and teachers of public
ools shall be entitled to vote
er six nmonthis' reside'nce in the
te, otherwise qualified.
egistration.-Payment of all
es, including poll tax. :1ssessed
I collectible during the previous
.r. The production of a certifi
e or the receipt of the officer au
rized to collect such taxes shall
conclusive proof of the paymlent
3efore the hour fixed for opening
p)olls Managers and Clerks mnust
e and subscribe to the Constitt:
ial oath. Thec Chairman of the
Ill a radlijls 0f frtV-Olle t
refunded BOTH WV \ YS
at One timle Or' from any
will be r'efundedC( as ind(ie
chaIses. Keep tile book
tr'ade $23.00 or more, tiii
tioni, at the Board of Tral
No receipt from Rail
WICHt 10 B
3dmonv~t Shoe Co.,
Full line of shoes for all the family.
S. Poole,
Furniture, Stoves and Household
rford-Goodwini Shoe Co.
Beacon Shoes for Man and Boys.
hn Kelly Shoes for Women & Girls.
ide, Patton & Tillmian,
raads ehnoe--Armstrong, Tr &
I Solid Car
Most durabl
finished Wa
They could make t'
them better, but they cal
A little higher in I
give twice the se. vic :.
AsR the man who ba
All sizes, from the li
Clothing, Shoes. I
Sole agents for Walk-0
Iron King Stoves, New Home
ell Wagons and Mitchell Aut<
Board of Managers can administer
the oath to the other Maiiagers and R
to the Clerk; a Notary Public must
administer the oath to Chairman. M
The Managers elect their Chairnmanl
and Clerk. D
Polls at each voting place must
be opened at 7 o'clock a. im., and C1
closed at 4 o'clock p. mn., except~ in
the City of Charlesto'n, where they Si
shall be opened at i a. mn. ::d
closed at 6 p. mn. H
The Managers have the power to
fill a vacancy; and if none ci '.e H
Managers attend, the citizens cani gi
appoint, from among the quifiedI
voters, the Managers, who, afte:' D
being sworn, can conduct the ein
tioll. l tl
At the close of the election, the'
Managers and Clerk must proceec .
publicly to open the ballot boxes
and count the ballots therein. andl Si
conti'nue without adjournment until WX
the same is completed, and make a
statement of the result for each TI
office, and sign the same. Within
three days thereafter, the Chairman A.
of the Board, or some one designat- so
ed by the Board, must deliver to,
the Commissioners of Electio'n the I U
poll1 list, the boxes containing the
ballots and written statements of w<
the result of the election. H.
Managers of Election.-The fol
lowing Managers of Election have in
been appointed .to hold the election ga
at the various precinects in the said th
County: tii
Voting Precincts: Managers.
Easley-W. A. Hamilton, W. E. P1
Smith and J. 0. Pickens.
Central-T. JT. Watkins, Claude
Stephens and Charlie Gaines.
Liberty-W. A. Watkis. JIohn T.
Boggs and P. C. Cartee.
Pickens-R. H. Baker, W. T..ti
Bates and .J. F. Keown. tic
Dacusville-W. M. Baker, J. tP.
Findley and J. M. Jones.
Cateechee-McDuffie Mauldin,
Furman Norris and J. A. Brown.
Pumpkintown-WV. B. .Jones, .Joe<
Stansell, Sr., and E. F. Keith.
Eastatoe-A. T. Winchester, L. N
W. Stansell and John Chapman. of
Cross Plains-Janmes Davis, M. brt
W. Hestern and A. HI. Hleaton. N.
Peters Creek-Easley D. Hien- m
dricks, J. E. Singleton and XW. A. Ari
Mile Creek-J. E. Nix, D. T. bo
Alexander and T. A. Stewart. pili
sixty miles. On p~ur'chases t<
within a radius of between for
me lerchanlt. Whenever youi
ated in the above schedule. V
N R EFUND BOOK, and have
md have the amount of your pl
n in your boo0k to Mr. Albert S
I Rooms, and he wvill refund).I
Way Agent necessary.
Dunn. '-Grover shoes for '1Tender Feet" S
L. Rothschiild, St
Clothing, Men's Furnishings, Tailor
Seybt & Carter,
Books. Office Supplies. Pictures and
Picture Framing, fewspapers and
ist RecenE
3, lightest runni
gon ever built f
hem cheaper, but they
price, perhaps, than o
s used one.
ghtest one-horse to the I
Yours truly,
1, THO
lats and Gents' Furnishing (
rer and Boyden Shoes, Carh
Sewing Machines,Chase City
Prater's-R. M. Bolding. P. (
binson and G. C. Bolding.
Six .\lile-R. L. Alexander, R. I
allace and P. M. Durham.
Calhoun-Robert Holden, Ramvse
>yle and J. W. Smith.
-Holly Springs-W. R. Price, W. 'I
iastain and J. 0. Moseley.
Gaphill-Elisha Alexander, J. E
eele and A. P. Alexander.
Looper's Gin-G. B. Williams, I
.Whitmire and Sam Looper.
Croswell School House-T.(
ughey, WV. C. Kay and M. C'. Lo.
Pleasant Grove-A. B. Talley. I
,Anderson and V. A. Rigdon.
Norris-J. E. Philips. J. D. Li
eton and E. C. McWhorter.
Easley Cotton Mill-W. R. Oate
E. Knox and Jerome Connelt
Glenwoodl Cotton Mill-Sam
itherland, Harvey Baynlard and(
Alice Mills-Roy Smith. Char li
iompson and WV. E. Hill.
Rocky Bottom-A. J. Alexando
K. Holcombe and W. E. Pattt
Flat Rock-W. F. Youug. R. I
,ggs and Hugh Fowler.
Pickens Cotto'n Mills-J. S. IHas
ell, JTr.. S. P. Marchbanks and.l
The Managers at each preeinc
Lied above are requested to dele
.te one of their 'number to secur
e boxes and blanks for the elec
Wed'nesday, October 30th, a
ekens, S. C., at Court House.
Jas. P. Carey. JTr..
R. G. Gaines.
J. A. Hinton,
Commissioners of Federal Elec
n for Pickens County, S. C. Oc
>er 10. 1912.
Saves Leg Of Boy
-It seemed that my 14-year old boj
uld have to lose his leg. on accoun1
an ugly ulcer, caused by a bad
is," wrote D. F. How ard, Aquond,
C. 'All remedies and doctors treat
nt failed till we tried Bucklen's
iica Salve, and cured him with one
," Cures burns boils, skin eruptions
's. 23 c at all druggists
>taling $30.00 or more o
tv-one and sixty miles.
purl1chases total the req
Jhen making your first pl1
~alsinan 'servin~gyoul rc<~
LC1archss recorded where
. JohnDstone, Secretary of
ilh & Bristow
Mens and Boy's Clvt hing. Hats
Ien's Furnishings.
ewar't & 31erritt
Clothing and Furnishings for Men
nd Boys.
aue Fuel & Lumber Co.,
Fuie!. Lumber and Building Material
D. Stradley Co.,
Ladies' Ready-te..wear, Dry Geods.
nin, Trunks, Etr
ig, and best
or the price
wont; they would build
ther wagons, but will
ieavy thtee-horse.
oods a Specialty.
art Overalls. Hawes Hats,
and Babcock Buggies,Mitch
The State Fair
Will be Held This Year October
289, 30 and 31 and No.
vember 1.
Just remember the dates and
make your plans to attend.
It wili be the greatest Sta:m
~' fair.
Cheap round trip tickets of
fered by all ra'lroads.
For prize list and information 4
Iaddress J. Arthur Banks, Presi
0ent or J. M. Cantey, Secretary,
-Columbia, S. C.
You will meet all your friends
tinColumbia at the ONE STATE
The exhibits will be fine.
- Carolina and Clemson are, to
meet on t'ne football field.
Watch the papers' o
Send us your Job
ne railway fare will be
You don't have to buy all
uiredl amount your fare
irchase ask for a MER
>rd amnount of your pur'
ver you trade. After you
the Merchants Associa
R. N. Tannahili Co.,
Automobiles and Supplies, Vehicles,
Saddlery, Stoves, Etc.
The Johnson Co.,
Ladies' Ready-to--wear Notions.
Watkins DrGodC.
Piece Gc -
John H.V

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