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Nearly a Quarter of a Milio
For This Scourge of AlD
and Counties
HE fight against the ravages of
hookworm disease in the United
1 States is one of the most inspir
iug and hopeful events ever re
rorded in the age long history of man's
struggle against ailmeuts that sap his
strength and weaken hir' in body and
It is a fight against an enemy of man
kind that infests every country in the
world that is blessed with a warm cli
mate, and therefore is found in this
country in our southern states.
It is an inspiring fight to the victim
of the disease, for it brings him relief
from pain and illness, restores him to
healthful vigor, makes life again worth
living and !ifts him to a higher plane
of usefulness to himself and to his
It is an Inspiring flight to the patri
otic lover of America. for it shows how
when philanthropist and s- entist fur
nish the means and the knowledge how
quickly American people, through their
state and county govermnent and by
their individual efforts, will help to
solve certainly a problem that was for
centuries deemed unsolvable.
For so long a time that the memory
of man runueth not to the contrary
people living in warm e'limates have
suffered from thin blowledness, from
lassitude, fronina'ility to work with
either mind or body in a fashion hap
pily unknown to people in the colder
latitudes. Many names were given to
these diseases and many cures were
suggested, but the great majority of
the sufferers never found relief in all
their blighted lives.
Then came the scientist and his mi
croscope and found that the trouble
was that tiny worms, too small for the
eye to see, abounded in polluted soil,
and that they worked their way in
How Hookw
Infected Dirt, Coming Ir
Starts the Trouble,
the Victim's H
ASMALL poultice of ordinary dirt
may be applied to some part of
the body. If it is clean dirt
nothing unusual results. If the
d~irt has been polluted by the excre
ment of a person having hookworm
disease then a queer thing happens.
Where the poultice is applied an erup
tion will appear withIn a few hours'
time. After a few days the eruption
may heal, but the trouble has not
ended. Only eight or ten weeks will
have to pass before the person may
#nd on examination that his intestines
are inhabited by bloodsucking Look
This is a picture of Selma Ellis,
worms. Sixteen years old, weight si
ulcer on leg; had ifeen sick for eight ye
ture was made when his case first canr
he was up and walking about, his weigl'
all the hookworms were gone and the<
increased from 1,050,000 to 4,572,500.
well. -
worms and that his health is failing.
The eruption is identical with what
we see so often in the summer and
call "ground itch,"' or "toe itch." This
is the beginning of hookworm disease.
Hookworm disease taecn is usually con
tracted by those who go bar'foot in
warm weather, where the soil is damp
and where human excrement, which
is laden with the eggs of the hook
worms, in some way has been scat
tered. Only a few hours are required
for the eggs to hatch, and within a:
week the little larvae or worms are
ready to bore into the skin and pro
duce ground itch.
They are too small to be seen with
the naked eye. but when they get
Into the bowels they grow rapidly
and soon reach a size sufficient for
them to be easily recognized by the
unaided eye. Persons have been
treated who -unsuspectingly were car
rying around three or four thousands
of these little bloodsuckers, having
their stren::th sapped, but they knew
not howv.
A Log On The Track
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appetite. It means lac~k of vitality, loss
of strength and nerve weakness. If ap
petite fails, take Electric Bitters qjuickl\
to overcome the cause by toning up the
stomach and curing the indigestion.
Nichael Hlessheimer of Lincon, Neb.
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bottles of Electric Bitters put him right
on his feet again. They g:ive pure
blood, strong nerves, good digestion.
O"nly 730 cents at all druggists.
The Pickens
worm Disease
2 People Have Been Treated
Warm Climates-States
through the skin of a person's feet and
found their way into his bowels, there
to grow larger and to fasten themselves
in the wall of the bowels and suck the
blood of the luckless victim. And
more, there to lay eggs to pollute the
soil that an endless chain of suffering
might be kept up. When the micro
scope found how these worms 'were
sucking people's blood, then the chem
ist found that a certain drug would
kill them and not hurt the person who
took it. Thus science laid the founda
tion for this great fight.
The health agents started in to do
their work, teaching the people not
only how to be cured of the disease,
but how to prevent it in the future.
Soon they had obtained the hearty c.
operation of county and school district
governments, of physicians and of cie!
zens generally-not least to be men
tioned that of the victims of the dis
ease. who came for miles and miles to
the dispensaries to be treated.
That is how the fight was organized.
Here is how it has been carried on.
Up until June 30, 1012, a total of 221,
36S persons had been treated in the
several states as follows:
Alabama ................................ 2S.693
Arkansas ............................ 1.944
Georgia ................................ 13,18
Kentucky ............................... 367
Louisiana .................... 22.039
Mississippi ........................ 45,111
North Carolina ........................ 73.65S
South Carolina ......................... 19,811
Tennessee .............................. 5,735
Virginia ......................... 10,32
How rapidly the work is going for
ward is shown by the fact that of this
number 80,990 were treated in the first
six months of the current year. In
deed, half the work in Louisiana, three
fourths of that in South Carolina and
all of that in Kentucky has been done
since the first of last January.
>rm Disease Is
Contact With the Skin,
nd In a Few Weeks
alth Is Failing
To know how to prevent getting book
worm disease is of vital importance to
every one. By understanding how the
disease spreads we may better know
how to prevent infection. Every per
son who has hookworm disease is cast
ing from the body each day between
1,000,000 and 4,000,000 hookworm eggs.
These eggs require only two or three
days to hatch into infecting larvae, or
very, very small worms, which will live
for months In the soil, awaiting an op
portunity to enter the system of a
human being. They gain entrance
through the skin of the feet or by the
who was heavily infected with hook
xty-two and a half pounds, anaemic
ars or half of his young life. This pic
up for treatment. Seven weeks laten
t had increased to seventy-nine pounds,
ount of red corpuscles in his blood had
h ulcer was healing and was almost
mouth with contaminated food, such
as strawvberries, peaches, etc. When
they enter by the feet they cause
ground itch.
If every person would use privies
provided with some water tight recep
tacle to receive all the excrement and
the receptacle contents were protected
from flies and other irving creatures
until they could be deeply buried or oth
erwise disposed of in a sanitary way
no hookworm eggs ever could hatch,
there would be no new hookworm lar
vae waiting in the soil to get into the
body, and those now living in the
ground would perish in about twelve
months. Thenu there would be no new
infections-t:;at is to say, no new re
cruits would join the bookworms now
inhabiting human intestines. As the
worms will not multiply in the bowels
old age would overtake those now liv
ing, so that within about ten years
their life period-all will have died of
old age. If this plan could be carried
out it would take only ten years to
eradicate the disease completely.
"After four inl our family had died
of consumption I was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pounds through using
W. R. Patterson, WXellington, Tex.
Sentillel is 1
"Expected Economies from Combina
tion" Do Not Materialize.
(Louis D. Brandeis in Collier's.)
Leaders of the new (Third Term)
party argue that industrial monopo
lies should be legalized, lest we los
the efficiency of large-scale productior
and distribution. No argument couk
be more misleading.
It may be safely asserted that ir
America there is no line of busines
'in which all or most concerns 03
plants must be concentrated in ordei
to attain the size of greatest effi
ciency. For while a business may b(
too small to be efficient, efficiency doe!
not grow indefinitely with increasinE
size. What the most efficient size i!
can be learned- definitely only by ex
perience. The unit of greatest effi
ciency is reached when the disadvan
tages of size counterbalance the ad
vantages. The unit of greatest effi
ciency is exceeded when the disad
vantages of size outweigh the advan
tages. The history of American trusti
makes this clear. That history shows:
First-No conspicuous Americar
trust owes its existence to the desiri
for increased efficiency. "Expected
economies from combination" figur
largely in promoters' prospectuses;
but they have never been a compell
ing motive in the formation of an)
trust. On the contrary, the purpose oi
combining has often been to curb effi
ciency or even to preserve ineffi
ciency, thus frustrating the natura
law of the survival of the fittest.
Second-No conspicuously profita
ble trust owes its profits largely t(
superior efficiency. Some trusts hav(
been very efficient, as have some in
dependent concerns; but conspicuoui
profits have been secured mainl3
through control of the market
through the power of monopoly to fb
prices-through this exercise of th(
taxing power.
Third-No conspicuous trust ha4
been efficient enough to maintain long
as against the independents its pro
portion of the busiuess of the country
without continuing to buy up, fron
time to time, its successful competi
There is plenty of peace about th4
Taft candidacy, but nobody claims "1
passeth understanding."
Woodrow Wilson says to the long
suffering farmer who buys In a trust
controlled, highly protected markel
and sells his wares in a free market:
"Walk into your own house and taki
Heart Disease Almost
Fatal to Young Girl
"My daughter, when thirteen years
old, was stricken with heart troub1p.
She was so bad we had to place her
bed near a window
- so she could get
her breath. One
doctor said. 'Poqr
child, she is likeiy
tofall dead any
time.' A friend
told mae Dr. Miles'
Heart Remedy had
cured her father,
so I tried it, and
she began to im
'.prove. She tookC
ifgret lman bot
tk.but she i0
spared to me te
day, a fat, rosy
checked gi. No one can imagine the
comIidence~ I have in Dr. Miles- Heart
lRemedy." A. nl. CANON, Worth. Mo.
The unbounded confidence Mr.
Canon has in Dr. M~iles' Heart Rem
edy is shared by thousands of
others who knowv its value from
experience. Many heart disorders
yield to treatmnent, if the treatment
is right, if you arc bothered with
short breath. fainting spells, swell
ing of feet or ankle;, pains about
the heart and shoulder blades, pal
pitation, weak and hungry spells,
you should begin using Dr. Miles'
Heart Remedy at once. Profit by
the experience of others while yott
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy is scold and
guaranteed by all druggists.
MILES MEDICAL CO.. Eikhart, Ind.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina~
County of Pickens
In Court of Common Pleas.
W. T. Jeans, Plaintiff,
A. M. Moerris and Ivy Water, Light and
Power Company, a corporation
duly chartered by law, Defendante.
By virture of a Decree in partition.
signed by His Honor, J. W. Devore,
pesiding judge. I will sell to the high
est bidder before the Court house dor r
at Pickens. S. C , on Salesday in Nov'
eber, 1912. during the legal hours of
sale, the tract of land descrihed in the
cophiint in the above stated case, with
he exception hereinafter stated to-wit:
"All that piece. par cel or tract of land
in the Gonnty of Pickenes anid State
aforesaid on Tlown Creek known as the
Lathem-Clement Mill tract con-aining
frt-nine (491)acres, more or less, on
which a mill is located ." except one (1)
acre thereof which has been surs eyed
and for whiich one acre a plat has been
raie, the same havimg been si v'eyed.
and which plat of said one acre will be
exhibited on day of sale, said plat
snown as Exhibit "H" in the evidence
in the above state d case; bhe fore::oing
sale will be made pursu-nt to the said
Decree, and upon the condlition that
the pm11cha~ser take the place c.f the
plaintiff an d t h e defencdant.
A, M. orrs in the comipi
tion of the darn on said premnises now
under construction, as referred to and
set forth in said Deeree and in rhe plead
ings and the evidence in the said case,
as will be shown by the said Dec ee anti
the records in toe above stated case or
file in my office.
Terms: One-lh:lf cash on day of sale
the balance on a credit of twelve
months, the credlit portion to be secured
by the bond of the purchaser and
niortgage of the piremnises, and draw in
terest from day of sale, with leave tt
the purchaser to anticipate the credi'
portion on day of sale. Should the pur'
chaser fail to comply within one hour,
the said premises will'be re-sold on samt4
day at the risk of the former purchaser
Purchaser to pay for all papers and fo;
recording the same. A. J. BOGiS,
Oct. 16i, 1912, Clerk of Court
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Tax Notice.
Otlice of County Treasurer, Pwicens Countv.
Pickens. S. C., October i, ilS2
The books for the col lection of :tate andI
County taxes will be open from
October l5th 19;12 to leeemler 31st 1912.
Those who prefer to do so can pay in .janua
ry 1913. with I per vent additioaitl. Those
who prefer paying in Februnry 1ll3. enfi V
do so with 2 per ecnt additional. Those who
prefer paying in Nlarch 19i3. to the 15th of said
month, can do so ny paying an adlitional - per n
cent. A fter said (late the books will (lose.
N 1.-Tax payers owning property or payng
tax for others, will please ask fo tax receipt
in each township or special school district i Cl
which he or they may own property. This is be
very important as there are so many special
school distrit-s. Those who do not wish to
come to the ollite can write me. not later thai sa
l).-ember 2nth. and I will furnish them with fo
the amount due and they can remit me by
check, money order or registered letter. If
i stamps are sent do not send above two (2) St
cent. as I caunnot use them. Please do not ta
send me cash without registering same. as it is an
liable to get lost: if sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk.
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ........5.; Mills rih
Levy for Constitutional School tax . .3 mills do
Levy for Ordinary County tax.. ntill -
Levy for Sinking Fund ..... . ......... mills of
Levv for Past Indebtedness............ 14 mills C.
Levy for Chain uang... ...... ........ 21 mill ac
Levy for State constable...... .. ...... I mill
Tott 197i mills Wi
Special Levy for School Dlstri( t No. I, 2 mills th,
Special Levy for School District No. 2....2 ill qU
Special Levy for School Dstrict No. 3....2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4..... mills PU
Special Levy for School D)istrict No. 5. . .2 mills (01
Special Lovy for School lDirtrict No.7... .4 mills
Speciai Lev3 for School IDstrict No. $,. ..2 mills
Special .evy for School District No. i.. 10 mollIs
Special Le-y for School District No. 10,2% mills ._
Special Levy for Schtool l)ist riet No. II. 7% mills
Special Lcvy for Schooul l~i-t rict No. 12. ..2 mills
Special Levyv for Schtotl I tis tric t N o. 13. . .5 mills
Special Levy for Schtttl lin'trb- Nt). 14.. .4 mills
I plecial Levy ftor Sebltt l~ist rict Nt. lIt... 6i mills St
Spectil Levy for Sc,htol lI itic No. 17.. .7 mtills
Special Lev' fttr .tchootl itrict Nto. IS, 2 mill
Specital L ev r ftr .t htt'Il Distritt Nt.o. 9 Imills iIn
special Le'vy fotr School tritt No.. 2l....2 miiils L
Spc~ il I.evy f Ior schoo, Il )5.trict Ntt 2i . ..4 nills
Sptecial Lev for Sebotol I i-rnriet No.. --...4 inillIs
Spee ial Le vy ftr Sehotol District Ntt,'f3. ..2 mills Jo
SpecIal Le v fo.rshool litstritt N'o. 24. 22 wills
special ILevy for tchool hi-ti ict No. 2 . 2'4 mil Is
special Levy' for 'Sctotl I strict No'.:27. .-: millis in
Special L evv for 'School lIi-tr ict Nt. -..4 titills Ill
'Spcial L ev' for 'sebool f)istrit't No. 2. 3 mill.
Specital Lev fotr S.chool Distrit't No. 31. I5 tnills 25
Special Lev'y for Schtool l)istritt .\o. 32.. 3 nills off
Special ILevy for 'School Dist rict Nt. 36~ .1 :~ills g
Specitel I.e vy for School Dis-trict N.: 3. 4 intill:-,
special I evy for Sohtool Dlistrict No.:35. 2 inill . -
spetia Levy 'for Schotl listrict N... -tt .'2 niil ls sal
SpctIit ILevy fttr 'Schotl ltistict No -11, 3 ittillsio
Special ILevv fcr 'School I)istrict No. 42.. .2 toillIs.
-pcianl Lev~ fotr 'School list rict No. 46. .4 ini Is
Special I.evy fotr Schootl District No. 47.. .2 tills o
Sptecital ILevy fttr SchttolIlDistric t No. 49 .. ini Il i.
Spteciatl t evy fttr School Itistrict No. 52. iill -
Specital I evy for School Diistrict No. 5-3.. -:tilis gt
'Spetil L evy for school District Ntt. 55.. .4 itill'
Sptet'itl Levy fo' r Schotol l~istrict .No. M;... 4 tPi
I.ey.v for iterest on P'ickents R. R. litmnds H
Ilurricatne township..... ........2 mills
Mvy fes- interest on P'itkeits R. R. liinds Aicl
I-astaitoe township.............2 mill- '
Lavv~ for interest on P'ickents Rt. R. hitmnds
f'ickeys C. II. towtship.. ...........2 mills P
P oll Tax. Onb (ll lPolltar. Eivery matle citiz.en of1
from I1 to to 60 years is liable, excap.t t'onfeder- .ia
ate soldiers, who dot nott pay after 50 yeatrs, antI
those excused by law.-.
ComutatiOnt Road Ttax. $1.S0. The l.cg. risl
islatu re entacted thle following law: "'Thatt all [
able-bodiedl male personts Irutn the age of twen- foT
ty-onte amid lifty years, both inclusive. ini jihe
couitty of Pickens shall be retutired ainnuailly
tt pay onhe dollar and fifty cet~ts t'tttl t t atittn
or road tax. exceplt mintiist ens of the gtosptel ae
tually itt chtarge of a contgregation, pters(ons ner
tunnently tdisaibledl in Ite mtilitarty service of
this State. antl persons who served in tlte late
war between the Staites. tand tall peCrsonts actual
ly employed ini the quaitrantine' service onf tile ST
ttate, amtd aill si ttdents who imay be attendf ing
sity schtotl or t'olleae tat thte timte whten the com
muato tax htereintaove proidedt fotr shlf
becotme due shll b le required tt ptiy tt the
County Treasurer of sttid c'outyt. between the
15th day otf (tobtier and the 31st day of leeem
berint each anld every yeair. tan annuttal comu L.
tationt or rotatd tax of onie dollar ttitt fifty cents~
per hteatd. aind any fadiure to pay sad roatd tax I
shall be ta misdemeanor, and the offender. uplon in
less thtan live tdollars andfb not m.e thtan fifty
dtdlars, or imtplristoned fir not tmtre thamn thirty 21.
days. 'Pic
Capitation D~og Ttax. All persoits ownintg est
dogs are requiredl to pay a tax orf ifty f5tu ceitts
on1 each tdog. Resptectfully at
C.ountv TPeasu ret. li
Clerk's Sale i
State of South Carolina. f
County of Pickens. 4
In Court of Common Pleas. p.
Myra M Porter, Plaintiff, of
Rafus P Porter, et al Defend-7
In pursuance of a decretal
order made in the above stated -
case by his Honor. Judge J. W.I
Devore, dated Sept. 24. 1912 and
on file in the Clerks offie, Pick- ti
ens county. I will sell before
the Court House door at Pick- a
ens, S. C. to the highest bidder
during the legail hlours of sale J.I
on Salesday in November 1912, I
the following described real by
estate, lying and being in the 'd
county of Pickens and state of wu'i
South Carolina. 9o
All that piece. parcel and lot "
of land lying and being situate ser
in the state and county afore-: th
said, Pickens, C H Townshfip, So
adjoining lands of J. T. Looper. 2
P. A. Porter, John Langston afe
and others and containing about ad
four (4) acres more or less, being
~the land deoded to WV. L, Porterdi
by C. L. Cureton. Terms cash. or
Purchasers to pay for papers sh
and for recording the same.P
Terms of sale must be complied ["
with in one hour after sale or qu
the land will be resold at the Pu
risk of the former purchaser.
Clerk of Court.
e Thanl Five Cl
Clerk's Sale
state of South Carolina.,
County of Pickens.
n Court of Common Pleas.
,iberty Bank. Plaintiff,
usie Parsons, et al Defendants.
By virture of a dec ee in the
bove stated case and signed ov
is Honor Geo. E Prince at
)hambers and on file in the
lerks oTice in Pickens county
nd d ated June 11. 1912, 1 will
ell to the highest bidder on
alesday in November 1912 in
ront of the Court House door
uring the legal hours of sale
he following described real
state to wit:
All that piece or lot of land
eing in the west part of the
>wn of Liberty, in Piekeis
unty and state above written.
ontaining thirty hundredths
>0-100) of an acre, fronting
1 feet on Peachtrt e street.
nd joins lots No. 13 and 14
n west and lot No. 8 on
be south, the title being in T, H.
arsons name. Terms of sale
ash. Terms of sale must be
Lmplied with within one hour
fter sale, or it will be resold at
ae risk of the former purchas
r. Purchaser or purchasers
re to pay for all papers and for
scor(ling the same.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
ate of South Carolina
Pickens CountV.
)urt of Common Pleas
ancy C. Rigdon et ai, Pl:intifTs
A. Rigdon et a!. Defenda:.tz.
In pursuance .f a decr-tal order
ade in the above stated case by his
anor, Judge J. W. D)Vore. nated
pteniber 27. 1912, and on ie II the
erk's office Pickens county. I will sell
fore the Court house door to the
hest bidder during the legal hours of
le on Salesday in Novenlbtr 1912, ihe
lowing described real estate lying
d being in the County of Pickens and
ate of South C.arolina. All that cer
in piece, parcel or tract of land lying
d being situate in the State and
unty aforesaid on waters of Saluda
'er and adjoining lands of V. A. Rig
n, J. F. Rigdon et al andI being pirt
the san e land de-led him by Nancy
Rigd5n and containing fifteen (17)
res more or les-. Terms of sale cash
ould the purchaser fail to conIply
th the terms of this sale within one
ur th-r~after, said clerk will rtsell
same on the same or some subse
ent salh sdav. at the risk of the forn;er
rchaser. Purchaser to pay for papers
Srecording saune.
A. J. BO(A5.
Clerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale
ate of South Carolina,
Donty of Pickens.
Court of Common Pleas.
cy A. Barnett tiudson, et al, Plain iffs
TIH Barnett, Defendant.
:n pursuance of a dectal order made
the above stated c:t.se by His HI nor
rige J W. D.Vore, dat-~d Septvmb-.r
h. 1912 and on file in the Clerk's
ce Pickens County. I will sell be
e the Court house door at Pickens~, S
(liing the legal hours of sale. on
r'ay in Novembor. 1912. the follow.
dece'rihedl real estate. ly ing and he
in the County of Pickens atiin State
5..ut h Carolina. All that certain
cc. parcel or tract of land lying and
rie situafts in the Connrev and State
r said, on Fowler's C ee k waters of
ula riv.r and adj'inin' 'aands of B
Wi'.in ms. (Geo. Hendrix. Waldrop
to et al and containing fifty <me (51)
es >e th" s ure more or less.
e'enms of sale, cash. Shonldl the~
rrehser fail t comply with the terms
his ~rle wi'hin one hour thereafror.
I e'lerk wi'l resell ihe some on the
se r snme subs.~ quient sal'sday at the'
of the former puirchiaser.
'urhaser to l'ay for all papers and1
re.'rinig t he samite.
A. . Pnans.
c':erk of ("ourt.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickens Coiunty I
In Commnon Pleas Court.
tti Belt, Plaintiff
against~ -
it. ('rone, Defendant.
n pursuance of a decretal order made
.he brve stated cage by i.is Honor
Ige J. W. D)eVore, datod Septer' her
1912. and on file in the Clerk's oflice
kns county. I will sell to the hi'.h
hidder, before the Court house door
ickens. S. C . d1uring the lega! hours
~ale on salesday in November 91?,
fop'owing described real es'ato,
g and being in the County of Pick- ~
and Siate of South Carolina All
se two lots of land lying and breing I
ate in the State and County a fore
in or.near the incorporated limits~
he Town of Easley and knot' n as
Nos. 11 and 12.
erms cash. Purchaser to pay for all
rs and for recording same: Terms
ale must he complied with in one
r after sale or the premisces will be I
ld at the risk of the former pur
st rs A. J.RO;GS. I
Cijerk of Court.
Clerk's Sale.
te of South Carolina,
outy of Pickens,
Dommor. Pleas C. urt.
gie Anders Joins et aT, Plaintiffs
agai nst
rry Anders et aT. Dcfendants,
n pursuance of a decretal order made
his Honor. Judge J. WV. DeVore,
ed September 27th, 1912. and on file
he cjeik's office Pickens county, I
sell to the highest bidder before the
irt house dqor at Pickens. S. C.. dur
the legal hours of sdle on Salesiday
November 1912. the fol!owing de
ibed real estate. lving and being in
County of Picjeuns and State of
ath Carolina. Afl that certain piece,
cel or tract of land, situate, tying
being in the State and County
resaid on waters of Saluda river andl
ining lands of Woodside land. J. B.
~don land, McJunkin land and
them land and containiing two hun
d eighty nine (2$9) acres n-ore
less, Terms of salge ca-h.
fuld the purchaser fail to comn
- with the terms of this sale within
e hour thereafter, said clerk will resell
same on the sanme or some suisse
et salesday at the risk of the former
Purchaser to pay for all papers and
ording the same.
Clerk of Court.
'Iunsand Pc
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50ets. and 81.0 Guaranteed by all
Clerk's Sale,
S-:te -f Somh C rolira
(oluntv of Pickens
In the Court of C.nimon Pleas.
R.,1 He-ndri, hs. Pla~rntiff
Loun isat Mansell et al. Defendants.
In pur.-uance of a dt.cretal o.-der ma-le
iii the above stated ca.e by his U. nor
Judge J W: DeVr- , < ated Septernl e
2 th. 91-1, and ofn file in the C1 rk'.
efice Pickens count', I w.ll sell befoie
the 0omti hi se Ooo - a - licens, S C , 1
dl ing he 1l-g a hour- of sal- on Sales-.
lay in Noveniber 1912, ti e following
described real estate lying and being in
lii County of Pickens anid State of
Souih Carolina. All that certain piece
parcel or tract of land mg ilon Praters
Creek. waters if Twelve Mile river ard
being situate in Iurricine Township
a ljoining )an is of Davis Bowen, W. L
Entr.:kin, D. G. Tompkins, John Hunter
(col.)ai d others con amingforty five (15)
acrea uiore or less, it being the land
conveyed to Louvisa Mansel and L. M.
Mansel by Ca:o!ine McWhorter on the
31) day of Deconber 190- and being part
of the Carter Dillard land and being th
sate land owneid by Oliver McWhorte:
at the time of his death. Terms of sale
cash. The terms of the sale must be
cumilied with within one hour or the
premises will be rebuld at the risk of the
former purchwi*er. Purchaser to pa.
for all p ipers arid recording the sime
clerk of court.
Clerk's Sale.
State of South C irolint
County of Pickpns
In Court' of Coninon Pleas
W. G. Trotter. Plaintift
Tr. W. Picklesimer. et al. Defendants
in pursuance of a decretal order made
in he above statdl case by his Honor,
Juige .J W DeVore. dated Septembei
26th, 1912, arid on f's in the Clerk's
ofAice PCens county, I will sell before I
the court, I oa-:e door at Pickens, S C.,
during th.- lega! hours of sale on Sales
day in November 1912 the following
d. sc ib -ai real esiate lying and being ii.
the C< unty of Pickens and State of
South carolina.
Tract - o. 1. on Six Mi'e creek waters
if Keowee river, adjoining lands of A.
I) Mann, W. P. Willimion and other.
'ontaim-'g thirty-one (:31) aeres more or
less. Tract No. 2 on waters of Six MiI
creek. aojoiniing tract No. 1 and the
lands of P. W. Willimnon. Anthony Ba
ken, anid P. M. Durham, containing ten
(10) acres more or less.
Tract 3 on Six Mle Creek and Senera
rioad adjoining la':ds eof W. N. Hendrix.
J. 13. Entri-kin, E. 3.- Jones and H C.
Shiir-ey, conir-ming enxty-one (6i ) acres
more or le-s- ami bleinl' the thr-e tracts
oft lnnd convi-red to T. W Picklesimer
bs H. M RI-st.-.r on July 17. 1911,
Tirns oIf salie cash, should the pur
cha-er r r p.irchiasers faiil to comply
wit h the terms of this s-de within one
hour thereafter said Clerk will re.sell
tile same on the samne or some subse
rjnent Sale sday at the risk Aef the formi
i-r putrchaser or purchasers. Purchaser
to lIay for all papers andl recor fing the
ontxe. A. J. B3OGG4,
Clerk oif Court.
Clerk's Sale.
Pickents i ount vi
In Cornnn Pleas Court
Ea-ley Loan & Trust Ci, Plaintiff
R. E. Chibdresq, Def. ndan t.
In pursuaice iof a idecretal order mude
n i he alhove stai ted case by his Hcnor,
Judge J. W. Dtevore, dated September
4, 1912 and con fite in the Cierk's office
Pickenis coutyt. I will sell before the
?lourt house do -r, to the highest
didd. r during the legal h'ours of sale on
sa la-slay in Nocvemb. r 151:). the follow- '
ng. desc.tribedi real es' -te~ h ig and being
n th Count ot Pw.ensi and State o..f I
oth Caroliina All that piece. p-trcel
-r tract (If larnd siltnate, lying and being4
ni the Stare anit County afiin said, on
xemi waters of n 0lf creek. A djoining1
and of John Jul ian. J. E. Clark, R. M.
hit, W. M1. Freeman and others and
ontaininig ninety n ine (99) acres more
r less. Being the lard conveyed to me
>y M. A. Ho!llingsworth on the 21st day
f M\av 190 1and said convevance record
d in Vol. Z page :361. Also, twenty (20)
cres more or le-ss adjoining thle above
ract; it being a Ji-art of myW old hom-.
lace. Termis cash. Puerchaser to p-t.
or a:1 palpets anard for rec!oreing thft
ama. Terots of eale must he compli..d
rith in (one hour after sale or the
renmises will lie re-sold at the risk of
C1 -rk e f Court.
itice of Tinal iculemi ar4 Dihage
NOTICE is hereby givenf that I will
nlak-' aj 1phe-.tio'n to .1. B Newvberr~s
el. Judige of Probate for Pweljens c-oun
v,. in the St;:te of South C1 rohnta, on '
hie 1st day of .xovemnbe- 19ll, at 10
eclock in the forenoon, ior ni eOn the-r
fter as saidI it plicatic n can be heard.
or leave to inuake Stnel a-t tlement of
lie estat-- with imy watr-i, Etnzdbeth
sutherland, andI obt:in dlt charge as
;uard ian. A mos C. Sit therland,
Nontice is herebv given th-rt we will
nake appilicatiorn to J. B. New berry,
aqe Juide. if Probate for P-ickens coun
in t he Snare of South (Carolinla. on tile
1i day of October. 1912 at 11 o'clock ~
a the forenoon or as sootn
hereafter as said applicatin can be
iard, for leave to make final settlement
>f the estate of C. H. Parkme, deceased
rnd obtain discharge as administrators
'f said estate.. Nora Park-ins.
W. A. Sheldon.
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 will
make aprlication to J. B. Newbery Esq.,
Judge of Prol.ate folr Pickens couinty.
in the State of South Carolina, on the
:31 day of Oct.. 1012, at 10 o'clock in
tihe forenoon, or as soon thereafter as.
said application can be heard for leave
to make final settlement of the est,
of J. B. Freeman, deceased, and ob
tain discharge as executor of said estate.
B. S. Freeman,
Oat. 30, 1912 Executor.
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W (0., Pickens, 5
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Snday)-.9.55 pm
Agent or wri-te
W. E. McGEE. A. (I
Columbia. S. 0 --
eople, t

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