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Dkd You
e in and get one the first cha
To every person who will cal
Bank will give absolutely free. o
information to solve the daily pi
merchant, mechanic and others
simplicity of plan. These books
will be given away fast. Come
all gone.
J. P. Carey, es. R. E. Bruce,
Come to the Hallo n party
Friday night and b some
good candy.
A. C. Edens, of Pickens route
3. was in town last Friday.
Garland Seaborn, of Green
ville, spent Sunday in Pickens.
Dr. Porter is attending the
State Fair in Columbia this
Mrs. T. R. Allen returned
home from Greenville last
Miss Maka Boggs left last
Tuesday to visit relatives in
Atlanta, Ga.
E. M. Bolding, a prominent
citizen of Six Mile. was in the
city last week.
Alma Smith, of Ander
son county, is visiting the fami
ly of M. C. Smith.
M. C. Smith is visiting Mrs.
Smith in Atlanta. Mrs. Smith
is very much better.
Mrs, B. Lewis, after visiting
Charleston and other points of
ha returned home.
Miss Ora McFall is teaching
the ninth and tenth grades
*during Miss McDonald's illness
Robert Stewart and wife, of
near Easley, visited their son,
0. 5, Stewart, of Pickens, last
Miss Willie May Lathem, has
returned to Greenville after a
visit to Mr. and Mr-s. H. A.
Mrs. Ernest Folger and little
daughter, Julia Francis, who
* hgve been visiting in Georgia,
have returned home,
Married by J. B. Newberry at
his residence on October 2:3,
Miss Gertie Watt and Mr. Oscar
Stewart, of Pickens.
Mrs. Frank McFall, Mrs. W.
T. Jeans, and Mrs. J. WV. Bal
lentine, spent the day shopping
in Greenville last Friday .
Miss Floride Cary, after a
pleasant trip to Georgia, Ala.
bama and other points, return
ed to Pickens Friday.
J. F. Crane,- of Liberty, was
in Pickens last Friday on busi
ness. While in town Mr. Crane
paid The Sentinel a pleasant
J. T. .Taylor, who has been
faithfully attending his father,
Mr. Alfred Taylor, in his last
illness returned to Pickens on
Mrs. F. L. Clements, who has
been the guest of Mrs. Troupe
Partridge and Mrs. G. R. Hien
dricks, has returned to her
home in Atlanta.
One of the prettiest show
windows in Pickens is that of
the Keowee Pharmacy show.
ing an extensive line of station
ery, This store has all kinds of
stationery for c-orrespondenlce,
from a mediumi grade to the
very best.
SYou Take a Desp
do you realy save n'. H II
amount of 'he prenu awa .
amount N Nt near~ enug
Let me asure your property'
hsave nothing to Ensure.
I represent nothing but the
,...,,,,e W. L. Al
Get One?
nee you have. They're going fa,
1 and ask for one, -the KtOWE
ne Johnson's Fact Book, full (
-Oblemis of the banker. farme:
A comprehensive work wit
vill solve many problems an
in and cet one before they ai
, Pickens, S. C
V-Pres. M. C. Smith, Cashie
c Personal
.\Iiss Nellie Freeman is visi
ing in Chester, S. C.
Miss Mattie Finley left Pici
ens Tuesday for a visit to An(
0. S. Stewart is offering son:
valuable real estate for sal,
See his ad in this this issue.
Mr. and Mrs Ernest Folge
Mrs. J. T. Taylor and Mi.
Lorena Taylor, attended ti
funeral of Mr. Alfred Taylo
at Taylors, S. C., last Saturda:
Ben F. Parsons and famil
visited the family of Mrs. Pa
sons, five miles below Greei
ville, last Sunday, making t
trip in their new car.
The teachers of the Picker
Graded school will give a Ha
loween party in Freeman Ha
Friday night for the benefit <
the school. Admission tE
The many friends of our po,
ular Probate Judge. J. B. Nev
berry, are sorry to know th
he is confined to his home her
and hope that he will be ablei
be out in a few days.
It will be of interest to peop
here to know that one of tU
me'n who assisted in the arre
of ex-sheriff Gilreath and tw
other prominent citizensi
Greenville, Sunday, was nior
other than our old friend Jac
Power (now Mr. J. Montagi
Power), who was once arreste
for disturbing religious worshi
in Pickens, but he begged
piteously that he was not pros<
cuted. "What a change sin<
Maria died!"
Mrs. Sadie Johnson, who he
many friends in Pickens tow
and county, and who' has bee
saleslady at the store of P. 3
Cate since he came here, he
accepted a position as salesiad
for The Johnson Company
Greenville. and will take up h<
new duties November 1. TI
Johnson company is a new firi
in Greenville and handles a
kinds of dress goods for ladi<
and children. Mrs. Johnsc
will be glad to have her Picker
friends come in and see he
when they are in Greenville.
Houses Being Painted.
The parsonage at Porter
chapel is now being beautific
and improved by the liberal us
of the painter's brush.
G. W, Chapman, of route
is also having his new houw
painted. The paint for thes
houses was bought from ti
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Co.
Married on the 27th, at tU
hone of the bride's parents net
Liberty. Mr. Mc. Haynes 1
Miss Cleo Henderson. Mc.
very proud of his new wife an
they have the wishes of all whL
knew themi for a happy life an
may the God of love and gree
grace guide them in life. Re'
Levi Rigdon officiated.
Granulated Eye
Lids can be cured quickly by Ioanadli' Goldi
Eye Lotion. Weak, sore and bzhanwd eyes ai
cured without pain in one day by Leonardl'
cools. heals, strengthens. Makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded. Druggists se
it at 25cta. or forwarded prepsid on reedlpt
ries by S. B. Leonardi & Co.. Tamna. Fie.
a dv
erate Chance
a: without fire inisurane.. And
anyl years have you put the
md how much dlo your savings
to pay for the worry about fire.
today. Tomorrow you may
bes compnies.ke
We . How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
t cannot be curc .y Halls Catarrh
Cure. !
F. T. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, o r
f We. the undersigned. h::e nown . J.
Cheney for the last 15 years. and believe
him perfectly honorable is 1ll business I"t
h transactions and financially abl! to c.:.rry Ar
dIout any obligatiorns made. by 1.5z fa- ..
d NArroxAL 0-xx O- ccMMzaCE, no
e Tolcdo, 0. pil
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. _
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold
T by all 's.Fglty PifLor constipation.
adv IF
- ha
Wanted. hi
We will pay you cash for bei
green and dry hides. Bring ca3
them to the City Market, Pick- ve'
ens, F. L. Finley, proprietor. ne<
Morning o
I ed.
Sickness 0
Many womensuffer this mis- cIO
ery. It makes its appear- sel
ance so regularly that they s.
learnto expect it and arrange .
le theirhousehold work accord
ingly. Few women think of
seeking medical help to get
rid of it for good. If women
only knew of the power and
effectiveness of Dr. Sim
mons Squaw Vine
le Wine they would not be
without it a moment longer
than it would take to get it
. from the drug store. It is a
splendid remedy for all nau
sea or sickness of the stom
y ach. The first dose settles
the stomach and makes the
patient feel better. Addi
tionaldoses act on the female
e generative system, strength- ar
ening weakened organs, reg- to
ulating the habits, restoring ar
tone and strength In every TO
is part of the body. It is essen- ar
I- tially a woman's remedy
prepared expressly to meet it
the need of women who 4
suffer from the ailments yC
n common to their sex. ot]
Sold by Druggists and Dealers th
Price $1 Per Bottle fo
.J ,. MicColl h B. F. Martin .
E. M. Blythe
lM~llongh, Martin & Blythe
t lasoRlIC Temple Gr'60Mille, S. C. in'
o0 Associate firm n
nAnderson, S. C. fi~
e Practice in all Courts. i
d d
~Prepare For
Cold Weather
s Vick's Croup Salve
u Mentholaturn
s Penslar Laxative Cold pli
y Tablets -
ri All kinds Cough Syrup
n If it's Drugs-We have it
" Keowee Pharmacy
Agents for Penslar Remned i s. Dike's 'a
Remedies, Nunnally's Candie~
Pickens Railora
e No. 1 No. 31No. 5 STATIO
rI Mix'd Mix'd Mix'd
sA. M. A. M.)P. M. Lv.
o .0IIo 3:15 PICKE>
u 7.o II-30 3-45 EASLE'l
.IFlag Stations--No AQgen
No. I connects with !
No. 3 counects with &
No. 3 connects with !
No. 8 connects with !
No. 4 connects with !
No. 4 connects with E
No. 5 connects with 2
Em- -m fnfuther inforllh
Saves Leg Of Boy
It s.4:Im)ed that my 14-year old boy
Iud h1:'%e to lose his leg. on account
:. iely ulcer. caused by a bad
rse. wrote 1) F. Hovkard, Aquond.
'. --All remedies and doctors treat
nt faoe.t till we tried Bucklen's
dica S:ilve. and cured him with one
:." (uures burns boils, skin eruptions
. 23 e at alI dj uggists.
ere is Your Chance!
0u contemplate buying a home. I.
:e .~0 acres with new 5-room house.
-horse crop cleared, 5 acres creek
toms. I offer this for $1150: $100
h. $50 next year. then $100 each
r for 10 years. Good mill shoal and
essary outbuildings.
)r if this does not suit, you can make
al terms on two other tracts of 75
es each. Good new 5-room house on
and 7-room house on other, and
)d outbuildings. 20 and 25 acres clear
All fresh land and good as the
mnty affords. All these are in one
ct 7 miles west of Pickens C. H..
;e to gins. mills. churehes and
ools. See E. W. Pickens. Pickens.
2. R F. D. 5.
- among the newest novelties
which fashionable women
a giving their approval. If
u admire dainty ornaments
d up-to-date designs in
will pay You not only to
dtch bracelets, but to give
ur attention to our display of
ier articles.
Some new trinkets are here
at were designed especially
7 men's use. So we invite
ntlemen as well as ladies to
our display.
asley, 1". C
Fortunes In Faces
heres often much truth in the say
"her face i-s her fortune.'' but its
~'r said where pimples. sk.in erup
nep, blotche-s. or other blemishes dis
tre it Impure blood is back of
11., and shows the need of Dr. King's
w Life Pills. They promote health
d beauty. Try them 25cents at all
All persons indebted to me,
11 call at once and settle in
l. R. B. Waldrop.
ost on the streets of Pickens,
e fraternity pin, w).tly letters
. A. E.'' thereon. Finder will
?ase return to this office.
Mules for Sale.
[ have a lot of good mules for
te. Cash or goid papers.
J. F. Crane.
Liberty, S. C.
ne brown colored, setter
ppy. Left home one day
;t week. Any information
ncerning the dog wvill be glad
appreciated andl rewarded.
J1. R. Ashm ore.
d Company,
No 12.
ABLE No. 11.
15th, 191.
S-No. 2 No. 4No. 6
-: Mix'ci Mix'd Mix'd
Ar. A. M.P. M. P. M.
S 9.10 1-5O 4.35
9.05 1-45 4-30
8.55: 1.35 4-20
S.55 1.30: 4.15
{8.40 1.20 4.05
OllthernVI No. -12
~oithern No. 89
outhernl No. 89
othernl No. 12
othernl No. 12
outhern No. 39
othernl No. 11
tli apply to
General Manager.
Six room house on College
in. Price $i,5o.o0.
122 acres fine farming lan
Price $50.00 per acre.
85 acres fine farming land
near Pickens railroad. Ten ai
>50.)oo per acre.
For tet-ms apply to
The best remedy we know for I
claim they will give relief when
are the best remedy we know to
bilious fevers. They cleanse the
poisons from being absorbed, thE
suffering and sickness.
. We reconimend them for disort
tion, malaria, sick or nervous he,
ness, jaundice, fever and ague, v
Regular size box 25 cents. If.
mail them on receipt of price in c,
Kidney an(
Will be found a valuable remedy
ise'ises arising from disorder of t
as Weak Back. Lumbago, Backa<
Gravel, Congestion of the Kidney
tion of Urine.
Very happy results follow their
men will find them a true friend,
true source of Pure Blood, these I
matism, Gouty Conditions, Fem
One pill three times daily after
back. If the urine is highly colo:
r four times a day will not be fo
should be taken with regularity a
til the full effect of the remedy is
DOSE-i to 2 pills three or foum
50 cents per box; 5 boxes 82.00.
By mail if you send coin or star
Pikens Drug Co.
M e
Fo csy-it
Buit for har wome
Let us take care
street in city of Easley. Close
d, three miles below Easley.
two (2) miles above Easley,
res fine bottom land. Price'
Pickens, S. C.
iver, Stomach and Blood. We
ther remedies have failed. They
eep off typhoid, malaria and
stomach and liver and keep the
reby preventing untold misery,
lered liver, biliousness, constipa
idache. loss of appetite, dizzi
as on stomach, foul and sick,
rou cannot come or send we will
)in or stamps.
[ Backache
for all Kidney complaints and
he kidneys and Bladder, such
:he, Diabetes, Bright's Disease,
, Bladder Irritation, Non-reten
use in Prostatic troubles. Old
and as healthy Kidneys are the ))
ills should be taken for Rheur
ale Weakness, Pale and Sallow
meals for Lumbago. Pain in the
ed and scanty, two pills three /
nd too much. In all cases they(
nd the treatment continued un
times daily after weals.
J. N. Hallum, Ph. G.
, sg.'C
like the l1w
That's what the
ed them a pair <
We want you
of Pride,
every time you
will be easy.
We have the
one has yet que
We arc showing the ne
Metal, Patent Calf, Tar
Besides dressy Shoes
who farms. These are
and water proof--yet r<
In L
Our showing is so varied we har<
place for the woman who wants f
seldom fail to make the sale.
Soft, Clove-like Shoes
Strong, Serviceable S
doors in all sorts of weather.
Stylish Cuts whose grace
tan, russett, black and white. 0
Children's Sc
ar, but retaining all the Iines a dres
evenings around the fireside, g
and chdldr.on.
of your shoe needs when in Greem'
te, Pattot
in direct p4cr
too. Smart-Sty1y
Ible to the last degr.
models on is4lay toc
cordially invited to i;
that fall bill. We apprecia
roc purchase as much as ai
time is now at hand when'
buy something for every r
family and we want you tc
store and do your fall shop
If you know anyhing abc
ants o1 Pickens county, yoi
get a square deal at our st<
.Don't forget that basket
et of butter, or the chicken
They will all help Out the y
Come to see us.
)ks of that
yall say, after we]
o get the habit a
atton & TiIlma
tink of Shoes, ai
right kind of Sh
ioned our prices.
1Shoes for Mfen
asts-the new toes and best
alf, and Vici.
r the dressy man, we have t
sstrongly built as a rawhide
aonably p)riced.
aies' Shoes
yknow where to begin Lalking.
; ervice, style and comfort, a
r old ladlies, to whom comfort
tes for the woman whose duti
fllines are intended to be see
frds and Slippers in 7.11 styles:
ool Shoes
yshoe should have.
ta pair of bed room or house s
1 etter than
0 -style
jen -value
,z and Flex
T. 'le new
lay. You're
nzsject them.
orrow Co.
te every 5 and
iytody, but the
you will have to
nember of the
come to our
)ut the merch
of eggs, buck
s yon rold.
ocket book,
a.aye show-.
f thinking M
:id the rest g
oes, and no
leathers, in Gun M:
hem for the man
saddle-cold proof
This store is the
nd at prices that
:means so much.
es call her out of
n. High cuts in
and colors.
lip pers. We have

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